Costumes and Masks

Charlotte, part 9


“Vive La France!” Krystie happily exclaims in my ear, over the noise of the crowded Parisian nightclub.

“This is so cool!” I happily reply as I dance with my friend, the two of us attracting the attention of virtually every boy in the club in our tiny clubbing dresses and extra-high heels- not to mention our voluminous hair and heavy make-up!

“Yeah, who needs BOYS anyway?” Krystie asks.

Charlotte, part 7


I blink my eyes awake and roll over in bed, only to be stopped by an unexpected face full of blonde hair that isn’t my own. Turning my head to the other side, another long mop of blonde hair- again, not my own- blocks my view. Once I’ve blinked the early morning tiredness- and a moderate hangover- out of my eyes, the previous night’s events return to my memory.

“Krys,” I whisper, gently nudging the sleeping woman on my left-hand side. “Han, wake up!” I whisper to the slumbering figure on my right.

Charlotte, part 4


"Let's just do this, okay?" Charlotte sighs as she wraps her arms around me and moves her body closer to mine. Nodding stoically, I take a deep breath and lean into my BFF, kissing her as deeply as I've ever kissed my boyfriend.

Spooked - Part 2

One night only, but still almost 14K because SOME PEOPLE decided they wanted to have long, analytic conversations about themselves. Fennis and Lakshmi turned out to be very interested in exploring their feelings. I could have done a whole series just about them wearing skinsuits of each other, but that's not what this story is about so I tried to hurry things along.

Lots of switching around, some evil and some not. Someone asked for there to be a more Scooby-Doo feel to things, so I did that flavor for a chase scene or two. It couldn't get too outrageously jinkied, but I think I got a good balance in.

And back by popular demand: THE SKELETON! WHOOO! I didn't know who the real villain of the piece would be and the skeleton was popular, so it gets to come back.

Shocking Developments - Part 1

Terrael grew up in paradise, until the Fomorians showed up. Now Humans, Hypers, and Fae all face extinction and Terrael is their only hope. Can he get used to his own changes and make the one change that can save them all?


Shocking Developments
Part 1 of 2


My mother’s eyes shot wide open. “You can’t seriously be thinking about taking Terry to see her,” she sputtered. “She wasn’t playing with a full deck before the Flare. After she threw away any cards she might have had left.”

Spooked - Part 1

The first 20,000 words of the Halloween story. I don't know if I should continue it since it's so long and involved. If there's a big demand to keep going then I will, but both the people asking and my commissioners have to understand that while I'm doing this I'm not doing anything else.

Four friends find treasure maps, but the treasure is guarded by monsters, seductive strangers, and often each other!

Masks Chapter 39

Masks Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Lucy asks… “Uhm…what’s going on what’s with the…uhm… this?”
Mary Jane looks at me with this sort of sad for me and I love you smile all rolled into one which just pushes me towards tears really easily and it’s like super hard to keep them back. She side eyes towards Lucy and I nod and she slips her arm around Lucy’s shoulders and leads her to the girl’s bathroom.
“Let me tell you about my best friend.”
I’m just sort of there clenching and unclenching my hands and biting my lower lip…I’m really emotional and really nervous right now because they’re all going to be talking about me…
The day’s half done…the day’s half done.

*And Now…

Catburglar 7: Kitty Kangaroo

Kitty Kangaroo

By Paul Calhoun

We return to Reg and Kelly some way into their married life. Kelly buys a giant kangaroo plushie costume to play with. Minimal TG.

I originally was going to have a generic couple for this, but it felt like the sort of thing they'd do. There really isn't a lot of tension or action, just playing around. Next time I do the plushie suit thing there's going to be a bit more plot to it.

