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The Other Side of Me - Part 32

The Other Side of Me – Chapter 32
by Lily Rasputin

Mike scooped me up in his arms and cradled me like a princess, smiling down at me with a grin that was both adoringly sweet and slightly lecherous. The arm closer to my butt slid higher, practically vanishing beneath the extremely short hem of my cheer skirt. A second later, I felt his palm cup my bottom, his fingers giving my rump a playfull little squeeze.

Is Late Better than Never? Chapter 3

Is Late Better than Never?
by Lily Rasputin

Chapter Three

I glanced back at the open door behind me, then looked at Becki again, torn about what I should do.

On the one hand, there was no way I was schooled enough in Maddie’s life to even pretend that I could carry on a lengthy conversation with someone who knew her, intimately it seemed, without them catching on that something was wrong. One the other, it would be a fairly efficient way of obtaining valuable information that I likely wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

The Other Side of Me - Part 31

The Other Side of Me - Chapter 31
by Lily Rasputin

I was lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, attempting to parse through the revelation that Katie's bombshell confession had dropped on me.

To be honest, the news that a good portion of Charlene's guilt wasn't her own didn't do a whole lot to make me forgive her for the way she'd behaved in the intervening years. Did it help paint a more understanding picture? Of course. Did it wipe the slate clean, and make what she'd done to Jackson and to her friends okay?

The Other Side of Me - Part 30

The Other Side of Me – Part 30
by Lily Rasputin

“I don’t want Charlene’s memories! Or her fucking personality quirks!”

I paced back and forth in Jackson’s lab, my arms crossed petulantly over my chest while Jackson, Shelly, and Katie stood off to one side, well out of my path, watching me with sympathetically weary faces. Remaining silently supportive as I ranted about this potential new wrinkle in my interdimensional dilemma.

Is Late Better than Never? Chapter 2

Is Late Better than Never?
by Lily Rasputin

Chapter Two

Author’s Note: TW: Suicide

It took me a moment to recover from the shock created by the voicemail bombshell.

I pointed at the phone as I glared at Namira. “What the hell was that all about?” The pause button was pressed on my earlier trepidation about angering a powerful, otherworldly being.

“Nanny? Why am I … I mean, why is Maddie, my family’s new nanny? For that matter, why is Kelly even hiring a nanny in the first place?”

Is Late Better than Never?

Is Late Better than Never?
by Lily Rasputin

Chapter One

It was a bad time to be driving. Darkness, rain, despair, and self-loathing are a really bad combination on their own, but when being behind the wheel of a moving auto is thrown in, it’s downright dangerous. I knew it as surely as I knew my life had just taken two painful torpedoes to the starboard side and was sinking fast.

I knew … I just didn’t care.

The Firsts and the Fear

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So, I got my first, real, professional pedicure a few nights ago. I honestly do not know why I never had this done before because my feet felt *amazing* when it was over. I even got them polished with a nice sea foam green color. My wife was with me when I had this done (she actually suggested that we go together) and thought the color looked nice.

The Other Side of Me - Part 29

The Other Side of Me – Part 29
by Lily Rasputin

“Charlie? Are you okay?”

Sight and sound popped back into existence around me, revealing that I was in the living room of my apartment, sitting on the sofa with Samantha’s head resting in my lap. I glanced down to find her looking up at me with a concerned expression.

“Huh?” I asked, still trying to reacclimate to the dimensional jump. Unlike the previous swaps, this one was jarring. The difference between stepping across a threshold and stumbling across one.

The Other Side of Me - Part 28

The Other Side of Me – Part 28
by Lily Rasputin

As much as I might have preferred to sit on a bench and tongue wrestle with Mike all morning, both of us had classes and responsibilities that we couldn’t completely ignore. So, after another ten minutes of really wonderful public displays of affection, I peeled my face away from his and sighed.

“Guess we should take a break for now, huh?” He asked, sounding about as disappointed as I felt.

I nodded. “Probably. I have to meet with Shelly and talk about some stuff. But I could meet you for lunch if you wanted.”

The Other Side of Me - Part 27

The Other Side of Me – Part 27
by Lily Rasputin

I made it to school in record time, despite having to pause to accommodate the whims of a flock of stupid geese who decided that the side of the street they had been on was not to their satisfaction.

When I finally pulled into my parking spot on campus, I glanced at the time and calculated that a brisk walk should get me to class just before the lecture started. Which was great, since I doubted my quaking abdominals would allow me to move at any faster pace.

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