Wrong Place Right Time Chapter 25

Wrong Place

Right Time

By Jamie Lee

Most often people talk about being in the right place at the right time. Maybe they achieved a beautiful photo of a sunrise, or the antics of children or animals. Maybe they found something someone lost and received a big reward when it was returned. But how often do they talk about being in the wrong place at the right time? If they do, it’s often about the death of someone or maybe witnessing a crime. And if this is the case, they are sad or horrified. Walter Williams often is in the wrong place at the right time, though his reaction to the incidents he encounters is much different than anyone would expect. And, life-changing.

Chapter 25

It was after brunch, and before they left the restaurant and went their separate ways, that Marge talked with her parents. She told them of Kathy’s needs at the moment, and of the nightmare Kathy had in the early morning. Surprisingly, it was Dorothy who told Marge to stay with Kathy, to have Shelby bring her by the house so she could pick up more clothes and what she’d need for school on Monday. And it was Dorothy who told Marge to do ‘everything’ she could to help Kathy through this terrible time. Dorothy just smiled when she said ‘everything,’ knowing Marge understood her meaning. And Mage had no trouble with her understanding of ‘everything.’

Shelby followed Thomas and Dorothy out of the restaurant parking lot, heading for the Markman home. When they arrived, Shelby parked the car at the edge of the sidewalk, before the four left the car and went into the Markman home. Everything almost seemed planned, as Marge and Kathy went to Marge’s bedroom, Dorothy and Terry slipped out into the kitchen, and Thomas and Shelby sat down on the couch. It was quiet in the house, so not hard to hear the crying coming from the kitchen and bedroom. Shelby was glad Kathy was with Marge, because there were some words coming from the kitchen she didn’t need to learn at the moment. Shelby put his head back and asked, “Gawd, Thomas. How can I get through all this? Kathy shies away from me. Terry’s wound up so tight she blows up at the least thing. I’ll be there for both of them, but…” and his voice trailed off.

Thomas sighed before saying, “Well, Shelby. To start with, take it one day at a time. Be there when the girls need you and don’t push anything on them. Don’t get angry because it’s taking so long for them to get their heads straight. And don’t go beating two pieces of shit into a pulp, that won’t help one bit. And, you might not like this one, but make an appointment to talk with Jenny, the woman Terry and Kathy will be seeing.” Shelby gave Thomas a questioning look when Jenny’s name was mentioned. “Terry told Dorothy and Dorothy told me. She was going to see about Marge talking with Jenny too, but found out Marge will be going with Kathy to help keep Kathy calm. So that’s taken care of.” The two were quiet again, listening to more coming from the kitchen and bedroom. Thomas broke the silence when he said, “Shelby, it was two young men, two pieces of shit, who caused this problem. Us two older men can not step in and try to fix it. We’ve been hurt by it just as much as the ladies, only in a different way. We weren’t there to protect our girls from animals who are a waste of space on this planet. We weren’t there to kick the shit out of those two assholes the minute they grabbed Kathy. Our egos have been assaulted, Shelby. The one thing that really rips a man apart. And we’ll just have to let our egos heal, as we watch our women suffer through their own healing processes. But as I said, Shelby. Don’t do anything stupid. And if you decide to be stupid, call me. I’ve got a shovel and a map.” Shelby chuckled at Thomas’ last words, something a father often tells the boys who date his daughter.

There was cuddling on the drive from the Markman home to the Williams’ home, a hand or two drifting into nether regions. Terry’s hand had drifted to Shelby’s groin, quietly explaining to Shelby what she wanted when they got home. Shelby hissed because of the problem her attention was causing him while driving. Terry only chuckled and enhanced her actions. Kathy had pulled one of Marge’s hands between her legs, and helped Marge understand what she wanted, what she needed from Marge. They were all tired from the morning’s events, and the events in general. They’d planned to relax the rest of the day, but not how they’d spend the day relaxing. That decision seemed to have been decided by two of the people in the car, as they both continued to silently explain that need to their partners with greater gusto. When Shelby pulled the car into their driveway, no one said a word as they got out of the car, went into the house, and went their separate ways to their bedrooms. The rest of the afternoon was spent giving and receiving some much needed attention.

Around five o’clock in the afternoon, water could be heard running in both bathrooms, as two showers were being taken. After about an hour, or so, both showers shut off, and thirty minutes later everyone gathered in the kitchen dressed in fresh, relaxed clothing. It wasn’t hard to see how relaxed Terry and Kathy were, after being helped to relax most of the afternoon. Maybe Terry and Kathy were ignoring the look on Shelby’s face, or just didn’t recognize what it meant. But Marge saw it and knew exactly what it meant, and said something about it to Kathy. She took Kathy’s hand and told her, “Kathy, do you know you’re punishing your dad because of those two assholes? Do you realize how you’re reacting every time he tries to hug you or put his arm around you? You even did it when Bobby tried to help me take you out of the locker room, you shied away from him. You’re punishing those men and boys who love you and are concerned about you, just because two boys attacked you. They’ve been hurt enough because of what you experienced, and almost experienced. You don’t need to continue hurting them just because they’re males.”

