Wrong Place Right Time Chapter 28

Wrong Place

Right Time

By Jamie Lee

Most often people talk about being in the right place at the right time. Maybe they achieved a beautiful photo of a sunrise, or the antics of children or animals. Maybe they found something someone lost and received a big reward when it was returned. But how often do they talk about being in the wrong place at the right time? If they do, it’s often about the death of someone or maybe witnessing a crime. And if this is the case, they are sad or horrified. Walter Williams often is in the wrong place at the right time, though his reaction to the incidents he encounters is much different than anyone would expect. And, life-changing.

Chapter 28

By the time Beverly entered Kathy’s room, both girls were almost finished eating their breakfasts. She pulled out the one chair left around the table, sat down and asked, “So, how are you girls feeling this morning?” Kathy was the first to swallow what she’d been chewing before she replied, “I feel rather foolish because of how I acted yesterday. Rested, but foolish.” Beverly then looked at Marge and heard, “Yeah, me too. I said a lot of things I didn’t mean, and I’m afraid I hurt Kathy.”

Beverly saw moisture form in both girls’ eyes, and to diffuse what seemed to be coming, said, “Girls. Kathy. You have no reason to feel foolish. You have been through a lot in the past few months. A lot that you’ve tried to take care of by yourself. And yesterday it all came crashing down around you and you froze up. Anyone would under those circumstances. Your reaction is quite normal when you hear something that triggers that type of reaction. So, chin up, move on. And it’s something we’ll be talking about in the days to come.”

“Marge. I’ve not watched the two of you as long as Jenny has, but I can tell you both are deeply in love with each other. What you did yesterday, what you said yesterday, is only done when someone really loves another person. You could have told Kathy to stick it, and left. But you didn’t. You told Kathy off. You expressed your love and concern for her by telling her off. Never feel foolish for being in love with someone or wanting to help them anyway you can. Girls, I’ve counseled many people your age. But I’ve never seen two who love each other more than you two love each other. I’ve seen those who say they’re in love, but when it hit the fan, they bailed. I’ve spoken with Jenny, and she tells me you two always seek out the other when there’s trouble. That right there says something for the both of you. And that’s something else we’ll be talking about in the days to come. But right now, you need to finish your meals, grab you bags and come so we can get Kathy checked out of here. Don’t forget. Both of you are to come here after school for the rest of this week. Okay?”

Beverly watched both girls nod their heads, before finishing their breakfasts. They went to the bathroom to brush their teeth, before grabbing their things and packing them in their cases. Cases in hand, they followed Beverly down the hall, where she signed the required papers releasing Kathy from the psych ward.

Terry and Dorothy came walking down the hallway as Beverly had just handed the papers back to the nurse at the reception desk. The girls hugged their moms, before arms went around waists and the four went down and out to the parking lot, where Terry’s car was parked. Jenny had conferenced Terry and Dorothy in a phone call and told them about last night. So instead of getting the story told again, the mothers asked more general questions. Such as, ‘how’re you doing this morning,’ and ‘did you sleep well,’ to name a few questions that were asked. The girls replied with, ‘better than yesterday,’ and ‘good,’ and ‘we found out we have a lot to talk about.’ It was quiet in the car for a few minutes before Dorothy said, “Girls, Terry and I, and Shelby and Tom, are also going to be seeing Jenny and Beverly. And before you ask, no, it’s not because we have a ton of bricks on our backs. We’re going to be meeting with Jenny and Beverly because the four of us want to know what’s going on and how to help all of us. I know you two can’t see it, but when the two of you are hurting, we hurt because we don’t know how to help the two of you.” Terry cut in with, “Kathy, your dad and I have been trying our best to help you since you transformed. But I guess we haven’t done a very good job. That’s another reason we’re going to meet with Jenny and Beverly.”

Two arms circled around Terry and Dorothy from behind. Terry had both hands on the steering wheel, but reached up with one hand and held onto Kathy’s arms; Dorothy was able to use both of her hands. What they heard next caused both women to clear their throats several times before they could speak again. “Mom, Dorothy, we couldn’t have two better moms looking out for us. I don’t think Marge or I would have made it this far if it hadn’t been for you two and our dads. You four aren’t the only ones who have a lot to talk about, and to unlearn.”

