Cissy BeBe The Clown

Cissy BeBe The Clown
By Mary Beth Sanford



Like some boys I dreamed of running away to join the circus. More so after watching my first Circus march around the rings on opening day. There were clowns, dozens of them, but the one dressed as a baby girl really caught my attention. I was diapered for bed wetting and cross dressing by then, and right there in front of me, marching happily, was a man wearing everything I loved wearing and getting paid for it. The perfect job I thought....

A little word of caution: In this story, unlike most that I write, I wanted to explore, in a mildly explicit form, the number of ways, legitimate ways, that my protagonist could find some sort of sexual release. Mark, that protagonist, has emerged from a terribly dark cocoon into lights almost too bright for a clear view, and while he's still squinting he's being gently guided into worlds he's never imagined, let alone know.

Players in order of appearance:

Mark West as the new Cissy BeBe the clown, Monica as Mommy Cuddles the clown, Julie as Little Lacy the clown, Sandy as the old Cissy, and Mr. Potter the circus boss. Jerry, AKA Jennifer; Bobby.


"What the hell? Hey! Who is that?" the voice yelled and then added, "hey, you! I can see your butt. Come out of there."

The stick caught Mark on the back of his hand, not hard, but he jerked his hand back defensively when it swung again. The railroad bulls used sticks to beat the freeloaders off the trains. Mark was afraid it was a railroad bull.

With one hand off the handle his other wouldn't hold him any longer. He wanted to let go, he had to let go because in truth he was simply too exhausted to hang on. Mark, already on the verge of tears, was exhausted, cold and hungry. He just no longer cared. If it was a railroad bull so be it. He gave up allowing himself to simply flop onto the ties and gravel.

He was thirsty, terribly thirsty and so very sore. Everything ached. Mark took a chance and looked through the bars of the railroad car. The man watching him, looked on wearily, there was no sympathy on his face and that stick was still in his hand as Mark lay motionless on the gravel beneath him.

"I give up," Mark said in a low voice.

"Then come out of there," the voice yelled angrily while the stick wavered close to Mark's legs.

"Please, give my a minute... My hands are cramping," Mark said desperate to move his fingers.

Mark hesitated for as long as he dared. Mark sighed and resigned himself to what was about to happen. He carefully moved to the edge of the car crab like, but feet first fearing the blows about to rain down on him. He'd been there before, he mused. As he emerged he was at least thankful not to still be clinging to the railroad car. His hands hurt, his arms ached and he was now shivering uncontrollably.

"Please, I'll leave. Please? Just don't hit me anymore," Mark begged keeping his head just under the edge of the railway car to protect it if need be. Almost everything else healed on it's own, but not his head.

"Now stop that. I didn't hit you that hard honey, I poked at you and I only poked at you because you wouldn't answer me. Now come out of there before you end up in two equal, but very bloody halves," the man said. Oddly he spoke in what was clearly a womanly voice.

Something was wrong with the picture Mark had formed. It took a second to adjust that picture and the voice helped. It wasn't a man, but a woman and Mark regretted that first impression. She was just a large somewhat muscular woman dressed in work clothes.

Mark smiled slightly at the contradiction facing him. At least they had that in common. Mark wanted to tell her he understood because he was in the same boat, only at the other end of the spectrum. She was too big for her gender, he was too small.

"And why in hell are you clinging to the bottom of a damn railway car anyway? And on a night like this? You're not going to survive the night if the temperature drops anymore. You realize that's about the worse way to travel you can pick. You a runaway," Monica asked. Better not be running from some kind of crime.... you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am, I heard. Mark said.

"So you commit a crime somewhere," Monica asked.

"No ma'am, no crime and I'm not running away. Okay, yes I am running away, but I'm eighteen so I'm technically no longer a runaway. I'm just broke and I needed to get somewhere else... anywhere else as fast as I could," Mark said regretting that last. It begged for further explanation and he wasn't ready to give it.

"Where? Somewhere," Monica asked.

"Just anywhere," Mark said in exhaustion.

"No crimes, that's good, but did you break any other laws back wherever it was you was coming from? I mean in this big hurry of yours," Monica asked.

"No. Just had to leave is all," Mark said in frustration, and added, "and it's like I said, I'm eighteen."

"Don't give me attitude honey, remember you're the one that is a stowaway, and unless you can prove you're eighteen sweets, you'll have to come with me and tell your story to the police," Monica warned.

"Please, no police," Mark said and added, "Please. Look, I'm sorry. No more attitude. I'm just tired is all."

"And if you'd let me finish," Monica said loudly before adding, "on the other hand, there would be no need for the police if what you said was true."

"It's true, got my license," Mark said as moved out from beneath the rail car fully and stood. The soft breeze caught Mark's smell and pushed it towards Monica.

"Keep that license in your wallet. Not sure I want to touch anything yet. You know, it wouldn't be a bad idea to introduce you to some soap and water first. Honey, to be really honest with you, you smell pretty damn bad," Monica noted as she scrunched her nose.

"I couldn't let go with either hand," Mark said lowering his head but rubbing his shoulders as he slowly straightened. He'd had to go potty the instant the train lurched ahead and again sometime in the night, and he'd been hanging on ever since as he added, "thought that train was going to go on forever."

"Considering where we started at the beginning of this season it almost feels like it. Oh, and I'm Monica, and you would be," Monica asked.

"Mark," Mark said not offering her his last name as he added, "and I really have got a drivers license, if that's proof enough."

"It is only if it hasn't been tampered with. How long you been under there," Monica asked and this time the face did show a touch of sympathy.

"Not sure. Day and a half I guess," Mark said trying not to give her any information on the city either as he asked, "Okay if I can get a drink water somewhere. I'm real thirsty at the moment."

Mark's shivering was getting slightly worse and his teeth chattering was effecting his voice.

"It was cold last night, today and still is. Come on, we've got a trailer not far from here, and you can earn the cost of a bath helping me carry one of our trunks over to it," Monica said as she turned her back on Mark to open the rail cars massive door.

There was a ramp against the rail car as Monica motions Mark to walk ahead of her. She pulled the lever, twisted it letting it fall against the metal wall of the car. She began pulling on the door. The door squealed, squeaked and protested in scraping sounds, but opened.

Just inside Monica grabbed hold of a not too large trunk. There were large shelves along the rail car walls with about half of them holding all manner of luggage. Obviously the bag she was tugging on was one of hers Mark decided as she added, "come on and grab that other handle."

Mark moved to help her as she stood the bag up. The stick that Mark thought was a stick wasn't as Monica slipped it into the large trunk. There were two wheels on the end Mark grabbed and the handle made it a very large version of a pull along piece of luggage. There were stickers all over the top from towns Mark had heard of, but had never seen and then a few he'd never heard of.

"Tell you what, you pull this and I'll get another," Monica said grabbing another large suitcase.

Mark, deciding he'd badly judged the woman on several levels, took up the pull handle of the trunk and waited to follow. The spur with all of the railroad cars was a good couple of blocks from the large trailer court that Mark was walking towards.

Mark met another woman at the door a large double wide factory built home. She was younger and she frowned immediately at Mark while stepping back. She tossed her head back, brought a finger to her nose, and made that same face, scrunching her nose as Monica had when she came near Mark.

"Who's this," the woman said stepping aside but squinting and still curling her nose after Mark followed Monica into the large double wide trailer.

"Stowaway," Monica said.

"Stowaway," Julie said and added, "what he stow away in? A soft pile of crap?"

"Was riding the rails like a hobo," Monica said and she too added, "I'm guessing it's in his pants!"

"Smells like it," Julie added.

"He does at that," Monica noted.

"No, Monica, he doesn't smell, he stinks," the other woman noted as Mark continued manhandling the trunk with him. He stepped closet to the kitchen counter desperate for a glass of water but stood in place shivering, fearing he'd be kicked out.

"I know he smells, I know. He is in desperate need of a bath and his names Mark, no last name. Found him under the baggage car of all places. Says he rode in with us last night," Monica said and added to Mark, "oh, and that's Julie."

"So he's really a stowaway," Julie asked then shook her head, suddenly smiling affectionately at Monica as she added, "and I'm guessing we've got another damn stray if I'm reading that face of yours right."

"Nope! He's not staying," Monica said and added, "and Mark, I'd like to see that license now if you don't mind. Laws pretty clear on minors."

"May I have a glass of water," Mark asked.

"Help yourself," Monica said as Julie bent as far as she could without getting any closer to hand him a glass.

Mark fishing a wafer thin wallet from his pocket took the only other item he carried in it out and handed it to Monica as he took the water. It was gone in an instant and another went as well.

"Thank you," Mark said.

"You're welcome," Julie said filling the glass for a third time.

"Wow. Eighteen for two whole days now. Happy birthday," Monica said handing Mark's license back and noting also the address.

For no other reason than to look official she paused and held it to the light. Monica looked at the address again and roughly guessed the boy was about 1,200 miles from there making his stay under that car about 30 hours, as she added, "and I noticed you didn't have any luggage."

"He locked my room," Mark said dropping his head. There was anger filling his voice and suddenly he was almost on the verge of tears again. He took a breath, wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and quickly gritted his teeth. It was clear whoever it was that did whatever they did wasn't thought of kindly. Mark looked so desperate and suddenly very sad.

"Okay, we can cover all of this on the other side of a shower or bath, your choice," Julie said looking painfully at Monica.

"She's right Mark. A promise is a promise. You helped with the luggage and you get a bath. Well, let's see if we can't find you something to wear till we get some of that world out of those clothes you're wearing," Monica said as she looked at Julie.

Julie knew that look and this time she agreed with it. The boy looked like death warmed over and whatever he'd wallowed in made him stink to high heaven. Whatever else he was he was in need of a little comfort and a whole lot of care.

"The next time you bring someone home, it would be so nice if they were at least your size," Julie said smiling as she moved off towards what Mark guessed was her bedroom. He didn't think he'd need to mention he was a guy.

"Come on honey and lets see what you look like with a little less dirt. You hungry," Monica asked and added, "Don't answer that. Thirty hours under a railway car makes that the dumbest question I've ever asked.

"Maybe a little," Mark said as he realized he was starving. He also realized he was judging them and again regretting the image he fostered. A woman, dressed masculine, another more feminine and he cursed himself. His step father's influence, he mused as he added, "It's okay, I was planning on eating later, in town. I can just take a quick shower when I get there if that's okay?"

"Honey, town is an hour away by car, so it's about fifteen hours on foot. In your condition I'd add a few more hours, say at least a day, and trust me no one is going to let you into their place to eat, not smelling and looking like that," Monica said and added, "and that's if you survive the cold they way you're dressed."

Mark not sure what to do or say just stood there shivering.

"Look, why not have that bath or shower and a little something to eat here first, then we'll kick you out. Might even find you something warmer to wear when you leave. How's that," Monica said smiling and added, "and it's nothing fancy, so I'll charge you for the food, bath and our washing machine about equal to the cost of lumping that luggage and a few more pieces for me when you're done."

"Deal! Anything you've got is okay, and thank you," Mark said excitedly as Monica walked past. She stopped in the hallway to open a closet that turned out to be linen.

She had a towel and wash cloth in her hands standing next to a door she opened as she added, "soaps in the holder. Wash till there's no dirt on that wash cloth," as she added, "and toss those clothes out in a pile when you're out of them and I'll bury them."

"It's all I've got," Mark said quickly before he realized she was joking.

"I was kidding. Going to wash them a few dozen times," Monica said.

Mark eased past Monica shyly stepping into the spacious hall bath. He gratefully peeled himself out of his jeans, shorts and shirt after removing his socks and tennis shoes. He reeked he realized and much of it from his clothes.

He'd wet himself at least twice under that rail car. Remember how disgusted it felt he bent and bundled all of it together. He opened the door slightly hiding himself almost fully as Monica reached in just as reluctantly to grab the load with both hands.

"Should have worn gloves," She said and added, "go on now and get into that shower or bath before you smell the place up."

The small laundry room was next to the hall bathroom as Monica shoved both dark's and whites into the washing machine together after checking the pockets. She had already decided to wash everything at least twice.

The letter she found was folded in half and badly wrinkled, and she hoped the dampness was from rain. It was just too damn interesting to ignore as she listened for the shower running. Monica unfolded it, deftly easing it from the envelop to read.

And a tear formed as she read:

"My dearest little fairy, well, you're eighteen now and that makes you an adult. That also means I'm no longer responsible for you, and the state can't do squat about it so you've got till morning to get you ass out of here.

Oh, and until you can pay me the 300 dollars for that finder you dented, you can also consider the rest of your personal stuff a security deposit. You have a good life, and please, don't bother writing till you got the money. Show up here without the money and I'll kick your ass again. Love Dad."

It was written crudely, badly and Monica cursed the man that had written it. Adding up what she had already in the way of clues, and the note it was pretty obvious why the boy had left and in the state he was in.

"Bastard," Monica whispered softly to herself as she closed the lid on the washing machine. Whoever that man was he'd literally tossed his son out with the clothes on his back.

"Who," Julie asked coming to the door of the laundry room.

"This ass hole. Here read this," Monica said handing Julie the note.

Julie read it quickly and said, "Oh my God! You've got to be kidding me? Who in the hell would do this? Bastard is an understatement. I'd go with son-of-a-bitch if it were me."

"Tell me about it," Monica said.

"Poor Kid," Julie said handing the note back to Monica who smiled again. It was Monica's look as Julie added, "and I'm guessing you're going to tell me this was some kind of divine intervention aren't you?"

"Nope. I'm going to feed him like I promised, then put him back into the only clothes he owns, pray it warms up outside, and kick his butt in the direction of town. How's that," Monica said.

"You'd better be kidding. He might be eighteen, although I'd be almost willing to bet he's not, but that aside, he doesn't even own a jacket, and how much money did you find in those pants," Julie asked.

Besides the wallet, that note and his driver's license, he had, let me see if I remember, oh yes, now it's coming back. He had about zip. Nada, nil, as in nothing. Not one thin dime actually," Monica noted.

"Pretty amazing. I mean almost two days of hanging on our train. No food, no water and no prospects. What a great way to step into the world as an adult," Julie said.

"Wait a second? Am I witnessing a sudden change of heart? No, this can't be? Are you falling for one of my strays," Monica asked.

"Not really. Just hate the thought of someone getting treated like that and penniless besides. Even worse he's out there alone," Julie said and added, "so seriously, how much did he have?"

"I meant it, not a penny, but the last thing I want is you nagging me about strays," Monica said with a wry smile on her face.

"I know, I know and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's always been your heart I've loved most. Definitely not your mind! Anyway, we can't just turn him away like this. Maybe we can get Potter to put him on," Julie said.

"Potter? Are you kidding," Monica said.

"He's hiring? He's got to hire the Fix It Crews at least," Julie noted with a questioning look on her face.

