The Breeding Chamber Chapter 1

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Chapter One – Down You Go Ladies

Madeline Smith

“You’re up sweet cheeks,” Brian helped Madeline to her feet and held her hand as she found her balance in the ridiculously high heels she was wearing.

“Five Trade tonight. Work the bar between tricks, help Macy and Cindy ok?” Brian made it sound like a request but it was really an order.

Madeline walked to the door that connected the waiting room to the Comfort Palace and stopped at what the girls called the Trade table where Bethany was on duty.

“Five Trade tonight Madeline,” Bethany confirmed what Brian had said to her and handed Madeline a small scanner which she dropped into her clutch next to the essentials that a girl like her carried when they were working.

“You’re in room six,” she gave Madeline a passkey that would open comfort room six.

She deposited the passkey alongside the scanner.

Five Trade wasn’t too bad. Some nights she had as few as three and some nights as many as eight. Management tried not to overwork the girls so they spread the load among them. The Trade didn’t like it if the girls were too worn out; they wanted their money’s worth so to speak.

Bethany pressed the button under her desk and the door clicked as the locks disengaged and Madeline walked out into the Comfort Palace which resembled a high class nightclub: darkly lit with coloured neon mood lighting, a long well-stocked bar, booths and cocktail tables with soft seductive dance music wafting from the speakers in the ceiling.

The men were well dressed, mostly in lounge suits although some made do with dress slacks, long-sleeved shirts and sports coats. The girls were dressed in finery befitting their function: evening gowns and cocktail dresses, big hair, heavy makeup, lots of flesh on display; over-feminised and uber-sexualised.

The men were dancing closely with the girls or canoodling in the booths, pressing their hard bodies into the girl’s soft feminine physiques, openly groping them, kissing them and fondling them. Most of the girls responded favourably to men’s advances but some were just tolerant. The men didn’t really care how the girls felt about it; they had paid hard earned credits for the privilege of spending time with the girls and they intended to get what they had paid for.

Every so often a couple would leave the dance floor or the booths and make their way into one of the comfort rooms. They would remain in the room for anything from five minutes to an hour but never longer. Five thousand credits only bought you so much time with the girl. When the couple exited the comfort room the man would head straight to the exit and the next customer would be allowed to enter the Comfort Palace.

A young man who seemed particularly uncomfortable to be dressed in a suit and obviously wasn’t used to dressing so formally looked down at his phone and matched the picture on his comfort token with Madeline's face. His pensive smile became a full-blown grin as he walked quickly towards Madeline, almost breaking into a trot, like he was afraid that someone else would claim her.

The man held out his phone and Madeline scanned the code on the comfort token with her scanner to confirm that the man was indeed her Trade then she gave him her best beatific smile. The man was very nervous and very excited. He reminded Madeline of a new puppy.

“Your first time at the Comfort Palace?” she asked.

“Yes. I’ve been saving up my credits for this for so long and now that I can’t believe I’m finally here,” the man nodded his head like one of those antiquated nodding-dog dashboard ornaments.

“Would you like to get a drink first or to dance?” Madeline asked.

“I’d really like to go to the room,” the young man blushed.

“You realise that once we leave the room you have to go. Why not have a drink and dance a little to make the most of your time?” Madeline tried to encourage the first-timer.

“I just want to go to the room. I want to know what it’s like,” the young man was insistent.

Most fledglings wanted to go straight to the comfort rooms. It was something they had been dreaming of for so long that they could not contain their exuberance.

“Ok, we’re in six,” Madeline took the young man’s hand and led him to room six.

He deliberately trailed behind Madeline so he could ogle her ass in the tight red satin minidress that she was wearing and look at her long, shapely legs clad in shimmering nylon pantyhose.

“You know that I’m Madeline and you are?” Madeline reminded the man that he hadn't introduced himself in all of the excitement.

Madeline used the keycard to open room six and they stepped inside the door which closed and locked automatically behind them.

“I’m Bob. Robert Crawley actually but you know that because The Commission knows everything about me and once you scanned my comfort token so did you,” Bob said evenly but he couldn’t take his eyes off Madeline’s face and body.

Madeline stood at 173 centimetres and weighed fifty five kilos. She had a trim waist and a bubble-butt enhanced by buttock augmentation, once commonly referred to as a ‘Brazilian butt lift’, her perky breasts were also the product of enhancement. Her shoulder-length jet-black hair was dyed and her cheeks and chin had also had work done, but her emerald-green eyes were her own and her trim figure was the result of daily workouts. Her long legs were spectacular and their magnificence was accented by the glossy flesh-toned pantyhose she was wearing and her five-inch heel fuck-me pumps.

Bob was right of course. Once she scanned Bob’s token she would know almost everything about him that she wanted to, including his age, his employment, his salary and his medical history. That was if she could be bothered to look. The Comfort Girls saw so many Trade each week that it was hardly worth the bother unless the Trade caused them trouble or was an exceptionally good tipper.

Bob pulled Madeline into his arms and began to kiss her with slobbering amateurish kisses while he squeezed her buttocks through her dress. She could feel his erection poking her in the belly.

Madeline disengaged as gently as she could.

“I know this is your first time Bob so why don’t you let me lead and I will make this a very pleasant and gratifying experience for you and make the most of your time,” Madeline smiled at Bob showing him her pearly-white teeth and full red-lipsticked lips.

“I’ll be honest. I just want to mount you and fuck you,” Bob growled, unable to control his ardour.

“Ok then; let’s do that,” Madeline gave him a wan closed-mothed smile, slipped out of her dress and lay down on the bed, taking off her panties and dropping them on the floor.

The comfort rooms were tiny and were furnished with only a double bed, a side table and a clothes rack. They were connected to an even tinier ensuite half-bathroom.

Bob ripped off his clothes and threw them over the clothes rack without bothering to put them on hangers and threw his shoes in the corner. He was red-haired and scrawny bodied but had a rather large appendage poking out of a patch of ginger pubic hair. It looked like it was on a hair trigger and single strand of pre-ejaculate dribbled from the eye.

Madeline opened her legs for Bob and lifted her buttocks invitingly. Her pantyhose were open-crotch to allow easy access to her genitalia. Although it was Bob’s first time, Madeline was sure that he’d seem enough porn to know what to do. She opened the drawer in the bedside table and took out a tube of lubricant and squeezed a dab on her fingertip and daubed it in her sphincter.

