Because I Admired A Pornstar Truck-kun Gave Me A Brothel

It was late when Jordan exited the convention center. Not that he minded. The last few hours had been the best of his whole life. It was the first time he had visited Eroticon. The convention is for all types of sex workers and related areas. From porn stars to strippers, it had catered to them all. Professionals from all branches of the sex industry had flocked to it. However, a large part of the visitors were fans. Jordan was just one of the thousands that had come.

He clutched his new treasures tightly to his chest. These were more than just memorabilia and swag. Jordan had snatched up dozens of autographs from various famous strippers, cam girls, and porno stars. He even got an Eroticon exclusive full-sized poster of Babette Bomchell. Signed by his favorite porn actress herself. Complete with a lipstick kiss to round off the signature. It was his newest and most prized possession.

Like a happy camper, Jordan made for his car. Heaving plenty of tote bags with swag, he stopped at a crosswalk that would take him to the parking garage. There, he could unload his new treasures. While he loved them like the child he never had, they were unwieldy and slowly became too heavy. While waiting for the signal to turn green, Jordan tried to shift all his spoils.

While juggling his swag, a poster role escaped his grasp. Rolling into the road. "Not my Babette Bomchell!" Jordan exclaimed before stepping onto the street without a second thought. He just grabbed his prized possession when angry honking and the sound of breaks could be heard. Jordan looked up.

There wasn't enough time. "Oh shi-" Even his last curse was cut off. One second, Jordan clutched a naughty poster to his chest. The next, his body flew a few meters. He didn't even feel the impact. It had been too fast. Now, floating meters above his body, Jordan knew how stupid he had been. One moment of negligence was enough to be rolled over by a white truck.

As he floated further up, Jordan knew that his time on Earth was over. As the view of his accident dimmed away, he wondered what was in store for him now. Was it an afterlife or maybe reincarnation? Whatever was in store for him, Jordan hoped there were pornstars involved.

Floating for a small eternity through the darkness, Jordan was surprised as it suddenly gave way to light. Stars were all around him, and he saw a sun in the distance. A little more orange than the sun he had known on Earth. A planet came into his view. Jordan saw oceans and continents. It didn't take a genius to figure out that this wasn't Earth, but very similar. The biggest difference was the moon that floated close by. It was a dark red color.

Further observations eluded Jordan as he plunged into the atmosphere. Thankfully, he had no body that could burn up. Still, panic filled him as the ground came closer at an alarming rate.

And then, Jordan was reborn.

Confused, he blinked a few times before really opening his eyes. The view was strange. He was in a clearing of woods that looked more dead than alive. Not far, he could see a dirt path cutting through the woods. But all that wasn't important. He felt strange. Jordan couldn't feel his arms or his legs. He appeared to be upright and sitting. Despite not feeling an ass to be sitting on. Then, he made the mistake of looking down.

"What the fuck is this?" he shouted out in a voice not his own. It was deeper, more sensual, and definitely female. One might call it smokey.

Even the change in voice was trivial to the view Jordan had. Two large breasts hang from his chest. They appeared to be his. His first reaction was to grab them, but nothing happened. His arms didn't obey his command. Looking at them elicited more curses from Jordan. There was nothing to look at. No arms. Looking past the smooth stumps of shoulders, he couldn't see much else below his tits. His body was missing. What was left - head, neck, shoulders, and chest - rested on some kind of stone pedestal. He appeared to be stuck on it too. Leaning forward didn't make him fall off.

"It is okay, Jordan," he told himself. "No need to panic. Just some kind of reincarnation gone wrong. Apparently, I am supposed to be a woman now, but whoever made my new body must have blown the freaking budget on the tits and couldn't finish the rest. No need to panic at all."

The last part had risen in pitch and was half shouted. He might tell himself there was no need to panic, but Jordan was definitely close. His instinct was to run. A hard endeavor when one had no legs. Still, Jordan strained on his pedestal. Twisting left and right. Trying to move. Even if it meant falling onto the forest floor.

With a sudden Plop, his view shifted. He could still see the forest and dirt path before him, but it was a little closer. Strangely enough, the view didn't shift as Jordan continued to move his head. Not even closing his eyes robbed him of the view. After fighting down some panic, Jordan started to experiment. With thoughts alone, he managed to slowly rotate the view. Until he saw himself and gasped.

He looked like a porn star halfway chiseled out of the stone pedestal. Everything below his armpits and tits was cold rock. He couldn't even see a seam. The surface transitioned smoothly from stone to flesh. Shifting his strange detached view closer, Jordan took himself in. At least he was beautiful. Granted, his lips looked a little too puffy. In fact, they reminded him of what was commonly nicknamed DSLs. Dick Sucking Lips. Jordan would be one of the first guys to proclaim that a woman sucking off a guy was hot, but now he dreaded that this was in store for him. Was this some kind of punishment for his porn-watching habits? Could this be hell?

Shifting his new view a little closer, it snapped back to his original. Namely to looking out into the world through his own eyes. Just in time to see a streak of purple and flesh zip through his view. Accompanied by a quick "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry."

Whatever was zipping around needed a few rounds around Jordan to bleed off speed. When it stopped, Jordan had a good look at a woman. She was tiny, naked, and had wings. The last probably explained how she could fly.

"What the hell are you?" Jordan demanded to know.

"Rude!" the tiny fairy exclaimed while putting her hands on her hips and fluttering her dark purple wings. "I'll have you know that I am a Brothel Fairy."

That she was a fairy, Jordan could believe. Being tiny and winged were good arguments for it. "Did you say brothel?"

"Yes, I did." She rolled her eyes as if Jordan had asked something extraordinarily stupid. "I am a Brothel Fairy. Before you ask, what makes a fairy a Brothel Fairy? Well, we are helpers to Brothel Busts and guide them along their way. Do you know what that means?"

Jordan looked down again. Not that there was much to see. Bemused, he looked at the fairy again. "That I am a Brothel Bust?"

"Oh, goodie!" The fairy exclaimed while clutching her hands together. "You aren't as stupid as you first appeared. Some busts can be really dense or airheads. Like, you wouldn't believe."

Well, everything came together like sunshine for Jordan. First, he died. Then he was reincarnated as a woman. Minus a few limbs and half a body. And now he was stuck in some forgotten woods with a condescending fairy.

"Can I ask a question?" Jordan squeezed in when the fairy paused her monologue to catch her breath.

