Michele Nylons

Diary of a Prostitute

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Bored with their sex life and seeking to supplement their income a husband and wife decide to enter the world of prostitution. This is a vignette in the day of a life of a high-class prostitute and explains how a married couple can live happily together while they each have sex with strangers for money.

Coffee Shop Girl

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Coffee Shop Girl. - A tale of envy, vengeance and subterfuge that turns into something quite extraordinary

College boy observes sexy young waitresses using their feminine wiles to bump up their tips in a coffee shop and thinks it might be an easy way to make money and to expose the owner and his misogynistic work practices. When Carey presents femme something strange, unique and surprising happens.

Prison Dolls - Chapter 4

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Chapter Four - Consequences

Is Bobbie really dead or was it an elaborate hoax? The consequences of Bobbie's assassination in the prison parking lot reverberate through the Siceresso crime family. Allie Katt and her boyfriend arrange a suitable resting place for Bobbie while Tony Siceresso turns against his fellow criminals in the ultimate act of revenge.

Prison Dolls - Chapter 3

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Chapter Three - Red Roses Dropped On Fresh Snow

Bobbie's release date is approaching but she is confused and conflicted. Bobbie has taken over Robert's life and she feels more comfortable being a woman than she does a man. To make matters worse she is falling for Tony and her family life is falling apart. A new prison doll is required to take her place.

Prison Dolls - Chapter 2

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Chapter Two – Sometimes It’s Good To Be a Girl

Bobbie completes her training and makes her debut in Seg with the Siceresso crime family. Robert's wife visits him in prison but he is in emotional turmoil about his secret life as a prison doll. Confessing to Mandy would be too dangerous so he resorts to deception

Prison Dolls - Chapter 1

Prison Dolls  Edited.jpg

Chapter One – Pretty Boys Make Pretty Girls

Robert Valentine is blackmailed whilst serving time at a correctional facility. A fellow 'Prison Doll' Allie Katt feminises 'Bobbie' and turns her out to be the plaything for a group of hardened criminals. Robert soon discovers that 'Bobbie' is beginning to not only accept her fate, she is falling for a dangerous criminal.

Michele Nylons True Stories - Chapter 6


Chapter Six – The Laneway Cruise Lounge

This is a glimpse into a day in my life as a fetishistic transvestite/crossdresser when I visit the local cruise lounge prowling for company. To some extent the story explains how I do what I do and why I do it. It is a snapshot in time of a day in my life. Please heed the warnings regarding explicit content. This story contains non-explicit images of me.

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 3

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Five

Detectives Julie Sanderson and Tommy Lomax disagree when Julie proposes using a honey-trap to catch Stephanie Carter's killer. Final Chapter and resolution.

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 2

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Two - Day Three - Day Four

Transgender detective Julie Sanderson begins to break down detective Tommy Lomax's prejudices and they actually begin to trust each other and bond. As they get closer to finding out who murdered Stephanie Carter the investigation turns dangerous

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 1

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter One – Day One

Transgender detective Julie Sanderson is teamed with detective Tommy Lomax to solve the murder of young trans prostitute Stephanie Carter and the investigation becomes complicated when the victim is identified as the daughter of a US senator. The case is a political time bomb full of intrigue, deception, lies and deceit but the clock is ticking to get it solved before the media gets hold of the story.

The Wrong Turn

Long Walk Home.jpg

A wife dresses her husband up in drag to win a fancy dress competition but at the party they fall out and the husband dressed as 'Bonnie' decides to walk home. She makes a wrong turn into a deserted park where she is confronted by two men whose intentions are not honorable.

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Honey

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Edited.jpg

Alex lives with his mother Julie and refuses to get a job or to help Julie pay the rent and household bills. When Julie sees pictures of Alex dressed as a girl she sees that Alex has potential for meaningful employment, even though Alex might not want the job.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 5

Breeding Chamber New.jpg

Chapter Five – Hook, Line, and Sinker

Victoria, Madeline and Susan hatch a daring, dangerous plan to take over Durden City and hold Pope Durden and his evil Commission to account. The final chapter.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 4

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter Four – Victoria and Madeline’s Backstory

