Alexa B-Side: #16 - The Magic Kingdom

Alexa B-Side: #16 - The Magic Kingdom

As we walked through the tunnel and on to the Town Square it was so fun to watch the look on Alexa’s face as she took in the Magic Kingdom. I knew this what she truly needed, what both of us needed. After the last few months of turmoil in both of our lives the chance to unwind and just be kids was the best thing we could do. Alexa was like the little kids who were all around us, excited to see all the characters. While I had seen large smiles on Lex’s face in the past, this one was bigger than any I had seen. But what got to me was the pure joy she had. I started to get a little choked up. When we posed for a picture with Minnie Mouse I felt happy that I could do this for her. As we stood there I could see a little tear come from her eye, and it nearly broke my heart. When we were finished, I took her in my arms and gave her a kiss before leading her up Main Street to begin our adventure.

We rode on a few rides, one being Pirates of the Caribbean. Now I had been here once when I was like 10, but I don’t remember much of it. And I didn’t remember that there was a chance that I could get wet. When the boat took the little drop, and splashed the two of us, I gave out a little scream. I was not wild about getting wet. Lex looked over at me. ‘Sorry about that babe. I forgot we could wet.” I didn’t buy her explanation at all. And pretty much told her so. I accused her of doing this on purposes, but all with a laugh. She just gave me a kiss. “Maybe I did.” She said cryptically.

I will admit I do not have the same intense love of Disney World as my partner. I think she would come here once a month if she could, but I did enjoy it. Of all the rides, I was most excited to go on ‘It’s a Small World”. I always remember going on it with Abby the one time we came here. She was so excited. She loved the little children dolls singing and dancing away. Her favorites were the little French dolls doing the can-can. I remember a few days later Abby lifting her dress and attempting to do it. Our mother did not think it was proper thing for a young lady to do that and I remember Abby being crushed by it. I recall taking her into my room when we got home and giving her a dress that she could do it with. She was so happy to do it, even though every few minutes she would stop and look to see if our mother was around.

The one bad thing I thought when we entered the line for the ride was that there were lots of little kids all wound up. While I love kids, this many all jacked up might drive me up a wall. But as we stood there waiting, I thought the kids were all so cute. Alexa and I would point and giggle about many of them. There was a little girl who was right in front of us that was really cute. She had blonde hair and pretty green eyes and was all decked out in matching Tinkerbell shirt and shorts. She had a smile the was heartbreaking and was just so precious! Lex and I loved talking with her. She kept telling us all about what she had already done on her family vacation. “We went to Howiewood yesterday and gut to see Wightning MahQueen and Staw Wars and the Muppwets. It was weally fun”. She was just so darn cute! When she looked up and said that Lex and I were pretty my heart melted. I couldn’t help it and bent down and asked her name and she told me “Abby” I almost lost it. As I looked at her I had flashbacks of standing in this very line with ‘my’ Abby. I did hold it together, but I could feel Lex grab my hand. I looked up and gave Lex an acknowledgment before turning back to the Abby. When I told her I had a sister named Abby, she just giggled. I stood up as she and her mother moved along in the line. I gave Alexa a hug and whispered a quick thank you to her for being concerned. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and the two of us moved on, but I couldn’t stop staring at little Abby. I think that was the first time I ever thought about having children of my own. It was also then I realized there was only one person I wanted to have that child with. I gave that person another kiss on the cheek.

The rest of the day was just spent with the two of us roaming around the Magic Kingdom and just enjoying each other and people watching. As many laughs as the two of us had shared, I had never laughed as much as we did that day. It was great and it was then I realized that Alexa wasn’t only my lover, but my best friend. To think that just six months ago we were two friends that just hung out together really hit me. The love the two of us now shared was something I never expected but now could never live without. As we ducked down a little path next to Cinderella’s castle, I noticed a secluded spot. I pulled my partner over and laid a long kiss on her. When we broke, we just smiled at each other. No words were exchanged, no questions asked as to why. We just looked at each other deeply and as weird as it may sound, I felt our love grow even deeper.

We finally made it back to Fantasyland in the afternoon and took in all those rides. It was so cute to see Lex pout as she realized that ‘Snow White’s Adventure” was gone, but we did go on ‘The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.’ I have never been a big fan of roller coasters, but Alexa wouldn’t leave me alone. “Please Jen! I want to go but I don’t want to go alone.” She pleaded with me, and if it had been anyone else, I probably would have said no, but not my Lex. The sweet look in her eyes melted my heart and I relented and I will admit I had fun.

After that we went over to the Tomorrowland Speedway where once again we were stuck waiting in line. This time around, it wasn’t any little kids, but two teenage boys that we had to deal with. They looked to be fourteen and were just far enough ahead of us we would occasionally be standing right next to them as wound our way through the queue. It was funny watching them check us out and try and act so manly like they had a chance. Alexa leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I wish Danny was here to take care of these two losers checking out my girlfriend.” I giggle, but then tell Alexa the truth.

‘They’re not just checking me out babe. They’re checking you out too, you big tease.” Lex’s face instantly goes ashen. I whisper in here ear again. “Get used to it babe. You’re a beautiful sexy woman. Just remember your all mine.” This makes Alexa giggle a bit and I tell her just to go with the flow. While it is always flattering to have some guy check you out, I know what is real and it is the beautiful woman standing next to me.

