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The pageant

Alex woke up The next morning he got out of bed and started to polish his nails Black he was wearing care bears pajamas. then he put his Long blonde hair in a ponytail his Mom asked how did you sleep sweetheart Good momma that's good sweetie she said as she kisses his head. Black is such a Good color for your nails aww thank you he said with a smile oh I like your nails so cute said his sister Sarah thanks sis Nice color said his little brother Bradley he noticed his brother is wet. uh Mom I'll go change his diaper he's pretty soaked ok sweetie she said.

Twins, part 13

“You okay?” Lucy asked her American friend, who paused to take several deep breaths before replying.

“Yeah,” Phoebe replied, momentarily lowering her mask to take a deep breath, but making sure to raise it back before exhaling. “I dunno if it’s the mask or not, but this is kinda harder than I remember!”

“Okay,” Kacey- the leader of the class- said as she observed the two students taking time getting their breath back. “I think that’s as good a time as any to take a break. Lucy, can I have a word please?”

The World Turns - Clara and Ollie

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Clara finds she has become Bi, Oliver finds that he has changed more than expected.

The World Turns - Snapshots

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

A few short scenes about different people and an in-universe FAQ about the changes

The World Turns - Chris and Brianna 2

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Chris is insecure in his masculinity now that he has huge boobs and female libido. Chris and Brianna both talk to friends, and they also both try masturbating with their new parts.

World Turns - Chris and Brianna

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Brianna watches her boyfriend's bust balloon up to an enormous size before her eyes, she has trouble not staring, her new equipment reacts.

Between Rolls


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Between Rolls
by LariUmbreon

A Baldur's Gate fan comic about a Goddess, Castina, trapped in a devotee's body after being captured and infected with the Mindflayer Tadpole. It's causing instabilities with her godlike powers to alter and shift people's bodies and genders. With the world at risk and her powers in flux, will she transcend to godhood again?

Angel of Europe Part 3

Part Three

They had lunch in the commissary, afterwards. Lieutenant Lee and Aaron sat across from each other. To the confoundment of the other team members, the two men entertained themselves as they ate by conversing in several different languages.

The days following this briefing blurred together in an intense haze of training with little respite. Small wonder that when the opportunity came for a break that some of the members of the commando team took advantage of it. Even if they weren't supposed to.

Nebel der Verwandlung: Eine aufregende Reise zwischen den Geschlechtern

Kapitel 1: Das Amulett der Verwandlung

Unsere außergewöhnliche Reise begann in den geheimnisvollen Tiefen der unberührten Wälder Lateinamerikas, wo wir jenes antike Amulett fanden, das unser Leben auf unerwartete Weisen verändern sollte. Es war eine alte, perlmuttfarbene Schnitzarbeit mit eingravierten lateinischen Mantras, die mit Juwelen besetzt war. Als wir das lateinische Mantra leise murmelten, begann eine ungeahnte Macht von uns Besitz zu ergreifen.

Ian, part 24

“Unf,” I grunt as I’m woken from a dreamless slumber by my phone, though it isn’t my alarm that wakes me, but rather an incoming call. I try to smile as I click the ‘answer’ button- normally I'd be happy to see the identity of the caller on my phone's screen, but it's much too early- and much too cold- for that right now.

“Good morning, Ian!” Grandma says with a cheerful tone. “Or rather, happy birth-eve!”

“Thanks, grandma,” I say quietly as I prop myself up in bed and huddle my sheets around my shivering form. “Is everything okay in Cardiff?”

Twins, part 12

“Luke!” Paul shouted up the stairs. “Come on, get out of bed, it’s nearly 10 o’clock and we’ve a lot to do today!”

“Yeah, alright,” Luke grunted in reply as he threw back his bed sheets and pulled on his dressing gown, only pausing to look at himself in the mirror before leaving his bedroom.

Creepy Mansion

Creepy Mansion

A group of college friends pick Creepy Mansion for their weekend fun.

But, of course, Creepy Mansion (CM) is the home and Laboratory of the county's Mad Scientist (MS).

Ian, part 23

“Good morning, everyone,” Allan- my university lecturer- says as I (and no doubt all of the other students on my course) get my notepad out. “I’ll let you all have a couple of minutes to get set up, then we’ll begin.”

“I’ll talk to you later,” I say, mirroring the sad smile of the long-haired girl on my phone screen.

“Yeah,” Leanne sighs sadly. “I should be getting to work too in the next couple of minutes. Well, not technically ‘getting to’, but you know what I mean, right?”

