Time on My Hands Chapter 61 - 411-413 CE: Expanding in Mesoamerica

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Time on My Hands
Chapter 61: 411-413 CE: Expanding in Mesoamerica

Raben made several decisions concerning the future of the Clan Corvo. The massive continual influx of people into Senegal from neighboring areas was too great for a smooth assimilation. For the last 18 years an average of 120,000 neighboring people per year were joining the Clan Corvo from adjoining tribal areas due to the ever escalating tribal warfare in search of slaves. The Clan Corvo represented peace, stability, and plentiful food. The Raven Raiders fielded 25 divisions who patrolled the ever expanding Senegal borders. Any armed incursions were met with overwhelming force and the utter destruction of the antagonists with most going into the Clan’s 3 year slavery. As tribes joined, they brought their land with them into the Clan Corvo, thus expanding the Senegal borders. With security and plentiful food, by 400 CE the birthrate soared to 3% while the infrastructure struggled to keep pace. By 411, the population in the African colony had soared to 5,095,711 people meaning the 3% population growth equaled 139,403 people. Raben decided that for the next 5 years to relocate 140,000 people into Barmaz while Barmaz raised their emigration to 63,000 people.

In South America naval bases were established heading south on the 3 day voyage/1 day raven mail template around the east coast of South America as it curved south as they sought a route to the Pacific. Port of Spain, Trinidad was the last base established as part of the Carribean/Gulf of Mexico bases. The first was Galibi {GM 5.707064, -54.015247},Suriname, 677 miles southeast; then Belem {GM -1.457214, -48.463365}, Brazil, 613 miles south; then Camocim {GM -2.883978, -40.847949} Brazil, 636 miles south; then Recife {GM -8.059969, -34.877450}, Brazil, 644 miles south; Santa Cruz Cabralia {GM -16.282027, -39.021793}, Brazil, 602 miles south; then Rio De Janeiro {GM -22.889729, -43.216452}, Brazil, 394 miles south; then Paranagua, {GM -25.506006, -48.512732}, Brazil, 574 miles south; then Rio Grande, {GM -32.044916, -52.101682}, Brazil, 520 miles south; then Mar Del Plata {GM -38.016539, -57.546608}, Argentina, 544 miles south; then Puerto Madryn {GM -42.775802, -65.034063}, Argentina, 540 miles south; then Puerto San Julian {GM -49.311645, -67.722429}, Argentina. As they continued south the came upon the straits of Magellan where they encountered the Clan Corvo explorers heading down the Pacific Coast.

The colony at Colon, Panama had a sister city, Panama City {GM 8.976170, -79.530875}, across the isthmus on the Pacific Ocean where a shipyard base had been built. The location was part of the Panama colony. With ships built there they began exploring the coast north and south. Bases were established heading south on the 3 day voyage/1 day raven mail template since they knew there was no way around North America unless it was through the ice bound arctic. The first base was established at Muisne {GM 0.611524, -80.017134} Ecuador, 588 miles to the south; then Bayovar {GM -5.823642, -81.035298}, Peru, 472 miles further south; then Paracas {GM -13.834460, -76.250441}, Peru, 657 miles south; then Iquique, {GM -20.213236, -70.142967}, Chile, 653 miles further south; then Huasco {GM -28.462621, -71.224161}, Chili, 577 miles south; then San Vicente {GM -36.724728, -73.131673}, Chile, 589 miles south; then Puerto Aguirre {GM -45.155210, -73.519747}, Chile, 631 miles south; then Tortel {GM -47.802484, -73.538122}, Chile, 344 south; then Puerto Natales {GM -51.736251, -72.499875} Chile, 441 miles south; then Puerto Zenteno {GM -52.789062, -70.808530}, Chile, 368 miles south, on the Straight of Magellan, 207 miles northwest of Cape Horn; then Puerto San Julian {GM -49.311645, -67.722429}, Argentina, 344 miles north, having rounded the tip of South America.

All bases were established with a minimum crewing of a troop of 79 Pathfinders. Over the years, bases that could be used as the base of a colony were increased to battalion size of 746 men who prepared for colonists. On South America, 19 of the 21 bases were colonial. Only Puerto Zenteno, Chile, and Puerto Natales, Chile, the southernmost bases on the rugged rocky Pacific Coast were not designated colonial sites. Both could take small populations but none were to be currently established.