Marge had pulled Kathy to her as she told her these things. She knew Kathy was silently crying because her tears were falling onto Marge’s arm. In a throaty whisper caused by her tears, Kathy said, “I’m sorry, daddy. I’m so sorry.” Shelby so wanted to hurry around the kitchen table and take his daughter into his arms, giving her a hug he hoped would comfort her in her time of need. But Thomas’ words echoed in his mind, “Let her come to you,” so he just sat watching his daughter hurting. As everyone watched, Kathy broke Marge’s embrace, got up from her chair and walked around the table to where Shelby sat. It was then her silent crying broke into the open, as she tearfully apologized to her father before throwing her arms around his neck and bawled on his shoulder. Shelby nestled his head into Kathy’s neck, pulling her tightly to him, his own tears falling freely.

The two stayed as they were for more than a half hour, it took half that time for Kathy to cry herself out. It was a few minutes more when Kathy said, “I missed you, daddy. And I’m so sorry I pushed you away. I didn’t think about how hurt you felt from all of this, I’m sooo sorry.” Shelby sniffed, cleared his throat, before saying, “Oh, sweetheart. I’ve missed you too. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to help prevent all of this.” Kathy lifted her head off her father’s shoulder, sniffed herself, and told her father, “There was nothing you could have done. No one knew those two were going after me. No one could have known who they were going after.” Shelby looked at his daughter’s tear streaked face, her red eyes, and took in her words. She was right. There wasn’t anything he could have done, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he should have been there. “Daddy,” Kathy started, seeing the wheels in her father’s mind turning, “it’s noble of you to always think you have to protect me, but you can’t. You can’t be with me every minute of the day I’m not in this house. You couldn’t be there when I encountered all of those other situations, and you couldn’t have been there for this one. I’ll just have to learn how to deal with this one as I did the others, though I think this one will take more time to deal with.” She laid her head back on her father’s shoulder, feeling the warmth of her dad’s body emanating through his clothing. She’d missed that warmth. That feeling of safety as he’d hold her. She’d unintentionally hurt her father more than he’d already been hurt by the attack. More tears fell onto Shelby’s shirt.

Kathy actually broke up the somber atmosphere as she straightened up, let go of her father, and said, “Aw, crap. I have to pee.” It must have been urgent, because Kathy ran to the downstairs bathroom. Marge was the first to laugh, as she said, “That’s Walter for you.” While Kathy was taking care of things in the bathroom, Terry walked over to Shelby, pulled his head to her, and told him, “It’s going to be alright, honey. Just be patient.” Shelby had just nodded his head in understanding when they all heard, “MOM, I’M BLEEDING! OH GOD, MOM. I’M BLEEDING!” Terry dropped her head to her chest, then said, “And so it begins.” Marge just chuckled and said, “Yep, Walter is definitely no longer a boy.” Terry and Shelby slowly turned their heads to look at Marge, before both gave Marge the stink eye. And before all three burst out laughing, though to Kathy, it was no laughing matter. It was now time for THAT mother/daughter talk, about certain things. Terry kissed the top of Shelby’s head before going to the downstairs bathroom to help her rather new daughter with her first period.

Marge was doing her very best not to continue laughing. To have known Walter practically all her life and now to hear of a situation he would never have encountered had finally arrived, just struck her as too funny. When Shelby asked her, “What’s so funny,” she had to explain her thoughts to him. He thought about it for a minute, then agreed with her, it was a situation Walter could never foresee himself getting into. And as much as he tried, he couldn’t keep from chuckling at the thought. After a few moments, Terry came out of the bathroom and went upstairs. She returned carrying a clean pair of panties and disappeared into the bathroom again.

A few minutes later Terry led an embarrassed Kathy out of the bathroom. She didn’t immediately run off to her room, or go and demand a cuddle from Marge. Instead, she crawled up into Shelby’s lap, putting her arms around his neck and buried her head into his chest. The elephant in the room was finally approached when Kathy said, “This is so DAMN embarrassing.” Shelby bent his head down and kissed the top of Kathy’s head, before telling her, “Language, sweetheart, language.” Marge had clamped her hands over her mouth because she kept snickering at the thought of Walter finally having to endure what women have had to deal with for ages. Finally, the humor of it all became too much for her and she started to laugh until tears rolled down her cheeks. Shelby knew why she was laughing, and worked hard not to join her , Terry was in the dark. Kathy only turned her head and gave her love a death glare like she’d never given anyone before. In a deep, throaty voice, tinged with malice, Kathy demanded, “Okay, soon to be ex girlfriend, what’s so DAMN funny?” Kathy’s attempt to intimidate Marge only backfired. Marge took one look at Kathy’s face and began laughing all the harder. She laughed so hard she actually fell out of her chair and onto the floor, where she continued to laugh. And then, for no apparent reason to the others, she started to cry in earnest. She lay there, on the kitchen floor, crying so intently she never felt herself pulled up off the floor and put into a comforting hug by Kathy. She simply grabbed the person holding her, and continued to cry. Terry had become so upset by what she witnessed that she took Kathy’s place on Shelby’s lap, attempting to bury herself into his chest. There wasn’t a dry eye in the kitchen at that moment. Kathy was talking softly to Marge, trying to help her calm down, as Shelby was doing the same with Terry. Shelby looked up at the kitchen ceiling, and not for the first time, wondered how they’d ever get through all this. “One day at a time,” Thomas said in Shelby’s mind. “One day at a time.”

