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Reluctant Series - Book 1 - The Reluctant Girl Friend on Kindle

Ed needs a date, and Christopher needs some money... but he never expected this!

The Reluctant Girl Friend

by Melanie Brown

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Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date

Chrissy is no different then any other High School girl - except that she's a BOY!
But she has the same concerns, classes, cheerleading - and now the PROM!
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The Reluctant Prom Date
by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2004 Melanie Brown

Book 3 - The Reluctant Sister

Chrissy is now a full time cheerleader, but her "pretend boyfriend" is getting other ideas, and to top it all off,
Chris's sister Diane is coming home from college... and she will want her clothes back!

by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2003 Melanie Brown



Book 2 - The Reluctant Cheerleader

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Christopher is now in high school and has tried to bury his being Ed's reluctant girlfriend in the past. But now his school is one cheerleader short...

The Reluctant Cheerleader

by Melanie Brown
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Copyright © 2003, 2009, 2016 Melanie Brown

Working Relations


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Working Relations
by D.D. Weldons
It has been a while since I have written anything. I have a tendency to write things (vaguely) related to my life and this story continues that. I also have a tendency to let the story almost write itself, so at this point, I have no idea where I am going with it. Please bear with me:

A Blank Page

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

A Blank Page


by Flummox

“Hey squirt!” his father called as he walked by the kitchen, “how was school?”

“Horrible. As usual.” Was Rays disgruntled response as he turned to look at his father.

Jameson frowned, looking up from the newspaper. “I’m sorry to hear that son. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, it’s fine.” Sighed Ray.

He continued towards his room.

“Don’t forget!” Called his father, “report cards came in today. We’ll be discussing them at dinner tonight.”

Back in his room Ray collapsed on his bed. How could he have forgotten? He had been dreading it all week. It was just another chance for him to be compared to his perfect brother and his perfect sister. The two of them were constantly making the honor roll, a list of students who had achieved either a B+ average or better. Something that never happened for Raymond. Inevitably he would be lectured by the whole family tonight.

He knew exactly how the conversation would go. Depending on how poorly he did he may even be grounded for a few weeks. All of his inhibitions and self-loathing came bubbling to the surface. The tears he seemed to have been holding back all day finally overwhelmed him. He laid in bed crying quietly, feeling more trapped then usual.

“Why was I ever even born?”

The Softening of Jessie

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

The tale of a rough and rowdy boy out of control who finally drove his desperate mother to trick and outsmart him, with the help of her friend, and showed him a future of living life as the opposite sex and along the way to learn a better way to be.

The Softening of Jessie

By AshleyTS

Copyright  © 2008, 2017 AshleyTS
All Rights Reserved.

This story has controversial content containing
mind manipulation that some may find troubling.
If you do have problems with it,
then this story is not for you.
This story, despite that, has a unique theme that
does deserve a reading and caused me to think
hard about the issues within...
which is why I retroed this. ~Sephrena.

Jessie was a friend,
Yeah I know he was a good friend of mine.
But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define:
Jessie's turned into a girl and I want to make her mine.

As she's watching me with those eyes,
she could be loving me with that body, I just know it.
Wish I was holding her in my arms late, late at night.

You know, I wish that I had Jessie as a girl,
I wish that she was Jason's girl!

How'd she become a woman like that?

(Apologies to Rick Springfield) ~Jennifer Brock. (Part 39 comment)


I'm With the Band


Mike wanted to be in his brother's band in the worst way, but this was ridiculous!


by Melanie Brown

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Also, Kindle UK!

Copyright © 2005 Melanie Brown

Legacy of the Anari - 13

Legacy of the Anari

by Ashleigh Blayze

Chapter 13

Ashai Lennox has finished the first part of her deal with the Krayt's leader. The Cobalts are destroyed and their boss Grinder is dead. Now Ashai must deal with the Reivers and their cyborg leader Heti, to get her ride off Yasm.

Fluffy Pink Christmas Little Katie

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Aunt Rosale

Synopsis: A revisionist history of Christmas 1983, the way it should be as a young seven year old boy I am given the opportunity to explore my true self.

