Forever the Dragon Princess -chp 2

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Forever the Dragon Princess

The year is 2024. And one of the greatest archaeology finds of all time is on display at the Smithsonian. No one ever expected to find something buried deep within the caves below Mount Fuji, Japan. Especially not a seven foot tall, fifteen foot wide, two foot thick, one-thousand pound, hand carved red lacquered, ebony wood, bejeweled sculpture of the dragon Toyotama-hime that is over 2000 years old. For 16yr old Tony Watanabe this statue held more than just your normal fascination. It held his destiny.

Chapter 2
Finding the Fire Dragon Samurai or Hi are you one of my sisters?

Chiyoko looked around the Temple some before heading outside to find Satomi and Satoko. The moment that the teenage girl stepped outside Chiyoko stopped dead in her tracks. What she saw was not what she was expecting. She couldn’t believe what her eyes were showing her. None of it made any logical sense.

For starters while there was all the elements of the Edo period to be seen. Inside the temple grounds she saw men and women dressed in traditional kimonos. Some of the men were carrying the twin swords of the samurai. Some of the women were dresses as geisha. Everywhere she looked could see the heavy influence of the Edo period.

Yet there was also signs of the Victorian era as well. Steam powered cars rumbled by on the cobble stone streets. An iron locomotive rode on overhead railroad tracks. Then there was two giant airships flying across the skies. Men and women dressed in the ways of Queen Victoria’s England. She could tell that the women who were dressed in the height of Victorian fashion were all tightly corseted. So were some of the men.

Chiyoko noticed something about the people as she looked at them. They were all surrounded by a glow. While the women were all surrounded by a pinkish glow. All the men and some of the women had a bluish glow surrounding them. Looking over at Satoko and Satomi, Chiyoko noticed that they were both surrounded by the pinkish glow.

That’s when she was hit by two very important realizations. The first was that the surrounding glows matched the actual physical sex of the individual. The second was the fact that she was seeing peoples’ auras. As she looked around the temple some more Chiyoko focused on the women with the bluish auras. There weren’t many of them, but she noticed that each one was in the mid-to-late teens. There were a few that were in their earlier twenties though. She also noticed that all of these women had a male escort.

There was something that bothered her about these young women that perplexed Chiyoko. Their auras didn’t make their appearance. Walking over to one of the many monks that was near the temple steps. She noticed that the man was old, as in ancient. “Excuse me Grandfather.”

The monk took one look at Chiyoko and dropped to the ground bowing from the waste. “How may this humble monk be of service Kyomu no Sa?”

“Please don’t do that Grandfather, Here let me help you up?” It took Chiyoko a few seconds to realize that the monk had called her the Samurai of the Void as she helped him to his feet. “Um… I do not know how to ask this, but do you see the glow surrounding the people here?”

“Ah. It is as the ancient teachings tell us. ‘Kyomu no Sa shall see into the hearts and minds of men.’ You truly are her. I did not want to believe the new miko when they said you had returned to us and they were your Handmaidens.” Chiyoko couldn’t believe what she was hearing from the ancient monk. “Please tell this old man is it true that you have come from another world? One that is unlike ours.”

“Well… um… Yes sir. In our world things are greatly different than here. Magical creatures, gods, and goddesses never show themselves to us poor mortals.” Chiyoko explained then quirked her lips. “Well I should say rarely show themselves to us mortals.”

The old man gave Chiyoko a sly smile. “Once again the teachings are true. ‘Kyomu no Sa shall come from a world where magic is no more. She shall be accompanied by two great Sempai in the guise of simple miko.’”

“Um… Grandfather, what are these teachings you keep talking about?” Chiyoko didn’t want to show her ignorance. Because to be honest, she was embarrassed by being so ignorant of her new world.

“Once again the teachings are correct. ‘Kyomu no Sa is a warrior in all her ways. Yet she shall come amongst you as a new born babe ignorant in our ways and to her own power.’” The old monk intoned solemnly. Sighing the old man looked her in the eyes. “I the teachings that I speak of are those of the Dragon God King Watatsumi, child.”

The WTF thought ran through Chiyoko’s mind at hearing this. “I see, grandfather. How do these teachings affect me?”

“The Teachings of Ryōjin, are all about you and your four sisters. I have waited my whole life for this day to come. I and all of my predecessors have waited patiently for this day to come. Long with fearing this day as well.” The old man sighed. “For today also heralds the return of the greatest enemy of mankind the Five Dragon Kings.”

