Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes

By Jessica C

My name is Max and I’m a pretty good computer programmer working for a larger company. I’ve been developing my own business for the past three years. When I’m not working, I love riding horses as I have since I was a kid.

The hall of fame for trotters is not that far from here where I grew up. Growing up as I did, I wanted to stand on my own. I did not get into trotting horses, instead, I loved riding horses in other ways like calf and livestock roping from horseback, and doing barrel races, jumping and racing over and around obstacles, as well as trail and off-trail riding.

Generally, I feel good about myself as I’ve adjusted over time to how others look at me. My body is pretty androgynous. I’m not comfortable with the label of a hermaphrodite as I try only to see myself as Max, a guy. Two weeks ago that started to change when Bobbi Freyja started taking notice of me and liking what she saw.

I had noticed her some two months before when she started to bring her horses out to this one stable to ride in the open country. I was not surprised that she did not notice me. We’ve become friends enough to say hello and comment about our horses or riding in general.

Most of my competition riding stopped my junior year of college and I’m now seven years past that. I enjoy being a very good rider and horse person I rely on finesse, being a good horse trainer, by getting close to the horses I train by technique and caring as opposed to strength and dominance.

By the time I was sixteen, I stopped winning many competitions that depended upon subjective judging. Winning second or third and getting a pat on the back or verbal accolades had to do though I tried for better. Supposedly I’m a well-respected male rider, just not the rugged, manly looking guy that some contest promoters wanted to see as their winner.

When Bobbi Freyja came to train horses and compete in our area as well as ride in rodeos; people stopped and took notice. From the back, especially on casual days, she was often mistaken for a lean cowboy. Straight on, especially from the front, she presented herself as a very attractive female rider. She was seen as a cowboys’ cowboy. More than once I saw her get in someone’s face if she wasn’t respected. She didn’t go for women being spoken down to.

We’re both about five foot seven and once John a friend of ours had trouble identifying us from behind. He joked that from behind I had nicer hips that is if I were a woman.


It was two weeks ago that we were both at the stable, I had just come back from riding my horse Sally some two miles over some trails and terrain through an undeveloped state park in central New York. I had tied my horse up to let her cool down. I had stopped early having other things I should be doing today and planned to get home soon.

Bobbi comes walking over and calls to me, “Hey Maxie,” I look up and turn to see what she wants. She walks up, pushes me back several times until I’m up against the stable. She takes off my riding hat and gently tosses it aside and props me up against the stable and gives me a big warm kiss.

It was nice, really nice, and if it had been the other way around I would have thought it was great. If I had done it to Bobbi, she probably would have pushed me back and been offended, seeing it as sexist.

She pulled back from the kiss and embrace saying, “Nice that was as good, even better than I had hoped. Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” She looked down toward my waist, “I guess you probably did.”

While it was not totally obvious, I was turned on and loved the kiss and I told her. “Bobbi, other than being surprised I like it very much.”

Without much more than a pause for air, Bobbi said, “Would you be up for riding out today? I’ve been working up the nerve to ask you to ride with me, what do you say?”

“I was just on a short ride. I know Sally wouldn’t mind but I had been planning to get some stuff done today.” Bobbi is glowing a little, while also keeping her composure.

She says, “That would be good. If you could use some help at your place, maybe I could help there after our ride.” Bobbi walks over with me to my horse, “She’s a good looking horse and I’ve seen you work her. She is a very well trained horse, she has spirit.” I noticed that Bobbi has Shocker out to ride. Shocker is also a very nice horse, but it is her second best horse. I can only guess that she has Shocker out because he’s only about half a hand taller where Dark Knight is larger yet.

“I love Shocker’s chestnut coloring. I bet it’s a great riding horse for barrel and any western riding completion?”

Bobbi agrees, “He has an edge there over Dark Knight there, I like how he handles in tight turns and his footwork. Let me go get him saddled up and I’ll be right back.” I quickly changed my horse blanket on Sally, put the saddle back on and ride her over to Bobbi.