"Of course!" the fairy immediately exclaimed. "That's why I am here for. To guide you and answer all your questions. You are probably some poor smug who got killed in another world, right? Sent to our world without a damn clue what is going on. Well, don't worry. Yonica is here to answer all your questions. Come on. Tell me. What do you want to know? Why is our moon red? Or what our world is called? How about-"

Jordan had enough. If he waited for the next break in Yonica's rambling, he might die of old age.

"What is a Brothel Bust?"

"What is- Oh. Oh!" Yonica clamped her mouth shut with her own hands. She looked shocked and embarrassed. But not for long. There was no shutting up of the little fairy. "Oh gosh darn. You must think of me like a fool. Here I am. Starting right in the middle. Like some kind of novice Brothel Fairy. How embarrassing. If my mother could see me now."

"Brothel Bust," Jordan reminded her and couldn't help but put an annoyed edge in his voice.

"Okay. Okay. Geez." Yonica took a deep breath. "Let's start at the beginning. This world is called-"

"Do I really need a history lesson?" Jordan asked.

"Yes! It is important. And you would know why if you wouldn't constantly interrupt me with your rambling." Jordan was too shocked to point out that it was the other way around. Yonica used his silence to continue her monologue. "Where was I? Oh, right. We are in Pornia. It used to be a pretty normal world with normal magic, peasants, dragons, kingdoms, and gods. You get the gist, right?"

Jordan managed a weak nod before Yonica rambled on. "So, one day, this traveling god appears. Like, not a god of Pornia. Nope, this one came from another world. Called himself The Traveler. Very original if you ask me. Not! Anyway. He looked once at Pornia and deemed our world too boring. He gifted us with a curse. Oh, sure. He called it a blessing, but we know better."

"The Brothel Busts?" Jordan volunteered. Hoping the fairy would get to the point.

"What? No! Are you being silly?" Yonica shook her head before picking back up her story. "Some of the inhabitants of this world changed. Not outwardly, mind you. They got aroused. Like seriously. The longer they went, the hornier they got. Spoiler. That's why we call them the Horny. Anyways. Their arousal constantly increases. Now you say, oh, no problem. Just let them fuck, right? Wrong! The Horny get no relief from each other, and their horniness only lowers slightly if they have sex with a normal person."

"So, they need a lot of sex," Jordan concluded. "Or they are horny all the time. Got it."

"I don't think you do," Yonica said and sounded for once rather sad. "The Hornies keep getting more aroused. We call it Resting Horniness. To the point that their very reasoning shuts down. Seeking out others to have sex if they want it or not. That's why people started hunting them. To kill or be raped. That was the sad reality. But it was a temporary solution. New people were born every day, and any one of them could become a Horny. Once someone turns eighteen years old, they find out. About five percent. An immediate death sentence."

"Fuck!" The irony of this particular swearing eluded Jordan. "There had to be a solution."

"Not for a long time. One world-hopping god was the cause. Another world-traveling person was the solution. Our gods - those of Pornia - met a dimension-hopping scribe. They asked for help, and the scribe had an idea. She played intermediary with a venture of another dimension called BetterU Inc. They modified something called a Dungeon Core system to suit our needs. And they called it-" Yonica hovered close to doing a drum roll on Jordan's tits. He couldn't stop her, and just as he was about to protest, the fairy shouted out: "Brothel Busts!"

Jordan stared at Yonica. Seconds passed. The fairy's expression grew more and more expectant while Jordan wondered if there was coming more. Eventually, he couldn't take it anymore.


Yonica looked taken aback. "And what?"

Now Jordan rolled his eyes. "You explained the history of Brothel Busts and why they are there. But I still have not a gosh darn clue what they do and why, of all people, I am one."

"I was leading up to that!" Yonica complained. "You are a Brothel Bust. That's a higher calling. The answer to our prayers. You should be excited."

When Jordan failed to buy into the hype, the little fairy threw her hands up. "Fine. Be misses grumpy. Okay. Here are the basics of what a Brothel Bust does. First, Brothel Busts can build a brothel. Shocking revelation. I know. Second, they can summon entertainers. Then a Brothel Bust waits for the Horny. Once the deed is done and the Horny has relieved their resting horniness, they leave, and the Brothel Bust - you - gets rewarded. With those rewards, you can build out your brothel, summon more entertainers, and unlock new features. And then the whole thing repeats."

Jordan stared at the fairy and desperately tried to glimpse a hint that this whole thing was a joke. Yet he feared it wasn't. At last, he relented. "Well, it appears I am stuck here and have nothing better to do. So, how do I start?"

Yonica looked at him critically. "Maybe you are one of the dense ones, after all. I just told you. The first step is building a brothel."

If only Jordan had arms. That fairy would be squeezed dead by now. "I meant, of course, how do I start with building? Me dense? Ha! I can hardly believe that you can fly, given how dense you are."

"Hey! There is no reason to get nasty."

Jordan contemplated pointing out the annoyances' double standard but decided against it. "Can we go on with it?"

"All right." Yonica fluttered a few feet back. "Think about building. Like, real hard. A menu should appear that- You know what a menu is, right?"

"Of course I do." Jordan snapped. Given the expected look, he tried it out. Indeed, a menu appeared. It wasn't even that hard. "That looks surprisingly similar to a HUD in a video game. Huh. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory."

"Pretty self-explanatory," Yonica repeated in annoyance. "Well, if it is so easy, then how about that: construct a five-by-five floor. Make sure your pedestal is in that area."

Jordan thought it shouldn't be too hard. The switch to the flooring sub-menu was quick. The resulting selection was a little sobering. He had one type of flooring. Wood of level one in the quality of poor. There was a cost associated with it. It appeared that each tile of the floor would cost him a single instance of a currency he didn't know. But the menu clued him in that he had ninety-five of those. Selecting the floor tile allowed him to place them. Yet it was hard to do as his own knockers blocked his view. Thankfully, he had figured out how to detach his view earlier and pan his camera around so he could place the flooring freely.

"Wow. That looks bad," Jordan remarked as he confirmed the placement. The wooden floor sort of appeared from thin air. His own pedestal was levitated upward so the wooden floor could be placed beneath. "This looks ramshackle as heck. A wonder that I am not crashing through that. Wait, did my tits shrink?"

"Well, yeah. Your breasts are a physical manifestation of your currency. As for the walls, you start with the bare basics," Yonica said. For once, she didn't sound snippy. "It is probably that bad to encourage you to unlock better stuff later and upgrade your brothel."

"How do I do that?" Jordan asked immediately. Going better might be worth the money.

"Later. Right now, you don't have the Fucks to purchase them. You should now have seventy of them. Brothel Busts usually start with ninety-five, and the flooring should have subtracted twenty-five."

