Misty Reigns

Misty Reigns –

She put down her fork and glared at me. “You gotta give it a try, April. It is a win win.” said Jennifer.

Then another one of the girls chimed in. “Yeah, April. Look, if she rejects you, everyone will be won over to your side because they think she’s odd, which makes you look normal.

And if she accepts you by some miracle, everyone will be won over by your boldness and think you are some sort of super girl. It is a win win.” injected Sue.

“Besides, girls can ask boys out these days.” added Marsha.

I needed a clarification and cut to the chase. “Okay, how many has she shot down?” I asked.

“Quite a few?” they said in unison.

“Jinx.” They nudged each other and giggled.

Looking at the courageous threesome assigned to be my protectors, I inquired, “And have any of you asked him to be your boyfriend?” They murmured among themselves not looking me in the eye and then they all looked at me with a defeated look. “You haven’t even tried, have you?” They all nodded no. “Some guardians you are.” I giggled.

I had transferred in about two weeks ago to Emmett’s Junior High from another district. They were trying a new program and I was the first victim, I mean, test. The idea was not to inform the student body that I was transgender, on blockers, on hormones, and en femme. My guardians were given the task to follow me into the girls bathroom and out again in order to make sure that I wasn’t discovered. And they were to make sure I wasn’t into the other girls. Well, I was too young to understand my sexual orientation yet and this was just a precaution they said. The girls had been carefully selected by the principal, the school counselor, and the district supervisor of some strange sounding job that made no sense to me at all except that she made it sound so official and above board. And, in all other things, they were to be my friends and help me adjust to being a girl in school.

When ever I needed to go the bathroom, I pressed a button on a little secret pager and one of the girls, based on a rotation, would get a secret message to join me at the bathroom and go in with me.

I guess it made sense. If I ever was discovered, my mother told me that the district had plausible deniability. After all, each girl had been trained how to enter, verify, and guide me in without it being an issue. The only thing I couldn’t do, as of yet, was P.E., but, I am told, they were going to work on that.

I finished my lunch and the girls egged me on to ask John Vickery, an eighth grader, if he would be interested in dating me, a seventh grader. Of course, he was cute. Damn cute. Alright, he was a hunk and a half. He was about five foot seven on his way, I am told, to being six foot one. He had blue eyes and a dimpled chin and the chiseled face of a god. He looked like that awesome Roman guy in Ben Hur who is friends with Charlton Heston. Like the actor Stephen Boyd, he looked like a real man. He loved baseball and worked out. So, he was slim and muscular. And all the girls melted at his feet because unlike many boys, he was also kind as well as charming. Nobody walked away from him feeling bad.

It is just strange, in order for any girl to date him, she had to get approval from his sister, Misty. Or so I was told. Anyway, I was about to find out. As we dropped off our trays onto the conveyor belt for clean up, the girls pushed me towards him. He was sitting with his friends when he looked up and smiled at me.

I smiled back and was pushed a little from behind by my crew. “You’re the new girl in town, aren’t you?” His friends chuckled. They knew it before I did. They loved train wrecks it seems.

I answered as demurely as I could without jumping on his bones, “Yes. I am.”

One of his friends piped up, “Go ahead, take the test.”

“Test?” I tried to look puzzled even though I had heard what it was.

“Oh, it’s just that my sister has to approve of whoever I date.” was his coy response. I didn’t know how to take it. He was strong and self assured. I couldn’t see him needing to have anyone’s approval for a date the way he carried himself. As I pondered what he told me, he added, “Are you wanting to try?”

“Is there a long line?” I asked.

“Sadly, no. She has shot down everyone thus far. All the girls in school seem a bit intim-a-dated.” He then winked at me as if to say, I dare you to try.

The shyness in me wanted to quit and declare that I was no better than any other girl. Well, a normal girl at least. A glance from Jennifer changed that. It emboldened me, but, with a false bravado, I said, “Sure, what have I got to lose. I am the new kid, so, it will be a good way to get to know people at the very worst.”

“You mean getting to date me isn’t in your plans?” he said in mock horror.

I looked into his laughing eyes and sighed deeply, “I think you know how all us girls feel about you already.” I could feel my legs melting. His friends murmured in the affirmative too. I wondered if they hung around him to catch the spoils of his sister’s slag heap.