Twins, part 11

Luke grunted as his phone’s alarm woke him from a deep sleep. His mouth was dry and his head throbbed, but what concerned him most was that he didn't recognise his surroundings, particularly the feel of his bed- the mattress was much stiffer than his usual one, the pillow and the sheets thinner than what he was accustomed to. As his eyes started to focus, he was able to take in his surroundings.

Slipping Away

I don't usually give warnings for my stories. So when I say this story is dark and leans heavily into psychological horror, you know it's serious. Check the cautions I ticked off and be ready with some tissues, you're going to need them.

A Second Generation Whateley Academy Tale
Slipping Away


Kingston, Ontario, Canada
October 5th, 2016

“Remember to pick up a present for your brother after school, Ada.”

Ian, part 22

“Nice day for it,” I muse as I enter the park where the rest of the cricket team is assembled.

“Yep,” Stuart concurs. “Pity there’s no ‘it’ for it to be a nice day for, heh.”

“Well- yep, can’t argue with THAT,” I sigh as I gaze around at the other guys, all of whom- myself included- are keeping a distance of at least two metres away from each other.

Twins, part 10

Lucy blinked her eyes twice as she slowly woke from her slumber. As she took in her surroundings, she was momentarily confused- she wasn’t in her dorm in Durham, but rather in her old bedroom in her parents’ house in Newcastle. Her disorientation vanished, however, when she glanced at her chair- and, more importantly, the short denim skirt and tight grey t-shirt she’d worn the previous day. Worn openly, in front of both of her parents, with neither of them commenting or even batting an eyelid.

Twins, part 9

“I- I’m sorry, what?” Paul asked, confusion and anger seeping into his voice.

“I- I’m also transgender,” Lucy said firmly as her grip tightened on her brother’s hand. “For- that is, ever since- ever since we started university, I- I’ve been living as a girl. Going to classes, going to parties as- as a girl.”

“I- I- just… what?” Paul asked.

“Luke, what are you sa-“ Sarah asked, only for her child to interrupt her.

Twins, part 8

“So then,” Susie asked Luke and Lucy as they and their friends sat around their usual table in the Student Union bar. “Looking forward to Sunday?”

“Ooh, yes, I’d almost forgotten about that!” Priya giggles as the twins’ blushes deepened.

“…Maybe a bit,” Lucy mumbled.

“Maybe even less than that,” Luke sighed. “Tough to get excited about your birthday when you know your presents are gonna suck.”

“Sorry if we’re putting a dampener on YOUR birthday, Gav,” Lucy said to the young man who was exactly one day young than her and her brother.

Ian, part 21

I sigh as the loud, impersonal buzzer wakes me from a dreamless sleep. After staring at the blank ceiling for a few moments, I sigh again before getting out of bed, pulling on my slippers and my dressing gown before padding down the corridor to the sterile white bathroom, relieving myself before heading toward the dining room for breakfast. This has been my routine for almost four weeks now, and every day I walk down these halls it reminds me or why I’m in this place- it reminds me of my failure.

Twins, part 7

“You two look exhausted,” Priya said as Luke and Lucy sat down at their usual table in the Student Union bar. “I don’t need to guess why, do I?” The Indian girl bit her lip as her two friends both shook their heads.

“Ugh,” Luke sighed, sharing a knowing glance with his sister. “Never mind ‘back from holiday’, I feel like I NEED a holiday.” Luke allowed himself a smile as his friends Gavin and Susie smiled sympathetically.

Ian, part 20

“Okay, just a few more,” the photographer says to me as I pose in my designer jeans and t-shirt. “That’s great Ian, look this way, try to stand a bit straighter so we can see the logo clearly.” I do as I’m told and hold a subtle smile on my face as the camera takes photos of me- or rather, the clothes I’m wearing. “Okay, I think that’s everything. Thanks Ian, I’ll you have the rest of your Saturday back!”

Moonblossom Tales Part 2: Voyage of Discovery

***Warning: The following story contains graphic sexual imagery and themes of gender transformation. Do NOT read on unless you are of legal age to do so, and not offended by such themes. To those reading on, enjoy, and feel free to comment below, I won’t bite… unless it’s requested.

“Welcome To Nevada, The Silver State.”

Twins, part 6

“Good!” The tall young man said as Luke effortlessly lobbed the ball back to him. “One more, come on.”

“Sure,” Luke replied, stopping the ball dead with his feet before chipping it back into his training partner’s hands.

“You sure you’ve never played on a team before?” Luke’s training partner, a young man named Darren, asked in his thick Yorkshire accent as he and Luke followed the rest of the team off of the pitch.

