A 16 year old boy inexplicably finds himself in the body of another.


I was at the edge of the high school courtyard, sitting on a concrete ledge next to some planters that looked down on nearly everything. My feet dangled nearly a foot above the ground which somehow made me feel as though I was even higher up than I actually was. The extra height made me feel almost as though I was separate from the throng, as though I were an impartial observer watching over the crowd.

I continued to people watch while I ate my lunch, something that I liked to do several times a week. I liked people and got along with them well enough in general but sometimes it just felt nice to sit back and observe without actually being involved. It gave me time to be alone with my thoughts and just relax.

My name is Steve Colby and I am a 16 year old high school student, just like everyone in the crowd I was looking over. I'm 6 foot 1 and slender though fairly athletic rather than just being a beanpole so had the kind of build that was usually referred to as being 'wiry'.

Once I finished eating I just sat there for another minute, wishing I had my guitar with me so I could practice. I wasn't a great guitar player yet but I was pretty damn decent if I did say so myself. My hope was to get a little better and then maybe even join a band. I had no illusions about becoming a rock star or anything though I couldn't help but having a few day dreams.

Then I noticed a large guy coming towards me, immediately recognize him. Curtis was a couple inches taller than me and twice as wide, his size making him a powerful force to be reckoned with come football or wrestling season since he was on both teams. I hopped off the ledge and stood there to meet Curtis.

Curtis stopped in front of me and sneered, "I'm gonna kick your ass after school..."

"You and what army?" I responded defiantly.

"I don't need one to crush you," Curtis told me with a smug confidence. "You are going down..."

"Bring it," I offered, gesturing for him to come at me.

Curtis stared at me for a moment with a threatening expression before he burst out laughing. "Dude, I can't wait to beat you with that new game you got... My bud Miles has the same game so I've been practicing... You barely beat me last time so this time you don't have a chance..."

"I've been practicing too," I smirked, "I mean...I do own the game..."

"Bite me," Curtis grinned back at me. "We'll see who wins tonight..." With that, Curtis turned to leave then paused to look back, "I'll bring the snacks..." Then he laughed and continued on his way.

I watched Curtis leave and shook my head at the very idea of him beating me. After all, I had a little more practice with the latest combat simulation video game, though admittedly not a whole lot more. Still, I was sure it was more than enough to take him down.

Then I turned and began walking across the courtyard, quickly noticing another of my friends a short distance away. Zeke was short and skinny, had thick glasses, and looked something like the stereotype of a nerd. However, I knew better as did nearly every would be bully in school. Zeke was really into the whole mixed martial arts thing and the last guy who'd tried getting physical with him had ended up with a dislocated shoulder. I sometimes even wondered if Zeke intentionally played up his whole nerd look just to draw bullies into his clutches.

"Hey," I greeted Zeke with a grin.

"Hey Steven," Zeke responded, using my full name instead of just calling me 'Steve' like everyone else. I think he did it just to mess with me a little.

"So what's up?" I asked, taking a seat beside him.

"Not much," Zeke answered, pausing just a moment before adding, "But you know they're airing that new UFC tournament on pay-per-view Sunday. Why don't you come over and watch it with me?"

"Sounds cool," I told him. "But I think my dad plans on having me do some yard work..." I gave a slightly exaggerated grimace at that, knowing it would be hard talking my dad out of the chores once he'd made up his mind. "I'll have to get back to you on if I'm able to come or not..."

Zeke nodded, "Okay. But if you do come, don't get there too early. I've got my jujitsu class..."

Zeke and I continued talking for a minute until someone else I knew came towards us. Jen was a very pretty girl with red hair the shade that people sometimes referred to as 'Ginger' hair. She was also my girlfriend...sort of. We'd gone on a few dates but didn't have any sort of official relationship. It was more like being causal friends with a few dates thrown in though I did hope for more.

"Ah, the lovely Jennifer," Zeke said to Jen when she reached us.

Jen just smiled at me, "Hey Steve..." Then she looked at Zeke and said, "Hi Toad..." However, she was still smiling pleasantly as she said it and he didn't take any offense. After all, she'd once told him that she'd keep calling him Toad until he started calling her Jen instead of Jennifer and it had become a sort of game between them.

"Ugh," Jen shook her head, "Mr. Drake assigned our class another history report over the weekend..."

"Do you need some help?" Zeke asked her.

Jen gave him a steady look for a moment, "I don't think so... Not from you at least. The last time you helped me in history you told me that Thomas Edison invented the first car... Do you know how stupid that made me look when I put that in my report?"

"Well," Zeke responded with mock innocence, "I guess it's a lesson in actually reading your own material..."

I just laughed at that, "He does have a point."

"Oh shut up," Jen gave me a half-hearted glare.

"Anyway," I shrugged, "I was wondering if you want to go out again..."

Jen hesitated for only a moment before nodding, "Sure... I'd love to..."

Jen and I began making plans for our date, deciding on a time to meet up while Zeke kept trying to invite himself along or make it a double date...which meant Jen would have to talk one of her friends into going too. I liked Zeke but certainly didn't want him along on my date and fortunately, neither did Jen.

We were just finishing up when the warning bell rang, announcing that lunch was over and that we had 5 minutes before our next class started. I said good-bye to Jen then hurried off in the opposite direction with Zeke since the two of us had the same class together.

A short time later I was sitting in class with my algebra textbook open in front of me. I stared at the pages with a deep scowl, trying to make out the mysterious code and shaking my head in annoyance at how little it made sense. Math was definitely my least favorite subject though ironically this was actually my favorite class of the day, due entirely to my teacher Mrs. Mitchell.

Mrs. Mitchell was the hot teacher that nearly every boy in school had a crush on and most girls were jealous of. She was a gorgeous brunette with a killer figure and what were rumored to be DD cup breasts. Mrs. Mitchell also always wore professional clothes so it was hard to really get a good look at her figure. In fact, she tended to dress more professional than most of the other teachers at school, probably because at 29 years old she was the youngest teacher and wanted to be taken seriously. At the moment, she was wearing black heels, a knee length skirt, and a blouse with jacket. A pair of stylish glasses helped finish off the image.

"I have the results from yesterday's test," Mrs. Mitchell said a she began walking through the class handing out the tests. "Some of you could use a little more practice but no one actually failed this time..."

Mrs. Mitchell set my test in front of me and gave me a faint smile before moving on to the next student. I looked at it and let out a sigh of relief. I had a C minus...which wasn't great but it was better than what I'd earned on my last test.

"Math just isn't my thing," I mused, leaning back and looking around the classroom, trying to guess what people got from the looks on their faces. Of course, some were pretty obvious as they were waving their tests around or telling the people next to them. I wasn't exactly eager to brag about my score though at least it wasn't something to really be ashamed of either.

"So what did you get?" Zeke asked me.

I held up my test paper so he could see the grade then he held his up for me to see, smirking as he did so. "Kiss ass," I told him with a grin.

After a minute Mrs. Mitchell returned to the front of the class and called for everyone to quiet down. Once the class was ready she began another lecture on the headache that was algebra. I didn't pay attention to what she was saying though I was definitely paying attention to her. There was a good reason my most hated subject also happened to be my favorite class.


I sat on the edge of my bed as I carefully strummed my guitar, trying to get the notes just right. Very little noise actually came out of it because it was currently unplugged. It was pretty late at night and though I was allowed to stay up as late as I wanted on Friday nights, I still had to keep quiet so I didn't wake my folks up.

My practice was interrupted by a large yawn that may have been even louder than the sound from my guitar. I paused to rub my eyes, thinking I should probably go to bed real soon. I was getting pretty tired. Of course, the freedom to stay up as late as I wanted tonight only encouraged me to stay up as late as I possibly could. After all, I could catch up on my sleep by sleeping as late as I wanted too...or at least until my dad decided to kick me out of bed.

"Maybe I should go to bed," I mused, knowing that my dad would take great delight in waking me up particularly early if he thought I'd stayed up too late. He'd probably even come up with some obnoxious chores for me to do too.

Then I looked over my room, noticing the empty soda cans that were piled up in the corner along with the empty bag of chips. I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up after Curtis left and decided that it could wait a bit longer. Maybe tomorrow...if I remembered.

Suddenly I felt extremely dizzy and the world seemed to explode into a flash of light followed by darkness. In just an instant I somehow knew that everything had changed...absolutely EVERYTHING.

The room was now dark though just enough light came from the window that I could make out the shape of things and see that this wasn't my bedroom. Of course, the size, shape, and placement of the window told me that too.

However, I only momentarily noticed all that as I was also aware of other things...such as the fact that I was lying down on a bed and that there was someone on top of me. My entire body felt completely and totally different not to mention flooded with more physical sensations than I could possibly absorb. I was dazed, confused, and in complete sensory overload.

My body felt warm, gooey, and tense all at the same time but also absolutely fantastic. I couldn't explain or even understand the intense pleasurable sensations that flooded through me but which were focused mostly on my groin and chest. It took me a few moments to realize that the person on top of me was a man and that he was pushing up against my crotch...pushing up INSIDE of me. No, somehow, he was pumping in and out of me and it felt so damn good.

