Caught With Consequences - Chapter 1

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Chapter One -- The Abduction

Author's note: You are about to meet up with Adele Edwards and Celia Bettany whom you met during my stories Consent and Laid Bare. You will also become reacquainted with Cassandra Rivers who was the lead character in both Biker Bitch and Executive Solutions. I hope you enjoy this three-part story.

The late model white Ford Econoline van was parked illegally across the road from Bruin Fitness Center at UCLA. Two men sat in the front staring out the window.

Two young women in cheerleader outfits sat on a bench across the road waiting for the shuttle bus. They were looking intently at their smart phones; swiping and tapping the screen whilst talking to each other, multitasking as young women were want to do. Their gym bags were on the sidewalk and they rested their feet on them uncaring and unaware that they were sitting with their legs wide open and that their little cheerleader skirts concealed nothing.

The day was cool but the sun was bright and their suntan pantyhose glistened and their chests glowed with the sheen of sweat above the tight-fitting spandex bodices. They were blonde-haired and pretty, typical California girls, their makeup had run a little during cheer practice but it made them look sexier, or so the man sitting in the passenger seat thought.

The man liked the body-hugging blue and yellow cheerleader uniforms especially the ridiculously-short skirts that exposed their toned thighs clad in the shimmering tights and the tight yellow spandex panties that swathed their bodies so tightly that he could make out the shape of their pubic mounds.

He moved the erection in his tight jeans to a more comfortable position.

"Any sign of them yet?" he asked his partner without taking his eyes off the cheerleaders.

The other man put the small field glasses he was using down on the dash and checked his watch.

"Not yet but their spin class should have finished ten minutes ago," he replied and picked up the binoculars again.

"Stop checking out the talent and keep your eye out for campus police and parking Nazis like you're supposed to. You'll get plenty of time to ogle young girls when we pick up our passengers. You can play with them a little too but don't spoil the merchandise," the man chuckled, scanning the area with the field glasses.

Kimberly Edwards and her friend Alisha Common skipped down the steps outside the Fitness Centre intending to cross the street to Bruin Walk. They were clad in spandex tights and crop tops and wore expensive cycling shoes. Kimberly's strawberry-blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and it flew behind her as she scampered down the stairs; Alisha's black hair had been stylishly straitened and highlighted and framed her pretty face. Both girls had worn full makeup to the spin class because to them looking beautiful was just as important as the exercise.

"There they are!" the driver pointed excitedly.

The pretty white girl and the pretty black girl approached the crossing weighed down by their gym bags and the suit carriers that they had hooked over their shoulders.

The driver started the engine whilst his partner climbed into the back of the truck and opened a ripstop nylon bag from which he took out several cable ties two gags and a Ziploc bag with two sponges inside it. He pulled down his ski-mask and pulled on his surgical gloves, adjusting them to fit. The driver made a U-turn across Charles E Young Drive and pulled up under a grove of trees adjacent to Bruin Walk. He left the engine running and joined his partner in the back of the van pulling on his own mask and gloves.

It couldn't have gone better. The usually busy street was quiet and there was no one else on the path as the girls drew level with the van talking excitedly and taking no notice of their surroundings. The chemical smell from the sponges was so strong that the men held them down by their sides so as not to be affected.

One of the men flung open the door and the other leapt out and grabbed Kimberly and put the sponge over her nose and mouth before she could scream and his partner did the same to Alisha. The girls dropped their suit carriers and gym bags and struggled briefly but the potent concoction of chemicals knocked them unconscious almost immediately.

The men manhandled the girls into the Econoline quickly, being careful not to injure them. They lay them on a large mattress in the back of the van and tossed their bags in after them. One man put the sponges back in the Ziploc bag whilst the other checked to make sure they hadn't left anything behind before he leapt into the cab and drove away.

The kidnapping had taken only seconds.

The men high-fived each other and then the man in the back got busy. He arranged the girls on the mattresses and cable-tied their hands and prepared the cable ties for their feet and the gags for their mouths. He pulled the curtain across the windows in the back of the van and across the driver's cabin so no one could look into the van. The back of the van became dark so he switched on the dome lights and took a good look at the girls.

The man was sweating with the exertion and he was excited both physically and sexually. Looking at the girls lying on the mattresses with their lycra-clad legs spread wide and their firm breasts heaving as they slept excited him further. The girls were both pretty and their makeup had run but that just made them prettier, almost slutty.

He checked that the curtain across the driver's cabin was secure and then he dropped his pants and freed his hard cock.

"This won't take long my pretties and you won't even know it happened," he whispered.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," he began pointing at the girls alternately.

"Fuck it! I'm doing the blonde," he whispered excitedly.

The men had agreed not to physically assault the girls, not yet anyway, but a little dry humping wouldn't hurt anyone the man thought as he kicked Kimberly's legs wider apart and lay between them.

He wished she could see what he was doing to her but he consoled himself by kissing her unresponsive lips as he nestled his cock between her legs and rubbed it on her lycra-clad mound. Her body was warm and she smelled of perfume mingled with perspiration which inflamed his desire.

He thrust against her once, twice, three times and ejaculated, his creamy issue soaking into the navy blue spandex tights. He pressed his body against hers, feeling the firmness of her pert breasts and kissed her harder until he was finished.

He climbed off her and admired his work and then cleaned up with a cloth, wiping away any semen that had not been absorbed by her tights and then he put his manhood away. He took the remaining cable ties and secured Kimberly's ankles and then Alisha's, groping her breasts and her pubic mound quickly before he completed the task. He rearranged both girls so they would be as comfortable as possible; he even put pillows under their heads.

Finished with the girls he hung up their garment bags and then rifled through their gym bags. He located the girl's mobile phones and switched them off. It didn't matter that their current location could be pinpointed using the signals from their phones but it mattered that they could be tracked to their next location. He rummaged through the bags and found their wallets and checked their driver's licences. They had been tailing the girls for some time and were positive that they had collected the right women but it paid to be certain.

"It's definitely them," he stuck his head into the cab where his partner was driving, concentrating on the traffic, having removed his mask.

The last thing they needed was a moving violation.

"You didn't fuck with them did you?" the driver asked.

"Tempting as the prospect is... no I didn't," his partner lied.