The Bahamas raised to 13,000, Hatteras and Nantucket raised to 5000, Cheticamp dropped to 1000 matching Iceland and Faroes. The Bahamas colonists began dispersing in groups of 3000 to the larger islands of Jamaica and Hispaniola and to the 4 fleet bases on Cuba, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. With the exception of Cancun and Veracruz, the other 6 mainland bases along the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean each received 5000.

Veracruz, the closest base north of Cancun was on the island of San Juan de Ulua in the harbor of Veracuz. The mainland was controlled by the small city/state of Remojadas, {part of the Classic Veracruz culture}, just 20 miles from the island. The entire area was closely associated as a vassal like with the Mesoamerican powerhouse of the time, Teotihuacan. In January 378 a warlord from Teotihuacan "conquered" the Mayan city/state Tikal by organizing a coup d'etat removing and replacing the Maya king. Teotihuacan-inspired ideologies and motifs spread throughout Mesoamerica. As a result, the Clan Corvo base with it’s egalitarian practices was creating discord as some oppressed common people sought asylum in the base.

The king in Remojadas sent a message demanding the asylum seekers be returned for punishment. The base commander demurred, explaining that the policy of the Clan Corvo was to welcome any who sought asylum and until his superiors approved such return, his hands were tied. He did sooth the king’s ambassador by promising not to transfer the refugees away and that he would forward the king’s demand to his superiors. However, it would be at least 9 months until he received a reply from his superiors. The base commander stressed the need to follow established procedures, just as the king expected his people to follow his procedures.

Raben understood the king would not back down and would assault the base. Since the Veracruz culture was closely aligned to the Mayan, Raben ordered 4 divisions of Raven Raiders and a division of Pathfinders to Veracruz. The Clan Corvo had to support the oppressed natives who came to them for succor. Battle would be joined leading to the overthrow of the king as they had done in Coba. The 33,930 troops would be accompanied by 30,329 colonists to begin assimilating the native peoples.

Raben landed with the Raven Raiders. As soon as they were offloaded, they moved to seize the mainland. The Pathfinders began to dig dry moats using the excavated earth to form earthen defensive works. The next morning at dawn Raben led the 27,144 mounted Raven Raiders, 4 tigers, 36 eagles, 324 wolves and 11,164 ravens down the road to Remojadas. They arrived at 11am, promptly surrounding the city.

The king had received word that a large fleet had arrived at the Clan Corvo base and was unloading hundreds of people. Having heard what happened in Coba, the king instantly knew he was about to be attacked. Runners were dispatched to neighboring kings for assistance as he alerted his warriors and other elite to come to the palace. By the time the Raven Raiders reached the city, there were 900 warriors anxiously waiting at the palace. The thousands of raucous ravens terrified them. The tigers and wolves did likewise. The fact Raben controlled eagles, a symbol of might and strength, unnerved them.

“I am Raben Corvo, head of the Clan Corvo. I have come in response to your demand that we return those who were your people that sought asylum with us,” Raben announced. “You can see my answer. While we want to live in peaceful co-existence, because of your arrogant elitism, that is not possible. We will not stand by while people are being abused. Your people came to us because they saw we treat everyone equally. We are here to end your rule and bring Remojadas into the Clan Corvo. You have 3 choices. You can join with us and become a useful member of the Clan, which is what I hope you will do. You can leave with whatever you can carry, however you will do so without servants. Your last choice, which I hope you do not chose, is death. Our forces already control the city and the population. We know you sent for assistance from your neighbors but it will be at least a week before they can get here, if they decide to help you. I give you 15 minutes to decide. If you do not make a decision, we will assume you’ve chosen death and assist you in dying.”

The king, his fellow elite and the warriors saw they were far outnumbered by the Clan Corvo warriors. They were also angry at the ultimatums. They understood, without the need to discuss it, that they could not lose face by joining the Clan Corvo or leave. Their only choice was to die with dignity. They heard what happened to the Coban king. They also heard the families of the elites had been subsumed into the clan. The king could not allow that either. The king ordered the warriors to kill the families of the warriors gathered in the palace to avoid the shame of submission. They would all fight to the death.

The ravens Raben had watching inside the palace flew to Raben. While they couldn’t talk Raben was able to see what they had seen. “Take them out!” Raben shouted as he sent a ‘follow me’ message to the wolves and tigers and an ‘attack the men inside the palace’ message to the ravens and eagles.