It was close to half an hour before Terry and Marge’s tears stopped flowing. But neither girl let go of their comforter. It wasn’t until they all heard, “Aww, man, I gotta go pee,” from Marge. That was followed by Terry saying, “Best you use the upstairs bathroom, dear. So do I.” Just the way Marge informed everyone she had to pee, and what Terry told her, hit Kathy and Shelby’s funnybones, because both broke out laughing. Trying to maintain her dignity, Terry stood off Shelby’s lap, and said in a snooty voice, “I don’t see what’s so funny about two girls who need to pee.” If the two weren’t laughing hard to begin with, they were now after the manner in which Terry addressed them. Looking down her nose first at Kathy, then at Shelby, she took two of her fingers and reached down and grabbed Shelby’s chin, forcing it up so he was looking her in the face. The laughter remained in his face as she told him, in her snooty voice, “You’ll pay for this, mister. You wait and see if you don’t.” She let go of his chin, then as she passed by him, she lightly smacked him on the back of his head. Terry’s last statement, and her last action, set Shelby and Kathy off again. And they were still laughing when Marge, then Terry, returned to the kitchen.

By the time Marge had returned to the kitchen, Kathy had gotten up off the floor and was again sitting in her chair. As Marge started to sit in her chair, Kathy reached out and pulled her into her lap, wrapping her arms around Marge’s lovely body. “Hey, you. I was worried about you lying on the floor crying. What’s up? How can I help you?” Marge started playing with a button on Kathy’s blouse, while her mind tried to form the words she wanted. As Kathy waited for Marge to answer her question, Terry had taken glasses out of the cabinet and filled each one with water, then sat a glass before Shelby and the two girls.

Kathy, as Walter, had been around Marge enough throughout his life to know what the look on Marge’s face meant. She was thinking, trying to find the words she wanted. And when that look appeared, Kathy knew it was a matter of patience until Marge was ready to speak. Terry and Shelby both smiled as they watched Marge unbutton the button just below Kathy’s breast and slowly slide her hand into Kathy’s blouse. They both chuckled as Kathy lightly smacked Marge’s hand and told her, “Stop that. Not here you goof.” They both saw the smirk on Marge’s face. After Kathy rebuttoned that button, she asked, “Okay, enough stalling. Why were you crying and how can I help you?”

Tears started leaking out of Marge’s eyes as she said just above a whisper, “I wasn’t there for you when they grabbed you. If I’d been there we could have kicked their asses before it ever got into the locker room, and you half dressed. Or Bobby ever seeing you half dressed. He was nice enough about it, never saying a thing to the other guys. But he saw anyway.” Like Shelby, Marge felt guilty, felt she failed Kathy by not being there to help protect her. Kathy pulled Marge tightly to her before telling her, “Oh, sweetheart, you’ve done nothing wrong. You couldn’t have known what those two rectums were about to do, any more than I could. We can’t be in the same class every time, be together every moment at school. I know you feel guilty because you couldn’t protect me from those slime balls, but don’t. Everything is on their heads. They decided to act out like they did. They decided to try and rape me, not you. And they are the ones who’ll get to see the inside of a detention center, or jail, until pigs fly. Or I’ve a feeling two people in this kitchen are going to demand an answer as to why not. I will always be there for you, my love. Especially when you feel like poo poo.” The kitchen got extra quiet. Marge lifted her head off Kathy’s chest and looked the girl in the eyes. And in a dead panned voice she asked, “Poo poo? Really? Poo poo? You had to say, poo poo? Gads, Walter! You haven’t used those words in, um, maybe, nine years? You first used those words when that dog took a dump on the playground, and you walked over to look at the pile. I walked over to see what you were doing, and you pointed to that pile of dog crap and told me, ‘poo poo, that’s dog poo poo.’” If Marge, Terry, and Shelby had laughed any harder the ceiling in the kitchen would have collapsed. Kathy couldn’t help herself and joined in the laughter before saying, “Well, I think they’re cute words. They’re expressive without being vulgar.” Then she got a funny look on her face and hurriedly told Marge, “Oh, crap. Get off, get off, get off,” before bolting out of her chair and running to the bathroom. A moment later they all heard, “MOM! I NEED A CLEAN PAIR OF PANTIES!” Terry chuckled then said, “We will have to do some serious underwear shopping soon.”

Shelby held up both hands, palms facing Terry, and told her, “Sorry, dear, count me out on that trip.” Shelby had been with Terry long enough to read her facial expression to a tee, and what he saw now told him she was getting an idea he WASN’T going to like. Shelby looked at Marge’s face when Terry looked at her, and saw the same smirk on her face as the one Terry was wearing. He was quick on the uptake this time, as he realized what Terry had in mind. “Don’t you dare. Don’t even think about it, because it isn’t going to happen.” Then it was the innocent face on both girls, as Terry said, “Why, dear, whatever do you mean?” Shelby’s head fell back as he said, “God help me royally this time.” The bells went off in Shelby’s head, as Terry walked over to him, swung her leg over his so she was facing him, and started lightly kissing him on the lips. While one hand was busy doing something else. After breaking the kiss, she leaned close to Shelby’s ear and whispered, “It’ll be our secret, sweetheart. And I promise you’ll love what I can do for you.” Terry had a cheese eating grin on her face as she watched her red faced husband try and not act like he was enjoying what one of her hands was doing at the moment. But the magic was broken when they heard, “MOOOM! I NEED SOME CLEAN PANTIES!” Both girls then laughed when Shelby said, “Darn, now I have to use the bathroom.” Terry crawled off his lap, and because of what Terry had caused, Shelby tried to stand without things being too obvious. But he failed, and Marge saw his bulge. Shelby acted like nothing was amiss, and left the kitchen for the upstairs bathroom. Terry had a big smile on her face as she watched Shelby walk out of the kitchen. She then looked at Marge, who told her, “You’re such a stinker.” Terry only laughed, then replied, “Yeah, ain’t I.” Both girls laughed until, “MOOM! PANTIES!” Marge watched as Terry hurried out of the kitchen to get Kathy a clean pair of panties. With Kathy waiting for a clean pair of panties, Terry off getting her a clean pair, and Shelby using the upstairs bathroom, Marge sat alone in the kitchen with her thoughts.

