Synopsis: Ever wonder what it's like to be a little rich girl? Neither did Chad until the Wentworth sister's, taking a line from the Godfather, made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He had two weeks to get into his role, and the rest of his life to get out of it.

Baby Powder Scent

Baby Powder Scent

The scent of baby powder often invokes the mothering instinct in many women. For some women that instinct may even overcome a man thought too big for diapers. Of course once diapered there's no good reason not to give that man a breast.

Diapers And Little Girls

Diapers and Little Girls


Jeff has found a forum covering his and Bobby's favorite gaming guru who has promised an on line session to answer questions and suggestions. Trouble is it's during the week and in the middle of school. Jeff in a devious plan to stay home wet's his bed. It's successful and talks Bobby into doing the same. Unfortunately Bobby's mother finds out and shares her discovery with Jeff's mother Rose. It's going to be the worse few days of their loves.

You've been drafted, Girlie!

Education of a Sissy - It's Your Duty To Be Beautiful

The only true beauty is inner beauty, but Michael is about to discover that while untrue beauty can take time, there can be some interesting events to provide distraction.

Education of a Sissy - Dancing Queen

With the author having skipped an evening, and having gone to a comedy club, Michael has to make up for the calories with some exercise.

Education of a Sissy - Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

The magic wand gets all metaphorical.

This is probably the shortest scene in the entire story (if they get any smaller, I'm going to panic), but I think it's a rather climactic one. The rest of the scenes should all be much larger.

Education of a Sissy - Bride Of The Slime Monster

Michael is almost free. He can see the door into sunlight, he can smell the sweet breath of freedom. All he has to do is best the guardian of the portal.

Education of a Sissy - Magical School Girl Sailor Sissy

Michael has made it to the office. All he needs to do is walk in, grab the data, and walk out again.

If he knew he would succeed, but also knew the cost of success, would he dare to enter?

Education of a Sissy - A Good Boy Has A Bad Idea

Michael has come across something that implies that a company is doing a bad thing. Naturally, being a good boy, he decides to investigate.

Naturally, it doesn't work out the way he expected.

But then again, it's not going to go the way the bad guys expect either.

Carlie, Part 8

Carlie has sissy predispositions, but overcomes difficulties with love, courage and increasing self-awareness. In this chapter, Sharon's new self-confidence blossoms into intimacy with Carlie.

Carlie, Part 6

Carlie has sissy predispositions, but overcomes difficulties with love, courage and increasing self-awareness. In this chapter, Carlie begins to define his relationships.

My magical journey

It was finally here, i was going to start highschool in a week i was going to be free of my sisters friends punishment. Maybe i should explain a little. High im Andrew 19 im not really that big i have a slightly effeminate body for my age which might explain why i was stealing my sisters friends clothes to wear.

Getting What He Deserved

Author's note: After the discussion here about certain stories and websites, I could not stop myself! Enjoy! Apologies if this offends anyone, as my sense of humor can be odd at times.

Adriana's Addictions

You Had Me At 'Girly Lamp'

What happens when the lamp you buy isn't the one you intend to buy?

A story inspired by a sketch with the annotation "girly lamp."

A friend of mine wrote this, he normally doesn't write TG stories, but upon reading this I knew it needed to be shared. It is definitely written tongue in cheek and don't let any of the tags turn you away from this story.

Plump and Pretty - 6

Plump and Pretty - 6

By Katherine Day


Would he be so pretty
That he’d be one of the chubbies
Chosen to be among the girls
To model fashions for tubbies?


Pure Love

The Blanchard Home Chapter 1

Jordan Newton finds himself living in a mansion where the residents aren't what they appear to be. He must struggle to hold onto who he is as he becomes one of the house's girls.

___________Chapter I: Welcome home___________________________________________________

without a trace part 15 the final chapter

Without a trace part 15
this is the last chapter of without a trace, being so it will also be the longest where certain threads that have been pulled will be knitted into the garment.
Back to school and into the hall.......

After five minutes walking the sound of children reciting the Pledge of allegiance greeted their ears. Kylie groaned inwardly this was the one thing she hated about junior high school but she realised that to get any results that she would have to play the part perfectly.

Without a Trace - Part 10

Without a trace part 10: operation flytrap continued....

Whilst Mom and kylie talked Jan and her partner were talking to the young female officer. They gently probed for the reasons why she had tried to attack the young girl.


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