Terry had to wipe her eyes so she could see clearly to drive. Dorothy was using one hand to wipe her eyes, while holding Marge’s arms with the other. They all would be alright, in time.

The high school jungle drums had spread the word about Kathy the day before, and both girls were shocked to see a large group of students waiting just outside the doors to the school. “Um, what’s going on, mom?” Kathy asked the question as she spied not only the football players, but the ten girls who came into the locker room to thank Kathy in that large group. When Terry stopped her car at the loading zone, she turned to Kathy and told her, “Given that your protection detail is in that group, I’d say your supporters have gathered to make sure you two girls are alright after what happened yesterday after school. I’d say you two have made quite the impression on those kids.” Unnoticed by the girls, Terry spotted Peter off to the side of the doors, looking out one of the huge windows. She finger waved to him, and he replied in kind. She then gave him the ‘okay’ sign, and saw him nod his head in understanding. She also saw him wipe his eyes.

“Well,” Marge began as she gathered up her backpack, which she left in Terry’s car, “guess we’d better go and face the music. I’ve a feeling we’re not going to walk straight into school without a lot of hugs.” And she was right. Terry and Dorothy sat and watched, after receiving kisses on their cheeks, as the girls walked towards the doors to the school. As they got closer to the doors the large group surrounded them and the hugs started. Terry and Dorothy also watched as several of the students in the group wipped their eyes, then followed Marge and Kathy into the school. Terry laid her head on the steering wheel and let her tears fall. Dorothy scooted over and embraced Terry, wetting the back of Terry’s blouse with her own tears.

Peter had spoken with the football players before the huge group had assembled, so when he told the group, “Okay everyone, it’s almost time for classes to start, so you should get to your classes,” they already knew to stay with the girls. The boys stood off to the side as Peter walked up to Kathy and Marge and asked, “Are you two okay? You had a lot of people worried about you.” Kathy found something interesting on the floor before she looked up at Peter and told him, “Yeah, Un...um, Principal Stepel. We’re okay today. We’re meeting with Jenny and the resident psychologist of the hospital all this week after school. We have a lot to talk about, I have a lot to talk about. And a lot to unlearn.” Marge could hear Kathy’s voice start to crack, and took her girlfriend’s hand for support. “Seems I’ve been doing Walter’s routine of handling things on his own, which was made perfectly clear to me by a very foul mouth little girl.” Peter saw the smirk on Kathy’s mouth, and knew something was coming from the girls. And he was right, as Marge asked, “Who you calling a foul mouth little girl? Especially ‘little?’ I’m six inches taller than you are, and I recall you churning out some rather colorful words these past few days. So if anyone is a foul mouthed little girl, it’s you.” Kathy looked at Marge incredulously and replied, “Who was it ranting in my room last night? You looked like some pent up tiger trying to find a way to escape. And some of the words you used would not be considered words a ‘lady’ would use.” Marge sniffed her nose, held her head up and said, “Well, I’m not a lady. So I can use whatever language that gets your attention when necessary.” The expressions on the girls’ faces as they bantered were priceless to Peter, which made him cover his mouth with his hand in an attempt to keep from laughing out loud. And it didn’t escape his notice of the handful of snickers coming from the football players, as they watched the girls’ antics. Trying to be serious, and almost failing, Peter told the girls, “Okay, you two. That’s quite enough. Both of you need to get to your first period class.” After the girls replied with, “Yes, sir,” Peter watched as their protection detail formed up and the small group walked down the hallway towards the girls’ science class. He wiped his eyes again, knowing the banter between the two girls was a good sign, before going back to his office.

As more well-wishers materialized as the group headed to the girls’ science class, so it was the entire school day. Neither girl realized how many of the students cared about them, or how many they’d helped by standing up to Tony and Patrick.