While she was alone, she reflected on the events of the past couple of days, and this morning. She found herself playing the should have, could have, would have game, always coming back to the beginning without solving anything in her mind. She was so lost in thought she didn’t hear the question put to her until she felt something touch her arm. Then her eyes came back to the present and she found herself looking into Shelby’s eyes. “A penny for your thoughts,” he asked again, gently touching her arm. An enigmatic smile formed on her lips as she said, “Oh, I was just thinking about the last couple of days, and this morning. How much I love Kathy, have loved Walter for so long, and our love making. And, um, your’s and Terry’s.” Shelby’s eyebrows rose upon hearing her refer to his and Terry’s love making, and his face asked the question which Marge answered by saying, “Um...your bedroom isn’t soundproof. And Kathy and I have laid awake listening to your love making. And you don’t know this, but hearing you two making love fills Kathy with happiness.” Shelby blushed with what Marge told him, but he was also filled with his own happiness knowing he and Terry brought happiness to Kathy, if in an unusual way. Marge went on with, “And Shelby, no matter what I thought I always came back to the beginning. I keep kicking myself, Shelby, and yet realize there wasn’t anything more I could do.” Marge’s eyes were moist, but held onto their tears. Shelby reached out with both hands and took Marge’s hands in his. “Sweetheart, you and I are in the same boat. We’re both kicking ourselves for not doing more to prevent all of this. And the sad thing is, there wasn’t anything more we could have done. I spoke with Peter and they’d been watching Tony, but didn’t know when he was going to do something or who they’d chosen. What else could you or I have done? And the truth is, Marge, nothing. Ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing. That’s what hurts us the most. Right?” Marge was silent for a few moments before she simply nodded her head in agreement with Shelby.

Terry walked by the two sitting at the kitchen table holding hands, and gave them a questioning look but kept heading to the bathroom. They heard the bathroom door open then close, then, “GAWD, I HATE THIS. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ALL THIS CRAP?” The reply was quick and with some heat. “Listen, young lady, you’ve been told more than once about your language, and just because you’re going through something completely new to you is no reason to start dropping bombs all over the place. You know, you’re not too old to have your mouth washed out with soap. As to how long you have to put up with all of this crap, a long time, just as all women have put up with it for ages.”

Marge and Shelby, still holding hands, had dropped their heads onto the kitchen table and were laughing as quietly as they could. They were still quietly laughing when they heard, “And just what do you two think is so funny?” Both looked up and found Terry standing there looking at them with both hands on her hips. What she asked, and how she looked, caused both to burst out laughing. Shelby kept laughing even as Terry smacked him on the back of the head. That only caused him to laugh harder. He kept laughing as Terry grabbed his chin, turned his head to face her, as she told him, “You’ll pay for this, mister!” And when an embarrassed Kathy came into view, their laughter started again. The sour look Kathy gave her dad and Marge had the same affect Terry’s look had, they both laughed harder.

Terry had walked off to put Kathy’s panties in water to soak, when the front doorbell rang. After drying her hands she walked to the front door and opened it, only to find Jackie and Tom Stoner, Tony and Patrick’s parents, standing there. When Shelby heard Tom ask Terry, “Mrs. Williams, may we come in? We’d like to talk with you and your husband,” he walked out of the kitchen and joined Terry at the front door. He read Terry’s expression and stepped close to her, trapping her right hand to her side and using his left arm to trap her left hand to her side. But he was surprised when he heard Terry tell the Stoner’s, “Yes, Mr. Stoner, you and your wife may come in.” Shelby looked at Terry with a frown on his face, wondering what Terry had in her mind. Shelby let go of Terry and led Jackie and Tom into the living room, inviting them to sit down on the couch. Terry turned to Kathy and Marge, who had followed Shelby, and told them, “Girls, why don’t you go up to Kathy’s room.” Before both girls had taken one step, Jackie said, “Please, Mrs. Williams, let the girls stay. They need to hear what we’d like to say.” Terry looked at the girls, then at Shelby, who nodded his head, and Terry nodded to the girls for them to stay.

Once Terry, Shelby, Kathy, and Marge had seated themselves, Jackie said, “Mr. and Mrs. Williams, we didn’t come here to apologize to Kathy for what our boys did, that’s their task, because it was their decision to act as they did. We never taught our sons to treat girls as they did Kathy, but we think we know where they got it from.” It was at that point the front doorbell rang again, and again Terry answered the door while everyone else remained seated. It didn’t take long before Tom was on his feet and practically running to the front door with what he heard coming from that direction.