I was so overwhelmed by confusion and these sensations that I had absolutely no idea what to think or do. I had absolutely no idea what was going on and could barely even form a coherent thought. And then my body exploded into even more pleasure as wave after wave of ecstasy washed through me. It was sort of like the orgasm I had when I jacked off but ten times better. No...a hundred times better. A thousand...

I was absently aware that I had somehow gone from playing guitar in my bedroom to having sex with some guy. But as shocking as that was, even more surprising was the fact that I absolutely loved how it felt. I was so caught up in everything that was happening to me that I couldn't even consider how wrong this was.

The man who was fucking me put his hands on my chest and played with my nipples and I gasped at just how good it felt. I loud moan escaped my lips especially as another orgasm was fast approaching. When he pulled his hands away I felt my chest, noticing that I had two large round fleshy mounds pushing out and very sensitive nipples that felt awesome to touch. However, as I orgasmed again I grabbed hold of the man on top of me and held him tight, digging my nails into his back until he gasped out as well.

Even though the idea of having sex with a man was normally completely and utterly unthinkable, I was so caught up in the moment and the pleasure that I quickly became an active participant, kissing the man and even shifting positions a little for him. Eventually though, we were both exhausted and I just lay there beside him, my heart racing as I savored the warm pleasure that still filled my body.

"An afterglow," I muttered to myself, smiling as I enjoyed just how good it felt. I'd heard a couple guys talking about an afterglow before but I never had any real idea of just what that meant. I did sort of feel like I was glowing.

Now that we were done, I was able to start thinking again as well as realizing exactly what it was I'd done. I felt stunned that I'd not only just had sex with a guy but had enjoyed it immensely. I still didn't even have the faintest clue as to what was going on.

The man beside me quickly fell asleep and soon began to snore. I was completely exhausted and was on the verge of falling asleep as well. However, I was also burning with curiosity and a desire to make some sense of what was going on and what I'd become. I carefully slipped out of bed and out of the bedroom.

"Where am I?" I whispered, knowing good and well I wasn't in my own house or even my own body. It had become pretty obvious during what had happened that I had a girl's body. "Who am I?"

There was a bathroom right across the hall from the bedroom so I went in and turned on the light then turned to look at myself in the mirror. I immediately saw that I wasn't just a girl but a woman, a grown woman and a gorgeous one at that. I had shoulder length dark hair that was badly mussed from the sex.

Then I looked down at myself, seeing that my body definitely matched the face. It was definitely a woman's body, though I'd discovered that first hand in the most awkward way imaginable. I couldn't help but smiling faintly at the memory even as I winced in embarrassment.

"Very nice," I said in admiration, seeing that it was definitely a hot and sexy body. It was a body that could probably have been in Playboy. I cupped my breasts and added, "Damn nice..." Unfortunately, I was also covered in bodily fluids which smelled funny and were starting to dry and become uncomfortable. "Gross..."

I looked back into the mirror and thought that the face staring back looked familiar somehow. I stared at it for a few more seconds before suddenly realizing where I'd seen that face before.

"Mrs. Mitchell," I gasped in surprise. Of course I'd never seen her without the glasses or with her hair so messed up so she didn't look quite like I was used to. However, once I realized who this face belonged to it was obvious. "I've turned into Mrs. Mitchell..." I stared at my reflection then down at my body, shaking my head, "No fucking way..."

I felt unsteady on my feet partly because of the shock and partly because I was just physically tired. At the same time though, my body still felt good and sort of hummed with the residual sexual energy.

Now I knew who I was which made me realize I was probably at Mrs. Mitchell's house...and the man I'd just had sex with was her husband. Unfortunately, I still didn't know what the hell was going on or what had actually happened.

"Maybe it's a dream," I thought aloud, letting out a yawn. "Yeah...that's it. This has to be a dream..." I looked down at my body again and added, "A very weird dream..."

If this was a dream then maybe all I needed to do in order to wake up was pinch myself. I tried that but it didn't work. It just hurt. Since that didn't work, I decided that maybe I just needed to go to sleep here in the dream in order to wake up back in the real world.

A minute later, I left the bathroom and crept back into the bedroom. I'd already had sex with the man who was snoring in bed so just sleeping next to him didn't seem quite so bad in comparison. I climbed into bed and was careful not to touch him though he didn't seem to have the same consideration since he rolled over and put an arm around me. Strangely, it felt oddly comforting.

"It's just a dream," I told myself, thinking about the sex as I closed my eyes and tried willing myself to sleep. "Just a really wet dream..."


I woke up and memories of the night before immediately came crashing back to me. I grabbed my chest and gulped when I felt the nice soft round breasts. My other hand went between my legs and felt the lack of my usual equipment and the slit that was now in its place.

"Oh shit," I winced, knowing that it hadn't just been a dream. It was real. It had all really happened. "Oh God..."

I immediately felt awash in mixed emotions which made no sense to me. I felt an excited thrill as I remembered how good the sex had felt but also horrified that it had happened at all, not to mention guilty for the for the fact that I'd enjoyed it.

After a minute, I sat up in bed and noticed that I was alone. The man...Mrs. Mitchell's husband was gone so it was just me, much to my relief. I wasn't up to facing him in the light...or at all. Then I noticed the sex juices had dried all over my body and had become crusty and uncomfortable...not to mention completely and totally disgusting.

"Gross," I grimaced.

It was with a horrible sinking feeling that I climbed out of bed, feeling a knot in my stomach that almost felt like a lump of lead. I took several deep breaths and tried to catch my balance. At the moment, I felt like reality itself had somehow gone off balance on me.

"I'm Mrs. Mitchell," I whispered, looking down at myself and feeling a tiny surge of panic.

While I was trying make sense of my situation and decide what to do next, I heard noise from outside the room. I could hear the toilet from the bathroom across the hall flushing. The noise was quite common but nearly made me jump, reminding me that I wasn't here alone. It looked like I was going to have to deal with Mr. Mitchell after all.

"Gene," I muttered, suddenly realizing that was his name. Mrs. Mitchell must have talked about him in class once or twice and I tried remembering what she'd said but couldn't. After all, I'd never had any reason to care about her husband other than to be a little jealous of him.

I wasn't about to go face Gene naked and would have preferred not to face him at all. However, it didn't look like I was going to have much choice so I'd prefer it was on my least as much as possible. Fortunately, I found a fuzzy bath robe hanging on the back of the door and a pair of slippers sitting off to the side. At least I wasn't completely naked.

I took a deep breath and nervously stepped out of the bedroom, looking down the hall but not seeing Gene. I let out a sigh of relief at that then quickly went across the hall into the bathroom. My bladder was full and demanding relief though there was another reason I wanted to come in here too.

My attention was immediately drawn to the mirror where I looked over my reflection again, gulping as I did so. It had been hard enough to believe it last night and wasn't much easier now. Mrs. Mitchell stared back at me, albeit a Mrs. Mitchell that didn't look nearly as put together as she did in class.

I opened the robe up again and ran a hand down my body, feeling my large breasts and shivering slightly at the memory of just how good it had felt to have them played with. I shuddered and tore my attention away from the explorations. This was all so strange and uncomfortable especially with Gene just a room or two over.

I sat down on the toilet and did my business, finding that it felt about the same as normal though just a bit odd at the same time. However, I didn't waste any time dwelling on this and just did my business as fast as I could.

Once I was finished in the bathroom I braced myself and went to face Gene. I was more than a little nervous about doing this but knew that I didn't have a lot of choice. Besides, I'd never been one to run away from something that scared me. In fact, being scared usually just made me more stubborn.

Gene was in the kitchen and when I saw him standing there I froze and stared at him, not sure what to do now. He was kind of handsome with blonde hair and he was tall, about six inches taller than me. Of course, I was in Mrs. Mitchell's body now which meant I was only about 5 foot 8 so that put him about my own normal height if not just a little taller. He was well toned and obviously spent a bit of time in the gym but I'd been able to tell that last night in the dark.

At the moment, Gene was already dressed in a pair of nice slacks and a somewhat professional looking shirt. This only made me feel even more self-conscious since I was wearing absolutely nothing but the bath robe.

"Ah, the lovely lady Ann," Gene exclaimed when he saw me, giving me a grin and a slight bow. "How'd you sleep?"

"All right," I responded hesitantly, not sure how I should act with him. I knew that I was probably blushing like crazy but he either didn't notice or thought it was appropriate. "I had some strange dreams," I told him to try explaining my awkwardness.

"Good ones I hope," Gene winked at me so I smiled back, though doing so somewhat weakly.

"I just wish I didn't have to go to work," Gene told me. "I'd rather spend my Saturday here at home with my two favorite ladies..."

"Two?" I blinked in confusion.

Gene stared at me for a moment then chuckled. "Don't tell me you're jealous of Mina."

At the mention of 'Mina', I suddenly remembered that she was Mrs. Mitchell's daughter. She'd mentioned her before in class, a few times in fact.

"Well, I've got to go," Gene said, picking up the lunch he'd made himself and then grabbing his jacket. He came over and surprised me with a quick kiss on the lips before rushing out the door, calling out, "I'll see you when I get home..."