When we got into the state park and onto a trail that would soon branch off Bobbi takes the lead and I like the trail she chose when they branch off. Depending on how we choose to go there’s a good number of open fields and spaces to run along with two wide paths. It goes among the trees, up some good climbs with spectacular views. She moved over where we can ride together side by side. Bobbi is talking more than I usually heard her. I'm even more surprised as she talks a lot about women’s riding wear from colorful tops and riding jeans to longer skirts which I guess she wore for shows and presentations. That my opinion seems to matter with her I am appreciative.

We approach a ridge where there is a beautiful vista, I ask, “Hey would you mind taking the time to see this beautiful view at the pinnacle of the ridge?” When Bobbi Freyja joyfully says yes, I lead the way with my horse. We meander through shrubs, small trees and tall grasses on an unmarked path that I and the horse instinctively know. Once there we first enjoy the panoramic view on horseback. Then we dismount and with reins in hand walk to the edge of a drop-off and take in a different view of its own beauty.

Bobbi has a blanket roll that she's loosened from her saddle and spread out on the ground and invites me to relax and enjoy the scenery together. She says, “Hey, I’ve seen a picture of you earlier from before you started wearing the loose fitting bulky clothes you wear now. You know you’re a cute, good-looking guy.”

“You know,” I say, “‘cute’ is not a descriptive word a guy likes to hear about himself.”

Without apology, she says, “You’re better than that. You probably don’t know how neat and pretty you are.”

I chuckle, “I’m not sure what you mean by that. Then again that’s why I like riding out into the country and seeing great views like this. One can just look and take it in for whatever one sees and enjoys.”

Bobbi pushes me back, “I hope you don’t mind my being a little forward.” She moves to kiss me again and I’m smelling the light fragrance of wildflowers and a woman. Her breath is fresh, first like a cool breeze, then it turns warm and passionate. She is partly on top of me. She pulls back while continuing to push me down. She’s unbuttoning my shirt only to find I’m dressed in layers. Finally, she forces her hands under my clothing saying, “There you are.”

She is kissing me again and I can tell she likes the guy she is holding. It feels good, but wrong for my male ego. I'm not used to these beautiful feelings that are washing over me. Finally, I’m just hugging her and getting lost in a long kiss and then in her eyes and her smile. Bobbie’s hair encases my face as she moves down to kiss me again. This time she is not kissing me but lightly biting my lower lip and then she moves down to nibble on my ear and French kiss it.

“Bobbie you’re driving me crazy, I hardly know…”

“Stay down and enjoy it. If you haven’t figured it out, I’ve been thinking about you.” As she is moving back and forth from kissing my right earlobe to my neck, her hand under my clothes has found the nipple of my left breast. She slowly arouses the nipple and is sending growing sensations shooting through my body as well as to my brain. Thankfully she relaxes and we just lay together for a while.


It takes the naying of the horses to bring us to the attention of the world around us. We get back on our horses and ride on. We come to a stream that meanders down the mountain and we come to an area where it pools into a small pond nicely away from any trail. Again Bobbie dismounts her horse and goes over to the pool of water. “Aya Long told me you grew up as close friends and as teenagers, you and she discovered this pool and had some fun here. Do you remember Aya and the fun you had here?”

I'm is blushing remembering what we did there. I had lost track of Aya when she went away to college and later got a job hundreds of miles away. She had married away from here sometime after her parents died. I was invited to the wedding, even to be part of it but it had not worked out to go because of my job. After that, I had lost track of her.

I'm now wondering how Aya and Bobbie know each other and how much Bobbie knows of me through her.

“You need to know she did not tell me about your female side. I'm the one who brought it up to her. I help train her horses now and sometimes we get to ride together here on Sunday or an odd Monday that she takes off.” Bobbie pauses, “She says you use to keep yourself nice and trim but went back to wearing loose and bulky clothes after you started to mature.”

Bobbi says, “I am sorry if I’ve been forward today in my feelings for you. They’ve been kind of bottled up, I liked you from early on. Um, more exactly I felt attracted to you and when I saw earlier pictures and realized you’re androgynous it became even stronger.”

Max, “You’ve become more attracted to me because I’m androgynous that’s a switch. It’s usually been quite different.” Usually when people see me as being androgynous that is when the attraction ends.

