South of Bikini 4: Episode 3- Chaos to Catch a Thief

From a technical and tactics briefing aboard Atlantis, Alex and company decide to randomize their approach to apprehend Clemson. Making another trip back to Colonial Philadelphia, Alex allows Jack to send the time thief an ‘explosive’ message. Will Clemson find an ally with clues to the Empress’ weaknesses and whereabouts? What will happen when two rats get into the hen house?

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 13

“Now this is showing confidence in your series,” Natalie sighed as she poured out tall glasses of sparkling wine for her seven friends. “Broadcasting the premiere episode at half past ten on a Monday evening.”

“They couldn’t even have put it on last Monday, when it was a bank holiday,” Rachel sighed.

South of Bikini 4: Episode 2- Colonial Trade

Danger, heart wrenching loss, catastrophe, and unforeseen temporal chaos challenge Alex and her away team as they set out to repair some revolutionary glitches perpetrated by Clemson’s ignorant and callous ‘corrections’ to history.

Dressed by teacher

Johnny has gone on a school trip to England as part of a student exchange where he is the only boy and there are 5 girls with 1 female teacher. Little did he know, his exchange partner and everyone else on the trip plan to keep it girls only.

South of Bikini 4: Episode 1- The Game is Afoot

Welcome back! Season 4 finds the Empress a diplomat helping to negotiate peace for an entire planet, but can it guarantee the Homeworld’s survival this time around? Will Alex finds new friends and some new facets to her gift as she and her sisters try to limit the destruction from Clemson’s rewriting time to fit his own academically opinionated knowledge of historic events? Can they find a temporal sanctuary from which to survive the resulting changes and extinctions?

Mary Beth Body Double 1

Cybil was glad to see me again since there was a familiarity between us that only develops with time. This would be the tenth time I had come to Salon Girly Gurl to have my hair done. According to Cybil, customers like me were the reason that the salon was started in the first place. Francesca, owner and founder of Salon Girly Gurl launched the concept to help people like me express themselves. A friendly place to let down our hair and for a while to be the individual we really felt we were.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 12

“You know,” Paige said as she settled into her plush airline seat, “I kinda wish more people were staring. I mean, come on, just look at us! We’re hot!”

Nikki, part 22

“Smile!” The cameraman urges me. Naturally, I obey, curling my scarlet lips upward while maintaining my trademark model’s pout. “Show us the side stitching.” Again, I obey, lifting my arm above my head to show off the stitching on the side panel of the tight under bust corset I’m wearing.

“Beautiful, Nikki,” the cameraman says. “Okay, just one more to go, then you can finally go home!”

My dreams coming true

I'm finally getting my own place. I've been waiting for this moment it feels like forever. Since i made the decision to finally live my life as a woman. I will be taking my hormones and getting my huge breast implants what is gonna take a while longer is getting srs. I'm tired of looking at my small cock., i want a beautiful tight wet pussy i can play with all day and night. I cant wait to have my first cock fuck my pussy, everywhere i go im gonna fuck everyone. Always wearing short dresses and skirts with no panties for easy access.

Xdresser to transexual

I've been crossdressing since i was 12 yrs old. Im 46 now, so it's been a crazy journey. But now I'm ready to take it to the next level. I have no family left no tires to where I'm at now. I'm just waiting on a big settlement check, this is going to change my life forever. Once i get paid, im gonna get laser hair removal, see my doctor for hrt, get huge beat implants and a little minor surgery. I'm gonna buy all brand new panties and lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, makeup,jewelery, wigs, once i start to look good in gonna turn into the biggest slut.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 9

Jessica smiled for the passengers as they disembarked the plane, stretching their tired muscles after the long flight from Madrid.

“Thank you for flying with Soixante-Trois Airlines,” Jessica gushed in her practised overly-saccharine ‘stewardess’s voice’. “Enjoy your stay in London!”

“I live here, you dumb valley girl,” one of the passengers snorted as he passed Jessica with a backward glance.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 10- Proving Ground

Now that another Time Traveler is loose upon Earth’s fragile timeline, what will he change and could the Empress and her sisters be the first casualties? Can the wondrous Empress of Time and Space return history to the way it should be or will she need to ‘step back’ to re-evaluate her historic options here and in other universes?

Personal Writing Challenge: Jenny Jones Goes Sideways 1

I wasn't in the mood to write my usual stuff, and I couldn't seem to think of anything, so I wrote a blog post asking for people to give me weird ideas and combinations. I took a bunch of them and turned them into a usable story. I had planned on having done in one shot, but it's taking a bit longer than planned. So here is the first part. The rest will be done tomorrow. At the end of this chapter I'll post the elements I used.