I watched Gene leave then reached up and touched my lips, hardly able to believe I'd kissed him again. Of course, I'd been caught by surprise but I think I'd sort of enjoyed it too. I shook my head in disbelief.

"After last night," I muttered in embarrassment, "a kiss is kind of small change..."

Gene was gone which was sort of a relief for me but the thought that I was alone in the house with a little girl who would think I was her mom made my heart suddenly jump. I gulped, definitely not liking the idea and being sure that I was in deep trouble.

Since I had a little privacy for the moment, I took the opportunity to look around the house, looking into all the rooms so I wouldn't be caught by any more surprises. While I was doing this, I found Mina's room and was relieved that she was still sleeping

I decided to keep quiet so I could have as much private time as possible. After all, I still had no idea what was going on and needed a chance to think. I needed a chance to make sense of this and maybe figure out how to undo it.

I sat down and looked myself over, feeling up my body and shaking my head. However, I quickly remembered all the stuff that had dried on my skin and knew that I really needed a shower. A few minutes later, I was back in the bathroom and climbing into the tub.

The hot water felt good running over my body but I couldn't help but noticing that my skin was a bit more sensitive than normal, especially on my breasts. I blushed as I remembered just how sensitive they'd felt last night. In fact, my entire body started to respond just a little bit as I remembered how good the sex had felt and rubbed my nipples. However, I tried turning my attention away from that and get back to just washing up.

I felt good to get clean again and just a little better about my situation, though not much. All I knew was that I'd suddenly gone from being home to being in Mrs. Mitchell's body in the middle of having sex. I shook my head, thinking that it had been one hell of a welcome.

Now that I was clean, I decided that I needed to get dressed. As easy as it would be to just sit around in the fluffy bathrobe, I couldn't just do that. I went back to the bedroom and began looking through the closet and dresser, quickly finding some clothes that wouldn't be too bad.

Before long I was dressed, wearing a pair of slacks and a dark blue blouse. Of course, I was wearing some underwear as well not to mention a bra which had taken me nearly a minute to figure out. The only thing left to choose were the shoes and there were multiple pairs of those to pick from. On a whim, I grabbed a pair of high heels that didn't look too intimidating.

"I hope I don't break my neck," I muttered as I took a few experimental steps. I felt a little wobbly at first but quickly got my balance. After a few minutes, I was walking around the house with the heels on without much problem.

Once I was satisfied with the clothes and the fact that I could indeed walk around without falling on my face, I went back to the bathroom and looked myself over in the mirror. I definitely looked a lot more like the Mrs. Mitchell I was used to though it still wasn't quite there. I brushed my hair which helped but there were still a couple things missing. Makeup and glasses.

"Funny," I mused, realizing that I hadn't been having any problems at all seeing without glasses. A thought suddenly occurred to me that the glasses weren't real...that they were props to make Mrs. Mitchell look more professional. "Maybe..."

I didn't dwell on why I didn't seem to need glasses at the moment and instead turned my attention to the lack of makeup. I found all sorts of makeup on the counter and on an impulse began to try it, to see if I could actually make myself look right. I felt self-conscious as I began to experiment but that didn't stop me.

"I hope I'm doing this right," I sighed as I began putting on some eye shadow, not having any real idea of what I was doing only that it seemed to make sense to do it this way. It sort of felt right and that seemed to work out since it looked right too once I was done. Then once I was done with the lipstick as well, I stared at my reflection intently before nodding approval. "I look just like Mrs. Mitchell..."

Even though I'd never tried putting on makeup before I'd done quite a good job. In fact, I was surprised by just how well I'd done since I'd expected to look like some little girl who'd gotten into her mom's makeup for the first time. Instead, I looked like someone who put on makeup every day. I looked like Mrs. Mitchell.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was a little strange to keep thinking of her as Mrs. Mitchell when I was this intimate with her at the moment. I was in her home, in her body, and I'd even had sex with her awkward as that was. If all that didn't earn me the right to use her first name I had no idea what would.

"Ann," I said experimentally. Then I looked at my reflection and joked, "Hi... I'm Ann Mitchell... Oh...what do I do for a living? I'm a math teacher..."

I shook my head at that and suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing. I was somehow stuck in my teacher's body and here I was playing dress-up and goofing around. I should be freaking out or at the very least trying to make some sense of what was going on. Instead, I realized that what I'd been doing was distracting myself from the very serious problem I now had.

With that in mind, I went to the living room and sat down, trying to think about what might have caused this strange situation. I hadn't made any wishes to genies, wishing wells, or anything else that could have been twisted though I might have conceivably made an absent wish at some point to get into her panties. However, I hadn't been thinking about Mrs. Mitchell…about Ann last night when this had happened.

"God, what would my friends think of this?" I asked myself, wincing at the thought of Curtis, Zeke, or Jen finding out.

Jen might actually have been useful in helping me deal with all the girl stuff that I would doubtlessly be faced with if I was in this body for very long, yet I seemed to be managing all right by myself so far. However, there was no doubt in my mind that if I told Jen, she'd tease me mercilessly about this and I couldn't imagine Zeke or Curtis being any better.

"What could have done this?" I demanded in frustration, looking down at myself and cupping my breasts before adding, "I mean, this isn't even possible... How can something this impossible actually happen?"

Just then, I heard a voice though it wasn't answering my question. Instead, it was calling out, "Mommy..."

I quickly looked up and saw a very cute little girl coming out of the hallway, looking adorable in her Elmo pajamas. This was Mina, Ann's daughter who'd been sleeping in the other bedroom. This meant that my private time alone with my new body and thoughts had come crashing to a halt.

"Good morning," I told her with a forced smile, not sure what to do. I wasn't exactly used to babysitting or dealing with kids. In fact, now that Mina was in front of me I felt almost as nervous as I had dealing with Gene.

"Morning mommy," Mina told me, rushing over to where I was sitting on the couch and giving me a hug. She then scrambled up onto the couch beside and half climbed into my lap.

I hesitated a moment before asking, "Did you sleep well honey?" The 'honey' part just slipped out, seeming almost natural when talking to a little girl this sweet.

"Yeah," Mina responded, then added, "I'm hungry..."

Since it seemed I was 'mommy' at the moment, I got up and went to the kitchen to find her something to eat. I was just about to pour some cereal when Mina protested that she wanted pancakes, making me roll my eyes though I did change gears.

A short time later, Mina and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating a pancake breakfast. Mina was absolutely delighted while I was feeling quite pleased at myself for having managed to make them.

"Yummy pancakes," Mina exclaimed while I just watched her excitement with a smile. It was sort of infectious.

Just as I was finishing breakfast, the phone began to ring. "Hello," I answered it.

"Hello?" a boy's voice came from the other end, sounding a bit uncertain. "Steve?"

I blinked in surprise and realized who this had to be. "Ann?"

"It is you," she gasped in my normal voice, not seeming to care that I'd used her first name rather than called her 'Mrs. Mitchell'. "I wasn't sure..."

"So we did switch places," I whispered, taking another look at Mina and then taking the phone into the next room so I could have a little more privacy. "You really turned into me too..."

"Apparently," Ann responded. Then she demanded, "Did you do this?"

"No," I quickly assured her, shaking my head even though I knew it was silly since there was no way she could see me doing so over the phone. "I don't know what the hell happened... One moment I'm in my room and the next thing I know I'm..." I left it at that, blushing brightly.

"Oh God," Anne gasped. "I was in the middle of..." There was a long pause before she weakly joked, "That must have been quite...surprising."

"To say the least," I grimaced. Then I quickly changed the subject. "I'm guessing you don't know what did this either..."

Ann let out a loud sigh that I could hear over the phone before she answered, "No... No idea. I was hoping you'd know."

I frowned as I absorbed this, feeling disappointed as I did so. I'd been sort of hoping that Ann would have some idea of what had happened and would know how to reverse this because I had absolutely no idea. In fact, I'd sort of been counting her on having the answers.

"I think we need to meet up," Ann said carefully. "I'm going to come over as soon as I can... Before I can though, your dad said something about having a few chores for me..."

"He does that," I chuckled. "So I guess you didn't tell him or my mom that you aren't really me." Once she confirmed that she hadn't, I admitted, "I haven't told Gene or Mina either..." I blushed, knowing that I'd be far too embarrassed to ever admit such a thing to Gene after last night.

After this, Ann and I said good-bye to each other and I hung up the phone. I remained there for a moment, my emotions swirling around again as I felt worried about the fact that she had no idea what was going on either yet a little relieved at the same time that I wasn't in this alone. At least someone knew who I really was.

"Okay," I let out a sigh. "We can figure things out once she gets here...I hope." Then I looked at the kitchen and muttered, "I just have to keep playing mommy for a little longer..."


It was early afternoon and well after lunch before Ann was able to come over. It was very strange to see her standing in the door way looking exactly like the real me but obviously no less strange for her. The two of us just stood there for a full minute staring at each other in silence before she finally came inside.

"Why don't you go play in your room," I told Mina, gently leading her back to her bedroom and turning on the small TV in there. I hoped Sesame Street would keep her occupied for a bit while Ann and I talked.

