Parallel Lives Chapter 23

Nathan and Natalie alike made sure to make good on that hope, every time a new switch occurred. When recording on a computer became too inconvenient for them, a file of the increasingly long video was sent to their phone. They could then record their speeches on their drives, on their breaks, anywhere they wanted.

Parallel Lives Chapter 22

It was a huge relief Natalie already had off that day. She didn’t think she had the strength to even call off, not after last night.

Natalie spent most of her morning laying around in her bedroom, blankly staring up toward the ceiling. By lunchtime, she needed to clear her mind, so she decided to take a walk outside down the sidewalk. It was a nice, sunny day out, something she desperately needed. It felt good, being in the fresh air.

Webs Chapter 15

A harsh, unrelenting pounding hit Geisinger’s head with full force every second. Everything around him was blended together into a blur. He couldn’t make out anything, not with his eyes, nor with his ears.

He tried to move his head and look down at himself but he couldn’t. He was paralyzed. Nothing would move, not his head, arms, or legs.

Where was he? What was he doing?

Shame and Desire Chapter 54

No words were spoken for the rest of the trip. It was silent the whole way back, but this was a warm, comfortable silence, much unlike the tense, awkward one on those first few trips to the mall at the start of the summer. Nothing more needed to be said, a feeling both Sierra and Elise knew well.

Sierra gazed out her window, watching the sun begin to set in the horizon. She hadn't realized they’d been out for so long. It was getting all too easy to lose track of time these days.

Shame and Desire Chapter 53

Sierra examined her face in the mirror as Elise pulled into Amanda’s driveway

“I think my makeup’s finally faded.” She said, rubbing her chin.

“Yeah, sweat’ll do that to you.” Amanda said. “Believe me, I know. Those girls on the team who wear makeup, I’ll never understand them.”

“Is that something you’d like to do again?” Elise asked.

“Of course!” Sierra said excitedly without thinking. She let out a forced cough afterward. “I mean, well, yeah… I think I’d like to do it again.”

Parallel Lives Chapter 19

“Hi Nathan. I don't know whether you’re a different person or just another side of me, it's really hard to comprehend. I know you’re feeling the same way about this.

The first thing I should say is that I don't think I can say enough times that I'm sorry about the sticky note. That was a really shitty thing to do, and I just… I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry.

Parallel Lives Chapter 18

Securing the top button on her shirt, Natalie examined herself in the mirror, managing a smile at the sight of her face.

She was right, Nathan could look good, provided he looked after his appearance. With his hair brushed like this and his facial hair more neatly managed, he was quite handsome. He didn’t even look chubby with this shirt on.

Natalie’s smile soon dropped as her hands fell to her sides.

Parallel Lives Chapter 17

I am so sorry that it took so long to update. I know I said I would try to update these stories more, but I got side tracked from the worst college class I've ever taken in my life. It was so bad that literally everyone was having problems in it. I spent so much time and energy just trying to access the assignments on a program that frequently failed that I had very little left to read or write. Now that that's finally over though, I can post some more chapters. So, enjoy.

Parallel Lives Chapter 16

The pen on the other side of the table tapped constantly against the cold wood beneath it. With it, Natalie’s legs bounced, restless and anxious.

“So, Nathan.” The interviewer said. “Tell me about yourself.”

In the past, Natalie had never been one to struggle with that kind of question. She always aced it without a hitch.

Now, of course, things were very different.

Parallel Lives Chapter 15

The doctor stared down at Nathan’s BMI results.

“Well.” She started. “You’ve definitely lost weight.”

“No shit”, Nathan wanted to say.

“Is it a lot?” He asked.

“It’s a bit.” She responded. “Though I should point out how you are no longer in the ‘overweight’ range.”

Nathan furrowed his brow.

The doctor sighed. “If you want, we can do a blood test. We can get the results back pretty quick.”

“How quick?”

“About a day.” She answered.

Nathan’s gaze turned to his arm, examining how much thinner it had become.

Webs Chapter 14

In his younger years Geisinger would’ve thrown the book across the room without a second thought. He got angry very easily back in those days. Whenever he ran into something hard or tedious, his frustration would take over and he’d lash out. College was a very stressful time for him, more so than for most.