Bob climbed on the bed and Madeline opened her arms and smiled at him and welcomed him to climb aboard her. Bob was enraptured by her beauty and her poise and the seductive scent of her perfume. The feel of her soft body underneath him was indescribable. He had dreamed of doing this for so long and now that he was doing it, it seemed like a dream.

Bob kissed Madeline and she opened her mouth and extended her tongue into his mouth just as Bob’s erect penis slid into her rectum.

Bob ejaculated immediately and his whole body shook with the intensity of his orgasm and he began to cry. Madeline wrapped her arms and legs around Bob and held him tight while she kissed him passionately.

Madeline felt Bob’s issue dribbling from her sphincter and thanked the gods that she made sure that she had taken off her dress and that the bed had a disposable coverlet on it. Bob stopped shaking and lay still.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered into the hollow of her clavicle.

“For what?” Madeline asked, stroking his back like a sympathetic mother figure.

“For coming too soon. I feel like I’ve wasted your time and all of my credits,” the man sighed.

“Look honey; you’re still inside me and I can feel that you are still hard so technically we haven’t finished fucking. If you have the stamina to go again I’ll let you, just don’t tell anyone ok?” Madeline blew into Bob’s ear and then nibbled his earlobe which was all it took to get Bob humping again.

This time Bob lasted a good fifteen minutes, backing off when he felt himself close to orgasmic inevitability and restarting all over. His kisses and his technique improved as time passed and Madeline began to enjoy the feel of Bob’s long thick penis as it pressed on her prostate and stimulated her tight sphincter. Rings of pleasure radiated from her anus and her cock became fully erect and sensitive.

As Bob humped Madeline his belly pressed on her hard member provoking a rather pleasant sensation that caused her to glide her nylon-sheathed legs on Bob’s flanks and rake her high heels across his flesh to encourage him to fuck her harder.

Their kisses became fervid as they approached the zenith of their passions and Madeline felt Bob’s cock swell to full tumescence and then palpitate as he flooded her anus with a second load of steaming viscous semen. Madeline’s seed spattered on Bob’s belly and if that disturbed him in any way he was too enraptured in his own climax to care or to say anything.

He clung to her as he jackhammered his cock in and out of her tight passage and Madeline was glad when Bob finally finished and climbed off her. He thanked her profusely while he wiped himself clean in the half-bath and continued to chatter with her while she changed the cover on the bed then went into the bathroom to douche and clean herself, then she fixed her makeup and dressed. She thanked Bob in return and reminded him not tell anyone that she had let him go twice which prompted him to take out his phone and tip her a hundred credits.

She led Bob though the club to the exit and kissed him goodbye and nodded to the security guard on the door who scanned the next customer’s comfort token and let him enter. She helped Macy and Cindy wait tables until her next Trade arrived and then she went back to doing what she had been trained to do her whole life: satisfying the desires of men.

Victoria Eglin

When Pope Durden’s convoy drove up to the outer guardhouse at the Durden City Breeding Facility (which some jesters referred to as the Pussy Palace) he was not required to show his credentials or to scan his security code to gain entry like everybody else had to. The vehicles with his personal bodyguards remained outside the complex, corralled against the main gate.

Few men, other than doctors and City Guards were allowed access to the accommodation areas of the Breeding Facility. Those fortunate enough to be allowed access to the breeding chambers entered through the main pedestrian entrance where security was even tighter. A small elite force called the Praetorian Guard policed the population and protected the Breeding Facility and Pope’s mansion. They also guarded and escorted the Comfort Girls when they left the Comfort Palaces and as recompense, were given gratis access to the Comfort Girls.

Only the Durden City armoury and magazine located at the City Guard Barracks were more securely guarded.

Pope often wore the uniform of a Colonel when he was out and about on official business but this business wasn't precisely official. That said, he was saluted smartly by the guards at the gate and shown the deference he was due as he passed through the security stations. Pope was able to bypass the protocols because he was the City Commissioner and Commander in Chief of the City Guard; he believed by leading by example when he was in the public eye but inside the secure walls of the Breeding Facility he was free to behave however he felt.

His driver remained with his vehicle while Pope entered the complex and used the elevator to gain access to the third floor by scanning the bar code on his phone. He confidently made his way down the corridor to a room where he could hear the subdued sound of soft rock coming through the door. Pope opened the door and stepped inside the room and what he saw brought a smile to his face.

Victoria Eglin was the Brood Matron and ran the Breeding Facility on behalf of Pope. She had softened the lighting ahead of Pope’s arrival and she had staged herself dramatically under a ceiling downlight so that Michael ‘Pope’ Durden got the full effect. She was wearing a transparent, black, flowy-sleeved negligee, tied tightly around her trim waist and open at her décolletage to show off her ample bosom and long shapely legs. Her breasts were cupped in a black translucent mesh brassiere and her legs were sheathed in sheer, black, fully-fashioned stockings clipped to a black satin suspender belt. She wore black satin high-waisted panties that clung to her pubis.

Victoria was wearing five-inch black pumps and had accessorised with emerald jewellery set in silver to match her brilliant green eyes accentuated by blue-purple shimmery eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner and mascara. Her cheeks were subtly rouged and her full lips coated with bright red lipstick. Her shoulder-length glossy black mane was tousled and worn with bangs. For those who could remember, she looked very much like Betty Page.

The dramatic look and staging was purposely employed to please Michael Durden. Victoria smiled at him and held out the martini she had prepared for him as he approached, smiling seductively at him. She would never tell him but Victoria had drunk three martinis before Pope arrived. She needed Dutch courage for what lay ahead.

Pope brushed the martini aside and took Victoria in his arms and kissed her passionately. Victoria put her arms around him and held him tight. She could feel the lightweight armoured vest he was wearing under his suit jacket. Pope didn’t like the citizens to see him in body armour unless he was in his combat uniform; he felt it unsettled them.

She helped him undress and when she had him naked Victoria led Pope to the bed and lay him down on his back. She took her time kissing him, softly and gently at first, stroking his chest and teasing his nipples, displaying affection that she did not feel; disguising her self-loathing by smiling sweetly at him.