I watched Mina for a moment with a smile, having played 'mommy' for her all morning. I'd done everything I could to play the role well and keep her from realizing that her real mom was gone and a stranger had taken her place. Fortunately, I'd done a good job because my apparent daughter was perfectly happy and had no idea her mom had been replaced.

When I returned to the living room, I found that Ann had made herself at home. She'd poured herself a glass of wine and was sitting back on her couch with a sigh, looking just a little uncomfortable. I knew how she felt since this was extremely awkward for me as well.

"This is...strange," Ann said cautiously, staring at me with an expression that seemed to be both nervous and curious. Then she abruptly exclaimed, "You look good... I mean, you did a good job with the makeup..."

"Thanks," I responded self-consciously.

I just stared at Ann, finding it hard to think of her as Ann when she looked like a teenage boy...when she looked like the person I saw in the mirror every morning. I was definitely uncomfortable and didn't know where to start with our conversation. Then I blushed brightly, remembering that she knew exactly the situation I'd been in last night when we inexplicably switched places.

"She didn't even recognize me," Ann abruptly said. At my blank look, she explained, "Mina... She didn't even give me a second look..." Then she shook her head, "its weird not being recognized by my own daughter..."

"And it's not weird having her call me mommy?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ann chuckled at that and took a sip of her wine, pausing with a frown. "It doesn't taste right," she said, taking another sip and frowning more.

"Let me see," I told her on impulse, taking the glass of wine and carefully sipping it. I've tried wine on several occasions and hadn't liked the taste so was a little surprised that this wine tasted good. I took another sip, deciding that I definitely liked it.

"Last night," Ann started awkwardly, looking at the floor rather than me. She was blushing brightly and looked just as uncomfortable as me.

"I don't want to talk about it," I told her, taking another sip of the wine as I considered what to say. I took a deep breath and tried changing the subject. "Do you have any idea how this happened?"

"None," Ann answered. "All I know is that one moment I was..." She scowled then continued, "Then the next thing I knew, I was you..."

"Same here," I said quietly.

Ann and I stared at each other in awkward silence again, probably thinking the exact same thing. If neither of us had any idea of how this exchange had happened, then how could we possibly figure out how to undo it? I shuddered at the thought of being stuck in her body and life for the rest of my life. I was a teenage boy and didn't want to be stuck as an adult woman, mother, and wife. I certainly imagined that she would be happy giving up everything she had and was in order to become a teenage boy.

After a moment, Ann said, said, "I noticed something strange this morning..." She paused to look down at herself and give me a wry smile. "I mean other than the obvious..." Then she gave me a careful look and said, "But you probably noticed it too..."

"What's that?" I asked curiously.

"Before your dad asked me to do your chores," she started, then paused to give me a somewhat accusatory look. "I was playing around with your guitar. I used to play a little piano when I was just a girl but I'd never even picked up a guitar before..." She shook her head and stared at me again before she finished, "I've never played a guitar and have no idea how to...but I was able to play yours as though I'd been doing so for a long time..." Then she paused to look uncomfortable again. "I think we got more than just each other's bodies..."

I just stared at Ann in surprise, suddenly remembering how easy it had been to put on the makeup. It had been easier than I'd expected to make pancakes for breakfast as well. Then I looked down at the glass of wine that I'd just taken another sip from and frowned slightly.

"I think you're right," I admitted quietly. Maybe this had something to do with why I hadn't completely freaked out though I certainly had more than enough reason to do so.

"How much did we exchange?" Ann asked, looking more like she was asking herself than me.

After a few seconds, I responded, "Does it really matter?" She gave me a look of surprise and I was just a little startled by what I was thinking myself. "We have no idea what switched us or how to get back to normal. Until we do, we don't have much choice... We have to pretend to be each other."

"You're right," Ann reluctantly agreed though it looked like it nearly pained her to do so. "Everyone would think we're crazy if we told them..."

I just nodded faintly at that though I also had another reason for wanting to keep our exchange a secret. After what had happened last night with Gene, the last thing I wanted was for him to know who I really was. It was uncomfortable enough with just me and Ann knowing but if he knew as well it would make things unbearably awkward.

"Whatever else we got when we switched places," I told her carefully, trying to sound mature and reassuring though I think it was myself I was trying to reassure the most. The idea of having things in my head that weren't my own made me a bit uncomfortable though I tried not to let it show. "It will make it easier to pretend to be each other..." I gave her a weak smile as I added, "There's no way I could have done this makeup without it..."

"Oh damn," Ann winced, looking almost as though she were going to be sick. She looked down at herself and grimaced. "I don't want to be you..." Then she gave me a nervous smile before saying, "No offence..."

"Trust me," I responded with a sigh and a wry smile, looking down at my own new body, "I completely understand..."

"But you're right," she said after a few seconds and a couple deep breaths. "We have to pretend to be each other until we figure out how to undo this..." After a moment she muttered almost under her breath, "I just hope it isn't very long." I just nodded my complete agreement.

After this, Ann and I spent some time comparing notes about our lives and giving each other advice about how to act so we don't make anyone suspicious. Of course, no one would ever guess what was really going on but we didn't need anyone asking questions.

"Oh," I blurted out when we were nearly done. "I almost forgot to tell you... I have a date tonight with Jen..."

"A date?" Ann blinked in surprise. "I should probably cancel it..." But after a moment she shook her head, "But then again, it might be interesting to try a date from the guy's perspective."

I just smiled faintly at that but didn't say a word. We gave each other a few more quick warnings about what to expect over the next two days and then she got up to leave. She paused to look around with a sad look on her face especially as she looked in the direction of Mina's room.

"I'll take good care of her," I promised.

Ann just gave me a steady look and said, "You'd better," before she finally turned and left.

I watched Ann leave with a sinking feeling in my stomach, somehow feeling that this situation had just become even more real. We hadn't found any answers or any solutions nor did we even have the first idea where to start looking for them. And now that she was gone, I was left here to fill in for her as best I could. I just hoped I could handle it.

I remained where I was for several more minutes, thinking about my situation but unable to come up with any reasonable idea of how this had happened to us. Of course, if I hadn't come up with one yet there was no reason it would suddenly come to me now. Still, I had little choice but to keep hoping.

"So here I am," I sighed, standing up and looking down at my body again. I definitely liked what I saw...just not on me. "One day I'm a normal guy and the next I'm a MILF." I shook my head at that. "Unbelievable..."

Since there was absolutely nothing I could do to change my situation I decided to keep making the best of it for now. I went and checked in on Mina to make sure she was all right then I went to work cleaning up the house a little. I figured that this was normally Ann's job which meant that at the moment it was mine.

While I was dusting the living room I found a large notebook tucked under the coffee table. It wasn't the kind of notebook that I used at school but was bigger, the paper was thicker and firmer, and there were no lines at all. What really caught my attention thought was that about half the pages were covered with drawings of people and places. They were good drawings too.

"Ann did these," I said, suddenly sure of it. I found a small box with a variety of sketching pencils next to where the note book had been and my fingers twitched slightly as though eager to draw.

I had almost no idea what I was doing though decided to try my hand at this, remembering what Ann said about being able to play my guitar. I'd never been very good at drawing and hadn't done any since a junior high art class so didn't have very high expectations.

At first I'd just been drawing a picture of a puppy but then Mina came in and started watching me. I saw her interest and smiled as I had another idea. Instead of a puppy, I began to draw her.

My hands seemed to move almost on their own and I was amazed as I seemed to instinctively know exactly how to draw the line I pictured and which pencil I should use in order to get the results I wanted. Before long the picture was very recognizable as Mina and becoming even more so. I was in awe at just how easily it was to do this.

"You're good mommy," Mina told me when I was finished and showing her the picture.

"I guess I am," I responded with a smile.

I looked over the drawing, still feeling impressed with myself. Of course, I was well aware of the fact that it was Ann's skill I was somehow tapping into but that didn't lessen my pride. After a minute I decided to try another sketch while Mina grabbed some paper and crayons then began doing her own drawings of me.

It was a short time after this when Gene returned home from work, looking happy as he came through the door. "I finally got the project finished," he exclaimed, pausing to give me a quick kiss. "I just wish I didn't have to go in today for it."

"I'm glad it worked out," I told him, suddenly having the flash of realization that he worked as an architect. This understanding was yet another something I'd gained from Ann. This was fascinating yet creepy at the same time.

Just then, Mina rushed over and exclaimed, "Daddy!" She held up the crayon drawing she'd made and proudly showed it off. "See what I drew..."

Gene was soon fully distracted by his daughter, getting on the floor and giving her a 'horsey' ride even though she was obviously a little too big. I just stood back and watched for a little in amusement before shaking my head and going to start dinner.

I wasn't sure what to do about dinner at first, but as with so many other things, the knowledge I'd gained from Ann took over and guided me. Before I realized it, I was in the middle of making roasted chicken and home-made mashed potatoes.

While I was cooking it suddenly dawned on me that it was the time I was supposed to be on a date with Jen. I looked at the clock and winced, wishing I could be there and wondering how Ann was doing. The idea of her going on my date for me was actually kind of funny though.

I continued pretending to be Ann and playing the role of wife and mother all through dinner and afterwards. I didn't have much choice since I didn't want to do anything that would make Gene or Mina suspicious. It was easy...far too easy and that scared me.