Dating Above Their Station

Dating Above Their Station
By Paul Calhoun

A totem pole trench story I did for Badboych on DA because I think his work is awesome. Only 5000 words because I'm supposed to be on vacation.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 13 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 13 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2013

Cap and Bridget reconcile. Laura confronts Reverend Yingling. Jane bakes and bakes. Trisha and Roscoe spend some time together. Flora worries about being with Carl. Cecelia and her friends talk. Red Tully returns. Laura goes into labor. Priscilla Stafford comes looking for her brother. Arnie considers her name. And lots more.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 12 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 12 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2013

Reverend Yingling preaches about Clyde Ritter. Roscoe joins the O’Hanlans for lunch. Carl confuses Flora with a question. Things become known at Flora’s second hearing. Yingling can’t stop a wedding. Hedley gets a haircut. And lots more.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 11 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 11 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Talk in both churches of the two challenges. The potion committee meets. Emma picks out a dress, and Yully gets a letter. Clyde Ritter takes Flora out to a bench behind the Saloon twice – with _very_ mixed results. Public school graduation ceremonies are held. Flora stands trial. Arnie visits the Spauldings, and she dances. And lots more.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 3

Robert reached into his back pocket and pulled out a map of campus. He rubbed his eyes and studied the map. Despite not sleeping well, he couldn't help but smile. The early morning crowd of students, bustling about to classes made him feel energetic. No more high school drama and worrying about who is dating who and what people did in their spare time. He could just be one of twenty thousand students and no one would give him a second look. He was truly free.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 10 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 10 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Many people talk about the fire, and they do so from very different points of view. Kirby and Trisha put out the paper – with editorials. The church board meets again. Arnie decides to dance. The Cactus Blossoms premiere their new act. Clyde Ritter deals with jewelry. And lots more.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 9 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 9 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Flora and Lylah have their first monthlies. Nancy warns Flora about Clyde Ritter. Flora about Clyde Ritter. Jessie and Paul go on a trip. Septimus Blake and George Higgins look for work. The Cactus Blossoms get new costumes. A fire at the print shop, and Roscoe gets burned. Luke stares at Lylah. And lots more.

Infelftration - 2 of 4

Sure the physical is a good start, but even a horny college boy will experience moments of lucidity; therefore, Snorri has much to learn before beginning his infelftration.

South of Bikini 2: E6- Out of the fire, a hero

Continuing her mission to 1945 Poland, Alex must find a way to safely secret the Meridian Spacecraft and her team out of the heavily defended Wonderwerks facility and preserve the precious timeline. Will she be able to rescue the hundreds of lost souls locked away in the Wenceslas Mine? Can Alex rescue one very lost, very confused soul in particular?

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 8 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 8 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Styron makes an announcement. Pablo warns Don Luis. Arnie considers a new job. Trisha and Emma talk. Milt and Jane move into their new home. Bridget gets mischievous. Roselyn gives more advice to Flora. The town council finally votes on Rev. Yingling’s motion. Ernesto takes a challenge. Flora adopts a cat. And lots more.

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 8

With the Sidereus contract signed, Abigail is forced to acquiesce to the demands of her new legal guardian- Mr. Atwater. While a twisted Hollywood adventure looms before her, Abigail resigns herself to spend every waking hour with Ethan- including her first Christmas. Finally, with the end of Abigail’s belligerence, her rise to pop stardom and the fulfillment of the Prophecy is all but guaranteed, however; a stranger reveals a weakness that could overturn the Prophecy, potentially ushering in a new age.

Infelftration - 1 of 4

No matter your powers, be they great or small, there is no way to divine what lurks in a heart of darkness that is locked away behind lock and key. But you can spy and maybe you can learn, but what spy can both you and the owner of that heart trust?

Staying in Character Part 1

Staying in Character Part 1

By Paul Calhoun

A trade with Dieter Schaumer.

An actress playing a queen being slowly turned into a legendary wolf has to wear her costume home for budgetary reasons. Her boyfriend isn't very happy and after he refuses to have sex with her she has an idea to show him what it's like.

MAU: Can't Take the Sky From Me! Chapters -11- & -12-

Brian had long come to terms that he liked for his partner to take the lead, but that did not mean they or anyone had the right to walk all over him. Someone was about to learn a very hard lesson about underestimating and messing with this 'florist.'

