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Mistress of the Wardrobe


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This tale is set in the 1870’s and is about a young man who was being groomed by his mother and aunt into becoming a bride to some young Lord in England, during the era of the sailing ships. He soon runs away, only to find himself persuaded into becoming the Mistress Of The Wardrobe, the Lucky Talisman of a merchant vessel.

A Rant pure and simple

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Life is stomping all over me this summer(with alpine spikes). Since the death of my Mom in the spring I have tried to set things right and move on with life. That has been delayed due to the pettiness of some Medicaid cretins. they determined in with their rules and procedures to only give Mom partial coverage so that the creditors were left with unpaid sums of money which they feel is due them, probably rightly so, but they have begun court proceedings to get the money from me.

Lost Soul II

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Christmas time seems to be the time of year when the truly Lonely people are even more then usually alone.

I know why that is but it doesn’t change the fact.

Most people who have intact families are drawn back to them and they seem to gravitate to heartwarming thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings of love and family, and yes this is a right and proper thing. It is so nice to hear of those really genuine feelings being expressed and shared, I even like it.

Lost Soul MOTW

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hey this entry really isn't about anything in particular.
Just had to get on and say that Real Life has really had an impact on me in the last few months. As so often is the case with people who post serial or continuing stories I have failed to keep my story MOTW going past the last entry. For that I do apologize...what I will not say I'm sorry for is the RL reason that it has taken me so long to get the next segment posted.

A great big Thank You to all of YOU

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I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG Thank You to all of you who have written to me offering support and kindness these past few days.
I had to put my beloved Mother in a nursing home this past Wednesday and it almost crushed me! She has lived in lower floor of my house for twenty years and I have taken care of her these last years because she was suffering from Dementia. A horrible disease that affects the mind to a great degree. There is no cure and and the prognosis is bleak for those afflicted with it.

letter from a lost soul

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This started out as a letter to anyone and no one — I’ve never had anyone I could write a letter like this to - but it turned into something else …I’m not sure what you would call it — an desperate cry — a plea for help — or just an aching heart yearning for love.

Letter from a Lost Soul

I know that you will probably not answer this letter back, but I had to tell you that I miss you and Love you. I had such a hard time accepting that you had gone. After I had spent so much of my life trying to find you, I’ve now lost you.

anyone know a way to add an Author to the Favorites list?


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I know there is a way to add a story to the Favorites list but what about an Author?

There are so many good ones here that it would be like an extra 'Kudo' to be on a list of Favorite Authors. I know mine would have many of you !

Well just a Thought.


Searching for a story


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I was sure that I had read a story here called "Jill's baby" and there were multiple parts. (I think there were three) I don't recall the authors name. It had not been completed yet. So I went looking to see if more chapters had been posted.
Much to my surprise I couldn't find any of them, let alone a Title page or any authors that may have written it.

Can anyone help here I'm pretty sure it was on BCTS that I read them. I also searched a few other sites but without any luck.

Let me know if anyone has a clue that I could use to trace this story.

Thank You!

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 9


Part 9

A shout from the stern rail brought my attention around. There balanced on the rail, arms outstretched was Blythe. The faint light of the quarterdeck shown on him fully revealing his red shirt and a knife in his hands. He shouted again “Mistress I did it for you !” and looked to the skies. Seeking forgiveness?

the Pucell Princess

The Pucell Princess
Forced destiny:

The bars of gold having been stacked neatly against the west wall of the natural cavern picked up and arranged in orderly rows and stacks for the wild dispersal that had occurred in the hectic days of transporting, as well as hectic hours of the fighting and killing, all the accumulated barrels, bags, chests, and boxes.

From the devastated wreckage of the once magnificent armed galleon, “Pucell Princess” all these items had been transported.

Mistress 9

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Hello Everyone !
I wish that I could have posted a new chapter today instead of this small update.

Real Life as usual has gotten in the way of something I would much rather do and that is edit and post more of this tale. I am working on the chapter 9 and it should be ready for you to read (and enjoy) soon.
Allyson is making headway in getting her devious mutiny plot going. (as one commenter put it). I'm not really happy with how that is being put down on paper so I may end up with something completely different, at this stage it is too early to tell.

Mistress posting

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Sorry for the delay in posting a new chapter but as always real life gets in the way.
I'm hoping to get the next chapter edited and posted this weekend, so for those of you who have waited patiently, your wait will soon be over.

Working 12 hours a days really is a drag and doesn't leave much time for anything else after caring for Mom and sleeping there's just an hour or so left so I'm behind.