Eventually, Mina went to bed and it was just Gene and me. Mina was a sweet little girl and I was actually having fun playing the role of her mommy. However, I was definitely happy to have a break from her. At the same time though, I was just a little nervous about spending this time alone with Gene.

I saw on the couch, glancing over to Gene as he simultaneously did a crossword puzzle and watched TV. I couldn't resist thinking about last night and blushing brightly as I did so. My body began responding to my thoughts and that only made me feel more embarrassed. Fortunately, Gene didn't seem to notice my discomfort.

"I'm tired," I told Gene after awhile, yawning loudly. "I think I'm going to bed early."

I wasn't really exaggerating the being tired by much. I blushed again as I remembered that this body didn't really get a lot of sleep last night. A lot of exercise...but definitely not a lot of sleep.

"Good night honey," Gene told me, giving me a kiss and making me momentarily consider inviting him to bed with me. However, my masculine pride was able to override these hormones and embarrassing least for the moment.

"Good night," I told Gene, getting away from him while I could. Once I was out of his hearing I muttered, "What the hell am I thinking?" Then I ran a hand over one of my breasts and the erect nipple knowing that it wasn't thinking that I was having a problem with. "I need a cold shower or something."

I shook my head, hardly able to believe I was having these thoughts and feelings for a guy. It was one thing to have sex with him when I hadn't been the one to start it. I'd just sort of dropped in on the middle of it was caught in the ride. There was absolutely no way in hell I was going to do anything else.

I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed, finding that I had to do a little more than I was used to. Normally I'd just brush my teeth quickly...when I remembered it. Now I had to remove my makeup as well. But I had a feeling that there was more to it. I looked through the medicine cabinet and saw dental floss and mouth wash. Both of these things were outside of my daily routine though something in the back of my mind said using these nightly was part of Ann's normal night.

A short time later I was in the bedroom, stripping off my clothes and letting out a sigh of relief. I got completely naked, somehow feeling a little more comfortable this way. I stared at the wedding ring on my finger for a moment then glanced in the direction of the other room where Gene waited before finally climbing into bed.

When Gene climbed into bed about twenty minutes later, I was still awake though pretended not to be. I could feel him in bed next to me, could feel his warmth and his heartbeat. There was something comforting about his presence though I couldn't quite explain to myself what it was. All I knew was that I somehow felt more secure as I drifted off to sleep.


I sat on the edge of the couch, having just handed Ann a can of Coke while I opened a Diet Coke for myself. I've never been interested in diet drinks before and had actually always avoided them though things had definitely changed lately.

At the moment, Ann and I had the house to ourselves. Gene had taken Mina to go see the latest Disney film while I stayed behind so they could have a nice father/daughter experience, or at least that was what I'd suggested to Gene. The truth is that I wanted to have some privacy to talk with Ann again.

"So how did your date go?" I asked her with a faint smile, wondering if Jen noticed any difference. I was kind of hoping she had just for my own sense of pride.

"It went...well," Ann responded with a bright blush.

"Oh really?" I pushed, getting more curious after seeing her self-conscious reaction.

"We just ate and talked," Ann assured me though I didn't quite believe her. After I pushed a little more she finally admitted, "Okay... We kissed."

I was a little surprised at that and not sure whether I should be amused or jealous. "You kissed?"

Ann looked away uncomfortably before responding, "Yes...we kissed." She turned to glare at me defiantly. "It just sort of happened..."

I nodded at that, not about to tease her considering what I'd done with Gene. Admittedly, the whole sex thing had started before I ever even got there but that was beside the point. Instead, I asked, " did it feel?"

"It felt...nice," Ann admitted with another blush. "I liked it..." Then she smiled, "It was very interesting going on a date from the guy's perspective. I almost forgot that I was the one who was supposed to pay though..."

I just laughed at that then asked, "How has everything else being going?"

"About the same as yesterday," she told me with a shrug and a sigh. "Still no idea of what did this..."

"Me either," I sighed.

Ann stared at me for a moment then picked up the guitar that she'd brought with her, a very familiar looking guitar since I'd spent countless hours practicing on it. She held the guitar and carefully played a few notes before going into an actual song, one that I'd practiced quite a bit.

"That sounds good," I said in surprise.

"I just can't believe how easy it is," Ann told me with a chuckle. "And I've never even practiced before yesterday..."

"Let me," I took the guitar from her then paused as I suddenly felt lost. I put my hands to the strings but couldn't quite remember what to do next. It was like the knowledge was on the edge of my mind but just out of reach. I struggled for a moment, practiced a few strums which didn't really sound good and finally shook my head. "Damn..."

Ann stared at me for a moment with a blank look before asking, "What's wrong?"

"I...I don't remember how," I admitted in embarrassment. I closed my eyes for a moment and took several deep breaths before adding, "I think this is the price I paid for getting your knowledge... I forgot my own..." I stared at her for a moment and suggested, "Try thinking of something you know but I don't..." Then I grabbed her sketch pad and set it in front of her. "Try drawing..."

Ann tried drawing for a minute but her picture didn't look anywhere near as nice as her old ones. It was very clear that she'd gained my guitar skills but had lost her own drawing abilities in the process. The knowledge and skills I'd gained from her had to have come from somewhere just as the guitar playing skills she'd now gained. Now we knew exactly where they'd come from...and what they cost.

I stared at the guitar and scowled, feeling annoyed at having forgotten how to play it after having put in so much time and effort. Of course, I reminded myself that I'd leaned things without having to try but it didn't make me feel much better about my loss. I imagined that Ann was feeling the same way.

We continued talking, comparing notes about what we'd been doing while living as each other and sharing thoughts about our exchange. Of course, neither of us still had any idea of what had caused this or how we could change back.

"I'd thought that maybe it would have just worn off after twenty-four hours," I told her with a wry smile. "Then I woke up like this again."

"So it looks like we have to stay like this for now," Ann said with a sigh. She shook her head. "I guess that means school tomorrow..." I paused at that and felt a cold chill run down my spine while she winced visibly. "I REALLY don't want to go back to being a student..."

"And trust me," I told her with a shake of my head. "I really don't want to teach class either..." Then I stared at her for a moment and grinned, pointing out, "And you still have to do my homework before school tomorrow too..."

"Homework?" Ann gasped in surprise. Then she glared at me for a moment before responding, "Then that means you probably still have some papers to grade..." She smirked slightly at the look on my face and joked, "I bet I get my homework done faster than you get done grading..."

I winced at that and muttered, "Just great..."

"I guess I should get going," Ann told me a short time later. "Your friend Zeke called this morning to remind me about that mixed martial arts event..." She paused, looking self-conscious as she added, "I was thinking it might be fun checking it out..."

I felt a little jealous at that, thinking that it wasn't fair that she went on my big date instead of me and now she was going to hang out with Zeke. I felt sad that I was missing out on these things but knew she was missing her own family.

"Well...have fun then," I told her, trying not to sound jealous. "Oh, and if Zeke wants to try some moves on the other way."

Ann laughed at that. "I'll remember that." Then she got up to leave, pausing at the door to give me a wry look and say, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school..."

"Yeah," I sighed, "I suppose you will..."

Once Ann was gone, I shook my head and sighed. The idea of going to school tomorrow was one that I really didn't even want to consider at the moment. Going to school as the teacher instead of a student seemed completely ludicrous. Unfortunately, unless we switched back soon I might not have much choice.

"School," I grimaced, remembering what Ann said about having to grade papers before school tomorrow. "Damn."

After a few minutes, I decided that I might as well get all the school work out of the way while Gene and Mina were still away. I quickly found several stacks of papers along with the answer keys. These were the papers from more than just one class, all of which needed to be graded.

I scanned through the first paper without looking at the answer key, mentally running through the math problems and adding them up in my head. It was surprisingly easy, even considering everything else I'd gained from Ann.

It took me an hour to make my way through the entire stack of papers though I held one paper back until last. It was my own quiz paper. I looked it over, already seeing the mistakes I'd made on it without needing the key.

"At least I passed it," I mused as I put the D+ score on it. "Barely."

Just a short time after this, Gene and Mina returned home. Mina charged into the house all hyped up on the soda and candy she'd consumed during the movie as well as that endless supply of energy that all small kids seemed to possess.

"How was the movie?" I asked Mina.

"It was great," Mina exclaimed excitedly, going on to describe all her favorite scenes of the movie in no particular order.

"It was nice to have some quality time with my daughter," Gene told me with an amused look.

I just smiled and kissed Gene on the cheek before going into the kitchen to start preparing for dinner. "I'll remember that the next time I need a break from her," I called back with a chuckle.

Once we were done with dinner, we settled down to watch the Wizard of Oz together as a family. It had been a long time since I'd seen that one and it was Mina's first time. I couldn't explain why, but there was something wonderful about just sitting on the couch with Gene and Mina watching the movie. I was almost sad when the movie finally came to an end and I had to get Mina ready for bed.

"G'night mommy," Mina told me as I tucked her in.