Peter had notified all of their teachers about Kathy’s meltdown the day before, so the teachers gave the girls until the next day to turn in missed homework. At the beginning of Kathy’s algebra class, resentment raised its ugly head when the girl who thought herself better than anyone in school asked, after hearing Kathy had an extra day to turn in missed homework, “Ah, Mr. Miller. I think it only fair if everyone in the class is allowed an extra day to turn in that night’s homework. Don’t you?” Charles Miller always found it easy to like the students in his classes, but Charlene made it impossible for anyone to like her with her self-serving superior attitude. And it was time she was taken down a peg. So he told her, “Why that’s an excellent idea, Charlene.” Charles saw the smug look on the girl’s face, until he finished what he was about to say. “Just as soon as two boys grab you, take you somewhere with the intent to rape you.” Charlene’s smug expression changed to one of indigent contempt, that anyone should speak to her in that way. It didn’t help when the entire class, but one, snickered at her expense. Charlene was so incensed that she got up out of her chair and started for the classroom door. She’d only made it two steps before she heard Charles tell her, with a growl in his voice, “Sit down, Charlene. And keep your mouth shut unless you have questions about the material we’re going to cover.”

Charles watched as Charlene turned and stared at him, her face so far past red it almost looked black. Charles had met her parents at a parent/teacher meeting and fully understood where she got her self-serving superior attitude. She was an exact copy of her parents, only younger. All three reminded him of characters in Victorian novels he’d read, where those with money thought anyone without money was hardly worth even acknowledging they existed. And Charlene’s parents had money, more than they could possibly spend in ten lifetimes. Charles actually felt sorry for the girl, for her life was going to be nothing more than the need to buy friends to have around her. She’d never know the value of true friendship.

A few more trials cropped up during the day, which were handled much the same way as Charles had handled the Charlene problem. And it didn’t take long for word to spread, and for those with something horrible to say finding it better to keep their mouths shut.

By the time school let out for the day, Marge and Kathy were worn out from all the concern shown by many in the school. From the hugs they received and the appreciative encouragement the two girls had inspired. They were ready to get away from school. They needed to get away and quickly, before both let being overwhelmed cloud their judgements and they said something which shouldn’t have been said. When their escort had picked up both girls, Kathy told them, “Guys. Marge and I need to get out of school now. We need to go directly to the parking lot. It’s been a really trying day.” Bobby had seen what the girls had endured throughout the day, and understood Kathy’s reason for wanting to get away from school. The six boys had intense looks on their faces, as they escorted Marge and Kathy to the parking lot. Upon seeing the look on the boys’ faces, no one got in their way. No one tried to stop them in order to speak with Marge or Kathy. Even Peter recognized the need to wait to find out how the girls were doing after today. Someone even opened the school doors to allow the group to exit the school without stopping.

A concerned look formed on Terry’s face as she watched the purposeful moving group head towards her car. She saw the determined look on the boys’ faces and a weary look on the faces of the girls. She told Dorothy, “Something happened,” which got a reply of, “I don’t think so. I think they’ve been overwhelmed by all the support they’ve been shown today.” The football players got hugs from both girls, before the two girls got into the backseat and basically collapsed against each other. Terry’s concern continued to exist as she asked, “What happened girls? Do I need to speak with Peter about something.” Dorothy laid a gentle hand on Terry’s arm and softly told her, “Give them a minute, Terry. Something happened, alright, but not what your mind is telling you.”

Silence seemed to stretch for hours, until Kathy said, “Yes, Dorothy. You’re right. Mom’s mind is on overload right now and it’s not what she thinks. You saw what we encountered this morning?” When both women nodded their heads, Kathy continued with, “Well, multiply that by the entire school.” “I got hugged so many times I’m not sure someone didn’t cop a feel,” Marge put in. “We got hugs, words of concern, even some girls telling us how they appreciated our strength in standing up to those pricks.” Terry gave Kathy ‘the’ look after she said ‘pricks,’ but Kathy didn’t care. The two were tired and needed to get away from school. “Um, Terry, if you don’t mind, can we just go. Kathy and I have to get away from here for a little while. I don’t think I can stand any more support like we got it today.” Marge put her head back on Kathy’s shoulder after speaking to Terry. When Dorothy looked at Terry with a ‘I told you so’ look, Terry stuck out her tongue and blew Dorothy a raspberry. The antics by their moms made the girls laugh, something that actually felt good to them after their day.

