Angel of the Battlefield

A white-haired girl walks down the middle of the shadow of death. There is nothing in the barren wasteland besides craters and tree stumps. The wind kicks up the dirt and grime.The girl is not fazed by the flying layer of dust. Not a speck of the filth touches her beautiful fair skin and none penetrates her glowing blue eyes. She abruptly starts sprinting to the top of a hill and lays down. She unslings her rifle and aims at a black-haired, red-eyed man.

She takes a deep breath as flashbacks to the beginning and before this apocalypse flowed through her mind. Memories of her life as a little boy and his parents. Memories of his first crush and the love of his life. Memories of joining the military and going into special forces. Memories of his newborn son. Memories of the experiment that changed the world forever turning him into this. Memories of finding his wife and child brutally murdered by the same man she was aiming at.

She pulls the trigger slowly as a tear rolled down her cheek.


Had this idea in my head. Thought I would write about it

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This story is 197 words long.