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The Fellowship

“Well, looks like we’re the first to arrive,” Stuart mused as he steered the car containing himself and his fiancée into the designated parking spot outside the studio where they’d be spending the rest of the day.

“If you think that means we can be the first to leave, forget it,” Jamie said with a smug grin. “Cheer up! I know you don’t like being on this side of the camera, but it IS only for one day, you won’t be wearing anything extravagant, and you yourself said this whole shoot was a great idea.”

Masks 12: Part 13

Part Thirteen

"I remember, now, Maldren telling me that the reason his mother sent him here was partly because they were worried about something like this happening," said Energia, as news of the events in the Shilmek Empire began to spread through the super community.

"You knew this might be coming?" said Blue Impact, irritated. "Why didn't you tell anyone!"

"Well, it was told to me in confidence," said Energia, uncomfortably. "Besides, it was all 'ifs' and 'maybes.'"

Masks 12: Part 12

Masks Twelve: Part Twelve


Rodford Edmiston

"Remember Timmy Thurlough?" said Blue Impact.

"Yeah," said Gadgetive.

"He's done the mask community a major service."

"What did he do? Get himself sterilized?"

"Uh, no," said Blue Impact, with a brief smirk. "He filed a lawsuit over being arrested for being a super during the Thurlin administration's pogrom. Unlike most of such suits, his was based on being mistaken for a super, rather than the pogrom itself being unconstitutional."

Masks 12: Part 11

Masks Twelve: Part Eleven


Rodford Edmiston

For an idea of the setting for the battle, see:

I picked City Hall instead of the Louisville Metro Hall because the former is much more scenic. :-)

Masks 12: Part 10

Masks 12: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"The good news is: we got reliable DNA results from the samples on the underwear those girls gave us," said Lori Savage. "The bad news is: it's from half a dozen different guys, some of whom could not have been the donors due to solid alibis."

"Great," said Template, sourly. "Some joker is on to us and playing us."

Ian, part 8

I try not to fidget as the middle-aged man sat in front of me finishes reviewing the information we provided. My clothes aren’t exactly comfortable- but under the circumstances, they could easily have been a lot LESS comfortable.

Masks 12: Part 9

Masks Twelve: Part Nine


Rodford Edmiston

The debriefing, back at police headquarters, was not a happy event. The DA was especially angry over the "miserable performance" of the trio. The complaints by Horton were largely ignored by the supers and the cops present; a point raised very early caused his ire to take a back seat.

"Do you have any idea how strong he'd have to be to burst out of that?!" said Gadgetive. "The tensile strength of even one strip of that thin aluminum sheet is..."

Masks 12: Part 8

Masks 12: Part 8


Rodford Edmiston

"Yeah, baby!" said Gadgetive, as she hovered unsteadily in the main room of the team's former bakery hideout. "See?"

She looked over to see a rather smug Energia hovering at the same height, hands on hips, as steady as a rock. Gadgetive scowled at her partner.

"Yeah, I bet when you started..."

Gadgetive let out a yelp as her moment of inattention caused her to drop and swerve towards a wall. She recovered, with some fulminous swearing in at least three languages.

Masks 12: Part 7

Masks 12: Part 7


Rodford Edmiston

"Sorry to interrupt your sleep but we have a small - or maybe not so small - crisis," said Sievers.

She looked tired. Well, they all did. Except for Howers. Brade had a sneaking suspicion he had a power which allowed him to go without sleep. Or maybe just always look rested.

Sievers made a brief announcement about the reason for the meeting, then turned to Brade.

"Before we have any discussion of this event, I want you to review the current situation regarding Constantine."

Jacinta, part 1

I took a deep breath as I marched into the living room where dad was watching TV. Defiantly, I stood between him and the television set, earning a confused stare from the middle-aged man.

"Something you want to tell me, Jason?" Dad asked as I dramatically placed my hands on my hips.

"Dad," I said in a loud, proud voice. "I- I'm gay." An eternity passed as dad's face remained neutral, before he simply nodded once.

"Okay," dad said. "Can I go back to watching my TV programme now?"

"Wh-what?" I asked. "Didn't you hear what I just said? I said I'm gay!"

Masks 12: Part 6

Masks 12: Part 6


Rodford Edmiston

"Well, well, well..." said Constantine, smiling as I entered the large, ornate audience chamber. "I wasn't sure I believed it. However, there you are, Lawrence."

He and I were the only ones present who were smiling. All the other members of his court were scowling. At me. My empathy told me things weren't as dire from them as they wanted me to think. However, it also told me that one of the most powerful beings who had ever lived wasn't as pleased to see me as he was pretending.

Masks 12: Part 5

Masks Twelve: Part Five


Rodford Edmiston

"Why iron?" groused Hazel, as she scrubbed at a patch of rust. "Why not stainless steel?"

"Hygiene troubles?" said Allessandra, as she watched the grey-toned girl sitting naked on a (fortunately very sturdy) bench in the locker room, worrying her left shin with a handful of steel wool.