Raben leap from his horse to the top of the low palace walls followed by the tigers and wolves. They sliced through the defenders not even stopping to finish them off as they charged into the palace. The eagles and ravens swept in upon the warriors who were about to kill the women and children. Needless to say the birds succeeded as the men screamed as they were raked by claws and had eyes plucked out. The women and children cowered away in fear from the feathered apocalypse. Raben and the wolves and tigers quickly joined the fray killing the warriors before they could accomplish their nefarious deed. At the same time the Raven Raiders swept into those remaining on the walls like a tsunami. The battle raged for less than 5 minutes.

The beasts ravenously feasted upon their reward... those they killed. Raben had killed 8 in the brief fight as well as wounding and capturing the king. Raben ushered the women and children out of the palace past the carnage.

“Your magnificent king ordered his warriors to kill you,” Raben announced. “He’d rather see you and your children dead rather than live after he’s dead. I offer you life with the Clan Corvo. You will not be prisoners or slaves. You will live as equals with the rest of us. As for your king, his arrogance has condemned him. He will be a living example of the price of greed. I will treat his wounds, then I will amputate his genitals, hands, feet, ears, nose and tongue. He will be unable to take care of himself in any way nor can he end his life. He will be displayed for all to see in the public square. Word of his fate will spread making those who would oppose the Clan Corvo think twice about their actions.”

A week later the king was strapped into an iron cage suspended above the square. Unable to speak, unable to move because he was tied down until his wounds healed, people passing by stared at his wretchedness. In turn all he could do was watch as they stared at him. Several times a day the cage was lowered so he could be fed and drink, by force if he didn’t cooperate. All traders passing through and all envoys from other city/states were shown the disgraced king who dared threaten the lives of the innocent. As Raben wanted, it terrified the neighboring states into dealing openly and honestly with the Clan Corvo. The commoner population of the city/state, 35,000 natives, eagerly became members of the Clan Corvo.

With the colony well established Raben sailed to Cancun to take charge of the 12 divisions of Raven Raiders. Ravens had been keeping watch over the entire Yucatan reporting on the gathering forces of the 5 city/states of Chichen Itza, Mayapan, Oxkintok, Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun. They had gathered 5000 warriors and another 25,000 conscripted commoners armed with spears. They were gathered at Chichen Itza as they prepared for battle, sacrificing human lives to their gods.

Raben sent 4 divisions west to come up between Chichen Itza and the other 4 cities. Two divisions headed north to swing around Chichen Itza. Raben led 4 divisions straight to Chichen Itza. Raben sent the tigers and wolves with their handlers, accompanied by ravens, ahead of the troops to eliminate any lookouts and messengers. The commoners were terrified by the fierce animals and readily submitted even though they were no asked to do so. The 3 columns were coordinated via ravens.

Raben’s sudden appearance after dawn in the fields outside Chichen Itza caught the Maya by surprise. They quickly mustered their 30,000 fighters to face the 27,144 Raven Raiders forming their battle lines in a north/south line in front of the city. Raben formed his 12 brigades in a slightly southwest to northeast line Raben rode forward alone to parley with the 5 kings, telling them to surrender. The kings were hesitant to engage since the sun behind the Raven Raiders restricting the Mayan’s vision. They wanted to wait until the sun was higher before engaging.

About 10am there was a clear disturbance in the city with a few clearly startled warrior messengers racing out to the kings. As the kings looked at the harried messengers 12 brigade sized columns of Raven Raiders emerged from the city to form battle lines between the city and the startled Maya. The southern end of the line swung east to link up with Raben’s lines creating a 3/4 circle around the anxious Maya.

The kings were stunned to see so many more Raven Raiders. Knowing they’d already seized the city greatly disturbed them. Slowly they organized and began to withdraw north out of the looming encirclement. Their maneuver halted as 6 brigades of Raven raiders emerged from the tree lines to the north. The Raven Raiders quickly formed battle lines closing the encirclement. Once the encirclement was completed, over 27,000 raucous ravens and 90 eagles gathered to circle above the Maya. At the same time the 810 wolves and 10 tigers stepped in front of the Raven Raiders.

The Maya were clearly terrified. Raben rode forward. “You can not escape. We can and will destroy you. Your sacrifices were wasted since your gods have abandoned you. Lay down your weapons and live.”