“Sooo...you’re the mother of the whore who enticed my Tony and had him arrested.” Standing before Terry was an elder woman, maybe in her 70’s, accusing Kathy of being a whore. Terry’s blood boiled, and the palm of her right hand lashed out as she slapped the woman so hard the woman spun on her heels. The elder woman turned back around and told Terry, “Yeah, that’s right. That’s the action I’d expect from the mother of a whore.” This time when Terry struck, her strike was hard enough to knock the woman down on her butt. It was then Tom showed up at the front door, groaning when he saw who the woman was making all the noise. It was his mother, Glenda Maria Stoner, the woman who’d been pulling Tony and Patrick’s chestnuts out of the fire. And who Tom believed, had been teaching Tony and Patrick their manners behind Tom and Jackie’s backs.

Tom addressed Terry by saying, “Mrs. Williams,” which Terry stopped him and said, “It’s Terry, Mr. Stoner.” Tom then said, “Okay, it’s Tom then, Terry. I think you should know, that’s my mother, Glenda Stoner, the reason, we believe, for the attitude of our sons. She has a restraining order to stay away from your home, and your family, Terry. She also has a restraining order to stay away from Tony and Patrick, which she broke yesterday at the hospital. She was stupid enough to think her money could usurp any Court order as she tried to see Tony. But she made a mistake and attacked the uniformed officer guarding Tony’s hospital room. She spent the night in jail until she bailed herself out. She isn’t supposed to be here, so she’s violated the terms of her bond and the restraining orders. If you’ll excuse me for a moment.”

Tom stepped back while pulling out his cell phone. Terry could hear who he called, the police. A patrol car must have been in the area, since a patrol car pulled up just as Tom put his cell away. Tom stepped back next to Terry as the two officers approached the Williams’ home. “Officers, my name is Tom Stoner, I made the call to have you come here. That woman,” and he pointed to his mother, “is Glenda Stoner, my mother, who had violated terms of her bail agreement and a restraining order to stay away from the William’s home and the family.”

One officer stepped away and made a phone call on her cell phone. A few moments later she came back and told her partner, “Everything he said is true. She bailed herself out this morning and signed an agreement to stay away from this house and family. She also has a restraining order for this man’s sons. She to be arrested and taken to the station.”


When Glenda had started her rant, one of the officers had turned the recorder on their cell phone on to catch her every word. When she ran down, they both walked over to her and informed her that she was under arrest, and stated the reasons. They then advised her of her rights, then helped her off the ground and began to handcuff her when she lashed out with both hand and foot, striking both officers. Glenda’s rant brought Jackie, Shelby, and the girls to the front door. And as they watched, both officers then took Glenda to the ground, putting her on her stomach and pulling her arms behind her to handcuff her. Once she was handcuffed, they lifted her off the ground, but slammed her back down on her stomach when she started kicking out at both officers. One of the officers held Glenda down as the other officers went to their patrol car and returned with a pair of leather straps.

As the one officer held Glenda’s legs down the other officer put one of the straps around Glenda’s ankles, pulling it tight before running the end through the buckle. That same officer held Glenda’s legs, the other officer placed the other strap just about Glenda’s knees, tightening it then running the end through the buckle. As those in the Williams’ home, and neighbors who’d come out to watch the action, watched, both officers each grabbed one of Glenda’s lower arms then the strap at her ankles, before lifting her off the ground and carrying her to their patrol car. They sat her down on the street, her mouth still running, as the back doors of the patrol car were opened. They picked her up again then placed her half-way into the back of the patrol car. With that down, one of the officers went around to the other side, got into the back, grabbed Glenda under both arms, and helped the other officers pull Glenda into the patrol car. They then pulled out four straps, which they secured to rings on the floorboard, and having placed the seatbelts to secure Glenda, closed the back doors and returned to the William’s home.

When the police officers reached the front porch of the Williams’ home, Shelby asked, “Would you care to come inside, officers?” The woman officer, who seemed to be the senior partner, replied, “I’m sorry sir, we can’t. Not with a prisoner in our patrol car. But we would like to know how all this started, and how the woman ended up on the ground.”

Kathy didn’t wait for an invitation and said, “It all started last Friday just when school let out, and two boys, that woman’s grandsons, attacked me at the high school. They dragged me into the boys locker room, pulled off my skirt and panties, dropped their jeans and underwear, and were about to rape me if it hadn’t been for my girlfriend here,” and she pointed to Marge. “Detective Stevens has the case and everyone’s statements.” No one said a word as Kathy gave the officers the highlights of what happened, or hushed her either. She needed to have her say.

Then Terry picked up the story with, “As to how that bitch ended up on her butt on the ground, I did that after she called our daughter a whore for the second time. And was spewing her filth. With everything going on, what happened to our daughter at school, and how we’re all feeling at the moment, that bitch picked the wrong day to get into my face.”

Tom then spoke up and told the officers, “Officers, my mother has done this before, after our sons attacked other girls at the other high school they attended. She’d go to the family and threaten to take them to court if they didn’t agree to drop any charges brought against the boys. And if she couldn’t intimidate them into remaining quiet, she’d buy them off. She’s the reason our sons act as they do. We tried to keep the boys away from her, but she seems to always know where they’ll be when they go out by themselves. Well, she may have gotten by with her antics in the past, but no more. She may have forgotten, but I have her power of attorney to handle her medical needs if she ever becomes incompacitated, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s become incompacitated right now.”

