Reflecting in a Network

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I sit, joyous, alone in my little cottage, in quietude and peace. It took 4 hrs before I could breath without pain from my back and that was OK. Artifacts if a life fully lived but no need for an organ recital. I feel so connected with you all; participate in your pain and joy and I do feel with you. I am supported by networks of trans friends/allies, another network of LGBT friends and allies and a very strong small network of families. Thank you all, you bring me peace and joy and I hope I reciprocate. You all truly have my love.

How come all of the Cool Girls are Lesbians

My name is Joani.

I am a Lesbian. .

I have known this since second grade when I fell in love with my best friend Jo. We got all excited and ran to her Mom to tell her that we were in love and when we grew up we were going to get married and I would be Jo’s wife and have her babies. Her Mom quietly said, “Don’t be silly, girls can’t have wives”.

Within two weeks Johanna was gone from our school and her Mom wouldn’t allow us to talk on the phone any more.

My little heart was broken. I got it.

Who I am is not ok.

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