After arriving at the hospital the four entered the hospital through the main entrance, where they were met by Beverly, who saw something in the girls’ faces. Something they’d talk about shortly. After hugging all four ladies, she told them, “If you ladies will come with me, we’ll go upstairs. Jenny will be joining us shortly.” As they rode the elevator up to the psych ward floor, Beverly tried to get the girls to talk about their day. But all she received for her questions were non-committal answers. As she watched the girls’ body language, she came to the conclusion that both girls were tired after their day at school. But not why they were tired. Granted sitting in a classroom can be boring, but not boring enough to make the girls as tired as they now looked. When they reached the psych ward floor, Beverly explained to Terry and Dorothy that she and Jenny would like to meet with just the girls for the first few sessions, before having Terry and Dorothy join their session. She led them to the reception desk, where Terry and Dorothy were given paperwork to fill out. Beverly turned when she heard the elevator ding, and when the doors opened, saw that Jenny had finally arrived. Beverly then led the girls and Jenny to a small conference room, where after the three had entered the room, slid the cover until ‘do not disturb’ was showing. She then closed and locked the door from the inside. When she turned around she saw both Marge and Kathy had taken seats, and had put their heads down on the table in the room. She wondered how much they’d accomplish if the girls were this tired, but they’d try anyway.

Beverly didn’t ASK the girls, but sat bottles of bottled water in front of each girl she’d taken from a small fridge in the corner of the room. “Girls, take a good drink from those bottles in front of you. It’ll help.” Both girls looked at Beverly before sitting up, breaking the seals at the neck of the bottles, and actually draining the contents. Beverly looked at both girls and asked, “I’m going to guess you didn’t drink much today, right?” Marge and Kathy shook their heads before asking if they may have more. Beverly chuckled, shook her head, before going to the fridge and taking out two more bottles of water. After handing the bottles to each girl, she and Jenny watched as both girls drank about a fourth of the new bottles. After drinking a pint and a fourth of another bottle, the girls looked a bit better but still tired. Beverly decided to press on anyway.

“You two look as though you haven’t slept for a week. I’d like to know why that happened today?” Beverly watched as a silent discussion occurred between the girls before Marge said, “We got hug and concern overloaded today. A big group of students were waiting for us when we got to school, and they ALL hugged us. Then as we went to our classes, it was concern this and concern that, more hugs, and more girls telling us how they appreciated our standing up to those two, um, boys. I had a couple of girls in two of my classes, and Kathy had a girl in her algebra class, who thought they’d get cute about Kathy and I being allowed to turn in our homework tomorrow, but the teachers shut them down in a very brisk manner. Gads, I could sleep for a week after today.” When Marge finished talking she laid her head down on the table. Kathy lifted her head and told Beverly, “The girl Marge talked about in my algebra class was Charlene Chapman.” When Kathy saw recognition on Jenny and Beverly’s faces, she said, “Ah, you know who I’m talking about then. She’s a royal pain. Thinks she’s better than anyone in school, and lets everyone know it. Mr. Miller shot her down when she suggested it’d only be fair if everyone could turn their homework in late. He told her that was a good idea, provided two boys dragged her off with the intent to rape her. Oh, she got blistering mad being talked to like that. She tried to leave the room, but he told her to sit down and keep her mouth shut unless she had questions about the material he was going to cover. Knowing her, and her parents, Uncle Peter is going to get an earful at some point. Is today going to be repeated tomorrow? ‘Cause if it is, I think I’m going to stay home.” Kathy also put her head back down on the table, as Beverly looked at Jenny and asked their silent question.