"Did you see him? Hell, I'll bet if we left him wet, dressed him in wet clothes and included pockets filled with rocks we couldn't get that scale past 110 pounds. Potter isn't going to hire some wimp of a kid." Monica said with a laugh.

"True," Julie noted.

"And even if Potter did hire him, do you really think I'm going to allow that kind of boy loose anywhere near any of those riggers or roustabouts," Monica said and added, "not likely. Hell, they'd have him bent over in no time. No, that's not going to work."

"So what are we going to do with him. He's already too old to raise again," Julie said laughing.

"I know. Look, let's get him warm, clean, fed and relaxed, and in the mean time hope something comes to mind in the next few hours," Monica said.

"You know, it's too bad he's not a girl," Julie said casually as Monica started making sandwiches for Mark.

Monica was opening the bread when she stopped, paused, turned, and smiled as she looked at Julie.

"What," Julie asked as she scanned Monica's face.

"You realize he doesn't have to be, right," Monica said and added, "a girl that is?"

"Doesn't have to be a girl? Except it always has been a girl," Julie said.

"Maybe it's time for a change," Monica noted.

"You're kidding right," Julie said.

"No, I'm not. Seriously, he doesn't need to be a girl for this to work," Monica said as she stopped fixing the sandwiches.

"Okay, first of all he'd never go for it," Julie said as if reading Monica's mind.

"Maybe, maybe not. He's definitely the right size and cute enough. Besides, since when does a clown have to be female to dress female," Monica said and added, "or for that matter, female that dresses male, as in yours truly."

"What if he's already got plans," Julie asked.

"Plans? You're kidding right? Honey, he got kicked out of his house yesterday. Rode on the bottom of a train 1,200 miles from here. Where, by the way, I found him clinging to that bottom after he'd pissed himself - badly. He's broke, most likely starved, and if that note tells the story, definitely homeless. If he's got plans, I'll bet dollars to donuts it doesn't include food, clothing or shelter at the moment," Monica said.

"You think he really might consider it," Julie asked and added, "it would sure solve a few problems wouldn't it?"

"Yes it would, and I think it's worth a shot to ask," Monica said and added, "you know what? Instead of your boyish things, go get him Sandy's Robe, that pink quilted satin one and let's try a little experiment. Oh, and see if Sandy left any of her panties. Not even the nylon ones, but maybe one in cotton. As close to white as you can, but cute. No sense scaring him too badly. If you can't find cotton, just grab nylon in any color."

"You're kidding right? Panties? Really? I'll bet you a week of cleaning the dinner dishes he refuses to wear the robe or the panties," Julie said and added, "or at the very least he complains."

"Does that bet include taking out the garbage," Monica asked.

"It does," Julie said laughing.

"Then you're on," Monica noted as she took Julie's hand to shake on it.

Julie went into Sandy's room to search for panties and grab the robe from the closet. Monica meanwhile waited by the bathroom door in silence till Julie returned. Julie handed Monica the satiny robe and panties.

"Mark, you almost done," Monica said a moment later from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said drying himself. It had seemed like forever that he'd felt this human again.

"Here Mark, I'm going to open the door a little and hand in a robe. We've made sandwiches," Monica said before adding: "Look Mark, the robe is a bit girlish, but your clothes are not ready yet."

"That's okay" Mark said and added quickly, "and thanks."

The robe, in a little girl's style of quilted pink satin and lined in white nylon, came past the partially open door in Monica's hand. Mark, before seeing the glimmering satin extended his hand but paused. He paused but being naked pushed him to take it.

Both the collar and long sleeves were trimmed cutely in a short white delicate lace. Mark smiled to himself over the irony of it all. His father would have said it suited him.

"Like I said, sorry we don't have something a bit more masculine, but your clothes should be ready in another hour or so. If it's too small, let me know," Monica said as she withdrew her hand and closed the door again.

"That's really okay. Beggars can't be choosers. It'll do," Mark said.

He took one last look at the robe before slipping his hand into the right sleeve. He brought it around and slipped his left hand in and brought it closed. It snapped shut easily and fit him perfectly, stopping to just below his knees. It was cuddly warm Mark noted happily.

"It fits," Mark yelled from the other side of the door before adding, "warm."

Monica, realizing Mark had taken the robe without so much as a word of protest, and was obviously now wearing it, decided then to push her experiment a tiny bit further with the panties. The pair Julie handed to Monica were cotton but decorated in a My Little Pony motif.

Monica knocked once again and added as she opened the door slightly, "Mark? Here, we found these as well. At least they are cotton. Remember, it's just till your clothes are clean."

"Thanks," Mark said taking the cotton panties with a smirk. Downside of not having a change of clothes, he mused stepping into the little girlish style panties. Like the robe they fit him almost perfectly. What else you got in your hand for me to wear, he almost asked.

He wasn't ungrateful though, he was no longer shivering, his shoulders and hands had stopped aching and he was starved. He was also clean and warm, he mused, gathering his arms around the robe. His dad would have laughed himself sick then kicked him from one end of the street to the other. Mark shrugged at his look. Again, there was nothing he could do about it, he decided.

"Ready to eat," Monica said casually as Mark shyly stepped into the kitchen. There was no doubt that the boy would be, but it was something to say and stay away from the subject of clothes. Monica wasn't surprised that the boy looked like a young girl in that robe.

Part Two

Julie meanwhile, and having learned that Monica had offered Mark that pair of Sandy's underpants, cursed to herself in silence. Not only did she have to do the dishes and take out the garbage, but she was doing their laundry besides, since she had also bet again against the boy wearing the panties.

Amazingly though those things did fit and nearly perfectly and that robe, Julie knew, was almost too small for Sandy. Mark fitting into that robe meant everything else would fit easily.

Mark was flushed a little with embarrassment, turning his cheeks slightly pink, giving the impression of blush on the apple of his cheeks. With his long damp hair hanging in the back Monica would have guessed girl easily. It could work, she speculated, after correcting herself from the word "could" to "would".

"I asked if you were ready to eat," Monica said softly.

"Sorry? Yes! I mean yes ma'am," Mark said trying not to appear as desperate as he was.

"It's not really ma'am, but thank you for the respect," Monica said smiling down at the boy.

Julie wasn't anywhere to be seen suddenly as Mark sat at the kitchen table. Monica put the plate of sandwiches down in front of him before moving off to the refrigerator. A large glass of milk soon sat in front of him as half of his first sandwich disappeared in only a few bites.

Two thirds of the milk followed before Mark took a breath, the second half of Mark's first sandwich went next. Mark's stomach stopped protesting after a few bites of his second sandwich. By the end of that second sandwich and another full glass of milk Mark felt almost alive again. He was warmed by the bath and felt secure enough in the robe and panties to ignore what he might looked like.

"So, you got any plans," Monica asked sitting across from Mark. She was guessing no but she had to ask.

Mark dropped his head and began sobbing quietly. It was mostly relief, but shame as well. He just sat there not making a sound with his hands in his lap, head bowed as his body lightly jerked with each muffled sob.

"Hey, it's okay. You're going to be okay. Monica said softly as she began rubbing Mark's back... "now then, calmly, tell me what your plans are?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure, which way was that train heading," Mark asked feeling overwhelmed as he started for the napkin but wiped his eyes with the Kleenex Monica handed him.

"What I meant was were you going someplace or to see someone," Monica asked and then in frustration added, "honey, do you have any family or friends you can call?"

"No, no one," Mark said before adding, "was just me and my dad."

"Mom," Monica dared ask and added, "I'm sorry to press like this Mark, but I found the note when I was getting your pants ready and I read it.

"Mom died," Mark said.

"I see," Monica added and added, "so no one else then?"

"No, not really. It's okay, I was going to go when my things are ready," Mark said and added, "honest, I'll be out of your hair once my clothes are dry."

"Honey, that's not why I was asking and you look as tired as I feel so it wouldn't hurt for you to stick it out here for a few hours more. Why not at least wait till morning, then leave. At least the news says it will be a little warmer," Monica said before adding, "or, if you've a mind, you could hear an offer Julie and I are kind of putting together."

"I wouldn't mind getting a couple of hours sleep and thank you, and it's not like I'm rushing off towards anything, so I'm definitely willing to listen to anything," Mark said.

Julie, waiting in her room as planned, took the opportunity to enter just then. They had decided that Julie would wait in the wings so to speak so as to not intimidate Mark any more than they had to. At least till he was full. Mark smiled slightly at Julie, and his face blushed a little once again.

"So you don't have any jobs waiting for you then," Julie asked and added, "sorry, couldn't help but overhear."

"No ma'am. Nothing. Was going to find a town and look for work," Mark said to Julie. He knew that Julie wasn't happy with him being there as he added, "Monica is going to let me stay just till morning if that's okay?"

"Mark, it's more than okay. Don't give it another thought. That argument we were having is her and I bantering about is all. We do that - a lot. Monica has a big heart and I'm grateful for that," Julie said.

"Shush," Monica said.

"It's true Mark. Had nothing whatsoever to do with you," Julie said as she moved to the cabinet. She grabbed a bag of oatmeal cookies and her own glass before sitting. She offered the open bag to Mark as she poured milk into her own glass.

"Any luggage at all. You know, personal effects, clothes, that sort of thing," Monica asked.

"No. I mean I did managed to grab a couple of things before I left. Lost a grocery bag with a change of clothes in it when I dozed at the beginning of the trip. They got my jacket as well," Mark said sadly and asked, "so can I asked where I am?"

"Honey, you're in Grand View. This is our Winter headquarters. The train you caught belongs to Mia Circus. Mia means MY in Italian, and to a diminishing but adoring public, I'm Mommy Cuddles the clown," Monica said.

"Glad to meet you," Mark said.

"Julie there is Little Lacy the clown and that robe you're wearing belonged to our dearly departed Sandy. Sandy was Cissy BeBe the clown, and if you haven't guessed by now, we're clowns," Monica said and added, "Oh, and sometimes during the show I play Papa to Julie's Mama while Sandy played the toddler girl.

"Nice to meet you Little Lacy," Mark said smiling, and added when he heard the words dearly departed, "I'm sorry to hear about your loss."

"Oh, Sandy's not dead, although that might have changed if I ever get my hands on her," Monica said.

"She's fibbing again Mark," Julie noted as she added, "Sandy ran off two weeks ago with some dandy a couple of towns back. Left us stranded without so much as a goodbye. Fortunately she left almost everything but the clothes she was wearing. Her dandy was a rich Sugar Daddy promising her everything new, or so she said in the note."

"She just up and went off and that's that," Monica said and added, "which brings me to my next question: Since you're a runaway as well, and as some story goes, the only thing left for you to do now is join the circus," Monica said and it just so happens with Sandy gone, we are in bad need of that third clown."

"Oh that was funny," Julie said forcing a fake laugh as she added, "run away and join the Circus! That's rich."

Monica looked at Julie and frowned before reaching over to take a playful swipe at her. Monica came up short when Julie leaned back smiling.

"Listen Mark, I am serious about that. For starters you'd get Sandy's share of our contract beginning now, but you'd have to agree to learn the craft. I mean you'd have to work really hard at it to be ready for Spring," Monica said.

"You're not just saying this are you. I mean are you serious," Mark asked.

"Desperately so," Monica added.

"If you're serious, then yes. Wow that would be wonderful," Mark noted without realizing what it was they were offering.

"There's more. You would also get to bunk here with us and that would mean for most of the winter. We get paid pretty good because we're good. You also get to travel come Spring and, best of all, you get to make children and their parents laugh," Monica said ignoring Julie's laugh at her usual sarcasm.

"Be a clown," Mark said not sure what to think.

"There are worse jobs honey, and if you don't like it, say after the first year, you can leave here with a little nest egg. Tell you what, I'll hold half your pay, if you want, at lest till that year ends. If by then you want to walk away you get it all back. At least then you'll have a little change in your pocket and a little less pressure finding something more suitable," Monica said.

"I didn't mean it to sound the way it did. It's just that I don't know the first thing about being a clown," Mark said.

"That's easy enough to fix. We're experts at it, and we've got all Winter to get you ready. Best thing is, you'll start getting paid right away. That means you can start buying clothes and such, you know, like a suitcase. backpack, tooth brush, even a change of underwear. Monica noted and added, "something more suitable for boys."

"I'm so grateful," Mark said tearing up.

"Shush. The only other thing is, like I said, we hold back half your money till we get back to our Winter digs here at the end of next season, so you'd have to see it through for an exact year to get all of your pay," Monica said as she added, "still interested?"

"I'm interested. Yes. Definitely! I guess my only concern, again, would be that I don't have a clue what it takes to be a clown," Mark said curiously.

"That's where Julie and I come in. We can get you up to the basics in a couple of weeks and add a few more things to practice after that. If that works we teach you some of the more serious moves only because they need to be coordinated to ours. Add two or three more weeks to get our routine down and you'll do nicely," Monica said.

"I'll give you my best," Mark said.

"The other thing is Sandy bunked with us in the Winter, here, so you'll have to use her room. On the road, we share a small living space the circus provides on the train. We take a little out for spending, but the circus includes our meals and we can start taking your share of the rent and a little for utilities when you start getting a check. We all pay a third each for these digs," Monica said.

"And we share chores," Julie said and added, "and if I'm not mistaken I think it's your turn to do the dishes tonight."

"She's lying, she lost a bet. You'll start chores tomorrow," Monica said.

"I don't know what to say? I mean anything is OK by me. So how would that clown part work," Mark asked with a growing amusement over the notion of becoming a clown.

"There are some clown basics you've got to learn and of course our routine, but again we can teach all of that. We'll have to let Mr. Potter know about the changes, but that's not going to be a problem since you'll be a replacement and not an addition and it's up to us who works with us. We've got say on who works with us so that's pretty much that. We can get your paper work done tomorrow. I mean if that's really a yes," Monica said.

"A clown," Mark said out loud before realizing he'd said it out loud. He had an amused look on his face as he added, "sure, why not. It's not like I'm looking at a lot of offers right now. Besides, if I don't like it I can at least put it on my resume in a year. Of course it's going to be the only thing on my resume."

"Going to look odd on your resume, that's for sure, but it's a pretty good profession," Julie noted.

"Good hours too," Monica said and added, "when we're on the road we do three skits for each show, plus the parade in at the start and out at the end of the show. We're also part of the promotional stunts that the Circus puts on in or near the towns we've stopped at."

"Charity... don't forget the charity," Julie added.

"Right. Plus there are also some charity events we do for free but they are all really good causes," Monica said excitedly and added with just as much enthusiasm, "If we keep your costume intact, or rather Sissy's we won't even have to change the promotional bills either. That also means we don't have to change the costume either. That's a lot of money saved. Your money as it happens."

"So I guess that's my next question? I mean what sort of costume am I going to have and do I wear that white stuff on my face," Mark asked.