The ride was fun. Alexa and I kept crashing into each other, most of the time on purpose. There were times though that our bumping was more because we were trying to control the cars as we were laughing away. As we finished up we could barely stand due to our laughing fit. We gave each other a huge hug and shared a kiss. The ‘pit crewmember’ who was helping us laughed at us and gave us a lecherous look. It was the look of the fourteen year olds that was even better. They stood there, motionless with their mouths agape. Lex and I gave them a little wave as we left the ‘pit area’ giggling away.

We made our way back towards the entrance of the park, Alexa began bugging me about stopping to share a sundae at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I just rolled my eyes as she pleaded with me to stop and I reluctantly agreed to follow her in. After we get our sundae and began to dig in, we saw a young couple come in to the parlor with the man carrying a little girl who seemed to be asleep. She opened her eyes and instantly spotted us. She somehow wiggled free from her father, got down on the floor and ran over to us. “Hi Jenny, hi Awexa! Are you having fun? I am having so much fun!” Abby told us all about her adventures today. Her mother had come over, attempting to chase her down. I looked up and gave her a smile to let her know it was OK. I looked over and saw the smile on Alexa’s face as she listened to Abby and her ask Abby what she had seen. As I looked at the kindness Alexa was showing, I realized I had made the right decision earlier about who I would want to have children with.

Abby’s parents joined us at our table and tried to offer apologies for Abby. We told them it was fine, that we actually were enjoying Abby’s tales of the Magic Kingdom. We learned about Abby’s family. They were from Pittsburgh and had come down to get out of the cold weather and had figured Abby was old enough to really enjoy Disney World. They also let on that they had another surprise for Abby on this trip. Beth, Abby’s mother,’ patted her stomach to let us know what the surprise was. Feelings of happiness washed over both me and Lex as we congratulated them. Beth’s action did not go unnoticed by Abby. “Do you want some ice cream Momma?” Abby asked which caused all four of us to laugh at the little cutie. Jay, Abby’s father, shot in that maybe Beth would like a pickle with that, which caused Beth to shoot her husband an evil look. Once again, we all laughed as Abby looked around at the four of us in confusion.

As we were finishing up, a sudden urge came over us. Alexa and I asked if it would be alright to get a picture with Abby. The little girl had stolen both of our hearts. Both parents smiled and told us it was fine as long as we shared the photo with them. We asked Abby if she wanted to have her picture taken with us. The excitement that lit up her eyes was precious. When we asked her where we should do it, she said with the castle. The five us headed outside to find a spot for the picture and found a spot by the garden that gave us a good view of the castle in the background. The three of us smiled our biggest smile as Jay took the picture with my phone. I instantly sent the picture to Jay. We exchanged more contact information and said our goodbyes, not without exchanging hugs with our new friend. I did notice a slight tear on Lex’s cheek as she broke the hug and she instantly reached for her oversized sunglasses. As the three and soon to be four members of the Gibbs’ family left us, I gave Lex a squeeze around the waist and a kiss on the cheek. “Come on Lex, let’s go have some fun.”

We made our way around the corner and entered the area I wanted to go most of all, Main Street USA and all the shops! Lex just rolled her eyes at me, but was also excited. We did buy some earrings at the Jewelry store, even though we didn’t buy the ones I wanted. I had daddy’s American Express card and really wanted the diamond Mickey earrings, but Alexa put up a stink. I wonder if my father ever realized how much money Alexa had saved him over the last few months! We then made our way across the street to the Emporium, where more money was spent. I did manage to ditch Lex and bought her a cute little Mickey jacket. We finally met up and I could see she was acting a little odd. Not in a bad way, more like she had something up her sleeve. As cute as Alexa is, she has a terrible poker face. I finally got it out of her after we had left the Emporium as to what was up. That was when she showed me the T-Shirt she had bought me. It was navy with the words ‘Shoes Make the Princess’ on it along with a drawing of a glass slipper. I instantly loved it, and I could see how excited was over giving it to me. I decided to see if I could pull a ‘Grandma’ on my lover.

“Why would you get me this?” I asked and instantly I could see the excitement drain from Alexa’s face and turn into a bit of panic. “And I don’t wear t-shirts very often. This would just look silly.” I could see Lex look down like she had been a naughty little girl. I couldn’t hold back any longer and broke out into laughter. She just looked at me like I was crazy. I pulled her in for a tight hug and whispered I love it and asked her how it felt to be teased as I gave her a kiss. I could hear a few comments and groans from around us, but who cares. This was the person I love and we were showing that.

We made our way over to Epcot, where we strolled hand in hand through the World Showcase. I knew at that moment this is what I wanted for the rest of my life. I knew that I would never find anyone who I could love and care for more than I loved Alexa. The only time I even questioned my feelings was when we were asked for our ID’s at the pub in England. Was I too young to feel this way? Heck I was just twenty-one. Was it seeing all these little kids running around that had gotten me to feel this way? Maybe. I did know just being around Abby at ‘It’s a Small World’ brought back a lot of memories but also triggered something inside me. Was it wrong to be in love with someone who wanted to be a woman? Could I handle that? I had told myself, and others, several times I could. Was I questioning it now?

And as ‘Illuminations’ was about to start and we had arranged our chairs so we could find a way to cuddle up together, I knew the answer. I would never let this beautiful, wonderful person go. Ever.

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