The Plaintiff


"...Why do you like dressing up, if you do like dressing up? You do like dressing up don't you? A little," Aby asked.

"I suppose I do," Mark said trying to find a way to explain this in a way that made sense.

The Plaintiff

By Mary Beth Sanford


That deep sense of reverence always came to mind when Mark entered the library. The schools library was typical of Romanesque architecture. Massive rounded arches supported on plain pillars looking larger than they should be, older as well. Wisdom and age came to mind which, he suspected, was the reason for that particular architecture.

Wisdom and age and those carvings, some definitely grotesque, but all adding a sense of soundness and sobriety to the structure. Maybe even dark Gothic, Mark decided, and very dark he noted. A scary place at night he imagined, and definitely now as he climbed the steps to Ms. Baker's office.

Mark had no idea why he'd been summoned and couldn't imagine being called for anything pleasant. He was a freshman, a nobody making him too new to have much to do with anything or anyone at the school.

Mark worried greatly over the summons as he reached the secretary and gave her his name. She passed it on over an intercom that had to be five decades old. Decades old but polished deeply matching the woman's voice answering, he mused. He was invited in immediately.

"Mark? Mark Adams," the woman he assumed was Ms. Baker asked as Mark walked into the large office. He nodded an apprehensive yes looking at his surroundings. The space was more masculine than feminine, heavy, dark, solid, like the library itself. It seemed somehow to suit Ms. Baker, Mark also mused.

"I'm Ms. Baker. Please, please, come in, and thank you for responding so quickly to my summons," Ms. Baker said pleasantly, standing as her secretary left the room closing the door.

The door closed behind him silently showing another woman seated to his right. She was sitting on a maroon leather sofa. Mark had no idea who she was and Ms. Baker had not made an attempt yet at an introduction. She too was stately, easily fitting into this scene, perhaps even more than Ms. Baker.

"You're welcome," Mark said with formality and deep sense of reverence not to mention a small amount of nervousness.

"It's Helen, please," Helen Baker said waving a hand to a leather and dark oak chair that put him directly in front of her desk.

Ms. Helen Baker was the Head Librarian and a formidable woman in Mark's eyes. Mark didn't do well around large powerful women. His size some of it, he knew, but other things as well going back some number of years.

"Mark, allow me first to introduce you to one of our benefactors. Mark, this is Mrs. Aby Van Braun. Mrs. Van Braun, allow me to present Mark Adams, one of our freshman this year, and the young man I told you about," Helen said.

Mark was about to sit, stopped, stood straight again and extended his hand. Another domineering woman, Mark noted, as she too stood to take Mark's hand. What was it she'd been told about him, Mark mused over Helen's words.

This was not a comfortable environment and without a reason for being there even less so. With both women towering over him, even worse. Mark was small in stature and build and these women were not. He was at one end of a spectrum, these woman at the other. As always, his aunt suddenly came to mind.

"Very nice to finally get to meet you Mark. May I call you Mark," Mrs. Van Braun said taking Mark's hand in hers.

"Yes," Mark said nervously.

"And please, I'm Aby," Mrs. Van Braun noted smiling.

Aby's fingers wrapped around Mark's hand like an adult to a child and Mark saw it that way. As always, it both excited him and scared him. It always did with woman like Aby. Aby was clearly authoritarian, commanding, almost imperious. Traits defined by his aunt long ago frightening him since early childhood. He was on the verge of having an accident, wishing again he'd gone to the bathroom first.

"Please, everyone sit, relax and I'll explain why I've asked you here Mark," Helen said.

Mark obeyed instantly, anxiously since there was no context to him being there, and yet his worse thoughts had already begun filtering through. You get summoned by someone like Ms. Baker, it can't be good.

Why Ms. Baker wanted to see him had been frightening enough. Then this second woman, perceptively as powerful as Ms. Baker, maybe more so perhaps, only compounded mark's fears. He was definitely confused and a little scared as he sat.

"Mark, a few weeks ago, five to be exact, you spent some time on one of the libraries computers. A lot of time and while, both your session and the information going into and out of those computers are private and personal, I did chance upon the contents. Mark, it was an unregistered access which is perfectly normal but it left a number of key words," Ms. Baker said.

Mark had context now and his stomach twisted hoping he was wrong. That session, please, don't let it be that one particular session, Mark noted. He was becoming scared. The computers were suppose to be private and that session so damming. Damaging at the very least and it sparked key words and what did that mean? He was nearly faint.