Of course, a lot of that anger and stress was because of…

He quickly reached his right hand up to his left arm, feeling the cold metal fitted tightly around his skin. He let out a quiet sigh in relief.

Webs Chapter 13

“What the hell is this?”

Jacqueline had vigorously scrubbed the toilet bowl to the point where her arm and wrist were blazing. But in spite of all her efforts, there was something that was simply refusing to come off.

Jacqueline groaned, setting the toilet brush aside and getting down to eye the foreign substance for what could have been the millionth time.

It was a tricky thing to catch, simply glancing at the bowl would not reveal it. Jacqueline herself hadn’t noticed it until she began cleaning. And soon it became impossible for her not to notice it.

Webs Chapter 12

The sun’s rays crept through the windows of Jacqueline’s bedroom, waking her up with a bright and irritating sensation in her eyesight. Groaning, she climbed out of bed. This was far from the first time the sun had been an annoyance. Why did she think it was a good idea to choose the bedroom with so many windows? Why did this bedroom have so many windows to begin with?

Turning around, she saw Ben was not in bed with her. She must have gotten up early again. Hopefully she wouldn’t be as active and off-putting as yesterday.

Webs Chapter 11

“Jacqueline, meet me at the abandoned warehouse when you come home. I’ve got a surprise you will not believe.”

Jacqueline had lost track of how many times she’d read that text. She still wasn’t sure if she should reply. Ben never texted anything else after it. Every time she checked her phone, that’s where their texts ended.

Jacqueline put her phone down. She knew it was only a matter of time before she pulled it up again, doomed to repeat the seemingly never-ending cycle of reading that same text over and over.

Webs Chapter 9

“Hey, Jacqueline. Something happened to me during the mission today. I don’t know what it is, but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

While in the Forbidden Cave I was transformed into a woman. I’m not sure how or why it happened, but it did. I was cleared of having any serious curses or corruption, but for some reason I can not change back. Apparently my soul is ‘rejecting’ the magic, and leaving me stuck like this.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Shame and Desire Chapter 52

“It’s hard to say what it was like, being out there in a bathing suit. Hard to put into words and say anything other than ‘it felt good’, I guess. That doesn't even really describe it well either. ‘It felt good’ is so vague it could mean anything. It felt liberating maybe? I don’t know, I’m new to this.

Well, getting back on topic, Elise convinced me to go on another ride. A simple one, one where it just went straight up, turned, then went down. There was a splash at the end. I don’t remember what it was called, but after SkyRush, going on this was nothing.

Shame and Desire Chapter 51

“C’mon!” Elise exclaimed. “Let us see!”

Sierra gulped. Why had she agreed to this?

“Can you give me a few more minutes?” She asked.

“No.” Elise said flatly.

Well, that answer was certainly quick. She wasn’t going to get out of this one easily.

Sierra sighed, then slowly walked into view, revealing her body in a black bathing suit. No trunks, no shirt, no water shoes.

Parallel Lives Chapter 11

Autumn’s story had started a chain reaction. Pretty soon everyone in the room was taking turns talking about what had led them into becoming the women they now were. Not everyone spoke about it, so far two women had declined, but most of them did. And as they did, Natalie’s suspicions were slowly but surely confirmed. They had all been men in a past life, and each had varying levels of remembrance of it.

Parallel Lives Chapter 9

One awful side effect of being unemployed is how much it fucks up a sleep schedule. Falling asleep in the very late hours of the night and waking up in the afternoon felt so horrible and wrong on so many levels. In Nathan’s case, it made him feel like a slob.

Thankfully though, every morning Astian made sure to come to his room to wake him up, usually just by shaking him.

Nathan pretended to still be asleep when he heard Astian come into his room. He just needed a few extra minutes to rest.

Parallel Lives Chapter 8

Natalie thought that she had expended all of her tears. The adrenaline from putting a gun in her mouth and being one twitch away from ending it all had long been filtered out of her system, her sadness and confusion going with it.

But after she heard Sara say she was sorry, she didn’t know what came over her.

She just lost it.

She cried. Hard enough to fill an ocean, probably. And it seemed nothing could stop her.

Webs Chapter 8

Magic made the clean up process after missions much quicker, and in Ben’s case, much more bearable. No shower was needed for anyone, a spell was able to clean up all the dirt and filth they had picked up in an instant. An incredible convenience, and Ben was thankful he didn’t have to actively bathe. Seeing his naked body in its current state would undoubtedly be uncomfortable.