Bobbie says, “Times have changed since you went back to hiding yourself. I don’t mean to be flippant or insensitive; I don’t know what it feels like being you. But yes, I am even more attracted to you. I’m interested in knowing you fully. You might think I’m weird for that and wonder about me. You’ve seen me around, so you know I don’t express my emotions and passion much outside of horses and rodeo gigs.”

We sit down by the pool of water and we talk. I learn Aya lives south of the state park and the stable, closer to Bobbie. Aya knows I don’t live with my folks, but she didn’t know I am still in the area. She hasn’t searched me out because her husband is kind of jealous of me because of our past friendship. As much as anything Bobbi and I talk about horses, Bobbie and only a little about Aya.

Bobbie didn’t mention it but I realize by the way she looked at me; she’d be happy if I dressed differently. It is warm enough that I walk a ways off and take off my bulky pullover but put my shirt back on.

One might wonder why I didn’t just take more things off there, but I’m a bit sensitive as I wear a sports bra when I go riding as I do have breasts. I’m not comfortable with Bobbie seeing that. Bobbie giggles as I came back, “You know I felt your sports bra and your girls under there when I got passionate with you.”

I now become embarrassed even more. “And you’re alright with that,” I ask?

She giggles again, “I thought I made it quite obvious how I thought about you. Come here please and I will put an exclamation point on my display of affection for you. I am quite uncomfortable usually being this passionate, but for you, I make an exception.”


I keep a comfortable distance, offering my hand only to help her get up, to begin riding back. It has been a beautiful time. Bobbie is pressing after we ride back, for her to come to see where I live and help with a chore or two before she heads south to her place. “Please, and I’ll come just as a friend. I want to take time to know you first as a friend.”

Now it’s me giggling, “Yes, I could tell that. I need to feed both of my horses and clean their bedding areas. If you want to help with that I won’t turn away another pair of hands.” It takes a good twenty minutes to a half hour to get from the stable there up to my place, longer with someone following me and both of us have trailers.

I too enjoy the time of just being friends and having someone to help with chores. Bobbie takes interest in learning of my running my own company part-time, as well as my regular job in Newberry. She tells me of her need to expand her business and to take it to the next level with more marketing, keeping track of the horses and clients she works with. “If we could work out a deal of me being one of your clients would you be able to go out full-time on your own,” she asks?

I take her into my house and office to show her my set-up and the different type of work I do and could do if I have the time.

She says, “You do know there are many in the rodeo, horse and the larger related industry who could benefit from your services?”

I say, “I’m good at what I do and promoting others, but I’m not much of a salesperson in promoting myself. It would probably take too long of a time to get established.”

Bobbie says, “That is where having an outgoing friend and client like me would make a big difference.”


I'm thinking, 'My employer is about to change their systems computer operations and communications. I would not mind missing that especially as I’m one of the junior workers.' “Bobbie, I’d have to put a pencil to things and make sure it would work. The worst part would be how reliable you are continuing to be someone I can do business with. Doing business with friends can be hard on relationships and harder on doing business.”

Bobbie says, “It would more likely change if you didn’t deliver on the services, I suspect. Or maybe you need to check on me and see if I am a good risk and have a good history in paying obligations.” She says, “It would be good if we take enough time to do it appropriately and have third parties check figures for each of us.”

I say, “I’m interested and I have two weeks of vacation time that I need to use or lose. If you are serious, I’d like to try to work out an agreement with you. I also have to work out the figures and steps I need to take to go full-time and incorporate my business.”

Bobbie Freyja gives me a hug and invites me out to dinner on Monday evening, a working dinner meeting.


Sunday, I receive a call from Aya, she had been Aya Kleinhorst when we were growing up. She had dark black hair and the looks of her Egyptian mother, and her dad’s name. “I’ve been wanting to call Max and find out how you are. A mutual friend Joanna Freyja told me she had met you and shared your phone number with me. I hope that is alright. I would like to meet with you again, but my husband Jeremiah has been a bit jealous of you for years. Between my mentioning of you and several of our old friends. He is smart, rugged and handsome and I’m very much in love with him, but our past friendship intimidates him.

Max says, “Doesn’t he know, we were never romantically involved that we thought being best friends was better?” I finally said, “To change the subject, how are you doing?”