"Good night sweetie," I responded, bending over and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

I turned off the light and left Mina's room, feeling strangely affectionate towards her. It was odd to realize that I was feeling...motherly. I wasn't sure if this was something I'd gained from Ann along with all her knowledge or if it was just in response to dealing with such a sweet girl. All I knew was that it wasn't something I'd ever really felt before meeting Mina.

"I have to get back to my own body," I reminded myself. "I have to get back to my own life..." As much as I was starting to care for Mina, I knew she wasn't my daughter. I couldn't afford to get too attached to her though I couldn't seem to really help it either. "Such a nice girl..."

A minute later, I was back in the living room and sitting on the couch again beside Gene. It was a little different than when I'd been sitting her with him and Mina both, a little awkward as well. I was now very aware of his presence just as he was aware of mine.

Gene put his hand on mine and smiled. My heartbeat began to race a little and I could feel stirrings in my body. We sat like that for a few minutes before he leaned forward to kiss me. A part of me thought it was wrong but I ignored that part and kissed back. It felt good and right.

Before I really thought about what was happening, Gene and I were all over each other. He started removing my shirt while I went at his. My hands seemed to know exactly what they were doing though my mind was still a bit startled to be doing this.

Then I remembered who I was...who I really was inside and I hesitated. In spite of who I looked like at the moment, I was still Steve Colby underneath it all. I was still a teenage boy and couldn't do something like this...not with a guy. The idea was just wrong. Of course, I couldn't help but remembering that I already had...and had really enjoyed it.

Gene noticed my hesitation and backed off a little, looking concerned. He was probably just disappointed that he wasn't going to get laid like he'd expected.

But as I stared at Gene, I was fully aware of just how turned on I felt at the moment. My nipples felt hard as rock while my groin felt warm and gooey...not to mention sort of hungry. Damn I wanted him... It was hard to admit but I did. I licked my lips as I thought of what I'd done with him when I first arrived in this body.

It was at that moment that I made a decision, though it was mostly my lust that made the decision for me. I grabbed Gene and went back to kissing him, giving into my passion and desire. He immediately responded and we made our way to the bedroom.

I lay on the bed with Gene playing with my nipples, driving me crazy with the sensations. After a little more warm-up, Gene positioned himself to enter me. I gasped as he did so, feeling a little stunned yet excited at the same time. This wasn't my first time having sex in this body but it was the first time I'd entered into it willingly and of my own free will. Somehow, that made this all the more special.

The sex felt absolutely fantastic and I loved every moment of it. Now that I knew what was going on and was doing it willingly, I was able to enjoy it even more than the first time. When we finally finished and were lying curled up against each other, I smiled, savoring the afterglow as well as the memory. I couldn't wait to do this with Gene again.


It was strange to walk through the halls of my school, knowing that the students who stepped out of my way saw me not as a peer but as a teacher. Strangely, there was something I liked about that. Perhaps, it made me feel important somehow.

I smiled faintly as I considered my morning so far, getting up and going through my...through Ann's routine. After a shower and quick breakfast, I took Mina to preschool and then drove to school. So here I was, walking to Ann's classroom and knowing that I'd be expected to teach.

The idea of me teaching class was nearly laughable, especially since it was worst subject. However, it wasn't very long ago that I would have thought the idea of me having sex with a guy was just as laughable...even more so. And surprisingly, that had worked out pretty good for me.

The thought of what I'd done last night with Gene warmed me inside and caused faint stirrings in my body. I knew intellectually that I should probably feel disgusted by it, but the truth was, I felt anything but. I was actually looking forward to having sex with Gene again.

I tore my thoughts off that topic, knowing that this was an inappropriate place for it. Instead, I continued to my classroom and went inside. I hesitated a moment before sitting down at the desk, taking several deep thoughts while trying to remain calm and focused.

"What the hell am I doing?" I muttered, feeling like a ridiculous impostor. Of course, I actually was an impostor which only made it worse. I kept imagining the students coming into class and laughing at me, pointing out that I was no teacher. "Just stay calm and focus," I told myself.

I looked through my desk, familiarizing myself with the contents and then looking at the lesson plan. I skimmed through it, feeling more comfortable as I did so since I seemed to instinctively know what was written down before I'd read it. I silently thanked whatever it was that had given me Ann's knowledge along with her body. It made things so much easier.

It was at this point that the first student arrived and took her seat. I remained in my seat, trying to act as 'teacherly' as I could. It seemed to work because she didn't give me a second thought as she began pulling out her textbook and papers.

Other students quickly filled into the room and soon the class was nearly full. The bell rang and it was time for the class to officially begin. I slowly stood up, taking a deep breath and feeling extremely nervous. My mind momentarily blanked as I considered that I was expected to fill in for Ann and actually teach this class. I would have to teach a class that I knew nothing about. Then I reminded myself that I didn't know much about math but Ann did. And right now, for all practical purposes I was Ann.

"Everyone take out your homework from last night," I said to the class. "We're going to go over the answers."

I was still nervous at first but by the time I was ten minutes into the class I was feeling much more confident and in control. I was doing it. I was teaching the class and doing it just like Ann. By the time the first period was over, I was sure that I could handle this with no problems.

Once the students were gone, I was left alone in the room with my thoughts. I sat down at my desk and allowed myself to feel pleased with how well I'd done so far. Of course, I still had the rest of the day to make it through, but after that last class I felt confident that there would be no real problems.

It was at this point that Ann walked into the room and paused to look around with a strange expression on my old face. She shook her head and approached the desk, giving me a wry smile.

"I take it you survived first period," Ann said with a chuckle.

"You too," I teased, unable to resist grinning as I imagined her sitting through Mr. Chalken's boring English lectures.

"You have no idea how bad that was," Ann started, then paused to look at me again and then give an embarrassed look. "On second thought, you certainly do."

"So how did you like watching mixed martial arts with Zeke?" I asked her.

"He certainly was...intense," Ann responded with a chuckle. "I never would have guessed that about him... He's normally so..."

"Nerdy?" I supplied to which she just nodded her agreement.

We talked for just another minute, comparing notes of how things had gone since we'd last talked yesterday. Of course, I neglected to mention my romantic encounter with Gene, though I'd certainly been thinking about it for most of the morning. Then, the first student of the next class arrived so Ann said a quick good-bye and departed.

My new class began to fill in and take their seats while I watched, trying to remember the lesson plan for this class since it was different from the last. I was also particularly amused to see that Jen was one of the students in this class, a fact that I'd forgotten about until she came in and took her own seat.

"That should make this interesting," I mused to myself.

I looked at Jen without appearing to do so. A part of me was very tempted by the idea of pulling her aside and telling her who I really was and about the swap. However, my good sense took hold of me and I knew it would be a bad idea. For one, it was extremely unlikely that she'd believe me and she probably wouldn't even give me a chance to prove my identity. There were other reasons as well. No, my real identity would have to remain a secret until Ann and I could exchange back.

I soon began my second class of the day, finding that even with Jen in the room it was not really any different from first period. I called on her with a question once, just for my own amusement, but other than that I tried not to show her any special attention.

Eventually, second period ended just as the first had before it. Again, I felt a boost in my confidence after my success and I even began to look forward to the rest of the day. As strange as it was to consider it, I was actually beginning to enjoy being the teacher. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I was the one in charge or that I was actually teaching them, but I kind of liked it.

When lunch came, I went to the teachers’ lounge and looked around in amusement. This was the first time I'd ever been here, the first time any student that I knew of had been beyond those forbidden doors. The truth was though, it was kind of disappointing. The only thing that was really interesting about it was that the other teachers accepted me as one of them.

"Hey Ted," I greeted Mr. Drake, the history teacher who kept giving Jen a fit with all his pop quizzes. "How have your students been treating you today?"

Mr. Drake...Ted chuckled. "No worse than usual I suppose. I've only pulled a little of my hair out today." He ran a hand over has balding head and joked, "I suppose I don't have much more to go..."

"You could shave it all off," I told him with an amused smile. "Just get it over with. I hear it's actually popular to do that anymore."

"Oh no," Ted chuckled as he poured himself a cup of coffee. "This is how I keep count. I figure when I've pulled my hair out in frustration enough times to go bald, then it's time to retire."

I continued chatting with Ted and a few other teachers while I sat down to eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner which I'd brought for lunch. Most of them were just complaining about various students while I found myself nodding along in sympathy.

Once I was done with my lunch, I started back towards my classroom, thinking that the next class was actually my normal period. That meant that Ann and Zeke would be in my class.

"That should be interesting," I mused, wondering if it would be as strange for Ann as it was for me. Somehow, I couldn't imagine that she'd be very happy as a student in the very class she normally taught. "Very interesting."

While I was walking down the hall, I saw Curtis standing off to the side arguing with another student. At first glance, Curtis seemed to be threatening the boy but as I got closer and heard them talking, it became obvious that Curtis was just exactly trying show off how he'd beaten a boss in a video game.

For a brief moment, I considered calling out to Curtis and asking him which game he was talking about. However, I quickly reminded myself that I couldn't do that now. I had to play the part of Ann and she wouldn't do that. I actually felt a little sad about that as I continued on way, pretending not to even notice my friend.

I returned to my classroom and began getting things together for the next class. When the students began pouring in, I just sat back and watch them, feeling nervous again and trying not to show it. I was especially nervous when Ann came into the room.