"Yep," Jordan confirmed. "Seriously? The currency is called Fucks? Alright. Maybe I should spend them all. Then I can truly say I have zero fucks to give." Not to mention that his breasts would be gone. At least, if Yonica was right, and they mimicked how much of Fucks he had left.

Yonica gave him a glare but resisted the bait. "Moving on. How about you place some walls. And do me a favor. At least one wall should have a door. And some windows would be nice too."

"Of course, we need a door," Jordan remarked before adding sotto voce: "No hillbilly shack without one."

Each wall element - even if they contained a window or door - cost two Fucks. In total, twenty. Plunging Jordan's funds down to fifty. His bust now shrank to a halfway decent size.

"Let me guess," Jordan spoke up before Yonica could. "Roof next?"

"Well, you might want to place a lamp first," Yonica suggested with a smirk on her lips. "So, you know, you can see something while working on the interior."

"Grand idea," Jordan said while mentally chiding himself, not having thought of it. He found a light source inside the decorations category. "Torches? Really? In a wooden hut?"

Yonica looked unconcerned. "Don't worry about it. All flames are illusionary. I could fly through them and be just fine and dandy."

Shrugging, Jordan placed two Torches. But only after he appreciated the fact that he could shrug. He didn't have much, but he did still have shoulders. Each torch cost two Fucks and the roof another twenty-five.

"I am down to twenty-one Fucks," Jordan remarked. "Damn, that feels strange to say. What else do I need? Running kind of low here."

"One bed," Yonica said and started to count on her fingers. "One table and chair. The total should come to six. Under Provider, you should find a basic feast - poor quality - for five. Leaving you with ten Fucks."

Jordan built as instructed and suddenly was glad that he had no body to speak of. The bed looked bad. A dirty linen barely hid a thin layer of hay over hard wooden boards. The chair might collapse under the barest hint of a wind breeze, and the table was uneven. The feast was some stale bread, hard cheese, and some dried meat. Rounded off by a few grapes that were well on their way to becoming raisins and a cup of water. By now, Jordan was nearly flat-chested.

"Yonica, I have an important question. Do I need to eat that?"

"Oh, no. As a Brothel Bust, you don't need to eat or drink." For a moment, the fairy looked thoughtful. "I still think you might not even need to breathe. You just think you do because of your past life. But no Brothel Bust so far wanted to help me find out if my theory is correct. What's a bit of drowning between friends?"

Jordan was quick to change topics. "So, am I done with building? As you said, I have ten Fucks left to give."

"To spend," Yonica corrected. "Yes, there is one last item that absolutely must be placed. Under Essentials, you will find the brothel lantern. Place it outside of your hut. Oh, right. You can see where to place it. If you concentrate really hard-"

"I can detach my view," Jordan finished for her. "Already found that out. I used that the whole time while building."

"Well, I'll be damned." The tiny fairy looked shocked. "You are the first one I had to tutor who figured that out by herself. Maybe we can make a proper Brothel Bust out of you yet."

Jordan ignored the remark or that the fairy now used female pronouns for him. Technically, she was correct. Jordan should start to see himself as a woman, but he wasn't ready for that yet.

Instead, he concentrated on placing the lantern. Jordan guessed the best place was one where it could be seen from the dirt path that cut through the forest. After a bit of deliberation, he found the perfect spot. As it appeared, he saw the first object that didn't look like it would fall apart by lightly tapping against it. It looked sturdy and refined. As soon as the lantern was completed, an eldritch flame lit up that drenched the surrounding woods in red light.

"Okay. Technically, that means we are open for business," Yonica pointed out. "Horny will flock to red lights knowing that a Brothel is there. But we need something important to service them. Entertainers. Concentrate on that word and-"

"A menu should appear," Jordan guessed. It was surprisingly easy to dismiss the building menu and summon the entertainer menu. "I am getting the hang of it. Looks like I have one slot and zero of one summoned."

"Correct. Now, if you select the slot, a purchase selection should appear. We call them packs. They have different themes and qualities to them. Depending on that, they cost more or less Fucks. But the most basic one should be free. At least, the first time."

"Great," Jordan murmured. "Now we have Gatcha mechanics from mobile games." Then a sinister thought slipped into his mind. "Wait. Does that summon people to the world like me? I can't condemn people to a life of prostitution. That would be wrong."

"Oh, no. No. No. No. Think of them as-" Yonica scratched her head. "Did you come from a world with magic or a more technical one?" As Jordan remarked the latter, Yonica knew how to proceed. "Then you probably know what robots are. See, entertainers are like biological robots. They aren't really alive but made to look and feel that way. They also run on something like a program. No soul, spirit, or independent thinking mind. Just predefined orders. Granted, those can be quite complex. After all, they have to mimic a lot of things and skills. But believe me, you won't get a decent conversation with them until you raise their social skill way up, and even then, it will feel artificial."

"Okay. Okay. Got it." Jordan purchased the basic pack for zero Fucks - successfully suppressing a giggle - and waited for the result. He got a human woman. For a moment, he expected a pop-up inviting him to watch an Ad to unlock a better version, but nothing happened. He was free to inspect his first entertainer. Her stats were all at zero or one. He suspected that was bad. No special traits either. Jordan wasn't really surprised by that.

Summoning her was surprisingly intuitive too. She appeared right in front of Jordan. Aside from gently breathing, she stood perfectly still. Just one look in her eyes confirmed Yonica's claim. The lights were on, but no one was home.

The entertainer kind of reminded Jordan of Babette Bomchell. The porn actress he loved so much. If one took Babette and gave her a breast reduction operation down to A-Cup and liposuction of hips and tights to barely any body fat. She still was attractive. At least by Jordan's own standards.

"What now?"

"You can give her verbal or mental orders, and she'll try to complete them as best as she can." Yonica shrugged. "And then we wait. Your brothel is new, and it might take some time until the first Horny appears. Don't worry. Once one has visited, the news will spread, and more will come."

Jordan could hardly wait. Not because he liked to be a Brothel Bust and run a magical brothel. He was stuck in a small ramshackle hut with an annoying smart-ass fairy and a robot playing human. No TV or computer to entertain himself. Not even a radio. The next few days might suck. Of that, Jordan was sure.

The boredom was swept away suddenly as a woman burst into the brothel. Jordan froze. As did the entertainer who Jordan started to call Babs. They were in the middle of feeding Jordan hard, dried-out cheese and grapes that were halfway there to be called raisins. The basic feast - poor quality- didn't provide much but provided slight relief from the boredom. Their new arrival promised more.