Aya says, “Jerry and I are doing well. We are doing well. We have a son Connor, four and Elena turned two last week. I’m a search and rescue paramedic. I’m scheduled Wednesday through Sunday at sunrise. Bobbie is our backup if I get called out or caught up in a search or rescue. ...I need to thank you for teaching me how to ride horses and about the outdoors.”

Aya changes the subject. “Joanna tells me you’re still wearing layers of clothes to hide. It sounds like you’ve found someone who likes you as you are. I bet that scares you. She tells me despite the outward appearance you’re actually trim and in good shape.”

I say, “Sounds like she couldn’t wait to tell you about me.”

Aya says, “Quite the opposite, I called her last night and pried it out of her. She's afraid you’ll think she spilled the beans. I could have described how you were dressed down to your like for blue as well as being shy and self-deprecating. I told her, you’ve been like that since you went back into your shell. She wants to call you Maxie, but she did not get that from me. I hope you believe that. I am still one of your best friends even if it is from a distance.”

The phone conversation ended quickly when she is interrupted by her children. I hear her son in the background say, “I thought Max was your invisible friend like my ‘Billy’.”


I wore a sports coat to my dinner with Bobbi Monday evening; I notice walking by a mirror in the restaurant I looked a little like a woman in a blazer and blouse. My long hair is fashioned like a guy, but that didn’t stop people taking a second look as I went to the men’s restroom.

Bobbie hesitates in asking, but finally does? “Did you dress that way to please me? It really shows the breadth of who you are.”

She’s surprised when I say, “No, I had left off somethings. It wasn’t until I passed a long mirror and then went to the men’s restroom that I noticed how I might appear to others. I apologize if it embarrasses you.”

She says, “I’m not embarrassed and I wish you weren’t. If you take off your jacket, I think only a few women would notice. I understand the professional look. I like that you’re an attractive man as well.”

I watch what I eat as it is easy to put on a few soft pounds around my mid-section and rear.

I am impressed with how developed Bobbie’s plans are, but notice that her first name is Joanna and I ask her about it. “My name is officially Johanna Roberta Freyja; German folklore has me as a young goddess both a warrior and beautiful, though I’m neither.”

I say, “Now who’s putting their self down?”

She says, “I like going by Bobbie for rodeo and riding purposes and as an American, and Joanna for business purposes.”

I joke, “So you shy away from being seen as a young goddess of German or Norwegian descent? Your change of appearance is dramatic enough to suggest you have mystical powers.”

Bobbie smiles, “No, I’d wouldn’t be bothered if someone wondered. If it is how someone recognizes me, I’m happier for it. The Freyja can be cunning warriors as well as beautifully luring beings.”

She has a presence that makes accepting the folklore that much more inviting. I am sure it is the lighting of the supper club, as her eyes sparkle like there’s a light coming from them.

We work at our table for the better part of an hour, no it was more. We moved to the lounge, continued to talk business as well as to get to know each other. Bobbi finally asks me to dance with her and we shared several dances. The last dance was a bit embarrassing as she became the lead dancer. Somehow I found myself intoxicated with her presence.


Tuesday and Wednesday are spent by me at her farm, checking her horses, the farm and the business records. I check her financial records. Most of all I am taken with how she treats her animals and those of her clients. For a horse person, there is a lot to be said that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. Bobbi seems to be the same whether I or others are watching or not. She has three part-time workers two that are capable and wanting to be full-time.

Bobbie is said to have a disciplined regiment of keeping herself in shape as well as working hard in the business. Much of the week is not filled with being around each other. We both had a lot to do. She is doing her regular work as well as working to change things over. Wednesday I did ride Buster around her farm and several times we meet and ride together a short distance on our horses. It is not until Thursday even that we take time for ourselves and rode off her farm cutting through a wooded area to another place several miles away. Bobbie says it would have been ten miles if we had to use the roads and drive there because of the mountains.

I am not sure what we were doing until we ride onto someone’s property and she calls the man, “Jerry”. She then introduces him as Jerry Long and his boy as Connor. I soon recognize the woman coming around the house with her daughter as being Aya. It is such a joy to see her again. She has matured and if anything is more attractive than before. The one noticeable change is her hips and breast from having two children.

