Viral Hot Spot

Viral Hot Spot
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

A viral hot spot -- not Covid is found on a college campus; as reported by the CDC.

Viral Hot Spot
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the presence of a Bimbo Virus hotspot at Crayton University in Abadla, Texas.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Donald Trump CV-19

Sometimes life imitates art and sometimes humor can provide comfort in a time of crisis. This is an update of a story I wrote three years ago thinking it was a parody. Hopefully, it still is. Please all stay safe and be well.

Mom Always Wanted A Daughter to do Ballet

Mom Always Wanted A Daughter to do Ballet

but she had to settle for me instead!
Bal 16.jpg
A bit of humor in photos and not to be taken very seriously from Mark Rawlings

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 34 of 38


Chapter 34 - Alice's Restaurant Revisited

Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant was a major hit on a campus full of guys who were only one deferment away from having to schlep halfway around the world to try and kill people they didn't even know while those people were trying to kill them. Even though the Vietnamese weed was reported to be killer stuff, nobody wanted to be a killer to get it. Well, maybe some of the ROTC guys did, but they didn't like me and I didn't like them.

Insurance Ad

Insurance Ad
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

Here’s a VERY short piece, a script based on an ad that keeps turning up on my TV. I mean no offense to the insurance company. This is just something that the wording of the ad suggested to me.

* * * * *

The scene is a modern kitchen. A young woman in a house dress is sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. There are a few papers with some sort of writing on them near where she is sitting. The camera moves in to a medium shot as she speaks.

The Trouble with Binky

2020 January - Leap of Faith Story Contest

The Trouble with Binky
by Rosalie Redd

I screamed through the gates of the estate in my Testarosa. My name is Maximilian Wallace Brockton. I am a world-renown dancer and actor. I live on this estate with my sister. I suspect we have a man-servant or two that live on the estate somewhere. I don’t really know.

Coming into the foyer, I was greeted by my sister, Binky. She had been working in her workshop, as is her usual hobby. She ran in and lept into my arms.

A Note from Redneck Rob

A Note from Redneck Rob

I found this website “Big Closet” by accident. I thought maybe it like a big closet was for storing stuff that you didn’t want your wife to know about like beer, guns and other hunting stuff, etc. It thought that was cool … kinda like a mini-Mancave. Come to find out, it’s a bunch of guys who wanna be girls and vicea versa. I’m a real liberal guy when it comes to some of that stuff, but these guys are nuckin’ futs!!!

Space Battleship TEXAS - Part 1


Space Battleship TEXAS
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2019 Melanie Brown

A stowaway unknowingly on a mission to save planet Earth

Inspired by the movie and anime series Space Battleship Yamato -- Ed

Part 1

"The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody

The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody
by Ellie Dauber
(c) 2002

A song parody to the tune of the old blues song, "They'll Be Some Changes Made." The original words are there for comparison.

The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody
by Ellie Dauber
(c) 2002

"They'll Be a Change in the Weather"
By Higgins and Overstreet
(based on the 1927 Bessie Smith recording)

Chapter 1: the new town

Young girly boy max and his mother Cynthia, a tycoon worth untold amounts of money move to the town of alisonvile where things seemed perfect, but strange, for instance there were no boys or even tomboys every girl seemed the picture of femininity. However there was a secret to the town.

(Based on the Stepford wives)

At This Rate I'll Never Turn into a Girl! 3 [End]

The next morning I had a bit of a headache. I went to the bathroom and took some of my sister’s pain medication. For some reason, they came in a little foil pack with individual pills labeled with different days. Strange!

I showered, using Sarah’s body wash because I was out. As I applied it to my skin I felt a strange tingling! I checked the label to see that it had a special exfoliating formula.

At This Rate I'll Never Turn Into a Girl! 2

After my all my disappointments last week, I was sure that it was finally my time.

“I’m sorry, I think you’re a little too short to play Romeo,” the drama teacher told me. “Maybe try out for a different role.”

“I know. I’ll try out for Juliet! I’m sure I’ll make the perfect female love interest.”

The teacher looked at me strangely. “I was thinking something more… appropriate to your talents. Maybe Verona Citizen #1.” I was crushed, but I tried to remain firm. I could always try again next year!

The Unconventional, Unsuspecting Princess

2018-04 Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest Entry

Fairytale story2.jpg
The Unconventional, Unsuspecting Princess

If you can’t find a good fairytale, can't find a good setting, or even just a string of child-friendly characters... sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got, right?

