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A short update to my situation

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Hey everyone,

I know it has been quiet around me lately.
The good news is that most of my work related troubles are resolved.
I am also nearly finished with my big move into a new apartment.

However, there is still one hurdle in my way.
Changing my landline (and DSL) will take two weeks.
So today will be the last day I have regular internet access at either home.
I should be back online on the first of March.

Personal Entry - It's A Distraction Pileup

We all know those ugly crashes.
When a huge traffic accident happens and so many cars crash into each other that they start to pile up.
That's how my life currently feels like. Just with "distractions".

The least of them is work. The whole company is under pressure to finish a project on time.
That means overtime. While that doesn't prohibit me from writing, it does sap my creative juices and my will to write.

No "The Lokian Way" This Weekend Either

Hey readers of TBC,

I must admit I am kind of in a bind.
Lately, my progress had been marginal and what I wrote I didn't like.

My usual bag of tricks doesn't help.
Tried to clear my head by writing flash fiction.
Now I have a dozen tiny stories but next to no progress on "The Lokian Way".

Writing the ending of a story is always hard for me. Not that the next part is the ending.
But it is very very close. Trying to make sure that every last detail is right can be exhausting.

A delay in "The Lokian Way"

Hello readers of TBC,

I sadly have to say that there won't be a part 18 of "The Lokian Way" this weekend.
Although I nearly have reached my usual word count I will not upload what I have.

The reason is that this update will be one choke full of details about the past and the magic in Mercy's world.
I already wrote nearly all of Mercy's school trip to the wax museum of famous magicians.
However, the plan was it to pair up with Mercy's next trickster group meeting.
Sadly none of it I wrote yet.

Release Schedule For "The Lokian Way" Between The Holidays

Hey everyone,

here a quick update:
Silly me forgot that this Sunday and the Sunday after it will be right around the holidays.
As I come from Germany celebration takes place on the Christmas Eve and the 25th and 26th are more for visiting friends and family.
Therefore the next part of "The Lokian Way" will (probably) arrive on Wednesday the 27th.
Since Silvester night and new years are on Sunday and Monday part 17 will be out (probably) on the 2nd of January.

Enter Super Battle World

Darrel is a dimension mage. His hereditary trait is to shape unused dimensions into his own world, with his own rules.
He thought long and hard what world he would create for his first attempt.
He thought of every detail. Tried to avoid every mistake.
But there is a reason why dimension mages say: "Everyone messes up their first world."

The Lokian Way - Part 15 - Truths And Consequences

Last time on "The Lokian Way":

Mercy grew desperate to find a way to become a boy again. The reason was something most girls dread: her period. Mercy dealt with it in one of the worst ways possible. By using magic in an attempt to suppress it.

Cornered by Victoria Mercy had leashed out against her. But, in the end, Victoria's determination broke through to Mercy and managed to pull her off from a path of self-destruction.

But not all was well in the end. Mercy might have ruined her mentoring deal with Mavis, who just had shared a story of her past with Mercy.

Strange Attraction

Serina is stranded on a rundown station on a remote rim-world.
Desperate to get out of the system she pushes the freighter owner Flare to give her a job.
Everything is fine till Serina notices some changes within herself ...

[CD] The Fatale

In a world deep underground, factions fight for dominance over caves and dungeons.
Their struggle is old as dying for your faction does not mean the end.
However, it could mean that one might switch sides. In more ways than one ...

The Summer Job

Valerie, Hank, and Bill sign a contract for a summer job on a farm.
For the duration, they will count as indentured labor.
This allows the farm to transform them into the forms needed for the job.

Unfinished Stories


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These stories are unfinished and likely to remain so.

Hey there. Here you find stories I have given up on.
Mostly because I lost interest in them and hadn't made progress on them in months.
For those curious about my writing can get here more, but at a price: to never know the ending.

Natural Affection - general notes and a chapter by chapter commentary


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Some general notes on "Natural Affection" and how it came to be.
It is followed by a chapter by chapter commentary were I reveal what each chapter was supposed to accomplish.

Writer notes and background information


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Hi! Cassy_Bee here.
In this section, you will find background information to myself or to my stories.
Those can be funny facts or even full-blown chapter by chapter commentary.
If you are curious how I came to some story plot points or why I wrote a story in a specific way then here you might find the answer.
Should there be something missing feel free to ask.

Doll Rebirth

Taran get's a warning from a fortune teller.
She sees death in his future.
He has to flee as nefarious mages are eager to hunt him down.
Soon he has to face his fate. Had the warning come too late?

One year ago...

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I hadn't planned to write a blog post today till I noticed something.
Exactly one year ago I published "A Jar Full Of Pixie". (Back then on Fictionmania)
My first story to be published.
And I must admit it feels a little special. Which is also strange.
I am at an age were birthdays lost their special meaning and today I have an anniversary I am actually proud of.
Over the last year, I wrote a lot.
Maybe less than I hoped for but also more than I thought I actually would manage.

Pilots - Short stories that hint at more!


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This category contains short stories that have the potential to be one day spun out to be a serial.
Each story can be compared to the pilot episode of a series.
The world and the main characters are introduced.
While each story hints of more they all are complete and can be enjoyed on their own.

Progress despite distractions (+story ideas)

Another Sunday and another update of "The Lokian Way". I was a bit worried I might not make it in time. Especially as I had been plagued by distractions the last two weeks. Turns out I shouldn't have been worried. This part was done on Wednesday. I could have kept my old schedule. Except not, as part 11 will be a little bigger I think.

Swap at Failure (one page RPG)

Swap By Failure is designed as a one-page pen and paper that has all necessary rules to play it on just one page. For this game, there is no general setting, but I recommend a normal non-magical world on the height of our current civilization and normal everyday people as player characters.

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Three hidden overlaying categories I wished someone had told me about ... (+Story Ideas)

Hey folks,

I know the title is a little clickbaity sounding, but I honestly can say that these categories eluded me for over a year. Resulting in frustration and even asshole behavior on my part. I am especially pissed of because the categories are appearing so obvious. Yet I somehow I took ages to figure them out and react to stories accordingly.

So what are they:

The Lokian Way - Part 01 - The Tuesday that changed his world

Mark lives in a world much like our own.
With the added benefit of people having access to magic.
When Mark comes into contact with a certain aspect of magic his previous boring life is about to change forever.
It is time for him to fall down a rabbit hole that is deeper than he could ever imagine.
His only lifeline: the teachings of Loki. A famous mage that trailblazed understanding of this aspect of magic.


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