I can feel Jerry’s eyes size me and then he relaxes as if discounting his competition. I had put in a long day and wearing a sports bra, my upper body has tell-tale feminine signs. The biggest step that evening is not Jerry accepting me, but it is getting to see Aya again and appearing relaxed as I do.


I don’t hug Aya worried that her husband would get jealous; it is Aya who hugs me while holding her daughter on her hip. I help carry refreshments out to the dining room table. Aya had set out to be a doctor until she met Jerry. She became a paramedic and worked to help put Jerry through med-school. Aya has blossomed from the cute and intelligent young woman I knew to become a more outgoing and confident woman who likes taking control and making decisions.

She’s the woman, person, I’d like to be like. She used the tip of her finger to touch my chest area. When I look down, she quickly lifts her hand to touch and honk my nose. “I thought you were hiding those?” Aya has picked up where we had left off. She would always say whatever she wanted and would cause me to think. “Bobbi has to whet your appetite for more than just business. She’s a really good person, I hope it works out for you.”

I said, “Slow down if anything happens it will have to take time. I’m still pragmatic about business, friendship and if it goes further we’ll see in time.”

Aya smiles, “You’ve opened up and that is a big step, and you and I are friends again that’s enough for now. She hands me her daughter asking me to hold her as she organizes a tray. Elena is comfortable with me and I'm showing Elena attention as I visit with her mother. I did not realize what Elena is doing until her mother says, “Elena don’t touch like that.”

Aya, “She doesn’t usually warm up to men, but I can see why she’s made an exception. She’s a very sensitive girl, I think she knows you’re her mommy’s friend. ...Does Bobbie know you had crushes on female movie and singing stars? That you wanted me to call you Penny after Penelope Cruz or Britt after Brittany Spears?”

I say, “No and I hope you’re not going to tell her. I think she’d be more apt to want me to dress more like a girl sometimes. If she thinks I’d enjoy it.”

Aya had just picked up the tray to carry it into the dining area, “And you couldn’t honestly say, you wouldn’t like too.”

I say, “You know darn well I wouldn’t.”

Aya says, “You probably wouldn’t for anybody but the right person. But unless you’ve changed, I think you’d like to do it.” We become quiet as we go through the door.

I sit across from Aya and next to Joanna as they usually called her. Jerry asks Max, “So are you going to be in our area more working with Joanna. It sounds like you might be able to help her dreams come alive.”

Max says, “It looks like we both have dreams that could come true with the help of the other. I guess helping to implement the plan I’d be down here a fair amount the first year or two.”


Jerry asks, “Has she talked you into riding with her on some of her rodeo gigs?” Panic hits the faces of Aya and Joanna, as I have no idea what is being talked about. Jerry quickly tries to backtrack, “I’m sorry I probably overheard something wrong and shouldn’t have said it anyway.”

I look to Bobbie and I can’t tell if she’s upset or getting sick. I ask, “What was he referring to?”

Aya says, “Now you need to tell him. I’m sorry Jerry spoke like that, but it’s out and…”

Bobbie's near tears as she says, “But he won’t understand and everything will fall apart.”

Bobbie takes my hand and asks me to sit. “If this ever would have happened it was to be sometime in the future, you need to believe me. But I hoped to talk you into riding like a cowgirl with me and we develop an act of us riding flags in to begin a lot of the rodeo shows and other things to display horsemanship.”

I am so embarrassed to think she wanted my help as a businessman. Yes, she wants to grow her business, but I guess I’m to become one of the frills.” I am quickly up, out the door and on a horse riding off Aya’s property. I’m in enough of a gallop that neither Aya nor Bobbie should be catching up to me. I slow up enough not to strain the horse as it takes time to get back to Bobbie’s ranch. I take off the saddle and brush and towel down my horse enough she won’t get sick on the return to my farm.


Today was one of those travel times home that it took longer to get home. I was upset as someone was there, though I don’t recognize the beautiful pick-up. I’m putting my horse away in her stable and put some hay and grain in her feeding trough. There’s a knock and I look up to see Aya.