And if Glenda’s drama scene wasn’t enough for that morning, a car came racing down the street and screeched to a halt right in front of the Williams’ home. As everyone watched, a man got out, ran to the patrol car, which piqued the officer’s interest, looked inside, then came running over to the officers and said, “I’m James Perkins, Mrs. Stoner’s attorney. I demand you release Mrs. Stoner right this minute, or I’ll file police harassment charges against both of you, your department, and this City.” The two officers looked at each other before shaking their heads at each other, then the woman officer said, “Mr. Perkins, your client is in deep dog poo. Not only did she violate the terms of her bail, but violated two Court issued injunctions to stay away from this house and this family. Plus, Mr. Perkins, she created a public scene at this house. And, Mr. Perkins, she attacked both of us, a real big no no, Mr. Perkins.” Twirling a pair of handcuffs around her index finger, she went on with, “And Mr. Perkins, if you are planning to make a scene here and now, we have plenty of room in the holding cells at the station.”

James Perkins was a mousey man, never one to stand up to a confrontation when he could use the nearest exit. Not even in a courtroom. His weapon of choice was bluff and huff, which often worked until he came up against someone who didn’t bluff or tolerate his huff, like right this moment. James was contemplating what to do next when the woman officer went on with, “Plus, Mr. Perkins, if an investigating pans out, your client may be facing some serious jail time. Money or no money, Mr. Perkins. So unless you wish to join your client I suggest you hold your huff and bluff and wait for your client at the police station.” She was still twirling the handcuffs around her index finger when James decided her words had merit, and left in his car.

The two officers did their best to keep a straight face, but it was rather hard to do after Marge said, “Gawd, what a putz. And he passed the Bar?” Everyone looked at the straight faced Marge before breaking out in laughter. The officers cleared their throats, attempting to regain their composure, before the woman officer said, “Mr. Stoner, I think it might be a good idea if you came down to the station and gave a full statement of everything you know about your mother’s actions. After what you’ve told us I have a feeling there are others who would be very interested to hear what you have to say. If, as you’ve said, she’s done something like this before, she could be in serious trouble. Trouble she isn’t going to buy her way out of.” She then handed Tom a card and told him to contact them if they have any more trouble from his mom or Mr. Perkins. Those neighbors still standing outside watching the show, went back into their homes after the two police officers drove off. Everyone at the Williams’ home did the same, collapsing into a chair after the front door was closed. Every head slowly turned to stare at Kathy after she said, “Aw darn, I forgot the popcorn.” Kathy did her best to block the numerous pillows that came her way from her family, and the Stoners.

After Kathy had to pick up all the pillows, and return them to their rightful locations, Tom started to say, “Shelby, Terry, Jackie and I…” but he never finished what he was about to say. Shelby spoke up and told him, “Tom. If you’re about to apologize for your mother, don’t. She’s the one who owes all of us an apology. She’s the one who decided not to honor the restraining orders or the bail agreement, it’s all on her. Not you or Jackie. In fact, if you will excuse me for a moment,” and Shelby got out of his chair and went upstairs to his and Terry’s bedroom. He returned a short time later, looking like he just ate the canary. Terry saw the look right away, and asked, “So, who’d you call?” While Shelby was upstairs, doing whatever, Terry had gone to the kitchen and came back with something liquid for everyone. As Shelby sat down he said, “Who said I called anyone?” To Jackie and Tom it looked like a huge fight was about to take place between Terry and Shelby, judging by the expression on Terry’s face. But they became confused as they saw Marge and Kathy start giggling. “Shelby Benton Williams, you called someone. You have that ‘I did something really smart’ look on your face. So give. Or would you want to forgo any further after hours entertainment?” Now Marge and Kathy were outright laughing, which confused Jackie and Tom further. To them, Terry looked like she could chew a mouth full of nails and spit them out in smaller versions of their former shape.

But when Shelby said, “Oh, heavens. I’m being threatened with the end of my sex life. Oh, dear me. Whatever shall I do?” And he did so in a poor attempt at dramatic acting that the two girls were almost rolling on the floor with laughter. Jackie and Tom finally realized the couple was teasing each other. “Well, my glamorus sex partner, if it will not end my sex life, and you just have to know, and because what that woman called Kathy, and what Tom told the officers, I called detective Stevens. And she should be here…” and the front doorbell rang, finishing Shelby’s statement for him. He got up and went to the front door, opening it and finding Barbara and officer Jo standing there. “Hello detective Stevens, and you officer Jo, won’t you two come in? I think you’ll find what has to be said rather interesting.”

Shelby stood aside and Barbara and Jo walked into the Williams home. The two women followed Shelby to the living room where they said hello to Terry, Marge, and Kathy before Shelby introduced Tom and Jackie Stoner. The parents of the two boys who attacked Kathy. Terry took over and told Barbara about their recent visitor, Tom’s mother, and what Terry did and what Tom’s mother said. Tom went on to tell Barbara about his mother violating two restraining orders and the terms of her bond. He then told Barbara exactly what he told the two uniformed officers about his mom doing something like this several times before, and the places it occurred. He got a sad look on his face as he told Barbara about his mother being the reason their sons acted as they did. Barbara got so interested in what Tom was saying, she asked if they had any objections to letting her record all the information Tom had to give. No one objected, so Barbara sat a portable recorder on the table in front of Tom and asked her to start at the very beginning when it all started. Terry came back from the kitchen with drinks for Barbara and Jo, then sat down and listened to Tom and Jackie’s story.