Victoria knew that he was in a rush so she wasted no time and began to kiss Pope passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, squeezing his hard cock and stroking his scrotum until he began to moan and globules of pre-ejaculate began to dribble from the eye of his penis.

She massaged the slippery precum into the flesh of his phallus and wickedly allowed her long fingernails to scrape across his fraenulum which caused him to shudder and press his hand to her neck. Victoria took the cue and traced her tongue down his hard body until her head was level with his groin and then she gobbled up his manhood and began to suckle it, expertly using her tongue on the sensitive glans while her lips worked on his shaft.

She straddled Pope so that her panty-clad mound was above his face, her knees close to his cheeks. Victoria knew that Pope would never perform cunnilingus on her. He’d told her that he felt revolted whenever he thought of the hundreds of cocks that had used her pussy. Pope never used his mouth on her down there; in fact he never touched her naked genitalia at all and insisted that she keep her panties on during sex. Victoria knew that when he used the other breeders he also insisted that they keep their genitals covered.

He did however enjoy the feel of Victoria’s panty-clad mound and stocking–sheathed legs on his flesh and Victoria pressed her satin-shrouded labia against his nose. Pope inhaled the scent of her vaginal hygiene spray as he relished the feel of the woman’s mouth and tongue on his cock and balls. He reached for her breasts and found her nipples engorged inside the cups of her brassiere. He freed her breasts from the cups and tweaked her ripe nipples until he heard Victoria begin to gasp.

Victoria had been conditioned to please men and was good at her job and despite her intense dislike for Pope Durden she couldn’t stop her body’s responses. Pope rubbed her pubic mound through her panties and smiled when he discovered that she was wet.

He couldn’t deny his lust any longer and he lifted Victoria off him and threw her on her back and straddled her, his cock poking at her panty-cover pubis. Victoria looked up into his eyes and feigned adoration as she eased aside the gusset of her panties and guided his glans between her puffy labia into the moist chasm of her sex. She gasped as Pope slid his huge rampant penis all the way inside her warm, wet clunge.

She wrapped her legs around his torso, locking her heels in the small of Pope’s back and put her arms around his neck and rose to meet his thrusts.

Pope lowered his face to her and kissed her passionately as he felt her buck and heard her mewl as he fucked her progressively harder until he was jackhammering his cock into her tight pussy while her heels drummed on his back and her fingernails raked his shoulders as she shuddered with the intensity of her orgasm. Pope felt her quim pulsate and quiver as her palpitating vagina milked him of his seed. It felt like his essence was being expressed by a satin glove.

As much as Pope disgusted her, Victoria let her orgasm bloom and then burgeon into an earth shattering climax as she clung to Pope and drove her groin up into his and ground herself against him so that his pubis pressed on her clitoris while his long thick member throbbed and disgorged his steaming load deep inside her quim. She allowed her consciousness to float away from reality much like she had done when she occasionally orgasmed in the breeding chambers when she was still a breeder. The man who was fucking her meant nothing to her; he was just the instrument of her pleasure.

Lying in the afterglow of the sex Pope started up at the ceiling whilst Victoria wished he would leave but settled on getting up and making herself another drink to wash away her shame.

“I looked at the stats in my office before I came here and I see that the breeding program is on schedule?” Pope chuckled and Victoria hid her disgust by keeping her back to him while she poured her drink.

Like all the other older women at the facility Victoria had given birth to ten children, averaging one every two years starting at the age of eighteen and only then had she had then been allowed to retire. She had no idea who the fathers of her children were because her children had been taken away from her as soon as they were weaned.

“Production is good. Most of the women in the breeding program are fertile and the mortality rate is low with all females showing resistance on exposure to SARS-X,” Victoria turned around and walked back to the bed with a false smile on her face.

Victoria sat on the edge of the bed and let her negligee fall open so that Pope could play with her legs.

“Aren’t you worried that someone outside our little circle is going to do the math and wonder why there aren’t more females?” Victoria looked at Pope over the rim of her glass and watched the storm clouds brewing on his face.

Victoria walked a fine line with Pope. She knew how to push his buttons but she knew when to back off and how to appease him.

“The citizens are sheep. So long as we keep them safe from the outside world, keep them well fed, keep them amused and give them Comfort Girls to fuck they are happy. The lucky ones who gain access to the breeding chambers think they have gone to heaven,” Pope chuckled, displaying an evil smile.

Victoria shivered as she recalled lying on the breeding platform staring up at the ceiling unable to bring herself to look through the Perspex screen at the man fucking her and the line of men behind him waiting their turn.

Pope had stopped stroking her legs and he sat up and started getting dressed. He usually showered after sex but he appeared to be in a rush.

“I’m taking an impromptu tour of the city and I justified my visit here as part of that tour. Gotta go babe, I’ll text you soon,” Pope leaned in and kissed her cheek and Victoria bore it eloquently.

He’d texted her this morning and told her what time he would be coming and what to wear. That was one thing about Pope Durden; he knew what he wanted and he was reliable.

When Pope was safely in the elevator descending to the ground floor, Silvia Cornish came into Victoria’s room and kissed Victoria on the mouth.

“How was he?” Silvia teased.

“You know I hate having to do that,” Victoria hissed.

“Well let me kiss it better,” Silvia put her hand inside Victoria’s négligée and patted her vulva through her panties.

“Let me shower first,” Victoria removed Silvia’s hand.

“Let me suck his jism out of you,” Silvia shot her hand back inside Victoria’s negligee and inside her panties and shoved a finger inside her.

“Stop it!” Victoria ripped Silvia’s hand out of her underwear.

“You know I’m only joking,” Silvia pouted.

“I know that but you know I hate that man. Come in the shower with me and I’ll make it up to you,” Victoria pulled Silvia into her arms and kissed her.

Pope Durden

Pope Durden continued his tour of Durden city, the convoy in close formation with the lead vehicle scouting ahead and a chase vehicle behind. The Revolutionaries had been more active than usual and security had been stepped up. Proof of the Revolutionaries recent activity was evident as the convoy passed the Guard’s barracks where tell-tale pockmarks from small arms fire and larger craters caused by RPGs and handheld munitions decorated the walls.

The attack had been repelled with few casualties on either side. It was more a gesture of intent by the Revolutionaries than a coordinated ground action. It was just the Revolutionaries letting the Commission know that they could attack the city’s most vital and vulnerable facilities and of course the secondary effect was to agitate the citizens.