"Make sure they behave themselves and stay quiet until we get where we're going," the driver grunted.

"And don't fuck them!" he called over his shoulder but his partner had already closed the curtain.


Adele Edwards entered the offices of Edwards and Bettany -- Attorneys at Law striding confidently as was her way.

Adele was tall, standing five foot seven inches and she had long legs which she liked to show off by wearing her usual uniform of a designer suit with a short skirt and a long jacket and exclusive hosiery. Her hips were narrow and her buttocks pert and firm. She could have any size breasts she wanted as they were implants but she had settled on size 16 C-cups. She had lustrous shoulder-length brunette hair which always looked like she had just left her hairdresser. She was stunningly beautiful.

Adele was what is sometimes incongruously referred to as a 'pre-op transgender' which in her case was a ridiculous categorisation as she had never wanted gender reassignment surgery or more specifically vaginoplasty. She was completely female with the exception of having a penis.

She stopped at the office of her associate Michelle DeLong. Michelle had her Scottish mother's flaming red hair that cascaded to her shoulders. She had also inherited her mother's fair skin and fiery temper but she had her Neapolitan father's ability to control it.

Michelle was wearing a white business suit which flattered her red hair and fair skin; she was bent over her desk rummaging around in a drawer looking for a case file. Adele took some time to appreciate Michelle's shapely ass and long legs before she cleared her throat to announce her presence.

"Oh hi Adele, you're in early," Michelle gave her a killer smile.

It was Friday morning and both Adele and Celia were usually late arrivals; Thursday was their play night. Adele and Celia were in a committed relationship but they had an open marriage. Adele had her demons and a sexual appetite that required something Celia didn't have, and as much as Celia loved being made love to by her transgender wife, there was also something that Adele didn't have that she coveted.

To put it crudely: Adele liked cock and Celia liked cunt.

So Thursday night was the designated night off from their marriage. Celia spent the night with her friend Elidi Meriwether and Adele usually spent the night at a hotel with a male escort named Roy, although she was want to stray if she found a man who took her fancy and who could be discreet.

"If you call nine o'clock early, I suppose I am," Adele replied.

"How are you and Celia progressing with Brindle?" Adele leaned against the doorjamb and folded her arms.

The law firm had expanded after a landmark settlement against their adversary, the law firm of Grantham Walker and Tate who represented Brindle Coal and Power. Adele had made an out of court settlement in a case brought by the birthmother of her adopted daughter Kimberly against Brindle Coal and Power and made a tidy sum of money for the firm and had also put aside a significant sum of money in a trust fund for Kimberly's future.

The case had spurned the interest of other small groups who had failed in previous class action suits and who had come forward with renewed hope and vigour to the firm of Edwards and Bettany looking for a similar victory.

Very few people knew that the settlement had not been won on the merits of the case but because of the outrageous actions of the compliance arm of BC&P who had enlisted corrupt state and local officials to sabotage the case, even going to the extent of kidnapping Adele Edwards so that she could not file the suit within the court-mandated timeline.

Celia Bettany usually handled business and corporate law for the firm whilst Adele usually handled criminal litigation so the case that the firm was currently bringing against BC&P belonged to Celia, Michelle and the firm's corporate arm. Adele was dealing with a case in civil court that was high profile and very likely profitable. A woman had alleged that a very senior executive in a profitable company had taken advantage of her without consent and Adele and her client were hoping for a lucrative settlement.

"As we expected, Brindle are holding back on discovery. They've hired Peter Duffy again to manage their public relations side of the house and he's doing a good job convincing the state and county officials and the general population of Silas County that our case is bad for their future so prising information and deposing potential witnesses is proving difficult," Michelle explained.

"We're off to Kentucky tomorrow to meet with Peter Duffy and the BC and P lawyers and to depose more witnesses," she added.

"You've already had meetings with Peter Duffy here in LA I take it?" Adele asked.

"Not very productive I'm afraid," Michelle replied.

"Alright, well I'll be in my office if you need me," Adele turned to leave.

She poked her head back around the door.

"You didn't accidently fuck Peter Duffy again did you?" Adele smirked.

Adele ducked when Michelle threw a stapler at her.

Both she and Michelle had history with Peter Duffy and had been seduced by his charms but they were professional enough to put that aside when they were working as adversaries.

Adele grabbed coffee from the break room and settled at her desk ready to start her day. She fired up her computer and almost immediately a text box opened in a program she had never seen before.

'Are you alone?' the text read.

Adele hesitated and then typed.


'Good. Close the door to your office and sit back down.'

Adele was suspicious but she complied. She was not sure if this was a prank or some anonymous informer about to provide her with some inside information about a case. It had happened before.

'Do NOT call the police! Do NOT call for help! Do NOT tell anyone! DO NOT SCREAM! Just watch the video and await further instructions,' the textbox said.

Adele's computer had dual screens and another window opened on the second monitor and Adele instinctively maximised it to fill the screen.

The spectacle on the screen was best described as dungeon-like. The room was dark and gloomy except for where two bright studio lights on tripod stands illuminated one wall. Whoever was holding the camera panned it around the room and then set it on a mount as the picture steadied. The camera panned right to the wall illuminated by the studio lights.

Adele stifled a scream.

Kimberly Edwards and her friend Alisha Common were dressed in their spin attire: spandex tights and crop tops. Both girls were wearing full makeup but it was smeared, especially their eye-makeup which had given them both panda-eyes because they had been crying. She recognised Kimberly's dishevelled strawberry-blonde hair and Alisha's tousled and tangled black hair. It was definitely her daughter and her daughter's best friend.

They were both chained to the wall by their wrists, their arms outstretched and their legs spread wide by stainless steel spreader-bars cuffed to their ankles.

She stifled another scream.

A man wearing a black tracksuit with a ski-mask covering his face came into view. He positioned himself between the girls and held up a newspaper. Whoever was operating the camera zoomed onto the newspaper. It was this morning's edition of the LA Times.

The man tossed the newspaper away and sidled up to Kimberly as the camera panned out. Kimberly looked terrified as the man caressed her, stroking her face. Tears streamed down her cheeks and Adele sobbed in sympathy with her daughter. The man turned around and caressed Alisha the same way. There was no sound but she could see that Alisha was sobbing.