"The white stuff? It's called White Face or Clown Face, and I'm not sure yet. It's not that I know or anything. It's just saying what you do to your face is always up to the clown and no one else. It's tradition," Monica said.

"Bad luck," Julie added.

"A clown's look is uniquely his or hers. Unfortunately, we're more or less stuck with Cissy's look because of the promotions and too short a time to change the skits, but that face can be uniquely yours," Monica said and added, "and it should be."

"And the costume," Mark asked.

"Well Mark, that's going to be the only other possible snag, we can change the costume a little but not too much or we end up changing posters, play bills, program sheets and even the skit a little Although, as far as the kids are concerned, a clown is a clown, is a clown," Monica noted.

"Which I guess didn't answer my question very well," Mark said softly before adding, "I'm even sorry to be asking. Just curios I guess. I mean since Cissy BeBe was a girl?"

"I know, and that's because I was hoping to put that off till I got you signed on," Monica said looking concerned.

"It's just that it's not very masculine I guess," Julie added.

Mark laughed.

"What," Monica asked.

"I'm okay with that you guys. Honestly. I mean look at me. My father hated me for looking like a girl - no offense. Truth is I got caught once wearing some of mom's things after she passed. I wasn't really cross dressing per se, just missing her, but dad lost it," Mark said and quickly added, "so if it's not masculine? I'm good with that."

"Really," Monica asked.

"Like you said, a clown is a clown, is a clown, right," Mark said.

"Exactly," Julie said.

"OK, so like we said, Sandy was obviously a girl, and, as I noted, she went by the name Cissy BeBe. That spelled C.i.s.s.y. B.e.B.e and it mostly because BeBe is a twist on the word Baby. She is, or was, the baby girl in our group," Monica said.

"A baby girl," Mark repeated and then suddenly laughed as he added, "Cissy BB? Right! I get it. That stands for Sissy Baby? Right?"

"Afraid so. The thing is, I play an exaggerated big bosom mommy type, Julie plays a little girl or sister type and Sandy, when she was part of our act as Cissy, was the baby girl type. An exaggerated version like the rest of us. More a characterized version of a baby girl actually," Monica said.

"A baby girl as in baby and girl," Mark asked.

"You are right, a baby girl as in baby and girl," Monica added.

"Can I see the costume," Mark asked.

"First can I get your word that you won't run off into the night waving your arms and screaming," Monica asked back before adding, "might scare the neighbors."

"Now that does make me a little nervous," Mark said but smiled as he said, "okay, so I promise not to run off screaming."

"Far enough," Monica said as she stood and walked off down the hall.

"Frankly I think you'd make a good addition to the act if you want an opinion," Julie said.

"I would? Why," Mark asked.

"Energy," Julie said and added, "most important trait for a clown is their level of energy and you give me the impression you've got lots of it. Gutsy as well considering how you ended up here."

"Thanks," Mark said as Monica came back into the room. On several hangers was way too much pink and some very odd foam shapes. The last hanger holding what was clearly a dress. No, that wasn't right, it was a dress and slips as Mark gulped.

"The foam pieces sewn into the satin body suit exaggerate your torso and limbs so you'll have a kind of chubby baby shape before your outfits. The costume is designed to wear over those," Monica said as she draped what she was holding over her chair. She also went to the kitchen counter, and from a box, after rummaging for a few minutes found a 5x7 picture.

"This was the last picture we had taken for the circus bills and the programs people buy," Monica noted handing mark the picture.

Mark was looking at a humorous version of a very well bosomed woman, a little girl holding a giant flat candy sucker, and next to them a baby in a large baby carriage. The rolled sheet Monica also unrolled was a play bill specifically of Monica, Julie and that girl Sandy.

Cissy, Mark noted, was holding an exaggerated baby bottle and a large puffy kind of teddy bear. Julie looked just as cute as a real little girl holding a giant of a doll along with that lollipop to also give the impression of being smaller than she was as little girl.

Monica stood in the middle holding both their hands.

"Well," Monica asked nervously.

"Well, it's not exactly what I had in mind when I ran away, job wise that is, but then again, I didn't hold out much hope that I'd find anything right away either. I guess my answer is I'd like to run off screaming, but the thing is I'm not sure which direction to run off in," Mark said laughing and added, "so I guess I'll stick it out and see what it takes to make kids laugh, although I'm guessing if I wear that I shouldn't have to do much more for at least a chuckle or two."

"Yes! That's great," Monica said and added, "this is wonderful."

"Outstanding. Welcome aboard," Julie said extending her hand as she added, "and come on, what say you pretend it's your turn to do the dishes. Honestly Mark, I hate doing dishes."

"I can do that," Mark said as he stood almost forgetting what he was wearing as his eyes fluttered and he yawned.

"Never mind the dishes, I'll do them," Monica said and added, "what you need to do Mark is go to bed and catch up on some sleep. Last thing I want to do tonight is carry you into your room."

"Thanks, I'm really tired," Mark said.

"Take a couple of aspirin as well," Julie noted as she began to clear the table.

"You are tired and you have every right to be and that aspirin is a good idea. Anyway, tomorrow we'll get the paper work done and then we've got to shop for some perishables to stock up on. There is a chore list on the inside of the pantry door that we keep and you can do the ones under Cissy's name so I don't have to make a new one," Monica said.

"You can also change the rooms decor when you get a little money ahead so don't panic when you turn in," Julia said before adding, "and you can wear whatever you find in there, if anything, or not, up to you, but when you use the bathroom or go anywhere else in this place, at least wear the robe.

It's our only rule, Monica said and added, "no naked or see through nightgowns and robes."

"Sandy's robe? Would this one be okay," Mark noted as he pointed to the one he was wearing.

"Exactly," Monica said and added, "if you've a mind, at least till you get to shop, there are some cotton nightgowns as well."

"See you in the morning," Julie said as she moved closer to hug Mark. She was hugging him as she added, "and welcome to the greatest show on earth, or at least in these parts."

"That goes for me as well," Monica said hugging Mark when Julie broke free.

"Thank you both. Thank you for everything," Mark said gratefully.

Monica gave him a quick set of directions as in "second door to his left" and watched Mark walk off. Mark walked off to the door across from the bathroom he'd used. He gasped a little, then smiled slightly before looking at Monica and Julie then shaking his head.

"What," Monica asked.

"Going to be easy getting the sissy part down," Mark said.

"No doubt of that," Monica said laughing.

It was like walking into a nearly perfect model of what a little girl would want a room to be and nothing in it even remotely suitable for a boy. He could only laugh at his father's face came back to him. Then he looked off in the direction he'd come, smiled and whispered, "thanks dad."

"How old was Sandy," Mark asked turning back from the door. The room was definitely not designed for an adult.

"I should have warned you. Sorry about that. Sandy was twenty two years chronologically, but deep down, in her own mind that is, I'd guess no more than eight. If it helps, Sandy grew up in an orphanage and never had a room of her own so she wanted that little girl's room she never had. Like I said, when you get a few dollars you can start changing things," Monica said from the kitchen.

"It's okay. I was just admiring the place. Seriously, I can live with it for now, and thank you Monica, thank you too Julie," Mark said moving into the room gratefully. The mirror made him smile a little more given he looked suitably dressed for the rooms decor.

Mark chuckled and added to himself in a whisper as he opened his robe as he stood in front of the full length closet mirror and said, "hey dad, want to see just how sissy Cissy is?"

"Man, that went better than expected," Monica said.

"It did and honestly, I think he'll do great as Cissy BeBe." Julie noted as she added, "and I noticed you forgot to mention or show him the diaper and ruffled panties for the costume."

"I didn't forget them, just left them out of the equation for now. He's got enough things tugging at his ego already. Let's get him into the routines and clown basics first then we can spring the rest of it on him," Monica said.

"So it's too late to say no," Julie said laughing a little.

"Something like that but I get the impression this stuff wasn't nearly as scary as it might be for any other boy," Monica said and added, "and you know what else, and this is just between you and me, it's kind of a turn-on having a boy playing the part of the baby girl this time."

"How funny you saying that. That's exactly what I was thinking," Julie said as she added, "but I'm going to miss putting Sandy to bed."

"Maybe, after a fashion, we can convince Mark to COMPLETELY replace Sandy," Monica said as she ran her hands over her bosom before adding, "because I really miss her nursing at times. Meanwhile, if you don't mind, maybe you can be my baby Sandy substitute for now."

"Not likely and you know that, besides, I hate wearing diapers," Julie said.

"I know, I know, but I'm really missing having Sandy around," Monica said and added, "come on, just for me, just this once? Please."

"Fine," Julie said moving to put the last of the dishes away as she added, "and I hope Sandy's new daddy, spanks her a lot and much harder than she likes it."

"Me too," Monica said as she poured milk into a pink baby's bottle she took from the cabinet. Monica, even as a little girl, was motherly.

Julie watch Monica fill the bottle and replace the top and nipple. Their love making was going to be a bit extreme tonight she reflected. Oh what the heck.... if it would make Monica happy feeding her a bottle with her in a diaper so be it. Now if she could only convince Mark to replace her she thought with a smile.

Mark, meanwhile, was trying to come to grips with the events and his room as he still stood in the center of it. The factory built home was huge since his room was bigger than average. Against the wall and dominating the scene was his new bed and that brought another smile as he shook his head.

That bed was a double canopied bed decorated in a nylon chiffon with each corner tied off in a very wide pink satin ribbon fashioned into giant bows. A large, very soft looking spread was half turned down to show off the light pink satin sheets and pillow cases. Above the headboard a pillowy crown sitting within a puffy cloud in the same color pink was embroidered "My Little Princess" going across it.

French furniture matching the bed included a dresser with a mirror, a vanity also mirrored, a writing desk, an additional dresser but narrow and tall and two night stands. In the corner were dolls sitting at a short round table holding a tea set. It reminded him of his cousin Tracy's room when he was younger and once hated such things.

It also reminded him of Tracy's attempts to turn him into one of her dolls that Summer he stayed there. Tracy was a couple of years older, a bit bigger and much more assertive than Mark and he had almost fainted that day Tracy showed him how to play with her sexually as she played with him. It only took a few minutes of Tracy playing with him to convince Mark that wearing girl's clothes might be worth the risk.

His aunt found him playing dolls with Tracy and thought he made a very pretty little girl. She seemed unfazed that her nephew was wearing everything a pretty little girl might wear, including panties. Of course his step father nearly had a heart attack when he saw him playing in the yard in a sun dress that day he came to get him. Mark had been spanked or hit all the way back into the house.

Part Three

His step father already thought he was too sissy for his own good and that only proved it. His step father was always frustrated over how Mark looked and acted, but then again it didn't much matter to Mark because his step father was no longer judging him. Mark laughed over the thought, deciding he might just write him a litter saying hi and laughed more thinking how funny it would be if he included pictures.

Mark removed his robe and laid it at the foot of the bed for easy reach catching the image of his bottom clad in those little girl panties. He held that position, then exaggerated it a little before standing to move closer to the mirror. Mark moved to open the closet and laughed again silently and almost immediately his panties tented.

Monica had said that he could wear whatever he found in the room as he slowly opened the sliding door of the closet fully. There was nothing in there but dresses and only dresses. Little girlish dresses and his cousin came to mind as he moved his hand under his panties. It took a moment to realize that some of the dresses were actually slips for the dresses. Petticoats he mumbled as he tugged a layer of skirt out.

Mark wasn't seriously into cross dressing, not at first, but his cousin's manipulations got him past any hang ups he had over dressing as a girl. Ironically, it was his step father that pushed Mark towards that feminine side.

The more his step father teased Mark, the more Mark acted feminine out of spite. When he started complaining about Mark's hair, Mark quit cutting it. After his mother went into the hospital they shared a mutual hate for each other. And that, Mark noted happily as he lifted one of the dresses from the closet, is that.

Mark found the nightgowns in a dresser drawer and brought one out and it too was laid over the robe. He sat at the vanity, picked up a hair brush already sitting on the glass top and began brushing his hair. His aunt had given him one of Tracy's brushes when she found his hair all tangled one day. "One hundred strokes before bed", his aunt had said.

Mark counted the strokes and when he was done turned for the nightgown and pulled it on. It hung straight with a ruffled flounce at the bottom that matched smaller versions around the wrist and neck. It was mostly white but decorated with Disney Princesses on the front. He held the sides pinched between his fingers and thumb and did a poor version of a curtsey before snickering. He was exhausted and a moment later was sliding between the satin sheets. He was fast asleep instantly.

That following day, 10 hours after he'd climbed into bed, and Mark now in his own clothes and very refreshed, went walking along with Monica and Julie to meet Mr. Potter. They moved to the flat car holding the office trailer. Wooded steps led the top of the rail car. Mr. Potter looked up from his desk from behind the counter and said, "No raises and we're not hiring anyone that can't lift a 16 pound sledge hammer."

"We love you to Pots and this is Mark. Mark that is Mr. Potter, Pots to the few friends he has. He thinks he bites as hard as a lion but we all know better so don't tell him otherwise. Mr. Potter sir. Mark is Cissy's replacement," Monica said and added, "and for the record, he's going to be folded into Sandy's part of the contract to play her part."

"Don't listen to them Mark. I'm the wizard behind the screen and I can bite pretty damn hard. So you're Sandy's new understudy. Tell you the truth at first I thought you were a boy when you walked in here," Potter said.

"Very funny Pots. We're not sure what we're going to do about him in the act. We'll have something to show you when you start next Springs rehearsals. You'll like it. Meantime we need him hired in," Monica said.

"Social Security card," Mr. Potter asked.

"He just turned 18," Monica said and added, "we'll get that going when we go into town."

Fair enough," Mr. Potter said and added, "and I'll need his license. You got a license right?"

"Yes sir," Mark said. The only reason he had a license was so he could shop for himself. His dad hated doing anything that benefited Mark so he started driving on his own. That crunched finder that made him loose all of his positions was the yellow pole he'd hit getting gas.

"Hold on," Potter said breaking Mark's train of thought, while moving to a shelf behind his desk. He started pulling papers down and then handed them to Monica before adding to Mark, "Payday is every other Friday, beginning this Friday. It's prorated to today. If you're not here to get your check you'll have to wait till Monday. Got that?"

"Yes sir," Mark said.

"Did you hear that? Sir. He called me sir. Listen kid while they are teaching you how to be a clown, you teach them how to be respectful to their betters," Potter said and then added, "welcome and now please get out of here. I have real work to do."

"No costume," Mark said as they stood together on the large park like lawn. The lawn was where the group practiced marching and some of the tumblers, besides the clowns, also practiced there.

"No costume," Monica noted and added, "got to get the routines down then you get to wear the costume. It's a big deal dressing the first time but only if you've learned what to do in it. Now lets run a little then go to the gym and I'll start showing you the clown basics."

Monica stepped out onto the track and began to run. Julie was still stretching as Mark took off after Monica. They ran a lap, did some more stretching exercises and then headed for the large one story building that housed the gym.