Stephanie, part 4

I take a deep sigh as I step out of the small clinic, my face tingling from the lasers that had swept their way over it mere minutes earlier. Despite my face being make-up free- and covered with a very patchy 5 o'clock shadow- no one gives me a second look as I head down to the tube train that ferries me to my next destination. Well, that's not strictly true, people ARE giving me a second look, but not because of the hair on my face, but because of the pink tights covering my legs, visible underneath my extra-short denim skirt.

Mother's Child - Chapter 7

Lee's adventures continue. His old life is careening out of his control, his new one coming at him head-on. Can he survive the clash of old and new and still keep his sanity. Will his mother's attempts at helping make matters better or worse. It's anyone's guess. For sure, Lee doesn't know.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 9- Things that go bump...

Resuming their original mission- that of finding Prof. Samuel’s missing Time Machine- Alex and company participate in a ghost hunt, where they provide most of the paranormal activity. How much will the Empress allow her fellow ‘poltergeists’ to enjoy the ‘witching hour’? How much will their newest sister, Akane, influence the mission? Later, Alex and Jack attend Prof. Samuels’ theoretical science lecture masquerading as her keynote speakers.

Ticket stubs. (prologue)

Dear clyde, HE KISSED ME, Omg he kissed me!!!!!! Aahhhhhhhhhh, my first real Kiss and it was just as magical as I'd hoped for. Ok well there wherent any fireworks, and my leg didnt pop but I dint think those things really happen. Tonight was simply amazing, I didnt think he could pull it off but it was definitly the best night of my life. And I kissed a boy!! No... A boy kissed ME! Yes me, of all people, got kissed. I dont think im going to be able to slep, im so excited! Ok so you probably want to know what happened tonight.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 3 - 5

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


Two days west of the attack site, Ezrah was on foot walking the big black horse in an effort to rest it. Ever since that terrible day, the boy used every trick he could think of to elude the roving bands of Indians. Unsure of whether they were those who attacked and killed his parents, yet to him, all Indians were now suspect.

He was walking through a small canyon, and the echoing of Blackie's hooves rattled within his ears even though he was trying to keep silent. As they emerged from the other end, he saw a band of at least a dozen Indians riding diagonally toward him. If he delayed too much, they reach him in no time. He quickly mounted and took off across the prairie in an attempt to outrun them.

When he heard the loud whooping, he knew that he had been seen and it was the second time he had heard their telltale sound. The terrible feeling once again returned to the pit of his stomach. Lying along the back of the big horse, Ezrah entwined his fingers in the long black mane of the horse. Still with the reins in his hands, he hung on for dear life. The horse ran like the wind, ears flat back, tail out and its long ebony main flailing in the terrified youth's face.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 7- Rendezvous'

Sand Dollars’ next mission becomes personal for Alex- the result requiring the Empress to reveal herself. Some members of Alex’ crew finally realize their gifts and one in particular proves her metal on a special mission.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 5

"Ladies and gentlemen," the posh English accent announced over the airplane’s tannoy, "I'd like to thank you for flying Soixante-Trois airlines, and on behalf of the company, I'd like to wish you all a safe stay in Paris and a very Merry Christmas!"

Victoria GGS Pt 4

Ginger asked if I had anything planned for dinner, my reply was just leftovers from yesterday and maybe some applesauce for dessert. Apparently that was not what Ginger was interested in, or she was just looking for an excuse to get me where she could play some more, that a more logical reason. She called and made reservations at an Italian restaurant that we frequently visited, for seven-thirty. I was asked if I wanted to go home, or stay at the salon, and then leave from here to go to the restaurant.

Alexis GGS Pt 8

When we got to Marie’s, she was waiting for us, and we went upstairs. She had cooked, the aromas filling her apartment were almost sinful. It is obvious that she can do more than just style hair. We enjoyed fried chicken with fresh corn on the cob, and then chocolate cake smothered in a homemade pudding with a delicious chocolate sauce over both. I knew that I would have to start exercising some or I would shortly be able to fill in for the Goodyear blimp.

Lady in Waiting Part 2

Lady in Waiting Part 2

By Christina H
Lady in Waiting part 1.jpg

This is a story set in the 1800’s about a family that has lost every family member except the youngest son and his twin sister. Then his sister dies of smallpox and he manages to persuade his mother to let him become his deceased sister.