The convoy rolled on through the manufacturing sector, past factories, the brewery and distillery, past the Visual and Audio Streaming Complex and past the third most securely guarded facility in Durden City: the power station and the oil refinery which were co-located. The convoy continued through the commercial district which was not as busy as it usually was because most of the men were at work and the boys were at school. A few Comfort Girls, mostly in twos and always accompanied by a Praetorian Guard armed escort, were out shopping.

There was a smattering of men on the streets: off rotation shift workers, off-duty City Guards and maybe a few men who were taking their annual vacation time but there were no vagrants or unemployed. In Durden City you worked or your security codes were erased and you became one of the undocumented and were excommunicated to the Badlands.

Apartment blocks filled the residential sector. With family households a thing of the past it was more convenient to house the male populous in high-rise apartments, with the standard of accommodation relative to the man’s status in the community. Most men lived singularly but some lived together.

There had been an upsurge in homosexuality after most of the female population succumbed to SARS-X and the surviving women rounded up. Some men who were not naturally that way inclined formed intimate relationships with other men for companionship and sex. Most men however were content with slaking their thirsts with the girls at the Comfort Palaces or for the lucky few, taking a turn in the breeding chambers.

Propaganda was everywhere around the city. Large billboards encouraged the inhabitants of Durden City to be patient; a new world was coming. It would never be the same as the old world but one day men would have female partners or wives who would bear them children and there would be family units once again.

Be The Best You Can Be, Work For Tomorrow Today, Think Of The Future Not The Past, Children Are Our Future the propaganda read. Take your turn – enrol in the breeding program today a huge billboard announced, decorated with the picture a scantily-clad young woman with a seductive smile on her pretty face.

Pope Durden smiled a wry smile as he looked up at the tower blocks and billboards. He instructed his driver to take a turn around the city walls and the railway yards then to return to the Commission Building and his driver radioed the convoy their intentions.

The Durden City Commission Building was located next to the Durden City Bank. Most financial transactions were conducted online because Durden City did not have any currency per se. Everyone was paid with credits which in turn were used to purchase goods and services using security codes on their devices. The Durden City Bank housed not only the infrastructure that tracked every citizen’s credit holdings; it also held all of Durden City’s Trade accounts. It was the equivalent of the Treasury and Fort Knox combined.

Pope took his seat at the head of the table, a huge portrait of his grandfather, Justin Durden, on the wall behind him. He surveyed the other Commissioners. He had removed his armoured vest in his office and put on his gold sash before he came to the conference room to meet with the Commissioners who wore purple sashes over their suit jackets. They were supposedly elected officials, but elections were easy to rig if you knew how. That said most of the Commissioners worked hard to keep Durden City running efficiently, to keep the populous safe and leading meaningful lives and to ensure the breeding program was working to repopulate the city with women.

Of course they enjoyed certain privileges, the most coveted of which was unfettered access to the breeding chambers.

Pope Durden whose actual first name was Michael and whose grandfather had been the man who had founded Durden City opened the meeting. The Commissioners gave their reports, recounting how the portfolios for which they were responsible were performing. Oil production, processing and distribution was keeping up with demand, the Commissioner for natural resources reported.

Oil was Durden City’s primary export and production was essential. Durden City had a sound manufacturing sector and the city’s infrastructure was better than most of the other population centres but food production could not keep up with demand. Durden City traded oil and petroleum for food products and other goods that the city did not produce with the other City States.

When the world’s economy collapsed and currency became worthless the men who survived the global and civil wars soon came to realise that durable and consumer goods were the only thing worth trading. Some of the rebuilt cities used their own currency but most used a credit system based on an agreed value of the price of gold. Trading between cities was strictly controlled and only the Commission had the authority to trade gold. The only thing more valuable than gold were females and they were kept securely locked away and never traded.

The Commissioner for infrastructure reported that the building projects inside the city were all proceeding to plan and that all of the population was housed appropriately and in fact commercial and residential properties actually exceeded demand.

The Commissioner for communications and entertainment reported that his sector too was exceeding expectation and meeting the demands of the populous. The World Wide Web had disintegrated during the wars but Durden City had its own interweb which met the needs of the citizens. Its content was mostly uncensored but heavily monitored and allowed free discourse between citizens and of course was the main provider of pornography. In fact the Communications and Entertainment Commission flooded the web with straight and transsexual pornography to whet the appetites of the masses and encourage them to spend their credits on Comfort Girls and the Breeding Program.

The television streaming services broadcast mostly pre-war movies and television shows with a sprinkling of home-grown news, current affairs and reality and game shows. News and current affairs consisted mainly of propaganda but the reality shows were popular, with two of the favourites being: Gladiators – Fight to the Death and The Mating Game.

The city had one Telco COMTEL and all communications outside of Durden City were strictly controlled and only permitted by the Commission and approved commercial agencies.

The other Commissioners made their reports and all appeared to be hunky-dory in Durden City.

As the City Commissioner and Commander in Chief of the City Guard, Pope Durden oversaw law and order, security and the breeding program. He made light of the attacks by the Revolutionaries, describing them as a disorganised rabble seeking to steal what they could from the city’s stockpiles so they could to survive. They were no match for his Guard who also performed double duty as the city’s police force. Crime was virtually non-existent because punishment was swift and ruthless and often meted out without trial.

The population had everything they needed. Consumer goods were freely available and affordable, life’s essentials were provided by the Commission and entertainment was in overabundance. The only thing that the men of Durden City did not have was free access to sexual congress with the opposite sex. Those appetites were met by providing them with Comfort Girls.

Access to biological women was restricted to those who were lucky enough to be allowed into in the breeding program. Those who were genetically and biomedically suitable and could afford the credits took their turns in the breeding chambers.

Pope reported that the city’s small but growing female population was thriving with none of them displaying a susceptibility to SARS-X and that the women were producing babies at the rate of one every two years.

“Could we not double the output if we just impregnated the women again as soon as possible after they have given birth?” Commissioner Harlan Cooter asked for what must have been the twentieth time.

“Over to you doctor.” Pope waved his hand and grinned at Doctor Graham Staples who was the Commissioner for Health and Wellbeing.

