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Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 14

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As we were mounting the bus I could not help but wonder what Mum had truly been to these Italians during the war. Giancarlo had called her Major and Selena her Aide but I had thought mum had been a lone avenger sort of thing. What appeared here was a much more senior role, but at fifteen? But then I was hardly older than that and already in charge of an operation for the Polizia Militare and Generale Emberto. I would have to ask a lot of questions of both, Mum and Selena.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 9: Assault and Battery

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 09
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

We go after his freak girlfriend. ... We take her out and it will send a message that if he fucks with us we fuck with his girlfriend. That bitch Shelby has had it coming a long time. ... It’s time we showed her and him we don’t put up with freaks around here”

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp. 21

“They're moving out now, number one.” Nelson watched as the three SUV’s leave the parking garage.

“Roger, number two. Keep your eyes on them and wait for our signal.” Juan watches from his perch.

He hopes that the plan they laid out will pay off. The research he did into each bodyguard had proven very fruitful. It also revealed that he and the others didn’t want to get into hand-to-hand combat with a few of them either.

The Prophet Revised Chapter 20

By Jasmine Monica Chapter 20

The Prophet
Serinina takes on Italy and makes final preparations for her landing on the Golden Isles. Patinea finds herself more frustrated with her sisters success and events in her personal life.

Sissys Reckoning

Sissys Reckoning

By Julia Michelle
an abused stepson sissy returns for a little payback to those who took her life as a boy
Warning. This is a very violent story with extreme cruelty, torture and murder. Stephania is not the typical sissy.

Elizabeth and Sara

Elizabeth looks at her wife as she walks out of the bathroom. Her belly has gotten big since she became pregnant. The two eggs that had been artificially inseminated had split. Now, they were going to be a family of six, instead of a family of four.

She couldn’t believe that Sara was going to have four babies. Neither one of their family’s had a history of twins or any signs of multiple births in their family line. How the egg she gave Sara had split and Sara’s own egg split was a mystery to them.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Part 1

The mouse scratched at the walls of the small Plexiglas box it found itself in. It didn’t seem to notice when the lights in the room dimmed or when a robotic arm with a laser scanner descended from the ceiling and bathed it in a red wave of flickering light. A slight electrical hum filled the room. Moments later a shining object looking rather like a giant sparkplug lowered itself over the mouse.

A slightly hollow sounding female robotic voice echoed throughout the room. “Sequence initiation in three, two, one. Initializing.”

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 13

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Having heard she knew where there were more victims I was sure we had to get her out quickly to be able to get as much information we could get, before I would have a go at our assault. I gently took her arm again and we started walking towards the Porta del Perugino. I knew we would have to pass the Sant Carlo palace but as hoping, that the two who had been in front of the door there were among our victims. I let out a deep sigh of relief, when I carefully peeked around the corner of the chapel again and saw no suspicious people in our path. The front of the building was clear and it seemed, we were more than just lucky today.

Castle The Series - 0091 Morgelle, Jed, Otday, Turner, Treen



They rounded a small promontory of rock known as Eel Point because as Tuyere explained, “There are a lot of sea eels that live in holes in the rocks underwater.”



The memories of Warbler’s declaration of love maekt time stand still for Jed, but eventually Otday returned to consciousth.



For the first time since Quarterday Eorl could envisage a slight chance for his son to survive to fourteen.


OTIS (22)

Otis was convinced by the lack of reaction to his suggestive remarks they were acceptable to the women.


BEKKA (16), CARLEY (18) AND VIKKI (16)

Join the Folk or die. There is naught in between.

New Contract

New Contract
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

I used to believe that the two most valuable things that I had were my custom-made CZ 75B and my penis. Now I have only one of those. My CZ 75B is my tool of trade, after all.

In addition to a good weapon, the other two ingredients for a success career in my chosen profession are a total disregard for human life and total anonymity. You lose either of those and you are no use. In fact, as far as my handler would be concerned, you are worse than useless - you are a liability.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.20

Raven and Clair were entangled with one another in bed. Raven was on top of Clair with one leg in between Clair’s leg and she had her head tucked in the nook of Clair’s shoulder. The two of them had enjoyed each other’s bodies for a while.

What came as a surprise, was Clair getting a small amount of milk from Raven’s breasts. She had sucked on Raven breasts several times before. However, this time was different. Raven’s breasts had produced a mouthful of breast milk. It had surprised Raven like it did Clair.

Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin - Prologue

This is my first story. It is a fem!Harry/dark!Harry, with a twist. Holly Potter was raised in the muggle world. How will she adapt to becoming a witch, and how will lives be changed along the way?

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 12

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Gently leading Mother Daniella after the priest towards the back door and the gardens I wondered if the Assassini were watching the back, too. If they were I would have to either bet on them still having no idea about what was going on and talk to her and then lead her back to her lodgings or kill those, that would see us. If they were not watching the back my best bet would be to make her disappear, so that she could give us all information she had. Then I would group my little force and raid the Vatican this night. In that case I would desperately need to talk to Carlo and Emberto.