The camera followed the man as he walked away from the girls and stood over a laptop computer sitting on a stool. As he began to type the words appeared in the textbox on Adele's screen.

'We have Kimberly and Alisha. You have just been given proof of life.'

'We can do anything we want to them any time we want. Can you imagine what I could do to your daughter Adele? Answer!'

Adele typed 'Yes', still in a state of shock.

'I bet they both have nice tight young pussies, and unless you do exactly what we tell you to do, my friend and I are going to find out. We'll play with them for a while, even film it for you, then when we've finished... well we won't need them anymore will we?'

'So you need to make it worth our while to keep them alive and unharmed. If you do what we ask when we tell you we will not touch them, in fact they will be well be cared for.'

The man turned to face the camera and she could see the evil smile even though he wore a mask.

'What do you want?' Adele regained her composure and typed in the question.

'That's the 64 thousand dollar question isn't it? But we want more than 64 thousand dollars Adele... a lot more.'

'We are reasonable people. By all means tell Celia; you have to. Tell whoever need to, so long as you trust them. Do whatever you have to do to meet our demands and keep your daughter and her friend safe. You are going to need some help to get what we want.'

'We need you to stay calm Adele. You and Celia need to go about business as usual; if fact it's imperative. Both of you MUST keep working your cases, that is essential. You will find out why later.'

'We will be in touch soon with our demands. DO NOT go to the authorities, we will know instantly. You can see we are intelligent and resourceful so don't treat us like idiots.'

"Oh by the way. By all means get your IT people to try to trace this conversation... they will find nothing and it will demonstrate to you how clever we are. Bye, Adele hahaha!'

The screen went blank and Adele's computer shutdown of its own accord and began to reboot.

When Adele's computer rebooted she tried in vain to find the textbox, then she looked at all the installed apps to see if she could find anything amiss but she was grasping at straws, she didn't know enough about IT to know if anything on her computer had been messed with.

Then the enormity of what she had just seen on the screen washed over her and she began to cry. Adele was strong. She had been in some tough situations before and she herself had been abducted and survived so she only allowed herself a few minutes of agony before she brought her emotions under control.

It was not the first time Kimberly had been abducted either. Kimberly was nearly thirteen years old when she and Adele had been abducted by two men and held in a shotgun shack deep in the Kentucky forest. Kimberly had been kept in a separate room while Adele was sexually assaulted repeatedly by the two men who held them. Adele had been complicit and a willing participant in the non-stop sex, sacrificing her dignity and morality to keep the men away from Kimberly.

The assaults continued until Kimberly had eventually freed herself and opened the door to the room where she was being held captive to find Adele bent over a table being sodomised by one of their captors. Kimberly had managed to get her hands on a shotgun and killed the man who was assaulting Adele and then Adele had shot the man who had intended to assault Kimberly.

Adele and Kimberly had escaped and torched the cabin and sworn each other to secrecy. Neither of them ever spoke about it again

Adele desperately hoped that Kimberly would not have to suffer the same terrible ordeal that she had been forced to endure and made the decision right there and then that she would comply with the instructions issued by her daughter's captors.

She doubted what she had seen on her screen was anything but real but we live in a world where elaborate internet scams and hoaxes are rife. She snatched up her phone and called Kimberly. The call went straight to a recorded message informing her that the phone was not in service. She worked the phone and brought up Alisha Common's number and got the same result.

Adele began to shake and sob again but she brought her emotions under control and called the landline to the apartment that Kimberly shared with Alisha at the Saxon Residential Suites campus accommodation. The phone didn't answer and went to the answering machine. Adele choked with emotion when she heard her daughter's cheerful voice on the recorded message.

She decided that she needed to stop playing amateur detective and get hold of Celia and tell her what was happening. She punched up Celia's mobile number and Celia answered on the first ring.

"Keep yer knickers on darling I'm in the lift. Be a love and make me a coffee will you," Celia's cheerful upper-class British accent greeted her.

"Come straight to my office Celia, something deadly serious has happened," Adele said coldly.

"Adele... you seem to attract melodrama like a magnet. I'll see you soon," Celia broke the connection.

Adele decided that Celia would need more than just coffee when Adele told her what had happened to her daughter and she quickly raced to the break room and filled a mug with steaming coffee from the Bun and took it back to her office and poured a shot of bourbon into it and sat it on her desk. Celia came through the door seconds later.

Celia was British, very British. She had an upper-class London accent and a bespoke sense of class and style, preferring black short-skirted suits and ridiculously high heels. She changed the colour of her satin blouse daily depending on her mood, the only splash of colour she wore besides her silver jewellery. Celia wore her jet-black hair in a short bob with bangs cut straight; her skin was pale, accentuated by her dark eye makeup and blood-red lipstick.

She had often been described as a sophisticated Goth.

Adele and Celia were very different but they both exuded style, class and sensuality. Their friends envied the connection they had with each other; they sometimes seemed to read each other's minds. The bond between them was affirmed by absentminded little touches. They seemed to need to constantly caress, stroke and pat each other whenever they were together. They wore their love for each other proudly.

Adele squeezed Celia so hard that she nearly drove the breath out of her but her kiss was perfunctory, not the usual passionate smooch she insisted on after spending a night apart. She knew then that Adele was not lying when she said something serious had happened.

"Sit," Adele pointed to the leather lounge suite in the corner of her office where she seated clients during private meetings.

Celia eyed the steaming mug of coffee that smelled strongly of alcohol suspiciously while Adele closed and locked her office door and then joined her on the couch. Celia wondered if something was wrong between them and felt a pang of guilt about her overnight liaison with her lover.


Celia had spent the night with Elidi Merriweather at Elidi's eclectically furnished apartment.

They met as usual for drinks and dinner at a lesbian bar in the city. Celia got there first and ordered a drink at the bar whilst waiting for Elidi and was approached by a heavy-set woman with spiky cropped hair wearing no makeup but lots of denim and leather. She had multiple piercings and wore face jewellery. She was overly confident, almost manly as she put her engineer boot up on the rail and leaned into Celia and whispered into her ear.

"You're a pretty little bite, all gussied up in that little black suit and those fuck-me heels. Come back to my place and I'll do things to you that you will remember for the rest of your life," the overly-large woman's breath reeked of beer and cigarettes.