Jenny had been keeping an eye on the girls throughout the day, so already knew how Charles handled Charlene. She also knew Charles had already talked to Peter, and Peter was not happy at the moment with the Chapman girl. “Kathy. I don’t think you have to worry about Peter getting chewed out by Charlene’s parents. She’s been a boil on the school’s butt long enough, and he’s going to explain that very thing to the Chapmans if they call or show up at school. Maybe what he’s going to tell them will help Charlene down the road.” Kathy had lifted her head off the table and was looking at Jenny while she spoke. She shook her head and said, “Iiii don’t know, Jenny. She’s too stupid to see how much of a problem she’s caused at school because of her attitude. But she gets it from her parents, so I wouldn’t put much hope in what Uncle Peter would tell them.”

Beverly changed the subject by saying, “Okay, we now know why you two look like last week’s leftovers, so how about we talk about meltdowns.” Marge groaned and asked, “Do we have to, right now? I’m really pittled out.” Beverly kept the chuckled in her throat from escaping, as she said, “Yes, Marge, we have to. Kathy has had two meltdowns in as many days. We need to find out why your girlfriend keeps going into a catatonic state, unless you prefer her to be in a catatonic state once in a while?” No one could see the smirk on Marge’s face as she said, “She’s always in a catatonic state. She’s just too doopy to realize it.” Marge hadn’t raised her head as she spoke, so her voice was muffled. But Kathy heard every word and slowly lifted her head and said, “There you go again, calling me doopy. Girl, I’m not the doopy one here, you are.” Jenny and Beverly had their hands over their mouths, stifling laughter that wanted to fill the room because of the girls’ antics. It really got hard to do as they watched Marge raise her head off the table, look at Kathy and tell her, “Oh yeah. You’re so doopy you didn’t even know I was in love with you since grade school. Even though I tried several times to be blunt, you were too blind to see it. And you’ve been doopy because you keep pushing everyone away who wants to help you through this situation that jumped up and engulfed you. You keep trying to Walter your way through it. You dope!”

What Marge just told Kathy caused the laughter wanting to escape from Jenny and Beverly to die as quickly as it had formed. Both women saw tears in the eyes of both girls, and Jenny asked, “Is that what you’re doing, Kathy? Pushing people away who want to help you? By trying to do what Walter did in a situation?” Kathy’s voice broke as she told Jenny, “I didn’t know it’s what I was doing. It’s just something I’ve always done. I don’t know how to NOT do it. I don’t know any other way to handle situations.” Marge reached across the small table and took Kathy’s hand, telling her, “Please. Don’t push us away. Don’t push me away. I can’t stop wanting to help you, and I can’t afford to lose you either.”

Beverly took over as she told Kathy, “Kathy. We briefly talked about you trying to do things now as you did when you were Walter. How there were differences between what is expected from boys and girls. You remember I said boys are expected to pick themselves up and move on? Well, as crazy as it sounds, girls are expected to fall apart in similar situations. For some stupid reason, society has told girls for years how to react in given situations. When something occurs like what has happened to you, girls are supposed to get upset, get all emotional, cry and fold up into a ball. But some girls tell society to stick it, and handle the experiences like you’ve been handling it. They get back up, spit in its eye, and move on. Only to have a meltdown sometime later on. Or become so insufferable that no one can stand to be around them. There’s a fine balance between meltdowns and spitting in the eye of an experience, a balance which allows the person to grieve but also continue on. And that’s what Jenny and I are going to try and help you learn. That it’s okay to be upset. That it’s okay to cry, to be emotional. But that you don’t have to dwell on the situation which caused all of those feelings to erupt, and let it run your life. Right now, you’re still trying to adjust to being a girl. Your mind is still coming to terms with you being Kathy for now and forever. And just when you were starting to accept you’re going to be Kathy, Friday occurs, and you start questioning the worth of being Kathy.”

When Beverly had started talking, Kathy’s head was still on the table, but she’d shifted her head so her chin was resting on the top of her hands. Marge had done the same thing. Jenny and Beverly watched the girls’ facial expressions, watched as both girls shifted through everything Beverly had told them. Both girls gave a slight nod, whether to what Beverly said or just to each other. Whichever, it didn’t matter, they were responding.