She had a crazed look in her eyes. Panting heavily. There was no doubt that she was one of those Horny. Jordan expected her to jump Babs on sight, but she composed herself with pure mental will. "I didn't know there was a brothel here."

Jordan gave a lazy shrug. "As you can guess, I am new here. Welcome to my more than humble abode. I fear I can only offer Babs here. I don't have a male entertainer yet."

Without commands, Babs stood glassy-eyed in a sexy pose. Not moving an inch beside her shallow breathing. Slap some gray paint on her, and she might be mistaken for a statue.

"Not to worry," the Horny replied. Shrugging out of her backpack and clothes, she cupped her pussy with her right hand. "Activate skill: errecto!" Her hand was pushed away as a dick grew slightly above her snatch. Long, thick, and very hard. Old Jordan - the male version back on Earth - would have been jealous. New Jordan was glad that it was not her duty to service that monster.

"What was that?" Jordan whispered to Yonica as the Horny pulled Babs onto the ramshackle bed. The entertainer didn't do much more than lay there, but the Horny appeared to have no problem using her like a blowup doll.

"She activated a skill," the Brothel Fairy replied. "Part of the whole Brothel Bust system, Horny's get a currency similar to your Fucks for having sex in a brothel. Theirs is called Experience. They can use it to increase their abilities - like stamina - specialize their attractions and develop kinks, and learn magic skills. This was one of them."

As the Horny came the first time, Jordan and Yonica looked silently as Babs was repositioned for a round of doggy style. It really was like a video game, Jordan mused. For her, being a Brothel Bust was like living a kinky business management and base-building game. Heavily drenched in all things sex. For the Horny, it was more like a role-playing game. Stats and skills. Also flavored in sex, more sex, and a shit ton of sex.

"Specializing attractions and kinks?" Jordan asked over the constant squeaking of the bed as Babs and Horny rocked back and forth. "What does that entail?"

"Horny can alter what they are into," Yonica explained while taking a seat on Jordan's right shoulder. "Most go bisexual as soon as they can. It allows them to be more flexible. Later, they might want to boost what turns them on, develop kinks, and later evolve them to fetishes."

"Wouldn't that-" Jordan stopped as the Horny picked up the entertainer and pinned her against the wall. With each thrust of her hips, Babs moaned, and the flimsy wooden wall creaked under the strain. Jordan witnessed the display of sexual prowess for a few moments before turning back to her question. "Wouldn't that hinder the Horny? Sounds like narrowing down their playing field."

"You are correct in one regard," Yonica admitted. "It is harder for them to find the right brothel to satisfy their needs. But the Brothel Bust system rewards them for it. Each kink or fetish they gain slows down their accumulation of resting horniness by a tiny bit. Get a dozen, and it gets noticeable. Making life more livable for a Horny. But there is more. If they satisfy their kink or fetish in a brothel, their resting horniness lowers fractionally more than would be the case otherwise."

They both saw when the Horny let Babs go from the wall and guided her to her knees. It looked like oral was next on the list of sexual acts. Once Babs managed the magic trick of hiding the Horny's sausage in her throat, Yonica continued. "There is also the added benefit that Horny's are less likely to accost normal people who don't trigger their kinks and-" There was a short sound of implosion, and Babs was gone. The Horny kept fucking the air for a few thrusts before stopping and looking around. Her eyes landed on Jordan. At the same time, the brothel fairy took flight. "Uh, oh. That's not good."

"What happened?" Jordan demanded to know while being devoured by the eyes of the Horny. The brothel's guest made her first step toward the Brothel Bust.

"She used up the stamina of your entertainer," Yonica shouted while flowing up to the rafters. Save from the grasp of the Horny. "At the worst time. She might be beyond reason until she cums again."

Jordan swallowed nervously. It was true; she was kind of excited. But as a Brothel Bust, she didn't have any convenient orifice for taking in the Horny's girth. Well, she had her mouth, but Jordan wasn't too eager to get face fucked. Just a few days ago, she had been a red-blooded man. Now, she had barely made peace with recognizing that she was a woman. There was no way she'd suck a dick. Not so soon.

With panic rising, Jordan looked around for anything that might help. Her eyes landed on her tits. They had grown again while being distracted by the Horny's display of sexual prowess and Yonica's explanations. Not as big as they were at the beginning, they still had grown to quite the handful.

With a weak smile, Jordan addressed the Horny. "Can I interest you in a titty fuck?"

The answer came in words partially growled, moaned, and dripping with lust. "Don't mind if I do." The Horny must have more control over herself than Jordan had guessed. Not only did she have the capacity to form words, but pull the small table towards Jordan. Not caring that the small feast clattered to the floor.

The Horny climbed onto the table. Kneeling on it, she had the perfect height to lay her meat between Jordan's pedestal-supported tits. Well, they weren't big enough for that naming. Breasts were more appropriate. "Could be bigger," the Horny echoed Jordan's thinking.

Jordan was too distracted. Yes, it was quite a strange feeling to have a rod of warm flesh rest on her chest. She could feel every vein on that thing as the Horny used her hands to smush both breasts against her lady-lance. But Jordan didn't care as much as she would have guessed. There was that smell in the air. She couldn't place it. It made her hungry. Needy. Mesmerized her mind with an allure she couldn't explain.

But the source was close. Entranced, she looked down as the Horny's dick - slick from previous activities - glided up and down her chest. Rubbing against and being rubbed with her flesh. Jordan would have never guessed that such an act could be pleasurable for a woman. It must be the strange world that did it.

Suddenly, the Horny bucked, and ropes of cum shot up and splattered against Jordan's face. The smell grew more intense, and she couldn't resist. With her tongue, Jordan licked at some of the spunk that had landed close to her mouth. It was delicious. Heavenly. Yet sinfully perverted. Need overwhelmed her, and Jordan leaned down to lap at the origin of this divine taste. The Horny's spent dick had just started to shrink when Jordan's tongue made contact.

"What service," the Horny purred. Standing up on the table, the Horny's endowment was just the right height for Jordan's mouth. "Clean that up for me, will you?"

Jordan didn't have to be told twice. The whole length of the Horny's hotdog smelled and tasted of cum. Jordan licked it all up as if her life depended on it. But the moment she took the crown of the Horny's mushroom in her mouth, Jordan knew she made a mistake. The best kind of mistake, but still one. The Horny bucked on instinct. Ramming her meat down Jordan's throat. She pulled back at once, but Jordan was having none of it. Sucking and clinging onto the meat popsicle with all her might.