"Okay, so this above all other things is rule number one: We entertain. We are entertainers. If you're not entertaining the audience you're not doing your job. As to that, we pantomime a lot. When clowns pantomime we do so by exaggerated actions and of course our outlandish costumes. Most of our movements are also exaggerations done within common situations," Monica said as she began dancing about.

"Every see an old movie? The ones that had no sound," Julie asked.

"Once or twice," Mark said.

"It's like that. You've got to convey your feelings or words with a little exaggeration," Monica said and added, "you laugh it's a riotous laugh with you bending over at the waist and roaring back. If you cry you exaggerate a sob and rub both eyes with closed fist. That sort of thing. and you move constantly...."

Julie, silent but pretending to talk also danced about. Monica grabbed Julie's arm and tugged on her and immediately Julie fell forward. Mark thought she was going to smash her face on the ground but she used the momentum to stand on her head which gave Monica an opportunity to grab her legs. Monica began twirling with Julie till she suddenly let her go.

Mark watched them do the same thing again and again. He could have sworn that Julie actually had hit her face going down. Instead of landing hard on her face Julie rolled and bounced up and began doing the classic clown hip hop dance moves. She showed Mark how to drop and role and after a few turns he was doing that fairly smoothly.

While Julie was dancing about Monica explained to Mark that the original moves were part of what they called the krumping street dance modes. They looked spontaneous but clearly both Monica and Julie had hours and hours of practice.

"You'll do these steps always in an expressive, exaggerated and very energetic movement," Monica said as she mimicked Julie's moves.

Mark spent an hour doing more moves they showed him and then again when he did it wrong. He was exhausted by the time the girls slowed and stopped.

"Okay, we've had a good day, a really good day and now for your history lesson," Monica said as they began walking towards the community building for dinner. On the road dinner was free, at their Winter headquarters it was still cheaper than trying to cook although they sometimes did.

"History," Mark asked.

"Clown history. For example, I am known as the whiteface clown or white clown. I am sort of the leader of our small troupe. White face, by the way, is the oldest of clown archetypes. As you will note, I white face my entire face and neck and act as the straight man or woman and leader in front of the audience," Monica said as Julie they got into line. Mark ate over the history of clowns.

Their walk home was filled with excited chit chat.

Mark was going to go through the room again but after his shower he was exhausted and like the night before he crashed between the satiny sheets wearing the same nightgown as before. He woke remembering bits and pieces of a wicked dream about Tracy and her nylon panties. Mark, had already found the panty drawer and this time pulled a pair of white nylon panties on before leaving the room.

The second day, like the first had been exhausting and incredibly challenging but by lunch Mark was making headway with his tumbling. He was learning to fall without getting hurt. He learned to role when he needed to get rid of his forward momentum and more important of all he was simply having fun. He kept smiling as Monica talked him through his routine.

That night he got a little more clown history.

"You and Julie are my two character clowns and of course you're exaggerated characters. You are the eccentrics as they are called. Julie is an exaggerated little girl and you, as Cissy BeBe, are an exaggerated baby girl. Your makeup is human with a comic slant. Cissy, as you can see in the poster, wore a giant blond curly wig under a bonnet while Julie does her hair with giant pigtails," Monica said.

"You'll most likely see a couple of other types around here like the hobo clown and the Auguste playing with the Keystone cops. Those Auguste are more acrobatics than clowns but they are good, really good. The Auguste, by the way, is sort of the straight man for the other clowns. The Auguste gets the pies and water in the face. As for us we have several scripts we play out for our acts and tomorrow we'll start teaching you those.

Mark showered and in his robe and nightgown over nylon panties he had a banana split and some reviews of that days performance. This time when he went to his room he took a little time and tugged one of the dresses from the closet. He instinctively looked at the door fearing his father would burst in but there was no sound as he tugged the zipper down.

The dress was designed with a short bodice and full skirt made out of something shimmery and silky. You could see through the top layer to another silky layer that was opaque and white. The top skirt rustled over the second skirt as Mark gathered it to bring it over his head. He let the skirts fall and then immediately wondered what it would be like over one of those full slips. The dress came off and went on the bed.

The full slip had a nylon top with fixed satin straps connected to a very full petticoat. Mark guessed correctly that the little pink bow marked the front as he pulled it over his head. The petticoat was very full with the very first layer some kind of nylon trimmed in a delicate lace.

The petticoats pushed the nylon layer against his panties almost electrifying him with pleasure when he moved. Mark twisted left then right before stopping. If he had continued he'd have soiled himself he realized.

Mark gathered the dress again and it too went back over his head as he slipped his arms into the puffy sleeves. He couldn't help himself as the simple act of twisting to pull the zipper closed brought the full weight of petticoats and skirts, already pressing against him, sliding sideways. Everything slid over his panties....

He tried desperately to hold the moan that erupted and was almost successful but he was lost within his orgasm. His knees weakened as waves of pure pleasure swept over him before he shuddered his last. He had stiffened, locking those knees and arching his back when it began. Exhaustion followed but the pleasure lingered.

Wow he whispered as he reached under his skirts and slips to caress the last bits of pleasure from the panties and layers over them. His panties were soiled as he gently slipped them down before grabbing tissues. He was holding his petticoats away wiping himself clean before he removed the dress and slip.

There was a guilty pleasure filling him as he stepped into another pair of panties before pulling a nylon layered nightgown out to sleep in. He was about to hang the slip and dress back up, but pulled the robe on and stepped into the hall for the bathroom. Julie met him in the hall, said hi and walked past. She saw the slip and dress on the bed.

Mark washed his hands and returned to his room. Both the slip and dress went back into the closet before he sat at the vanity. He started brushing his hair. There on the plastic tree were hair clips clearly meant for a little girl and Mark fought the urge before picking up a pink one with a tiny yellow daisy on it.

Mark brushed his hair back on the left and clipped it in place before doing the same with the second for the right. After a moment he returned both clips to the plastic tree but picked up a large pink elastic scrunch from a drawer holding scarf's and those scrunches.

"How much further are you going to take this," Mark whispered as he slid between the satin sheets before tugging the hem of his baby doll to cover his bloomers. He was doing almost everything a girl might do and was loving every bit of it. Maybe his father was right he wondered before deciding he was. Mark was a certified sissy.... Mark was truly becoming Cissy BeBe the clown.

Over the next week Monica and Julie taught Mark how to perform his part of their skit using the reinforced baby carriage. At several points in the act he'd get dumped out of the carriage and happily tossed back into it face first. There was a mechanical trigger that allowed the carriage to dump and Mark was taught to launch himself into the air before coming down into a forward role and a jump.

He was learning to juggle his large over size baby bottle with a pacifier and rattle. He met the keystone cops as they practiced and learned a few tips on making it appear he was slammed in the face using the toe of his shoe to gauge the distance. His juggling, something he now did at every opportunity, was getting as good as any.

It was late Friday as Mark was learning to walk while juggling that Monica, Julie and Mr. Potter walked in front of him forcing him to stop.

"What's up," Mark asked.

"Been watching you," Mr. Potter said smiling. Behind him both Monica and Julie were also smiling.

"Is everything okay," Mark asked a little unnerved with Mr. Potty standing in front of him

"Paper work is back from the Social Security office, and you are now officially and legally part of the Mia Circus family. Potter said as he handed Mark an envelope and added, "this is your first check, your ID card and your new social security card.

"Seriously," Mark asked happily.

Serious. Mark, as I said, you are legally, officially and literally a member of Mia Circus and newest acting member of the Clown Gild," Mr. Potter said happily handing Mark his envelope and a card that certified he was a graduated clown.

"Takes two practicing clowns to authorized that. You've come a long way," Monica said bending down to kiss Mark on the cheek before Julie did the same from the side.

"I'm not going to kiss you," Mr. Potter said as he stuck his hand out and added, "good job and congratulations."

Mark opened the envelope and looked at his first paycheck. To him it was a fortune. He knew he was getting a third of the contract for the troupe which was getting six thousand a month under that contract. It dropped to forty eight hundred for the Winter but they got their house rent free and meals if they chose.

They got paid twice monthly and Mark was overwhelmed at his earnings. Mark did the calculations in his head. They got four thousand eight hundred before taxes between the three of them divided by the two paydays. Mark was looking at seven hundred for his first two weeks. His agreement with Monica to save half left him with three hundred and fifty dollars. Fifty more of it went into their "trailer money" for groceries and household items

"Have you decided on a color for your room," Monica asked.

"I'm guessing this is going to sound kind of odd, but if it's all the same, I'm sort of going to keep it like it is till I start wearing the costume," Mark said and added, "I think it's going to help keep me in character."

"Good for you," Julie said looking at Monica with knowing eyes. They'd guessed some of it when Julie first saw the dress laid across the bed with the petticoats. Mark was at least trying some of the things on.

"I have a question if it's not too personal," Mark said pouring gravy over his mashed potatoes as they moved through the cafeteria line

"Shoot," Monica said.

"In the closet, on shelves, are actual cloth diapers and plastic pants and in one of the nightstands I found pacifiers, diaper pins and a couple of real baby bottles," Mark noted and added, "so I'm guessing that is Sandy's stuff as well.

"It was. Sandy by the way forfeited everything she left so there is that to keep in the back of your head. When we get back home I'll explain the rest of it," Monica said as she moved to find a table.

"She likes you," Julie said moving close to whisper that.

"I like her," Mark said.

"She likes that you're keeping the room the same," Julie said.

"Why," Mark asked.

"Promise you won't get mad," Julie asked.

"Promise," Mark said.

"Makes you one of the girls," Julie said.

"Okay," Mark said. He wasn't sure what to make of that statement.

They ate, talked, laughed and joined in some teasing over one of the acrobats birthday before going back to the trailer. With money in his pocket after cashing his check he finally felt the independence he'd prayed for.

"So the question still stands," Mark said as they sat at the kitchen table.

"The diapers," Monica said.

"The diapers. So what about those real diapers? And those plastic pants are real as well," Mark noted.

"That's right, they are," Monica said and added, "Sandy bought them on line."

"Was she into them or what," Mark asked.

"Yes and no Mark," Monica said before adding, "we wear them under our costumes. Most of us that is or at least those who can't get out of their costumes easily. As it happens Sandy also liked wearing diapers occasionally. If you're not aware of that sort of person she was part of the adult baby community."

"So I'm guessing that if I wear all of my costume stuff and then you add that onesie sort of thing before the costume I can't really go to the bathroom... right?" Mark asked in a somewhat earnest and serious tone.

"Yes that's right Mark, that's the whole reason for the diapers! Actually I wear a disposable. Julie does as well. Frankly that's why a lot of clowns and some of the staff wear disposable diapers! During our shows, we can sometimes be stuck for a good two to four hours in costume and to be blunt I haven't yet met a person that can drink and not go potty in that span of time." Monica said then laughed and added, "but like I said, Sandy also liked her diapers a bit more than most.

"So you wear disposables as does Julie but Sandy wore cloth diapers and plastic pants," Mark said as more of a question.

"She preferred her cloth and plastic because they were more, how to say this, babyish. You're more than welcome to go with the disposables like the rest, or if you think you can manage without them noting at all," Mark said.

"Actually, if it's all the same to you guys, I guess I'll stay with what Sandy wore," Mark said feeling a little awkward and embarrassed saying that, but surprised that he did say it so easily. He had yet to dare trying them on but the casualness over the topic made his decision for him.

Monica smiled at Mark and said, "clowns around here got a saying and it's goes something like: 'you can be completely independent within depends!'. Questions? Second thoughts? Another career choice perhaps?"

"It's all good," Mark said and then added, "so I'm guessing I'll be diapering myself then?"

Julie was fusing with a cup of coffee when Mark said that and she dropped the cup before looking at Monica.

"For now," Monica said softly with a lusty voice that didn't escape Julie.

"Then I guess I'll turn in," Mark said as he stood, turned and walked down the hall before adding, "good night guys."

"Good night precious," Monica whispered.

"Good night Mark," Julie said.

Mark had been living in Sandy's room almost a month before he dared to ask about the diapers and thankfully it made sense in a twisted kind of way. So Sandy liked diapers he mused as he caressed the top one on the shelf. He was wondering if Sandy used them as he tugged one from the pile and picked up a pair of plastic pants. Sandy had a thing for pink he mused over the baby panties as he tossed them on the bed.

Mark laid the contoured diaper on the bed, opened two diaper pins and set the plastic panties near by. Mark straddled the thick cotton diaper then laid back and bent to tug the front half of the white cotton between his legs. He lifted the diaper then began sprinkling baby powder over himself before he drew the diaper up all the way and over. The flaps got pinned on either side before he rubbed the front with a softly whispered: "okay"

Mark did the same with the pink baby pants after sitting over them. Five snaps closed each side for the baby pants. He felt about as odd as he'd ever felt doing something. Remarkably it didn't look as odd as he imagined it might and spent some of his time twisting and turning and wiggling in front of the mirror.

Mark opened the drawer below the nightgowns holding other baby clothes.

The onesie he chose was a satiny pink nylon organza made special for Sandy. Mark held the T-shirt part in his hands before putting it on as one might a T-shirt. It buttoned at the bottom as Mark tugged at the back flap to bring it forward. The top looked like a tee shirt, the bottom rounded over the diapers and plastic pants with a bit of the plastic pants showing on either side of his legs.

Mark went to his bedroom door, took a breath, opened it and walked back into the kitchen. Monica gasped, Julie snickered as Mark twisted a slow circle with his arms held out.

"So they fit," Mark said holding his arms up.

"I'm going to faint," Monica said.

"What," Mark asked bending to see what Monica might be looking at.

"She's in love," Julie said and added, "okay if I tell him all of it?"

"Yes," Monica said.

"Mark, do you know anything about adult babies," Julie asked.

"No, not really anything actually. I mean they like baby clothes I'm guessing? Diapers right," Mark asked.

"Little more complicated than that but yes that parts true enough. There are also adults that like being more baby like. We call them little's. Sandy was a little. She liked baby clothes but she also liked being treated like a baby. Some are deeply into it, other just graze the surface," Julie noted.

"So Sandy liked being treated like a baby," Mark asked and as he was asking it dawned on him what it was that made Monica claim she was about to faint as he added, "I get it. And Monica was the one that babied her? Right?"

"Right," Julie said.

"And I'm bringing back memories," Mark said suddenly worried.

"It's okay Mark, they were pleasant memories and you're so much like her that it's spooky," Julie said.

"Very," Monica spoke for the first time.

"So that's why she had the baby bottles in her room," Mark asked as he pondered the notion of being babied. Something about it slipped into his psyche and as bold as he'd become over wearing both the dresses and now the diapers it brought him to his next question, "so you were the one that babied her?"

"I was, happily," Monica said almost in a whisper. She was very unnerved remembering those moments with Mark looking so much like her.

