Shopping with a Succubus

Shopping with my mom is something interesting. It was fall, I had hit another growth spurt, and most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I nearly ripped a shirt I wore just a day ago. Momma said it was common for girls to hit their growth spurts at my age. Meant I was becoming a woman. I didn’t know how I felt about that. Not saying I don’t want to be a woman or anything. Just there’s one thing that makes me different from other girls.

This is why I'm a bully

Every day is a struggle. My father left just when my sister was born, and my mother went crazy soon after that. Drugs and alcohol consumed her, and she was fired from job to job never really staying at one. The money she does get, she uses on herself. When she sober, she’s horrible to deal with. I don’t know what happened to my dad or why he left us. Mom never mentioned anything about him and when I asked, she’d beat me. Asking her any question like that got me a beating. Asking for money got a beating. Asking her for food got a beating. Just existing got a beating.

I'm not a normal girl, that's for sure

I’m in a bind. Not just any bind, the type of bind that normally means you’re in deep shit. I’m currently staring at the decorated walls of the principal’s office. The constricting room was littered with paper and folders. Pictures of his family were ornamented on top of the mess and the trashcan was full of fast food. The principal sat in front of me. A balding middle age man still tall and not any less attractive. Not that I’m into men or anything.

Super Fangirl

The pale green nightlight casts a dim light on the pitch-black room. Sweat cold and chest heaving from nightmares. Sitting up, I held my head, wiping the sweat. My chest is heavier than usual. Did torso day enlarge my pecks? I shook my head. The nightmare still burned in my memory. The dream with disgusting pink and ugly femininity trembled my soul. I shoved the perverted dream back, out of my mind and filled it with Tom Brady.

Wandering Princess

Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and months turn to years. Five years is how long a young girl laying in her comfy bed had been wandering. Five years since her parents murdered and her home and nation burned and annexed like a forgotten child’s toy. The memories were vivid, the smell of smoke and ash, of iron and blood. The bodies laying candidly in their beds. The shrieks and cries of her siblings and the hooves of the horses.


Player One Trial by Fire


Hey everyone, I've had some conflicting feelings about Trial by Fire. I feel that some of it is completely unnecessary and the torture scene shouldn't be there. Also, I think that the story should be more definite and realistic than the MC having a massive panic attack and being taken by the Silver Legion. I think there could be something better. I don't know though, I mean as some of you said, it's like the whole thing is going down a rabbit hole. The idea of the story isn't that, but to show a world through a narrative.

Player 1 chapter 2


Hello everyone! I need to talk about Player 1 for a second. Because I'm going to revision it. Why? You may ask.

Why in the hell would a group of highly armed men rob a clothes store?

That's one reason, another is that the next chapter would just be too short for my taste.

I hope everyone can read this before I change it to something I can continue on into the next chapter.

I may change some little stuff in the fourth part, so, please reread Player 1 chapter 2 part 4 if you have the time.

Thank you so much for reading <3

Hello, I'm back even if it's for a second

Hey everyone, so I'm back (for a second), I've been dealing with school lately along with being a total troll on the internet. I've written some stuff along the way and also improved my writing a bit more. Well, I did post stuff here and there on here. The point is, I don't know how long I can be on here due to everything in my life changing. First, I'm legally female, I don't know if I talk about myself a lot, but I got really good lawyers that changed my M to a F. Which is still surreal btw. Second, I'm still writing, but only here or there stuff and all of it's short.

The Legion

A raindrop falls directly onto a boy in an ebony black leather tunic with hems and seams of shiny silver. He wears a belt of silver with a belt buckle of an eagle with fists crossed into an X behind. On his chest is a Velcro patch of a red shield. His face was smooth and pretty, and his body so small and petite that the tunic he wears was a baggy on him. He wasn’t always that way, but due to recent events. His body is turning that way.

The man in front of him wears the same tunic and belt. Only on his chest is a silver shield with silver fists crossed X, and a star on the top.


The winds whipped and swept across the city’s block as a gorgeous, young girl stride her way through it, hair dancing and flying through the wind, and skirt fluttering with it.

It was mid-December and all the young girl had on was a blouse and skirt with shorts under her plaid skirt. Her socks came knee high with a very uniformed patterned.

Despite her lack of insulation, the girl was warm as the others with insulation. She took long strides with her shapely legs and proud demeanor.

A certain superverse

Hey friends, updated this for later as I'm planning a romance story between two of the more fleshed out characters. I'm really enjoying creating this world and adding stories to it. I don't know what else I'll add but I have a huge ass world to play with and I'm excited to actually start the writing about all these places. I decided to go a more realistic root, so you'll see a bunch of new fields of study and possible stuff if this did happen. Though I'm not too sure about Europe being utterly wrecked by this, I really didn't want to write in them. It's hard enough creating a whole two nations and fixing a third. Again, if you want to add some canon into this, please don't hesitate on messaging me your idea. Most of this world is vague so you can play with it as you please, just don't get too crazy. Anyway, enjoy :3

Your daughter

“Why did you have to die?”

“Why couldn’t you live long enough for you to see me?”

“Why couldn’t god give you a longer lifespan to see me as I am now.”

“Your daughter.”

“The daughter you never had. The daughter you dreamed of.”

“When I talk to daddy, he always tells me that you would love me for who I am.”

“I don’t know if it’s true. I mean, I’ll never truly know.”

“I just know I wish you stayed alive long enough to see me.”

“Not the little boy who you used to see running around the house. Playing with his toys.”

I wanna get pregnant

“I wanna get pregnant.” Breaking the silence as my boyfriend, Gerald drives me to my house. Tears start to well up behind my eyes.

Gerald pulls off to the right and stops the car.

We sit there in silence once again. I glance at Gerald and he has a stoic expression. I couldn’t hold the tears any longer and let the floodgates open.

“I-I’m s-so-so-sorry, I-I ju-just-” He cuts me off and pulls me into a deep kiss. A kiss so loving that it made the tears stop. His tongue makes his way with mine causing me to melt more.

I'm not a fighter

“Faggot!” bellows the mighty bully at small dear ole me. I gave him no reaction for I knew that he thrived on attention. Instead, I slip deeper into my mask to hide what I was feeling on the inside.

“Why hello Gage. Nice to see you.” I say in a neutral tone. I keep my ground. Showing any emotion to the bully will only make things worse.

“Why do you play with girls all the time? Are you one of those tranny freaks?” Gage spits. How in the world did he learn that word? Most kids shouldn’t even understand that word. I guess that makes two of us

Daily life of a 'Trap' blog


It's weird how quick Daily Life of a 'Trap' has gotten popular. I basically wrote it because I wanted to do something different and use traps in a piece. I didn't expect it to become as popular as it is.

I'm glad it did. I like it when people read my stuff and may actually like it.

I don't know what's in store for the series, but I hope it becomes something great.


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