“I kind of knew this already Grandfather.” Chiyoko smiled for the old man to take the sting out of her words. “Can you please tell me about the auras?”

“Ah yes, the first of your gifts. It is said that by merely looking at a person’s aura you can tell who they are in their heart of hearts.” The old monk waved his arm. “Look around young samurai. Tell what you see? How many of the young ladies are Redībōizu?”

Chiyoko did as she was asked. It didn’t take her long to count the number of transvestites and transsexuals. “I count fifteen Redībōizu, Grandfather. They are the ladies with the blue auras correct?”

“Very good, Kyomu no Sa. Now, look at each one individually. Tell me which ones are not Redībōizu by choice.” There was a note in the old man’s voice that let Chiyoko know that more than a few of the boys were dressed as the opposite sex against their wills.

It didn’t take Chiyoko long to spot the forced Redībōizu. Though the number wasn’t large, there was still a few of them. Namely among the Victorian dressed young women. “There are five Grandfather. Is this an acceptable practice in this world?”

The old monk sighed. “Sadly, it has become the normal among our more wealthier citizens. If they cannot find an acceptable or available young woman to be a bride from among the families that have of age girls. They go to the orphanages and buy their sons a boy bride.”

Chiyoko was shocked by this revelation and angered. “How young of a boy do they start with Grandfather? Why doesn’t anybody put a stop to it?”

“They don’t spot the practice for one reason. Most of the boys that are chosen for the life of a forced Redībōizu are unwanted sons.” At Chiyoko’s look of confusion he explained. “In this world the Balance between men and women is off, child. For everyone woman there are seven men.”

“How could this have happened? It doesn’t make sense. Nature always balances the scales between the two sexes.” Chiyoko exclaimed.

“The Laws of Nature have been upset by the new Iron Horses that roam our world, child.” The old monk sighed. “Magic is being push further and further from the Light. Use your Sight child. Look at the Lines.”

Chiyoko did as the old monk instructed her. As she used her Sight to see beyond the auras of the people Chiyoko spotted what he meant. There appeared to be color lines touching everything. The temple was covered in a massive knot of colored lines. They were beautiful. As she looked out past the temple walls, she was shocked to see that the lines became broken by the tracks of the trolly cars and railroad. She watched as a steam powered car drove through one of the lines snapping it in half. Once again, she had a flash of insight on how things worked in this world.

“Those are Ley Lines. I actually see ley lines.” Chiyoko whispered. “But why are they broken Grandfather?”

“It is as I said child. The Iron Roads and beasts disrupt the flow of magic.” The ancient monk sighed. “With every year more and more iron covers the land. With it more and more of the magical flow is disrupted. With that disruption more and more of Nature’s Balance is upset. Now you see the truth behind why there are, so few female children born each year. And why the Redībōizu have become such an important part of life. It may not seem fair to some of these boys, but it is better than the alternative they face.”

“How can being forced to live as a girl and being used as a sexual object be the better alternative?” Chiyoko almost snapped.

“It is better than being sent to the underwater mines or farms. Where they will never see the light of day again. Or feel fresh air on their faces. Places where their life expectance is measured in months, than in years, child.” The old monk sighed at the look of anger that crossed Chiyoko’s face. “Please understand Kyamo no Sa. The best that most of the unwanted boys can look forward to is five to ten years of back breaking labor followed by a burial at sea. Most of them never even know their families.”

Chiyoko swallowed hard before asking her next question. “How many boys are selected for the life of a Redībōizu?”

“Maybe one out of every thirty or so young samurai. Take a look at the ones you can see. Not with your sight just look at them. None of them were overly masculine to begin with. Thanks to magic, alchemy, and now science they will never possess any masculine traits.” The old monk sighed. “Most of them were sold before they turned thirteen summers.”

Chiyoko was forced to face a hard truth. If the majority of the population was male that made females a valuable resource. A resource that would be highly guarded. It was also a resource that would be kept well out of her reach. Unless she used miko there was no way for her to find her four sisters.

“Great! Just great! Now where am I supposed to find my sisters?” Chiyoko whined. “If all the girls are kept under basically lock and key. And you know the moment I show myself around any teenage girl who is not already married off. Their family will be breaking out the swords and pitch forks”

The old monk chuckled. “Then go where all prospective grooms go. Especially when they are in need of a bride. The Empiral Orphanage.”

“But… but… but… that would make me no better than those oppressive slugs who only see those boys as sex objects. Besides I don’t have any money. I can’t afford to buy a boy out of the orphanage. Let alone four.” Chiyoko bitched.