"Well, I've tried everything else, can I try that? I mean can I be babied sometime," Mark asked.

"Pinch me," Monica said.

"What," Mark asked.

"Mark, that night that you were dropped into our laps we had several conversations beginning with how might it be if you replaced Cissy BeBe the clown. We got very lucky on that one. That was followed by you holding onto the character which you've seemed to embrace, much to our great joy," Monica said.

"Very great joy," Julie added.

"Finally Mark there was a fervent, but unrealistic hope of mine and Julies that you might even harbor the notion of being, at least on some level, that occasional sissy baby that Sandy herself loved," Monica said moving to the cabinet and pulling a bottle of Vodka from it as she added, "excuse me for a second, but I'm a nervous wreck."

"And I just asked you to baby me," Mark said and added, "I get it.”

"Exactly," Julie noted as Monica poured herself a short glass of Vodka.

"So that's a good thing then," Mark asked.

"Julie, if you would be so kind," Monica asked as she sat the empty glass down.

"It would be my pleasure," Julie said moving to the cabinet that held the baby bottles. She twisted one open as Monica moved over next to Mark and took his face in her hands before kissing him on the lips. Mark suddenly kissed back - surprised.

As Julie filled the bottle with milk Monica bent slightly to allow her arm to move behind Mark before she bent slightly and lifted him in her arms. Julie, closing the baby bottle walked over and teased the nipple into Mark's mouth. Mark, shocked first over the kiss, was shocked again as the rubber nipple, dripping milk on his lips slipped into his mouth.

"Good night guys," Julie said as Monica turned for the hallway and Mark's room.

"Good night," Monica said as she carried Mark to his bed. She laid him gently over the satin sheets and added, "don't move."

Part Four

Mark didn't move as he continued pressing the nipple to drip milk into his mouth. He found that if he pressed near the cap and pulled his lips forward the milk would squirt a tiny bit into his throat. It was an odd but pleasant sensation. The other sensation came when his erection pulsed into being at the sight of Monica in a beautiful white nightgown and robe.

"'I'm back precious,” Monica whispered smiling down at him.

She bent slightly at the waist which allowed her ample bosom to sweep forward allowing both to hang directly over Mark as she unsnapped his onesie. With the onesie unsnapped she moved to lay next to him on the bed. Mark found himself now painfully erect as Monica opened her sheer robe while manipulating her left bosom from it's nylon confines.

"Nurse me precious," Monica whispered as she laid with her arm under her head slightly higher in the bed. Her position allowed Mark's head to face Monica's exposed bosom. He sat the baby bottle on his headboard shelf and twisted his body so his mouth was on Monica's bosom. After wetting her nipple, he did the same exact thing he'd done with the baby bottle nipple and as he nursed there was a soft moan from deep in her throat.

It was an unbelievable sensation nursing her like that while wearing a baby's diaper and plastic pants but even that didn't prepare him for the finger he suddenly felt just a second later. It was Monica's and it had wiggled slowly between his baby pants, diaper and thigh to find the firm length of his erection. The soft probe with it's slow motion rub was spine-tingling.

In the region of his stomach there were sensations of butterflies flipping as she caressed him in his diaper then over his baby pants. She fondled, touched and stroked him in and out of his baby pants and diaper. She pressed her palm against his baby pants pushing the diaper down over his erection.

In his bliss she whispered, "wet for me.... baby."

Mark had heard her but it sounded so far away and he was focused on the sensations she was bringing to his experience as he nursed. He wasn't sure if he could wet because of his erection and then suddenly she was rubbing more briskly which caused him to nurse more aggressively. The suction he formed seemed to make her moan more.

It was a cascade of emotions swamping him as he reached his own climax and exploded in his diaper. The release went on for what seemed like forever, but as those pulses diminished the urge to urinate increased. He tried forcing it but stopped, relaxed and it released on it's own. He felt the warmth begin in front then spread a little before moving those sensations down his side.

Monica, with her hand still pressing the front of his diaper whispered again, "such a good baby."

Mark overwhelmed by the emotions expanding out from his groin to nearly everywhere else was momentarily set aside as Monica shuddered. It was as if she were cold before collapsing into stillness - panting.

After a time she kissed him while prying her bosom from his lips, and rose to the side of the bed. There was a moment's adjustment and her bosom was back inside of her nightgown as she leaned over and picked up the baby bottle.

Mark got the baby bottle gently back as Monica stood and went to the closet to bring back a fresh diaper and new pair of baby pants. She also had a large plastic sided changing pad that unfolded as she neared. The changing pad went under him and his onesie was gathered up well past the baby pants.

Monica unsnapped the plastic baby pants leaving them in place to unpin the diaper. Lifting both together exposing him to the coolness of his room.

There were baby wipes on his vanity that he'd thought were for makeup till Monica brought two over and began wiping him clean. His wet diaper rolled into the plastic pants now sat on the stool of his vanity as she maneuvered his fresh diaper under him. With the diaper sitting flat she oiled him by hand before covering everything exposed with baby powder. He was being fluffed he thought as his member took notice without him.

The next odd thing came when she gently guided his still flaccid member forward so his tip was aiming down towards the middle of his diaper. With his member still pointing in that position she brought the diaper up and pressed gently where it would be if it laid normally. He wanted to ask why she did that but she beat him to it by saying, "like a little sissy girl. You're my little sissy baby girl now."

Mark heard the words, at first shaming him but then making him feel giddy as she continued to diaper him. Hardly a man he thought as he nursed the baby bottle. And why that made him feel better wasn't clear but it did.

A second pair of baby pants went under and was snapped closed over the two pink tipped diaper pins and thick fluffy diaper. With that done his onesie was brought back down with a tug and snapped closed. Four snaps each a kind of period at the end of a sentence.

"You are not a man," Snap!
"You're just a little sissy," Snap!
"You are nothing but a little baby," Snap!
"You are my precious little sissy baby," Snap!

"There we go," Monica said bringing him out of his thoughts.

Monica bent over and kissed him after gently prying the bottle loose.

"what happens now,” Mark said feeling sleepy but fully satisfied.

"you sleep honey. Tomorrow we get Cissy BeBe into her costume for her first dressed rehearsal. If she’s a good girl and does everything mommy says she gets diapered again and mommy teaches her what it really feels like to make mommy happy. If he's a bad boy I put him in boy clothes and back under the train,” Monica said with a snicker before adding, “is she going to be a good girl or is he going to be a bad boy?”

"a good girl,” Mark said.

"That's my new girl. Good night precious,” Monica added as she carried the baby bottle out of the room.

"Good night.... mommy,” Mark whispered. He slid his hand down the satin onesie to the rise from his diaper and baby pants then over those to his thigh. "Wow," Mark added as he settled into the satin sheets.

Mark fell asleep trying to imagine all of the actions and associated sensations that flooded over him from the beginning but he only got to where her finger eased into his diaper before he crashed.

Monica, in the kitchen, poured another shot of Vodka and sat heavily on the chair drawing her nightgown more snug as if to hug herself. Julie watching her walk in sat her book down, took her glasses off and waited for Monica to speak.

"know the best part,” Monica said after a time and shivering visibly, although not from the cold as she downed the shot.

"What's that,” Julie asked.

"When you decide to play with him as a kind of pretend Sandy, you won't need him to wear a strap-on,” Monica said snorting the laugh she tried to hold back. She poured a second shot as Julie considered what she'd said while wetting her lips.

When the sunlight brought Mark pleasantly awake the first thing he did was touch the surface of his satiny onesie then sneak a finger under it to touch the plastic baby pants and rub his diaper. His erection was instant, spreading his legs to allow his member to spring sideways as if unfolding. He was in the confines of his diaper when the urge to urinate came over him again.

For a moment he considered trying to beat it by removing everything but he realized he didn't have to as he laid there with his legs spread. He smiled as he wet himself. The only thing missing was Monica he thought. It was growing warmer between his legs down to his bottom as the speed of his rubbing grew and he reached another climax within minutes.

Mark waited till the glow that bathed him subsided enough for the day to creep back in and smiled at the notions now filling his head again. He knew what had happened so he knew what might happen again as he stood in front of the mirror to remove his onesie. He decided to leave it and his wet diaper on till he'd had his coffee.

Mark was in his robe as he walked into the kitchen to greet Julie and Monica. The coffee was kicking out it’s first cup to Monica as Julie held another K-cup for her brew. Mark quietly moved to the counter top wheel that held the small K-cups of coffee and cocoa. His plastic panties, pushed out by the sodden diaper was like a big pillow of silk between his legs.

"Did you have a good night,” Monica asked noticing how far Mark's bottom pushed out.

"Monica. Yes! And I mean that cause I woke and soiled my diaper before I even got up,” Mark said as Julie’s cup brewed. Monica added cream to her’s as Mark added, “oh, and I'm soaked.... Mommy!”

Monica nearly spit her coffee out. How far that young man had come in twelve hours. It amazed her as she looked at Julie who was smiling broadly and shaking her head.

"You've created a monster," Julie said laughing.

Monica, deciding to see how far he'd come, looked at Mark who was about to brew his coffee.

"Honey would you mind if your sister changes you? I'm going to get our costumes ready and she’s more of a morning person,” Monica said with a grin and a wink to Julie.

"I'd love that,” Mark said as his turn came up for the coffee pot. As he passed Monica she reached forward to squeeze the front of Mark's diaper after slipping inside his robe causing him to pause and smile. Four weeks ago he'd been this shy young man without hope flushed pink just wearing My Little Pony panties and a quilted pink robe... to this!

"Me too," Julie said as she sat with her coffee to wait on Mark. Julie looked at Monica and asked, "am I putting him into a fresh diaper and panties or boy underwear?"

"We're going to be rehearsing in costume so double diaper him," Monica said as she leaned over the table to brush Mark's cheek before adding, "and use lots of baby powder on him, it's going to be a long day."

"Ready," Julie asked as Mark took his last sip of coffee. Monica had gone to the forth bedroom to gather their costumes and make sure there were no problems as Julie took Mark's hand to walk him back to his room.

"Mark, when Sandy and I played she would sometimes wear a strap-on," Julie said.

"Is that what that's called? I found it in the bottom drawer. Scared the hell out of me," Mark said.

"That's what it's called because you strap it on," Julie said and added, “hence the name.”

"But I've got one," Mark said snickering as he added, "so where would I strap it on to?"

"That's just it honey, you don't need to. You've got one. All I need to do is put a prophylactic over it and use it," Julie said and added, if that's okay?"

"Okay? Prophylactic? On what," Mark said before it suddenly dawned on him as he added, "oh, one of those!"

"Is that something you might consider," Julie asked as she went to Mark's closet and got another diaper and pair of plastic pants.

"I've never actually been with a girl," Mark said and added, "except for what me and Monica did last night. but yes, it's definitely something I'd consider."

Mark was trying to look and act sophisticated when all he wanted to do was yell and cheer and throw himself on his back. Julie was a fox and she wanted to have sex with him plus put him into diapers like Monica had done. Mark shook his head fearing he'd wake up and discover he was dreaming.

Julie was in a floor length robe with a nightgown showing and as Mark went to his bed she laid the changing pad down just as Monica had.

Mark, not sure what he was suppose to do stood there till Julie pointed back to the drawer with the strap on in it. It was in the bottom right hand drawer of Sandy's vanity as Julie noted, "Sandy kept the rubbers in there with the sex toys."

"Oh... right. Got it," Mark said with relief clearly on his face and moving to the drawer, opening it and finding the box of Trojans he had missed the night before.

"Here, let me have that and you lay over the changing pad after you gather your robe out of the way. Better yet, take the robe off and lay down just in your onesie," Julie said reaching for the rubber.

Mark, a little worried he might not be able to get an erection laid back over the changing pad as Julie tore the rubber loose from it's packaging. She laid it just beside him before she leaned down and unsnapped his onesie and baby pants before opening both diaper pins.

Julie peeled the wet diaper from Mark and like Monica brought a couple of baby wipes back to the bed and Mark. His member was semi erect and he still wasn't sure if that would change just as Monica began to slowly and gently wipe him. He shouldn't have worried as he stiffened instantly.

"Mark, do you know the difference between oh and ah," Julie asked as she picked up the rubber and moved it to Mark's tip.

"No," Mark said as the rubber was rolled down to his base. It was a good fit, Mark noted.

"One inch," Julie said snickering as she gathered her robe and nightgown and pulled everything up to just below her bosom.

Mark could only watch in a kind of sexual hunger that had formed with his arousal and grew insatiable as Julie climbed on the bed just before she straddled him. He was a virgin for the moment and wasn't sure what to do next but it didn't matter because Julie did as she guided him in. It was slow, firm, warm and slippery wet as Julie eased herself slowly down on Mark.

"Oh.... Julie said till she had Mark fully in and then added, "ah. Julie came up very slowly, paused, then down again. Mark instinctively pushed himself against her as she rocked forward. When he was fully in she'd pause, then start again, then pause. Inside Mark, during each pause he felt himself being squeezed by some unseeing force bringing him to admire Julie's muscle control.

"Doe's my little sissy baby like that," Julie said in a soft voice as her pace smoothly quickened.

"Yes," Mark grunted.

"Doe's my little sissy baby want his diaper changed," Julie asked as she slid her hands over Mark's onesie. A finger from each hand teased over each nipple on his own bosom as Mark reached for Julies. She pinched him firmly, rolling his nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh yes," Mark managed with another grunt. It was becoming terribly intense.

Doe's my little sissy baby want to wear a pretty little dress," Julie asked rocking forward and back. Mark was caressing her and she him as she picked up the pace suddenly.

"OH YES!" Mark said with a focused word that he just managed to get out before an explosive climax. Mark arched his back to the pleasure till there were no pulses left and then he collapsed as if a switch was thrown. He added, "wow!"

"Wow is right," Julie said sliding back to stand at the end of the bed. She let her nightgown drop then her robe before picking up the fresh diaper and added, "Mark you were wonderful. It's been a long time for me."

"That was my first," Mark said in a pleasant shock as he blushed to a whispered, "for intercourse that is."

"Well, I could use more of that for sure," Julie said as she easily lifted the rubber off Mark before wiping him. She held two diapers before laying the first under Mark as he lifted for her. The second wasn't shaped as she folded it into thirds. Mark lifted again and the second diaper joined the first.

"For sure," Mark said laying back down on both diapers as Julie poured baby oil onto her palm.

Once again, almost identical to Monica she rubbed him till he glistened. It was a sensuous sensation and he could have laid there forever. The soiled rubber went in the trash with the wipes as Monica used another baby wipe for her hands.

Julie used twice as much baby powder as Monica had before pinning Mark into his diapers. The fresh plastic pants also went under him and were snapped closed. There was a far larger mound above his stomach as he looked down.

"There you go precious," Julie said patting both sides of his plastic panties.

"Can I ask you something," Mark said feeling very secure both physically and mentally.