2018-04 Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest Entry


It Started At High Noon

When Mad Murdock, legendary outlaw, challenges a young lad to a duel, little does he know that he will set off events that influence generations to come. When gunslingers shot curses instead of normal lead everything becomes possible.

Suit Yourself

A little bit of fluff inspired by a recent story by one of my favorite authors on this site – me ;)

Walking about at the pool party with all the company top management and VIPs from our most important customers I remembered how hard I had worked to become a ”Suit”. My goal was Customer Relations. My great talent is that I speak several languages. I had not been very successful until my cousin James got promoted, basically for going to work dressed as a woman, and not very convincingly at that! Well, he complains, especially about the high heels. I don’t believe him for a minute. He must be thrilled by his promotion. If he could, so could I!

Magic is... [Season 1 Catch-up]

The following pages were 'borrowed' from the desk of Hannah Cooper for your voyeuristic pleasure.
All slurs and 'stupids' given are the opinion of Hannah Cooper and in no-way represent my own personal opinions or even reality itself sometimes.

Hannah's first Log-Book


The Twoderful Story of Cinderella - An Inflationary Tale

Author's Note:

Perhaps one of the greatest comedic pianists of our time, the "Clown Prince of Denmark" Victor Borge was known for inventing what he called "Inflationary Language". It's premise was simple: to every word that included a number or number sound, he simply added one to that part. Thus, wonderful became TWOderful, before became beFIVE, created became beNINEd, and so fifth. Here is my take on a classic Grimm's fairy tale, Cinderella. I hope you enjoy it.

Haylee V

Support is.. necessary [5.4]


Some things in life are so unbelievable we doubt if they actually happened or not,
Other things are so embarrassing that we wish they hadn't really happened,
and sometimes things fall into that awkward spot somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.
What can you do about it at the end of the day?

What can HANNAH do about it more importantly!

Events unfold including but not limited to:
John being trapped by a disappearing wall and Eris has a front-row seat to the creation of a universe.
Meanwhile some familiar familiar's get familiar with each other
(try saying that one three times fast),
and Hannah goes on a power-trip while wearing a long white silk nightgown!

Put your hand back down Nuuan! Another meeting with Rohanna.

Put your hand back down Nuuan! Another meeting with Rohanna

NOT a Whateley Tale

Written by Nuuan & Shadowsblade

"This is not fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It was written by request of and with full knowledge of Shadowsblade, who owns all rights to the character Rohanna."

To see the real canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at ("

Second Chances: A Scrooge and Christmas

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Scrooge night.jpg

Second Chances:
A Scrooge and Christmas

One night can change your life, hopefully for the better.
Lyle Cane is in for one hell of a Christmas Eve surprise.

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

The Good Knight


The Good Knight
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

Apologies. This popped into my head this morning while taking a shower and I wrote it at work while waiting for a vendor to call. Don't take any deep meaning into it. This was entered directly into the web editor on BC.

Operation Kobayashi Maru - Or Magic Mayhem at the Mall

Why is a red headed witch chasing an old man in a bath robe through the mall? Will the ninja commander finally get to read Make Out Paradise Seven? Who will own the Quickening, Duncan's Donuts and Coffee or The Clan MacCloud Healthy Living Emporium? Will that sexy jutsu EVER wear off? And what does all this have to do with an intergalactic invasion or the Men in Beige?

Disclaimer: Any characters that appear to be like other characters are not really and no one they may accidentally appear like is owned by me. This story was just thrown together by me for the September contest without any real intention of anything serious. Please just enjoy (or not) the silliness.

The Dead Pirate Sketch

And now for something completely derivative...

by Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

In a shop call PIRATES PLUS a bored looking shopkeeper is polishing a cutlass. The bell over the front door jingles and a man wearing a long mack enters, awkwardly, trying to open and close the door while wheeling in what appears to be a pirate tied to a dolly.

“I wish to register a complaint! It's about this pirate, that I purchased not a half hour ago for our INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY celebration tonight, at this very boo-tique."

“Ah yes, the Nassau Bluebeard, what's wrong with him?”

“What's wrong with him?! He's DEAD! You sold me a dead pirate!”

Stories from the Shepherd Moon - Interviews 2


Stories from the Shepherd Moon –
Interviews #02:  An Obsession with Royalty

“This is Bryan Seacrest, broadcasting from BBC Solar’s outside broadcasting van, or what we in the news business like to call the ‘OB Van,’ here on the front lawn of the Royal Castle of the Northern Territory here on Elyra Prime. We are covering the investiture of the Princess Amelia Liaran-Kerr-Steele as the new ruler of the Kingdom of the Northern Territory. As you know, this comes on the heels of…”


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