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New Book out - The Award


In a similar vein to the book IT'S NEVER TOO LATE..

A story of a more mature person who is thrust into change. Not that it is not wanted, but is unexpected and for unusual reasons. This is almost more a story on the impact on others and is a coming of age tale for the over 50s.

Now the hectic summer is over, perhaps there will be more from my muse soon.

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Wind of Change, last of the Elemental series now available on Amazon


The third in the series 'Elemental'.
Actually, for those who know me, there might be further books in the series if demand is there.

Having put three novels up in a week, I am going to take a well-earned rest, and finish Torc 2!


Elemental Book 2 - Earth & Fire...now available on Amazon Kindle.

Earth & Fire is now available on Amazon. It is book 2 in the series of three, and Book 3 will be up by the weekend - hopefully. For those that are waiting for me to finish other series... Torc 2 will not be long and neither will the last in the William Knox series.

The paperback won't be long. They were put up at the same time, but never seem to finish reviewing at the same time.

Things can only get worse, so read as much as you can now!



eBook up on Amazon - ICE

I have just been notified, ICE is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and as a paperback.

Please go through Big Closet if you are going to be great people and buy this book (in either format), as Erin and co need all the extra income they can get.
The link for amazon.com is here - ICE
The link for amazon.co.uk is here - ICE

Sales are dipping, but new series on the way - Book 1 - ICE out now!

Hi everyone.
Things are pretty dire in the good old UK... and not just the political crap that has hit us recently. I refuse to say any more about that, but to say, sales have slumped and I'm aware that there is less money about.

However, I am please to announce that I have completed a series of three books.... The series is called Elemental and the first book ICE is available already as a paperback through Amazon, and hopefully within the next few hours as a Kindle eBook.

Book thieves.

Has anyone had dealings with geeker.com or ampnovo.com?

I was doing a random search on my book, as I have been subject to unlawful publishing of my books in the past.

I came across these two sites offering my books for free without permission. I have contacted both sites and informed them they are in breach of copyright, so we will see if that has any result.

Authors, it might be worth your while checking for your books.


Shit Happens, But So Do Miracles! Parts 1 - 5

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Shit Happens, But So Do Miracles!
by Tanya Allan


Shit_Happens_iStock_000004431591Small.jpg Synopsis
Young Martin Collins was the youngest of five brothers, and no sisters! His mother, Jenny, had always wanted a girl, and although slightly disappointed, treated him no differently!

However, from a very early age, Martin himself realised that things weren’t quite right, and when playing with some girls his age, he made the discovery that was to charge his life!

He was in the wrong body!

Childhood should be a time of fun and laughter, but for Martin it was to prove a depressing and miserable time, until things started to change, and a light shone at the end of his tunnel!

Miracles are few and far between, but for Martin, his life went from bad to brilliant!

New Book out - Kindle eBook & Paperback - "Higher Than Eagles"

The first in what may be a very long
series is up

Higher than Eagles.

Hopefully, Erin and team will have it through this site soon,
but for the impatient, link to Amazon.com here - Higher than Eagles.

Amazon.co.uk here' Higher than Eagles

Is also available as a paperback through CreateSpace on Amazon


Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017


Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope and pray that 2017 turns out better in every way than previous years

No commercial - I shall be producing books as and when RL allows, just watch this space.

It is amazing to realise that I published my first book for cash back in April 2011.

I am only a hundred books short of having sold 50,000 books through Kindle alone, so my heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have been kind enough to buy my humble offerings.

Where next?

I have now 56 books self-published on Amazon. I have published some early paperbacks through feedaread.com. I have also used KOBO and Smashwords for eBooks, but their formatting and price requirements made life too difficult, so I think I've withdrawn all of them - I may have one or two left with them. To be honest, it wasn't worth my while, for every thousand books I sold on Amazon, I might sell one on Kobo or Smashwords - I stress - might..

New Book - When Worlds Collide - advance notice

When Worlds collide final cover.jpg

Currently under review with Amazon Kindle. The third in the Natasha Mackay series - When Worlds Collide

Due out within 48 hours.

Once again, if you purchase, please buy through BCTS, as Erin gets a commission.


New Book Up on Amazon Kindle - Reverse Twist.

Book number 53 is now up - Reverse Twist... It is a sci-fi - Book 2 in the Natasha Mackay Chronicles.
If you are going to be wonderful people and buy the book, then I urge you to do so through Big Closet, as Erin gets commission on every book sold through the site.

Amazon.com link - Reverse Twist
Amazon.co.uk link - Reverse Twist


New Book In Amazon Pipeline - Charlie's Twist

Hello all,

Sorry, I've been a bit busy... here is the result.

Limbo Twist 2.jpg

This book was originally meant to be a short story for the 'Adventure' category last month. I over ran, and it went on a bit more than I intended. It is now Book One of a series.