Kathy lifted her head, and continued up until she was again sitting up. “That’s all well and good, Beverly,” Kathy said, then took a deep breath, “but how do you not dwell on something? How do I handle all these emotions I’m feeling? Emotions I never had as Walter? I can accept I’ll be Kathy until time decides my time is over, that I’m now a girl, a fully functioning girl. But if I now have to keep looking over my shoulder everytime I go out, what’s the point of being a girl? What’s the point of MY being a girl? The doctors could have washed all those chemicals off me and used medication to neutralize what was absorbed by my body, or entered through all the cuts, but why was I transformed into a girl? And having to learn to be a girl on the run? I just don’t understand why?” When Marge saw the tears start to leave Kathy’s eyes, she got up and went to the chair next to Kathy, sat down and pulled her girlfriend into her. Both girls then looked at Beverly and Jenny expectantly. Looking to the two women for answers to Kathy’s questions.

They saw a look in Jenny’s eyes, and after a few moments heard her say, “To answer you last question first, Kathy, Walter would never have been grabbed by two boys whose intent was to rape him. And since this would never have happened, they’d never have seen him stand up and move on. I think you two need to know a little more about Tony and Patrick, and maybe why you were transformed into a girl.”

Jenny let both girls absorb what she just said before continuing with, “You were not the first girl they molested, Kathy. Both boys were expelled from several other schools because they’d been caught molesting many of the girls in those schools. And like the girls in our school who finally came forward, Tony would always make threats to those girls if they ever said anything to anyone.” She chuckled before saying, “In fact, they met up with a girl who did what you did in standing up to them. While she didn’t cause Tony to have surgery or Patrick to have extensive work done on his foot, she did put them into the hospital. They didn’t know she’d been studying martial arts since she was five. She broke Tony’s nose before dislocating one of his knees. Patrick had to wear a full cast on his right arm because she broke the three major bones in that arm. And she was so angry, if someone hadn’t stopped her, she was ready to do more than she had done. According to the teacher who’d intervened, it looked like she was getting ready to actually kill both boys. It’s also been discovered that it’s been their grandmother who’s been putting ideas into Tony’s head. It was learned, from Patrick, she would tell him to take whatever he wanted. If he wanted girls, to take them and do what he most wanted to do to them. After all the scars, welts, and bruises were seen on Patrick’s body, he was asked how he got them. Seems he never wanted to get involved with anything Tony wanted to do. Seems if he spoke up and told his grandmother or Tony what they were talking about was wrong, either his grandmother would severely beat him or Tony would beat him up until he was unconscious. Because of how Patrick was treated, and forced to do, he’s in quite the mental state at the moment. And likely to get counseling instead of detention and maybe later, jail time. Grandma is really in a bind because she was actually the facilitator in Tony’s crimes against the girls. She may be facing some serious jail time, and this time, she won’t be able to buy her way out of trouble.”

Jenny paused again to give Kathy, and Marge, time to think about all she’d said. As she was about to continue, both girls opened their bottles of water and took hefty drinks. Jenny was uncertain how Kathy was going to take what she said next, but she went ahead with, “Kathy, I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but it could be you were chosen because you had the whereforall to endure these types of situations. Because you’d learned how to accept what happened, get up and move on. I realize it doesn’t seem fair you were just dumped into the girl pool, but it could have been because Marge would be there to help you through the quicksand until you found solid ground. And I could be talking through my hat, and it all just happened as the result of that freak accident. But think about this. Because you stood up to those two boys, ten girls came out and had the courage to tell what they did to them. Word got back to the other schools and more girls had the courage to speak out. Had you been Walter, none of this would have ever happened and those two, um, pricks, would have continued to molest girls until one of them, or the girl’s father, killed them both. Because of what you did, you saved countless other girls from similar fates. Can you imagine what they’d be like as adult men? You actually saved future women the same fate. And there’s something else that has happened since Kathy appeared. Care to guess what that is, Kathy?”