He stood up and looked down at me. He looked away for a moment and then grinned as he gently let his eyes fall upon mine. I was intrigued that he wasn’t looking down my blouse and admiring the breasts that I had been growing with my frequent hormone injections. Or the softness of the curves that my A Line dress showed off. He smiled and his dimple sent cool waves of joy down my spine knowing that he was enjoying drinking me in nevertheless. “I know the girls do. And that is why I am letting my sister help me. I want the girl I date to be special. And my sister is very special to me and I trust her. So, are you going to ask me?”

I felt a strong nudge from my guardians that told me I was about to be compared to her brocades and found to be a potato sack. I said weakly, “Please, may we date?”

He smiled and winked once again. He reached over and said, “Put out your hand.” I did and he placed a note in it. “I will text her that you are going to call her, April.”

With that, he and his crew of friends ambled off to deposit their trays and head off to classes. As they walked away, two of the boys sang sweetly to my horror, “And, another one’s gone, another one’s gone. Another one bites the dust.” It would have to be Queen they strummed on my delicate and fragile heart strings.

It didn’t exactly fill me with confidence at all. While I stood there all zombiefied, all the girls swarmed over me and grabbed the note. As we walked out of the school cafeteria, they read the note out loud musing about the intricate instructions and protocols. My mind was in a swirl as they got me to get out my phone and follow Misty’s instructions to the letter. Somehow, in that few minutes I had leashed myself to a rendez-vous with his sister that filled me with dread. Was I the Titanic? As I later sat on the bus going home, something hit me which sent more chills down my spine even more. I said quietly, “Oh my word. He knew my name was April! I didn’t tell him my name.” The boy sitting next to me on the bus gave me a funny look and then went back to reading his book. Just as well. I was an open book now to John Steed.

I informed my parent’s about asking John to date me and Misty. I said that she was going to be calling me and why. There loads of questions and a whole host of concerns raised. What if she outed me to the school. It could ruin me. That would undo my chance to just be me and I could become a spectacle in the school like some stupid reality show. My mother called one of the ladies at the district and talked privately for about half an hour. I was surprised when my mom said okay and we decided that if I felt uncomfortable or like things were going badly, someone would be nearby to come and get me right away.

That next day, Saturday, I got up, took a long bath, got dressed in my nicest dress, did my hair, etc, and ambled off to the neighborhood center where Misty was waiting for me. The Neighborhood center was a gym, a library, a swimming pool area they called a Natatorium, and a restaurant that was occupied by a fast food chain. I walked in and saw his sister right away. It was obvious that she was his sister. She was as beautiful as he was handsome. She looked past me. When I waved, she looked startled and then smiled. Was it because she was hungry for fresh meat to devour. I wanted to run.

“So, you are April. Pleased to meet you.” We shook hands. Not a good start I thought. I wished for a hug instead. “Please sit down.” she said knowing she was in control from the get go. The surgery to change me into a real girl looming in my future seemed less frightening than that moment.

“I am sure you are wondering why my brother puts his faith in me.” I tried to respond, but she stopped me with a wave of her hand. “I have taken care of him as his older sibling for quite some time. I am seventeen now and I know how us girls think about him. I have told him. He is so good looking and charming that it isn’t fair, is it?”

She waited for my response. “I guess not.”

“I expressed to him that I want his first date to set the tone for the rest of his life. I want him to know quality over quantity. And he decided that I had a good idea. Do you see my point about his first date?” I nodded yes even though I wasn’t following her. Instead, I was trying not to tear up, I started to get up to leave. Who would want a transgendered girl for his first date? “Please don’t leave.” she said in a concerned voice. I looked back at her and, not knowing why, I could see she wasn’t that evil.

“Look, I am going to tell the same thing I tell every girl. Even if you fail to pass my test, you win.”

“How is that possible?”

“Because, you have seen the boys around him.”


“They look up to him don’t they?” I nodded yes.

“I am going to be blunt. What if he got laid by every girl in the school? What would that teach the boys at school about you and all the other girls at school?”

“I hadn’t thought about that. But, why would that matter? It’s his life, isn’t it?” I caught myself. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.”

