I'm pregnant

“I’m pregnant.” Words have never been, never felt so powerful as something that comes out of a one-night-stand's mouth. A spark lit the flames of euphoria within me then a cold dread swept over me, cooling down my euphoria to anxiety-ridden happiness.

It was this mixture of emotions that cause me to blurt out, “YES!” It wasn’t the best choice of words and the tone neither felt hot or cold. More of a lukewarmness that spewed out the conflict of emotion I was feeling.

“Yes?” The mother-to-be choked as the tears were brewing at the corners of her eyes.

I didn’t know what to say in this type of situation. I’ve never been in this type of situation. I’m only sixteen and my recently lost virginity to a maiden who took it was a one-time deal.

I let my body do the talking as my protective instincts took over. I give her a deep and loving embrace, stroking her long, raven black hair. It was the type of beauty that you only saw in movies and television. Then I pulled back a bit and stared into those mystical, tear green eyes that seemed to know exactly what I was thinking even if I wasn’t thinking at all.

I kissed the beautiful raven-haired young woman with a passion that could be only described as, “Everything will be ok.”


Eighteen years later


It’s been eighteen years since my son was born. My son grew up not into a man, but he didn’t stay the little boy Sarah gave birth to.

She is a beautiful raven-haired young woman with those same mystical green that just seems to pierce through your thoughts even if you weren’t thinking. Identical to her late mother. Maybe even more so.

The anxiety crept upon me like the cold dread I felt on that day so long again. Then the euphoria of seeing my baby girl turn into a beautiful young woman just by walking on a stage counter that dread, mixing into the emotions I felt when I heard the phrase, “I’m pregnant.”


How did you guys enjoy that? It's a writing practice I don't know if I'm going to make it into a real story, but I thought I would practice making a powerful start and end. I'll probably be doing more of this fun practice.

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