At Helen's revelation adrenaline began pumping furiously into Mark's body. Please, not that session! NOT that session, he pleaded in silence. There was nothing to say, nothing he dared say hoping she hadn't looked to deeply into those files and scripts, but knowing she must have if he was there.

"Mark, for the past few months we've been monitoring computer usage here hoping to find someone. Someone, how should I put this, suitable. That search has been lengthy and difficult and when it did come up positive I worked at making an identification. I know what I'm saying must sound very unnerving but it's not what you're thinking," Helen said.

Mark's heart rate soared matching his blood pressure and those mounting levels of adrenaline. Mark had known fear before this, but nothing on this level as his world, this new world of his, was no doubt about to come crashing in on him. He could hardly take a breath.

His reaction wasn't missed as he face turned ashen.

"Mark, please, relax a moment and breath. First of all, I assure you that the material I chanced upon is being held in my trust and nothing of those contents is any one else business but yours. As I said, it was a necessary search and very important to us. More importantly, and I hope you believe this, not intended to do you harm. Do you understand what I'm saying," Helen asked.

"Yes ma'am," Mark answered but he didn't understand and he wasn't sure he believed it anyway as he added, "Please, Ms. Baker, I know how that stuff might look and what it may suggest, but it's only fantasy, honest. I've never actually done any of that. Never!"

"Please Mark, relax. Mark, truth is I would have never seen it nor cared. I still don't were it not for a chance conversation I had with Mrs. Van Braun just a while ago. Fact is we only hold material left here for a day at best but in this case, and out of necessity, longer," Helen said as she sat back.

"I don't understand," Mark said. He felt faint.

"Would you like a glass of water," Aby asked looking at Mark's blanched face. There was no doubt that Mark was under a great deal of stress at the moment. Unfortunately that was somewhat necessary and not unforeseen.

Mark, still petrified and now nearly on the verge of fainting had lost the ability to hold back the tears he felt pushing to the surface. He was ruined. He was almost past the point of comprehension as his mind reeled. It took a moment for Aby's question to register.

He was afraid to talk but realized he had to and yet his mind raced backwards. It wasn't Aby's voice, but his aunt's yelling at him from his past, "no liquids past eight o'clock young man."

Mark shook his head lightly and said, "I'm sorry, I drifted. Water? No! I mean no thank you."

"Mark, please, take a breath and relax for me. As I said, that material of yours is strictly yours and yours alone. If, at the end of this conversation, you say no to this request of ours, that information goes into cyber space. No questions. It's your business and allow me to assure you that it will still be just your business at the end of this discussion." Ms. Baker said.

"Request," Mark asked, now on the very brink of tears. A request she said. He knew he'd heard it correctly. That was different than a demand, different than an accusation or condemnation. What could she possibly request that might be linked to that evening?

"Request! Yes, I've asked you here to make a request of you and it has a lot to do with what went on with those visits of yours we've recorded," Ms. Baker said.

"Ms. Baker, I can explain," Mark said now convinced that Ms. Baker had all of the grimiest details and a clear picture of who or what Mark was as he added, "actually, it's mostly research material."

"Research material," Ms. Baker repeated. There was a slight amused look on her face that she hadn't hidden very well. Clearly she didn't believe him.

"Material for my Psychology class," Mark murmured unconvincingly. It was in an odd way research but how could he explain something so odd.

"Of course it is," Helen noted too easily.

She wasn't buying it, Mark realized. Yet, oddly, there was no way she could have connected that information to him except, obviously, she had. How had she done that, Mark mused.

"Mark, there is no need for you to explain any of it, and I mean that. As to how I came to know it was yours? That was simple enough, and I'm sure that's a question you must have," Helen said and added, "that would be your first question, right?"

"Yes ma'am," Mark said wondering suddenly if she was psychic.

"As to that then, I had just cleared the computer room to close and you were the last student to use computer number three on that night. The log-in also put you there," Ms. Baker said and added, and the copy utility you used to download whatever it was you downloaded, gave a time for that function at nearly the exact same time. It couldn't have been anyone else.

Mark already on the verge of tears had been listening only selectively and those last words alone left little of Mark's composure intact. He could feel the tears welling up and his eyes filling. This was truly the end and of everything and of that he was sure. There was nothing left to say or do and no way he could remain composed.

"Mark, my dear Mark, please, you are not listening to me," Helen said as she realized that Mark was losing it. She felt sorry for the young man sitting before her.