“I know what you meant. Anyway, I have thought about it. My brother is pretty awesome looking. But, he is also very caring. He loves our mother to death. He loves his older sister just as well.” She smiled at that. “He is a kind and gentle boy growing into a handsome man. And I want to keep him on that path to being the most beautiful man he can be. Why does it matter? It matters to him. Because of his unfortunate looks, there are two things he can spread. Jealousy of who uses him today which cheapens his looks or Jealousy of who loves him today which makes him more valuable than his looks. I just want him to be the best man he can be in life. And, thankfully, he agrees and asked me to do this for him.”

“Which is why you are checking out his potential dates?” I asked sincerely. It hit me again that he knew my name and seemed to be ready for me to ask him. Maybe he wanted to ask me instead of my asking him.

“Yes. I am doing it because he asked me. I think that makes him more special too. It is not your average boy that trusts his sister that much, is it?” I found myself falling in love with this handsome bloke because of seeing him through his sister’s eyes.

“Where do we go from here then?” I asked.

“I get to know you over the next hour. That’s all.”

“You mean dig into my past?” I asked softly, but with an air of concern. I was worried if the real me, the hidden me would come out.

She quickly put me at ease. “No, I just want to get to know you. I will respect your past. If you want to bring it up, fine. If you don’t, well that won’t count against you. You could lie about your past anyway and I wouldn’t know. And I can’t afford the background checks. You can’t lie in the present.” With that, she pulled up two sacks and placed them on the table. “Can you swim?”

“Well, yes, but I don’t have a swimsuit obviously.”

“No matter, I brought one for you. And, I have my spies, so I know your size.” She pushed over one of the sacks to me. “It is a one piece. I don’t know if it is that time of month for you, so I have a sanitary pad and tampon in the sack too. My spies aren’t that good enough to know when your period starts. In addition, I have swim goggles as well as flip flops. Plus, I have two towels in there. The pool here is mostly inside, so you won’t need sun tan lotion. Let’s go.”

Stunned by her preparation, I picked up the sack to follow her trying to figure out where to take it from here. Suddenly inspired, I said, “I am shy. I don’t like changing in front of people.”

She said with a smile, “I like that. But, don’t worry, the locker room is pretty well divided up. I am sure that we can find you a spot where you won’t be seen, even by me. Modesty is good start, by the way. Well done. You passed your first test. Most of the girls before you didn’t care.” She stopped at a booth and paid our fees for swimming and got their locks.

I couldn’t help but relax. My situation of having a penis, no matter how absurd in the grand scheme of things, caused me to do the right thing by wishing it to be hidden from others. Many of whom would fail to understand its being a barrier to who I really am instead of an instrument of sexual pleasure. Still, I didn’t see how a swim with her would tell her anything about me.

Entering in to the locker room, She showed me a side area that had total privacy to change. She then went around the corner and changed herself. I carefully tossed the tampon into a garbage pail nearby and then put the pad in the swimsuit as I pulled it up being sure to hide my boy bits in between my legs. I found my young breasts filled the suit nicely and I looked very girly. I placed my stuff in the locker and used the lock the Natatorium gave me to lock up my stuff. I put the key around my neck and exited the locker room to find her waiting for me there.

The canopy of the indoor pool area had been pulled back allowing us to see sky, but not have to deal with a hot sun. The sides of the pool area had been raised too which exposed the pool to the outdoors without it being truly outdoors. Spring brought a pleasant warm breeze which flowed through the building bringing the scents of flowers and freshly mowed grass. The pool was an Olympic sized pool with lanes set up for lap swimming with an extra area. The extra area we were closest to was set up for free swim with a shallow area. Because of its being early morning, it wasn’t being used. I figured that this afternoon, when the sun was high in the sky, it would be filled with lots of people enjoying the pool.

“You look nice in that swimsuit, April. The neat thing about just splashing around in a pool is your hair gets wet and all the makeup in the world can’t make you look good. It is the reason for your second test. It is as close as we can get to being naked about who we really are in life without being shamed.” With that, I saw her walk over to the steps into the pool and walk in.