I have just uploaded it onto Amazon Kindle, so by the time I awaken (it is midnight here) it should be available.

There is no link available yet. Please remember to buy through BCTS.


Pleased as Punch! Have two books in the top 30 of Kindle Science Fiction

Marine Two and Marine three are 19 and 30, respectively in KINDLE SCIENCE FICTION - TIME TRAVEL category.

Marine Three is actually Number One in Trans science fiction - Time travel.

See it here . Marine 3

Got to be quick as new ones come out every minute!

Thanks everyone.


Transgender Ballerina - The Times (UK)

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I'm not a great one for reading the newspapers, as I find the constant barrage of negativity and bad news tends to tilt the balance of sanity towards deep depression and paranoia. When you realise that actually the world has a lot more good things happening than bad, but the media don't make any money from them.

Read this Transgender Ballerina

Found it hopeful.


A time of reflection

I just counted the books that I have published under the TANYA ALLAN banner. I have now fifty books to my name. I am gob-smacked, as I only started publishing in April 2011 after some kind people on this site and on Sapphire's Place encouraged me to do so. I have been writing for a lot longer, but most of those 50 books have been written over the last five years. In the first 12 months (2011-2012) I sold just under 5,000 books. Last year (2014-15) I sold a little over 11,000.

Marine 3 - Island of Dreams - now published.

Yes, it's correct - two new books within a few days of each other!

Marine 3 - Island of dreams is now available on Amazon kindle. This one is a little different to the previous two, but more to come!

Marine 4 might be a wee while, as I have Torc 2 almost completed as well as a load of others.

More hours in the day, more days in the week and an extra week in the month, please!

New one out! - Marine 2 - A Very Unusual Roman

I do apologise, as this has taken me far longer than I anticipated. I normally research my books, just to ensure that I am reasonably accurate with what's happening, but the research for this one took me to extreme lengths.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book - MARINE 2 - A very Unusual Roman.

For those experts into Roman history, and specifically the Emperor Trajan's Dacian wars in the years 102 - 106 AD, please note - I have tried to keep it as authentic as I can, but I have taken a little licence to give a rollicking good read!

The Return

Happy Christmas to all my loyal readers. May 2016 bring you all great blessings.

The Return

By Tanya Allan
Copyright © 2015

The author asserts her moral right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.

All Rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.
Any adaptation of the whole or part of the material for broadcast by radio, TV, or for stage plays or film, is the right of the author unless negotiated through legal contract. Any commercial use by anyone other than the author is strictly prohibited.

This work is fictitious, and any similarities to any persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental. Mention is made of persons in public life only for the purposes of realism and for that reason alone. Certain licence is taken in respect of medical procedures, terms and conditions, and the author does not claim to be the fount of all knowledge.

The author accepts the right of the individual to hold his/her (or whatever) own political, religious and social views, and there is no intention to deliberately offend anyone.

A lonely figure stands before her old home, wondering if the woman inside will accept her after all the changes that have occurred.

This time - a genuine Tanya Allan book published on Amazon


After the hullabaloo of the last week, I am pleased to announce that a genuine Tanya Allan book has been added to the already bursting stable. FAST FORWARD WITH A TWIST is now available on Amazon

This is a Science Fiction novel of a real out of body experience... so out of body that he ends up in her body... a long way from home.

I will remind you all that should you be ever so nice and purchase this tome, then if you do it through this site, Big Closet gets a little remuneration.

Good news! Bogus Book withdrawn by Amazon

After complaint registered, the book Eric becomes Evelyn has been withdrawn by Amazon. Either than or the B****** perpetrator has got frightened and withdrawn it before any investigation can be conducted.

This book is the same as Erin becomes Evelyn on this site. They have changed Erin to Eric and taken my name illegally to post it on Amazon.

Someone has stolen my name!

Some utter B****** has stolen my name and has published a book using TANYA ALLAN. If you have bought this book thinking I wrote it... refund it immediately and bad review it. It is called ERIC BECOMES EVELYN and is a rip-off... It is badly written by someone who is using my name to sell it.



The Badger's Girl

Lee and Leanne were twins - born to British parents in South America where their father was employed by the oil industry. After the double tragedy of seeing her husband murdered and baby daughter dying, mother and remaining son return to Britain, where life becomes bleak for both.

The Badger's Girl

by Tanya Allan

The Badger's Girl by Tanya Allan

New book out

I have just published (on Amazon Kindle) THE BADGER'S GIRL

This is a revamped story based on The Badger's Set that is on this site. In a while I will update this site with the new version for those who have been waiting for the completed story. For those who can't wait, it is to be found here: -
THE BADGER'S GIRL on Amazon.com


A final part of a story... A Girl can but Dream...