Mark dropped his head and the tears flowed.

"Ms. Baker, if you would allow me, perhaps I can explain this better," Aby said as she shifted from the sofa and into another chair that she moved to face Mark.

"Please do," Helen said realizing she had not done a proper job of introducing their case to Mark.

"Here," Aby said taking a hanky from her bag and thrusting it gently out for Mark's sake. Mark took it. There was a hint of freshness, of femininity that touched at a memory. His aunt again.

"Thank you," Mark said dabbing at his eyes.

"Mark, if this helps, we were not searching for you in particular, just someone who might be connected in some way with this sort of life style. It really was random. Mark, truth is, I need your help - desperately. That is why I am here. What went on in that session is only important because you'll understand me when I tell you what I need. Do you at least believe that," Aby said.

"I think so," Mark said sniffling against a sudden runny nose.

"Mark, twelve years ago my son, now thirty, but your age then, dressed as a little girl for a Halloween party. It was silly, but then again it was Halloween and he was very young. It was a very private affair and completely innocent at the time. In fact, if I remember this correctly, he also won best costume that night," Aby said and added, "Anyway, as always, there were pictures."

"Pictures," Mark asked wondering if her son's pictures were among the hundreds that he'd collected over the past couple of years.

"Yes, unfortunately. There are always pictures and even worse there was one picture in particular that is most damaging," Aby said.

"I don't understand," Mark said taking a breath after a soft sob. Ms. Baker had handed Mark an additional tissue just then. What did his session have to do with this woman's son.

"I know you don't understand, but hopefully you will in a few more minutes. Mark, that one picture in particular was taken after my son removed his wig and make-up. The party had ended and he, like most boys, and I don't mean to be offensive by saying this, was happy to get out of his outfit. At least some of it," Aby noted.

"I'm not offended," Mark said trying to figure out what she thought would offend him.

"Thank you. Unfortunately, by removing that makeup and wig, he became clearly identifiable. Both as a boy and recognizable," Aby noted and sadly.

"Your son," Mark asked not clear where this was going but realizing there was a glimmer of hope in the changed tone of this meeting. It didn't appear to Mark that he was actually the target now.

"Yes, my son," Aby said in frustration.

"I'm not sure I follow what it is you are saying," Mark said still confused but now slightly hopeful.

"I know and if you'll allow me just a few more minutes, please, perhaps you'll understand then. As I noted, there is a picture of my son looking very much like a boy clearly dressed as a young girl. As a little girl actually. A very little girl I should add and quite convincing as one in the picture with the wig. Not something most boys would care to have laying around," Aby noted.

"True," Mark said meaning it. He had always fallen short of actually trying anything other than looking at pictures.

"Exactly. Problem is Mark, I've just come into some information that this one picture in particular is now in the hands of a publisher. A sleaze of a publisher I might add. With the other pictures showing my son dressing as a little girl. Moreover there are those before shots showing who he is, and it's, to put it mildly, devastating," Aby noted though clinched teeth.

"Is it like a scandal newspaper," Mark asked. He could imagine something like that happening.

"No, but I'm sure those scandal sheets will follow soon enough. Mark, are you familiar with a magazine called Little Sissy Missy," Aby asked and added before Mark could answer, "and Mark, please, it's important you answer me honestly. For my son's sake. For my sake."

"Yes ma'am. I mean I've heard of it and I know a little about it," Mark said feeling his face flush slightly. It wasn't one of his favorites, but then again it published the types of pictures he enjoyed looking at. Mostly it was sissy boys, always boys, some delicate enough, small enough, even pretty enough to really be mistaken for little girls, or at least for girls dressing as little girls.

Mark was now sure there was something else at work here and that he really wasn't the target of some sort of punishment or that he was about to be exposed. Clearly this was about this woman's son and not him. He sensed a coincidence in this somewhere as he played back the meeting so far.

"Well Mark, as it happens this magazine, and my calling it that is a kindness of the highest order, will be doing another publication, I believe, in a couple of more months," Aby said.

They publish twice a year I think," Mark said.

"They do, and sadly my son's pictures will be in that next publication based on some very reliable information. Mark, I simply cannot allow that to happen. I won't let it happen," Aby said and the anger in her voice chilled Mark. Mark would not want to be on the angry side of this woman.

"It would be damaging," Mark said.

"Catastrophic," Aby said.

Mark, now feeling slightly better since this woman's son was the issue, nodded and said, "I see."