Webs Chapter 7

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Ben looked all around him as his body rose upward. There wasn’t any voice he could hear that told him that. He only had the knowledge that something, somewhere said there was beauty, and that he should appreciate it.

“So, so beautiful.”

Ben’s eyes narrowed as he took in his surroundings. He could see nothing but the sky and the clouds. The only thing he felt was the wind that occasionally blew past. His body was entirely suspended in the air, and every second he could feel himself slowly ascend toward something.


Shame and Desire Chapter 50

The girls were so lucky their parents forced them to bring sunscreen.

The sun was absolutely brutal. Anyone who dared to step outside was sure to be burnt to a crisp within minutes. The heat was like a constant pressure on every part of their bodies

Essentially, it was the perfect day to go out to an amusement park.

Hershey Park, even just past the entrance, was full and bustling with life. Everywhere one looked, everywhere one heard, people were having pure, unadulterated fun.

To live so close to such a huge amusement park would’ve been any kid’s dream.

Webs Chapter 6

The sudden drop in the cave’s path was finally cleared of rock. All parts of the floor that had fallen down into the room underneath were now stored in a pile above it. It had taken ten minutes to do in all, which, considering the tech they were using, was actually pretty quick. Still, Geisinger’s group was incredibly frustrated that the better tech hadn’t been released yet, even after all this time.

Webs Chapter 5

With all the members assigned to the mission together, it was finally time for the obligatory list of safety protocols. The whole S.I.D. had long since memorized them all, but regardless Geisinger insisted on going through them every time. Some found it annoying, but others saw it as necessary.

“Okay.” Geisinger announced in a loud voice. “We will go through the proper safety protocols and then head in there and hopefully get this done as soon as possible. I hate this cave and I’m sure most of you do as well.”

There were many nods at his statement.

Webs Chapter 4

One hand in front of the other. Each movement upwards is like a step, one at a time.

Ben made sure to keep his breathing stable and consistent. A mandatory technique for exercises such as this, and one that he had long since mastered.

The rope was thick, and long, sixty feet in fact. This specific exercise was straight out of “American Ninja Warrior”, one had to climb the rope to the top, attached to a belay. The rope may have been fifteen feet short, but the extra length was made up for by a short ladder at the end.

Parallel Lives Chapter 6

The moon was high in the sky as Natalie took slow, tedious steps toward the cabinet in her apartment’s unused guest bedroom. The bedroom she now knew as the one Astian slept in before the… event.

There was only one way to end all her pain for good.

She took a shaky hand and grabbed one of the door handles, opening it to reveal a pistol on the top shelf.

It needed to stop.

She grabbed the pistol and examined it in her hands.

By any means necessary, it needed to stop.

Parallel Lives Chapter 5

Another slow, boring day at work. The corporate drone in the meeting Natalie just left had been going on for hours about a bunch of stuff she didn’t remotely care for. What was the meeting even about anyway? It had just ended and already she couldn’t recall.

At least her lunch break had arrived so she could openly drown in her sorrows in the worker’s lounge. She hadn’t actually brought a lunch, eating would require a level of effort and commitment that she, at the moment, wasn’t able to uphold. She hadn’t eaten breakfast either, she simply couldn’t eat at all.


The soul of a thousand year old spider has just been unleashed onto the world, looking for a suitable human to bond with.

tw // Death, Violence, Attempted Suicide, Body Horror, Gore, Torture, Disturbing Scenes

This is probably not going to be an easy story to read. I can guarantee that. It was largely inspired by “The Fly”, particular the 1986 version of the film directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jeff Goldblum. There will be deaths, and some disturbing scenes, which could pop up in any chapter. Keep this warning in mind while reading.

Also my new goal is at least one chapter per week for all of these stories. This year I want to become more serious about writing.

Parallel Lives Chapter 4

Nathan collapsed onto his bed in exhaustion after unpacking the last of his belongings.

“I fucking hate moving.” He said aloud.

Astian laughed from outside the doorway. “Well at least you’re all set here. Unless I’m so bad you want to move out.”

“Man, I’ve got no god damned money right now. You know I can’t do that.” Nathan replied, a bit annoyed.