"How are you doing Mrs. Mitchell?" she asked me with a wry smile.

"I'm doing fine," I responded in amusement.

Ann sat down at my normal seat and I got up to begin the class. I began as Ann often did, handing back the quiz papers that she'd graded overnight. I felt a bit chagrined as I gave my own quiz to Ann, not the least bit proud of my grade. She looked at the D+ marked on the front and chuckled slightly.

After this, I collected the homework and took an especial interest in the page that Ann turned in. I could barely wait to grade it and see how well she did in my place. I quickly scanned the page and saw a few wrong answers. I think she'd done better than I probably would have but not by too much. She just looked embarrassed and avoided looking at me.

A short time later, I was in the middle of my lecture, trying to forget that Ann was normally the teacher and just focus on the task at hand. I was just getting into it when I noticed that Ann and Zeke were leaning over and whispering to each other.

"No talking," I told them with a firm glare, annoyed at the interruption.

It suddenly dawned on me that this is what the teachers all felt like when I talked in class. I felt a little embarrassed at that and promised myself that when I got back to normal, I wouldn't do it anymore. However, I glared at Ann and thought that she should at least know better.

Ann and Zeke were quiet for a minute or two then began to start talking again. They were laughing at some joke between them. "Quiet," I told them again.

"Sorry," Ann apologized. However, after a minute she and Zeke began talking again.

"Don't make me tell you two again," I warned them with even greater annoyance.

I was getting back into the lecture again when I noticed that Ann and Zeke had begun talking yet again. "That's it," I snapped. "Both of you have detention after school."

Ann stared at me in surprise, as if she couldn't believe that I would give her detention. In fact, I could barely believe it myself. I'd just given MYSELF detention but she hadn't given me any choice. If I was going to be the teacher then I had to be the teacher.

"Damn," I muttered to myself while I tried remembering exactly where I'd left off.

When the bell rang and class ended, Ann rushed out as fast as she could without saying a word to me. I thought she must be embarrassed....perhaps even feeling a little humiliated at being given detention that way. I felt a little guilty about it as well as a little strange.

"She didn't give me any choice," I reminded myself with a sigh.

After this, I turned my attention back to playing my part, at least as much as I was able. Playing the part of teacher was easy though my mind kept going back to the fact that I wasn't supposed to be the teacher. I wasn't supposed to be Ann Mitchell...I was supposed to be Steve Colby...a student.

I didn't have any problems for the rest of the day though I was a little annoyed that Ann never came back. When the final bell of the day rang, I left my classroom and started down the hallway, watching the kids all rush past as they raced out the doors as fast as they could.

Then I noticed Jen and Zeke talking to each other off to the side. "Detention?" Jen exclaimed then burst out laughing. "Have fun Toad?"

"Bite me," Zeke responded with a roll of his eyes as Jen walked off.

I smiled faintly at that, feeling tempted to go and talk to them and join in on the jokes but knowing that I couldn't anymore. Not only was I not myself at the moment, I was also the one who'd given Zeke the detention. I doubted that he'd really want to talk to me much at the moment.

"Poor guy," I shook my head, feeling sorry for Zeke in spite of my part in his detention. It was a strange feeling.

Just then, I noticed Ann coming towards me with a grim expression on her face. "Earlier was...embarrassing," she said with a grimace.

"I'm sorry," I told her. "I..."

"I know," she responded with a wry smile. "I would have done the same thing in the circumstances. It's just really weird being the one going to detention for once." She shook her head at that. "This is so embarrassing..."

"It was kind of weird for me too," I chuckled. "If Zeke ever finds out that I'm the one who sent him to detention, he'll never forgive me..." Then I sighed, "I can write a letter to get you out..."

Ann paused to think about it for a moment before shaking her head. "Better not. It would be a bad example..." Then she winced, "I am not looking forward to detention though... I can't believe I did that...and after all the times I got after students. I don't know what got into me." Then she abruptly asked, "So how did you like being a teacher?"

"It was interesting," I admitted, feeling a little self-conscious. "I never realized just how much teachers had to deal with."

"It is a lot," Ann said with a shrug. "To be honest, it was almost like a vacation for me today..." Then she gave me another wry grin. "Sorry, I can't talk now. I've got to get to detention."

"Sorry," I told her as she hurried off. Once she was gone, I chuckled to myself, "That was very strange."

A few minutes later, I was driving out of the parking lot, smirking faintly as I thought about how much better this was than riding the bus. Unfortunately, as with my normal life, I couldn't just leave school behind when I left for the day. I might not have homework to do but I did have some papers to grade again. But first, I had to pick Mina up from preschool.


I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off and muttered an absent profanity before I forced myself to sit up. I sat there for a moment in the darkness, suddenly having the feeling that something was wrong. Something was missing. I reached over for Gene but he wasn't there.

"Gene?" I asked groggily, reaching over for the light beside my bed and turning it on. When the light came on and revealed my room, I woke completely. "My room..."

I jumped out of bed and looked around my old bedroom. I looked down at myself and saw that my breasts were gone and my flat teenage boy chest was back. My hand immediately reached between my legs and found my old friend had returned.

"I'm me again," I exclaimed in surprise and relief. I was beginning to think that I'd be stuck as Ann for the rest of my life but here I was, back in my own body and life just as inexplicably as I'd found myself in hers.

For a minute, I just stood there looking over my body and my bedroom, savoring the fact that I was back to normal. I was finally back to being myself. Whatever had happened to us had finally worn off.

"School," I suddenly blurted out as I remembered exactly why my alarm had gone off. I looked at the clock again and realized that I was going to have to get ready for school again. "As a student..."

At first, I was a little off my game and uncertain about my morning routine. However, it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things and rush through my breakfast and leaving the house exactly as I always had before.

When I arrived at school, I walked through the hallway, noticing immediately how different it was from yesterday. Yesterday, I'd been a teacher and students treated me with at least some degree of respect. Today though, I was one of them again and blended into the crowd. I wasn't sure I really liked that.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. "Steven," Zeke called out as he walked towards me. "Dude, I hope we don't get detention again today..."

"Yeah," I responded with a weak chuckle. "That would totally suck..."

I just shook my head, silently thankful that I hadn't given Ann a week of detention or I'd be the one having to deal with it. Then again, I wasn't completely sure what Ann had done in my other classes. I might have to keep an ear open until I figure out what trouble she might have left me.

"So," Zeke started. "Did you talk to your dad about Saturday?"

"Saturday?" I asked, blinking.

"You know," Zeke said with a roll of his eyes. "You were going to ask your dad about getting us a ride to that new movie theater on the other side of town."

"Oh yeah," I responded with a grin. It must have been Ann who'd made the plans with him since I certainly hadn't, but it did sound fun. "I forgot to ask him. I'll do it tonight."

Just then, Jen came up and greeted us, "Hey Toad. Hey Steve."

"Hey Jen," I responded with a grin.

Zeke nodded and said her, "Hey bitch."

Jen ignored him and gave me a look that I don't think I'd seen from her before. Then to my surprise, she quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek then turned to glare at Zeke who looked as though he was about to say something.

"Don't forget tomorrow," Jen told me before she stuck her tongue out at Zeke and said, "Later Toad." And with that, she walked off.

"What was that about?" Zeke asked, looking a little confused.

I was a little confused myself, feeling almost like I was a stranger who'd been dropped into my own life. Then it suddenly came to me, the same way everything had when I'd been Ann. "We have a date."

"Really?" Zeke asked, giving me a skeptical look. "I know you guys have gone out a couple times before but I don't think I've ever seen her kiss you before."

I just shrugged and told him, "I guess things must be changing."

After this, Zeke took off as well but I didn't get far before I ran into Ann. I was a little startled to see her walking towards me, looking exactly the same as she always had before. However, this time it felt a little strange.

"There you are," she told me with a wry look. "I was looking for you."

"I was about to look for you," I told her, feeling just a little self-conscious. It was a little funny to realize that I felt more self-conscious now that I was with her in my own body than I had when I was in hers. I gestured down at myself and joked, "I guess we're back to normal."

"It certainly seems that way," she responded with a smile. "It's nice to be me again..." She shook her head and added, "It was a little strange waking up to Gene again when I'd gone to bed by myself."

I just nodded at that then asked, "Do you know what made us switch back?"

"No idea," she responded with a frown. "I was hoping you would."

"Afraid not," I told her with a shrug.

"Damn," Ann muttered with a scowl. Then she asked, "Have you seen Jen?" She looked around with a strange expression before adding, "Second period is going to be so awkward..."

"I saw her a minute ago," I told Ann, thinking about the date Ann and Jen had set up for tomorrow night. I suppose it was only fair that since Ann went on the date I'd set up that I would go on hers. "I've got to get going..." I gave her a self-conscious shrug. "Class."

Ann nodded, "I'll see you after lunch then."

"Yeah," I sighed, not looking forward to being back in the student seat after having been the teacher.

Ann and I went our separate ways after this and a minute later I was sitting down in my first period class. I felt a little awkward as a part of me kept thinking that I should be standing up in front of the class. However, I pushed those feelings aside knowing that this was where I really belonged.