The Horny relented. Plunging her enormous length deeper down Jordan's throat. No gag reflex, Jordan noticed, but didn't dwell on that epiphany. She enjoyed the feeling of being filled and stretched to the max. This must be what women felt during sex, she realized. But since she was only a bust, the function, and feeling must have been transferred by the creators of this system.

It was almost gentle as the Horny slit in and out of Jordan's throat. The Brothel Bust could feel every vein on that monster that glided over her throat. It was surprisingly alluring and mesmerizing. So focused on the Horny's lady meat, Jordan felt the climax before eating it in the Horny's voice. A tremble went through her appendage. Contractions. A pulsing that traveled along Jordan's body. From her lips that closed tightly around the dick, over her tongue that used its little wiggle room to caress it, down the throat that was marginally - but profoundly - stretched further. A deep warmth filled Jordan. She would have described it as a feeling in her belly. Not that she had one anymore. Below her bust was a pedestal of stone.

At first, Jordan thought the Horny was gently pulling out her cock, but the tip moved faster than the base, and the overall girth reduced. The Horny was spent, Jordan deduced. But as the deflated meat-popsicle slit out of Jordan's lips, she noticed it further shrinking. The size of a thumb. Then a pinky. Dwindling further and then being reabsorbed into the Horny's skin.

Clumsy - exhausted - the Horny patted Jordan's head. "Not bad for a newcomer. Heh. One might think you had been a Horny yourself in your previous life."

Jordan swallowed every reply on her lips. It was that smell; she could have defended herself. But while strong, had it really been that overpowering? It didn't do anything aside from opening my mouth, could have been another point. But she remembered sucking and licking. Even as her throat was filled and she could barely move any of her muscles. And a Horny? In her previous life? Ridiculous! Except male Jordan had been pretty obsessed with sex. And masturbation. Too much to have healthy relationships, though he had tried. Then his obsession with porn started. DVD's, streaming sites, cam girls and OnlyFans. Maybe it was fortunate that that white Truck ended his life. Sooner or later, the debt that had accumulated would have eaten him alive.

But it was that smell that distracted Jordan the most. Not the previous wonderful smell that reminded her of semen, cum, spunk, man-juice, or any other name one might give it. Never had it smelled this good in Jordan's previous life. Then again, given her new form and function, it was only to be expected that it smelled and tasted this good. All to entice her to fulfill her intended function. But this new smell was different. Equally intriguing. Jordan's eyes fell onto the Horny's pussy. After all, it was right on Jordan's eye level. It glistened with moisture. Was this the source of the smell? Would it taste as good? Jordan leaned forward as far as she could and stretched out her tongue, but the distance was too far.

An amused snort came from above her. "Still don't have enough? For a mere beginner bust, you have exhausted me good."

"Just a taste," Jordan begged. Making puppy eyes at the Horny towering above. "I need to know."

The Horny hesitated. She looked different. Exhausted, yes. But also more clear-headed. Gone was the manic madness that she had displayed when entering Jordan's brothel. For a moment, Jordan could see her thinking. Then the Horny relaxed. "Fine. Just a taste."

The smell overwhelmed Jordan as the Horny moved closer. Her lovely nether grotto moved closer, and then, Jordan's tongue made contact. The Horny's honeydew of arousal was as potent as her spunk earlier. At once, Jordan knew a taste of it was not enough. She clamped her mouth on the Horny's lips and sucked with all her might while plunging her tongue deep inside.

"You little minx!" The Horny actually pulled Jordan's head away from her crotch. But either her own lust reignited or by the look of wanton need on Jordan's face, she didn't last long. "Fine. You better make it count."

Jordan didn't have to be told twice. This wasn't the first time Jordan had eaten out a woman. Twice she had done so as her previous male self. But now, she had encouragement. A need that she hadn't known before. Was there any surprise that the Horny yielded to her tongue before long? There was a last burst of sweet nectar before the Horny pulled away.

"There. You have your taste." The Horny scampered off the table with weak legs. Nearly falling to the floor. It appeared she was at the end of her stamina as she collapsed on the bed. One of the bed's feet broke. Slanting the whole bed. Not that the Horny cared. She had been asleep within seconds.

With longing, Jordan glanced at the sleeping woman. She doubted the Horny would rise very soon. Still, there were traces left. Jordan performed acrobatics with her tongue to get as much remaining deliciousness into her mouth as she could. Either the cum left on her face from the titty fuck or the juices from eating out the Horny.

"My, oh my," Yonica commented as she fluttered down from the rafters. Landing on Jordan's right shoulder. "What a performance. I can't remember a single freshly spawned Brothel Bust that had been so enthusiastic about her duties."

"It just tasted so good," Jordan whined. Slowly starting to realize that her tongue was at the end of its ability. Blushing, she looked away. "I couldn't resist."

"Oh, I am not judging you," Yonica assured her while giving a few pats of sympathy. Which happened to land on Jordan's neck. "Look, you did fine for your first time. A thoroughly exhausted Horny. Quick and inventive thinking. And by the looks of it, you gathered quite a few Fucks."

Her HUD told Jordan that she now had forty-seven Fucks to spend. Looking down, her breasts were nearly half as large as they were when she arrived in Pornia. But they weren't much larger than before the titty fuck.

"Yeah, but-" Jordan frowned. "My entertainer Babs gathered plenty, but I barely made any. I tried so hard, and there was no reward. Well, aside from that yummy delight."

Yonica shook her head in bemusement. "Silly little Brothel Bust. Still so green behind the ears. Listen. Brothel Busts aren't made to gather Fucks directly. That would be against the system. Only your entertainers can gather Fucks. That's why you are encouraged to either upgrade yours or get newer and better ones."

If Jordan had arms at this moment, she would have crossed them in defiance. As it were, all she could was pouting like a little child being denied their dessert. "I swear, I earned some Fucks."

A suffering sigh was the reply from the Brothel Fairy. "Fine. If you don't believe me, then query the system. There is a log that stores all transactions of Fucks as well as relevant events."

The log wasn't hard to find. The first few entries were the expected ones. The spending of Fucks to build the brothel. Then the summoning of her first entertainer, Babs. Indeed, there were two listings for incoming Fucks as Babs had engaged the Horny. But the following entries were of a different caliber.

"I've got achievements!" Jordan exclaimed with excitement. "Maybe that's how I got a few Fucks more. As a reward."

