Domo Arigato, Mrs. Roboto!

Domo Arigato, Mrs. Roboto! –

Jake sat down as far as he could on his legs and watched half of his dad’s body protrude from underneath the car he was working on. They were all they had left in the world. And they loved each other dearly.

“So, what is the ideal type of hi-tech sex doll you want?” His dad rolled out from underneath the car and gave his son the evil eye with a grin on his face. Jason Bessler wasn’t subtle when it came to dealing with his son. And sadly, he didn’t have his Diana around anymore to correct him about his bluntness. Father and son were still very sad that she was gone. In some respects, Jake knew his dad’s directness was his way of grieving her loss. His way was to go out on his own hoping it would force his dad to find someone new. The thought of his dad being alone for the rest of his life bothered him very much.

“Dad! I don’t want a sex doll, for crying out loud. And, especially not for Christmas. I mean, Christmas is supposed to be for, you know, non-kinky stuff. Especially from of all people, your dad!” Jake shook his head wondering what drug his dad was taking.

“Hand me a 12mm socket wrench with an extension, please.” Jake’s dad took the wrench and rolled back underneath the car. He continued working on the car that was his dream Honda Civic. He used it for weekend racing at a track nearby. That was his way of dealing with his loneliness.

A muffled voice came from underneath the car saying, “Come on Jake. You are living alone now. I know you have needs. I have them too.” Jake found himself blushing at his dad’s frankness. His dad continued, “Some dads take their son to a bordello. We live too far away from Nevada for that. Plus, you aren’t exactly meeting anyone that piques your interest with your job and school. And, if I was your age, I would have one of these hot new sex doll robots in the closet to relieve a little guy stress, if you know what I mean. It is what we guys do. Give me a size and coloring or I will chose one for you for your Christmas present.”

Jake rolled his eyes and pretended to give him an honest answer. “Okay then. Blond, blue eyed, about my size. All right.” Jake snicked and thought to himself, ‘like I will ever use it.’ The whole idea was insane as far as he was concerned. After a few months, he forgot about the whole thing.

Before Thanksgiving, at his apartment, as he was trimming a simple little tree to put up in his apartment window for the complex’s Christmas contest, the door bell rang and a delivery woman wheeled in his new toy from his dad. He was so embarrassed once he figured out what it was. He thanked his lucky stars that the doll was in a very large plain brown box. “What is it?” she asked.

Thinking fast, he replied, “A kind of work out gym. I am hoping to put some muscles on me. My dad got it for me for a Christmas present.” He turned his back on her biting his tongue to keep from laughing at his own lame joke.

Feeling composed after he signed the delivery manifest, he turned and the lady winked and propositioned him. “I think the muscles you already have are pretty good.”

“Um, thanks.” Just then, his cell phone rang, to his relief.

“Yes, Dad. My Christmas present just got here. … You’ve been tracking it using the delivery app on your phone?!” The delivery lady nodded with a smile. He sneered into the phone as he stated, “Very well, Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto. No, wait a moment please, before I do that, I am just saying good bye to the delivery woman.” Jake ushered her out of the door. Getting back on his phone, he uttered tersely, “You are damn right that was awkward. Here, I will put you on speakerphone.” Laughter could be heard coming from the phone. Side splitting laughter.

Jake placed his cell phone on speaker phone and proceeded to unbox his Christmas present. He first sight was her face. In a sullen tone, Jake recounted, “Dad, she is a brunette, not a blond.”

“I’ve watched you son. Your eyes follow brunettes, not blonds.”

Sounding even more sullen, he added, “And she has brown eyes, not blue.”

“Again, I have watched you. Your eyes follow brown eyed girls, not blue eyed ones.”

Pretending to be happy, he quipped, “Well, she is about my size at least.”

“I had to give you something of what you requested.” his dad stated sarcastically. “Of course, I noticed you following women of different sizes, so I really couldn’t fill in the blank on that one.” he said dismissively.

An hour or so later, Jake found himself placing a very attractive nude sex doll on one side of his queen sized bed. She had all the features any guy could want. Her breasts were plump and inviting. Her below the waist female charm while not wet like the real thing was certainly open to receiving his male member. Rather than putting her to the test like some animals would want to do, he plugged her in to charge her up and then turned on the AI function from buttons just underneath her chin. Using his laptop and simple voice commands, he hooked her into his internet. “Hello, test? Do you talk yet?”

It was creepy, the dolls face came alive, smiled and her head turned towards him. He was amazed as her lips moved as she said, “Hello, my name is Peggy. Do you want to have sex?”

If there was any mechanical voice in the room that would chill the ardor of someone in heat, it was when Jake responded coldly, “No, Peggy. Not right now. I just want to get to know you right now.”