Again I apologize for the delay

Love to you and yours


Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 7


Part 7

The blond dressed in deep burgundy spreading skirt and manteau. Her hair finely dressed and upswept to a tiara. Her earrings sparkling in the candle light, and a similar twinkle of reflected light from her tightly corseted bosom. Her companion wearing blue, a dazzling display of blue spreading skirt over a hooped undershirt with petticoats peeking out from just above the carpeted floor. Her blouse of the softest yellow chine de silk, buttoned tightly to her narrow swan like neck.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 6


Part 6

I tingled when we walked in arm in arm for he was still steadying me, I took in the room. I gasped and said a silent "Oh my" to myself, for it was so opulent in an Victorian Boudoir theme, so very feminine, and so elegantly tasteful, that it caused me to immediately to think of having crossed over that line, as I had done so recently. By putting me in this room, they were openly acknowledging and encouraging my feminine acting and existence. I realised they really ‘desired’ me to be the Best Mistress possible.

Mistress chapter posting

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I just get frustrated when I read a chapter or two of a story posted as a continuing serial, or novel posted in chapters I get interested in it,... and the author some times takes weeks or even months to get the next one posted.
Or in some extreme cases they don't continue it at all!

I know that is kind of critical of me to say, but don't tease me and then not follow through. That's very frustrating.

Mistress Picture

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The Picture that prompted all this writing and shipborne adventure is available to view full size here.


You may also enjoy seeing more of James Tissot's work there, he painted many more in the same vein of this work, he was rather prolific.

I've always been a fan of late 18th century dress and literature, so when I saw this for the first time in person. (Yes I stood infront of the actual painting, it's huge) It's actual title is "La Cheminee" 1869.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 5


Part 5

Looking down on parlour rooms where people talk, but all you hear is a distant murmur. People gathering around someone, a blond classical beauty. The dress perfect ~ bronze and coppery striped over-skirt tied at the waist with a blue and white satin ribbon belt. A bow of lace at the back hanging down. Head adorned by a black slouch bonnet, with a large white and black ribbon arrangement, her hair shining in long curls hanging down to her shoulders.

Ship's bell system

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I've realized that I have taken a liberty with what people know of the ships bell system of telling time. So I'm going to post this for those of you interested in seeing what time I'm really referring to in my story.

I'm hoping that it transfers well and is understandable.

the system I'm using is the Classical

*British usage after the Nore mutiny[1]
At midnight on New Year's Eve sixteen bells would be struck - eight bells for the old year and eight bells for the new.

My favorite forum

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I have to say that I really enjoyed reading the forum entries for this topic.

Liked "Only A Baby Machine" Any Suggestions


Many of the responses were very knowledgeable and heartfelt. And made a whole lot of sense. As well as reminding me of the quote..

De gustibus non est disputandum. Translation: "In matters of taste there is no dispute."

So take a few minutes to read this and become enlightened, it will make a difference in what you read and how you approach certain topics.

As always

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 4


Part 4

I began to notice how nice and smooth I felt all over even my pubic hair was gone. It had slimmed my arms and legs some as well. I seemed to be following his instructions without any hesitation; the FireQue was in full effect now I guessed. Not only was my skin soft and smoothly hairless but also paler and blemish free, I had become very pliable and docile…ooohh sssub...submissive. A GIRL !

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 3

Part 3

The mirror showed me a youth, with pale skin and slender frame. Damp dark blond hair piled on my head. A feminine hand reached up to touch my face, which showed me to be pretty, yes that was the word pretty. Funny I had never before considered myself to be pretty, it was always someone else telling me I was.

Mistress Theory

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I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying this little tale of mine. OK so it won't end up to be so little.

I'm just gratified that there seem to be so many readers. I didn't expect that many actual people reading this story. Partly because as someone said to me "Historical tales don't get that many readers on this site"

I'm hoping to post a new part every week, so that will give you an idea of when to check back for a new part.

mittfh has the right idea I just didn't know the scientific names for those terms, both physical and mental. I'm happy that someone did though.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 2

Part 2

I looked around the small cabin, but larger than the space I currently occupied, noticing that the bulkheads (walls) had been painted, a light beige - the hullside of the room had a small porthole covered with curtains and a firm ships bunk beneath it, this was covered with a red satin duvet.

Mistress of the Wardrobe

When I came on board the ship Acies Mentis, in Liverpool. I had one simple plan, desiring more than anything to finally to be out from under my mothers stern gaze and influence, I was to make myself a man. After being babied and pampered into the appearance of a proper young Lady, protected all my life in the atmosphere of my mother and auntie.

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