MAU: Can't Take The Sky From Me! Chapter -10-

“We got not one, but three hits off of Google searches.” M replied, tossing him the hard copy folder. “And all three are in the same area as the initial sightings on Friday night. Do you still want to bet that an MAU wasn't involved?”

MAU: Can't Take the Sky From Me! Chapter -9-

Beth scolded the two troopers as they tracked the attractive woman who just rode by them on a fast looking bike. “Keep your eyes open.”

“Oh,” The Sergeant chuckled, “They're open alright!”

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 3

PART 3 TEASER: With the arrival of the school attendance letter, Darren’s grasp on his former adult life is tenuous. Despite this setback, he hatches a plan to regain his status, and the prospect of salvation through legal emancipation becomes a reality. Should he fail, however, come September, he will face true horror- a second trip through high school. As this is happening, Abigail has her day in court. Through it all, Abigail experiences the powerful effects of what she hopes is simply a harmless crush.

MAU: Can't Take the Sky From Me! Chapter -6- & -7-

The Air Force Captain took a lung full of smoke. “I saw it, but I don't know if I believe it. However, what the hell. No one else has believed either, but the question is do you believe in superheroes, because I swear to Gawd we intercepted Iron-Man and War-Machine out over Tampa Bay last night.”

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 2

PART 2 TEASER: Darren Lawrence, seemingly now trapped within the body of a teenage girl, copes with an adult world that no longer sees him as one of their own. As Darren begins to defiantly push back at the world that has rejected him, he experiences surprising success and crushing failure. His marriage is tested further with a decision that will challenge the fledgling union. Worse still, his actions, once firmly grounded in logical and reasoned thought, show a surprising lack of judgement. Do they represent the actions of a man desperately clinging to the adult world, or has something more sinister nestled within his mind? Through all of this, his music may be the only thing that keeps him sane. (This is part 2 of 9, part 1 is required reading)

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-19.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-19.


I have a lot to learn…and a lot to think about even now.

How much to learn and what to do about my relationship.

I get a coffee in a can from one of the vending machines and I head upstairs to my quarters and my office.

I think that I might just have to go home this weekend.

I might need to have a family talk.

*And Now…

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 1

Darren Lawrence had what most would consider an idyllic life- a beautiful family, a house, a close circle of trustworthy friends and his music. However, all of this changed the day he lost his job. This disappointing yet seemingly innocuous occurrence sets off a series events that threaten to strip Darren of his identity and turn him into everything that he hates.

MAU: Can't Take The Sky From Me! Chapter -2-

Danny had spent his life confined to his 'wheels,' a wheelchair. All he had to look forward was wondering just when his body would finally give out for all that he was still a teen. However, his friend Griffin just might was going to change all of that. You see he had a plan!

My Super Secret Life-35.

My Super Secret Life-35.


I shoot her the occasional glare even though she’s out of it she still shot over a dozen people despite my and Champion’s best efforts.

I didn’t realize how hard I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw until the EMT’s got here.

Sunny kind of surges a bit inside of me because there’s a lot of blood and then I see the cover some people up…like fully up.

I want to cry somewhere…for what? For money?

Everyone there looks at me as I scream and boot one of the garbage cans all the way across the tracks and imbeded it into the wall.

*And Now…

MAU: Can't Take The Sky From Me! Chapter -1-

Griffin is your usually outcast teenager who sees the opportunity of a lifetime land in someone else's lap. However, he's not about to let that stop him or his friend Danny from achieving their dreams.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 11- Final Chapter Book One

Atalanta's Story Chapter 11- Final Chapter Book One. Written By Katelyn and edited by William Durr. I want to thank Bill for his help not only in this chapter but many other bumps getting here as well. I wrote this during last Christmas and the story is set in that same time.

In this final chapter Atalanta's train trip is not without its excitement or its odd assortment of characters. But exactly what forces are at work?