Only to hear the old monk chuckle. “A woman doesn’t need to pay for a boy. The orphanage would gladly sign one over to your care. May be even four.”

“I don’t understand Grandfather. Why would they just sign a boy over to me? Doesn’t the government make money off the sale of the boys?” Chiyoko was confused by what the monk was suggesting.

“Child what did the Dragon Goddess tell you to do? Exactly.” The old man asked her with a sly smile.

“She said that I need to go out into the world and find my sisters.” Once again Chiyoko had a flash of insight. Chiyoko giggled at the thought that ran through her head. “She didn’t say to look for them among the girls of this world. She just said to find them. Just not where.”

“Very good, Kyamo no Sa. Though I do have a suggestion. Look around the temple ground once more for me please.” The old man asked with a smile. “But this time look only at the Redībōizu.”

She did as the old man asked one last time. Only this time she focused her sight on the Redībōizu only. It didn’t take her long to see what he was getting at. All of their auras varied in color and shading. Some were a lighter shade of blue almost a sky blue. Some of those were an almost ice blue. Yet on the other end of the spectrum were the darker blues. Ones that were close to a Navy or Royal blue. A few of them at each end of the spectrum had swirls of pink and yellow mixed in the blue. But there was one that stood out among the others. The aura for this young Redībōizu was unique. The two colors weren’t mixed there was a definite separation between the two colors. The pink was on the inside next her soul surrounded by a thin layer of the blue. But the very outside edge of the girl’s aura was edged in the most brilliant of reds.

This Redībōizu was definitely a true transsexual. There was nothing forced about this Redībōizu. Not only did her aura make her standout from the rest but she was alone. She had no one escorting her. Something was wrong here. If this Redībōizu was truly here alone that meant only one thing. Either her parents or the orphanage didn’t know that she was transgender. Chiyoko felt an almost uncontrollable draw to this young girl.

“Excuse me Grandfather. But who is that young lady?” Chiyoko asked as she pointed the girl out to him.

“I do not know Kyamo no Sa. Though I do know that she is here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.” He smiled up at Chiyoko as she stood up. “Are you drawn to the girl, Kyamo no Sa?”

Chiyoko didn’t look down at the old man as she started walking towards girl. But she still answered the temple Elder. “Yes Grandfather. I do not know why but I feel that I must help this girl.”

“Then go, Kyamo no Sa. Go and welcome your sister.” Chiyoko was already too far away to hear his words. Not that the old man cared. “And so, it begins.”

As Chiyoko neared the teenage Redībōizu the girl turned to face her. The girl was the first to bow; her heavy whale bone corset made the gesture both painful and difficult. Chiyoko returned the Redībōizu’s bow with one of equal depth and duration.

The Temple Elder felt the first stabs of pain in his chest. He had known that his time short for more than a year. At 109 years old the Temple Elder had buried the last of his family a time long ago. He had said goodbye to a good number of friends as well. His body was worn down by time and a life of service. He had become tired and care worn. He had lived beyond his allotted number of years by more than two full score. He had only been holding for one reason. The hope of a promise being fulfilled. After ninety years that promise had finally been fulfilled. The Dragon Prince Wolong had promised him when he was just nineteen that he would see the return of the Dragon Defenders.

Looking up at the sky. “Thank you, Wolong. You can take me now.”

There was a flash of light that no one else saw but the old man. There before him stood the Dragon Prince Wolong. The God held out his hand to the old man. As the Temple Elder took Wolong’s hand the years fell away and all the pains of old age disappeared. Gone was the decrepit old man who had seen far too much of life’s pain and misery. In his place was the nineteen year old monk that Wolong made a promise to so long ago.

Pulling the temple Elder to his feet Wolong smiled. “Come along old friend. I have a room in my palace that is just for you. I have held it open for too long. You have set my sister’s newest samurai on the right path.”

With another flash of light, they were both gone. Where the old man once sat on the Temple steps there was nothing. Nothing marked the passing of the oldest elder within the Temple. Not even a mark in the dust showed his passing. It would not be until the evening meal that anyone would know that the Elder was gone. It would be four whole days before the search for him was called off. With no ransom demand the police were forced to hand the case off to their missing persons division. After a month the case would be moved once more. To the Cold Case office. Never to be solved.

As Chiyoko approach the teenager she noticed something about that girl that set her even further apart. The cut and style of her Victorian dress marked her as coming from wealth. The girl had to be the child of some Lord or powerful merchant family. Chiyoko knew that she would have to treat this girl with kid gloves. She knew that you just didn’t walk up to someone and say ‘Hay! How would you like to be the next embodiment of Fire?’.