I really thank you for your very kind comments the really do help me a lot and make sure that I am on the right track with the story.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 4

Jessica stepped off the plane and onto the tarmac at Charles De Gaulle airport with an ache in her feet from standing in high heels all day, and an ache in her head from dealing with needy, insulting passengers all day. She longed for nothing more than to strip out of her painful shoes, her tight skirt and her restrictive corset and lay in a warm bath for the next 24 hours, but as she changed back into her sleek black dress to head home, she knew that wasn't an option.

Charlotte, part 13

“To Viks!” The five of us toast, clinking our glasses of champagne (or in Charlotte’s case, non-alcoholic champagne) together.

“Seriously, you guys,” Viks complains, “my birthday isn’t until tomorrow!”

“Yeah, but we’ve got to share you with a BOY tomorrow,” Hannah giggles. “Tonight it’s all girls, girls, girls!”

“And on that topic,” Mary giggles, “Jamie, where the hell did you get those amazing nails?” I laugh as I wave my extra-long fingernails for the girls, highlighting the shiny black polish that’s been applied to each one.

Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 13 of 16

Current situation:

Molly distracted by Tanna Greenleaf and her new masculine urges is caught by surprise by Gothmog and Kâlraug. The ensuing battle turns desperate and when all hope of victory appears lost Logan makes his entrance.

Author Note:

1: This story is based on the Altered Fates Universe concept established by Jennifer Adams, however I’ve taken some artistic liberties so this story doesn’t strictly adhere to the rules Jennifer established.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 3

"...And the emergency exits can be found here, here and here," Marie announced in English and in French as all four stewardesses on board the luxurious aeroplane performed the hand and arm gestures.

Alexis GGS Pt 7

We entered the restaurant and were seated promptly. We ordered some appetizers to nibble on, a quesadilla and some onion rings plus iced teas to drink. We chatted about her stores, which ones that were profitable and ones that never materialized as she had thought. Each of her managers was discussed, she had indeed hired a lot of her school friends, and she admitted that was a big mistake. They listened to her but often manipulated her requests to better suit them. It made for hard feelings and, of course, the loss of sales.

Marissa GGS Pt 2

She suggested for my meetings with my sister and grandmother that a temporary change in my appearance be done so they could see what I would look like after the treatments. The transformation easy to do and undo when the meetings are completed. They would remove my nails this afternoon, with the before pictures starting in the morning.

Erica GGS Pt 7

I interrupted her. “You may have given me an idea. I thought Stephanie had once told me you have a research department that works on processes and machines for your salons. Can I talk with one of your experts to see if what I have come up with can be made and produced for the salons.”

Alexis GGS Pt 6

We kissed, kissed some more, only pausing as the air seemed full of emotions. We did manage to dance a few slow dances, with me hugging Cindy as tight as I could. It felt so good, to be held, to be loved, to feel for once that this is the real me. We stayed at the restaurant until they threw us out a little after two in the morning.

Marissa GGS Pt 1

I pulled into the mall parking lot, hoping to find a space to park that wasn't miles from the entrance. I often come here to shop, well truth be known, to dream of actually being able to purchase items from these stores. Two years out of college, but still no full-time job made shopping a luxury that I couldn't afford. The degree that I had in finance looked good on paper but never delivered as advertised.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 10


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter X
The Second Week
Friday - Oh no! & The Rehearsal
Friday Evening - The Rehearsal Dinner

Well, my nails are now long and very fancy. And, we’re at West Point. And, so far so good. Everyone is still seeing me as girl. The wedding is tomorrow. And, I wonder if Linda is as nervous as I am. And, about last night, . . .

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 9


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter IX
The Second Week
Wednesday - Nails
Thursday - A Trip

Well, I’ve met the other bride’s maids, and it went well. I think that they were all shocked when they first met me, and full of questions. But, I was quickly accepted as one of the girls. And, one of them even said, “You should have been born a girl.” Why do some people feel that way? Oh well, I don’t.

My breast forms are now attached, and it has provided me with an interesting insight on what it might be like to have breasts. I’m glad that mine will come off.

The wedding is this Saturday, and I’m really getting nervous. If the wrong people find out about me, this wedding isn’t going to be good.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 8


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter VIII
The Second Week
Monday - Dresses and the Girls
Tuesday - Some Glue

Last week was really a roller coaster. On Saturday when I woke up I was a typical geeky boy. And, now I look more like a pretty teenaged girl. I even talk like a girl, act like a girl, and walk like a girl. Being a cross-dresser at heart, I was in heaven. And, everyone in my family and my girlfriend’s family accept this. That’s everyone in my family except for my brother. And, that was a major downer.

