The Center

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The Center
Lilith Langtree

Sixteen years ago, Cameron's mother was accidentally poisoned. Today, he and others like him are finding out exactly what that means. These children, kidnapped by a government black bag operation, learn to deal with their changes and other amazing abilities while they live at The Center.

I'm here!! ^__^

I arrived in Melbourne yesterday midday, to a humongous hug from my Lisa (in transit). ^____________________________^ We've had most of yesterday and all of today to just >ENJOY< ourselves, and things are going so wonderfully great!

I just wanted to share! ^__________~

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Christine's Love

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They were good friends through their early years in college, until one day Hunter asked Christine to go along on a family vacation.
"The worst blizzard in 20 years" hits while they are waiting on his parents arrival.
What will happen when he learns of her secret?
Will he spurn her? Love her?

Take a little trip with these two friends as they sort out a brief encounter with the Medallion of Zulo.

Christine's Love

by Anon Allsop

Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2011, 2015 Anon Allsop
All Rights Reserved.


The Hard Way

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The Hard Way
by Tanya Allan

Young Kyle Manning lives with a problem that seeks to take over his waking hours. Sally is a girl who fancies Kyle and is at a loss to know why he doesn’t seem to notice her.

She confronts him and is astounded when he confesses his inner turmoil. She rises to the challenge and begins to help Kyle become the person he always wanted to be.

With school and inquisitive friends, Sally devises a cunning plan for Kyle to become his Swedish cousin, Kayla…then things get very complicated...

A gentle tale of yearning, discovery and love.

The Other Side Of Dreams

The Other Side Of Dreams

By Tanya Allan

Take two young people: - John in England and Amy in California. Take a common factor: - both recognised that they had been born into the wrong gender. As they grow up, they realise that their bodies are in imminent danger of changing into something neither wants.
Result: - Two very unhappy souls.
Their dreams are the only place they can find solace. Then they start to dream of each other, and to get a little glimpse of the other’s life. Over time they learn how to crossover at will and not just when asleep. They start to leave childhood behind as puberty beacons. The lines become blurred, who is where?
Solution: - One of them takes the bold step and suggests they try to live each other’s lives. Will it work?
Find out……………………….
Tanya's Book Shop where she is selling her works in book form is at . Please Visit!

Originally written in 2006 - never posted, Reworked & Revised in 2009.

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