Masks Chapter 37

Masks Chapter 37

Chapter 37

We leave heading for class and I sneak a look back and Elizabeth just threw her Starbucks coffee in a huge splash all over the hallway wall and she’d be coming for us or at us if it wasn’t for two teacher’s bee lining it to see what’s going on.
Yeah my mask’s still on pretty tight and I might still be Stephen but I’m really Stephanie…and Stephanie's tired of getting stepped on already.
Has anyone ever came out and not taken huge amounts of bullshit?
Maybe, Maybe I’m going to find out.

*And Now…

Over the Moon

Over the Moon

By Paul Calhoun


A cosplaying couple who met at an anime convention have been talking about doing a kigurumi for a long time. Andrew says he has a surprise and when he leaves and Sailor Moon walks in, Alyssa is ready to do whatever she wants.

Playing the Piper

Playing the Piper

By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by Demuto up to a point. Then I went crazy and just kept running with it until I was done.

The cats of Bad Munder have heard about the goings on in Hamlin. The Pig Piper, the rat suit, and how they might be out of a job soon. So the president of the Society of Mousers comes up with his own rodent costume, one meant to trap the mice rather than fool the government.
Soon word of the seductive giant mouse has reached the rodent Syndicate and when they find out the truth, they send three operatives in a cat costume to trap the trap.
After that, a sexy scene I wanted to do and an only partly connected political plot involving the mice, their cat suit, skunks, wolf suits and interesting times.
One of the rare times in which I do vore because it's cats eating mice so how can I NOT do vore?


STEP RIGHT UP. We got suits, we got sexy, we got skunks, vore (yes vore!), elections, romance, excitement, murder, hate, revenge! It's not a story about a boy and his dog! It's the Pied Piper's Sequel!

Kregg's Story ~ 3 ~ The Scheme of Things


Seraph-Kregg-Symbol_small.pngKregg's Story

The Scheme of Things

Believe me when I say that none of this is written in stone. This plan of ours may still end in complete and utter failure, but you're our best chance of success. I think so. Renyx believes so.

Kregg's Story ~ 2 ~ We've got a job for you


Seraph-Kregg-Symbol_small.pngKregg's Story

We've got a job for you

Its use could draw the wrong attention and Kregg didn't want the hassle if he didn't have to have it. On the other hand, he didn't want to die or leave the travelers at the mercy of the bandits

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.


How do you explain the stuff you do, feel to someone? Especially to someone that’s been literally inside of you and living in your head. I mean Quinn wasn’t with me that long but he recognized me right off the get go and as strange as Halo is. And all of the other kids and students are pretty odd given everything and everyone it’s also not as odd as me I’ll bet.

It’s really not fair that Quinn can fly either. I might look like I’m in shape but I’m really not.

Because I’m actually a fat kid with super powers and not this tall girl with a nice bust and bum.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-18.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-18.

Chapter 18


And he’s very, very married.

Man…getting used to this and being me and these super hero types is going to take a whole lot more getting used to.

I kind of get him out of my head and I’m trying to take note of the ride since I’ve never been in an aero-ambulance before and the EMT looks at me and it’s the guy that I met with the whole big thing that happened down town when I first helped out all the other AA’s.

“Hey you.” He says in quietly and nicely kinda of caring guy and gentle like…I know because I’ve used the same tones myself.

“Hey…….” Oh...oh man I can’t remember his name.

*And Now…

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

Chapter 10

The music’s loud and there’s all these people and I’m getting it. The bump and grind sort of stuff…moving hips and as a girl there’s this side to side thing I’m picking up. It’s like swaying as I walk but more, different and it really helps that I’m getting help from some of the other kids there.

It’s happening here than at my old school…even with this meta/anthro? Avari alien…a girl with blue eyes and white sort of spiked hair that’s actually feathers with her hands on my hips and smiling at me and shouting over the blasting music. “Like this!”

It’s not sexual but just she’s actually will just to show me.


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