"Sounds like an offer a serial killer might make. Sorry honey but diesel-dikes are not my scene and I'm waiting for someone. I'm strictly into lipstick-lesbians and one lipstick-lesbian in particular," Celia replied.

Elidi had entered the bar and stood near the door watching the interaction. She had an amused smile on her face.

Elidi was tall and tanned with long blonde hair, her face was bright and sunny, her makeup accentuated her sparkling blue eyes and her full sensuous lips coated in blood-red lipstick similar to Celia's. Elidi's body was magnificent; lean toned and svelte. She was wearing a cream business suit, the hem of her skirt resting mid-thigh; she wore ultra-sheer nude pantyhose on her long tanned legs. Her white high heels matched her suit, under which she wore a mauve satin blouse.

"Honey, you might like a bit of rough. Those pretty little things who play at being bean flickers are ok if you want to play scissor sisters but I'll pound you like a grand piano until you scream," the dyke grinned.

"I have a wife at home who has a big cock that satisfies that particular peccadillo. If I wanted a fat, tattooed, ugly man-woman to grind against me I'd go to a biker bar and find one. I have my hand in my purse and in it is a can of mace. If you don't remove yourself from my presence I'm going to spray you in the eyes with it, then I'm going to sue you in court for everything you have," Celia returned the grin.

Lidia French, the owner of the bar and a good friend of Celia's came over and stood behind the bar opposite the two women. She too had been amused by the encounter but it was time to break it up.

"Time to go home Beryl; you've had one too many and you're no match for Miz Bettany here," Lidia interjected.

Beryl's smile fell from her face and she retreated, she returned to her table, gathered her things and left the bar.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Celia smiled at Elidi and gave her welcoming kiss.

"I always find it amusing that butch dykes automatically think that girly-girls crave Neanderthal women," Elidi perched herself on a stool beside Celia.

Elidi worked for the law firm of Dewey, Howe and French and Celia had met her during a case. Celia had wrangled with the guilt she felt after spending the night with Elidi but Adele had reasoned that there was nothing wrong with either of them satisfying their sexual fantasies and that their love for each other and the bonds they felt by marriage were strong enough to allow them to do so. That is how Thursday night 'play night' had come about.

Elidi saw other women besides Celia of course and sometimes men. Her parents were free spirits who had encouraged their daughter to explore her sexuality and to live a bohemian lifestyle, but most Thursday nights she reserved for Celia.

When they had first met, Celia had teased Elidi about her name. She had been drunk and had spent a wonderful evening at Elidi's apartment.

"Your name literally means 'gift of the sun, happy weather," Celia had broken up when she deciphered Elidi's name.

"Blame my hippy parents. At least my name doesn't sound like an extra from Downton Abbey," Elidi had retorted.

Having dealt with the diesel dyke they skipped dinner and went straight back to Elidi's apartment.

They barely made it inside before they pounced on each other. Celia pushed Elidi against the wall. Although Celia was smaller in stature her craving gave her greater strength and she crushed her mouth against Elidi's, nipping her lip and then she drove her tongue inside Elidi's mouth. Elidi groaned as Celia pushed her hand under her skirt and found her sex. Elidi's panties were already damp and Celia pushed her middle finger into Elidi's vulva through flimsy layers of satin and nylon and opened her labia and pressed the pad of her finger against Elidi's clitoris, pressing hard and circling it.

Waves of pleasure emanated from Elidi's vagina and her knees buckled. Celia pressed her body harder against Elidi to keep her upright. Elidi put her arms around Celia to keep her balance as Celia propelled Elidi over to the bed still locked in the fierce embrace, their lips sealed and her hand between Elidi's legs. She pushed Elidi down onto the huge white-quilted bed cover and Elidi lay panting, her skirt hitched high, her lipstick smeared, her vulva throbbing.

Celia stared down at her lover, her eyes burning with lust. Celia unbuttoned her jacket and tossed it away, then unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall around her ankles. She kicked her skirt aside and unbuttoned her blouse which she tossed on top of her discarded skirt.

Elidi pushed her skirt down to her ankles and kicked it off; her jacket and blouse were hastily removed just in time before Celia fell on her and crushed her lips against Elidi's. Celia slid her tongue into Elidi's mouth and her hands went to Elidi's breasts, easing her firm globes from the cups of her bra. She mauled Elidi's bosom, squeezing the flesh and tweaking her nipples which were already engorged and tender.

Elidi screamed into Celia's mouth as Celia mounted her and pressed her sodden panty-clad mound against Elidi's. Celia's black stockings whispered against Elidi's gossamer flesh-toned pantyhose, the satin and nylon of their panties caressed their sodden cuntal lips. They disengaged briefly to remove their panties and Elidi tried to remove her pantyhose but Celia prevented her. She interlocked her legs with Elidi and pressed her cunt against her and ground it in a circular pattern.

The translucent gusset of Elidi's pantyhose evoked scintillas of delight and both women moaned as they pressed their cunts together, writhing and grinding against each other. They both orgasmed; pawing at each other's breasts as they ground their sodden minges together.

Celia disentangled herself from Elidi whilst she was still in the throes of extremis and worked her tongue along Elidi's thighs until she reached her crotch and then she tore out the gusset of Elidi's pantyhose with her teeth and opened her coral-pink labia like the petals of flower. She lapped at the delicate pick lips which were engorged with lust and flicked the hood of Elidi's clitoris with the tip of her tongue and Elidi wrapped her fingers in Celia's scalp and pushed her face harder into her tingling sex. Elidi's orgasm had not yet subsided; instead it was building again into an earth-shattering crescendo.

Celia lapped at Elidi's clitoris and was able to free her hand and slide two fingers inside Elidi's sopping maw. She found Elidi's G-spot and worked it as she sucked and licked Elidi's clitoris. Her other hand was frantically rubbing her own sex invoking a second orgasm.

Elidi screamed as a tumultuous climax decimated her senses; her body shook with a paroxysm of pleasure that was close to sensory overload, she pushed Celia's face into her crotch and wrapped her legs around Celia's head to keep her there as she moaned and wailed like a slattern.

Celia could hardly breathe but the intensity of Elidi's orgasm triggered her own sexual apogee and she shuddered with the magnitude of it.

