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Me and Sam


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Two young teens, life-long friends, discover each other, though not in the usual way.
A gentle "coming-of-age" tale.

Me and Sam

by Darla Raspberry

Darla Raspberry anniversary

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This month was the anniversary of Darla Raspberry's death. Not sure what to say, just that I still think of her/him just about every day. (I am her ex-wife.) Just that I am changed forever, and so is her son. That we have learned first hand the terrible mental and physical effects that were caused, most likely, from a lifetime of living in denial.

Happily Ever After? Chapter 14

Joan has a hard time coming to terms with the powers that be. With the help of family and friends she manages to get things straightened out for the time being. Sam does his best to make sure that Joan’s alright...

Happily Ever After? Chapter 11

Can Joan survive the bus ride home? Will Aunt Melissa be forced to swim back to Brisbane? Joan discovers that having friends has its downside too. (sorry about the synopsis: i was feeling quite silly this morning!)

Joan's Room The Final Chaper


This is the final chapter in the story of "Joan's Room." Their magical day finally arrives. Will Joan find the strength within herself to make it all come together? Will outside forces intervene and prevent this marriage of necessity?

Joan's Room Chapters 18 and 19


Joan becomes more serious about her new job.. Darla pesters her till she agrees to call Fred and ask if Darla can come with her for Sunday’s practice session. Finally, she’s stricken numb when she catches Sam in a lie...

Joan's Room Chapters 14 and 15


Aunt Melissa finally arrives from the land down under. Joan has a run in with a dissatisfied customer. She watches Sam pitch another game. The young lovers have a spat of sorts. Joan spends the evening alone until she meets the mysterious "Fred…" Will her entire life change as a result of this chance encounter?

Joan's Room Chapter 12


The three girlfriends have a very special birthday celebration. Sam continues to impress everyone with his pitching arm. Joan and Sam receive an opportunity to share a very special birthday celebration of their own.

Joan's Room Chapters 5 and 6


Joan finally hears from her father. In a moment of anger she writes him an email. Some things are better left unsaid. Plans are made for a therapy session with Dr. Vivian Raspberry.


Chapter 5

One Thing Leads to Another


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