Masks 12: Part 4

Masks 12: Part 4


Rodford edmiston

Paul watched the shapeshifter board his helicopter with a strange sense of loss. In spite of various unflattering comments he had heard about Lawrence, Paul had been very impressed with the man, and repeatedly amazed by casual reminders of just how old Lawrence was. Of course, Brade was even older, and looked even fitter.

Masks 12: Part 2

Part Two


Rodford Edmiston

"That cat is going to kill you," said Energia, that evening.

"Ah, I'm just playin' with him," said Gadgetive, as she shut off the laser pointer after using it to guide the former tomcat which had adopted the team into a box. She quickly moved in and closed the flaps, trapping the feline. "Besides, I'm the one who made the automatic feeder and waterer which keep him alive when we're on long missions."

"Kill you in your sleep," said Blue Impact, with a knowing nod, as she stepping in from the kitchen.

Masks 11: Part 27

Part Twenty-Seven

There was a bit of disturbance in the hallway outside the room. Brade went to the door to see Paul standing there, trying to get in.

"It's okay," she told the guards. "He's with the Assembly."

"Hello," said Paul, gently, looking around at the injured supers. "I'm glad to see so many of you still alive."

Masks 11: Part 26

Masks 11: Part Twenty-Six


Rodford Edmiston

The team's vehicle had been remodeled by a gadgeteer with suggestions from other, more experienced gadgeteers. Rotary and the others used the oil slick dispenser, the caltrop dispenser, the strobes, the smoke screen, the nitrous injection and several other measures. None of which did more than inconvenience their pursuers. Even when it seemed they had lost their pursuers, the vehicles somehow relocated them.

"Do they know what we have or are they just well prepared?" said Doro, wondering.

Masks 11: Part 25

Masks XI: Part Twenty-Five


Rodford Edmiston

Ray was at his job the next day when his cell rang again. He wasn't particularly busy at the moment so he checked, saw it was Rotary, sighed, and answered.

"Hotfoot and Buster are dead," said the leader of the Irregulars, without preamble. His voice was flat, exhausted.

"What happened?!"

Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day Chapter 2

As the five girls piled into the car along with two(!) full boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts, six cell phones began receiving texts. It didn't take long for Marti to read her's [she only got one!]. With a face palm, she said "I'm so dead!"

Masks 11: Part 23

Masks Eleven: Part Twenty-Three


Rodford Edmiston

Paul found himself on the vague, hazy plane - or perhaps state - he had encountered a few times before. He was standing naked on a flat, grey, featureless landscape which stretched to infinity in all directions. Just as he had when Atana spoke with him. The meeting room in the Sanctum was hazily visible, filled with frozen figures. However, the figure which he saw here, now, was definitely not Atana.

"Artemis?" he said, startled.

The Wardrobe

When Mark Walker accidentally discovers a door at the rear of his wardrobe, he finds an Edwardian scene frozen in time. But the four female mannequins are not just a display; Mark discovers they have an ulterior purpose - and a history.

Author's note: This story is different from my more conventional Big Busts stories, but I hope you will enjoy this Halloween special.




“Why do I have to have my hair plaited?” I grumpily asked for probably the twentieth time as I twisted my locks.

“You think I'm any happier, I look a right dork with these braids.”

Stephanie, part 12

“Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?” Becca, Adeola, Kayla and I sing into our microphones, trying our hardest not to grin as we’re almost drowned out by several thousand screaming fans. “Ooh, heaven is a place on Earth… They say in heaven, love comes first, we’ll make heaven a place on Earth, ooh, heaven is a place on Earth!”

Vindex Spei


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Vindex Spei

Erlan, one of the few remaining immortal leaders of the Hegemon, has abandoned his post. He’s departed into the Fringe and worked to to build up the lost and abandoned colonies into a power of their own, the Kormault League. This has drawn ire from secret factions within the Hegemon who have decided the League should be put down and taken back. Erlan and those he's gathered fight against the Hegemon to preserve their freedom. Some of these individuals will do anything for the cause. One will use their special power to do the unusual and unorthodox to win.

Masks 11: Part 13

Masks 11: Part Thirteen


Rodford Smith

The government issue helicopter landed near the two other aircraft. The clearing was getting a bit crowded; fortunately the pilot was very good. As the rotors slowed Brade stepped out. She definitely crouched well down to avoid the blades.

Masks 11: Part 12

Masks 11: Part Twelve


Rodford Edmiston

"Local sheriff's office has a deputy on the way," said Blue Impact, putting her cell back in its hidden pocket. "State Police are also responding but will be a while."

"The Assembly is sending some of their security people in a hopper," said Energia, likewise stowing her phone.

They turned to Gadgetive, who was still holding her cell phone to her left ear, looking perplexed.

"I'm not sure I've got the right number. I keep getting one of those automated call handling systems."

Masks 11: Part 11

Part Eleven

They took a security flitter to the Pioneers' reserve base, landing in the hangar where indicated by a staff member. A team security guard met them and escorted them to where the techs inside a circle of stand lights were working frantically on a very strange looking vehicle.

"That's one of the old Bluegar combat transports," said Blue Impact, alarmed. "You need special dispensation just to start the engines! Because they're nuclear!"

