The Mirror Ch 5

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Chapter Five


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At two in the morning Steve pulled into Ivy’s assigned spot and killed the engine. He was exhausted. It had been a long and emotional day and the drive hadn’t helped. Not with all the confusing thoughts of sex running through his feminine brain. Climbing out of the car Steve hurried up to the apartment. Without thinking he swiped Ivy’s extra key card and typed in her pin. The elevator ride to the top floor took forever and Steve stumbled down the hallway to Ivy’s apartment.

Once inside he glanced around. Everything appeared just like it did from the other night. Steve kicked off his shoes and stumbled to the bedroom. He turned on the lights and announced, “Hey, Ivy, I’m home.”

He was surprised to find the room empty. Dropping the bags and toiletries Steve went to the guest room and saw that it was empty as well. “The girls must be out partying. Oh, well, they weren’t expecting me until tomorrow.”

Steve hurried to Ivy’s closet, stripped, and picked out a sexy red baby-doll nighty and matching panties. He went through Ivy’s nightly ritual of brushing teeth and hair, removing makeup, and moisturizing without thinking about it and then climbed into bed.

“I’ll surprise Mary and Ivy tomorrow when they get home.” With that Steve drifted off to sleep.

His dreams were filled with colors and nameless men. He was running away from something that filled him with fear and made him incredibly horny. Then the dream seemed to change. It felt more real, but still dream like. A man was watching him sleep. Then he slowly started undressing. Once naked this man moved onto the bed with Steve.

Using gentle hands, he rolled Steve onto his back and slowly worked Steve’s panties down. Once they were off he kissed Steve’s left leg, starting at the ankle and working his way back up to Steve’s now glistening sex.

Steve moaned, and he heard a woman’s moan. ‘This dream is so real I’m moaning in my sleep.’ He thought. Then the man returned to Steve’s other leg and worked his way agonizingly slowly back up Steve’s soft creamy leg to his now dripping, aching, pussy.

“Do you want me?” The words startled Steve. Dreams didn’t normally talk.

“Yes.” He wasn’t sure if he answered or if the dream woman did.

Ted moved forward using one hand to guide his hard cock to Steve’s pussy. The electric sensation of hot, intimate, sensitive, skin on skin cleared Steve’s head a little and he blinked up at the man. “Ted?”

“Who else has a key to your apartment?” Then Ted pushed into Steve causing him to gasp. “I’ve missed you babe. I’ve missed your amazing tits and your super tight cunt!”

“W-What, oh . . . fuck.” Steve moaned, as Ted’s tool stretched and filled him. Ted worked his cock in and out each thrust taking him deeper into Steve until at last, when Steve didn’t think he could take it anymore, he felt Ted’s balls bouncing off his ass. Then Ted’s rough masculine hands pulled Steve’s enormous boobs from his baby-doll nightie and he lowered his mouth to one of Steve’s nipples. The sensation of having his nipples sucked and tits massaged while Ted continued his long slow rhythmic thrusting sent Steve crashing over the top.

“O0ohhhh . . . God . . . . Ohhhhhhh . . .F-fuck!”

“I see you missed me too. I hope you don’t have anything planned for today, because I intend to spend it worshiping your hot little body with my big fat cock!”


Steve stepped out of the shower and, after blotting dry, wrapped a towel around his body tucking it in under his arms. Then he left the bathroom and crossed Ivy’s bedroom heading for her dresser.

“You know, it might be easier if we just stayed naked all day.” Ted was lounging, naked, in Ivy’s bed, watching Steve. His now flaccid cock still glistening with the evidence of their love making.

“I told you. I can’t. I have to meet Mary soon. You should probably get cleaned up.”

“Come on babe. Call your bestie and tell her your man has you all tied up.” Then he winked, “I could tie you up for real, that way it won’t be a lie.”

Steve picked up Ted’s discarded boxers and tossed them at him. “Go. Get cleaned up, mister. If you do I’ll have breakfast waiting for you once your decent.”

“I’m never decent.” Ted caught the garment, “And since when do you cook?”

Once Ted was in the bathroom Steve dropped the towel and stepped into a pair of black panties and then went hunting for the matching bra. After that he picked out a comfy skirt and top and headed to the kitchen. A quick inventory of Ivy’s kitchen and pantry turned up a waffle iron and the needed ingredients. A faint memory told him Mary had bought it for Ivy as a gag gift since she couldn’t cook. Luckily, all Steve needed was eggs, flour, milk, vegetable oil, salt and vanilla.

“Ha! Everything I need for homemade waffles. And to show that man that I can cook. If I want too.”