Before Chiyoko could say anything, the girl bowed deeply to her from the waist despite the constriction of her corset. “I am honored by your presence Kyamo no Sa. How may I be of service?”

The girl’s greeting throw Chiyoko for a moment. “You know who I am. How?”

The girl giggled then pointed to the symbol in the middle of Chiyoko’s breasts. “Only the chosen of Toyotama would dare to adorn their armor with the mark of the First Dragon Princess.”

“I wondered what the hell that meant. Thanks.” Chiyoko chuckled at the look of astonishment on the girl’s face. “What?! I’m still kind of new to all this shit. Until just a few hours ago I was your everyday teenage geek working my first job. I was reading some funky assed kojiki one minute. Then boom! Bright lights, the crash of thunder. And all of a sudden like I got this sexy as hell woman standing in front of me. The next thing I know she’s telling me I’m her new Defender or some horseshit. A wave of her hand some more bright lights. And I end up looking like this. Oh, and I forgot to mention this totally hot guy that says he’s her brother. He gave me these two bad ass swords. He said something about them being able to cut through anything. I think the guy’s name was Wolong and the woman’s name was Toyotama. She, no they, kind of dropped into the shit without a clue.”

The girl couldn’t believe the flippant and disrespectful way that Chiyoko was talking about the First Dragon Prince and Princess. To her the Kyamo no Sa was supposed to be the embodiment of Balance. The personal representative of the two deities on earth. There had to be a mistake. There was no way that this disrespectful teenager could actually be the Kyamo no Sa. At least no way in her mind anyway.

Having heard enough of this stranger’s disrespect of the First Dragon Prince and Princess the young girl snapped. “How dare you show such arrogance in the Temple of Balance?! Do you dare to challenge the very gods themselves? Why they will strike you down with flames and ice for your disrespect.”

“Nope. Not going to happened sister. If they don’t like the way that I talk about them they shouldn’t have dropped my ass off in this crazy world.” Chiyoko snarked. “I won’t mind if they had at least giving me a DM manual.”

“Excuse be what is this DM manual you speak of Kyamo no Sa?” The more the girl heard Chiyoko speak the more she realized that the Kyamo no Sa was not from her world. That can be the only explanation for her strange speech and disrespect for the Dragon Gods.

“Yup. I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore.” Chiyoko sighed then giggled at the look of true confusion that crossed the young girl’s face. “I got an idea. Why don’t we start over, young lady?”

Holding out her hand Chiyoko smiled. “Hi. I’m Chiyoko Hakuryū, the newest Kyamo no Sa and I’m new in town. Please to meet you.”

“Akane Kita. The pleasure is all mine. Nice to meet you Chiyoko Hakuryū.” The teenage girl giggled as she shook Chiyoko’s hand. “I never dreamt that I would be shaking hands with the Kyamo no Sa.”

“Well don’t let that fancy title get in the way of us being friends.” Chiyoko told Akane with a smile. “Besides I think we’re going to be more than just friends. Before I go any further Akane I’ve got to ask you a very private and extremely personal question. Will you answer me honestly?”

“Let me save you the trouble Chiyoko. Yes, I am still a boy under my dress.” Akane told Chiyoko sadly. Akane knew that she was about to lose another friend before she got a chance to know them.

“Great! That saves me a lot of time, embarrassment, and aggravation.” Chiyoko smiled and put her left hand on her shoulder. “I take it that your parents know about you?”

“My mother knows about me. She is the one that dresses me.” Akane sighed. “My father is an airship Captain and no longer lives in our home. The last time he saw me was more than five years ago.”

“I need to know something Akane. Please be as honest as possible with me. if you had the chance to be a real girl. Would you take it? No matter the cost?” Chiyoko knew that she had to word her questions carefully.

“If I could be a real girl right now, I would take the chance. I do not care what the cost would be. I know that my mother would not care. As it is, I am the youngest son of four. If she does not find me a husband soon, I will be sent to the State Actuation by order of the Shogun.” The more Akane told of her plight the more Chiyoko wanted to help.

The Temple Elder has hinted that the authorities would often step in when it came to a Redībōizu. Chiyoko also gained another piece of valuable knowledge. The feudal system of the Shogunate was still practiced in this world’s Japan. This small piece of information also explained why no one was raising hell over all the swords being worn openly. It also explained why no one said anything to Chiyoko about her own swords.

“Akane how would you like to get away from the Shogun?” Chiyoko asked with a sly smile. A smile that let Akane know she wasn’t joking.