Part Five

"Of course," Julie answered.

"Does Monica like girls and you like boys," Mark asked fearing it was too personal.

"Monica and I are partners, as you've no doubt guessed, and we are often intimate and yes, she is a lesbian. The intimacy she shares with you is unique in that you're a little to her so turning you on or bringing you to a climax dressed as a baby is all part of her mothering experience. You're neither a boy or a girl but simply a sissy baby if that makes sense," Julie said.

"I think it does in an odd sort of way," Mark said and asked, "and you?"

"I am bi-sexual Mark, but I actually like combining the boy with the girl. That is to say I like sex with boys but with them dressed as girls. Your vulnerability in diapers is also a turn on for me," Julie said and added, "hence the strap-on that I'd often make Sandy wear when she was living here," Julie said and added, "you make a nice addition to our odd little family.

"That was wonderful... both times," Mark said looking off into the distance, remembering last night and this morning.

"For all of us," Julie said.

"Did Monica share her experience," Mark asked.

"Honey, she didn't need to. I've been in your diapers for her before," Julie said and added, "and I'm so happy you're wearing them now."

"Me to," Mark said.

"Hey you guys," Monica yelled from the bedroom where they kept their costumes and some of their props.

"Should I get dress," Mark said getting up from the bed with his onesie still unbuttoned.

"No, if we're going to be wearing our costumes that's all you'll need is your diapers," Julie said walking out of Mark's bedroom.

Mark followed, passing the mirror and smiling over the image. It reflected him back a lot toner and slightly thinner and adorable he thought in just his huge thick diapers and soft shimmering baby pants. Mark followed Julie into the room where Monica stood in the middle. Julie when she entered stood by Monica after picking up a onesie that matched a foam suit Monica was holding.

"To all present. Mark, you are now and for always a character clown of the eccentric guild and part of the Mia Circus clown group within the Mommy Cuddles family. I hereby declare you Cissy BeBe the clown and extend to you all rights and privileges to the name and character," Monica said handing Mark the foam suit.

"Congratulations," Julie said giving Mark the pink satin onesie before lifting his dress from the rack. "Once you're dressed we'll help you define your face."

"Congratulations honey," Monica said moving the foot she needed to hug Mark.

"Thank you," Mark said slightly overwhelmed.

"You've earned it. You're better than the original," Monica said as she took the dress and slip from Mark to let Julie help him into the stretchable onesie. It was not too unlike the stretch suit to a ballerina's tutu. Monica showed Mark the front by the label and Mark stepped into it.

"It will hold a fairly heavy diaper and allow you to go through your routine without having to constantly hike your diaper and baby pants up," Julie said moving over the cabinet to grab herself a thick disposable.

Mark was fascinated watching Julie so casually lift her robe and nightgown off before fitting the disposable between her legs. While she did that Monica too added her's from another pile, obviously a couple of sizes larger as she too unfolded the diaper before slipping it between her legs.

Mark meanwhile slipped his arms into the latex suit before pulling it into place. It was snug but once on and straightened, fit comfortably. It also gathered his diaper and plastic pants around him more snug. Monica handed him his toddler suit made of nylon and foam and colored like skin.

"This gives you your baby shape and hides the foam seams," Monica said. It looked like a kind of bouncy suit but went on easily and weighed hardly anything. It closed at the back with a strip of Velcro. Julie handed Mark his Mary Jane shoes fitted with lacy socks and their own foam inserts that matched the thickness of the foam around his ankles. The lacy socks were long enough to hide the suits seams.

If you ignored any reference to height, he looked proportional to a toddler in diapers.

"Can I ask a question? I mean just for the sake of curiosity," Mark said.

"Of course," Monica said as she pulled her overalls over a large felt shirt.

"If this is the costume, what are those dresses and slips for in my closet," Mark asked.

"Those were Sandy's play dresses. She had them made to play dress up. They are yours now. If you want them," Monica said.

"But she was... I mean is a girl so why would she need play dresses," Mark asked.

"Because she too, like you, is... was a sissy," Julie said.

"Wait? I thought only boys can be sissies," Mark asked with a fresh blush to his cheeks.

"No. Both can be sissies. Come on you've seen girly girls? There are girls who simply love, truly love the frills and hate wearing grown up clothes. Those girls are just as effeminate as boys, so they too are sissies. It's just as you and Sandy could both be girl babies for Monica, or a top for me," Julie said.

"Top," Mark asked.

"Kind of a dominate. You've got the member so it's kind of a given you're the top as in you're on top as Julie added, "but since I too could wear a member and turn you over I cold also be a top."

"Wait, what,” Mark said.

"kidding,” Julie said with a twinkling kind of smile. The thought had merits but it wasn't’ worth scaring Mark.

"Oh," Mark said with an odd tingling in his groin. The sensation seemed sensuous, clearly a little sexual and that made him feel pleasantly odd.

"If that's a problem, don't give it another thought. No one is going to force you into those," Julie noted.

"So I have to put them on by myself," Mark said smiling at Julie.

"Not if I'm around," Julie said, and knowing he had already tried at least one on.

"Hey, what about me? Don't forget, I put you into your first diaper," Monica said smiling at Mark.

"How could I forget. This was the best 24 hours of my life. Seriously," Mark said fixing his other Mary Jane shoe and laughing. That answered any other questions he had over the dresses as he suddenly laughed and added, "might send a picture of me in one of those to my dad."

Monica helped him into the fluffy petticoats and the dress. It was a pink, yellow and white affair designed to look like a little girl's party dress except the back bow was very large. So too the puffy sleeves Julie helped straighten.

"How do I keep it clean," Mark asked fluffy the skirts in the front as Monica fluffed the back.

"Just remember to role within the Brodie," Monica said. Brodie, Mark now knew, was slang for his practiced fall designed to appear clumsy and accidental. "your dress is made of Rip Stop taffeta nylon. It's silky like nylon but tough. It will hold up under the act."

"Feels like silk," Mark said fingering the skirt delicately.

Monica smiled and kissed Mark on the cheek as Julie came over with the curly blond ringlets under a cute satiny bonnet. Julie tied it after fitting it over Mark's gathered hair. He looked like an oversized toddler and felt like one with the bulk of his diaper exaggerated now by the suit under his dress. He moved about turning and twisting as the slip and dress slid over his knit onesie.

"Clown face," Monica said.

"What do you think Mark? Rosy cheeks and ruby red lips," Julie suggested.

"Sit and we'll do that first then see what you think," Monica said as she pulled the chair from the makeup table.

At the end Julie squeezed a small pink ball open and sat it over Mark's nose. His cheeks were an exaggerated blush with his lips drawn over a slightly oversize white base. Just a bit of makeup, but hugely cute when he stood to have his picture taken. They would take more outside to commemorate his first official day as Cissy BeBe.

"Ready," Monica asked as Julie pulled her wig on.

"Bump the nose," Julie said giving Mark and Monica a high five.

"Bump the nose," Monica said back. Mark getting the term and their hint said the same thing to both as they stepped out of the trailer. The term had the same meaning as "beak a leg" Julie whispered.

"Wow," Mr. Potter said as the three clowns walked up to get into the parade line. Potter was developing the introduction march at the beginning of the show with the aid of a clip board. It was also the same order as the ending march and parades when the towns allowed them.

"Cute isn't he," Monica said fussing with Mark's dress.

"Adorable. If I didn't know better I'd swear that was still Sandy as Cissy BeBe. Mark, I hope you take this as the compliment it is, because you make a very cute girl," Mr. Potter said.

"Thank you," Mark said giving him the exaggerated curtsey he'd developed with Monica. Mark took his skirts in a delicate hold, curtsied and then bowed. It would be a move he’d make in front of the audience each night at the end of their performance.

Mark felt oddly wonderful clad in his thick diaper, baby pants and dressed as a toddler and some of it now the compliment from Mr. Potter. He was giddy with all the sensations flowing over him as the Ringmaster stepped to the front of the nearly 200 people now formed in line and fully costumed. The animals were not part of this rehearsal.

"now,” Mark asked watching people forming a long line for the precession.

"I'll give you the word when it's time to be dumped out of the carriage," Monica said giving Mark a hand climbing into the large baby carriage. Julie helped Mark with his slips and skirts while holding his large baby bottle. The rattle and doll were all ready hanging on the inside. Mark would juggle those once he was walking again.

The Band in the large red wagon started to play as the Ring Master blew a shrill whistle and with his baton raised twice gave the signal to start. They would march around the wide track designed to be the same length as the path within the big top. There were flags making the start and stop. Mark wasn’t sure who the people were in the makeshift stand.

"Here we go," Monica said opening her oversize umbrella. Julie started waving at the imaginary people that were marked by banners marking the crowds. Mark, wearing his white gloves began waving the hand holding the large rattle and the other with the baby bottle.

Mr. Potter, along with his staff now sat on folding chairs with their clip boards as the troupes marched past. They were taking notes and figuring positions within the parade. Across from them those others in the stand also had clip boards.

"Hard to believe that's a boy," Mr. Potter said to another man his age as Mark, getting pushed by Monica rolled past waving.

"What," one of his assistants asked.

"Nothing. Just talking to myself," Mr. Potter said as he watched the sissy boy roll past and added in a softer tone, "wouldn't mind changing that little sissies diaper one day."

Mark's had goose bumps at first, then a bad case of the nerves, but his first fall and roll was flawless as he took his position in front of his baby carriage. He began to juggle his baby bottle, rattle and doll as he walked from one side of the wide running path to the other. Mark tossed the doll back over his head without looking and Julie caught it before tossing it back at Mark who incorporated the catch in his juggling again.

As each of them reached the banner marking the end they moved to the lawn area to form there for the presentations and plans for this next seasons circus. Mark was wetting his diaper when he reached the card with their names on it.

"I'm wet," Mark whispered to Monica as she and Julie lined themselves with Mark.

"Me to," Julie said giggling as she added, "mommy is going to be busy when we get back."

"Mommy is wet too and she can't wait to play... I mean change her little babies," Monica said patting Mark's bottom firm enough for him to feel it. His erection was instantaneous within the confines of the wet diaper. He wiggled slightly with Monica's hand still pressing against his dress and slips.

"Are we done," Mark asked as the owner finished talking which had followed Mr. Potter's announcements on several changes to new and old acts. Mark was announced to the surprise of a few looking over at him. It was a little unnerving but lasted only a second.

"We're done. We'll take lunch in the cafeteria this afternoon so I can show you how a girl eats then we can go home and play," Monica said. as she folded her umbrella into the baby carriage that now held Julie's sucker and Mark’s toys.

"How does a girl eat," Mark asked.

"With her teeth, not with her lips. Hard to explain so I'll show you but the trick is not to smear your lipstick or wipe your makeup off," Monica said as they finally got into line for lunch. It was tradition to get together after the first dress rehearsal. Lunch was lots of barbeque from fish to foul to meats. Mark’s stomach growled.

They sat at a long table with the other performers, mostly clowns, and Mark waited with his fork and knife for Monica to sit. Another girl clown, about Mark’s age, waved at him with a smile causing him to blush a little. She was pretty and he wondered what she might be thinking.

"Mark,” Monica said again.

"What? Sorry,” Mark said.

“When you take a bite, don't pull the food off with your lips. Use your teeth so you don't smear your lipstick," Monica said and added, "and when you wipe your mouth.... dab lightly. Do not wipe or you'll risk smearing your makeup."

Mark did as Monica said and with a hand resting in the folds of his dress and petticoats he ate like a girl. The motion of dabbing made him feel kind of sissy. Like a pinky in the air sort of thing or as his dad put it, a limp wrist move.

"I've wet again," Mark whispered as he pressed firmly against his dress, petticoats, baby pants and diaper.

"It's okay, your diaper should hold it and I'll change you when you get back to the trailer," Monica said and added, "and maybe this time I'll let you wear panties like a big girl. At least until I get you to soil them."

"You're turning me into a sissy," Mark said with a slight grin and in his own defense added, "remember, I'm just doing this for the sake of the act."

"That's right! Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking," Monica said with her own grin as she added, "you know what I was thinking?" Reaching over to press down against Mark’s hand already pressing down.

"What," Mark asked.

"I was thinking that maybe we should tune up the act a little and actually use you like a real sissy," Monica said.

"I'd be interested in hearing this," Julie said as she finished her banana pudding.

Monica leaned forward a little so her voice was out of reach of the other people still eating. Most had left for their own homes but some, like Julie were having a slow desert.

"What if we have two costume changes. Something quick as she is now, and another meant to show our baby here becoming a little girl. She's in a frilly dress but suddenly, like right at the end, he gets exposed. Right at the end he looses his wig and in shock that he’s exposed, he runs from the ring back into the dressing rooms," Monica said.

"That might be cute," Julie said.

"So I wouldn't be wearing the Cissy BeBe costume," Mark said sounding slightly disappointed.

"You would. You'd still be Cissy BeBe at the beginning but somewhere near the end we change you from a baby to a little girl and from little girl to sissy boy," Monica said.

"How would we change him," Julie asked.

"I'm thinking. Wait? One way would be to go ahead with that crib idea we talked about. Remember? We would be replacing the baby carriage," Monica said.

"How would that work," Julie asked.

"Platform flip," Monica said and then added, "we design it so the mattress flips over above a space with enough room for Mark to go from baby dress to little girl's dress. We could design the dress like his baby dress with Velcro."

"Interesting," Mark said and then added, "so what's that have to do with the sissy dresses hanging in my closet?"

"Those would be for play mostly but if this new trick works it would give you a reason for being dressed like a little girl at times. You'd need to practice the moves in "costume".

"How's that,” Mark asked.

"We would have to show you," Monica said before adding, "a sissy is more up Julie's likes than mine but I think you'll definitely like what's involved."

Julie was looking curiously at Monica while trying to figure out what she was suggesting and then it struck her.

"Wait, are you talking about using the training panties," Julie asked and added, "like I used on Sandy?"

"Yes. Think about it. They would work even better on a boy," Monica said snickering.

"Definitely," Julie said but added, "but what about his heart?"

"We'll just have to take a chance," Monica said.

"Wait? What about my heart? Is this about the dresses or the act? What are you guys talking about," Mark said as he felt himself growing firm in his now sodden diaper as he added, "this isn't helping with me diapered you know."

"We'd better wait till we get home and you get changed," Monica said and then closed her eyes, as she added, "hurry, finish your pudding before he gets attacked right here, right now."

Mark reacted to Monica's comments immediately as he wiggled on the bench to allow his member to grow unencumbered. He was shifting right, then left when suddenly he moaned.

"Damn," Mark said bowing his head as his orgasm took hold.

"What's the matter," Monica asked suddenly concerned.

"I moved too much," Mark said looking embarrassed as he added, "haven't had that happen since I was six."

"Well, at least you'll be easier to diaper," Monica said laughing.

