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Masks VII: Part 10

Masks VII: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"I found it!" shouted Maciste, triumphantly, as he rushed into the briefing room. "I found where they are!"

"Slow down," said Dr. Piano, making settling gestures with both hands. "It's not that I don't believe you, but... How?"

South of Bikini 4: Episode 3- Chaos to Catch a Thief

From a technical and tactics briefing aboard Atlantis, Alex and company decide to randomize their approach to apprehend Clemson. Making another trip back to Colonial Philadelphia, Alex allows Jack to send the time thief an ‘explosive’ message. Will Clemson find an ally with clues to the Empress’ weaknesses and whereabouts? What will happen when two rats get into the hen house?

Masks VII: Part 8

Masks VII: Part Eight


Rodford Edmiston

The next morning found the base subdued. After Dr. Piano left to return to his home the night before, the staff began pestering the rest of the team for details. This soon turned into an outright brag session and informal party. No small part of the unusual quiet pervading the base when the live-in team members assembled for breakfast was a general atmosphere of mixed satisfaction and regret.

Buzz was on his third helping when Paula - in civvies - slunk in for breakfast, trying to be subtle and failing miserably.

Masks VII: Part 7

Masks VII: Part Seven


Rodford Edmiston

They drove slowly past the gaudy mansion, one of a long row of unashamedly ostentatious structures on that side of the road. They also had an unobstructed view of what lay on the other side of the road; a private park, something so heavily managed as to be barely connected with nature. This was a gated community, but Dr. Piano had shown the gate guard something and he'd simply waved them through. Champion had no idea whether any magic beyond old money was involved.

Masks VII: Part 5

Masks VII


Rodford Edmiston

Part Five

"That actually looks like a real superhero team," said Paula, staring at the life-size print of the group in their finery. "Don't you think, though, that putting it in the back of the monitor room - where it will be seen by any one who video calls - is a bit... egotistical?"

"Just a bit of promotion," said Dr. Piano, looking at the framed poster with satisfaction. He turned toward the team Brain. "Speaking of promotions, Doctor, did all the envelopes go out?"

Masks VII: Part 2

The Assembly

Part Two


Rodford Edmiston

In the end they all signed on. That, however, was only the first step in establishing a team. They had a good selection of raw ingredients, but how those were put together would determine whether the result was a hearty meal or a fallen soufflé. Dr. Piano knew that constructing a sound framework for the team - not just command structure and duties, but how they would interact with the press and public - was vital. He presented some basic suggestions and then he and Dr. Gorgeous began filling out that framework.

Masks VI: Part 9

Part Nine

The meeting the next afternoon in the Oval Office was uncomfortable for all involved. President Thurlin had five of his people on one side of the low table which had been brought in; Vice President Gould had five of his on the other.

Masks VI: Part 8

Part Eight

Energia maneuvered hard, keeping the small ship between her and the large one. Since both craft were maneuvering to prevent this she was having a difficult, frantic time. Still, she not only avoided getting hit but managed to actively slow the small ship, delaying the rendezvous with the larger craft. She was giving a play-by-play of the action over her suit's radio in a near-constant transmission, almost babbling, only occasionally stopping to listen for a reply.

South of Bikini 4: Episode 2- Colonial Trade

Danger, heart wrenching loss, catastrophe, and unforeseen temporal chaos challenge Alex and her away team as they set out to repair some revolutionary glitches perpetrated by Clemson’s ignorant and callous ‘corrections’ to history.

Masks VI: Part 7

Part Seven

"On your feet, Fergusson," said the guard.

Gregory looked warily out at the strangely-uniformed men waiting in the corridor.

"What's going on?"

"You're being transferred to a federal holding facility for supers."

"But all my crimes were local! I'm not even a super!"

"You confessed to being a super," the guard pointed out. "Now move; these men don't have all day."

"I don't have powers!" Gregory, panicking, backing into the corner behind the bunk. "Not now! They took the Wishstone from me! I don't have powers!"

Surrounded on Halloween

Copy of The Calendar.jpgSurrounded on Halloween
A Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

On a chilly Halloween night in Timber Grove, William makes a wish at a wishing well that comes true in a very unexpected way.

Author's Note:
This short story was posted on Halloween in 2014, but I'm posting it for the first time here on Big Closet Top Shelf. I really hope you enjoy it.

Masks VI: Part 6

Let's try this again. First time Text Edit kept messing with my editing and I lost a bunch of stuff which I had to recreate. Then, when I was just about ready to submit, Chrome closed this tab during the final editing online and wouldn't admit it had ever existed. I am not happy.

Part Six

"So, first, let's get some legal issues cleared up," said Blue Impact, scowling down at the fake. "Are you a legal resident of that estate?"

"Yes," said the shapely young woman, looking distraught and miserable as she lay on the rocky ground, wrapped in a makeshift Faraday cage.