It was oddly coincidental that her son and he might have something common. That his aunt and this woman, at least on the surface, shared some similar traits. Clearly it was why she intimidated him as she did. Mark was not out of the woods yet, but he was no longer sobbing the loss he had felt over being exposed. Now it appeared that they needed him for something else and his session just a link to that something else.

"May I ask what this has to do with me," Mark said softly with as much kindness as he could muster. That softness was so this woman didn't feel challenged. Mark would not challenge someone like her even if he could.

"Mark, I want to stop this company from publishing. I want to stop this man's publications completely. In fact, I want to seize all of his pictures, his equipment, everything he owns if I can, but most of all those pictures," Mrs. Van Braun noted

"You mean take them," Mark asked.

"No. Seize them Mark. A legal seizure that will gather into it everything including those pictures of my son. I plan on doing this legally through a lawsuit," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"A lawsuit," Mark asked.

"A lawsuit Mrs. Van Braun said and added, "based, in part, on U.S. copyright laws."

"Got it," Mark said now more confident since clearly he had only a small connection to this woman's son.

"Unfortunately the very act of suing them for that particular picture will ultimately point directly to it. The very act of trying to hide those pictures will expose them. That is unfortunate and has left me in a dilemma for weeks now since finding out. That is until I was called by Ms. Baker here," Aby noted smiling at Helen.

"Yes ma'am. So how would I fit into this," Mark asked now slightly past his anguish and very relieved at the moment.

"Mark, I want you to sue this company on your own behalf which would actually be on my behalf," Aby said and added, "Actually Mark, I want to sue them through you."

"Me? You want me to sue this company? I don't understand? I mean I'd like to help, if I can, but I'm not sure I can," Mark said.

Clearly he was relieved to know this wasn't about him at all now, or not about what he thought he was or wanted to do. Other than, it appeared, he was doing a little of what her son did, although Mark realized that might not be the case either.

"Mark, I'm a very wealthy woman and trust me when I say this, you can help me, and if I can convince you to help me, I'll make sure you are well taken care of," Aby said and that tone again changed.

Mark was sure she could do almost anything she set her mind to. That was scary enough and that scared Mark anew.

"How," Mark said realizing in another thought that this might expose him just as easily as it did her son. When he said how he also wanted to ask what would happen to him if this actually did happen. Obviously she didn't want the publicity, but neither did he.

"Mark, I have a private investigating firm that has traced a single copy of that picture, the most damaging, to a small sleazy office in New York. It's source, unfortunately, is an old girlfriend of my sons who sent it off in anger. That office, as it happens, is a front for this man that publishes that magazine," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"I don't have the first clue on what to do," Mark said.

"And you wont need anything in that regard. Mark, I have also secured, through my own legal staff, another legal firm to act on your behalf. There is no connection to me in that way. In addition to this New York effort, I will be doing the same exact thing in Hong Kong where the magazine is actually printed and published," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"Hong Kong," Mark asked.

"Hong Kong. As it happens and fortunately for me, for us actually, Hong Kong has kept the British legal system and English laws still apply there. Hong Kong also follows the English model of laws on intellectual property rights and copyright," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"I see," Mark said using Mrs. Van Braun's hanky to wipe his chin after a tear made it's way that far. He only slightly understood what she was saying.

"Relax Mark. As it also happens the firm representing you will also be coordinating the efforts of a Hong Kong legal firm at the same exact time. If this works out right and I'm making sure it does," You won't actually have to be a physical part of either action. Just an initiator of that action."

"Nothing beyond that at all," Mark asked and added, "how?"

"The firm is planning on suing on your behalf but once filed they will expanded the suit to all of those being exploited by that company," Mrs. Van Braun said.

"So I wouldn't have any connection with the actions taken," Mark asked.

"That is my hope. Mark, I'm also hoping you'll say yes and with that yes we will be able to shut this magazine down and seize both their materials and their assets - completely," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"Everything," Mark asked.

"Everything and it would be well deserved. Mark, it seems, and I have the evidence to prove this, that this man takes these images from all sorts of sources and uses them without the owners permission. He knows most will not sue out of fear of being outed as it were," Aby noted in anger.

"I've heard that too," Mark said feeling guilty over some of the images he's also downloaded as he added, "but even if you have the pictures, won't that girl simply tell?"

"Which girl? Oh, you mean my son's old girlfriend? No. Mark, as you're no doubt aware, lots of adults like dressing as little girls and some, I've since discovered, like wearing diapers and dressing as baby girls," Aby noted before pausing.