Jenny paused, took a drink from her own water bottle, and watched both girls shift through their memories to come up with an answer to Jenny’s question. It was Marge who replied with, “Well, when Kathy first came out, kids at school were nasty to her. Many of the girls thought it was Walter under the dresses she wore. She was confronted by several girls who threatened her, and parents who wanted her kicked out of school. She had to do several ‘show and tells’ before people finally understood it wasn’t Walter under the dresses. After that, things became a bit calmer, kids were more accepting of her. Oh, there were still a few morons who wouldn’t believe what they saw, but the majority accept Kathy for who she is now. And like Walter had done, we both still help other students when they ask for help with their homework.”

“Um, that’s essentially correct, Marge. But it goes much deeper than that.” Jenny told Marge this as she thought to herself what a wonderful psychologist Marge would make. “What Kathy did, during the transformation, was to force those kids to examine themselves. They knew Walter, many had been in school with him since grade school, so they knew his character. But during the transformation they had to examine what they believed about a boy becoming a girl, and not a transgender boy either. They had to examine their beliefs because Walter was becoming an actual girl, which to some was an abomination. Walter’s change was not his choice, he had no control in it happening. It was happening whether he liked it or not. I know how many kids reacted to him when he first came out as Kathy, and they weren’t kind to him. I heard some of the names they gave him, even called him, but they were still forced to examine their beliefs when they learned it wasn’t Walter who made the choice to transition. And how were they forced to examine their beliefs? Simple. By how Kathy handled the transformation.”

Jenny stopped and took another drink from her water bottle, then continued with, “Because of how Walter was treated by many of those kids when Kathy first appeared, he had the right to tell all of them to go to hell. But he didn’t. When those three boys grabbed you and your mom beat the hell out of them, you had the right to tell the whole school to go to hell and leave school. But you didn’t, Kathy. Instead, you kept going. You explained what was happening, held your head up and kept going. Just like you’d done as Walter. And the kids started realizing what you were going through wasn’t your fault, or your choice. They also saw how you returned kindness for some very nasty comments. Kathy, throughout everything you’ve gone through, even the event of last Friday, you continued being the person you are deep inside. And the kids saw this too. You actually created calm waters within a sea of hormones.”

Beverly and Jenny watched as both girls mulled over everything Jenny just said. They both saw the question form on Kathy’s face before she asked, “Yeah, I guess I can see all that Jenny, though I didn’t set out to do any of it. But, if as you say, I created calm waters, how do I don’t do that here and here?” Kathy had pointed to the area of her heart then her head, and silently looked at Jenny and Beverly. Jenny and Beverly could hear each other think, ‘gads, what a question,’ before Beverly spoke. “Kathy. You have asked a question humans have been asking for ages. Some turn to religion. Some turn to other forms of beliefs. Some turn to drugs, mostly to numb those constant turbid feelings. I’m not going to say any but the drugs are bad, because if they find peace in those beliefs, then so be it. What you’re feeling right now, Kathy, are the memories from everything you’ve been through up to this point. They are not the actual events anymore. To find release from those memories, you have to accept they are memories, did happen and can’t be undone. When you understand playing could of, should of, and would of, won’t change what happened, you go a long way to overcoming the control your memories have on you at the moment. I’m not saying it won’t hurt when those memories surface, but they won’t control your life.”

Jenny then spoke up and told Kathy, “And when those memories do surface, let your emotions out. Cry if you have to. Turn to Marge, or someone you trust, in order to get through the moment. Acknowledge they’re just memories, and realize they have happened and can’t be changed. Let the moment pass, before going on with other things. I know it all sounds easy, but it takes work on your part, Kathy. You have to ‘want’ to not let your memories rule your life. You have to learn to rule your memories. The more you take charge of your memories, the easier it will be to let them pass and go on with what you’re doing. Right now, Kathy, the memories you have are open wounds, fresh wounds, that haven’t had a chance to heal. And it’s easy for someone to accidentally pour salt into those wounds by what they say or do. It will take time for those wounds to crust over, to become less sensitive than they are right now. So you have to be patient and allow that to happen.”