“I only have one question. Well make that two. First who do I have to kill? And how?” Was all Akane said with a matching smile.

“Before we do this Akane. I have one more question. Are you sure that your mother won’t object?” Chiyoko wanted to know this more than anything else.

“Are you joking Chiyoko? My mother would be overjoyed if I came home a real girl. Mom would be over the moon if I became a Redībōizu miko. Just so long as I would not go to the Shogun’s auction.” Akane swore.

Taking a deep breath Chiyoko made her decision. “If we do this there is a price. A heavy one that most don’t want to pay.”

“I do not care what the price is. I will pay it and do so gladly.” Akane swore while bowing deeply from the waist once more despite the pain.

“Okay sister. If that’s the way ya fall, then follow me.” Chiyoko turned and walked back towards the inner shrine. Akane was hot on her heels. As they neared the entrance Satomi stopped them both. “What is it Satoko?”

“The young lady must bare her feet before she can enter Mistress Chiyoko.” The look in Satomi’s eyes said that she would book no argument.

“Fine Satoko.” Chiyoko sighed. “God you can be a such a bitch.”

Akane felt her eyes bug out at the way her new friend talked to the miko. She was even more shocked by the Miko’s reply. “Wait until I start my period. If you think I’m being a bitch now. You’re in for a real surprise in about twenty days from now.”

“Oh. So Toyotama didn’t rest your clock during your change Satoko?” Chiyoko asked the woman that was once Doctor Lynn Cater.

“I know. She could have at least given a break from that womanly privilege. But OOOHHH NNNNOOO! Losing my career, my home world, everything I had ever worked for, and being sentenced to eternal servitude wasn’t enough of a punishment. I get to deal with Auntie Flow for the rest of time.” Satomi bitched. Then just above a whisper. “The real kick in the ass is the forced celibacy. Can’t even use a good vibrator.”

“AAAHHH! Poor baby! To be horny for all eternity.” Chiyoko’s sarcastic remarks were almost too much for Akane. “Tough shit bitch! If it wasn’t for your greed, I wouldn’t be stuck hunting down five fucking magical bad asses. At least when you die it’ll be swift and deserving. I get to look forward to some cock sucker trying to take my fucking head off. So, don’t come bitching to me, you sorry assed whore. If Toyotama had left yours and Satoko’s punishment up to me. You would be praying for this curse. Now shut the fuck up and do your god damned job. Before I take your head just for fun!”

Satomi turned white at Chiyoko’s threat. She knew that her new Mistress would not hesitate to remove her head. The partially unsheathed katana was all the proof she needed to know the threat wasn’t any words. Dropping to her knees, placing her hands just in front of her Satomi bowed from the waist placing her forehead on the floor. In a voice barely above a whisper the woman begged for her life. “Please forgive Mistress. I shall not forget my place again.”

Akane was beyond shocked by this point. Everything she saw in Chiyoko was a contradiction to the Teachings of Ryōjin, the Dragon God King. There was no compassion in the eyes of her friend the Kyamo no Sa. Yet Akane could tell that her friend’s anger had reason. What that reason was she did not know. She also knew that now was not the time to ask her about the anger. Once her boots and stockings were removed the miko led the two girls into the temple shrine. Once there Akane saw that they were alone with the exception of one other miko. She could tell by the look on Chiyoko’s face that her anger extended to this one as well.

What do you want Satoko? Here to bitch to me about your punishment. Well you can just get the fuck over it already. I really don’t want to hear it. Understood?” Chiyoko snapped at the second miko. Chiyoko didn’t know what had come over her when she saw her two former bosses. Only that there was a burning need to inflict as much cruelty as she could upon the two former archaeologists. A cruelty that she was barely able to control.

“I have accepted my punishment Mistress.” Satoko said from the same kneeling position that Satomi had used to beg for her life. “I am merely here as a guide for the ritual summoning of the Dragon God Jiro.”

“Oh! Well… um… I… um…” Satoko sighed and took pity on Chiyoko who was clearly lost for what to do next.

“Is this young lady your prospective sister, Mistress?” Satoko asked politely as she waved towards Akane.

“Yes, this is, Akane Kita, ladies.” Chiyoko told the two miko.

Satoko walked up to the teenager slowly. Looking the girl over Satoko sniffed then shook her head. “She must bath before presenting herself to Prince Jiro. She is never been cleansed.” Looking over at Satomi, Satoko snapped. “You have failed our Mistress again sister.”