Steve focused on the task using a hand whisk to beat the eggs until they were fluffy and then he slowly added in the flour and milk. Continuing to whisk it until all the ingredients were in and the iron was hot.

“What is that heavenly aroma?”

Ted’s voice startled Steve and he looked over at the tall dark-haired man who instead of focusing on Steve was staring at the steaming plate of waffles.

“Sit.” Steve waved Ted to a chair. This was followed by a platter of hot waffles, maple syrup, peanut butter, butter, strawberries, whipped cream, and a mug of steaming coffee.

“I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Ted said, staring at Steve in awe. Not only is my girlfriend the hottest woman on campus. She’s rich, and has been lying to me about her cooking skills. I’m in love!”

“Ha! Just eat.” Steve said, with a sigh and then for the first time glanced at the clock. “Holy crap! It’s noon!”

“I know. It was almost ten when I came over. I was a little surprised you were still sleeping.”

Just then the door opened. “Hey, anybody home?”

The sound of Mary’s voice caused Steve to freeze for a second.

“In here.” Ted shouted around a mouthful of food.

Ivy walked into the kitchen and froze. Her eyes drinking in the scene. “Hey, Ted, I’m Mary. We meet after the game last week.”

Ted stood up and offered Mary his hand, “Good to see ya, again. There’s plenty of food. Ivy’s been cooking, can you believe it?”

“It is hard to believe.” At this Steve caught a glare and a frosty look. “I think I need to talk to Ivy for a quick sec in private, K?”

Ted nodded, and returned to his chair. Ivy tilted her head to indicate the living room. Steve followed along behind feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“What are you doing!” Ivy hissed, “We agreed. No SEX! I can’t believe you slept with Ted. We switch places for a day and you’re already sleeping with my boyfriend.”

Steve felt his face turn red, “I-it-well, I was half asleep and it just sort of happened. Agreement?” Then it hit him. ‘She thinks I’m Mary. They must have switched. Should I tell her the truth. Of, fuck no! I’ll never live it down if Mary finds out that I had sex with a guy! I need to play along and then switch back.’

“And you cooked for him? I-er-Ivy doesn’t cook. She’s got servants for that.”

Steve folded his arms below his breasts, “Well, I’m Ivy, and I know how to cook and I enjoy it. Besides, I was trying to get that horn-dog’s mind off sex. Is that all he ever thinks about?”

At this Ivy sighed and then giggled, “Well, yeah. Like most men. Still, I’m mad at you. I was good, and I really wanted to screw Desmond. To make it up to me, I want a new deal.”

“What? Desmond? A new deal?”

“Yes. I want one month, and I want to have sex.” Then she continued in a rush, “Don’t worry, I won’t make “Mary” into a slut. I’m just excited to see what it feels like in this body. And I want a chance to escape from my life. Just for a month, please?”

Just then the door buzzer sounded. Glancing at Ivy, Steve shrugged and answered it. “Ivy Grant.”

“Oh, hi, it’s me, uhm, Steve. I . . . uhm, just got back. Buzz me in?”

At this Steve felt a sinking sensation and hit the open button, “Come on up, Steve. Your sister is already here, along with Ivy’s boyfriend Ted.”

“Who was that?”

Ted had moved into the doorway to the kitchen. Standing there in boxers and a t-shirt holding up a plate of waffles Steve felt his insides melt a little. ‘I’m never going to get out of this.’

“That was Mary’s brother, Steve. We were all supposed to meet here and then go out for lunch. Your surprise visit caught me off guard and made me forget.” Steve said, improvising.

“Did Steve just get back?” Ivy whispered.

“No. He got back last night, late. He used your mirror and then I told him to come back for lunch so we could all get caught up.” Steve replied softly.

At the mention of her mirror Ivy nodded. “Good. I’m glad he’s back safe and sound. No issues with the trip.”

“None. Although, he did mention that family can be annoying.”

“Hehehe . . . yeah, I’ll just bet he said that.”

Ted looking back and forth between the two women clearly not having heard most of the conversation and then shrugged. “I guess I should go put some pants on.”

Just as Ted disappeared into the bedroom there was a knock on the door. Ivy opened it and stared up at Mary, in Steve’s body. “Hey, big brother, good to see you back, safe, and sound. I was just talking to Ivy about the mirror.”

Mary gave Ivy in her body a confused look, “You have?”

Ivy nodded, “Yeah.” Then she lowered her voice. “I know you won’t approve, but we just agreed to spend the next month as each other.”

Mary looked at Steve in Ivy’s body and then at Ivy in her body. “What?”