The fierceness of Elidi's climax was so immense that she nearly passed out; her breathing was deep and ragged. Slowly her orgasm began to dissipate and she opened her legs, freeing Celia from imprisonment and then she reached down and pulled Celia up her body so that Celia lay on top of her.

"I'm sorry," Elidi whispered.

Celia caressed Elidi's face and leaned in and kissed her gently.

"Sorry for what? For making me the happiest woman alive," Celia grinned down at Elidi.

Even with her ruined makeup Celia was a classic beauty.

"For nearly suffocating you," Elidi grinned sheepishly.

"Oh that's fine honey. I'm getting us both a glass of wine and when my cunt has sufficiently recovered we are swapping places," Celia grinned down at her lover.

Celia helped Elidi out of her bra and took off her high heels. She kicked off her own heels and stripped off her bra. Both women were naked except for their hosiery which they would leave on and would be tattered ruins by the next morning. As they lay side by side sipping icy cold Chablis, Elidi's long lean tanned frame contrasting with Celia's shorter curvy alabaster body, they enjoyed the silence as only two lovers who were deeply committed could.


After being chained to the wall in the dungeon-like room Kimberly Edwards and Alisha Common were gagged, blindfolded, handcuffed and led to the room next door to the dungeon. They were thrown onto separate beds in a well-appointed bedroom but neither of them could see that, they could just feel the soft mattresses and smell the fresh bed linen on which they lay.

"Welcome to your new home ladies," the man who had been in the back of the van said.

The two young women floundered on their beds, squawking into their gags, struggling with their bonds.

The man strode over to Alisha and grabbed her by the crotch and squeezed. She wriggled like a hooked fish.

"Stop that or I'll squeeze harder," he growled.

Alisha lay still.

"Good girl," he sighed and eased his grip.

"You can't see it Kimberly but I've got Alisha by the cunt and I just hurt her. We don't want to hurt either of you; in fact we want you to be as comfortable as possible while you are here so as long as you both do as you are told and your mother behaves as directed, your stay here should not be intolerable."

"I'm shortly going to remove your bonds, gags and blindfolds and you will be free to do whatever you wish in the confines of these rooms. If you try to escape, which I warn you is impossible, you will get hurt. If you don't do what we tell you when we tell you, you will get hurt. If you make things hard for us we will make them very hard for you. Enjoy your little luxuries," the man said gruffly.

"Ok you first blondie," the man flicked open his pocket knife and cut through the cable ties on Kimberly's wrists and ankles.

He removed the gag from her mouth and the blindfold from her eyes and she rubbed at her wrists and ankles to get the circulation moving. She was virtually blinded by the fluorescent lights. The man went over to Alisha and performed the same tasks. Her vulva was sore from where the man had grabbed her.

"Get cleaned up ladies, you both stink. You'll find everything you need right here. We have hung your suit carriers up for you so can change into clean clothes. You will find some clean underwear in the drawers; you're going to be here a little while unfortunately," the man said and left the room, securely locking the door behind him.

Kimberly and Alisha found each other and hugged, clinging to each other as they sobbed away their initial torment and suffering which was immediately replaced by uncertainty, fear and apprehension.

"Why have they taken us?" Alisha finally asked when she was able to talk coherently.

"I don't think we have been taken by sexual psychopaths; if that was the case we would have been raped by now and I doubt our captors would be concerned about our wellbeing and comfort. The comment he made about my mother behaving as directed leads me to believe that we are being ransomed," Kimberly was smart and had an analytical brain.

"But I have no family Kimberly. Who will pay a ransom for me?" Alisha looked shocked.

"You're part of our family Alisha as far as I'm concerned, you know that. Anyway that's for Adele and Celia to deal with, we need to look after ourselves now," Kimberly comforted her best friend.

Kimberly took some time to take in their surroundings.

The room they were in was the equivalent of a reasonable quality motel room with the exception that there were no windows, only blank cinderblock walls and a formidable looking door which was solidly locked. The smell of fresh paint pervaded the room and the furniture and fittings appeared to be new. There were two double beds with side tables and lamps, a vanity table, a three piece lounge suite with a low table and the bare concrete floor was scattered with cheap throw rugs. There was even a flat-screen TV and a fully stocked refrigerator.

Kimberly opened a double wardrobe inside of which she found their garment carriers and gym bags. She rummaged through her gym bag and was not surprised to find that her cell phone and personal effects were missing.

The ensuite bathroom was well appointed with a shower stall, two sinks and a clean toilet. The bath towels, hand towels and face washers appeared to be fresh out of their wrappers. There was an adequate supply of toiletries and two bathrobes hung on hooks behind the door.

"Hey Kimberly, check this out!" Alisha called from the bedroom and Kimberly joined her at the vanity table.

The table was stocked with cosmetics and ladies essentials. There were two drawers on either side of the table stocked with underwear and lingerie.

Both women frowned at each other.

"This to me seems like good news and bad news. The good news is we are going to be well looked after. The bad news is it looks like we might be here for a while," Kimberly said sagely.

"Well there is nothing we can do for now so I'm taking a shower," the ever pragmatic Kimberly said.

"Let me pee first and I'll turn on the TV and see if there is any news," Alisha said.

"We're going to be ok Alisha. We're going to get through this," Kimberly hugged her friend again briefly before she went to pee.

Neither of the girls had noticed the pinhole cameras hidden in the walls and ceilings of the bedroom and the bathroom.


Adele watched the blood drain from Celia's face when she told her about the girls abduction and the video message she had received from the kidnappers.

Celia, like Adele, was calm in a crisis but the thought of Kimberly and Alisha being chained in a dungeon and held by two psychopaths was terrifying.

"Look Celia... this is what I know. We can't go to the authorities, they are obviously tech savvy so let's assume for now that they are monitoring our phones and devices and may even have someone watching us. It's clearly a kidnap for ransom, they made it clear they want money," Adele held Celia's hand in hers and could feel it shaking.

"They said they are reasonable people and I was to tell you and whoever we need to, so long as we trust them not to go to the police. They also said that we are going to need some help to get what they want and we are to do whatever we have to do to meet their demands and keep Kimberly and Alisha safe," Adele explained.

Celia was silent. She was dealing with the initial shock and grief. She knew that allowing her anguish and heartbreak to control her emotions would serve no purpose. Celia took her sorrow and rage and forged them into resolve. Adele watched her wife as these emotions played out across her face.