This time Satomi fought back. “No, I haven’t sister. I have no knowledge of the ceremony used to summon the Prince Jiro. This is your AREA of expertise not mine. Remember I know weapons, armor, and all things combat. This is magic, alchemy, and science. I believe those are your field.”

Satoko stood there for a moment then bowed to her sister. “I am sorry sister. You are correct. I jumped to a conclusion. I thought that you had the same knowledge of religious ceremony as mine.”

“You are forgiven sister. Though I believe that when we find the Daughter of Chaos, I might be able to help.” Satomi told her with a smile. “After all, what is war but the ultimate in Chaos? For now, how may I be of help?”

“Please take our Mistress’ prospective sister to the bathhouse. Have her bath in the hottest of water she can stand for one hour. Then bring her back here naked. Allow her nothing to cover herself with. She must bare her body and soul to those she would protect.” Looking over at Akane, as she gave Satomi her instructions, Satoko was judging the girls reactions. When she saw a grim determination fill the young teen’s eyes Satoko smiled. “Very good young samurai. You have fear but refuse to let it rule over you. Come.”

Chiyoko stood there watching lost as what to do. She had not expected Satoko to test Akane this way. Chiyoko figured that all she had to do was bring her new sisters to the temple shrine and then call for whatever God or Goddess she needed. Then Chiyoko remembered something that Toyotama had said. Satoko and Satomi were being punished for more than their greed, but also their failure as teachers. There was no flash or booming thunder this time to announce her arrival. Toyotama was just there.

“This is my home Chiyoko. Why should I announce my presence in my own home?” The Goddess giggled as she walked up to stand beside Chiyoko. “Very good. This one understands vengeance, and hate. She knows how to control and direct her anger. She has enough of a wild side to balance out her need for control. This one shall truly be the perfect embodiment of Fire. Jiro will be happy.”

“I didn’t pick her because of that Hime.” Chiyoko sniffed.

“Why you chose her doesn’t matter, my samurai.” Toyotama snapped. “Just that you have found a befitting sister for Fire. That is all.”

Toyotama stepped around in front of her. “Be warned young samurai. I will forgive your insolence towards me. As will Wolong. We are the more forgiving. But have care in how you address my brothers and sisters. They lack our forgiving nature. Cross them at your peril. Especially my brother Ayumu.”

Before Chiyoko could reply the Goddess was gone again. Chiyoko sighed. “Like I need that fucking warning. Why didn’t I just stay in bed this morning?”

“If you did young samurai, we would not have our newest plaything.” The voice was deep and came out of nowhere. Spinning around Chiyoko came face to face with a tall, handsome young man in his mid-thirties. She could already tell that this man was one of the Dragon Gods. The problem she had was which one. His next words let her know the answer. “So, you have brought me my newest samurai? Or so you hope.”

“Prince Jiro, you honor me with your presence.” Chiyoko said bowing.

“I highly doubt that, Kyamo no Sa. I have heard your disrespect of my older sister and brother. We all have. I highly doubt that you have half as much respect for me. Let us at least be honest with each other in that regard.” The Dragon Prince chuckled. “To be honest I am rather impressed by your attitude towards us all. You know that we are real, yet you do not care. Nor are you afraid of us. This world that you come from must truly be one of true violence and evil to produce one such as you.”

“Not so much, Ouji. In my home world people have used Faith to commit great acts of hatred. I grew up in world where your Faith can get you killed for having the wrong one. I just never found one that was worth dying for. To me Gods and Goddesses are nothing more than the resort of the ignorant and foolish. I have no use for Gods or Goddesses. I only believe in what I can see, feel, hear, taste, and touch.” Chiyoko countered. “I believe like a great many in my home world. If there truly is an all-powerful deity, why do they allow so much pain and misery.”

The Dragon God of Neutral Evil laughed out loud. “Wolong and Toyotama were correct. You truly are like no other Defender before.”

The Dragon Prince reached out and place his hand on Chiyoko’s shoulder. She felt a burning sensation run down both of her arms. “I have cursed you with the speed of the Demon Lord Ho-jin. Live long Kyamo no Sa.”

With that the Dragon Prince walked away vanishing with every step. Once she was alone again Chiyoko looked around. She was surprised to see Akane standing before the dragon statue totally naked. For the first time Chiyoko could tell what the magic, alchemy, and science of this world could do to the male body. While Akane still had her penis, it was a shriveled up stub. Her breasts were small but perky. While her waist was barely more than 19 inches uncorseted. She had not one hair anywhere on her body below her neck.