The conscripted men were absolutely beside themselves. They had heard how the warriors and king of Coba had been wiped out. Now surrounded as they were they felt they had no chance. They didn’t want to fight but had no choice. The kings realized they were losing the conscripts and ordered the warriors to prevent them from fleeing.

Raben called out orders. The artillery fired the large smoking shrapnel bombs into the gathered Maya warriors as they began to move to keep the conscripts in place. The 270 explosions killed and maimed 500 warriors. The conscripts dropped their weapons and fell to the ground. Before the smoke cleared the battalion of Raven Raiders nearest the warriors lowered their lances and charged into the stunned and befuddled warriors. Even before they exited the formation a battalion from the adjoining brigade charged with lances lowered. Then another, and another. The Maya were not trained to defend against a massive cavalry charged and were sliced to ribbons. Other battalions moved forward to gather up the terrified conscripts to usher them off the battlefield. Raben dismounted and charged the 5 kings. Seeing their chance the kings met the attack. In minutes the five lay beheaded. The warriors tried to rally but were simply cut down by the succeeding cavalry charges until none were standing. Raven Raiders moved through them providing a coup de gras. Less than 50 of the conscripts were killed.

Having prepared, Raven Raiders moved out to occupy the defeated city/states, accompanied by 3000 colonists and 3000 Clan Corvo Maya to begin the assimilation of the locals. The conscripts were allowed to travel home with the occupation forces. The Clan Corvo controlled the northeast portion of the Yucatan from the city Campeche on the Gulf of Mexico along a line heading east to the Carribean at Bahía de la Ascensión. The conquest brought 130,000 Mayan commoners into the Clan.

Raben returned to Europe knowing the warfare in Central America had to continue. The Maya elite were never going to accept the Clan Corvo system of human equality. He left orders to prepare more occupation/assimilation units similar to those he’d just dispatched.

{If some readers are wondering why I have neglected the issues raised by the historical colonization of the Americas and the epidemics that decimated the native populations there is a reason. The transmission of Small Pox occurred through inhalation of airborne variola virus, usually droplets expressed from the oral, nasal, or pharyngeal mucosa of an infected person. It was transmitted from one person to another primarily through prolonged face-to-face contact with an infected person, usually within a distance of 6 feet, but could also be spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids or contaminated objects such as bedding or clothing. The cleanliness and sanitation Raben had instituted within the Clan Corvo greatly reduced exposure and the likelihood of transmission. Another disease that decimated the native Americans was the measles virus which only emerged from rinderpest (cattle plague) as a human disease between 1100 and 1200 CE.}

Following the defeat of Constantine III, Jovinus, a Gaulic Senator, was proclaimed emperor at Mainz in 411, a puppet supported by Gundahar, king of the Burgundians, and Goar, king of the Alans. Under the pretext of Jovinus' imperial authority, Gundahar and his Burgundians firmly established themselves on the Roman side of the Rhine where they founded a kingdom with Borbetomagus {PD Worms} as its capital.

After vanquishing Constantine III, Constantius presented his head to Honorius in Ravenna in September 411. At the same time Athaulf led the Visigoths north from the toe of Italy. In the spring of 412, Constantius headed to meet the advancing Visigoths. Ataulf, taking the advice of the former usurper, Atallus, led his followers to the borders of Barmaz. The massive defenses following the mountaintops as far as they could see stunned them. With Constantius closing in behind them, they begged for passage through Barmaz out of Italy.

The governor of Barmaz followed Raben’s instructions. The Visigoths had to disarm with the arms to be returned when they left Barmaz. In addition, they had to pay a hefty passage price utilizing much of the treasure they had left. It was only the fact the Clan Corvo NEVER broke it’s word they submitted to the demands. Escorted by several divisions of Raven Raiders, the nervous Visigoths moved across Barmaz into a momentarily pacified Gaul. That their weapons were returned as promised made their anxious trust of the Clan Corvo solid and greatly added to the trust of the Clan Corvo being honorable keeping their word.