Again, Beverly and Jenny watched as both girls mulled over what Jenny and Beverly told them, before they saw the question again form on Kathy’s face. “Well, I understand everything you’re saying,” and Kathy stopped speaking. “But,” Beverly added. “Yeah, but how do I learn to let my feelings out without ending up in la-la land? Or not act like ‘me Tarzan, you Jane’ when something else happens? And if the days ahead are like these past days, entering la-la land is a distinct possibility. As in trying to handle something on my own.”

“Kathy,” Beverly began, “believe it or not, you’ve taken the first steps in helping yourself through all of this. You’ve recognized the possibility of the very things you don’t want happening. And that’s the hardest part. Why did you respond with kindness, most of the time, when you started transforming? Because that’s who you are, and you wanted to. I understand as Walter you ran into a lot of uncontrollable situations, and you will in your future. Everyone does, but not everyone handles them as well as you do. But there are those times when we can see a situation coming, and can decide how we’ll respond. Likewise in deciding not to handle the situation by yourself. Or tamping your emotions down and believing everything will be okay. You have to decide to let your emotions out, air them out so you’ll feel better afterwards. How have you felt these past few days after you’ve had a good cry and calmed down afterwards? You can’t tell me you haven’t felt better, because Jenny and I have seen that you do feel better.”

“And there’s something else, Kathy, something which really affects girls during this time in their lives. When you became a full fledged girl, you were entering puberty, just like you were as Walter. It’s a time when the body is producing hormones which help develop the body for its adult stage of life. Most boys get taller, more muscular, heavier, their voice changes, and their facial features even out. Their bodies are being prepared to attract a mate when she is met. With girls, a lot changes which never occurs in boys. There’s breast development, their figures become more pronounced, and their bodies start waiting to be impregnated. And when pregnancy doesn’t take place, the girl has her period. Plus, Kathy, and this is what really bothers many girls, besides having a period. Their hormones run from hot to cold while their bodies are becoming adjusted to the hormones. If you find yourself crying because someone dropped a tissue, blame it on your body not fully adjusted to your hormones. And if you and Marge have a row, like you had yesterday before Jenny and I walked into your room, blame it on the hormones you both are adjusting too. This time in a boy or girl’s life drives some parents crazy, and causes some to be more strict. And it’s because the kids don’t know how to handle the fluctuating hormones. They let the hormones do their thinking for them. And like teens before them, they get upset when restrictions are put on them because their parents, like parents before them, have been there, done that, and know what can happen if hormones control their child’s actions. It’s not because the parents are trying to be cruel. It’s because the parents love their children and don’t want to see them make mistakes because they can’t think straight most of the time. Now understand, you two. I’m not saying there aren’t those who handle the adjustment well, or whose bodies have become adjusted to the hormones being produced. But generally, teens of your age are often a mess until the hormone levels level out, and the body becomes adjusted to that level.” Jenny had to control herself at times when Beverly was speaking, especially when she mentioned a girl having her period. Given the expressions on the girl’s faces, it’s a wonder Beverly could keep speaking.

Jenny looked at her watch and said, “Girls, we’ve covered a lot of ground for our first session, but it’s time for you two to head home. We’ll see you both again tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel.” Beverly and Jenny chuckled as they watched both girls screw up their faces, look at each other, then look at Jenny and said together, “Huh?” Jenny shook her head, then said, “You know, Batman and Robin. The TV show? The show ended with ‘same bat time, same bat channel, in telling viewers to watch next week.” Both girls gave Jenny a blank stare, before Jenny asked, “You’ve never seen the TV show of Batman and Robin?” Both girls slowly shook their heads. “Hm,” Beverly mused, “maybe we need to fix that. But enough for now, you girls git.” What surprised the women next was Marge and Kathy coming around the table and hugging both women, before leaving the room. For the next forty-five minutes, Jenny and Beverly discussed the progress they’d made with the girls for their first session. They both agreed, though, Batman and Robin was going to take up thirty minutes of one session.

Chapter 29

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