Alicia's New Life -2-

Alicia’s new life

By Christine

Chapter two: healing a wounded child

The healing process of a child that was subjected to abuse depends on many factors. As in the case with Allen Peterson who was subjected to terrible abuse over a period of four long years then it will take a long time to heal. All she knew from ages 12 to 16 were pain and suffering. She was enslaved and beaten constantly for any infraction. No one loved or protected her. That isn’t easy to get over, and I am not sure if its possible to ‘get over it’
Page 14, doctors report on subject Allen Peterson.

Alicia woke up achy. She tried to sit up but a sharp pain shot though her body making her lay back down. She looked around to see a few nurses checking the readings on machines that were hooked to her. She felt the slight stirring of fear seeing the women. She visibly cringed up and started trembling. She tried to still herself but she was unable to.

One of the nurses looked up at her, “Alicia.” She flinched hearing the woman speak that dreaded name. “We will not hurt you, alicia. There is no reason to fear. “

Alicia didn’t believe her for a second. She remained shivering and watching the woman carefully. She cringed from the nurses hand any time her hand went near her.

The nurse was annoyed that Alicia hadn’t believed her but there wasn’t anything she could do about that. She was aware of her history and the abuse she suffered at the hands of those that should have protected her. She just hoped that the police could bring them to justice.

Alicia saw the nurse walk out of the room thankfully. After a few minutes she the same doctor walk in wearing his white labcoat. HE has a muscular look about him despite his aged appearance, and gray hair. He looked like someone that worked out a lot. The man gazed at Alicia thoughtfully.

“I am sorry about that Alicia. I didn’t know that you would react that way to the officer. I can assure you that she is nice. She just wants to help you.”

Alicia spat out venomously, “I don’t believe you. IF you bring her here again I wont tell the bitch a thing. “ Her voice rose to a scream. ”I swear I wont! Women all lie!”

He knew that this wouldn’t work at all. Alicia didn’t trust women at all and he didn’t blame her. Women had hurt Alicia.

He walked out and met the officer. She introduced herself, “Hello doctor. I am detective Jessica Roberts of the Los Angeles Police Department, special victims unit. This is my partner Officer melonie Wake. Is your patient ready now?”

He shook his head, “No detective. She has been horribly traumatized by abuse and her recent beating. She has broken ribs, a broken collarbone. This isn’t the time to put any more stress on her.”

She protested, “but we need more information. I have to get a statement!”

“I suggest you get a male officer here. She wont open up to women. If you walk in there again you will cause the same panicked reaction again. She is simply terribly afraid of women. “

She didn’t understand. He went on, “You have to understand that. Think about this another way, if you have a female victim terribly afraid of men do you have a man question her?”

She shook her head, “No of course not. That’s why women are trained for this sort of thing. “

“Then why, “ The doctor asked, “would you have a boy that was terribly abused by women, and has a almost uncontrollable terror of women, questioned by a woman?”

“I understand doctor,” she finely said. “I will get a male officer to question her.”

She shook her heard as she walked away. This is something she never experienced. But, it made her simmering with rage that a woman would abuse a child so horribly. She really wanted to know who did this to the girl.

She fished her cell phone out of her purse and called the station to request a male officer from the SVU.

Within the hour a male police officer walks thought the door of her room. He saw Alicia look up at him and he saw a small amount of fear in her eyes. But there was also so much more there. The boy, girl, who ever was before her was a very traumatized kid that must have lived a purely hellish life. She looked like a girl. Her face was feminine, her body looked allot like a sixteen year old girls. Her long brown hair draped and was styled like a girls. He saw that there was nothing to indicate in any way that Alicia was but a girl. Except for her records and her social security number. All accessible from the state. And a small biological part that was kept hidden but she was at a hospital.

He strode into the room and sat down beside Alicia. He started off the conversation gently. His voice was kept quite. “Hello Alicia Peterson.”

He interrupted him abruptly. “Officer, please do not call me Alicia. I do not like that name at all and prefer that you call me Allen. “

He nodded, “Allen it is then. I am detective Mark Luther from the Special Victims Unit of the Los Angeles Police Determent. I am here to find out exactly what happened to you so we can decide how best to help you. And if anyone was guilty of hurting you Allen. SO we can arrest them. “

Mark saw the wheels in Allen’s head turning. Then he asked, “Detective Luther, If I help you then my sister, Mistress Katherine will surely punish me.”

He shook his head, “She wont be able to touch you. Lieutenant Jessica Roberts, She and a social worker from family services went to a judge, you have been removed from your brothers custody. You will be under police guard. I promise you that those people cant ever hurt you again. The judge appointed a guardian from social services. You can talk freely.’

Mark saw a small smile on Allens face. “Are you telling the truth, I am really free?”

Mark nodded. “Yes Allen. Now please tell me about the name Alicia. Who gave you that name and why is the name Alicia on some of your schools records. “

“My sister Katherine gave me that name. Alicia Peterson. I hate that name so much. Mistress Donna was there when I was 12 and she, on my sisters request were turning me into a girl. They had decided that and when I fought her, they hired Mistress Donna to take care of me. She asked for a girls name to call me and Katherine suggested Alicia. She liked it and that was the end of the discussion.”

A new player entered this twisted story. He asked Allen, “Mistress Donna? Who is she?”

Allen shivered as he recalled memories. “Mistress Donna was a true sadist. She was a huge woman with a mean temper. Not huge in fat but her arms were big, she was powerfully built. Like a professional wrestler or a Pro football linebacker. She was a professional governess. Brother hired her to run me after I beat Katherine. “

He was shocked, “You beat Katherine, your sister?”

Allen whispered, “Yes. That was after a few days of torture from Kathy and her friend. After she had beaten me countless times, forced me to dress like a girl. Raped me with a ass plug and forced me to perform oral sex on Craig, her perverted boyfriend that delighted in abusing me. After all of that, she had me infront of her the next day after forcing me to suck Craig. She told me that I was to be her slave and I would have to obey her. I attacked her then trying to be free. If perhaps I could make her see I wasn’t a sissy then she would forget hurting me. But the abuse didn’t end. brother broke it up and tied me up all night. The next day they got their revenge on me. My brother Ron, his wife Sandra, my sister Katherine. They all hurt me. “

He got enough information and stood up. “Thank you Allen. You are a strong boy. I will be back later. If you need me please call for me.

He sat down in the lobby and he saw Doctor Donner sit down next to him. The doctor saw the officer start crying. He shook his head, “I will never understand the minds of those that think it is acceptable to harm young children. People like that girls family simply do not deserve to remain living. We should freeze them to harvest their organs for those that deserve life. “

“I don’t know if I agree with that doctor but what this boy has been though, I will get them. Oh and by the way Doctor, call him Allen. Alicia is a persona that was forced on him though torture and abuse. All of which he is free from now.”

“I had a feeling that he didn’t like being Alicia, but this kid cant ever be masculine. The medicine he was forced to take has made sure of that. He will have to be female whether he likes it or not. With the body the child has, calling the kid Allen doesn't really fit well with me. “

Marks face became hard suddenly. His voice took on a edge of coldness, "You will make an effort anyway. This was a change forced on him, so he shouldn't have to live that way the rest of his life. "
Mark walked away. He was going to have a long talk with Ron. A very long talk.

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