Her sultry voice beckoned him anyway much to his irritation, “Just to let you know, I am horny, but if you want to get to know me, maybe I should get to know you too. What kind of sex do you like? Rough? Kinky? Vanilla?”

Being that he felt like he was being watched by his dad, he cautiously said, “I really don’t know. What do you like?”

“Anything you like.” she said in a breathy voice.

With more than just irritation in his voice, he responded, “Well, that is not very helpful. I don’t like you naked like this at least. Can I please get you some clothes?” He wondered if she could catch the angst he was having as he approached her. Did this stupid robot understand the nuances of human speech. Why, he thought, did he even care.

The sex thing responded, “Some clothes came in the red bag in my shipping box. Did you not see it when you unboxed me?”

Scurrying around the huge open box she came in, he found the red bag. He proceeded to dress her in a bra, which she talked him through, sexy panties, and a simple dress. “There, you look much better.”

“You like dressing me, Jake?” Her programming, while intended to entice him, left him imitating an iceberg. He went from cold to frozen.

As he continued dressing her, he mindlessly said the truth, “Yes, I do. I miss my mother. She died two years ago. I used to help her chose her clothes for many years and, well, I thought it was fun.”

“I do too. I like you dressing me. What was your mother’s name?” For the first time, he found this part of her AI programming tolerable. In some respects, even nicer than most humans.

“It was Diana.” he said tearfully.

He was impressed with her level of interpersonal behavior until she asked, “What a nice name. Would you like to have sex now?”

Now pushed to the breaking point, he responded angrily, “No, frankly I would rather be your sex than have sex right now.” Jake was tearing up. The thought of throwing her into the dumpster was getting very tempting. To his surprise, she didn’t respond the way he expected.

“Processing request.” After a minute, she said, “If you really feel that way, please go to the company website and have them install my Operation Delta Dream feature.”

Whether it was out of curiosity or frustration, he did as she asked if only to see if there was a more appealing personality. After updating his profile on the company website, he walked back into his room and to his surprise, she said, “Please wait an hour while I upgrade my AI. Thank you.” Gone was the sultry and sexy voice. Maybe that was a good sign.

While getting something to eat in the kitchen, he barely heard, “Jake, Jake, are you there?” He made a mental note to hook her up into the Amazon Echo he had in different rooms.

He went into his bedroom. She turned to him and said, “I sense your presence Jake. I have been reprogrammed to assist you with a dream of becoming a woman. If this is in error, please go to the website and remove the Operation Delta Dream AI protocol. Otherwise, I am ready to assist you.” The voice, unlike before, was friendly, inviting, and casual. A wonderful difference he thought.

“What do you mean, ‘becoming a woman?’” he asked not quite believing what he had heard.

“My creator’s realized that someone might not want me and the reasons for it. If I detected one of those special reasons, I was to ask my owner to install an AI protocol to change me into what my owner really needed, their dream consultant. How can I assist you achieve your dream?”

Jake pulled up a chair and she turned her head towards him. “How can you possibly help me with my dream? You are a sex doll.” he asked.

“By being your friend. Given your response, my AI believes you are transgender and wish to transition to being a woman. I can help you with that dream if you wish.”

He was still incredulous. “H-how can you help me transition?” He hung his head low. This was the first time he had talked about his gender problem with anyone. But now, out of the blue, he was talking to a machine about his most intimate and heartfelt desire.

His spirits lifted when a confident and promising voice replied, “I can teach you how to do make up, dress as a woman, talk as a woman. I can also tell you what doctors to go to talk about becoming a woman. And, I can be a friend you can talk to about becoming a woman when we are alone.”

Suddenly, after having warmed to the idea, he became scared. He looked to his bedroom door in a fearful fashion remembering years ago how he hid his awful truth. Turning to her, he related, “How about my dad? He gave you to me as a gift. He will come over and find out you are teaching me to be a woman. I don’t want that, not yet, anyway.”

Her voice was comforting. “I can lie to him and others about how you really use me. Only you, at this moment, when you tell me we are alone, can talk to me about becoming a woman. When others are present, I will engage in normal sexual banter as though we are lovers and not strictly friends. I also have voice pattern recognition. That means I will only talk to you about this and no one else.”

Jake moved to sit on the bed next to her feeling completely shocked with the turn of events. She turned to him again and looked him in the eyes. “What is your girl name, Jake?” she asked pleasantly.

Jake thought for a moment and then said, “Alissa. I have always liked that name. My girl name is Alissa.”

“Well, Alissa, I like having you as a friend. Do you have any woman clothes?”

“Sadly, no. When I moved to the apartment, the box of some of my mother’s clothes got lost.”

“I am sorry to hear that Alissa. Please find a tape measure and give me some of your measurements.”