"She dresses as a little girl," Mark asked not daring to ask about the diapers.

"Actually as a baby girl," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"As a baby girl," Mark repeated slightly surprised.

"As it happens, yes, she does, and fortunately I've got my own set of pictures. She's a successful lawyer and no more anxious to go public than my son would be," Aby said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Mark wondered how that girl's pictures got into Aby's hands but decided not to ask.

"And this guy, does he know that," Mark asked.

"No, at least not that I'm aware of, but that doesn't matter either. What matters is my son and me convincing you to help us so I can get to this man before he does realize what he's got. Mark, will you be willing to help me," Aby said and this time, thankfully, her voice was far less forceful.

"May I ask what happens with me if I say yes," Mark asked with some degree of confidence now that he knew he was more or less off the hook. He was still fearful, but fearful over new consequences from what he might be willing to do and not so much by any risk of exposure.

"What I'm hoping, and what I've been led to believe is possible, is that we can use you as a kind of sting operation," Aby noted and added, "with you obviously fronting that effort and I financing it."

"How would that work," Mark asked.

"Briefly, and I'm really hoping for this, we are going to get pictures of you dressed pretty much as my son was. Privately of course and with those pictures then post them with all of the legal caveats and notices required by law. When he downloads those images, and I'm told he will for his next publication, we've got enough to go after him. The lawsuits themselves, one here and one in Hong Kong, once it begins, freezes his assets, both here and abroad," Aby noted.

Mark thought long and hard on what Aby had just said realizing in those minutes what she was really asking of him. "dressed pretty much as her son was", she'd said. He didn't dare state the obvious, not yet as he wondered what to say.

"I'd be like bait then," Mark said asking the obvious and then the risk as he added, "and I'd be exposed as well then?"

"In a word, yes. However Mark, if you say yes, I can guarantee you a very high degree of anonymity. A very high degree. You would, I'm told and at the very least, be completely unrecognizable. Moreover, once I've set this up with my people, you will be almost completely invisible behind a number of complex security levels and walls meant to keep you safe, sound and private," Aby said.

"How," Mark asked.

"Mark, within another day, assuming I can convince you to do this, I will have you secured behind a temporary visa, already in the works, that links you to an address in Taiwan. That address in Taiwan then links you from there to an address in Bolivia," Aby noted.

"Bolivia," Mark asked.

"Bolivia. We've picked Bolivia because of their Internet protections. Fortunately I've had a friend there rent me a home through a friend of her's there. Mark, it would take a huge amount of effort, a great deal of really good guess work, and lots of dollars to find out who you truly are, if at all," Aby said and added, "and the trail to Bolivia actually ends there in Bolivia."

"I see," Mark said feeling slightly uncomfortable now that he had been sitting so stiffly for so long.

"Mark, I realize what I'm asking of you. I realize as well that there is still a risk, however slight, but I promise you, I'll make every effort to guard you and your reputation," Aby said.

"It's still very scary," Mark said, blushing as he added, "I mean right now, no one, outside of you and Ms. Baker that is know anything about me."

"Mark, I can appreciate that and I know I'm asking a lot from you so allow me to also extend to you an offer that I hope makes what little risk there is worth it," Aby said smiling slightly, warmly.

"An offer," Mark not realizing, till now, he might get something out of this, looked surprised. A few minutes ago he was scared enough to do anything to keep anyone from finding out about him.

"Mark, I will, at the moment you agree, transfer $50,000 from a personal account to one of my subsidiary companies through a holding company. Those funds will go into a very secure bank and then into a new account opened in the Bahamas. From the Bahamas account that money will then be transferred to a bank of your choosing," Aby said and added, taxes paid, of course."

"$50,000," Mark repeated.

"$50,000. In addition, I will also pay the balance of your tuition loan and expenses for the remainder of your college, including what you've spent this year. Moreover, while this is underway I will continue to pay you a very handsome retainer as a technical consultant," Aby said.

Mark sat there thunderstruck. He looked like a child on Christmas morning. It warmed him instantly. She had said $50,000 dollars clearly, including his tuition and expenses plus a retainer. He had no idea what she would pay him for that retainer, but he was already feeling faint over that first part of her offer.

"Ma'am, that is very generous," Mark said.

"I hope so. In any event, that is my offer and I'm trusting it's enough to make you say yes," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"How long would this take," Mark asked.