"We need to think clearly about this Adele. You're certain they have been abducted? You've called them? It's not some elaborate hoax?" Celia was clutching at straws and she knew it.

"They held a copy of today's LA times in front of the camera," Adele replied.

"So who do we trust?" Celia took a legal pad and pen from Adele's desk.

"We need IT Guy, you know, Steven Baker," Celia wrote on the pad.

"What about Michelle?" Celia looked up at Adele.

"I trust her but we need someone in this law firm who is not affected by this. We have to go on as if it's business as usual. You need Michelle with a clear head for the Brindle case," Adele said after some thought.

"I've got Sandra Cochran second chairing the Palmer case with me so we won't tell her either," Adele added.

"Do we go to professionals? You know; KFR experts outside of law enforcement? Will the kidnappers know?" Celia chewed on the end of the pen.

"I honestly don't know. I think we get Steven Baker in here asap and find out how deep into our systems these guys are," Adele said decisively and Celia nodded her head in agreement.

Celia called Steven Baker who was in his car on his way to work and told him to get to the office as soon as possible whilst Adele had a quick meeting with Sandra Cochran, the firm's associate and her second chair on the sexual assault case. She gave Sandra instructions and told her that she would be in conference until late afternoon. She reassured Sandra that they were well prepared for the case and gave her a 'to-do' list to keep her busy.

Adele was about to try a civil case involving a plaintiff who was military but had been seconded to a Defense contractor who was being paid millions of dollars to develop military hardware. The plaintiff claimed one of the CEOs of the company had sexually harassed her and had forced her to have sex with him.

Adele had been hoping for a quick settlement. She had a good client, good witnesses and good forensic evidence but the defence was dug in like a tick and had no interest in settling the case. The kidnapping of her daughter couldn't have come at a worse time.

Celia did the same with Michelle DeLong who was her second chair on the Brindle Coal and Power case.

Steven Baker was ushered into Adele's office and when he arrived they left instructions with the firm's receptionist that they were not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

Steven Baker was shocked when Adele told him about the abduction of Kimberly Edwards and Alisha Common and even more so when he was told that the kidnappers were using cyber technology to maintain contact. Adele had allowed Kimberly to work as a paralegal at the firm while she was studying law at UCLA and Steven and Kimberly had worked together recently preparing evidence for Adele's current case. Steven opened his briefcase and took out a valise that held a number of flash drives and other data storage devices. He plugged a USB drive into a port on Adele's computer and a blue-screen with white computer code text appeared.

Steven tapped away on the keyboard muttering to himself. Celia and Adele sat down in the lounge area of the office and played the 'what if' game over and over. They were both close to breaking down.

"Ok Adele I've got good news and I've got bad news," Steven sucked on his thumbnail.

Adele and Celia came over and looked at the computer screens.

"The good news is that I found the dropbox that the abductors have planted in your computer. It's super smart with incredible encryption. They are sending you real-time video and data feeds that are scrubbed from the dropbox instantaneously, almost as soon as they appear on your screen," Steven pointed to a bunch of software code that made no sense to either Adele or Celia.

"They are bouncing from IP address to IP address across the globe in milliseconds and the feed is so intelligently encrypted that I doubt anyone could trace it," Steven appeared to be impressed by the brilliance of Adele's daughter's kidnappers.

"So what's the good news?" Celia asked.

"No Celia. That was the good news. The bad news is that even if I could remove the dropbox, which I'm not sure I can without frying your computer and possibly our whole network, you will have effectively lost your means of communication with your daughter's abductors. And pissing them off right now might not be the best thing to do," Steven said sagely.

"I'd like all of your devices and smartphones so I can check them for malware too please. You'll have them back by close of business," Steven said confidently.

Adele and Celia handed Steven their personal devices and felt almost naked without them but being incommunicado for the rest of the day might be a good thing for them. They would have no distractions while they contemplated their next course of action.

"I'm certain that they are monitoring the activity on your workstation. Assume that they can see everything you do on it, and I'll check but I bet they are monitoring your cell too. Here is a laptop that is clean and not connected to our network; I have it connected to the internet via a secure VPN," Steve set up the laptop on the coffee table for Adele and Celia to use.

"I'm going down to the server room to work on our network and check these devices," Steven said and left the room.

Adele worked the laptop and after a while she found what she was looking for.

"I've never used these guys but they come highly recommended," Adele said, pointing to a webpage she had brought up on her computer screen.

"Peter Duffy has used them before and he recommended them to me should I need any work done that might flirt with the legitimacies of the law. They are very discreet; in fact I had difficulty finding them. They work in the shadows and they blur the line when it comes to legalities but they might be just what we need," Adele said.

The webpage was plain and read: Executive Solutions.

The webpage was dark blue with black font; there was an email link and a phone number, nothing else. Evidently if you didn't know what Executive Solutions had to offer you had no right being on their webpage.

"What do you think?" Celia looked at Adele; the concern on her face was almost heartbreaking.

"We don't want to anger the abductors but I feel helpless doing nothing. It can't hurt to enquire," Adele replied.

Adele and Celia went out, ostensibly for coffee, and while they were out they bought two prepaid 'burner phones'. Adele made the call to Executive Solutions and identified herself and requested to meet with someone senior in the firm regarding a sensitive matter that required immediate attention.

Adele and Celia were on their second cup of coffee when Adele's burner phone rang and a woman who identified herself as Cassandra Rivers spoke briefly to Adele whose responses were minimal. Cassandra wanted nothing of consequence to be said over the cellular network.

"So?" Celia asked expectantly when Adele hung up.

"We have a meeting. These guys are secretive; all I have so far is a place to meet."

"Then let's go," Celia said.

"I gave this Cassandra woman an outline of what has happened and she too is worried about us being traced so she's given me some instructions that we need to follow exactly," Adele explained.

"Fuck the instructions! I want my daughter back unharmed," Celia cried.

Adele drove her BMW to LA International Airport and parked in the short-term parking lot. A black SUV with tinted windows pulled up beside them and the rear doors opened.

"Here we go I guess," Adele locked her car and they climbed into the back seat of the SUV.