I’m also going to be a bride’s maid in my girlfriend Sara’s sister’s wedding. A very big wedding. This was all because one of the bride’s maids had backed out at the last minute, and they couldn’t find anyone to fill in. But, me.

Well, lets see where this goes.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 7


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter VII
The First Week
Friday - The Navy Yard, and much more.
Saturday and Sunday - Relaxing


What a week. I guess I’m really getting into being Becka. I've dressed as a girl ever day. I've had a complete body waxing. I didn’t have that much body hair to start with, but feeling my hairless body when I take a shower is very interesting. Nylons and a corset are also an interesting combination. And, I really like it. Sara and I also had another long talk with my Aunt Dorothy that was very interesting. What will the rest of the week bring? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 6


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter VI
The First Week
Tuesday - A waxing.
Wednesday - Nylons.
Thursday - Aunt Dorothy.


Now, not only do I have a bride’s maid’s dress, but a corset. I thought it was all over when the dress maker found out that Becka was really a boy. But, in the end she was willing to fit me with the dress, as long as I could get four inches off my waist. That’s where the corset came in. But, that was a little unsettling too, when the lady at the corset shop told me that I should get breast implants. What next? Oh yeah. A leg waxing. And, of course my dad was getting promoted in the middle of all of this.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 5


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter V
The First Week
Monday - A dress and more


My ears are pierced. I now own more girls’ clothes. And, have a supply of makeup that will last me a year. Then Becka met her father and Sara’s father. It was scarey to start with. But, I was surprised that they accepted me, and why I was doing it. What more can happen?

Alexis GGS Pt 5

Breakfast was English Muffins and O.J., although I seemed stuffed after only a few bites. When I mentioned it to Marie, she just pointed to my corset giggling. I had not taken it off last night, and that tickled Marie's sense of humor. As we got ready to go down to the salon, I was caught by Marie spending too much time in front of the mirror. She ended up pushing me out the door, telling me that I looked beautiful. She is giggling at the former male that is now firmly entrenched in the role of a female.

Erica GGS Pt 6

I quickly got her nails prepped and started on the base polish; she is interested in the vines like I had on my nails, but she asked if I could do a few more flowers on her nails. I complied as I transformed her nails into a miniature vine-garden with flowers peeking out from behind the vines. She is mesmerized by the art watching intently as I added every little flower and tendril of the vine. I finally finished, topping off her nail art with two coats of high gloss polish to protect the design.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 2

"So, when did you first know that you were, well, 'Paige'?" Jessica asked her date, who simply smiled a shy smile in response.

"Since I was about ten," the Scottish girl responded. "I'd go to school and all I could think about were the girls in their uniforms, and about wearing them. Then I went to secondary school and literally EVERY girl there wore tiny pleated skirts and black tights that just seemed to make their legs shine. I've been obsessed with black nylons ever since."

Alexis GGS Pt 4

She told me to invite them to the salon early, but not to tell her anything over the phone. Be sure to tell her that we have to leave, to go to the hotel a few minutes after lunch for the pageant. Marie dialed the number then handed the phone to me. It rang a couple of times, and then Mom answered it. I had to concentrate real hard to try and talk in a lower tone.

Erica GGS Pt 5

With the excuse that she could not mess up her nails, I was able to play a little more, concentrating on her nipples. Several times she would make a move, but I told her no-no, not until we are sure your nails are dry. It worked for a while, but she finally became frustrated and attacked me with a vengeance. I received as good as I gave till we finally gave out and snuggled together. As I lay there staring at the ceiling, I thanked my lucky stars for ending up in this predicament.

Alexis GGS Pt 3

Next on the agenda is dressing up in the costumes that I will be wearing during the contest. Marie and Angela helped me with removing my clothes, which at the time only consisted of a bra, panties, and my slacks. I had removed my blouse earlier so it would not get wet as my hair is being styled.

Erica GGS Pt 4

Very quickly, my schedule is filling up, taking into consideration time to get ready every day; it would require me to get up at six A.M., and I will be going strong until ten or eleven every night. Maybe the idiot that I was before this could learn a few things from these experiences. I certainly hope so, how I could have been so wrong and uncaring before, and then expect Ronnie to yield to my wishes without protest. As I said, I was one conceited idiot in my actions.


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