Twins, part 5

“You know,” Luke said to his sister as they waited in line to have their photos taken, “I kinda expected my first day at uni to have a bit more fun and a less, you know, paperwork.”

“Or even a bit more learning,” Lucy laughed as she tried her hardest not to fidget.

Ian, part 19

“It’s weird how this has become just, like, normal again,” Lee says as we pull on our coats and head out of the flat, locking the door behind us as we go. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love university, but you know? I kinda, like, got used to it being summer, having all the time to myself… Am I making any sense?”

“Maybe a little,” I reply, smirking as my flat mate rolls his eyes. “But I kinda get what you mean, I think.” Even though my summer was a hell of a lot busier than yours…

Twins, part 4

Even though the twins didn’t see Susie again for the rest of the Christmas holidays, they remained on a high until their return to college at the start of January. Having a genuine friend, someone in whom they could confide opened up new possibilities for Luke and Lucy, possibilities that both were eager to explore, but with caution- caution that was validated when the twins went to their counsellor for their first meeting of 2018.

Twins, part 3

Luke and Lucy had their first meeting with their gender identity counsellor just over a month after confessing their feelings to each other, and just a few days before they started college. As they had done their whole lives, the twins attended the counselling session together, despite the counsellor's offer of separate appointments. During the session, Luke and Lucy told the counsellor everything they had told Dr Sutton, and at the end felt relieved to get their frustrations and stresses off their chest, and happy at the knowledge that their next meeting was only a few days away.

Moments of Madness -6-

The chapter that is more fantasy than reality, but one that is still based (even if very loosely) on my experiences in the ward. In this, I find myself new in the ward who I make an unusual connection with.

Again if you are not okay with Dysphoria type stuff, the please avoid reading this. Also, this has more ex-rated scenes to it (yeah sex- even if short :P)

Summer's Current 4: Summer's Past- Chapters 6-9

Summer's Current 4:
Summer's Past

It took most of the remaining hour for Dr.Smithe to review and comment on my calculated area requirements and wafer composition for the proposed, prototype emitter. In the end, he could find no errors in my math and gave me approval to send it to our drafting department then to the process printer for manufacture.
The rest of my Saturday was spent catching up on my class assignments and composing a report on the fall of ‘Modern’ Society in Ancient Rome for Western Civ.
Chen and I had agreed to meet again tomorrow morning around 10AM.

Die Hochzeit

Mein Name ist Mark und ich lebe mit meiner Verlobten Jessica mittlerweile seit 6 Jahren zusammen.

Unsere Beziehung könnte nicht besser sein und so haben wir uns vor zwei Monaten verlobt.

Die Hochzeit ist für den Sommer geplant, allerdings gibt es einen Unterschied zu den Hochzeiten, wir man sie aus der Vergangenheit kennt.

Bei der Bestellung des Aufgebots muss man jetzt angeben, wer Zuhause das "Sagen" hat und als guter Freund habe ich dort gesagt, dass es meine Verlobte Jessica hat.

Ian, part 18

“Hey, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog!” Stuart says as I enter his music room, earning laughter from our friends and an eye roll from me.

“Funny man,” I snort.

“Yeah, I thought so too,” Stuart says with a smug grin.

“And how long am I gonna have that nickname for, anyway?” I moan as I pick up my bass guitar and start tuning it. “I washed the dye out days ago…”

“More’s the pity,” Mikey laughs.

Ian, part 17

“Thank GOD,” Mac says in an over-dramatic way as he, Ben and I head out of our college, all three of us tired after a long week, but excited at the knowledge we have the next three weeks completely university-free.

“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Ben chuckles.

“Oh come on,” I protest. “It hasn’t been THAT bad, has it?”

“So you’re telling me you’d rather have another 3 weeks of classes than 3 weeks of holiday, then?” Ben asks, making me grin slyly.

Our Son Nick and Old Lace

The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above urinals.” - Ernest Hemmingway.

Turnabout is fair play.” — Angela Rasch

The following parody has many references to Cary Grant and his movies. . .above and beyond the obvious. Should you get bored with this story, or if the story runs against your grain. . .use it as a puzzle. . .try to pick out all those references.

This story also contains several un-attributed quotes. We apologize for trying to be someone or something we’re not. We suspect the nature of the story supports this decision.

No Matter the Cost, Part 1

No Matter the Cost
Part 1
By Camospam, editing by Wendy K. and Xtrim.
A Non-Canon Whateley Academy Tale
Another story featuring the adventures of Outlook.

March 9, 2008.
Dunwich, NH

Lynn took a few steps back to distance herself from her group of friends as they decided upon which restaurant to pick, the choice was between Chinese or Italian.



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