When Tom and Jackie finished their story with the recent attack on Kathy, Terry and Shelby looked at each other and silently, together, realized their problems, because of the attack on Kathy, was miniscule compared to what the Stoners have been dealing with over the years. And for them, it wasn’t over. It wouldn’t be over for them until something could be done about the woman’s interference in Jackie and Tom’s lives. Shelby thought to himself of a way to end this, but he didn’t look good in an orange jumpsuit.

Tom and Jackie were in tears after finishing their story, a story which started the day they married. And had gotten worse with the birth of Tony then Patrick. When Tom could speak he asked Barbara, “Detective, what can we do to keep my mother away from us and our sons? Our company has moved Jackie and I several times now, but she keeps finding out where we live. It’s got to stop, detective Stevens, we just can’t go on like this any more. And short of shooting her, nothing we’ve done legally has helped.”

When Kathy had been Walter, Shelby and Terry had discovered he had a knack of being able to read the expression on people’s faces. And it was Kathy, who saw the predatory smile on Barbara’s face, who said, “Mr. Stoner. If I’m reading the expression on detective Stevens’ face correctly, I think your ‘problem’ is about to disappear. I think you might have given detective Stevens cause to investigate those previous attacks, and your mother’s involvement in them.” When Kathy finished talking, Barbara turned to Shelby and Terry, with a puzzled look on her face, and asked, “Does she always know what others are thinking?” Shelby and Terry chuckled before Terry said, “Barbara, as Walter, we found out he could read the expression on a person’s face and accurately tell what they were thinking or going to do. He was accurate ninety-five percent of the time. And it looks like, as Kathy, the ability remains.” Barbara then looked at Kathy and told her, “Young lady, that’s a remarkable ability you have, but I ask you to keep what you’ve discerned to yourself. I don’t want what I’ve planned to spoil anything. Okay?” Terry, Shelby, and Marge had seen the look on Kathy’s face before. So they knew how deadly serious she was as she said, “Ma’am, if it puts that bitch away so they can’t hurt the Stoners any more, and if it helps the boys get out from under her influence, then I won’t tell a soul what you’ve planned. I only hope you cross your ‘Ts’ and dot your ‘Is’ so she can’t wiggle out of anything.” The Stoner’s respect rating for Kathy shot up to one hundred by what she told the detective. Kathy’s tone as she spoke to the detective, made Jackie and Tom understand why their sons were in the hospital. When Kathy was serious, it was best to find a place to hide.

Detective Stevens spoke with everyone for a few more minutes, asking if anyone had anything to add, before she and Jo left. As Shelby closed the front door behind them, an elephant crept into the living room, noticed by the adults and revealed by the girls. With Terry looking at Shelby, then Shelby looking at Tom, then Jackie looking at Terry, it was Kathy who asked Marge, “Do you want to say it or should I?” Marge shrugged her shoulders and said, “Naw, you say it.” The back and forth between the girls had the attention of the adults, as all eyes shifted to Kathy with what Marge had said. With the usual smirk, Kathy said, “They do make a lovely couple, don’t they?” With the elephant exposed the adults began to admit they saw the attraction between the two ladies, and it was strong, but didn’t want to say anything with the two ladies in the room in case they were wrong. This time it was Terry and Shelby who first saw the smirk on Kathy’s face, and knew she was about to say something which might get her in dutch. But when they heard her say, “You weren’t wrong. They are a couple,” Terry relaxed and thanked the stars that was all she was going to say. Tom and Jackie added more to their original story, more which showed they were totally miserable. It was Terry who went and sat down by Tom, taking one of his hands in hers, and one of Jackie’s in her other. “Look guys,” Terry said, as she switched her gaze between Jackie and Tom. “Any time you two need a shoulder, call us. It seems we’re all in this together whether we want to be or not. And, I know a woman who would love to help you two, we’re going to be seeing her, Kathy quite a lot. I can give you her number and you can mention us when you speak to her. I think she’d find it interesting to learn how all this began. And it’d help the two of you learn how to get some peace in your lives.” Jackie had tears running down her cheeks after hearing the generous offer made by Terry. No one in the past has ever wanted anything to do with the Stoners, once they learned about Glenda Stoner. Jackie leaned across Tom and gave Terry a hug, whispering ‘thank you’ in Terry’s ear. They talked for another thirty minutes before Tom and Jackie said they had an appointment to keep, and thanked everyone for their support. The Williams and Marge followed the Stoners to the front door, where hugs and handshakes were exchanged before Shelby opened the door and the Stoners left. As the four watched the Stoners walk to their car, Kathy said, “And I thought I had problems. Those two are a mess.” No one said a word in disagreement, as Shelby closed the door once the Stoners had driven off.