The front seats were occupied by two strapping men wearing black suits and Raybans. They said nothing to Adele and Celia but one of them spoke into a mobile phone. He talked briefly and then turned to face the two women.

"Given the information you have provided to Cassie she wants to take the utmost precautions. This cell is encrypted and can't be traced. Please confirm the only devices you have with you are the prepaid disposable phones you recently purchased?" the man held up his own smart phone.

"That's right. Our personal phones and other devices are with our firm's IT technician who is examining them to see if they are infected," Adele replied.

The man just grunted and nodded to his partner who put the SUV in gear and began to drive.

After taking a circuitous route which involved doubling back a number of times and entering and leaving three parking garages by different entrances and exits the SUV arrived outside a converted warehouse, the façade of which had been restored to its original rusticity but the pedestrian entrance and the windows were modern and stark; all brushed aluminium and black glass.

The SUV turned into a driveway which led to down to an underground garage. The security door opened when the driver activated a clicker. The car pulled up next to an elevator and the man in the passenger seat got out of the vehicle and punched a code into a keypad and the elevator doors opened.

Adele and Celia alighted from the vehicle and entered the elevator and the man pushed the button for the first floor and left Adele and Celia alone. The elevator doors opened onto the first floor to an opulent foyer where a handsome, hard-boiled security guard stood erect looking very observant. Sitting behind a sleek blonde-wood-panelled desk was an attractive and impeccably dressed receptionist.

Adele and Celia were greeted by a tall, long-legged woman wearing a black pencil skirt with a kick-pleat, a pristine white satin blouse, nearly-nude fifteen denier hosiery and patent-leather black high heels. Her shoulder-length hair was professionally cut and styled, coloured black with subtle ruby highlights. Her makeup was heavy but perfect and both Adele and Cassie would have been smitten with her in other circumstances.

"Hello I'm Cassandra Rivers but please call me Cassie," she put out her hand and shook with Adele and Celia.

She led them to a small conference room and offered them coffee which they both declined.

"Let's get to it ladies, time is always critical in KFR cases," Cassie said when they were seated.

"This place is as secure as Langley, tell me everything," Cassie smoothed her skirt under her and sat beside Adele.

Adele told Cassie everything.

"Ok. I get it. These guys are smart. They obviously had your daughter and her friend under observation for some time because the abduction was slick; we've contacted all of our law enforcement sources and there has been no reports of a girl or girls being abducted in the greater LA area. No law enforcement agencies have been alerted," Cassie had opened a laptop and was reading from the screen.

"What exactly do you want us to do?" Cassie asked.

"What can you do?" Celia asked.

"We can try to trace your daughter to her current location. Find out how she was abducted and where she was taken and possibly find out who is holding her," Cassie replied.

"We could also act as intermediary with the kidnappers, arrange for the delivery of a ransom if that's what you want."

"Or... we could attempt a recovery, if it's possible, but that carries a lot of risk, but risk management is our business."

"There are many variables but they come at a cost; our services do not come cheap."

"We have our own guy trying to trace the kidnappers using information technology but he's not confident he will have any luck and he's worried about pissing them off if they find out what we are doing, although the kidnappers taunted me telling me that they fully expected us to do so. Hiring you guys is different. We were specifically warned us not to go to the authorities," Adele said.

"We are not the authorities; far from it in fact," Cassie countered.

"Executive Solutions has an excellent success rate but trying to retrieve kidnap victims always carries risk. May I suggest we proceed gradually? We can find out all we can about your daughter's abduction and try to locate her and her friend while you continue to negotiate with the kidnappers," Cassie suggested.

"Gradually! Fucking gradually! Those fuckers have my daughter and Christ knows what they're doing to her and you propose we proceed gradually!" Celia was almost screaming.

Adele tried her best to calm her wife and eventually Celia settled down.

"I'm sorry Ms Rivers but you can understand the pressure we are under," Adele said.

"Don't apologise for me Adele!" Celia snapped.

"I do understand. Look, when we work with couples in situations like this we find it's best if we work with just one of them as the primary. That person makes decisions for both parties and becomes the sole point of contact," Cassie explained.

"You're cutting me out?" Celia looked heartbroken.

"No. Not at all. I just need simple lines of communication. I'll be blunt. I can't have my people standing in danger waiting for a 'go' or 'no-go' while two parents argue about whether or not it's the right thing to do. Kidnappings can be drawn out affairs but there will be times when an immediate critical decision has to be made and there is no time for dicking around. The customer is paying for the service so they get to say yes or no but we don't have time for a family conference," Cassie explained.

"The kidnappers contacted Adele initially and we know that they have set up a dropbox on her work computer; it follows that they have made the decision for us. They have made Adele their primary point of contact, therefore I suggest we do the same," Cassie said.

She did not add that Adele appeared to the most stable out of the two women at the moment.

"It makes sense Celia. You have that huge Brindle case to deal with; my case is ready to proceed, I begin trial tomorrow and it's pretty much open and shut. You've got to travel to Missionville to see your clients so you're going to be out of town," Adele took Celia's hand.

"Fuck my clients and fuck Brindle! I want my daughter back!" Celia said coldly.

"If I may Ms Edwards," Cassie interjected.

"I'm going to talk to you both truthfully. In their demands the kidnappers threatened to rape the girls and dispose of them unless you do exactly what they tell you to do. They have stated that they want a large sum of money but have not yet stipulated how much," Cassie laid out what they knew.

"The only demand they have made so far is that you and Celia need to go about business as usual. They stated that it is imperative that you both keep working your cases; that it is essential and you will find out why later. I can only surmise that one or both of the cases you are working is somehow tied to their demands," Cassie explained.

"The Brindle case could pay upward of a billion dollars. If we win the case or settle our firm will make a tidy profit but that's months away. We are still in discovery and taking depositions," Celia quipped.

"My case is simpler. I'm asking for a five million dollar settlement of which I'd take a third. Our firm will likely clear a million after taxes but my adversary is refusing to settle. We might get more in court, my client is sympathetic," Adele added.

"And how much could you both bring to the table if we receive a ransom demand sometime soon?" Cassie asked.

Adele and Celia talked amongst themselves a little.

"We could likely rustle up close to two million dollars cash at short notice. If we had time to liquidate some assets and access our offshore accounts we could get considerably more, but like I said that would take time," Adele explained.