“As I've explained before on numerous occasions, when Durden City was first founded and the breeding program began, the women were impregnated continually with the view to populating the city with a balanced population of men and women as quickly as possible,” Graham Staples sighed.

“The problem was that the women became exhausted and their health suffered, even though they didn’t have to care for their offspring after their children were weaned,” he continued.

“They suffered maternal depletion syndrome because back-to-back pregnancies depleted essential nutrients, making mothers at higher risk for anaemia and other complications such as uterine rupture, and also putting their babies at risk of low birth weight and preterm birth. Also, although the surviving women had all developed immunity to SARS-X which they passed onto their offspring, they began to become more susceptible to other diseases,” the doctor lectured the other Commissioners for what he thought was the thousandth time.

“It was determined that it was best to allow the women to attain the age of eighteen years of age, when their bodies were strongest and fully mature, and then impregnate the women such that they had a full year off for their health and wellbeing after giving birth. This way each woman produces ten offspring before they are forty, when they become Brood Mothers to the children.”

“Between pregnancies the women remain in the breeding program but are given contraceptives. This increases the pool of women available to pleasure the male populace and the men never know which children they might or might not have fathered but the men still have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to repopulating the city,” Doctor Graham Staples sat down displaying his impatience at having to constantly tell these men the same story over and over.

“Besides, who wants to fuck fat pregnant women,” Pope Durden tried to add some levity.

“Well it seems to be taking forever to produce a pool of females who will one day be free to become citizens of the city and bring back the family units that we had before SARS-X and the wars,” Harlan Cooter bristled.

“Be patient Harlan, as a Commissioner you have access to the Breeders almost any time you please while the rest of the populace make do with the Comfort Girls. In fact some of them prefer the Comfort Girls over real women,” Pope smiled wickedly and Harlan blushed

Harlan was a frequent visitor to the Comfort Palaces.

Pope made a mental note to adjust Harlan’s attitude or perhaps he might have to do something more drastic. Pope ruled the Commission with an iron fist and didn’t tolerate his authority being questioned and disliked having to answer questions about the breeding program.

The meeting dragged on until eventually Pope brought it to an abrupt end and scheduled another meeting for the following week. Pope was a busy man with more important things to do than listen to his Commissioners try to one-up each other.

Madeline and Victoria

“What the fuck Pope!” Victoria yelled into her cell phone.

“Whoa! What the fuck, what babe?” Pope was genuinely nonplussed.

“I’ve just got a message telling me to report to the television studio to be a contestant on The Mating Game,” Victoria quipped.

“Hey that is one of the most popular shows on live TV,” Pope grinned to himself knowing that Victoria would be furious.

“Well surely you can pull some strings and get me out of it,” Victoria snapped back.

“Honey just because you no longer spit babies out of that tight snatch of yours doesn’t mean that you’re not in the pleasure business. We must all pull together for the good of the State,” Pope held the phone away from his face as Victoria screamed a stream of expletives at him.

“Look honey, if I start to show you special treatment people might become suspicious and suspect we have a special arrangement and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” Pope’s veiled threat was not lost on Victoria.

Victoria broke the connection.

“Shithouse mouse!” she screamed and threw the phone across the room.

Madeline had received a similar message but was less concerned about it than Victoria. All of the Comfort Girls knew that they were in the mix for selection on The Mating Game and some of the younger ones saw it as a privilege. The show’s producers preferred to use younger females and Comfort Girls but there were only so many to choose from and the audience demanded fresh faces.

The premise of The Mating Game, which was based on a cross between the old television series’ Match Game and The Dating Game was that a female and a Comfort Girl would sit side by side and be asked a series of questions by the host. Six male contestants who they had never met before would try to match the answers. Having access to every citizen’s supposedly secure data meant that the show runners could ensure that all the contestants were strangers to each other.

The two men with the most correct answers were declared the winners and then had to guess which bachelorette was the biological woman and which one was the Comfort Girl. The contestants all hoped that they correctly guessed the identity of the real woman because right after filming the contest the winning contestants got to take the ‘bachelorettes’ to comfort rooms located in the Visual and Audio Streaming Complex to have sex; the winner got to fuck the female and the runner up got to fuck the Comfort Girl. The biological woman would be confined to a mobile breeding chamber of course but the contestant who won the consolation prize and got to have congress with the Comfort Girl was free to carouse with her on a large bed.

During the allotted ‘pleasure hour’ the television station streamed the evening news and current affairs and then the contestants and the ‘bachelorettes’ were brought back into the studio for live interviews and questioned specifically about the sex they had just had. The juicer the responses the better and if the ‘bachelorettes’ threw a little shade at the contestants regarding their performance all the better.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience who were allowed to cheer, boo and catcall, it attracted a huge audience and those who couldn’t watch it live recorded it to watch later. Several of the bars in Durden City held viewing parties.

Victoria knew that she would have to participate in the show and reluctantly prepared herself, dressing provocatively as she had been directed by the show’s producers, and then she took a turn around the Breeding Facility and women’s quarters before she left. She deliberately avoided Silvia knowing that she would certainly have her own opinion about Victoria participating in the Mating Game.

Victoria went downstairs and inspected the breeding chambers, now garishly lit by overhead fluorescent lights but usually darkened with subdued seductive lighting that illuminated the breeding stalls, their Perspex windows facing the room with thin walls dividing the stalls through which she had heard the groans, sighs, moans, and sometimes the sobs of the other women being bred.

The women lay on the breeding platforms side by side separated by the thin walls, twelve women on each side of the room, their legs and lower extremities poking through the sanctity holes with elasticised curtains drawn tightly around their waists so that the men had access to the women’s sex parts and legs but not their bodies and faces. The men viewed the women through the Perspex wall while they fucked them, able watch the expressions on the women’s faces but unable to touch them.

Victoria shivered as she recalled the hundreds of men who had leered at her through those Perspex walls while they held her legs open and thrust themselves in and out of her vagina. She shamefully recalled the times she had orgasmed both voluntarily and involuntarily and winced when she recalled the times her vagina ached from being continually ravished knowing that there were still men lined up to use her and her time in the chamber was not yet up.

Her phone lit up with a text letting her know that her car and escort were waiting for her outside to take her to the studio.