"Achievements? No way." Yonica looked actually stunned for a moment. "You haven't even gathered your first upgrade point yet. How did you get not just one but multiple achievements? That's for Brothel Busts up on their two to three hundred spent points who are looking for challenges or bonuses. Some take years to complete."

"But I have some," Jordan insisted and hoped the little whine in her voice wasn't noticed by the Brothel Fairy. "Here. Let's see. The first one is called 'proper buns for a hot dog'. It says it is a hidden achievement and is earned by: Giving a titty fuck to the first Horny to visit the brothel. Check. I did that for sure. And it gives a bonus." Now it was Jordan's turn to look bemused. "It says my minimum breast size is doubled, and my maximum size is raised by ten percent. What does that even mean?"

Despite being surprised, Yonica didn't need long to gather her wits and thoughts. Falling back into what she was familiar with. The role of a Brothel Fairy. "Oh, that is easy. I told you that your breast size is based on the Fucks you have accumulated. Well, when you are out of Fucks, you won't be nearly as flat-chested anymore. And the melons you sport when you are nearly full? Well, they will have a little extra oomph to them. A nice little bonus, but it wouldn't explain extra Fucks earned."

At first, Jordan wanted to protest that she wouldn't consider bigger breasts a nice bonus. Then again, she sort of enjoyed having a dick between her tits. Not as much as licking up yummy cum, but it certainly helped to get to that point. For now, she chose to remain quiet on that front and look for a distraction. "Well, maybe the next achievement explains it. The name is 'Daily Vitamins'. Strange name." Jordan read ahead and blushed a deep crimson. "I got it for sucking off the first Horny that visits my Brothel."

"A set of hidden achievements." For once, Yonica sounded more contemplative than teasing. "I have never heard of these. So far, they appear to be linked to unexpected actions performed with the first Horny to enter a brothel. What does the description say for 'Daily Vitamins'?"

Dutifully, Jordan read aloud. "For a Brothel Bust, getting her daily vitamins of C, U, and M is very important. Once daily, the Brothel Bust can gather a few Fucks based on the amount of semen first ingested." Jordan couldn't help but gleefully smile. "See? I was right."

Agitated, Yonica took flight. "Unbelievable! I never heard of such a thing. This goes against everything a Brothel Bust stands for. At least it isn't too overpowered. A few Fucks extra might slightly hasten your progress in the beginning. But in later stages, with a few entertainers to your brothel, it would barely be noticeable."

Jordan felt oddly proud. Yes, it was a deviant act that unlocked this achievement, and it wasn't very strong. If only the limitation of once daily wouldn't be there. But she could see why it was. Bummer. Still, she had gained these achievements when no Brothel Bust before her had. And there was even one more achievement to read out.

"Ready for the last achievement?" Jordan teased the agitated Brothel Fairy. A glare was the answer. Followed by a nod. It was enough for Jordan, who would have read aloud anyways. "The last one is called 'Kitties Tongue Bath'. I think I already know how I earned that one. Yep. Licked first Horny's pussy until she came. The description is similar to the 'Daily Vitamins' achievement. A small amount of Fucks based on how thoroughly I clean with my tongue. Again, once a day only."

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah," Yonica waved her off. Landing on the nearby table. "You are oh so special. Achievements no one else has because you out-slut your entertainer. Now, back to business. This place is a mess. You might tidy up a bit."

Jordan gave her Brothel Fairy a sour look. This annoyance really knew how to rain on Jordan'sparade. "Very funny. In case it escaped your notice, I don't have any arms. And even if I had, most would be out of reach."

Yonica propped up her arms on her hips and fixed Jordan with a stare. "Stop thinking like you are still human. You are a Brothel Bust. Act like it. Do you really think the makers of this system hadn't anticipated that a Brothel Bust might need to clean up? Especially since the entertainers aren't there to play maid."

As much as Jordan hated to admit it, the little flying pest of venom had a point. Opening up her HUD, Jordan paged through the options. It was not hard to find the command to clean up. It would take a few Fucks to do so. A small price to pay to get the Brothel Fairy off her back.

For a moment, Jordan's brothel came alive. The table shifted back to its original position. Clearly anticipating it, Yonica took flight just at the right time. The single chair tucked itself under the table, and the plate of the small basic feast sailed through the air as if animated by a poltergeist. The previous food - hard cheese and dried-out grapes - vanished into thin air. At the same time, replacement food appeared on the platter. Creaking of wood could be heard as the bed lifted up and the broken leg repaired itself. Not even disturbing the Horny. Too tuckered out to wake up.

What elicited a moan of disappointment from Jordan was the fact that she was cleaned up too. The last traces of delicious spunk and pussy juice evaporated into thin air. Not that she could have reached it anyway, but Jordan could only see it as a waste.

"There. All cleaned up." Jordan glanced at her HUD and confirmed the amount lost. "That cost four Fucks. But I guess I am all ready now for when the Horny wakes up. Or a new one visits."

"Not quite," Yonica remarked. She flew a few circles to find a good spot to land and eventually settled on Jordan's right shoulder again. "Your entertainer ran out of stamina. Not a good thing, but something to be expected in the beginning. As you saw, she vanished, and now she is - what we experts call - on a cooldown. It takes two days until you can summon her again."

Taking a moment to think about it - slightly distracted that Yonica actually gave her the time for it - Jordan thought about the implications. "I should get a second entertainer as soon as possible."

"That would be one valid strategy. But not the only one." Yonica gave a long pause to underline how important it was. "How you spend your first few upgrade points is important. Granted, there are no mistakes that can't be remedied in time. But the right plan can help you develop faster."

It reminded Jordan of different builds in role-playing games. Some were inherently more powerful, and some mistakes could make a character nearly unplayable. But this was no game for Jordan. Being a Brothel Bust was her new life. She doubted there would be an easy way to reset her spend upgrade points and start over.

As much as she wanted to dismiss the bothersome fairy, Jordan knew that this was one instance where it was better to take advice. "Getting a second entertainer sounds logical to me, but I am open to suggestions. What other paths are there?"

"First, a starter Brothel Bust can make do with one entertainer for quite some while." Yonica gave a lazy shrug. "Most Horny know to go easy on newborn Brothel Busts. She-" The fairy nodded at the sleeping Horny. "She should have known a newly made entertainer couldn't handle more than two rumps. Then again, Hornies are known to not always act purely rationally. She must have been high in Resting Horniness. She could have gone two times and then slept through the night. Then, she could have had two more lays in the morning. It would have been better for her - to diminish her resting horniness - and better for you. To accumulate more Fucks."