“Gawd I feel drained,” Marge said, as they all walked back into the living room. “I think I really need a nap now,” Marge added, seriously wanting to sleep. As she looked at Kathy, then at Shelby, then at Terry, she saw all three had smirks on their faces. She rolled her eyes and told the three, “Guys, I really mean sleep...though relaxation before sleep wouldn’t hurt.” The four burst out laughing before Terry took Shelby’s hand and Kathy took Marge’s hand and they headed to their bedrooms. They did take naps, only after helping each other relax.

Two hours later, and after both upstairs showers had been used, they again met in the kitchen, where Shelby suggested they go out to eat. Their naps, and relaxation sessions, had caused them to miss lunch, and more than one stomach reminded them of that fact. With a consensus reached, they got in Shelby’s car and headed to their restaurant of choice, another buffet. The drive to the restaurant would take a little over a half an hour, because the restaurant was in another town. It was during the drive that Marge noticed Kathy was quieter than normal. She asked Kathy if anything was the matter, getting no response from her, as Kathy kept staring out the window. It wasn’t until Terry turned to look at Kathy, then gently touched her leg, that Kathy turned to look at Marge then her mom. Tears were falling from her eyes, and her lips were trembling. She cleared her throat, but still found it hard to ask, “What do I do about tomorrow at school? No doubt what happened has gotten around to most everyone. How can I face everyone?”

Marge pulled Kathy into her, holding the girl as she cried. Shelby found a place to pull off the highway so he could stop and park the car. Kathy was having another full blown cry, and Marge was speaking to her softly, reassuring her they were there for her. Would be there for her. And they loved her and always would. It took several minutes before Kathy was just sniffing her nose, at which point Shelby asked if they should go home. Kathy shook her head and told him, “No. I’m hungry.” That short statement caused the other three to chuckle, as Shelby turned back around, started the car and pulled back onto the highway, heading for the restaurant. As Terry and Shelby held hands in the front seat, looking out of the windshield, they heard Marge say, “You goof. You and your stomach. HAY, none of that now!” Terry and Shelby heard squealing coming from the girls. Shelby looked in the rearview mirror, while Terry turned to look, and saw the girls tickling each other. Terry and Shelby squeezed hands, as they realized they would be alright after a while.

The atmosphere at the restaurant helped the four forget all about their troubles. They joined in with the entertainment held on the weekends. They sang along, clapped, laughed, but most of all, enjoyed the fine food. But the magic ended when they left the restaurant and headed home, and real life stared them in the face once again.

On the drive home, Marge told Kathy, “You know, we never answered the questions you asked on our way up here. And I think the answer lies in how did Walter handle the situations he found himself in? As I remember, that day the paint got poured over you, you made a joke out of it. You said you were the Pepto Bismol boy. And could take everyone’s heartburn away. You may not have seen it, but every teacher who heard you say that rolled their eyes and shook their heads, but laughed. It may be hard to do, but I think Walter would hold his head up and not let on that anything had happened. And if someone makes a big deal out of it all, or tells you that’s what you get, look them straight in the eye and ask them if their IQ is the same as their shoe size. Then walk away.” Shelby and Terry had been expecting something wise from Marge because of her build up. But they weren’t expecting her last statement, and snickered before laughing. Even Kathy had to laugh at the idea. Marge turned so she was facing Kathy and told her, “Look, sweetheart. No matter what anyone else thinks, I’m still there with you. I’m still in love with you, and if you want I’ll deck the jerk for you.” Terry turned and looked at Marge. Shelby shared the road with the rearview mirror. And Kathy gave Marge a funny look, each seeing the straight face Marge held. It didn’t take long before all four were laughing again. And Kathy was showing Marge her appreciation for sticking with her; Terry and Shelby kept their eyes looking out the windshield, as what the girls were doing would make it hard for Shelby to drive if Terry tried the same thing. She’d save that for later tonight.

When they arrived home, and in the house, Shelby could see how the events of the day still held his girls’ attention, too much of their attention. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was time for a program on TV they often watched at this time in the evening. He turned on the TV, turned to the right channel, and like Terry and the girls, settled back in his chair to watch the mindless drivel in the hopes of leaving the day’s events behind for a little while.

Shelby’s idea worked, in fact it worked too good. Terry, Marge, and he were so engrossed in the program they didn’t see the anguish look on Kathy’s face. They didn’t see how it contorted from pain to humiliation to embarrassment and back to pain. They didn’t see the panicked look which suddenly formed on Kathy’s face, but they did hear her cry out, causing Terry and Shelby to turn their attention to their daughter. They saw the look of horror on Kathy’s face as she crawled up onto Marge’s lap and tightly hugged Marge. Shelby could see Kathy’s lips moving, meaning she was saying something, but her voice was so soft he couldn’t hear what it was she was saying. He pressed the power button on the TV remote, and as the sound from the TV died, Kathy’s word could then be heard.

“I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. Everyone will know what happened. They’ll know I was half dressed, and going to be raped. I can’t face them, I can’t face them, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. They’ll all know, I’ll become the laughing stock, they’ll point, laugh, and laugh, I can’t do it, I can’t do it…” Kathy’s mantra continued without letting up. Shelby heard Marge speaking softly to Kathy but her words seemed to be ignored. Terry got up out of her chair and went into the kitchen. A few moments later Shelby heard her talking with someone but not what Terry was saying. Kathy was still reciting her mantra when Terry returned to the living room, sitting down again to watch her daughter, feeling helpless.

Chapter 26

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