Madeline sat at the bar at the Comfort Palace waiting for her car. She was drinking whisky neat and smoking an illicit cigarette. She knew that eventually she would have to appear on the Mating Game as a ‘bachelorette’ and wasn’t really perturbed. She only had a few years left in her as a Comfort Girl before she would be too old to be considered sexually attractive for the Trade.

She would spend her remaining years looking after the children with the Brood Mothers and grooming selected boys to become Comfort Girls. Durden City did not waste any resources however and Madeline would still be available for one on one encounters with men who were prepared to pay a discount to fuck the older Comfort Girls which Madeline knew the men referred to as ‘Comfort Grannies’.

Her phone pinged and she crushed out her cigarette, picked up her Praetorian escort and went outside to take the ride downtown to the television station. The driver kept looking at her in the rear vision mirror because her micro-minidress kept creeping up her thighs. She opened her legs and flashed her bright red nylon panties at him and stuck out her tongue and smiled seductively and then she laughed. The driver blushed and her escort looked bemused and then went back to scanning the streets.

At the studio Victoria and Madeline were taken to the Green Room and introduced to each other by the show’s host, Mike Melody. He approved of how the ‘bachelorettes’ were dressed. In keeping with the directions given to them, both women were dressed provocatively, Madeline in a simple black micro-mini cocktail dress and black fuck-me heels and Victoria in a red sheath with side split to show her legs. She wore matching pumps and black fully-fashioned hold-up stockings because a garter would ruin the line of the dress. Madeleine was wearing shimmery taupe sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose to hide her tuck because her dress was so short.

Victoria’s glossy black Betty Page hair and Madeline’s shoulder-length jet-black hair were so similar in style and with their identical heavy makeup they could have been mistaken for sisters. They even had identical emerald green eyes.

“Welcome ladies; I must say you both look ravishing. I’m sure that you are familiar with the format of the show but here are the rules of the game and a few pointers on how you can make the show more interesting. Remember the more salacious you make your answers the better the show,” Mike grinned his fake charming television host smirk.

Madeline and Victoria both nodded and took the proffered pamphlet.

“Remember the show is live with only a short delay so try not to fuck it up and give an answer that directly gives away your gender,” Mike stated the bleeding obvious and Madeline and Victoria gave each other a look that said ‘this guy is an idiot’.

Meanwhile Mike was lamenting the fact that they were down to using Comfort Grannies and women past their breeding age. He was consoled by the fact the two ladies were both beautiful and did indeed look almost like sisters. It would make the contestants job all the more difficult and the show more entertaining.

“You have one hour before we go live so settle in, read the instructions and have a drink or two to chill out,” Mike gave them both a sickeningly cheery grin and left the Green Room.

Madeline and Victoria got on quite well considering they had never met before but why would they have? Madeline, although close to retirement, was still a working Comfort Girl and was sequestered away in a Comfort Palace with the other Comfort Girls and Victoria, no longer a Breeder herself, in her role as Brood Matron was in charge of the selection process at the Breeding Facility. But they had much in common. Both of them had serviced hundreds of men in their lifetimes and both lived in secure communities with only their sisters for company.

Of course Victoria failed to mention that she was currently Pope Durden’s main squeeze. They drank gin and tonics and despite the signs stating not to do so, they both smoked cigarettes. One of the sound techs came in and miked them both and did a sound check and a guy from makeup came in and faffed around them both but other than applying another coat of light finishing powder to their faces did little else. The hairstylist gave them both a nod of approval and left them alone.

Then it was time to be taken into the studio. The ‘bachelorettes’ sat on stools side by side rather than behind a panel because Production wanted the viewers to get a good view of their bodies and legs. Mike Melody stood between the ladies and the panel of six men who openly ogled the two ‘bachelorettes’.

The show started and Mike asked a series of inane, provocative questions, most relating to sex. Questions such as: ‘Charlotte the harlot’s pussy was so sore after her breeding session that she used BLANK to soothe it.’

Victoria answered ‘moisturiser’.

Two of the contestants had answered ‘ice’ two of them had answered ‘more cum’ and two contestants got the answer right and then they moved on. Once Mike Melody had completed the main rounds and whittled the contestants down to two, the contestants were allowed to ask Victoria and Madeline five questions each and then they wrote on their cards which of the ‘bachelorettes’ they considered the ‘Female’ and which they believed to be the Comfort Girl.

Comfort Girls were referred to as women, girls, ladies, chicks, wenches even femmes but they were never referred to as female. The term ‘female’ was only used when referring to cis-gender women. In a world where there could be as many Comfort Girls as the Commission wanted to produce and where cis-women were a rare commodity, the difference was important.

The two contestants both identified Madeline as the Comfort Girl so the outcome was a draw. As was the case in event of a draw the ‘Woman’ got to choose which contestant she would like to bed.

In this case both men were in their forties, a little overweight and not particularly handsome so Victoria made a game of using tic-tac-toe to select the winner. Mike Melody and the producers loved her for doing so because it made for good TV.

With the results known the contestants came down from their benches and were matched with their ‘bachelorette’. They kissed for the camera, the men making a show of squeezing the ‘bachelorette’s’ asses and then they retired to the Pleasure Rooms to the raucous cheers, encouragement and obscene catcalls of the studio audience.

Once off camera on the way to the pleasure rooms Production stepped in and reminded the men of their obligations. Victoria would be placed in her breeding chamber before her ‘date’ entered the room. Once inside he had half an hour to have his way with Victoria which allowed her some time to get dressed and fix her makeup before they went back on set.

The man who had won his pleasure time with Madeline was told that the same rules applied as if he was visiting the Comfort Palace and that he was not to physically abuse Madeline in any way. He too had half an hour to enjoy himself.

The Praetorian Guards who had accompanied Victoria and Madeline to the studio took up station outside each of the ‘bachelorette’s’ pleasure rooms for their protection and also to make sure the contestants behaved themselves.

Victoria entered the Pleasure Room and was immediately reminded of the endless days she had spent in the breeding chambers. She removed her dress and her underwear, leaving on her stockings and high heels and approached the mobile breeding chamber. The mobile breeding chamber was really just a rectangular air-conditioned Perspex box with a comfortable mattress covered in a satin sheet with two pillows for her head.

The pillows were provided not so much for the comfort of the woman in the chamber as much as they were there to lift her head so the man fucking her could watch her face while he did so.