I followed her in as she floated out to the middle of our swimming area. She dove down to touch the bottom of the pool and came back up. Her nice hair was now glued to her face and the subtle nuances that showed me she had beautiful hair were now flat and dark. I walked in and dove in after her. When I came up, I looked, I suppose, much the same. Except, all my makeup was washed out or in disarray. I splashed water on my face and cleaned my face up as best I could.

“So, what is your favorite class at Emmett’s?” she inquired.

“I really can’t say. I am just trying to keep my head above water ...” I quickly realized the irony of what I just said and laughed out loud for everyone to hear. “That’s right, head above water.”

“Good, you have a silly side. Are things a bit overwhelming at the school, then?”

“Yeah. New school. New people. New teachers.” I sputtered.

“But, you seem to have made some nice friends already according to my brother.”

Without getting into the specifics, I nodded yes. It also hit me once again that her brother noticed me. Was it me who asked, or was it really him? I decided to just let her talk.

“Well, before you came, what was your favorite class at school?”

“English, by far. We had just started to read a neat book by Agatha Christie called ‘And then there were none.’ I hear they are making it into a move now with Kenneth Branaugh.”

“Do you like mystery books?” she said squirting some water from her hand in no particular direction.

“Yes. But, I also like the Anne of Green Gables books too. Or Little House on the Prairie.”

“How about ‘A Wrinkle in Time?’” she asked with a wry grin. I could feel the excitement growing in me. She was talking to me about books that transported me away from my everyday problems.

“Oh, yes. I love that book. Why do you ask?”

She giggled and said, “Constance is a good older sister to her baby brother in that book, isn’t she?”

I blushed at the obvious point she was making. “Much like you are to your brother John.”

It was at that point I realized that I had been treading water. She was able to stand and I was getting tired. “Can we move to shallower water please?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Of course. How thoughtless of me.” I was beginning to feel very comfortable around her.

When I was able to stand in the pool with my head above water, I asked, “Do you like to read too?”

“Oh boy, do I! I love to slip into the world of a good book.” She was animated and looked like she had forgotten the reason we were there. But, I didn’t care. I was finding that I liked her more and more.

For the next half hour, we just talked about the books we loved. It was then that things seemed to go terribly wrong. A whistle startled both of us from our discussion of things.

A lifeguard stood at the side of the pool glaring at us. “Ladies, you will have to get out of the pool, please. The local swim team is having a meet this morning and we have to kick you out. They should have told you at the front desk.”

We both ascended from the pool steps quickly and grabbed our towels. The lifeguard continued, “We have had to move your items in your lockers too. The ladies locker room is being changed into the boys locker room for the other team.” We looked at each other as if what was coming next. She went on to say, “Don’t worry. I have placed your stuff in the family restroom over there. There is a shower next to it so you can rinse off. But no shower inside. Anyway, your stuff is sitting on the baby changing table.”

We handed her the keys to our locks. We then went over to the shower and rinsed ourselves off. Going into the family restroom, we found it to be large enough and spacious enough for the two of us. There were plenty of benches too. But things got worse for me. The baby changing table where she had put our stuff had not been secured properly and somehow had dumped all our clothes on the floor.

Desperate to hide myself from Misty, I quickly grabbed my gaff from the floor along with my clothes hoping she didn’t see the gaff, turned around and went into the corner, placed my clothes on a bench, and arranged my clothes quickly so I could get dressed after taking my swimsuit off. After undoing my suit to my midriff, I reached in and pulled out the pad first which was hiding my female flaw before I began to slip off my suit. Chills went down my spine when I heard her say, excuse me April, I think this is yours. Turning my head back to look at her so she didn’t see my female flaw’s outline in my suit, my jaw dropped when I saw she was standing there naked holding in her hand my gaff out to me.

Looking up into her face, she calmly said, “You have mine.” At that moment, I looked between her legs and saw she had a female flaw just like mine. “Well?” she continued with a big grin on her face.

I couldn’t say a word, but by the look of astonishment on my face she knew to answer to my unstated question. “Yes, we knew. We both knew, my brother and I. The school had contacted me for advice. And yes, I would love you to date my brother. He is looking forward to it as a matter of fact. He thinks you’re cute.”

At that moment, we just dropped everything and hugged, like we were really sisters. Because we were.

And I had found a boyfriend who loved and understood me and accepted me for being me already. A TG girl.

And girl, that was more than worth the price of admission!

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