“Right, right, I’m sorry.” Astian said. “I know you’ve had a pretty rough time these past few weeks.”

Shame and Desire Chapter 47

Elise awoke to the obnoxious beeping of an alarm on her phone. She quietly groaned as she reached over to her nightstand to turn it off.

Slightly begrudgingly, she sat up in her bed and checked the time, 6:03 AM. At least she hadn’t overslept. That would’ve been awful. She had a big day today, going to Hershey Park. She couldn’t be late.

Sierra had a big day today.

Shame and Desire Chapter 46

Note: This announcement was originally written for TG Storytime, as this story was originally written for TG Storytime. What is said in it may not apply to this site.

Well, we're coming up at the 1 year anniversary of this story. My god, I never expected it to be this long, and we still have a long way to go until the end! Anyway, 100K words! Wow! That's insane. I never thought I'd write anything longer than 100K words in my life but here we are. I want to thank you all so much for sticking around and reading this story. Every new review, each time I see this story get another favorite, it means a lot to me, and motivates me to continue writing. Anyway, here's Chapter 46 and oh, I achieved my main goal! 100K words before the story's 1 year anniversary. Another reason to celebrate!

Shame and Desire Chapter 45

Okay, so before getting into this chapter I want to leave these notes here. First and foremost, I have received criticism regarding the politics in this story, and honestly I completely agree with most of the criticism. Including politics in this story was a horrible mistake. If I had the time and energy to rewrite this story, I would take this specific subplot with Elise's grandparents out, as well as most of the political stuff. I fully understand any criticism I get for this chapter and this story's use of politics. "Shame and Desire" is not a perfect story, and I am very much aware of that. I don't think anyone here reads these stories for lectures on capitalism, imperialism, and fascism.

If I will say anything to defend myself, it's that when I started writing this story, I wasn't exactly very serious about it and often times included certain elements for the sake of it. Quite a big chunk of this story was just used as a vessel to spout left wing political views. This is my first really big story, it has just hit 98K words and we still have quite a ways to go until the end. I am bound to make some mistakes. And now I have to live with them. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to criticize me or this chapter, but I thought it was just worth pointing out.

If you don't like the politics in this story, then you can be glad that there will be no major political subplots or commentary in this story from now on. I want to take writing this story more seriously and start only including elements that will add to the plot. They might still be thrown around here and there, as I've come to like Sierra's characterization as someone who cares a lot about left wing politics. And I also like the dynamic between Sierra and Elise in regards to this, with Elise being more of a liberal socdem and Sierra being far left (I'm not sure if she'd be more of a communist or an anarchist). But it won't be big, and it definitely will not take up a major part of the story.

If there's anything positive I can say here, it's that if you do like political debates, you'll probably enjoy this chapter. But other than that, go into this chapter and come out with whatever opinion you want.

Shame and Desire Chapter 44

Elise rang the doorbell to her house and saw that Devin’s face was red and his body was shaking.

“Don’t die of a heat stroke out here.” She said to him.

“Sorry. I’m just nervous.”

“Yeah, I can see.” Elise said. “I think we should let your body breathe a bit when we go inside. We’ll head to my room and take that sweatshirt off.”

“Do you think they’ll let us close the door?”

“If they don’t I’ll make sure to cover you.”

“Thanks.” Devin replied.

Shame and Desire Chapter 43

When Devin first went to his electrolysis session, he was told that his facial hair would take about a week to start growing back. He had already known that it would take far more than one session to remove all his facial hair, but he was still pretty stoked to have a whole week clear of it.

Looking at his face in the mirror, it was apparent that that week was over.

It was subtle, but he could see and feel some fuzz on his chin. He tried to shave all that he could off, but his attempts still left a light shadow marking the bottom half of his face.

Shame and Desire Chapter 42

1 Year, 8 Months Earlier

Elise could not believe what she was hearing.

“What!?” She exclaimed. “Are you serious?”

“Could you try to keep it down?” Corey said, slightly annoyed. “I don’t want to attract any attention.”

Elise looked around the cafeteria and saw that quite a few people had turned their heads to see what the commotion was.

“Okay.” Elise said. “But only because I don’t want to attract any attention either. I don’t give a damn what you think.”

“Yeah.” Corey said quickly, not believing her.


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