The Huntress Chronicles Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is part one of the final two chapters of Book one, I know I didn't make that clear but it feels easier to end book one here once part two is shown. Content: Evil Muse, Mass murder of Innocents, Hyper Conservative Christian, Giving a Child Electroshock Therapy, Torturing children, Bizarre transformations, Nightmare Creatures, Turning man into animal, Turning fantasy creature into a human, Obscene unnecessary violence, BDSM, Consensual Hypnosis

Warriors way chapter 10...bad Penny part 2

Warriors way chapter 10...bad Penny part 2

So what will happen now, the story goes on!

New story in the growing Hekawi universe!
Read the others in this new universe

Meagan's Tail

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and “Déjà vu”





Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 11

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I went to have a bit of rest then, as I wanted to go on my own to scout in the small hours. I was sure to be the most safe on my own, as none of the others knew the art of the dragons to melt into the shadows like Liu and I had done at Tivoli. I got up when my feeling said it was time. The clock said half past three in the morning. I put on my black fighting clothes and wrapped my now blond hair in a black scarf, that also covered my face leaving only my eyes free. I wore black leather gloves, just in case I met any assassini. Alphonso insisted on staying at the point where I penetrated the Vatican with his men and that was no problem for me. I was not going to be seen, even if one or two of the assassini would not survive the night, but the men could certainly help to dispose of the corpses if the need arose.

The New Recruits Part 18

“Hello, Uncle Frank.” Brittney looks directly at her uncle.

Frank looks directly at Brittney “you’re supposed to be dead along with that freak that took you from your family.”

“I would be careful calling my mother, a freak. She doesn’t take kindly to words like that.” Brittney was controlling her anger. She didn’t like it when people call her mother weird, or names.

“Why should I worry about her? According to what I have been hearing, she’ll be dead soon.” An evil smile appears on his face.

Stuck in a Rut - Part 52

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is dealing with the usual things that any Fourteen year old girl has to deal with. That is... if they are a girl in a world where girls aren’t born, they are transformed. Leaving her male life behind is difficult, and new threats are on the horizon.


The Prophet Revised Chapter 16

The Prophet

By Jasmine Monica

Chapter 16

Serinina deals with violence against the Helots, then she deals with the other greek states and marries Ares

The Prophet Revised Chapter 15

The Prophet

By Jasmine Monica

Chapter 15

Serininas begins to reveal her grand plan to contront her sister and reclaim what was taken from her. Some have serious questions about her plan

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 10

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After that call I sat down with Alphonso and his men and told them, what Mother Angelica had said. It meant, that we were ready to make contact with Mother Daniella. The next morning I’d try and meet her at the chapel, so right this afternoon uncle Alphonso and I would go to the Vatican as visitors. I had brought two of my best dresses and some jewellery as well as some heels, so that with the now blonde again hair I looked definitely European. I had another PPK and another silencer as well as some ammunition in my handbag and Alphonso was carrying a gun the same way Franco did, in an ankle holster under his trousers. His men would pretend to be ordinary people on a visit to Rome and the Vatican and stay close, but not too close to Alphonso and myself, as we’d walk towards the Chapel for a first impression of the layout around it and the Palace next to it. It was going towards the end of the afternoon, so I hoped there would not be too many people milling about.

“Are You Happy” Stage 11 “Inside Sighs”

Stage 11
Inside Sighs

I still adored Amber.
Even after everything that happened between us…and that being almost nothing. Yes,s he talked to me, a but more so after what had happened to Scott. I stood by as a shoulder to cry on. To be honest, I should have been the one crying on her shoulder due to the situations in my life and the fact that I couldn’t tell who liberated her from the hands of the person who I once counted as my friend.

The Trouble with Binky

2020 January - Leap of Faith Story Contest

The Trouble with Binky
by Rosalie Redd

I screamed through the gates of the estate in my Testarosa. My name is Maximilian Wallace Brockton. I am a world-renown dancer and actor. I live on this estate with my sister. I suspect we have a man-servant or two that live on the estate somewhere. I don’t really know.

Coming into the foyer, I was greeted by my sister, Binky. She had been working in her workshop, as is her usual hobby. She ran in and lept into my arms.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Alice's POV

I was ready to tear my hair out with frustration and anger. It was obvious that Julia was behind it. Hannah had called her as soon as I had been untied that morning and Julia wasn't answering. I had struggled, shuffled and rolled to get to my door but hadn't been able to open it. As soon as I heard someone moving around I managed to repeatedly thump the door until I was rescued.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

“As you can see,” said Dr Theobald, “We have had to put him in restraints again.”

Her face was up to the window, but she kept her eyes closed. She could not bear to look. She knew what she would see. Her precious son. The one that she had held to her breast, and nurtured, was insane.

“I want to discuss with you a therapy,” said Dr Theobald. “It is a longshot, but with your consent we could try something.”

The Prophet Revised Chapter 14

The Prophet


Jasmine Monica

Chapter 14

Serininas adventure continues. She prepares her expedition to Sparta, fights the Greek blockade of Troy and faces intrigue in the Palace. On top of it all her relationship with Aries developed.