Masks 11: Part 10

Masks 11: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"So that's what was going on," said Template, once the Black Mask contacted her that evening. "I wondered why they were calling on me for help when there were others much closer."

"Classic 'spread confusion' tactic," said her former teammate, sounding almost admiring. "They had anyone they thought might be able to help either in the dark or diverted to other concerns. Though why they went to the trouble of diverting messages to inappropriate individuals and teams instead of simply deleting them baffles me."

Masks 11: Part 9

Masks 11: Part Nine


Rodford Edmiston

Doro very enthusiastically piled out the rear door, with Freep close behind her. Thunderer - physically a normal human - was taking longer to recover from Mr. Rotary's Wild Ride. Rotary tried to exit through the driver's door, but found it and the front passenger door blocked by shrubbery, so he had to also come out the back. Which meant he was trapped behind the slower-moving Thunderer. Fortunately, his dramatic entrance with the Van had given them plenty of time for a less-dramatic exit from it.

Masks 11: Part 7

Masks: Part Seven


Rodford Edmiston

"Okay," said Beat Red. "That's new. What the Hell was it?"

"An area-effect burst neutralizer," said Brade. "I bet there's one in every room in this building."

"Wait... Why aren't we affected?"

Brade angrily shushed him, then looked over at a super in a full-face prankster's mask and a costume of hideously clashing primary colors.

"Emp? Time to shut things down."

Masks 11: Part 6

Part Six

The only official function that evening was a soirée which started with supper and lasted through cocktails and a nightcap. Brade was surprised that all the invited guests had arrived in time for this. She was even more surprised to realize just how much real socializing was going on, late into the night. There was still much unease and even suspicion on all sides, but those in each faction were making an effort to give the other the benefit of the doubt.

Daughter of the Knight

Author's note: If you are a comic-book fan, you might recognize who is who in this little story

Daughter of the Knight

I am the child of two dangerous people.

My mother was trained by my grandfather in the arts of intimidation, control ... and death.

My father, on the other hand, uses darkness and fear as weapons, but what most people don’t understand is that his goal always has been to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

To be a modern-day knight.

The Fancy Dress Party

The Fancy Dress Party

If the bloody corset wasn't so damned tight, and if my feet weren't already aching from the ridiculously towering heels, and if the mass of tape criss-crossing my chest wasn't so damned itchy, and if the damned 'foundation garment' that was keeping my willy folded backwards between my legs wasn't so tightly uncomfortable, I might have laughed.

In a funny gaspy sort of voice, mostly because I couldn't take deep breaths, I did however manage to call out: “Shin, O. B. Shin – not chin.”

Masks 11: Part 4

Part Four

Ray landed on the roof of the old brownstone and went down the stairs. He could hear work going on below, complete with metallic clangs and bangs. As Ray passed the second floor landing he was relieved to see that the door had been secured and warning signs put up since he had pointed out the danger during his last visit. He wasn't glad for himself; he could fly. He could also, however, very easily imagine some unsuspecting guest - or Rotary - walking through that door into empty space.

Laura, part 15

"Aww..." Suriya coos, playfully leaning her head onto my shoulder. "SO pretty..."

"So GORGEOUS, more like!" Harriet giggles as she adjusts her tight black leotard. "Not that I'm interested, of course- I was talking about the tutu, not Priya!"

Masks 10: Part 17

Masks 10: Part 17


Rodford Edmiston

"You moron!" Dr. Herford yelled, throwing his arms wide and splattering salt water. "You and your stupid schedule!"

"You do not speak to me in such a way," said Helstrom, in a dangerous voice.

"Or what? You'll kill me? Look around; we're already minutes from drowning. You told me this base would be ready for anything by the time they found us!"

"They are here early," said Helstrom, almost petulantly. "We did not have enough missiles stockpiled, nor enough of your augments ready."

Masks 10: Part 14

Part Fourteen

Primary cleanup of the disaster took the rest of the day, and that was with help from several other supers, including the Assembly. There were more on the way, as well as firefighters and paramedics from neighboring communities. By early afternoon Energia found herself wishing more supers would get there soon; she was nearly at her limit.

"Hotfoot would sure be a big help with handling these fires," said Energia, who looked exhausted. "I'm about worn out."

"Sorry; he's in the infirmary," said Champion.

Masks 10: Part 13

Masks 10: Part 13


Rodford Edmiston

"I want him arrested!" Hotfoot yelled.

"Actually, you attacked him," said Buzz, smirking.

The heat manipulator was in the base infirmary, a significant percentage of his body in a cast.

"Look what he did to me!"

"In self defense."

Sharma stuck her head in the door.

"Buzz, stop teasing him."

Stephanie, part 11

“Is there any point in having a birthday party if the actual birthday girl herself isn’t going to be here?” Becca moans as she paces back and forth, nearly deafening everyone with the rustling of her petticoats underneath her knee-length pink dress.

“Oh, just give her time,” Adeola says. “She’ll get here eventually. It’s not her fault her family lives an hour and a half away and she’s their only child.”


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