She says “I’m sorry I didn’t know Jerry had heard us talking sometime back. You might not believe me, but you do need to hear me out. No one, save jealous Jerry was out to hurt you. He will pay dearly for that.”

Aya says, “Do you want to talk here or can we go to your house and sit down and talk?”

I say, “There’s nothing to talk about, I’ve been made a fool. She’s been playing me along. I’ve made plans to open my own business and now I discover it is a big joke. You might as well get in your fancy truck and get out of here. I had hoped I would see you but my old friend wouldn’t have been mean, like this. What did I do to deserve this?”

It's obvious that Aya's hurt. ‘I guess she didn’t expect things to backfire.’ “So why are you all teary-eyed Aya?”

She softly says, having trouble speaking, “I was just getting you back as my friend, I hoped, my best friend. Now I’ll just be satisfied you know the truth and that maybe I can limit your hurt.”

Max says, “What did you think would happen to manipulate me for some dumb end like that?”

Aya says, “That wasn’t the goal; Jerry overheard part of a conversation. It was much different from what he said. Yes, Joanna is attracted to you and your androgynous side. She’s the kind of person I always dreamed and hoped would come into your life. But it is not to parade you around. She knows you have a mind for business; she’s been hoping for that too. There is no shame in a friend wanting to encourage the androgynous side that you’ve pushed so far down. She is not one of the high school guys that tormented you.”

Max kind of laughs, “So you’re expecting me to believe that she’s in love with my girl side along with being interested in me?”

“Yes, she sees what she calls Maxie as being you. She thinks Max and Maxie are the same people, but as I knew, she sees Maxie’s not as inhibited as much as Max.”

Aya says, “When I saw you look at Bobbie, you like her a lot more than you’re willing to show. Or was I wrong?” …Max didn’t say anything, and Aya sees through him. “I thought I was right and you fell in love with her, as she did with you.”

Max says, “She sent you after I didn’t she? Well, you shouldn’t have come. You two hurt me; trying to salvage my job and pick up the pieces will set me back quite a bit. You didn’t factor that in, did you?"

Aya begins crying again and moves gently forward hitting Max ever so softly. Hammering me gently in frustration. “That is that little boy who’s afraid to believe. I use to be able to reach you and we had so many wonderful times together. This is not a trick, if you’d look into my eyes you’d know that and how happy I had become for you.”

Something clicked inside and I looked at her. Maxie came forward and the emotional front I had cemented back in place is falling away. Maxie hugs Aya as her body is responding too. Aya felt the warm heat come to Maxie’s breasts. She's now holding Maxie next to her, letting Maxie cry.


Finally, Aya pulls herself back, “Do you still have a peasant blouse and a nice skirt? You need to change into it and we can go visit with your Bobbie.”

Max tries to stiffen up and set his feet again, “No, I can’t do that! Maybe some time.”

One of Aya’s hands is holding Max’s and gently taping her shoulder, “You know very well if you don’t go now you’re likely never going to get around to it.” She says, “This isn’t just to make her happy, this is mostly for you.”

Max sniffles; it has been a long time since Aya has heard this sniffle before, it’s Maxie’s. Max gets up and walks into his bedroom. “Let me get started, but if you’d like to come in and talk while I get ready you can.”

She listens as the showers being used and waits another fifteen minutes before knocking. “Are you decent, so I can safely come in?” She hears a faint voice but didn’t understand what is said. She did, however, recognize Maxine’s voice. She knocks again and starts into the room.

I say, “Could you please call me Marci or help me to decide a more suitable name?”

Aya came in as Marci's pulling her blouse down from over her head. Aya laughs, she's used to Max wearing bulky clothes to cover any sign of his feminine side. The peasant blouse and skirt were loose, but they accent her female identity in the most pleasant ways. Marci is a nicely endowed young woman. She's pulling on a pair of riding boots over her knee-high socks. She hadn’t noticed before but Marci’s feet are smaller and thinner than most men’s feet.

They soon are out to the barn to check the horses’ water.

Aya suggests Marci ride with her to Joanna’s and without thinking things through Marci does.

Not pulling a horse trailer, time went fast as they talk and are soon there. Joanna seeing Aya’s truck came running out; seemingly she's been crying. Joanna looks in puzzlement as a second woman gets out of the truck. It takes time before she recognizes “Maxie!”

