Royal Frills 6

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Royal Frills
Chapter 6 - Reborn in Pampers

Prince Taylor continues now on the path chosen for him. He is being told that he will now be reborn as a girl and leave his boyhood behind

I told Miss Eva that Blake and I were not on good terms. I did not want to tell her how he was trying to get me in trouble all the time. I am not a snitch. Miss Eva told me that she noticed that Blake was going through a hard time. He was negative and complained more. I was reminded that it's my duty as a sissy to like everyone, no matter how bad or good they were. I had to be polite and nice around Blake, and in this way give him the support that he needed. I wanted to tell Miss Eva that I was not a sissy yet, and I can't be expected to like everyone, but then I decided to keep my mouth shut.

The adults here thought it was a good idea that I shared a room with Niki. So all my girl clothes and colouring books and paints were moved to his room. It did not mean that I would get a normal bed. It was also like a girl's nursery. There were still cribs. Niki was overjoyed that we would be roommates. He was also worried in a way because he warned me that he liked things to be very tidy. I was not a tidy person so I could see that this could be a problem. Niki smiled and said let's worry about problems when they happen. Until then we should have fun. According to Niki, that's why we were alive, to smile and have fun.

The media were busy asking when I would make a public appearance. I was sure that they were not worried about me doing royal duties, they just wanted to see me in a dress and write how much of a sissy I am becoming. The media wanted to humiliate me so they could sell more and make more money. Dad came to my rescue when the media asked him when they would see me. He explained that I was only 10 years old and that I needed my privacy. This was always Dad's belief. He thinks that no one was asked to be a member of the royal family, so Royal Children should have privacy and not be under scrutiny all the time. This suited me fine.

At least Niki no longer was obsessed that I was a prince. He did mention that I was not like how the media said I was. Niki thought that I was a nice and sweet person. I don’t remember when anyone ever called me nice. I asked Niki if he ever got mad. I was thinking of his parents. They did not want to be with Niki. Was this because they were too busy with their jobs or did they simply not like his personality? Niki shrugged his shoulders and said they were adults. Adults do things that no one can understand. Niki's philosophy was to let adults do what they want. As children, our job is to make the best out of every situation, no matter how hard it is.

Niki influenced me by his optimism and his spirit. I decided that I would show this place that I was ready for the final step. I asked Miss Eva if she could help me coordinate the clothes I wore. I wanted to know what was good and what was not good. What colours go with each other or which colours conflict with each other? Are there any bad patterns? How do I pick what clothes are best for each occasion? Miss Eva smiled when I asked this and told me it was not time for me to be so dependent yet. In other words, she thought that I should continue to be treated like a small child.

A few days after this, she bought some diapers and girl toddler clothes into my bedroom, I was told in simple terms that the next stage of my treatment would take place. I would now be wearing diapers and being treated like a toddler. Tears started to flood out of my eyes. I shouted that I was not a baby and they could not force me to be one. They could spank me all day long and I would not change my mind. Miss Eva sighed and said that my outburst proved that I needed this part of the treatment. She put me in this playpen and told me that I could stay there until I changed my mind. It was like being put in a jail.

I stayed in the playpen for a few days and planned to stay there for the rest of my life. I quickly got bored. Niki tried to cheer me up by telling me that it was not so bad. It was only part of the petticoat treatment. It could be short term and I could be back to panties again. I told him that he could accept being a baby, but I will not. Niki laughed and said that the adults could think that he was a baby. It wasn't a big deal for him when everyone else here was treated the same. He just considered that he had a portable bathroom. In the end, I gave in under protest. I now was a diapered boy. I tried looking at the bright side. At least I was only expected to wet them and not soil them.