I tried paying attention as the teacher gave his lecture but before long I was so bored that I felt like I was really and truly back to normal. I sighed and rubbed my eyes then heard one of the girls next to me quietly talking to her friend. I scowled in annoyance, unable to help but think about how rude that was when class was going on.

"I don't think I'll ever think of teachers the same way again," I quietly mused to myself.

Before long, first period was over and I was on my way to second. I made my way to the next class and took my seat with a long sigh. Things were truly back to normal.

When lunch came I was sitting out in the courtyard atop the ledge I thought of as my own personal perch. I watched the people coming and going while I thought about the last few days. It all seemed impossible yet it had been oh so real.

"Mina," I whispered, realizing that I was really going to miss that sweet little girl. I hadn't known her or Gene for very long but the idea of not seeing either of them again felt like a lump of lead in my chest. "Damn..."

I shook my head, trying to shake those thoughts out of it. After all, they weren't my family. They were practically strangers... Of course, they certainly didn't feel like strangers...not even now that I was back to normal. That just made it worse since I knew full well they wouldn't even know me now.

"Yay," I said with a sigh. "I'm me again..." So why didn't I feel happier about it?

Just then, I saw Jen in the courtyard so hopped off the ledge called, "Hey Jen..."

"Steve," she exclaimed with a grin as she saw me. "You're looking a little lonely out here by yourself."

"I'm not by myself anymore," I grinned back at her.

Jen laughed then grabbed me in a hug. That led to a kiss which was a bit more than I was used to doing with her though I definitely liked it. However, for some reason, an image flashed through my mind of Gene. I quickly shoved that thought aside, feeling embarrassed that it had even crossed my brain. I REALLY didn't need to think of what I'd done with Gene...not anymore. It would be best if I just pretended the last few days never happened. Instead, I tried to focus my full and total attention on Jen.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow," I told her, thinking of the date Ann had set up with her in my place.

"Me too," Jen grinned. "But maybe we could do something together before then..."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Bowling," Jen exclaimed. "We can go bowling tonight..."

Just then, I heard Zeke's voice exclaim, "I like bowling. Bowling is good..."

"Oh, it's you," Jen said as she looked at Zeke. "In case you didn't realize it Toad, this was a private conversation..."

Zeke just shrugged and responded, "Then you probably shouldn't speak so loudly." Then he looked at me, "You know Steven, I bet I can beat you on the lane..."

I looked over at Jen who was rolling her eyes at Zeke just inviting himself along on our date. I chuckled, knowing that it was too late now. Now Zeke had it in his mind and he wasn't the type to be easily dissuaded.

I talked with Zeke and Jen for a few more minutes before we had to get going for class. I gave Jen another kiss before saying good-bye and then Zeke and I started for class.

It was very strange to step into class and see Ann sitting her at her desk in the front. I was careful not to stare at her as I went and took my normal seat. Once I was comfortably seated, I looked up and saw that she was staring at me with a strange look on her face. I gave her a wry smile and she smiled back faintly as well before looking away. At least I knew that I wasn't the only one who found this just a little weird after what we'd gone through.

"Okay class," Ann announced a few minutes later. "Let's start by going over your homework..."

I pulled out the homework that I'd assigned yesterday and that Ann had completed last night. I frowned as I glanced over it, the answers on the edge of my mind but just barely out of reach. I'd known this all so well yesterday but now I was back to my own math skills. Damn, I miss being able to know this stuff.

We went over the answers one at a time and I nodded a little at each one, seeing where things went together. Some of the answers were wrong and Ann gave me a brief embarrassed look since she was the one who'd completed them.

"Hey Steven," Zeke whispered to me.

"Not now," I told him quietly, definitely not wanting a repeat of yesterday but with me ending up in detention instead. I had a feeling that Ann might find it amusing to return the favor. Zeke took the hint and nodded in understanding. I didn't think that he'd be all that eager to get detention again either.

I listened to Ann's lecture a little more closely than I normally would have, finding it fascinating in a strange way. I was remembering what it was like to be up there giving the lecture and kept imaging that I was the one doing so this time. I kept imagining that I was the one with all the answers.

"And I still don't have any answers," I mused to myself quietly. I still had no idea who or what had made Ann and I switch bodies or for what reason. Then again, we were back to normal so I suppose it no longer mattered anymore.

When class was finally over, I nodded to Ann before leaving. She gave me an odd look, one that almost looked like she envied me a little. I chuckled at that idea, knowing that she had a great life and certainly couldn't envy anything about mine, especially not since she'd had a chance to live it herself.

The rest of the day continued much the same, with me sitting in class as I always had before. I had my life back and everything was back to normal. However, something had changed though I wasn't quite sure what it was. All I knew was that it was even more difficult to sit in class than before since a part of me still seemed to think that I should be the one teaching it.

Eventually, the final bell of the day rang and everyone started pouring out of every classroom and into the hallway. I let out a sigh of relief and began doing so as well, thinking that it would be nice to get home and play with my guitar again. I smiled faintly, reminding myself that I would once again be able to play now that I had my own skills back.

I was making my way to the main entrance when I noticed Ann standing off to the side, watching the kids go past with a strange expression. Then I noticed that she was staring at Jen who was further down the hall.

"Hey," I greeted Ann, not sure what to say. I smiled weakly and said, "I bet you're glad you can go home to your family."

"Of course," Ann responded with a weak smile of her own.

I stared at her for a moment before hesitantly asking, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know," Ann admitted with a sigh. "It's nice having my own body and life back but..." She paused to shake her head. "I don't know how to explain it..."

"You kind of miss being me?" I said cautiously, surprised to realize that she felt the same way I did.

Ann stared at me for a moment before nodding. "It's strange, but I do. I don't quite feel right anymore..." She frowned thoughtfully then told me, "I almost feel out of place in my own life. I suppose I'll just need to get back into the swing of things."

"Same here," I admitted, feeling a little embarrassed about it.

Ann looked back towards Jen and frowned again, looking regretful. "I suppose I should get going," she told me. "Take care of your friends. They're very special."

"You too," I told her, feeling a little jealous as I thought about the fact that she would be going to see Mina and Gene. "You've got a very special family."

Ann said good-bye then turned to walk away. I watched her, amazed to realize that she actually liked my life. She actually missed being me the same way that I missed being her. For some reason, that made me feel a little less out of place. I wasn't the only one.

My life suddenly reminded me of an old t-shirt that used to be my favorite. It had been my favorite shirt and I used to wear it all the time until one day it disappeared. Eventually, I found it again in the back of my closet and had been excited to get my favorite shirt back. However, when I tried putting it on again I discovered that I'd outgrown it and now it was too small. That was sort of what my life felt like at the I'd outgrown it and it no longer fit right.

"Damn," I growled, thinking that I had to be totally screwed up if I liked her life better than my own. But the truth was, that was exactly it. I think I did like her life better than my own.

Suddenly, I felt a wave of dizziness completely wash over me. One moment I was fine, and the next I felt as though reality itself was being torn away from me. Then just a second later, it was all over and I felt perfectly fine.

I looked around, realizing immediately that something was very VERY different. For one thing, I'd been standing next to a locker a moment ago yet now I was in front of a classroom door. For another, my entire body felt different. It felt...right.

A moment later, I looked down and saw that I was now wearing a professional looking blouse and had two breasts pushing out the front. I was immediately hit with realization. I'd become Ann again.

My first impulse was to grab my breasts and prove to myself that they were real, though I remembered the fact that I was surrounded by students and managed to keep from doing that. Instead, I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths, feeling that I was indeed back in Ann's body. Somehow, it felt like I was back where I belonged.

"I'm Ann again," I whispered in amazement.

I don't know why but I was suddenly certain that this was it...that this was permanent and there would be no switching back again. I didn't know why I was so sure about this but I was.

I had absolutely no idea how or why the two of us had switched places in the first place or why we'd returned to normal only to switch again. I wondered if maybe the return to our own and lives had been so that we would get a chance to realize that we couldn't be happy going back. Maybe it had just been a chance to say good-bye to our old lives. All I had were guesses.

I finally turned my attention to Ann who was back in my body as well. She was looking down at herself with an expression of delight. She looked back at me then abruptly grinned and gave me a thumbs up before turning and going straight for Jen.

"It looks like she's happy with this," I mused with a smile. "Or HE is."

There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to be like this for the rest of our lives, a fact that I felt surprisingly pleased about. If that was the case, it seemed silly to think of myself as Steve...because I wasn't and never would be again. Now, I was not only Ann in body...but in truth.

"I am Ann," I told myself with a smile. I liked the sound of that.

Then I looked across the hall at my former body, watching as the new Steve talked with Jen. I had little doubt that he would be just as happy with his new body and life as I was. However, I had better things to do than watch him and his new girlfriend. After all, I had a daughter to pick up from preschool and a dinner to make for my husband.

I thought of Mina and felt a warm protective feeling. She was such a sweet little girl and she was mine. She was MY daughter. When I thought of Gene, I felt a completely different type of feeling as well as a pleasant response from my body. He was MY husband. I just smiled in delight, deciding that Gene was going to be in for a very nice night indeed. After all, I had some celebrating to do.


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