Jordan nodded. It was abstract that such naughty acts could be reduced to cold math. That nearly made her laugh out loud. Still, she stifled it before the Brothel Fairy got the impression Jordan didn't take it seriously.

"Okay. There are two main ways to go if you want to focus on one entertainer for the foreseeable future. One." Yonica actually held a finger up. "Raise your entertainer's stamina. Option A would be to use an upgrade point to level up the entertainer directly. That's normally a waste of a perfectly good upgrade point. Don't do it. Option B is taking one of the skills that buffs all your entertainers. The effect isn't as good, but it would be a decision that would still be valid once you do raise your entertainer count."

"I could go for a mix of stamina skills and additional entertainers," Jordan mused aloud. "A more balanced approach."

"That is good thinking. This would let you focus on quantity. But keep in mind that you would need to expand your brothel too. Which would slow down your accumulation of upgrade points as you spend Fucks otherwise." The sage look of Yonica made way for a leering smirk. "But given your actions today, I think there is another way that suits you better."

"I mean, I would like to suck more Horny's off," Jordan mused aloud. Then realized what she had said. How did she go from relatively normal to casual slutty? "Anyway, if that doesn't normally give Fucks, how could there be a way better suited for me?"

"Tell me this." Yonica had flawlessly switched back to teacher mode. No smirk to be seen. "How had the entertainer acted during its use?"

"Babs?" Jordan didn't need to think long. "Much like a sex doll. Barely moved. The Horny pretty much posed and then used her."

"Because entertainers aren't sentient, and while they have some rudimentary intelligence, it is underdeveloped in the start, and they don't have any worthwhile knowledge." Yonica took flight, made three circles around Jordan, and landed on her left shoulder. "A quality entertainer works with a Horny. Meaning they come faster. And in turn, the entertainer's stamina gets used up less. Decreasing the chance of being popped or fitting more romps in the same period."

Jordan gave a contemplative sound as she thought it through. "I bet I have similar options as I have for stamina. Either level up Babs directly or choose a perk that improves all entertainers a little."

"Yes, that's correct!" Jordan couldn't believe her ears. Had Yonica just agreed with something she had said? Before Jordan could dwell on it, the Brothel Fairy continued. "However, perks for better behavior in entertainers are expensive. And they suck. In my opinion, at least. Nothing beats customized behavior. And this is where 'Control Entertainer' comes in."

"And that allows me what exactly?" Skepsis colored Jordan's voice. She doubted she could do running commentary while an entertainer fucked. Provided she isn't speechless again like last time.

"Well, listen here and be amazed. It allows you to temporarily transfer your consciousness into an entertainer. Not just controlling them, but feeling what they feel."

Jordan bit her lip before she could say something stupid. But Yonica was right. This skill sounded like it was perfect for her. She could fulfill all her urges. Even more, if she jumped into Babs, Jordan could find out what it would be like to have sex as a woman. Maybe even try anal. And then it dawned on her. If she summoned a male entertainer, she could be a man again. At least for a little while. It was a tempting prospect, but Jordan felt she wasn't as hyped about it as she might have been a day ago. Too much had happened. The experience had changed her for sure.

"Hmm. Wait." Jordan shrugged off her daydreams of what might happen with such a perk and focused her attention on Yonica again. "If I control an entertainer, I still earn Fucks, right? But the real question is, do the dailies of my achievement skills trigger?"

"What?" The Brothel Fairy looked at Jordan like the bust had grown a second head. Then Yonica shook her head to clear it. "Honesty, I don't know. But that isn't why I suggested this perk. While rudimentary, the intelligence of an entertainer can learn. As such, it will start to behave as you do when you control them. Allowing them behavior that might be unique to your brothel alone."

"Sold!" Jordan exclaimed. If she still had arms, she might even have mimicked slamming a gavel down. Sadly, that little joy was unavailable to her. "Now I only need to earn the Fucks to buy it."

"One or two more Hornies should do the trick. But you still need to figure out how you spend the next few upgrade points. At first, they will be coming fast. As each upgrade point takes ten more Fucks than the last, it will gradually take longer to earn a new one."

"Ten more?" Jordan grew pale. "Holy shit. Just a dozen or so, and my breasts will grow enormous before each point earned."

Yonica grimaced and then fixed Jordan with a glare. "Did you drop on your head while arriving in Pornia? It's percentage based. Not value. Some older Brothel Busts need tens of thousands of Fucks to earn one additional upgrade point. They would flatten the landscape if it was based on value."

Jordan blushed deep red. Yeah, she should have thought that through. But Yonica didn't have to be so mean about it. Why couldn't she have gotten a nicer Brothel Fairy as a companion? As such, an awkward silence settled over the brothel.

A few hours later, the Horny finally stirred. Jordan was ready for it. Maybe she could tempt the Horny for another round or two. Yonica had only smirked and said it was unlikely. Not why. Jordan didn't really care. She bet she could tempt the Horny if she acted right.

"Good morning," Jordan beamed. "I hope you slept well. Yes, I know. It's not the best bed, but maybe you still had pleasant dreams?"

The Horny groaned while sitting up. She appeared confused as Jordan spoke up and glanced first at her and then at the bed. Sluggishly, she stood up. "Need food," she grunted and dragged herself over to the table. Then sat down heavily and dug into the small basic feast. By experience, Jordan knew the offerings were barely edible, but the Horny didn't appear to be bothered. A moment later, the Horny dashed that expectation. "This is gross."

"Sorry," Jordan was quick to murmur. Then thought better of it. It wasn't her fault that she could only provide a basic feast. "I hadn't had the chance to upgrade it yet. You are my first customer. I haven't even earned my first upgrade point yet."

The Horny actually paused and stared at Jordan. "Really? I deflowered a Brothel Bust?" For a few seconds, her eyes unfocused before returning to Jordan. "So, I did. Got the achievement and everything. A nice amount of experience too."

"Well, I got some achievements too," Jordan remarked. Just the memory made her blush deeply. "I wouldn't mind repeating what we did yesterday," she said with a wink. Maybe a bit bold, but right now, Jordan didn't care.

"Oh, shit!" The Horny's eyes glazed over. Followed by a string of more colorful curses. The first reasonable words were: "Can't believe I fucked a Brothel Bust. Trice!"

The good mood Jordan had vanished. Replaced by anger. "You seemed to like it yesterday. I wasn't that bad."