"Our daughter Kimberly has three million dollars in a trust fund account we set up for her after her mother settled with Brindle Coal and Power some years ago. She's accessing some of it while she's at college but she doesn't get the bulk until she turns thirty. It's untouchable, we locked it down when we set up the trust," Adele extrapolated.

"Ok, well Executive Solutions is going to need a one hundred thousand dollar retainer to start with so factor that into your finances and let me know how you wish to proceed," Cassie stood up.

"I'll give you the room for a while to talk," she checked her watch.

"I'll give you fifteen minutes," Cassie left the room and despite the dire situation Adele couldn't help watching Cassie's tight ass in that pencil skirt as she departed.

Adele and Celia had a heated discussion. Celia did not want to leave LA whilst their daughter was in the hands of the kidnappers but Adele reminded Celia that the kidnappers had demanded that they work their cases as usual and not attract undue attention.

"You have to go to your client conference and depose those witnesses with Michelle; I'll hold the fort here and try my case," Adele reasoned.

After much bickering, crying and hugging it was agreed. Adele would take the lead and be the point of contact for both the kidnappers and Executive Solutions. Celia would head east to Kentucky for ten days for her client conference and witness depositions and also meet with the Brindle Coal and Power lawyers to try to get the discovery moved along and see if a settlement was possible. She would also need to meet with clerk of the court in Missionville and try to get a hearing before the judge.

Cassie came back into the room carrying a tray with a coffee pot, cups, cream and sugar. Adele told her what had been decided.

"Ok we're good then. You need to keep my firm's involvement secret; you tell no one, not even your IT guy. The less people who know about it the less chance of the kidnappers or law enforcement finding out," Cassie poured coffee for each of them.

"Adele, you never come back here again and only contact me if it's essential using your burner. Let's assume that your devices are being tracked by the kidnappers. I am taking the lead on this case personally because it involves young women and because both of Kimberly's parents are women; men have their uses but they can sometimes be obtuse," Cassie smiled and Adele and Celia smiled back at her.

It was the first time they had smiled since this morning.

"Let's get the paperwork out of the way. This is our standard contract," Cassie placed a document on the table and walked Adele and Celia through the formalities while they drank coffee.

"I'll have you dropped back at your car and then you go about business as usual. I'll be in touch." Cassie said when they had finished with the paperwork.

She walked them to the parking garage and surprised Adele and Celia when she kissed them both on the cheek.

Back at the offices of Edwards and Bettany, Adele and Celia called in on Steven Baker.

"Your tablets and laptops are fine from what I can make out but both of you can be tracked by your cell phones. That technology is readily available to anyone. You could change your numbers but that is only likely to piss off the kidnappers. Also they might want to contact you on your phones," Steven handed the women back their phones.

They did not tell Steven about the burners they had purchased.

"It's unlikely that they can actually listen in your conversations but let's assume that they can read your text messages and intercept incoming and outgoing telephone numbers," Steven said.

"I'll keep trying to trace the origin of the dropbox feed; that's all I can do for now until they contact either of you again," Steven explained.

The women took their devices back to their offices and tried to work on their respective cases for the rest of the day.

When they got home to their apartment they fell into each other's arms and sobbed until they had cried it all out. They kissed and the kisses became more passionate as they both craved the touch of a warm body.

They undressed as far as taking off their skirts blouses before Adele pushed Celia down on the couch and lay between her legs. Celia groaned when Adele pulled aside the gusset of Celia's panties and slid her rampant penis inside her all the way.

Adele crushed Celia's lips with hers as Celia wrapped her black-stockinged legs around Adele's waist and held her close. Adele had simply freed her cock from where it was tucked between her legs and pulled down her pantyhose and panties before she had shoved the throbbing appendage into her wife.

Adele didn't move, she just let the throbbing of her cock and her pubis pressing against Celia's sex stimulate her lover. They clung to each other kissing and caressing, extracting the essence and soul from each other; comforting each other with their bodies.

Adele began to move imperceptibly, moving her cock inside Celia's tight slick cunt. They made love softly and slowly for what seemed like an eternity and then Adele began to quicken the pace. Celia encouraged her, raking her heels on Adele's flanks. Adele responded and drove her cock deep inside Celia's vagina with such force that Celia would be bruised the next day.

"Give it to me you bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Celia moaned writhing on the couch where Adele had her pinned, slamming her cock in out of Celia's sodden vagina.

Celia grasped Adele's bottom and scoured her fingernails along Adele's tight buttocks, tearing her flimsy nylon panties and ripping open her pantyhose so she could feel Adele's bare flesh. Adele lifted Celia's legs over her shoulders so she could drive her cock as far into Celia's velvety cunt as she could. She plunged her throbbing cock inside Celia and ground against her; she bit Celia's lip and grazed her fingernails along Celia's thighs, laddering her stockings.

Both women howled as Adele's cock shuddered and convulsed inside Celia's snug moist cavity, ejaculating so much semen that it filled Celia's cunt to overflowing and ran in rivulets between her legs, soaking into her satin panties. Celia squirmed and wriggled under Adele as a monstrous orgasm washed over her; every nerve and sinew tingled as waves of intense pleasure wracked her body.

They lay panting in each other's arms, unable to speak as they tried to catch their breath. Eventually the room became dark with lengthening shadows and the air became chill. Adele was finally able to move.

She picked up Celia off the couch and carried her to bed, slipping off Celia's high heels and pulling the covers over her. Adele kicked off her own shoes and slid under the covers and wrapped her arms and legs around Celia and pulled her close. They whispered their undying love for each other and made love again, this time softly and lovingly. Neither of them slept well and they woke early and showered together. Their bodies were scratched and bruised from their lovemaking and they were tender with each other as they lathered each other's bodies under the hot water.

Adele drove Celia to airport where she would meet Michelle DeLong in the business lounge and together they would fly to Kentucky.

"Find my daughter Adele. Don't let anything happen to her," Celia said as they hugged and kissed goodbye.

Two men in business suits stared openly at the two attractive mature women in short-skirted business suits hugging and kissing each other. Celia managed to catch one of the men in the crotch with the corner of her briefcase as she walked past them defiantly. She walked through the glass doors into the terminal without looking back and Adele climbed back into her BMW and drove away.

To be continued

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