The story of how a young Victoria Eglin is introduced to the breeding chambers and her relationship with Pope Durden. Then her rise to power as Brood Mistress in charge of the breeding program and her betrayal of Pope Durden. Madeline's Smith's formative years and transition and then her debut as a Comfort Girl. Finally both women become bent on revenge and committed to toppling the masochistic regime that enslaves them.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 3

Breeding Chamber New.jpg

Chapter Three – Welcome Home

Madeline becomes a trooper in the Revolutionary army determined to overthrow the evil regime of Pope Durden whilst Victoria returns to Durden City to spy for the Revolutionaries. Both of these women undertake important but dangerous missions in order to free the cis and trans women being persecuted by Pope Durden and his evil Commission.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 2

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter Two – She Ain’t Got a Pussy; She’s Got a Dick!

Madeline and Victoria have been Kidnapped by the Revolutionaries and brought to the secret stronghold of Freetown where they are introduced to the Revolutionaries' charismatic leader. Trans Comfort Girl Madeline is placed in a perilous position whilst cis woman Victoria is welcomed.

The Breeding Chamber Chapter 1

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter One – Down You Go Ladies

This is a tale of hope and redemption as three women struggle to live in a dystopian war-ravaged future where the world’s female population has been decimated by a pandemic. The precious few remaining females are rounded up and made to serve in ‘breeding chambers’ to produce children. With very few females available to meet the desires of men a breed of transgender women known as Comfort Girls takes their place. But all is not as it seems. The ‘breeding program’ which was created to proliferate the female population appears not to be working. The leader of the new-order city-state is complicit and an anti-establishment revolutionary force suspect they know why and they intend to do something about it.

The Girl In The Blue Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt Edited.jpg

Musings of a tights obsessed transvestite

Dennis becomes infatuated with the girl in the blue denim skirt who sits on the low brick wall running along the path inside Aston Park. He knows that his infatuation with her is troublesome and that he should just ignore her but he just can't resist her allure.

The Interpreter - Chapter 4

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter Four – Toast and Marmalade

The Professor knows that Valerie is sitting on secret but remains infatuated with her. What will he do now that he has the tools to blackmail her? At the same time the FBI and MI6 are closing in our beautiful ingénue and Soviet spy. Can Yuri save Valerie and will he have to sacrifice himself to do so? Please heed the cautions.

The Interpreter - Chapter 3

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter Three – Pull Down Your Skirt, You Look Like a Slattern!

Having arrived in New York City it is not long before Yuri Godekin puts Valerie Sokolova to work springing her honey trap on a witless victim. Professor Mikhail Blavatsky is becoming more jealous of Valerie and bitter about the situation. Meanwhile the FBI are provided with some alarming intelligence by their MI6 counterparts.

The Interpreter - Chapter Two

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter Two – Your Body Is A Weapon

Valerie is trained in the arts of espionage and seduction as she prepares to go undercover as the interpreter for Professor Mikhail Blavatsky, a misogynist, conceited womaniser, so that she can accompany to him to a Convention in NYC and test her newfound skills on unsuspecting victims.

The Interpreter - Chapter 1

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter One – An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

A naive young Russian crossdresser who works as an interpreter for the KGB is exposed and given a chance to save herself and her family by working undercover as a femme fatale. Valerie has no choice but to go along with the KGB's plan to use her as an enchantress to lure unsuspecting men to their fate.

A Glimpse Of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg

Chapter Three – Where’s Julian?

Donald takes on a case that leads him to discover Julian's secret life and Donald and Julie finally meet, although not under the the circumstances that either of them expected. The outcome is a revelation to them both and they are both surprised at what happens afterwards. Final chapter.

A Glimpse of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 2

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg

Chapter Two – Julie and Julian

Julie Clifford continues to work as a prostitute to earn enough money to save her bookshop whilst Donald Cooper continues to pursue meaningless relationships to replace his his lost wife. An impoverished transvestite bookseller and a well-to-do heterosexual barrister live in separate universes but something keeps bringing them together.

A Glimpse of Nylon Stocking

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg

Chapter One –Strangers on a Train

A man notices that another male passenger on his commuter train appears to be wearing nylon stockings under his trousers. The man becomes curious and fascinated as to why this would be so. This simple glimpse of nylon stocking changes two lives forever.

Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle Edited.jpg

"Be A Girl - It's Just For One Day!"

Four teenagers: one girl and three boys are partying before they go their separate ways to different colleges when someone says 'lets play spin the bottle'. But they are one girl short so they spin the bottle to see which boy will become a girl... just for the day of course.

American Girl - Chapter Four

American Girl Edited.jpg

Chapter Four – Crystal’s Demise

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is under pressure from her handler to get her hands on the documents in Professor Brett Beaumont's safe before her cover is blown by the FBI agent Liam Dresser who has become besotted with her and is closing in. This is the climax and final chapter.

American Girl - Chapter 3

American Girl Edited.jpg

Chapter Three – She’s My Spy!

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is starring in a Las Vegas review as part of her ruse to entrap an American genius professor who is an expert in X-ray laser technology. He also has a weakness for booze, gambling and pretty little trans women like Crystal. A rogue FBI agent is on her tail and Crystal may have to up her game to complete her mission before she is captured.

American Girl - Chapter 2

American Girl Edited.jpg

Chapter Two – Project Excalibur

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is given a most dangerous mission. She must use her feminine charms to seduce an American scientist who is a genius in the field of X-ray lasers that could possibly render the Soviet nuclear arsenal useless. Set in the Reagan years the premise for this story is true so if the sex scenes aren't your cup of tea, read the story for the intriguing plot.

American Girl - Chapter 1

American Girl Edited.jpg

Chapter One – Hello, Daddy, Hello, Mom I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

During the Cold War two Soviet sleeper agents have a child who is a legitimate American citizen but as Kyle Gordon matures he reveals he has a feminine alter ego: Crystal Greystone. This conundrum is exploited by the Soviet rezidentura who use Crystal as an undercover operative. She may be a Soviet spy but she is... an American girl.

Comfort Women - Chapter 4

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter Four – Just Another Comfort Woman

The experiment has produced a surprising result: the four strongest men have feminised the two weakest who now live full time as Comfort Women. But Colonel Flagg wants to introduce a new dynamic into the study which is likely to cause catastrophic results. Will Bill Brody defend the honour of his personal Comfort Woman Samantha Steele when the other men demand their fair share of her charms?

Comfort Women - Chapter 3

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter Three – This Is For You and This Is For Me

Samantha Steele and Wendy Meakins are ordered to live full-time as 'comfort women'. This arrangement suits Wendy but Sam takes some adjusting. Bill Brody keeps Samantha exclusively for himself with creates consternation amongst the other men. 'Nurse Steele', as she has now become, tends to the men's therapeutic needs while she tends to all of Bill Brody' physical needs and won't admit to herself that she secretly likes it.

Comfort Women - Chapter 2

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter Two – Just For One Day

The six desperate men of Villawood Montana have the freedom of a town they can't leave while all around them are the trappings of normality but there are no women. No women to give them comfort. But Wesley Meakins hides a secret and it will be the undoing of him and Sam Steele.

Comfort Women - Chapter 1

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter One – A Controversial Study

Post WW2 the Army conducts an experiment placing six men alone in an isolated village with all the comforts of home but without the comfort of women. How will they find the solace and comfort that only the female form brings to desperate men?

A Safe Space - Chapter 3

Safe Space Edited.jpg

Chapter Three – Lady of the House

Alexis is coming to terms with her need to transition but is distracted by the men in her life: Brad Brody, the young university student and her twin sister's ex boyfriend is besotted with her and Carlos the mature, muscled groundskeeper who she teases incessantly both decide to confront her in their own ways. Final chapter.

A Safe Space - Chapter 2

Safe Space Edited.jpg

Chapter Two – A Boyfriend Scorned

Teen trans-girl Alexis Dupree is living in her harbour-side mansion, secure in her 'safe space' whilst she contemplates her transition. But her twin sister's ex-boyfriend is out for revenge and mistakes Alexis for Monika. Both Alexis and Brad are in for a surprise when Brad realises his mistake

A Safe Space - Chapter 1

Safe Space Edited.jpg

Chapter One – A Sister’s Love

Having just graduated high school Alexander Dupree realises that he is a girl trapped in boy's body. His twin sister Monika is there to help him transition. The two teenage girls live alone in a waterside mansion which becomes Alexis' safe space... or is it?