Victoria climbed into the chamber and hunkered down on the Breeding Platform so that her legs and lower extremities poked through the sanctity hole and then she pulled the elasticised curtains closed around her hips. She lay there looking at the ceiling trying to make her mind go blank knowing what was about to happen to her.

She heard the door open.

“Don’t forget you only get a half hour. I’ll knock on the door when your time is up but there is a countdown timer located on the wall behind the chamber so you can see for yourself,” one of the producers told Phil Spencer who was the man who had won the contest and got to fuck Victoria.

At the Breeding Facility the men were forbidden to talk to the women in the breeding chambers but here that particular rule was not enforced. The show runners wanted the ‘bachelorettes’ and the contestants to interact so they had more to say when they came back on camera for part two of the show.

“Jesus H, Christ!” Phil Spencer said as he entered the room and for the first time in his life saw the lower extremities of a real woman in the flesh.

Victoria’s long shapely legs clad in the black fully-fashioned hold-up stockings poking through the sanctity hole were dangling in the air, her pretty feet clad in her fuck-me pumps. Victoria scissored her legs invitingly because she had been trained to do so for twenty years. Her pubic mound was shaved and the coral pink lips of her labia protruded through her pudenda.

“Oh my god,” Phil Whispered as he disrobed, dropping his clothing absentmindedly on the floor, unable to tear his eyes away from Victoria’s legs and her sex.

Phil had saved enough credits and applied for entry into the breeding program but he was rejected by the selection committee because his family had a history of heart disease, which Phil didn’t help any by carrying the extra pounds. He’d fucked plenty of Comfort Girls of course but this was different. He was finally going to be able to fuck a real woman.

He stripped naked in the short interval it took him to reach the breeding chamber; his engorged cock leaked a long rope of glistening pre-ejaculate. Victoria craned her head so she could see him. For a stumpy fat man he had quite a large penis. Over the years Victoria had been ravaged by penises a lot bigger than Phil's but what he had was handy none the less. Being a non-breeder she was taking contraceptives and everyone who got anywhere near the breeders or the Comfort Girls was screened for STIs and as a further precaution were required to take PrEP as did the breeders and the Comfort Girls themselves.

Victoria put on a false seductive smile for Phil as he approached her and opened her legs. He stepped between them and stroked her calves and then her knees and then her thighs, marvelling at the feel of the cool slinky nylon on her womanly flesh. He could smell her perfume and her beautifully made up face stared invitingly at him through the Perspex.

Victoria flinched a little but kept the smile on her face when she felt the warm spatter on Phil’s semen on her upper thighs and her pubis. It was not uncommon for men to ejaculate before entry because they were so excited. Most men masturbated before they undertook congress in the breeding chambers but even then the sight and feel of a real woman lying there almost helpless and willing to subject themselves to sexual congress was overwhelming.

Phil shuddered as his cock exploded and the premature orgasm ripped through his body, starting at his glans, running down his shaft, causing his scrotum to tingle and his legs shake. He rubbed his cock on Victoria’s thighs and watched the last of his spend splatter on her stockings, darkening the gauzy fabric as the clear watery secretions soaked into the nylon leaving behind whitish puddles of seminal plasma.

Victoria could feel the warm slippery substances saturating her stocking-tops and her vulva and the musky stench of it invaded her nostrils. His semen began to cool on her flesh but by then Phil, who was still rampant, was poking his member between her labia looking for the entrance to her vagina.

Phil delighted in the feel of the soft fleshy corona of Victoria’s labia lips as they encircled his glans, almost welcoming him to his first cunt. His cock found the tight slippery entrance to Victoria’s vagina and he trust himself slowly inside her enjoying every second of the sensation as her hot slick cunt enveloped his throbbing manhood.

When he had himself fully inside Victoria he took her feet and put them behind the small of his back and Victoria took the cue and wrapped her legs around him, pulling Phil into her and softly circling her legs on his fat flesh so he could enjoy the sensation of her stockings on his sensitive skin. She smiled at him seductively as she had been trained to do and felt his engorged manhood fill her vagina which was still tight despite the children she had given birth to.

This was the part she hated, men taking their time fucking her, which most did because they didn’t want to come too soon. Phil was slowly driving his cock in and out of her, delighting in the feel of her sheathlike channel clasping his manhood. He withdrew his cock all the way out of Victoria until his glans was nestled in her supple pink labia then thrust it slowly back into her all the way until his pubis banged into hers.

What Victoria hated was that when she was fucked like that, regardless of who was fucking her, she invariably became sexually aroused and often orgasmed, sometimes on numerous occasions during one breeding session and today was no different. Despite the fact that she felt nothing for Phil Spencer her vagina was becoming wetter and beginning to slowly spasm, clinging to his turgid member as it slid in and out of her, her clitoris emitting circlets of pleasure whenever his pubis rubbed her clitoris.

Victoria locked her legs tightly around Phil's waist to encourage him to fuck her faster and the desired result was achieved. He gripped her legs and opened them wide and began to slam his cock in and out of her vagina. She could see the sweat running down his face. He was staring at her quim, watching his cock slide in and out of her vulva so he didn’t see Victoria’s face screw up into a grimace as an unwanted orgasm washed over her. He did hear her whimper however and her legs began to shake. He slammed his cock all the way into her and ejaculated and for the first time in his life Phil Spencer planted his seed inside a real vagina.

In the room next door Bob Ringwald had Madeline bent over the bed and was furiously buggering her, her panties and pantyhose bunched at her knees. He was holding her arms locked behind her back. It was a form of punishment he was inflicting on Madeline because he had not won first prize. She had already fellated him to orgasm and was hoping that Bob was spent but he threw her on the bed and then pulled her to the edge of the mattress, ripped down her underwear and thrust himself into her, thankfully pre-lubricated, ass.

Bob had fucked plenty of Comfort Girls before but just like Phil Spencer he had been rejected when he applied for the Breeding Program because of his haemophilia. He was hoping that the opportunity to participate in The Mating Game would allow him to experience sex with a real woman but instead he was fucking this, arguably very beautiful and feminine, transsexual; something he could do anytime he’d saved enough credits to do so.