She wants to give Maxie a big hug and kiss, but she pauses. Her head goes down, “I am so sorry, can you ever forgive me?”

Aya leans toward Joanna and whispers, “She would like to be called Marci.” Marci says, “I should have asked my mother what she would have named me as a girl?”

Joanna says, “I think Marci is beautiful. I think it fits you beautifully.”

Marci takes a step closer to Joanna, “I’m sorry I doubted you. I would love to see me through your eyes. Aya can tell you I have trouble being me.” Marci feels something stir her inside as she is becoming very warm. She embraces Joanna and gives her a gentle kiss that grows full of passion. Marci would regularly be embarrassed if her breasts became hot, not this time.

Finally, the kiss is over and Joanna has Marci turn around in her arms as she begins to talk to Aya. “We don’t know how to thank you enough. I don’t know what you said to Marci, but I’m indebted to you. I’m sure we have a ways to go, but I was afraid everything was over. I could have lost the ranch and it wouldn’t have hurt as much as losing her felt for the past two hours.”

Marci lifts Joanna’s hand to her lips and gives it a kiss. Aya speaks up, “I think I should be getting home.”

Joanna says, “I think we’d like you to stay to share a glass of wine and to let us talk.” Marci nods her head and whispers, “Please.”

As they walk to the house, Aya receives a phone call. She answers and it’s her husband Jerry. “I am over at Joanna’s. I’d appreciate you handling things there and giving me time to visit here. …I know you're not used to that. I’m a bit upset with you and it will probably be better if I don’t rush home. …No, I still love you, but I don’t like how you acted. Yes, they’re both here. Now relax and I’ll be home a little later.”


The next hour is reminiscing between Aya and Marci and the three enjoying each other. The wine and cheese help them to relax. Asked what Marci likes best about the evening, she says, “The fact that the person I have come to admire and my best friend get along.”

Joanna had washed enough to lose the fragrance of being sweaty and around the horse. Aya makes mention how Marci is comfortable with being in Joanna’s arms. Joanna nibbles on Marci’s earlobe, asking, has this usually been hard on you?”

Marci blushes, “Max usually can’t allow himself to relax and enjoy being me. Yes, tonight is very unusual and very special. I think I owe it all to Aya.” Tears fill Marci’s eyes as she tries to express her thankfulness. The words won’t come as emotions get the better of her. Previously she would recover by becoming Max and getting distant again, but not tonight.

Finally, the conversation winds down and Aya stands to say goodnight. Marci and Joanna both hug her and walk her out to her truck.

Marci calls her neighbor Scott to make sure he would take care of the horses in the morning. Scott knew Max had a feminine side, but it is the first time he has received a phone call from her.

Hand in hand she walks back into the house with Joanna. Once in the house, Marci reaches behind her back and unsnaps her bra. Soon she has freed her bra to be pulled out from under her blouse. The top three buttons of the peasant blouse are undone.

Marci several times has to fight her own resistance to Joanna arousing her. Joanna gives a pleasure filled moan as she is seeking to bring Marci to a full orgasm. Marci feels her emotions and joy rollover her like waves, each holds more joy than the wave before. “Oh, oh, ooohh Joanna.” Joanna does not stop and Marci just tries to love her back as best she can.

It is five thirty when Marci wakes up and they’re in Joanna’s bed. She does not remember going to sleep or when they stopped making love. She uses the toilet and is soon back to the bed. Finally, Joanna holds up the sheets inviting Marci back beside her. The next half hour is not hot passionate love, it is a beautiful time of being in each other’s arms. Warm gentle kisses caress each other in so many places. Expressing their love engulfs them until they fall asleep again.

It is passed nine thirty in the morning when Marci wakes up and Joanna is in a chair nearby sipping a cup of coffee watching Marci. Seemingly, Joanna has taken care of chores. Marci sits up, smiles and says I could get used to this.

Joanna moves over to the bed and asks, “Are you fully awake?” When Marci acknowledges she is, Joanna takes hold of her hand. “Will you marry me and wake up next to me every day of our lives?”

The End

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