It was brought to my attention that I had managed to forget to post the final part of a story - A Girl can but Dream

It is now posted here, and of course is still available on Amazon.com in Kindle format.

A Girl Can But Dream: Part 7 - Final Part

A Girl Can But Dream

by Tanya Allan

David buries his wife after she loses her fight against cancer. He is nearly 50, and their children are now grown up, so he breaks the news that he is going to undertake that which he wanted to do for as long as he could remember — a sex change. He had struggled with his transsexuality all his life, but his love for his wife and respect for her meant he just played the hand that he had been dealt, up to now, that is.

Meanwhile, in the USA, grizzled Police Chief John Collingwood comes to near breaking point. Stressed from his job, his grief over his dead wife, and the despair of near alcoholism, he embarks on a trip to the UK with his brother to seek out his family tree.

Two very different people find a very different future, they also find each other...

but will it work?

Happy New year to all, and thanks to all my readers - an announcement

A very warm greeting this New Year from grey and damp England. I am just getting over the flu (and having grandchildren for two weeks). This is really a big thanks to all of those who have been so wonderful and bought my books. I am now in a position to not need to go out to work, as my income from books aids my pension to such a degree that I can stay and write all the time.

Two announcements...

New Book Published - Dead End - On Amazon

Phew! What a summer.
Well, having been through the mill, I am out the other side and back writing again. My new book (actually, it's taken far too long!) is called DEAD END and is the sequel to the Candy Cane Club. It is the continuing story of Nikki, now Lady Nicole Calder, who, as a detective constable, is on the murder team of a spate of killings of TG prostitutes. If that wasn't enough, Robert Telford, late of the Royal Marines and inside HMP Isle of Wight as a serial killer - escapes and is heading to complete some unfinished business.

Life is on top of me right now.


Firstly, an apology. I am sorry that I have not really been around and contributing. I haven't been writing anything over the last few weeks, despite sitting down occasionally and staring at the computer screen. My elderly and cantankerous Dad decided to have a massive stroke about a month ago and was rushed to hospital. He needed regular visiting, which was trying and tiring, as I saw a rapid deterioration in him each time. We had a family holiday booked, with the children and grandchildren, so we took them all away, and I managed to sneak back to the hospital.

Musings about reviews and reviewers.

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In between visiting my father in hospital (he's not at all well. we got a call last night to prepare us for the worst) and rushing hither and thither, I spent an hour or so writing and checked my Amazon page for any more reviews. It always staggers me that so very few people ever bother to review a book they've read. I mean, I've sold 21,938 kindle books in the last three years and have received only 258 reviews (178 on Amazon.com and 80 on Amazon.co.uk). That's just over one percent. That means 21680 people couldn't be bothered to leave a review - even an anonymous one.

For thems that like the paper variety....new book

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I know that for many of us paper books represent the past, too much expense, too little room to keep them and subject to too many elemental disturbances.

Paperbacks - The Other Side of Dreams & Killing Me Slowly

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Hi everyone

This is for those few who still like the old fashioned way of reading - PAPER BOOKS

I have just published two more of my existing novels as paperbacks through FEEDAREAD.COM

Thanks and a NEW BOOK.. A Tale of Two T's

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Just to say a big thanks to those who voted for my story - Three men and a Christmas Spirit in the Christmas competition. I was so pleased to get fourth place, as the other sories were so good.

Thanks also to those who asked me if there was more... as the end seemed a bit abrupt.

The answer is, yes!

I have written another 11,000 words, and extended the book, giving it a new Title - A TALE Of TWO T'S

Merry Christmas to all readers, everywhere

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I'd just like to say a special thanks to those of you who go to the trouble of reading my work. If it wasn't for you guys, we who try to scribble would never get the encouragement to continue.

Three Men and a Christmas Spirit

girl and gate 1 copy.jpgThree Men & a Christmas Spirit.
By Tanya Allan

Three young men break down on the way to spending the Christmas break in the French Alps, in a region where cell coverage is almost non-existent. Only one speaks sufficient French to seek help. Leaving his friends with the car, Terry Cooper sets off to find a telephone just as it starts to snow. He meets a woman on the road, but before he can speak to her, she vanishes. He believes she has gone though a gate, so he follows to find a large chá¢teau at the end of the drive. On answering the door, the butler mistakes the bedraggled Terry for a girl. On entering the chá¢teau, Terry is allowed to call the breakdown organisation. however, on leaving he sees a portrait of the woman he saw on the road. What is weird is that he bears a striking resemblance to her.. What is weirder still is that she has been dead for nearly two years.

He is then seen by the owner of the chá¢teau, who cannot believe that the young person in front of him is male, or that he has walked here by chance looking just like his dead wife.

So begins a fantastical adventure that can only have one outcome; ...

..... or can it?


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