"Ha ha," Mark said but added, "but I wanted that to happen later."

"Relax," Julie said and added, "it might be a blessing in disguise."

"How's that," Mark asked as he closed his eyes to the warm after glow of satisfaction for a second.

"Training panties can be very dangerous if the person being trained is horny," Julie said snickering as she added, "at least now you might last a minute or two longer."

"Come on, finish so we can go back home," Mark urged.

They walked back happily. Their act was finely tuned and they had options now in the works to alter it a little and Mark now had a reason to dress as a little girl, even possible wear panties although Monica decided that might be risky still.

"So, can I see these training panties," Mark said as Julie closed the door.

"Absolutely not," Julie said and added, "too risky. You'll see them after you feel them first."

"Meanwhile, we need to take care of our costumes, props and take showers. Mark you first, Julie use my bathroom and I'll take care of our outfits. Mark, just unpin your diaper and let it fall to the floor in the bathroom. Everything else gets bundled for the wash," Monica said sounding like a drill instructor.

"Is she always like this," Mark asked lightly. He felt the warmth from both.

"Only when she's in charge," Julie said and added, "and she's always in charge."

Mark stripped down to his baby pants and diaper and literally waddled into the hall bathroom. He was told not to take a change in with him but to meet Monica in his bedroom. Mark happily stepped into the shower with high hopes and the beginnings of another erection.

"Aren't I violating our don’t be naked in the common areas,” Mark asked.

"was when you were a stranger. Definitely not a stranger now,” Monica said passing the bathroom.

Mark met Monica in his room and there on his bed was another diaper laid open. Next to the diaper baby powder and a clean pair of baby pants. There was a fresh baby bottle of milk and Monica smiling, but then she frowned.

"What," Mark said wondering what had shifted her mood.

"Let's take a minute and get rid of that hair," Monica said.

"What hair," Mark asked in a panic as he covered his head.

"Not your girl hair silly," Monica said and then added, "the boy hair."

Boy hair, according to Monica, when Mark asked, was hair under his arms, the pubic hair around his member and testicles or at least the area not shaped which confused Mark, and that little tuft of hair on his chest. His face was almost smooth which had been another point of contention for his father.

Monica guided Mark back into the hall bath and made him stand there till she brought back a bottle of hair remover and a new razor plus a lady's electric shaver. Julie was told what was happening which prompted her to explain that she was returning to her room and a book she was reviewing on feminizing men.

Besides his body hair loss and the heart shape tuft of hair Monica left around his genitals, those remarks of Julies unnerved him. Monica had shaved Mark's underarms with the new razor while she let Mark do his legs till Monica was satisfied.

"Girlish smooth," was the word she kept using before she finally said, "now into your room you little sissy so I can diaper you like a little baby!"

Mark turned for the door and jumped a little when Monica's hand caught him over his freshly scrubbed cheeks. He turned with a surprised look on his face but a smile also formed.

"So maybe my little sissy likes getting spankings," Monica said as she started another swing towards Mark's rear. He jumped instinctively and rushed forward out of reach as Monica cautioned, "you'd better run you little princess want to be."

Monica gave Mark his bottle to nurse as she oiled him. It was almost soothing to taste the soft rubber nipple she teased against his lips before he allowed her to push it in. Mark nursed as before while Monica rubbed him with baby oil. She wiped her hands and then smothered him in baby powder.

The dust was just reaching his nose when Monica pulled his diaper between his legs. It felt so soft and full and grew warmer quickly as it bunched between his legs but cuddling his genitals with the sensation of a warm soft hand. Would he be able to give this up he wondered, then decided he didn't need to and smiled allowing air to rush into the baby bottle.

Mark was beginning to learn that Monica was an expert at diapering as she clipped the second diaper pin closed. She snapped his baby pants closed and like the times Mark thought she was laying herself so she was positioned for Mark to nurse.

Only she didn't lay beside him this time. This time she positioned the satin covered pillows so she was sitting against them and the headboard. She had Mark reposition himself so he was laying across her lap, more or less crosswise. She wanted his head on her arm so his ear rested at the bend in her elbow while his right arm was drawn back in such a way to allow his fingers between her legs.

It would allow him, she whispered, to latch onto her bosom more firmly making the seal of his lips tighter. Nursing created a vacuum, she said and added that it stimulated her very powerfully. That stimulation coupled with the added benefits of him caressing her while she fondled him left her breathless.

Mark as well found himself becoming almost painfully erect and powerfully drawn to the whole notion of feeding from her like a baby might. Mark eagerly settled and wet his lips before closing around Monica's ample bosom. Monica rewarded Mark's efforts immediately by easing the fingers of her free hand inside of his diaper. Her gentle touch as she circled his member encouraged him to nurse more aggressively.

Monica's wiggling encourage Mark to massage her over her large full nylon briefs, as she added her own very aggressive tugs then rubs over his baby pants and diaper. Her actions quickly brought him to climax while creating a powerful vacuum that only amplified the movements of his tongue. Her moaned response and noticeable shudder meant she too had been satisfied. Mark continued to match Monica's slow rubs over his baby pants over her panties till she stopped. A moment later she eased Mark up and rose as she laughed quietly while stretching.

"If my panties get any worse I'm going to have to start wearing a diaper just to lay with you. Your little fingers are awesome," Monica said as she bent to kiss Mark on the forehead before adding, "now then, want to finish your bottle or play with the pacifier while I shower?"

"Pacifier," Mark said with a twinge of guilt. He was still a little unnerved over some of the things they were doing but Monica loved it and he was growing fond of the treatment. It was a far cry from the days with his father who was quickly becoming only a bad dream as he added, "diapers can hold a lot back."

"I'll leave that to you for a bit," Monica said patting the front of Mark's diaper as she teased the rubber nipple of his pacifier into his mouth.

"Wait," Mark said pulling the pacifier out and asking, "what about my nightgown?"

"Just wanted to see if these things have taken hold yet," Monica said going to the dresser. She had snapped him into white baby pants so she tugged a white baby doll from the dresser drawer and the bubble shaped bloomers that went with it. They looked identical to vintage but that was thanks to Monica's skills with a sewing Machine.

Mark was stepping into the bloomers when Julie walked by and stopped at the now open door.

"Hey, Cissy BeBe the clown is now Sissy Baby the boy," Julie said that leaning against the door frame as she added, "I think we'll start your Training Panties in the morning when I come in to check and see if you've wet your diaper over night. You should be more willing by then."

"Can't wait,” Mark said feeling very happy and satiated.

Part Six

At first Mark thought he was dreaming when the finger wormed it's way into his diaper and wiggled. But he wasn't. It was Julie and she was smiling down at him when he decided it wasn't a dream, and much better because of that.

"Thought that might get your attention," Julie said as she sat on the beds edge looking down at Mark before adding, "ready for your training?"

"I think so," Mark said as he began to position himself so he could sit up.

"No, stay still," Julie said as she produced a lavender sleep mask of lace edged satin before adding, "I'm going to put this over your eyes till I get you into your training panties."

"I have to go potty," Mark said as she fitted the eye cover over Mark's eyes.

"Wet into your diaper precious and then we'll begin," Julie said.

Mark managed to wet and then nodded when Julie asked if he was done. Next thing he knew his bloomers were coming followed by his baby pants and the unpinning of his diaper. Mark thought that his diaper, along with his bloomer style panties and baby went off together. He realized he was wrong when his baby doll nightgown was rolled up above his waist, and his bloomers placed at his side.

"How long since I arrived here with you guys," Mark asked. He was mostly making conversation but he was also amazed over what had transpired over such a short span of time.

"Gosh, let me think? Seven, maybe eight weeks? If I remember, we had just pulled onto the spur and... Yes, it's been eight weeks. Why," Julie said.

"A lot has happened in eight weeks," Mark said.

"You're a fast learner," Julie said.

"I meant about the baby and girl stuff," Mark said.

"Even faster learning that stuff, but that's the nice advantage of lust," Julie said and added, "like what's going to happen this morning. Here, lift your feet."

Mark lifted his feet and felt what he guessed were his "training panties". They crinkled and then he felt them go on, and as Julie fussed he realized they were set in place.

"Don't touch them. That's my job," Julie said as Mark felt the waistband being pulled away from his waist as Julie added, "hold still. I'm going to be touching your cute little member so don't panic."

There was a soft brief massaging creating a drop of moisture then his panties were set in place again, and as soon as that was done Julie put her hand over the panties and Mark's erection. Mark grunted a pleasant sound deciding to enjoy the sensations as the plastic became slippery.

A moment later Julie had stopped manipulating him and was adding his satiny bloomers over the plastic panties he now wore.

"Are these the Training panties or was it that the first pair," Mark asked feeling his erection moving effortlessly within the confines of the first pair of panties. The sensation was like liquid silk. As he moved his legs for the second pair of panties it moved the first pair and it was like getting shocked pleasantly.

"Both pair are your training panties honey. Now sit up and then stand for me," Julie said taking hold of his hands.

Mark did and when he was standing he was allowed to remove his mask. He was looking at a very light pink panty paneled in a shimmering layer over something silky with the edges laced to match the the legs and waist. Very girly but it was what he wore under those that had his attention.

"What am I wearing," Mark asked.

"Okay, the first pair of panties is a very soft playable pair of baby pants in pink vinyl plastic. Inside of those panties I added a few drops of baby oil to the tip of your member after you wet a tiny bit. The movements have now allowed nature to take it's course and you've added more moisture. It's all about the glide ability while you are dressed," Julie said touching Mark's panties very lightly.

"Unbelievable," Mark whispered as he gently wiggled.

"Be careful. Now go ahead and walk to the closet and chose a slip first, then a dress and bring them back," Julie said.

It was like trying to walk while someone masturbated you Mark realized. Try as he might the sensations were overwhelming as he made the few steps to the closet door. He stood there looking first at the slips deciding he'd like wearing the one with the most layers. It was white.

"Chiffon! Good choice," Julie said and added, "the more layers the better."

Mark looked once more at the panties sitting on top of the plastic pants and decided on a white dress to match them. He fought the soft grunts and moans trying to escape as he moved.

"Slowly precious or you'll explode," Julie said.

"Which I think would be a good thing," Mark said.

"It would but it will be even better once you are dressed," Julie said taking up the slip to help Mark into it. Julie fussed with the petticoats of chiffon over a single layer of nylon that settled over his panties and baby pants. There were three gathered petticoats now draped from a silk bodice.

The dress, also self slipped went over his head and added more ounces of girlishness to the slips and all of it was now pressing against a very painful erection. It happened when Julie took up the two long strips of satin to tie them into a bow at the back.

Tugging on them so they were even moved the dress which moved the slips which rubbed against his panties. All of those layers slid the lubricated plastic over an incredibly sensitive tip and there was nothing Mark could do but stand there in a full state of bliss. He locked his knees to stay upright as waves of warm pleasure rolled over him - one thrust came after another other.

Mark's ejaculations only made his baby pants more slick and Julie, now sitting on the bed reached under Mark's dress and slips to rub him over his panties. He shuddered, shivered and closed his eyes to the overwhelming sensitivities flooding his mind. Mark managed to bring himself back from the brink and remembered to breath.

"What the hell," Mark said.

"Awesome isn't it," Julie asked but knowing the answer.

"YES. What just happened," Mark asked still too sensitive to move and Julie was still circling his member with a single finger under his dress.

"You just learned about training panties and what every boy could know if they ignored all the rules for just a few minutes," Julie said as she finally brought her hand from beneath Mark's dress and slips as she added, "would you be willing to do that again?"

"Oh hell yes. As many times as you want," Mark said.

"Excellent. That was lesson one and a really good start. Now let's take those things off and get you into your shower. Lots to do today," Julie said as she stood and went behind Mark to help remove his dress.

"And how was your morning," Monica asked as Mark walked into the kitchen. With Julie's help and a couple of tissues Mark was able to make it to the shower and from there back to his bedroom to dress. Mark was in his jeans and shirt, still numbed by the most fantastic orgasm ever. Under his pants were panties.

"Training panties are awesome," Mark said hugging Monica before turning back to Julie who also got a hug.

"How's his heart," Monica asked looking at Julie.

"I gave him some much needed mouth to mouth resuscitation's and a fresh pair of panties and I'm sure he's going to pull through. Right precious," Julie asked turning to Mark. Mark remembered those kisses as Julie pushed her hips against his before she removed his training panty set.

"It was good," Mark said and after a pause and a far away look added, "very good."

"Okay, lesson one is over. A few more morning like that and you should be able to put yourself into a slip and dress without any coercion at all," Julie said and added, "so what's on the agenda this morning?"

"We need to get a rough drawing of the crib done then get that to the engineers to see what it's going to take to fabricate it. Meanwhile we need to do warm ups, jog and a little gym work before breakfast," Monica said.

"I'm pretty warm," Mark said from a far off place. Both women laughed.

The drawings were with the engineers, practice was over a massive effort by all there to clean the place got them to lunch time. Monica told Mark about their rules and when Mark asked why he hadn’t seen them before this she told him they were girl rules, but since he dabbled in the feminine they applied.

He got a part of the medicine cabinet and a shelf in the bathroom for his shampoo and new bubble bath. He was not allowed to use any other bubble bath without permission. Same as his makeup which made him laugh. He’d been playing with the lipsticks that Sandy had left and Julie showed how to use eye liner and mascara.

Monica and Julie both still got periods and their times were pretty close which was often the case when girls live together. They decided to make a rule that Mark had to wear a pad in lined panties as a reminder that they were having their periods. Mark got a package of extreme pads for girls wrapped as a gift over laughter.

When they went shopping Mark bought some boy clothes but most everything he got came out of the girl’s department. He didn’t need underwear he said because Sandy had left plenty. Julie teased him mercilessly when she bought him a package of princess pull-ups for bed wetter's and tossed him the package as two women walked by.

Another chapter was written a few weeks later as Mark, without his wig, went to the cafeteria dressed as a little girl and met the girl clown at the rehearsal parade. They sat together and she complimented Mark on how casual he was wearing those clothes. Mark said it was easier there on the compound than out on the streets because everyone knew him and his part of the act.

The shock came when Jennifer turned out to be Jerry. Jerry was a young gay man living with another man in the clown fire brigade. The man Jerry was living with liked him more sissy so he had begun dressing more girlish. Mark was astonished at how easily Jerry passed as a girl and agreed to call him Jennifer.

It was two days later that Mark had Jennifer over to his room and before long helping him into one of his slips and dresses. Jennifer was gay, making it clear to Mark that he was attracted to him but Mark wasn’t obliterated to reciprocate. The funny part of that came when Mark asked if Jennifer had ever heard of training panties. Of course she hadn’t.

Both boys were in petticoats and dresses and out of their panties when Mark shared a pair of pull on baby pants for Jennifer to wear. With their panties back on they both sat on the bed talking about the circus and their respective partners and friends. They were making every attempt to ignore what was happening to them as they talked.