Masks VI: Part 5

Part Five

"They can't just call this off!" yelled Stevens. "Not when we're actually winning!"

"That's politicians for you," said Basil, scowling. "More interested in public opinion than getting the job done."

He looked thoughtfully at Stevens for a moment.

"Looks like you get a reprieve. The big guys are too busy spin doctoring and covering up to worry about you and your mistakes for the moment."

Stevens glared at him, but kept quiet.

* * *

Masks VI: Part 4

Part Four

"They did WHAT?!" Randy shouted into the phone. "Why, those..."

"Please calm down," said Eve, firmly. "They're not in any danger and our attorneys are already working on the problem. I understand your concern, but do not go flying off to rescue them. They don't need rescuing."

Randy took a deep breath, and nodded.

"All right," he said, realizing Eve couldn't see him and was too far away to read him. "I'll stay out of it."

Masks VI: Part 2

Part Two

"Ow!" Blue Impact yelled, ducking back out of the way and shaking her hand like Jackie Chan. "What's that thing made of?!"

Her best punch hadn't even left a dent. Or slowed it. Or caused it to change course. Blue Impact had hoped to disable the thing before the two youngsters could engage, but that wasn't working.

"Monocrystalline molecularly aligned iron," said Gadgetive, busy assembling something. "Energia, can you lift it off the ground for me?"


Masks VI: Part 1

Masks VI


Rodford Edmiston

Part One: Holiday Break

The first and second sections of this tale are actually set before Part V. The third section starts shortly after.

The Leader of the huRK and his council of advisors were in a closed meeting, discussing a follow-up investigation of something discovered by one of the Fleet Leaders some months earlier.

"If that is, indeed, Tolnar's son and heir this presents us with a potential opportunity," said the Leader.

Masks IV: Part 3

Part 3

The event, not surprisingly, was cancelled. Or, rather, postponed, the new date to be determined later. That didn't mean anyone there could leave right away, of course, since they still had to give their statements to the police.

"I'd ask you to keep us advised," said Annie, sighing, after relating what she knew, "but after the poor showing we made I wouldn't blame you if you told us to keep out of this."

Masks IV: Part 1

Masks Series IV: My Summer Job


Rodford Edmiston

Part 1

Note that this story is much shorter than any of the previous ones.

Team Members

Blue Dagger: Former sidekick ("Partner!") of the Red Rapier.

Fantasy Child: Actually thirty, but looks around 17. Mental powers.

Gloria: Strong, fast, tough, flies.

Shadowsong: Team mystic, with some mild physical powers.

'Toon!: They're... not really sure...

Masks III: Part 13

Part Thirteen: Realignment

"Well, that was unsettling," said Maddy Singleton, as she and her peers filed out of the meeting room nearly two hours later. "Bad enough that these people seem to think they deserve special privileges over and above what is granted to the average citizen, some of them aren't even citizens! I never could stand the English royalty, with their elitist airs and their eccentricities. Green hair?!"

"Uh, he's not English royalty," said one of her aides. "He's..."

Masks III: Part 12

Part Twelve: Saving Face

"I can't believe you're going to work with the Young Guardians," said Rubber Made, pouting a bit. "Luckyyyyyy... Do you have any idea what a prestigious situation that is?"

"Of course I do," said Energia, rolling her eyes. "I..."

She stopped, mouth open, expression first annoyed, then alarmed. Without explanation she closed her mouth and hurried to open a window, through which she subsequently flew.

"Guess she got a message from Eve," said Moondance. "Or maybe Glomahr."

South of Bikini 4: Episode 1- The Game is Afoot

Welcome back! Season 4 finds the Empress a diplomat helping to negotiate peace for an entire planet, but can it guarantee the Homeworld’s survival this time around? Will Alex finds new friends and some new facets to her gift as she and her sisters try to limit the destruction from Clemson’s rewriting time to fit his own academically opinionated knowledge of historic events? Can they find a temporal sanctuary from which to survive the resulting changes and extinctions?

Masks III: Part 8

Part Eight: Turnabout Intruder

The group in the assembly hall was an uneasy one. Nearly everyone looked exhausted and anxious. As they stood at the podium Lady Carver seemed to have more grey in her hair and even Eve appeared older. The agitation of the students didn't help matters.

"We have a list of students and staff who are known to have been captured," said Eve. "Copies of this and the lists of those who are in the infirmary or simply missing are being passed around. If you have a correction tell Andrea after this assembly."

Masks III: Part 7

Part Seven: A Corruption of Arms

The attack on the school began right on schedule. The only change being that the long-range bombardment was not directed solely to the Pine installations and super bases on the island; about ten percent pulverized an innocent section of jungle north of the bunker. This to draw the attention of those on guard there.

Masks III: Part 6

Part Six: Still Mortal

"You can relax," said Dr. Whiskers. "It's not cancer."

"Whew!" said Template, sagging with relief.