The media was going crazy. Madam Criben told us that they were camped outside the institute's wall. Madam Criben explained that they wanted a photo of a famous sissy at the institute. Everyone knew that it was me that they wanted. Luckily they could never get a picture of me as the dollhouse was surrounded by a lot of trees. It would be illegal if they came on the property. They would not get a picture even if they used long lenses. It was annoying to me. I felt trapped and hunted. The paparazzi would wait and wait like vultures just to get a picture of me in a dress. I was told that they did not care how long they had to wait, as one picture could make them very rich

I was getting a lot of attention that I did not expect. Miss Eva gave me a bag full of mail. There were hundreds of letters! I read a few of them. Some were very nice. They were letters of support and hoped that I was happy. They would write that they thought I was brave and there was nothing wrong with being girly. Other letters were mean. They would write that they thought I was weak and a wimp because I just accepted the petticoat treatment. Most of the letters were plain weird from people who wanted to marry me and do things to me I did not understand. Why can't people remember I am only 10 years old?

Blake was constantly mad at me, especially after I moved to Niki's room. He thought that we agreed to be best friends and that I now betrayed him. Blake did not like that Niki and I were now friends. I tried explaining that you could have more than one friend, I also tried to explain that his negativity and constant bickering were too much for me. I could not deal with it. Of course, Blake did not understand me and told me that I would not want him as an enemy. He could tell things to the media and show them pictures of what their country's prince has become. I did not want to have an enemy but at the same time, I did not like to be threatened. I did my best to ignore Blake and keep far away from him.

Granny visited me. She made it very clear that she was at the institute in her role as a grandmother and not the Queen. She made it also very clear that she did not like the place. When she saw my bedroom, she was shocked that it was a girl's baby nursery room. This surprised me as she must have known that my parents changed my bedroom at the palace to one as well. Then she asked me if the room was haunted because she could hear whispering in the room. I did not hear any whispering. What shocked Granny was when she realized that I constantly had a pacifier and was wearing a diaper. She stormed into Madam Criben's office and they were discussing me for an hour. I could not hear anything except Granny raise her voice a few times saying that I was 10 years old and not born a girl.

When Granny came out of the office, she looked sad. She told me that she did not understand why I was here at the institute. She did not understand the petticoat discipline program. She did not understand why I decided that I wanted to come back. She thought everything here was child abuse of some sort. She asked why humiliating a child helps a child. I told her that I had good friends here and in a way, I had privacy here, something that I did not have in the palace and normal school. Granny made me promise that if I was not happy and I did not like it here I would tell her.

When Granny went, I was alone in my bedroom and thought about things. I could not hear any whispering, so Granny was just hearing things. I still did not understand why they always wanted me to wear diapers. My bladder worked fine during the day. The diapers were bulky and noisy. I did not like when they were wet. They were hard to walk in, When Niki and I were alone in the bedroom, then we would often just crawl around. I did not complain though as the few times I did, I was put in the playpen. I also noticed that some older boys who once wore diapers no longer wore them and were given normal beds. This told me that this diaper treatment was short term and I would not let Madam Criben think she won by humiliating me with them. As Niki told me, roll with the tide and make the best out of it.

There was one day when Niki was quiet. He told me that Blake had been telling everyone that we were boyfriends. Niki did not know what to think of it. He always thought that being gay was something grownups did. I told Niki that we were too young and did not understand things like that. Blake is just mad because I no longer share a room with him. He was just trying to hurt me. Then I told Niki the secret of being a royal. Never complain and never explain. People will say what they want to about you, and much of what is said would not be true. The best policy is never to pay attention to it and it will die down. The same will happen with Blake's rumours. People will either believe it or say who cares. We don’t add flames to the fire by defending ourselves or explaining.