The Horny sighed. "Listen-"


"Jordan," the Horny repeated. "What a strange name. I am Slutdia. Here is the deal. You are new, and your Brothel Fairy probably hasn't taught you enough yet. We Hornies don't fuck Brothel Busts if we can't help it. There is a price to pay. A debuff. Every time one fucks a Brothel Bust, they lose ten points of Resting Horniness. But that is temporary. A day later, they regain it with interest. Fifty percent on top. If that hits, I'll be worse off than before I got here."

"Oh, I didn't know." And then it dawned on Jordan. No wonder her three achievements were unheard of. Most Hornies must avoid having sex with a Brothel Bust at all costs. Which bode ill for the prospect of a repeat of last night. Or her chance to entice any other Horny in the future. The 'Control Entertainer' skill really was her only viable option to get some action.

"I am not blaming you," Slutdia admitted. "I am blaming myself. I should have known better."

"What do you do now?" Jordan wanted to know. She kind of felt bad for Slutdia.

"Well, your entertainer went bust," the Horny pointed out before returning her attention to the small basic feast. Chewing on the hard offerings while laying out her plans. "Gotta eat and then go. If I hurry, I might arrive at one of the brothels near Drakesfall before my debuffs run out."

"I hope you make it." Jordan actually meant it. So far, the concept of Hornies had been something abstract. Theoretical. Even the night before, Jordan hadn't realized that there was a person behind that wanton need. "Will I see you again?"

Slutdia stood up as the plate was finished off. Then stretched lazily. "Sure." The word was just as stretched as the Horny's limbs. "Given a week or two. Maybe by then, you've got some improvements done. I might even tell a few others that a new brothel opened. Provided I am coherent when I arrive. But now, it is time for my loot."

Jordan was taken aback. Loot? She had no loot to offer. No one had ever mentioned loot before. But before she could say anything to that effect, a small wooden chest appeared. Slutdia wasted no time and opened it.

"Two copper bars and a span of fabric. Not bad for a newborn Brothel Bust." Slutdia stepped over the chest - that vanished into thin air at the same time - and stood before Jordan. "Gotta go. You know how it is. Or not yet. But you will. Anyways. I wish you luck. Become a magnificent Brothel Bust, will ya?"

Before Jordan could answer, Slutdia gave her a passionate kiss that left Jordan speechless. A moment later, she was alone. Left with quite a few more questions to ask her Brothel Fairy. Speaking of Yonica, where was that little pest?


After a few more shouts, an angry "What?" came from the rafters. A groggy-looking fairy flew down in lazy spirals a moment later. "What is it now? You might not need sleep, but others do. Especially since we brainstormed strategies for you deep into the night."

Jordan had the decency to blush. It was true. Technically, Jordan didn't sleep anymore. No Brothel Bust did. She did just fine without. Granted, she was bored more often than not and got lost in daydreams. Somehow, she could guess her future daydreams would be a lot more naughty.

"I have a few questions."

Yonica landed on the edge of the table and gave her a suffering look. "Of course you do. Well, then. By all means. Let's have at it."

"I didn't know Hornies received loot from me."

"Of course they do," Yonica said with a dismissive shrug. "I wanted to wait until the Horny is ready to leave, but since you insist that-"

"She already left," Jordan interrupted.


"The Horny," Jordan pointed out. "She already left."

Yonica looked around and then actually looked surprised. "It appears she did. You should clean up."

A little annoyed, Jordan looked through the HUD and had her brothel cleaned again. Two more Fucks were spent. "The loot," Jordan reminded her fairy as the bed made itself and new food appeared on the feast's platter.

"Right. As I was saying-" Yonica took a moment to stretch. Much like the Horny not long ago. "Hornies need to make a living too. Pay for food and other traveling expenses. And Brothel Busts giving them loot based on performance allows them that. The materials they get helps them not only to earn coin but contribute to society. Even allows them to build up a nest egg for when they retire."

"Hornies can retire?" Jordan immediately asked. "How does that work? Hire a harem that satisfies their needs so they don't need Brothel Busts anymore?"

"What?" Bewildered, Yonica stared at Jordan. "Some of you newly born Brothel Busts have strange ideas. No, Hornies can actually lose their Resting Horniness accumulation. It takes a lot of experience and unlocked perks, but most manage to do so in their forties or early fifties. And once they do, they are finally free to properly join society."

Jordan breathed a sigh of relief. No wrinkly grannies or old horndogs showing up on her doorstep one day. She counted that as a bullet dodged. It was also nice to know that she could help cure Hornies in a way.

"Say, the Horny was called Slutdia," Jordan picked up after a pause. "Does everyone around here have names like that?"

"Not much weirder than being called Jordan," Yonica shot back. But a grin let Jordan know that the fairy was teasing her. "Imagine being a Horny for a moment. You turn adult, and suddenly you crave sex constantly. Do you want your family to see you like that? Nope. So, you leave. But you also don't want them to hear from you and what you are up to. So, you give yourself a new name. Something that clearly makes you out to be a Horny. An alias, if you will. And once you retire, you can go back home and take back up your original name. So, yeah, chances are Slutdia wasn't born with that name. She chose it. You might want to think about doing the same."

The angry reply that she didn't want a porn star's name died on Jordan's tongue. The very thought of doing so was shameful. Yet a new part of her had awoken last night. One that was oddly intrigued by the prospect. A name fit for a porn star had something debasing and humiliating to it. It announced to the world that Jordan was good for only one thing. And didn't she want that? For every Horny that walked through her door to know immediately that she was willing and available.

Jordan blushed deep red. Her reply was barely more than a murmur. "I'll think about it."

"Anything else you want to ask?" Yonica inquired. As Jordan shook her head, the fairy took flight again. "Great. I am going back to bed. Wake me if something worthwhile happens."

Jordan nodded but doubted anything would happen in the immediate future. First, her entertainer - Babs - had to come off her cooldown and be resummoned. Then, a Horny had to come to her doorstep. This might take days. With a little luck, she could earn her first upgrade point then.

She was actually surprised that she looked forward to it. Not long ago, she had cursed her reborn existence as a Brothel Bust under her breath. Quiet enough that the flying pest couldn't hear her. But now? Jordan was sold. Hook, line, and sinker. She was a Brothel Bust and growingly proud of it. Her head was full of plans and desires. She could hardly wait. The longer she thought about it, the more mundane and boring her old life appeared. Back on Earth. As a man. Punching in eight to five. Day in and day out. Now, she actually could help people and would be rewarded for it. Maybe getting steamrolled by that white truck had been the best thing that happened in her life. Well, previous life.

Feverishly, she waited for her next customer. All the while musing what moniker she might take up. One thing was for sure. Her new life would be exciting.

The end.

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