The Captured Crossdresser Chapter 3

captured ver2.jpg

Chapter Three – The Emerald Earrings

Crystal is finally able to confront her captor when he finally opens the door to her cell and makes her an offer that she can't really refuse. Her emotions are contradictory when she has to decide whether or not she wants to be emancipated. Crystal contemplates the differences and similarities between freedom and servitude and makes a life changing decision for them both.

The Captured Crossdresser Chapter 2

captured ver2.jpg

Chapter Two – Ba Ba Black Sheep

As Crystal's Stockholm Syndrome takes hold the absurdity of the situation becomes apparent to her. She's become an imprisoned chattel for the man who keeps her in his basement cell but how unwilling is she really? Would she be prepared to live a life of servitude to satisfy her desire to live permanently as Crystal and see her alter-ego Colin banished from her life forever?

The Captured Crossdresser Chapter 1

captured ver2.jpg

Chapter One – The Rules

Chapter One – The Rules

A man becomes infatuated with a beautiful crossdresser who captures his imagination and his soul. He can't live without her but he's terrified of rejection so he kidnaps her and keeps for himself, like a beautiful butterfly in a jar. He doesn't want to despoil her but she beguiles him and tries to reverse the power imbalance using her wiles and her beauty.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 3

Supergirls Edited.jpg

Well There Goes The Element of Surprise

The Deckers are ready to run to Mexico and freedom but Detective Penelope Bishop is close behind them as is ruthless mob boss Jennifer Jones. The Beasts of Burden MC also want what the Deckers have and by that I mean not just the money. Final chapter.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 2

Supergirls Edited.jpg

Chapter Two – The Pussy Palace

Harlan and Pete Decker are holed up after their botched robbery at Supergirls nightclub. Detective Penelope Bishop is on their trail and so too is Russian-Mob Supremo Jennifer Jones. The two beautiful, intelligent, courageous trans women meet at the crime scene and sparks fly.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 1

Supergirls Edited.jpg

Chapter One – The Incident at Supergirls

A robbery goes wrong and Detective Penelope Bishop and her Task Force are brought in to solve the case. At the same time Russian-Mob Supremo Jennifer Jones is on her way to recover the proceeds of the crime. Two beautiful, intelligent, courageous trans women who come from different sides of the law are going to meet again and this time there will be sparks!

Strange Bedfellows - Chapter 3


Chapter Three – The Scorpion Bitch

The climax to this story of intrigue, danger, love and betrayal. Jennifer Jones and Penelope Bishop team up and betray a friend in order to bring an evil criminal to justice but can two women who admire and despise each other so much really reconcile?

Strange Bedfellows - Chapter 2


Chapter Two – The Wolf and The Bear

Penelope Bishop and her nemesis Jennifer Jones find themselves on the same side trying to capture sex-trafficker and Russian mafioso Alexi Reznik. Jennifer brings her faithful friend and sex goddess Katya Kuznetsova to Balwyn to use her wily ways to help with the case.

Strange Bedfellows - Chapter 1


Chapter One – The Can

Detective Penelope Bishop is forced to work with Russian-Mob hit girl and fixer Jennifer Jones in a multi-agency task force charged with solving a transnational people smuggling conspiracy. Can two beautiful, intelligent, courageous trans women who come from different sides of the law work together to solve the case and capture a master criminal who trades in the misery of women?

Click Bait - Chapter 4

click bait edited.jpg

Chapter Four – Buckwheats

Final installment. Trans FBI agent Jennifer Jones is undercover trying to expose the evil Ukrainian Mafioso Dmitriy Yakovich. She is on her own relying on her training and the preparation provided by Uri and Katya.

Click Bait - Chapter 3

click bait edited.jpg

Chapter Three – Eighteen and Still a Virgin

Uri Orlov and Katya Kuznetsova tell their life stories and how they met as they prepare trans FBI agent Jennifer Jones to go undercover in order to expose the Ukrainian Mafia.

Click Bait - Chapter 2

click bait edited.jpg

Chapter Two – Buyer Will Want to See Dick

Uri and Katya prepare Jennifer Jones to go undercover to expose a people smuggling ring. They need to hear Jennifer's history to help her build a reliable, convincing backstory.


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