It was time for another field trip. I was wearing a light blue toddler dress with a huge bow on the back and frilly sleeves. It was long enough to cover the diaper and I was wearing tights. As something new, I had a ribbon in my hair. I was wearing a long winter coat so people would only see the tights. I was not afraid of going out as I tried it before and I was used to photographers now. Besides that, I had Royal bodyguards to keep the vultures from the media away from me. It was not like what I thought. It was a circus. There were thousands of pictures being taken. On top of that, there were thousands of screaming people at the exhibition we were visiting. I always experienced crowds, but these people were fanatic and crazy, shouting and screaming. All I could hear was people shouting my name and either shouting that they love me or they hate me. The journalists were just as bad, telling me to take off my coat so they could see my dress. I just looked down and blushed. Niki thought it was fun, saying we don’t experience this daily.

The exhibition was about famous women who made a difference in the world. I thought it was quite interesting. Even in times when women were not respected, some women did not care and did what they wanted. Some women made a difference in the world, making it a better place to live in. There were even girls my age who made a huge impact on the world. Niki made me laugh and worry a bit when he said one day there would be a wax figure of me here. Madam Criben ruined everything when she explained that you do not have to be male to make a difference. She wanted us to write an essay on a woman that inspires us. I got into trouble when she heard me comment to Niki that I bet that none of these women were sissies or forced to wear diapers.

This field trip was not something that I will have fond memories of. The way that the people were screaming and going crazy scared me. The aggressive paparazzi was scary. What would it be like if I had no Royal bodyguards? The people would tear me apart or hurt me in a bad way. Maybe some of them even wanted to kidnap me and lock me in a cage. I do not understand why people would go crazy over me. I was the same boy they hated a few months ago. They did not know me. Why would someone go crazy over someone that they did not know? I told Niki that I did not want to be seen in public again. It scared me.

It was time for a therapy session with Miss Eva. She asked what I thought of wearing diapers. I told her it was humiliating and I did not need them. Miss Eva explained that it was a sign that I was restarting my life. I am being reborn. I am no longer the boy that I was and was now officially a sissy. In time, I would be a big girl. For now, the baby treatment will give me the safety, comfort and security that I needed. I responded to all this that it all seems like a far-fetched theory to me. It seems like it is another way adults can humiliate and subdue us. It is a way they can control us. Miss Eva smiled and reminded me that I no longer protested the baby's treatment. She asked me if was I starting to like wearing diapers. I told her no. Deep down I hoped that she was not right.

Julia, my sister sent me a letter. She told me that Granny was outraged over her visit when she found that I was being treated like a baby. My dad agrees with her and thinks it's bad enough to treat a boy like a girl, but making him into a baby is going too far. My mother agreed with the treatment and thought the institute knew what they were doing. Julia wrote that my parents have been fighting a lot. No one explained anything to Julia. She was confused about what was happening to me and why I was at the institute. She did not like it when my parents were fighting. I did not like that my parents were fighting about me either. My family would be visiting me next week, so I had to figure out how I could get them to stop fighting about me. I also wanted to be with Julia and show her the institute. I was so excited that they were going to visit me. They would also meet Niki!

Blake found me and told me he understood why I did not want to share a room with him. He knew that he was hard to be with. He was negative and he spread rumours about me. Blake admitted that he was confused. He did not want to be treated like a girl and did not understand why anyone else wanted to make us into sissies. He did not understand why I just accepted the treatment and even the humiliation. I told him that I was confused as well. I thought I would hate this place and the fact is that I do not hate it here. If we fight the petticoat program, then they make our lives hell. Blake and I agreed that we think differently, but this does not mean we cannot be friends.

My talk with Blake was cut short. Miss Eva told me that the doctor wanted to see me. She explained that I would be getting puberty blockers and some medicine to stop me from growing. Miss Eve explained that this would stop my body from producing boy hormones. My body would no longer develop the way a boy would. My voice would not become deep. With the help of hormones, I would stay looking like a little girl. I started crying. I was always small for my age, and now she was telling me that I would not grow!

Did my parents agree to this?

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i would have to agree with

i would have to agree with gramma this place abuses children and the proprietress obviously hates men if she's giving them drugs to keep them from developing normally against their wishes.