Legacy of the Anari - 10

Legacy of the Anari

by Ashleigh Blayze

Chapter 10

A big apology to everyone for the lack of individual responses to their comments. A big thank you to you all for your thoughts and thank you for reading. I promise normal service will be resumed straight away just real life has been a bit of a mare. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the next chunk of Ashai's misfortunes!

Masque in D Major

Masque in D Major

To an audience, the conductor's technique and art are the most mysterious of all the orchestra. Whether it be a world-class philharmonic orchestra, or a youth orchestra of yet-blossoming talent, only a small part of the conductor's work is visible on-stage, glimpses seen perhaps now, as a wave of the hand or baton and maybe then, as a wild dance atop the podium. And the conductor must always perform turned away from the audience, appearing to the outside world as if his or her face were hidden behind a mask…

Maid to be a Man?


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Finally free of Grandma, Gerome begins the adventure of a lifetime. Will reality match his dreams? As day to day reality comes home to Mia, will she be able to continue to be two people at one time?
Maid to be a Man?
By Maid Joy
Picture credit to "Emma, a Victorian Romance"

The Red Dress

The Red Dress
By Kelly Blake

Author’s Note: I must confess that I am a wee bit of a thief. I ‘borrowed’ this tale from an author on Crystal’s Story Site. We had corresponded and I was asked to read some of the tales. I chose “The Red Dress”. The author is Lauran Travis. I became fascinated with this tale not for what was written, but for what was between the lines. It dealt with a velvet gloved FemDom theme. But most importantly the tale dealt with a very strong and trusting love between a woman and a man. Lauran has graciously, and very magnanimously, allowed me to take this tale and make it my own. Thank you Lauran.

I must also confess that I’m terrible at proofing my own work. I wish to thank Stanman for reading “The Red Dress” and saving me the agony of correcting this tale. I also thank him, as well as Lauran, for their kind criticism and encouragement. In keeping with the author’s original story, the two main characters are never named.

This is my first story.


by Roberta J Cabot

This is a story about Daniel, a guy with a unique talent and an even more unique problem: A great singing voice and the looks of his gorgeous sister. And how he and his family deal with his having breasts, and how he deals with getting turned on by his would-be girlfriend.  And how he ends up as the female lead singer for a high-school pop band as well as a radio DJ. Never a dull moment with Batch Fourteen, and Dan & his gang.


Chris is a tour host with Global, a job he does well. However his mates Julie and Mandy think he gets a raw deal from the passengers so they hatch a plan to sort things out! Follow Nena's Adventures as She travels around and about Europe!

by Maddy Bell

The Other Side Of Dreams

The Other Side Of Dreams

By Tanya Allan

Take two young people: - John in England and Amy in California. Take a common factor: - both recognised that they had been born into the wrong gender. As they grow up, they realise that their bodies are in imminent danger of changing into something neither wants.
Result: - Two very unhappy souls.
Their dreams are the only place they can find solace. Then they start to dream of each other, and to get a little glimpse of the other’s life. Over time they learn how to crossover at will and not just when asleep. They start to leave childhood behind as puberty beacons. The lines become blurred, who is where?
Solution: - One of them takes the bold step and suggests they try to live each other’s lives. Will it work?
Find out……………………….
Tanya's Book Shop where she is selling her works in book form is at . Please Visit!

Originally written in 2006 - never posted, Reworked & Revised in 2009.

Daring to Hope

Daring to Hope
Standing Up to Life: Book 2
by Tiffany Shar


In many ways Tiffany is the newest girl in her small community near Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the whirlwind of the last few weeks she has emerged from the shell of a scared and confused little boy named Brandon. Ever since Tiffany's parents confirmed with her their suspicions of her deepest wants and needs, they've supported her completely. With solid support from her family, her best friend and family and surprisingly, her growing circle of other friends it seems she might have a chance for a successful future.

'Can all this last?' is one of the biggest questions on her mind now. 'Will everyone stick with me when things get tough?' She's had an amazingly easy last couple weeks and she knows it won't last. What will happen when she returns to school? And most importantly, what will her psychiatrist decide? Will her doctor force her to return to living the lie as Brandon? These fears and more whirl in her mind as she looks to an uncertain future.

Daring to Hope is the continuing story of a bright, talented, and beautiful girl, who dares to hope for a future that is one based on happy dreams.

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