"I'm painfully hard,” Mark said.

"Me too,” Jennifer admitted.

"It's okay though because we’re mostly like girls right now,” Mark said shyly as he used his lipstick on Jennifer’s pout.

"Of course, we are doing a lot of girlish things,” Jennifer said blotting her lips on the tissue she pulled from the box.

"So, if we kind of kissed, it wouldn’t really be a gay thing so much as a girl thing,” Mark said working the logic out.

"Definately more girl than gay,” Jennifer said taking the lipstick from Mark and gliding it over Mark’s lips as she added, “and we’ve got to be careful that we don’t smear.”

"Which is the same reason for the training panties,” Mark said.

"So you mean when we kissed... you know, our lipstick,” Jennifer said laughing but added, “oh and that too.”

"So how do you want to do this,” Jennifer asked. She would do anything so she deferred to Mark on what his limits would be.

"Maybe we could try dancing maybe,” Mark asked.

"I'd like that,” Jennifer answered.

Both stood and Mark went to the radio to find music. The station was playing slow songs as Mark turned right into Jennifer’s arms. Mark put his arms around Jennifer’s neck and Jennifer circled Mark’s waist. Their dress and petticoats were already touching and crunched more and more as the two sissies drew each other closer.

Mark closed his eyes the instant he felt Jennifer’s member touch his through all the layers and immediately they moved slowly side to side. Jennifer took the initiative to gently kiss Mark’s pinkish lips. Jennifer and Mark continued kissing and softly grinding through the song till it ended.

"So did you have an accident,” Jennifer asked when the song ended.

"I'm very close,” Mark said as they kissed again.

"Maybe we should bring each other to climax and then we could hang till we’re ready again,” Jennifer said as she lifted her skirt and petticoats. She had exposed the lacy white panties she wore. The tent was obvious. Mark lifted his skirt and his petticoats showing his ruffles around his panties and he too was firmly tented.

Mark leaned in and Jennifer matched his movements. Both kept holding their skirts and slips up as their panties touched. The very tips touched first but moved easily within the slickness of their Training panties It was almost impossible to keep them touching with the panties so slippery so they sat on the bed.

Jennifer, a tab bit more experienced gently pushed Mark on his back and helped him gather his skirt and slips. Mark couldn’t see his own panties nor Jennifer's as she move to lay over Mark. Jennifer bent to kiss Mark as their members aligned within their panties. Jennifer was the one that began moving so she slid over Mark.

Mark’s climax was so violent he pushed upwards against Jennifer who arched to push back. Both sissies continued that way till the last of their climax passed. Even then it was Jennifer, now laying on her back next to Mark who reached over to rub Mark till he was fully spent. Mark did the same and both continued just for the pleasure of each.

Jennifer took up the task of cleaning Mark and Mark did Jennifer after hanging the dresses and slips back in the closet first. Mark felt a twinge of guilt but that warm after glow remained and made it impossible for Mark to feel anything else but the joy of his climax.

"That was wonderful,” Mark said.

"Best sex I’ve had in a long time,” Jennifer said and then added, “I mean best girl sex I’ve had.”

"It was wasn’t it,” Mark said.

Monica was in her sewing room where the costumes were kept working on a prototype dress for Mark when he walked in with Jennifer.

"Hi Jen,” Monica said looking up after stopping the stitch she’d run as she added, “how’s Bobby?”

"He's good,” Jennifer said.

"You too look guilty as hell,” Monica said smiling.

"We were practicing,” Jennifer asked.

"Practicing? Wow glad we cleared that up. There is some left over chicken in the fridge,” Monica said.

"We're good. I think we’ll go grab something in the cafeteria,” Mark said.

"Have fun,” Monica said as she began sewing again.

Jennifer’s hair was as long as Mark’s and raven black while Mark’s was more golden and now in a soft perm for more body. Jennifer’s hung straight. Both boys were in jeans and tee shirts but from the back they looked like girls as they made their way to the large community building that house the cafe.

"Was that Jennifer with Mark,” Julie asked.

"It was,” Monica said and added, “she came over to play or hang or whatever.”

"Did they play,” Julie asked.

"I'm pretty sure they did,” Monica said as she added, “I’m sure I heard the words Training Panties before they came through the door.”

"I think our little sissy is broadening her horizons,” Julie said as she opened the refrigerator door to look in as she added, “should we have the talk?”

"Should we have the talk,” Monica asked.

"About the gayer birds and bees,” Julie said.

"We should have. I think Mark got his first lessons on that today,” Monica said laughing.

"Fair enough,” Julie said pulling the plate of chicken out as she added, “I’m thinking about inviting Jennifer over for our own play night. How would you feel about that?”

"Only if she’d be willing to wear a diaper,” Monica asked.

"I suppose we could convince her to... you know, with our Training Panties,” Julie said.

"No one can resist Training Panties,” Monica said and then added, “we could make it the equivalent of movie night.”

They both laughed again.

"I'd like to do that again,” Jennifer said.

"Me too,” Mark answered wistfully as he added, “would you be willing to wear diapers?”

"Diapes,” Jennifer said as she reached over and spanked Mark’s behind before adding, “can I diaper you?”

"Of course” Mark said.

"And you diaper me,” Jennifer asked.

"Yes, but I was just wondering what it would be like if we put on play panties, then our diapers and baby pants under dresses and slips,” Mark said and added, “I'm feeling faint.”

"That's okay, I know mouth to mouth,” Jennifer said and added, “want me to show you?”

"Not now, not here silly. First let’s eat.” Mark said bumping sideways against Jennifer. Both laughed and Mr. Potter, watching the two girly boys walk past would have sworn he was watching two girls.

"Cute little sissies,” He said putting his hands in his pockets. Of course, no one knew this but neither pocket actually had pockets as he gently rubbed himself over his old style nylon bloomers. He shivered slightly, waited a moment to savor the sensations then turned back to his trailer.

Part Six

"you know what I think? I think you've been wearing your diapers and little plastic vinyl baby panties for so long you've started to like them! You go to bed like a baby, you sleep like a baby, and you wet your diapers every night because you're pretending to be a baby. That's right isn't it? Look at you! You're wearing diapers for heavens sake. Diapers!

But that's okay because if you're truly going to act like a baby then by all means be a baby. I mean if you like your soft little didies and pretty little plastic panties then let's just keep you in them all the time. Would you like that? Would you like to wear diaper all day and night? I'll bet you would you little baby.

But you know what? You're not going to just wear your diapers and plastic panties sweet cheeks because if you like them then what's the point? I mean how is that going to make you stop? It isn't is it?

So, maybe instead of dressing you like a boy baby, maybe you need to dressed as a girl baby. Maybe instead of putting you in just your diapers and plain old plastic panties we put you into something cuter, like maybe a cute little baby dress and sweet ruffled baby pants!

Would you like that? Would you like to wear a sweet little baby dress and your adorable panties with cute fluffy lacy ruffles? Will I hope you like the idea of being a sweet little baby girl because after I pin you into your diaper I'm going to cover it with pink nylon covered plastic baby girl panties with ruffles across your bottom. And over that the sweetest little baby dress...

Jerry, nursing on his new pacifier, moaned suddenly...

"Oh oh,” Mark said as Jerry, dressed as sissy baby Jennifer arched his back against the explosive climax that began to take him. After he was dressed like a baby girl, as part of their new play period, Mark had pressed a plug gently into Jennifer's bottom.

That plug was long enough that when Jerry moved the firm rubber plug massaged his prostate gland which enhanced the sensations as he was slowly and gently masturbated. Both he and Mark had begun experimenting with various things they'd begun picking up on the Internet and what Julie and Bobby shared with them.

"That was awesome,” Jerry said laying back down in exhaustion as Mark stopped rubbing him over his diaper and plastic panties.

"It was nice,” Mark said happily. Mark had that same exact reaction to the strap on Julie used on him just the night before and he was anxious to share it with his playmate.

Part Seven

It had started out innocently enough. Julie had been teasing Mark all day about his diapers and how she was going to make him just wear them with nothing else and march him through town. Or maybe she would have him stand with a cute sign decorated with flowers that read “I am a sissy baby!”

Mark imagined every situation vividly and had a constant erection because of it. It was the teasing itself that was turning Mark on, and as it happens Julie knew that. By the time their practice ended Mark was so horny he almost began playing in his diaper on the way home. Julie had him and he knew it and in his bedroom that's when she brought out the strap on.

Mark for the first time was actually nervous.

"What are you going to do with that,” Mark asked.

"This? Well, I'm going to first dress you like a sissy little baby in sweet girlish clothes, after I diaper you. Then I'm going to make you lay on the bed, pull those diapers and baby pants down so your pretty little bottom is exposed enough to let me push this inside,” Julie said as she wiggled it in front of Mark's face.

"Then what,” Mark said suddenly afraid.

"Now hush and take your clothes off you little sissy,” Julie said being far more forceful that she even had been. Mark hesitated as Julie pulled her jeans down and then her panties. His fascination grew as did his erection watching Julie literally strap the rubber member on.

Julie laid a diaper open on the changing pad and had Mark lay over it but instead of rubbing him with baby oil she poured it over the rubber member. Mark's legs were bent at the knees after he'd lifted himself for the diaper, but instead of him spreading them apart Julie helped him lift each leg so his feet were resting on her shoulders.

With his bottom slightly raised she pushed her oily finger slowly into his bottom and wiggled it. She poured more oil onto her fingers and did the same massaging again. A moment after a baby wipe she was slowly pushing the rubber strap-on into him There was a moment when it didn't seem like it would go in but suddenly, once he relaxed a little at Julies request, it slowly entered and after a second or two it seemed to slide in easier.

It also got better as the sensations shifted. That shift followed the press against his prostate. Julie pushed the strap-on fully into him at the same instant she pushed his pacifier into his mouth. With him nursing his pacifier and Julie pumping him with her strap-on the whole sense of things began to change. Mark actually wanted to participate even more.

Mark actually brought his legs back towards him so Julie had fuller access to his bottom. Meanwhile Julie had picked up a pair of nylon briefs she'd dropped on the bed and was now wrapping them around Mark's erection. He was fully engaged with not an ounce of protest. Julie thrust in and out as she slowly began rubbing his member under her panties.

She began to talk...

"You really are a sissy, aren't you,” Julie asked. It was clear she wasn't expecting an answer as she continued, “what a boy you've turned out to be? Or are you? Look at you... Diapers and baby pants, cute little dresses? Are you sure you're even a boy? Maybe not since you're having sex like a girl. Do you like that you little sissy?”

Mark heard the words and felt the soft, but firm rubber member going in and out smoothly as Julie stroked him and it was all too much to take in. He fought hard to keep from exploding but it was too late for that as he nearly bit the pacifier in half. His release was explosive as he pushed back against the rubber member.

"Say it, say it now. Say I'm a little sissy,” Julie said circling a too sensitive tip with her panty wrapped finger. That finger alone was driving Mark nearly mad, just as she thrust firmly into him one final time.

I''m a little sissy,” Mark yelled as he arched his back. Julie, wrapped around Mark's member again gently squeezed and pulled. When he fell back again he was fully spent and totally exhausted.

"Wow! What did you do to me? I think you broke something,” Mark said grinning as he held the pacifier. He was smiling as the pleasure warmed him from the inside out as he added, “I'll never be able to have regular sex again.”

"Now a nap, honey,” Julie asked smiling as she back out of Mark. She undid the strap on and laid it on a towel which explained why it was there now before pulling her panties back up. Mark nodded sheepishly as Julie finished diapering him.

Julie snapped him into his baby pants, before guiding his hand holding the pacifier to his mouth not more than a second before kissing him. She covered him with his satin top sheet and left the room. Mark, between wake and sleep and savoring the session smiled as the dream of him in a baby's dress started to form.

"What was that yelling all about,” Monica asked as Julie came into the kitchen.

Julie laughed.

"teaching our baby sister, I mean baby sissy what the difference is between a sissy boy and a real girl and how superior we are,” Julie said.

"Do you think he got the lesson,” Monica asked pouring creamer into her coffee as Julie started brewing her own cup.

"Oh yes, he got it,” Julie said moving to the cabinet for a cup. She started humming the words to the song Be A Clown. Monica snickered and shook her head.

Post Script

Halloween for the employees of the Mia Circus was the same as everyone else who took hold of the Holiday to celebrate their deepest, sometimes darkest secrets. Mr. Potter was a classic example of this in his black lace bra, panties, stockings and garter while his partner for the night sported a serious set of leathers and Potter's leash.

Monica's view of herself came out of Grimes Fairy Tales and so fitting as Mother Hubbard. While Julie on the other hand took her wickedness to it's ultimate heights and occasional fondness for snug fitting leather as Cat Woman. A half dozen guys were still begging to stay over till morning even as the party broke up. The Mia Circus owners came as a horse and rider with the wife sporting a riding crop and he a saddle strapped to his back.

Mark a baby girl and Jennifer diapered as a boy spent most of the evening dancing pressed against each other when they weren't slipping their hands in and out of each others diapers. The Key Stone clowns came as the Village People miming perfectly most of their songs.

Both Mark and Jennifer, still playing with each other paused again to laugh over Mark's recent acquisition of his father's car. He had just got it back from the body shop to fix the finder.

That bit of pleasure had happened just a week ago when Monica, in questioning Mark, found out that the car his father claimed was his was actually Mark's. His father thinking himself clever had put it in Mark's name to avoid paying fines on several parking tickets.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mark owned the car. Monica helped mark get a copy of the new registration, Mark paid the fines to release and update the registration. Later with the help of the sheriff's department went to his father's house to pick the car up under a repossession order.

Mark and Jenifer both wore sun dresses as they all stood at the door step behind the sheriff who presented Mark's father with those repossession papers. Mark took the keys and told his father to keep his clothes as mementos. Mark and Jennifer thanked the sheriff and drove the five hours back home.

That Spring found Cissy BeBe starting the show as a cute girl baby that suddenly disappeared and reappeared as a cute little girl who after diving onto her new crib which produced a cloud of white smoke. Under cover of that smoke Mark fell into the hidden space below and into the dress held in place by Velcro straps.

When Mother Cuddles discovered her baby missing she chased the little girl till she almost caught her. Had the wig not come off in Monica's hand, she might have caught the boy dressed as the little girl. The boy, chased by Monica and Julie and followed off stage by the Key Stone Clowns led by Jennifer always made the children and adults laugh.

The riotous clapping said it all as the clowns all returned for their bows. What made Mark's day was when Mr. Potter often handed him his one or two letters that came on occasion. Those letters always asked if the clown that played the boy, that played the girl, that sometimes played the baby girl was a boy or a girl?

Mark always answered personally and included signed pictures of him as all three. He knew, as he knew himself, that some boys imagined themselves either a clown or a sissy or, like Mark, both.

The end

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