After a diligent search, Jake went into his room and said, “I will be back. I have to go buy the measuring tape.” Excitedly, he ran out the door almost forgetting to lock it behind him.

Jake went off to the store and bought a clothing tape measure and some make up for the doll per her request. He had an excuse now, he realized. Everything he would buy would be for the doll. The checkout lady looked at him rather surprised. “Oh, I forgot to get my girlfriend her tampons too. I will be right back.”

The clerk smiled at him and nodded. Boy, he thought, this is going to be awesome. A real excuse to buy stuff and no one will notice. Once home, he went to talk to Peggy. She directed him on where to measure on his body. To his surprise, after installing a plug-in. she pushed on to his laptop browser an incognito browser window with a website with links to beautiful dresses and other lady garments.

“Wow, Peggy. Thank you.”

“You are welcome. You and I are roughly the same size. This means you can put these clothes on me too as though you were buying them for me.”

“I know. I already bought you tampons.”

“That was very thoughtful. But, I can’t get pregnant.” she giggled.

Jake was startled. “You have a sense of humor too?”

Peggy slightly tilted her head a little, “Do you mind?”

He found himself relaxing and chuckled as he said, “No. And thank you, or rather, thank the person who programmed you. Your responses are incredible!”

“When you have the chance, Alissa, you will want to thank Stacey and Bobby. She is a transgirl who programmed my AI along with Bobby, her husband. They wanted to help out transgenders. That is their dream.”

“That was very kind of Stacey and Bobby.”

“Would you like to connect to other transgenders through me?”

“What do you mean? How can you do that?”

“I can connect through the internet and establish clandestine contact with other transgenders. With their assistance and mine, I can give you the best possible advice. To them, they will only see Peggy, who wants to be a real woman. Funny, don’t you think, a female sex doll wanting to be a real woman? I wonder if my name is pinocchiolette.”

Jake laughed at her AI programming. He ventured, “And ironic. Yes, that would be nice. I like that your programmers have a sense of irony as well as humor.”

Over the next few weeks, clothes arrived and other items too, like wigs. Peggy began directing him to dress her and do make up on her. When his dad came over, she would brag about how Jake had sex with her and she was too tired to talk. Jake would smirk as she duped her dad into believing she was being used as his dad thought she was meant to be used.

Christmas came and to his surprise, his dad gave him a gift card for Peggy. “Dad, why did you do this?”

“Peggy called me and said that you really enjoyed dressing her, undressing her, and could use more money for her wardrobe.” His dad winked at him.

After a visit to a doctor, Jake began a regime of hormones and began to let his hair grow. He grew to like having her in the bed with him. He could talk to her as he went to sleep. He loved getting up in the morning and saying, “Good morning, Peggy.”

Her standard response was, “Good morning, Jake, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, Peggy, I slept very well. Thank you for asking.”

One day she said, “You’re welcome. Jake, in six months, you will be ready for RLT. I would like to arrange for someone to connect with you and help you go out into the world for a test run.”

Jake turned over in bed to look at Peggy. She turned her head to look at him. “Do you think I am ready? My doctor says I should try going out.” he asked.

Peggy announced, “We have worked on hair, dressing up, removing your body hair, taught you how to do make up, have done voice lessons, and much more. It is time for you to have a human helper.”

With a little fear in his voice, John said, “What makes you say that? I think you have been doing a great job.”

“My AI programmer has given me parameters by which I am to instruct you. The protocol at this point is for you to have a human helper. Would you like to hear options for human assistance?” Jake sat up in bed. He realized it was time for him to flip a switch. To go from being Jake, to Alissa. Play time was over. And the time to grow into the woman he dreamed of being was at hand. Even if it was artificial.

He sat up in bed now attentive to what she was doing for him. “Thank you, Peggy. I think you are right. I am ready. Give me my options, please.” he said with confidence. A confidence that months before was wimpy and wishy washy.

He listened carefully as she announced, “There are three transgendered persons living nearby you. One lives 90 minutes away. She is forty years of age and transitioned three years ago. Another lives an hour away. She is thirty-five and transitioned four years ago. And the third lives twenty-five minutes away. She is forty-two and transitioned one year ago.”

Giving her list some thought, he said, “Peggy, I think the one that lives an hour away would be the best for me. What is her name?”

“Let me contact her through my creator’s company. I will let you know when she is available to contact you. Do I have your permission to share your information with her?”

“Yes. Most certainly. Thank you.” He laid back down and went to sleep.

A day later, Peggy became active and stated, “Alexa, kitchen drop in please. … Hello Jake, I need you, please.”

“I will be right there. Echo, turn off drop in please.” Jake finished drying dishes and ran off to his room.

“What is it Peggy?” he asked inquisitively.

“I assume we are alone.”

“Yes we are.”

“Beginning interface with Audrey. Audrey will talk to you now through me.”