Satoko and Satomi stood to each side of the young Redībōizu. Satomi took Akane’s left hand and slowly drew a glass bladed knife across her palm. Then placing Akane’s left on the statue. “Now say the words would be samurai.”

Akane took a deep breath she called out in a clear voice. “Prince Jiro, I claim your Fire as my own. By the right of blood and bone it shall be mine!”

Unlike before when Jiro appeared to Chiyoko there was a flash of brilliant white light, followed by a thunderous crash. Where the statue stood just moments before now stood the Dragon Prince Jiro. This time Chiyoko just sighed. “Damned show off. Why couldn’t he just appear without all the light show and sound effects?”

The chuckle from behind her was a familiar one. So, it didn’t scare Chiyoko as much. Turning around to face Wolong Chiyoko sighed as he explained. “But where is the fun in that, young samurai? You will learn there are times when a little showmanship will ease your journey through life.”

Before Chiyoko could ask the Prince what he meant Wolong disappear. “Great. Just great. Just what I need in my life. Not one but two gods popping up whenever they feel bored or want someone to screw with.” Chiyoko sighed as she looked up at the celling. “Anyone else want to play?”

“Since you’re inviting. Think we’ll get in on the fun.” The voice and soft laughter were not ones that Chiyoko knew. She froze in fear. She just stood there unmoving as a beautiful woman and ruggedly handsome man step to each side of her. The sheer power of their auras let her know that these two people were Gods. Not just any God either. They were powerful in ways that Toyotama, Wolong, and the family paled in comparison. The couple just chuckled at her response. “See I told you she was smarter than the last one.”

“And braver too, my husband.” The woman said with a small chuckle. Chiyoko didn’t need a building to drop on her head. She knew who she was dealing with. The thought of ‘I just had to go, and fucking tempt the Fates’ ran through her head. “Ah the insolence in this one is beyond measure husband.”

Chiyoko’s attention though wasn’t on the parents of Toyotama just then. No, her attention was drawn to the tableau that was taking place in front of the dragon statue. Just as it was with her back in the vault at the Smithsonian a strange liquid flowed out over her hand and arm. Only this time the liquid was mostly red with just a small amount of black and twinges of yellow and orange. Her attention wasn’t the only one drawn to the young girl who was fighting back the pain of the transformation. She could tell that both of the Gods were watching as well.

“She as chosen her first sister well, my husband.” Said Zennyo Ryūō, the Dragon Queen and mother of all Dragon Gods.

“Indeed, she has, my love. I foresee this Kyamo no Sa and her sisters being the greatest of our daughter’s samurai in centuries.” Ryōjin, King and father of the Dragon Gods breathed. “Just look at the fierceness of our newest Flaming Blade. This Blade shall burndown the very pillars of Heaven and Hell. If she’s given half the chance.”

The two Gods walked down to the area before the statue to stand on each side of the now transformed Akane. Chiyoko quickly walked down to help her new sister to her feet. As Akane stood up with her help Chiyoko notice that like her, Akane was covered from the neck down in a body hugging one piece suite and a masked cover the surrounding the area of her eyes.

Chiyoko noticed a few things about Akane’s suit that were different than her own. First thing she noticed red was the main color. Thought it looked as if the color was made of tiny dragon scales. The yellow, and orange were in the shape of flames that were outlined in black. The flames ran from her lower left leg up across her stomach to her right shoulder then down that arm towards the hand. Only her right hand and half of that forearm were solid black. Zennyo was the first to do something.

The Goddess of Goddesses reached out and ran her hand a cross Akane’s waist. A beautiful solid gold sash appeared, wrapping her waist to be tied at Akane’s left hip. Jiro smiled at his mother then bowed. The Dragon Prince stepped forward and place his hand over just over where Akane’s left hip would be. The was a brilliant flash and two swords appeared. Both were held in place by the gold sash at Akane’s waist.

Jiro gave Akane a cruel smile. “Draw your swords, samurai.”

Akane did as the Dragon Prince ordered. No sooner had the katana cleared its scabbard than the length of the blade was covered in flames. The smaller wakizashi was the opposite of its bigger brother. It was covered in a layer of ice. Jiro’s cruel smile never left his face.

“You hold in your hands, my fangs. In your right hand is the Hell Fires of Avīci. In your left hand the Frozen Winds of Mahāpadma. Blades forged in the very Heart of Hell. Wield them well my samurai. Just remember that my fangs can bite you their wielder just as fast as they’ll bite your enemies.” With a flash of light and crash of thunder Jiro vanished.