“I know, to a big strong guy like you, it probably makes no sense. But we,” here she pointed at Steve, “really want to see what it’s like to try life from a different point of view.”

“You do? But, are you sure?”


Steve just nodded not knowing what to say. Mary felt a sense of relief. That her brother and best friend wanted to swap bodies meant she got to keep her masculine body. She felt a rush of excitement. “That’s awesome. I’m so in!”

“In for what?” Ted asked, returning to the living room, now fully dressed.

“In for lunch.” Steve said, thinking quickly. “Come on, let me grab my purse and we can all go.”

“Cool. Stacy is down in my truck, I was hoping I’d be able to take her to lunch. Now we can go as a group.”

“Well, pooh, I’m the only one without a date.” Ivy said, using Mary’s face to pout.

“Gorgeous girl like you?” Ted asked, “I bet you can snap your fingers and find someone.”


Steve made his way up to Ivy’s apartment. He was sore! After lunch Ted had invited the group over to the country club where he had a membership. Desmond had, after Mary-Ivy called, joined them. Steve was a pretty good golfer but in Ivy’s body he sucked. Even from the lady’s tees. At least he wasn’t as bad as the bimbo Stacy! ’What did I ever see in her!’

After golf, they’d gotten massages and then dinner. When the group split up Steve had been delighted to hear that Ted had to go home. He had to be up early for class and still had homework to do. Steve had pretended to be disappointed and had hoped that Ivy and Mary would ditch their dates. No such luck.

“Still I can change back into me. Then I can go back to the dorm and let whoever it is in my body know I’m back.” Steve was pretty sure it was his sister, but it might also have been Ivy. Everything was so confusing. The only thing he was sure of, was that once they switched back he was going to deny having slept with Ted!

Steve parked Ivy’s Mercedes and hurried up to the apartment. When he opened the door, he noticed the lights were on. “I thought I turned the lights off. Oh, well.” Then he headed to the mantel to get the mirror.

“Where is it? Ivy always kept it on the mantel!” Looking around he saw no trace of the mirror. “I’m sure it was there. I saw it when we were all talking earlier.” As he continued his search he spotted a letter sitting on the coffee table. Picking it up he saw words in a feminine script written on it.

“Dearest Ivy” Steve ripped the letter open and unfolded the single page.

Dear Ivy,

As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve reclaimed my property. The mirror, you accidentally, “borrowed” was always mine. In a way, I’m very grateful to you. I used it to ease my, “illness,” thinking that I’d have to use it again once I returned from Hawaii.

The mirror has many potential uses. I’d planned to use the mirror to give my poor spouse a new chance, a new look, and a new opportunity. One that didn’t include my wealth, but youth and health.

However, when I returned, the mirror was gone. Before I found it, my poor Philip passed away. Perhaps this was the best solution, since the ultimate decision was taken from me. My conscience is eased by the knowledge that I wasn’t the cause his demise. You are still my favorite niece, but don’t try to acquire the mirror, again, ever. It is mine.


P.S. – I really like the campus and your apartment.

“I knew it! Uncle Philip didn’t die! He took over Cindy’s body.” Then Steve paused, “If Ivy hadn’t stolen the mirror, he would have swapped Cindy into a younger body, she’d be alive.” Then Steve shook his head, feeling his long tresses swing around. “That’s what he says now. Why go on vacation and leave Cindy in his old body. I bet he never intended to swap her into someone new. If Philip disappeared Cindy doesn’t get all of his money.” Then Steve shivered. “Unless, he meant to give her Ivy’s body.”

Feeling a little frightened Steve locked the door and used the chain and deadbolt. Then it hit him. “Oh, my, god. We’re all stuck! I-I’m now Ivy.” Then in a softer voice, “I’m rich. I’m, sexy, and . . . I’m Ivy.” A slow smile spread over Ivy’s face. “I wonder how Ted feels about spring break in the Bahamas?”


Down in the parking lot the red head watched the lights in the penthouse apartment go out. She smiled to herself and looked down at the leather case that now held the mirror. A mirror with a dark angel and a detached handle. “It took me decades to find you and only a few months to reacquire you.” Then she started up the BMW she’d rented. “I’ve not been to Europe in years. A quick stop in New York to drop you in a safe deposit box, one no one in the family knows about, and then I can catch a flight across the pond. As I recall, summers in Ireland are lovely.”




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Nice story

Is it over, or will there be more?


It Sounds Like

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Cindy was the only one who got short changed in the body stakes. She might have got her share in the money and leisure side of things.

Evil sometimes triumphs.