The Visigoths lived off the countryside Gaul in their usual way. Since they left Italy, Honorius stopped Constantius from pursuing the Visigoths. The fact Ataulf carried with him, as a respected hostage, the emperor's half-sister Galla Placidia had a lot to do with it. Constantius was not happy that Barmaz facilitated the escape of the Visigoths but had no desire to attempt to breach the formidable defenses of Imperial Province. Once in Gaul, Ataulf opened negotiations with Jovinus. But while on his way to meet Jovinus, Ataulf came across a rival Visigoth, Sarus, commanding foederati Visigoth troops. Ataulf attacked, captured, and executed Sarus, continuing the feud between their families that had begun many years before. Jovinus named his brother Sebastianus as Augustus which infuriated Ataulf who wanted the position and hadn't been consulted. Ataulf promptly allied his Visigoths with Honorius.

Alexandrian Pope Theophilus died on October 15, 412. His nephew Cyril succeeded him on the 18th. Theophilus had kept a lid on the Nicene Christian hardliners. Cyril wanted nothing more than to destroy all Pagans and those Christians he considered blasphemers. As soon as he assumed the role of Pope he began a struggle for power in the city of Alexandria with the Roman Prefect Orestes.

In 412 Raben was unable to return to the new world. To strengthen and secure the link to the Pacific, 20,000 colonists were sent to Colon, Panama. Cancun received 20,000 colonists and 3 additional Raven Raider divisions bring the count to 15. A small number of colonists were sent to Veracruz. The native populations around Veracruz and Cancun eagerly joined the egalitarian Clan Corvo and defections from neighboring areas continued. With the added troops, a campaign was mounted against the major Mayan cities of Becan, Calakmul Zultun, Tikal and Lamanai as well as the smaller vassels city/states extending the Clan Corvo control south to the Belize River in present day Belize and Honuduras and west to the Rio Candelaria in Mexico. Becan and Calakmul thought they were ready for the expected invasion but discovered they were not. The other city/states were unable to form defense pacts with their neighbors and were simply steamrollered by the Raven Raiders. Again the males of the elite and warrior classes as well as the kings died in the brief combat. This vast area brought 350,000 native commoners into the Clan Corvo.

The agricultural practices of the Clan were already producing positive results producing more food from less land, allowing the fields to lie fallow to rebuild the soil. The use of slash and burn agricultural methods was virtually ended. If a forest was cut down for lumber, depleted fields of the same size were planted with trees to replace it. One of the biggest improvements came as the vital primary crop from the Pacific side of the Andes mountains spread throughout the Clan Corvo in the Americas as well as Africa and Europe, the humble potato.

In 413 Jovinus' troops were defeated in battle, his general Sebastianus was captured, and Jovinus fled for his life. Sebastianus was sent to Honorius for execution while Ataulf besieged and captured Jovinus, sending him to Honorius for execution. The Visigoths took possession of Narbonne and Toulouse in hopes of finally having their own kingdom. Relations between Ataulf and Honorius improved sufficiently for Ataulf to cement their peace by marrying Galla Placidia in January 414,

For the years 413 and 414, the colonists heading to the Americas each year included 3 divisions of Raven Raiders, a division of Pathfinders and 20,000 colonists to Veracruz. Cancun took 10,000 colonists, Colon, Panama took 7195. In 413 the Veracruz colony had 7 divisions of Raven Raiders. Cerro de las Mesas, 31 miles south of Veracruz, was the largest city/state in the region. Since Remojadas was brought into the Clan Corvo 2 years before the king of Cerro de Las Mesas was trying to recruit the smaller neighboring lesser kings to unite to drive the invaders away. Unfortunately his arrogance and demand they all submit to his command led to jealousy. In fact, 2 smaller city/states neighboring the Clan Corvo areas were so bitter about this and past insults, they approached the Clan seeking to ally themselves. The commanding Raven Raider general explained they’d be expected to allow total interaction with the Clan, accepting the elimination of the class system. The kings were wise enough to understand they could accept that reality now or die later fighting a hopeless battle. They allowed themselves to be assimilated.

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Precedent? Debatable.

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It's hardly new, to be fair - just new to Central America. The Clan has had relatively few cases of expansion by war relative to the number it has had via peaceful expansion (Olvishaugen, all the naval outposts, the vast majority of the expansion in the Senegal colony). Even the expansions of Clan Corvo's main territory have technically all been peaceful - despite the feeling at times that Rome was signing land away at gunpoint.

Looks like just about all of

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Looks like just about all of Central America should be under Clan control by the end of the month (our time). At the rate that they are going, they will run out of land in the Americas before encountering a serious obstacle. We’ll see if something or someone emerges.