“Hello, is someone there?”

“Um, yes. This is … Alissa.”

“Yes, I know. Peggy has told me about you. I wish I had someone like her back when I was transitioning. She tells me that you are ready to try going out, but want help. Is this true?”

“Yes. I do. I am scared. Peggy has been my only friend in this and my doctor. That is not enough.”

“I understand. Why can’t Peggy go out with you?”

“Well … um … Peggy is such a doll, but she has physical limitations in case you didn’t know. I will introduce her to you sometime and let her explain.”

Over the next few months, Alissa and Peggy fell into a routine of morning updates as she would wake up and nightly reports as she would go to sleep.

“Alissa, how was your outing with Audrey tonight?”

“Wonderful. We went to the breast form store and she helped me get fake boobs. Then we went to see a movie. I even went to the Powder Room with her. Thank you for finding her.” Alissa found herself in awe of the AI’s ability to help her every step of the way. Finally, she couldn’t stand it.


“Yes, Alissa.”

“Why is your programming so good?”

“Stacy and Bobby have spent a great deal of time working on my AI skills to help transgender women.”

As Alissa fell asleep after a rewarding and exhausting night out as herself, she casually commented, “Be sure to tell them how much I appreciate you.” Before Peggy could respond, Alissa was out like a light.

The next few months brought so many changes. En homme for family, friends, and work, Jake introduced his dad to Audrey, his friend from school. Of course, what he meant was girl school. His dad thought she was from his nursing school. As his dad got to know Audrey better, he learned about her and her transition. Shocked at first, he started to ask her questions which began with. “How do you know?” to “When did you know?” to “How complete are you?”

During lunch for the three of them, his dad asked while she was off in the Powder Room, “How did you end up being friends with Audrey?”

“Oh, she was talking with a teacher’s assistant. I got to know her thanks to her. She is very nice and kind.”

During his bedtime ritual a few days later, Peggy asked, “So, why are you home early?”

“Audrey went out on a date with my dad of all people.”

“How does that make you feel?”

Alissa found herself taken back by the question. It was a simple question, but one she hadn’t considered. After a second of careful thought, she responded, “Good. I really like her. She will be good for him.”

With that, she went in to take a shower and prepared for bed. She heard a knock at her apartment door. Out of an instinct for preservation more than anything else, he put on a navy blue bathrobe over her clothes, tied it closed, and went to the door. Looking through the peep hole, he saw his dad.

Opening the door carefully, he could see his dad had been crying. There was concern in his voice when he asked, “What is the matter dad?”

“I just realized after my date with Audrey that the things she has been telling me about who she is ...” he gasped. “… I mean the things she has endured and gone through ...”

“It’s okay dad. Please. Come on in.” His dad came through the door and sat down on the couch. He looked up at his son and studied him up and down with concern.

“Son ...” he began cautiously. “Are you like her?”

“Of course I like her dad. She is a friend.” Alissa heard what her dad really said, but she deflected for a moment in case he might have mis-spoken.

Her dad stayed on topic. “That is not what I asked, Jake. I asked if you are like her.”

Feeling her chance had come, she sat down next to her dad, she looked into his eyes and Jake ... no ... Alissa saw acceptance there. No pity. No judgment. Just acceptance. She began to wonder what Audrey told him. Knowing Audrey had her back, Alissa’s voice spoke next. “Yes, Daddy, I am.”

With that, she let her bathrobe fell open to reveal her nightie and her dad could see the woman that was his child for the first time. He looked her in the eye and said, “I love you no matter who you are.”

A year and a half later, the bride handed her bridesmaid the bouquet as she stood in front of the minister and her husband to be. The minister went on to speak in dulcet and reverberating tones, “Do you Audrey take Jason to be your lawfully married husband.” Alissa brushed away a tear and sniffed the fragrant bouquet she had been handed. Not only did Audrey become one of her best friends. She was now becoming her step mom.

After sending them on their honeymoon, Alissa walked back into her apartment and called UPS for a pick up. As she prepared to shut down Peggy for good, she stopped. “Peggy?”

“Yes Alissa?”

“I am a woman now. My dream has been achieved. I will miss you. But, I think it is time to move on.”

“I am just a machine. You are human. My AI tells me you are right. I hope you have a great life. And I am glad that I was a part of you becoming the real you, Alissa.”

“I have become the real me and, thanks to you, I will have a great life.” Before she shut Peggy down for good, Alissa kissed her on the cheek and said, “Domo argigato, Mrs. Roboto!”

Copyright © 2018 by AuP reviner

[Author’s note: I had planned to write two stories for the Christmas contest. Cat Six was the first. This was to be the second. But, then I got too busy to come back and finish this tale. So, Merry Belated Christmas or is it Happy Easter – AuP ]

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