Madeline was sporting an unwanted erection as she held her cocktail dress out of the way while the man standing behind her ravished her tight asshole. His cock was hitting her prostate quite regularly as he pounded his manhood in and out of her. Her sphincter was stretched around his thick phallus and lit up with circlets of pleasure as Bob fucked her hard and fast, holding her with one arm around her waist while his other hand gripped her wrists.

Madeline's cock juddered and released her issue onto the sheets at the same time as Bob Ringwald released his load deep inside her anus. She couldn’t help but gasp as her orgasm wracked her body, her cock pulsing as it spurted ropes of hot jism onto the bed. She felt Bob’s cock swell deep inside her as it pulsated and quivered, flooding her bowels with his seed.

“Make sure you tell that Melody dickhead that I came twice and that I have big dick. I don’t want the audience laughing at me,” Bob said as he pulled his cock from Madeline’s anus and pushed her away.

She managed to avoid the mess she had just ejaculated onto the sheets as she reached for the strategically placed handtowel that had placed on the bed. She kept her dress out of the way while she wiped her ass and then she wiped her deflating penis, tossing the semen drenched towel onto the floor as Bob Ringwald left the room without issuing another word.

When she was younger she would have been in tears after being subjected to the vicious buggering she had just received; now it was all just a day’s work. When her cock was flaccid enough to tuck she hiked up her pantyhose and tucked her penis along her perineum and then pulled up and smoothed out her red nylon panties.

She left the Pleasure Room at the same time as Victoria left hers and they walked together to the Green Room where they fixed their makeup in the mirror whilst sharing a cigarette and drinking double bourbons on the rocks.

“How was your guy?” Victoria asked as she applied mascara.

“A bit rapey,” Madeline said matter-of-factly as she checked her makeup in the mirror.

“Same old, same old,” Madeline pursed her lips and used the tip of her pinkie finger to smooth her lipstick.

“Same old, same old,” Victoria agreed and sighed fitfully.

That was when they heard the muted explosion of the flash-bang as a split-second of brilliant white light irradiated the crack under the door, immediately followed by the sound of suppressed gunfire coming from down the corridor.

The gunfire was close and getting closer and then they heard their armed escorts return fire from outside of the Green Room accompanied by muffled screams, cries of pain and the thud of bodies hitting the floor. The two women scrambled for their purses and held them to their chests defensively, as if the purses could protect them from bullets.

The Green Room door burst opened and two men dressed in tactical gear carrying machine pistols with suppressors fitted to the barrels entered the room. Their tactical gear was a mishmash of uniform and body armour taken from the City Guard and improvised combat clothing. There was no doubt that they were Revolutionaries.

They were joined by two others who crowded the doorway. Victoria and Madeline's security detail lay dead on the floor and Mike Melody's bullet-riddled body sat sprawled against the far wall.

“Which one of these bitches is which?” one of the men grunted.

“Fucked if I know; take ‘em both,” the other man grunted.

Madeline and Victoria were both too stunned to put up a fight and they let the men drag them away. They made their way unopposed down the corridor and out of the Visual and Audio Streaming Complex and were pushed into the back of a white transit van.

“They’ll never get out of the city in this,” Victoria remarked before she was silenced by a thug who slapped her across the face and told her to shut up.

He and his partner cable-tied the two ladies wrists securely and put gags in their mouths. They rummaged in the ladies purses and found their mobile phones and turned them off then hung their purses over their shoulders using the shoulder straps.

“You two bitches shut up and do what you’re told and you might just survive this,” the man grunted.

There were sounds of approaching sirens as the van drove through the opened gates of the complex and out onto the street. The gates were wide open because only minutes before the van had had burst through them coming from the opposite direction.

The girls jostled around in the back of the van as it sped through the streets taking a circuitous route through the city which seemed totally random and going nowhere. The van finally drove into what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse not far from the Durden City railhead and for a while, both girls thought the Revolutionaries might be attempting to leave the city by train but that seemed impossible.

The girls were bundled out of the van and it sped away, leaving the two women and the three men in combat gear in a haze of dust. The men wasted no time and pushed the girls to the back of the shed where they opened the door to a crawlspace under a loading dock. One of the men wrested a heavy steel manhole cover and managed to push it aside.

“Down you go ladies. Don’t worry about those pretty clothes darlin’ cause they aint staying pretty for long,” one of the men dragged Victoria by the hair and pushed her towards the hole in the ground.

“Careful in those heels sweetie and hang on tight to the ladder as you go down but I’m guessing you know how to go down pretty well,” the man growled sarcastically as he pushed Madeline into the hole after Victoria.

Madeline followed Victoria carefully locating the arch of the heel-breast of her shoe on each rung as she descended the steel ladder set into the damp concrete wall, her cuffed wrists barely allowing her to hold onto the rungs above her. The stench of Durden City’s sewers assailed her nose as she descended.

When she got to the bottom of the ladder she found Victoria and huddled up close to her. They were standing on a concrete pathway that bordered a river of sewage. The men put on LED headlamps and one of them took off his backpack and rummaged around in it and brought out a large LED flashlight.

“Lead the way ladies,” he growled.

The fourth member of team had now joined them and closed up from behind focussing his torch on the girl’s asses.

“Can we stop for a while and fuck one?” he chuckled.

“The Commander wants them delivered intact and unmolested,” their leader replied, appearing not at all appalled that one his soldiers was proposing to rape one of their prisoners.

“What the Commander wants, the Commander gets,” the would-be rapist sighed.

“You bet your ass,” one of the others commented as the line of four men and two ladies made their way along the path below the city, following the sewers.

To be continued

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading this chapter. This story has been a long time in the making and I have rewritten parts of it over and over again until I was happy with the finished product. I have taken some liberties with the medical science, the geography and the military specifics but this is a work of fiction after all. I always encourage feedback so please enjoy the story for what it is: a futuristic work of love, desire, passion and intrigue. As always I invite you to leave a comment and if you contact me I will definitely respond. With love, Michele Nylons, July 2023

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Men Unshackled

joannebarbarella's picture

What a nasty future this is for women and Comfort Girls. They are merely objects for the sexual gratification of males, as your trademark descriptions of sexual activity demonstrate.

I hope the story allows some relief for the female of the species and their TG sisters.

Grim future indeed. I wrote

leeanna19's picture

Grim future indeed. I wrote one chapter of a story set in a future like this. Nowhere near a graphic though. I look forward to the next parts