“Are You Happy” Stage 10 “Post Telecom Daydream”

Stage 10
Post Telecom Daydream

I used to work at a technical support call center. I was fresh out of high school and thought the idea of being a disembodied voice helping another disembodied voice would be the best thing for me. I could offer my support and in the end, hang up and never hear from them again.
Tragically, the same thing did not apply to my co-workers.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 17 and 18

Chapter 17 Dee Dee's POV

After Julia had left we were all feeling a bit depressed. I really didn't want to breastfeed from her. Even thinking about it made me want to vomit. There were a lot of things she could do that would fuck up our lives and, despite not wanting to think about it, we tried to work through a list so that we could try and think of actions we could do to counter her.

Killer Man-Eating Pussies

The title was originally a spam subject, snatched up as part of Malinov's "Exploding Nipples" contest in 1997-1998. I didn't actually write the story until years later, in 2006. Thanks to Denny Wheeler for proof-reading and catching some unfortunate blunders in the original ASSM post.

A Boy visits a Girl for a planned movie and dinner. Things get hot.

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 9

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Grandfather then took me aside to tell me about his phone call to Hamburg. Master Hong had promised to put the four young men on the TEE-Helvetia (*) from Hamburg to Zürich, from where they’d be able to take the TEE-Gottardo to Milano. From there it would be an ordinary Italian train to Rome. The whole trip should not take any longer than two to three days at the most. It would help, though, if someone Italian or able to speak the language could meet them at Milano. Both of us thought it best to send Liu, who readily agreed. Grandfather and Franco would meet them at Rome, where Alphonso, his men and I would already have scouted out the Vatican. For that purpose I would have to return to my natural hair colour, which would turn me back into signorina Del Soto, a tourist eager to learn about the Vatican, accompanied by her uncle Alphonso. My goal was to find a way into the chapel Mother Daniella would be praying to find her early in the morning and help her to regain her life and courage. Then I would ask her to give us all the information we needed to find and kill the Assassini, without running into the Swiss Guard.

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 8

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After a long and passionate cuddle with my love I felt myself prepared to face the Cardinal. I decided to take Alphonso Da Silva with me, as Franco was better employed here to keep looking out for Mei Ling and my mum, both of whom were now occupied with the Capitano and thus out of my mind. I knew I needed to keep myself together and my rage under control. The fool of a Cardinal had really planned to unleash his assassins on the poor children. If I let myself go I might actually skin the bastard alive. Da Silva looked at me admiringly.

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

Logan in Crisis

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

The thirst for a life now shattered permeates our thirteenth issue. Logan and Scott have rescued Storm from Sabrettoth’s lair, but at great personal cost. A cost that may soon be felt by Jean just as acutely. Logan must now find a way to move forward, to seize the chance at a life when everything feels as if it has turned to ashes in her mouth. And even with Sabretooth dead, Magneto continues to plot and plan, with mutants seemingly willing to sacrifice their lives for his “cause”. Can Logan hope to overcome her deep emotional wounds to find it in herself to care enough to continue to fight? And exactly what will she fight for?

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 7

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As much as I would have liked to enjoy the peace and healing that now permeated the ward, my mind was occupied by these assassins. How could it have been, that such a group had existed within the church of Rome, without it being discovered and raising objections among the faithful christians? There was only one logical explanation my mind could come up with: fear. Well, I could play that game, too. It had already worked with Michele and his “family” of hell hounds, with the help now of the Great Dragon, master Liu, and my Dì yī qíshì I, as again the ghost of Viper would be able to spread terror inside the Vatican and possibly Rome. But first I needed to know all that Cardinal knew.

When She Stops Saying She Loves You Chapter 5 “Falling Down”

I had no idea how convoluted the family court system was. Even though Chuck told me every time I had to come into his office to sign a paper and, of course, write him a check. I went to therapy sessions, my wife went to therapy sessions too and if I had down a quarter of the things she accused me of doing in those meetings I would have either shot myself or, if I was a major scumbag, congratulate myself on being an outstanding player in the BSDM game.

“A Change Will Do You Good” Chapter 14 “Sweet Child o’Mine”

I woke up to the sound of thunder. It was the coast: sometimes the days were sunny with blue skies and other times it was a low level storm. The light through my window was grey and moody.
Unlike how I felt. I got up from the bed, grabbed my robe and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I would try my best to look as good as I could with the limited summer wardrobe I brought with me. Since it was early, I could get a good shower before all the hot water was taken by my sisters.

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 6

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When we got back to the ward where the girls were mum and the mother superior came rushing to hug me together with Marina and Mei Ling. I still felt the connection with both of them and was amazed at feeling Sister Angelica hesitantly touch my mind sending love and reassurance. I smiled.
“I have no idea, Xiăolóng, how you are able to do the things you do and not break. Had it not been for Angelica even the reduced version of what you felt would have broken me.” mum said.
“She may not call it Chi, mum, but I realised yesterday already, that she and I draw our strength from the same source. The way we do it and what we use it for may be entirely different, but it definitely is the same source.”


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