"I suggest you cut down on caffeine," said the other-dimensional feline. "That's the primary causative factor in fibrous breast lumps like this. I'd also suggest you self-exam more often. Don't leave it up to Colossa to find them for you. This one was large enough you should have found it weeks ago."

Masks III: Part 5

Part Five: Children of the Times

Maldren didn't quite breeze through the flyers' obstacle course, but he definitely did very well. There was applause and whistles from some of the others present, including the non-flyers who just liked to watch.

"Very good," said Eagle, recording the boy's score. "You're the fastest today, and among the top fifty."

"Top fifty runs, or top fifty flyers at the school?" he said, a bit of tension there.

Masks III: Part 4

Part Four: Schemes and Consequences

"You're telling me," said the man, barely able to keep from screaming, "that two billion dollar air superiority fighters with two three-million dollar missiles each couldn't shoot down one flying man?!"

That last actually was screamed.

"Think about what you just said," the General replied, confidently. "'One flying man.' This is someone with inhuman powers. Something not human. We still almost got him. We learned from this, Senator. We'll do better next time."

Masks III: Part 3

Part Three: Commencement

"Almost ready," said Andrea, sighing in tired satisfaction as she ended the staff meeting. "Some students have yet to arrive, but all prospects have been contacted, the dorms and most of the other facilities are ready..."

"Don't jinx it," said Junker, warily.

* * *

Well out into interstellar space, more than a full light year from Sol, a small huRK scientific vessel came across an anomaly. A manufactured one.

Masks III: Part 2

Part Two: Wonders and Exploitations

"I'm glad you checked in," said Eve, after Template delivered her report on the vampire girl. "We've got the farrier arranged for Cheiron, so you don't have to ask Chestnut about arranging one."

One reason for the personal report was that Eve was having a pre-semester meeting with some of the staff that afternoon. That gave Template the opportunity to tell her news to several of them at once.

Masks III: Part 1

Masks Series III


Rodford Edmiston

Part One: Acquisitions

"This is so cool!" said Energia, giggling like someone much younger than thirteen. "This has got to be the best Christmas gift ever!"

"We're barely out of the atmosphere, yet," said Template, smiling inside her helmet.

These second generation super space suits were much slimmer, lighter, more comfortable and, of course, more capable than the prototype Template had worn before.

"Wow," said Energia, falling behind a bit. "This is so..."

"You all right?"

In Good Spirits

aTimber Grove Story.jpgIn Good Spirits
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

On Halloween night a young man meets a friendly spirit that gives him a chance to be the girl he has always dreamed about becoming.

Author's Note:
This is the ninth story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can follow without having read any other stories in the series. This is possibly my favorite story that I've written, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Story Themes:
Wish Fulfillment
Magical Transformation

Masks II: Part 12

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Twelve

"Broken wrist, several broken fingers, broken knuckle, burns, contusions..."

"In other words, the usual post-Energex assortment," said Template, sighing. "I'm just surprised I didn't notice the wrist and knuckle. I mean, I must have done all that the first time I hit Energex... and I never even felt it until after I got here!"

Masks II: Part 11

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Eleven

"I don't get it," said Andrea, leaning back and kicking her shoes off with a groan of relief. "I thought the feds were so happy to have some of these kids here they promised to look the other way."

Eve's staff briefings tended to be informal. Some of those attending this one were in swim suits.

"I think it's a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing," muttered Invicta.

Masks II: Part 10

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Ten

"Hi, Karen!" said Randy, as she opened the door to her apartment. "Whoah, you look down. What happened?"

"Solange finally got her lawsuit filed," said Karen, sighing. "Within three days there was a slander countersuit. The psychiatrist has had several good-selling books and his publisher is not only helping pay for his lawyers, but insisting that he fight back."

Masks II: Part 9

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Nine

"Oh!" said Colossa, as they traded places in the bathroom of her quarters at the Intrepids' base that evening. "Solange finally decided to sue her parents and that psychiatrist. The team's law firm has agreed to take the case."

"I don't know if that's good or bad," said Randy, with a sigh, putting toothpaste on his brush. "There are some situations where trying to get justice only hurts everyone involved."

Masks II: Part 8

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Eight

"Why am I here?" said Repli-Kate, at 13 one of the youngest students currently in the school. "I don't change my shape. I just make more of me."

"Most standard power classification systems group self-duplication powers in a subfolder in the same folder as the subfolder for shapeshifting in general," said Binary, who was currently female.

Masks II: Part 7

Masks II


Rodford Edmiston

Part Seven

"Didn't you ever wonder why Dr. Hartford still doesn't connect you with Template?" said Karen, as they were getting dressed the next morning. "I mean, he knows your powers, and 'Template' practically shoves his face in it."

"He's even the one who first used the term template in connection with my powers," said Randy, nodding. "Truth is, a lot of these super geniuses don't just overlook the obvious, they scornfully reject it. Because it is obvious. Too easy for them, I guess."


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