Ryōjin and Zennyo both sighed as Akane returned her swords to their scabbard. “Take your patron God’s warning to heart young samurai. His fangs are never to be trusted only mastered through sheer force of will.”

Akane looked down at the two swords in wonder. As she ran her hand over the hilts in a voice barely above a whisper. “I never dreamt of wielding the Lost Daughters of Hell, Rosutodōtāzuobuheru.”

“Very good young samurai. You name the name of the most cursed blades in all of the Nine Realms.” Zennyo nodded her head with a knowing smile. “Now that you know their name. You have power over them. Just remember the warning.”

“I will Goddess. I promise.” Akane whispered. She had no sooner finished making her promise than the Dragon King and Queen vanished in a flash of light and crack of thunder. Akane looked over at Chiyoko and smiled. “Well, sister I have to say that being around you is going to be very interesting.”

“I did warn you that there would be a price to pay.” Chiyoko snarked. “By the way how does it feel to finally be whole?”

Akane smiled then grabbed Chiyoko in rib cracking hug. “Worth every last second of pain my sister. I do have one question. What do we do now?”

“First we find our other three sisters, Akane.” Chiyoko told her.

“What do we do when we find them?” Akane asked.

“Give them the same choice I gave you. Hopefully they will accept the offer to become more than they already are. I hope that they’re willing to join us in our quest to hunt down the Five Dragon Kings.” Chiyoko answered honestly.

“What do we do when we find the Dragon Kings?” Akane wanted to know the answer but was afraid to find out.

“Then, my dear sister, then we destroy them. Them and every last cocksucker that works for them.” Chiyoko snarled. “We are going to put an end to the way things are done in this world.”

“And just how are we going to do that Chiyoko?” Akane demanded. “The Shoguns have half the power and all the money.”

This time Chiyoko smiled with her answer. “That is where you are wrong Akane. The Shoguns may have the political power and control most of the money. But we have something they do not.”

“Just what it that Chiyoko? Besides our magical swords and the cursed living armor that we can never remove. What exactly do we have?” Akane bitched.

“Power. Real, unimaginable, unmatched, POWER!” Chiyoko could tell by the look in Akane’s eyes that her new sister didn’t believe her. She decided that a demonstration was in order. Looking over at the shrine doors Chiyoko waved her hands while chanting. “Jikan to kūkan no supuraito. Shatoru!”

The massive doors to the shrine slammed with such force that they cracked down the center. Smiling at Akane’s surprise Chiyoko chanted again. “Jikan to kūkan no supuraito. Kuzureru!”

This time the two massive wooden doors turned to dust. Turning to Akane. “That is just a small example of our power sister.”

“By the GODDESS TOYOTAMA! THAT’S MAGIC!” Akane exclaimed. Then she turned thoughtful. “Can I do that?”

“Sorry, but no Akane.” Chiyoko sighed sadly. At the chest fallen look on her sister’s face Chiyoko giggled. “But you can do alchemy.”

“Alchemy!?” Akane asked excitedly. When Chiyoko nodded her head, she asked. “How? How do I work alchemy? I don’t even know the first about alchemy.”

“Its all right here.” Chiyoko said as she taped Akane in the forehead. “All you need to do is think about it. Though I believe that while you can do almost all alchemy. You will find that you have an almost unparalleled natural affinity for Fire Alchemy.”

Akane did as Chiyoko told her. As she thought about the ways of alchemy everything came flooding to the front of her mind. Every law, every alchemic circle, every alchemic formula, it was all there. All the knowledge that it would take five times to learn. Walking over to the ruins of the shrine doors Akane started to smile. Standing over the massive piles of sawdust Akane clapped her hands together. Placing her hands into the piles she transformed them back into their original form, but far more ornate.

Akane stepped back looking at her handiwork. But frowned. There was something off about the central carving. She just couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong. However, Chiyoko spotted the problem right away. She just needed to close the doors for Akane to see the problem. With a wave of her hand the doors closed slowly. “Um… Akane. Did you mean to place that in the center?”

With the doors now closed Akane finally got a good look at the center carving. She couldn’t believe what she had done. If her mother ever saw this, she would have a Royal hissy fit, then slap the dog piss out of her. There was three interconnected circles, two smaller ones on top of a larger central one on bottom. The two smaller circles looked like a set of ears. With the large one looked like a face with what looked like a tongue sticking out of where the mouth would be. “Mother would kill me if she saw this.”

“So, you going to fix it?” Chiyoko giggled.

Akane giggled. “Nope!”


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