"A month I'm told, six weeks at the most. This man won't fight, at least we don't think so. What we're hoping is that it's simply the span of the legal process itself that dictates most of the time that you're involved," Aby said.

"What if he does fight," Mark asked.

"Fortunately, with the proof we present, we can still legally freeze everything, pending the outcome of that suit, and it can begin within a few days after this man has downloaded your pictures," Aby noted.

"You said that before, about my pictures that is, but the truth is, I don't really have any pictures. I just sort of look at the ones on the Internet," Mark said feeling his face flush over what he was telling these two women as he added, "I was actually being honest when I said I haven't done that sort thing. Not even for Halloween."

"I've guessed that from my research, and it doesn't really matter. In fact that makes this better because you have not been part of that scene. Truth is I've planned on that, or better said, I've planned around that," Aby said.

"I'm not sure I follow," Mark said.

"Mark, if this is a yes that I'm hearing, or the hint of one, I've secured the services of a woman, through another dear friend, that caters to this particular life style. I've been assured that this woman is the very best at what she does," Aby said and added, "which would of course be the dress up part and obviously that would include pictures."

"She does pictures," Mark asked slightly giddy over that prospect. Pictures meant something to wear for those pictures.

"She does pictures. The best of those as well I'm told, and she knows of this individual. It would appear he's not very well liked within this life style because of the way he exploits people like that. Mark, again, if you agree to do this, I can assure you there will be pictures that this magazine will definitely be interested in," Aby said and added, and I've also been assured that even your own mother wouldn't recognize you."

"So I would be in disguise," Mark said feeling a little more relieved.

"You would," Aby said.

"The other thing is Mrs. Van Braun, I really don't have anything. I mean most of what I had, and it wasn't much, was tossed out by my aunt when I started school," Mark said. He was fibbing a little, testing the waters. He wanted to know if there might really be things to wear.

"That's not a problem Mark. I've also included, as part of this woman's retainer, a substantial budget for whatever she deems necessary for you, her and those pictures. I should also add that whatever you end up with would, of course and should you chose to, be yours for the keeping when this is over," Aby said happily.

"How does he get those pictures," Mark asked.

"You'll be posted to a web site that caters to the type of individuals that this man depends on," Aby said and added, "and you would be, how shall I put this, attractive enough for his taste."

"How will you know when that man has my pictures? I mean he's got to have my pictures before you can sue, right," Mark asked.

"Yes. Yes he does need to download your pictures for this to start. As a matter of fact, once your pictures have been taken electronically and only if they've been taken can we sue. So he must take them. As to that, I have a young man who is going to encrypt your images with something that this young man can easily identify and not be duplicated or removed," Aby said.

"But those pictures are going to be on his system and that system is actually in Hong Kong," Mark noted.

"I know, and this then is between you and me. You, me and Helen here, but that young man doing the encryption has already gotten into this man's server. I believe you call it hacking, and as soon as your pictures are on that system and identified as being there, we file our briefs simultaneously," Aby said and added, "besides knowing of his actions that way, we will also get a key bit of information back that those pictures have been downloaded. Don't ask me how but we will get some kind of confirmation."

"And what happens if that man, you know, once the lawsuit starts, takes that data, I mean those pictures, and puts them somewhere else," Mark asked and added, "you know, hides them?"

"Then Mark, I'm prepared to break the law and to that end, there is going to be a virus also encrypted within your pictures. A very nasty virus that will destroy most everything that connects to or has connected to those pictures. If that virus is not stopped, and only that young man can stop it I'm told, it goes off - maliciously. We hope to do that during the seizures, if we can't do it then, as I've said, it goes off on it's own," Aby said.

"But what about those that might have also downloaded those pictures. I mean my pictures," Mark said wondering about the hundreds, maybe thousands of computers out there doing what he sometimes did.

"When I mentioned that this young man working for me had already hacked this magazines server, there is, and I'm not sure I understand it, something called a pod that has been placed there. That particular pod must be on that particular computer for the virus to work. No one else, without that pod, should be impacted," Aby said.

"I see," Mark said in amazed admiration of this woman's commitment to protect her son.

"Can I hope for even a hint of a yes," Aby asked.

"I think so," Mark said.

"Excellent and thank you for at least considering this. Thank you very much," Aby said clearly relieved.

"So how am I going to meet with this woman," Mark asked and added, "you know, the one that's doing the pictures."

"That's already been arranged. Truth is I've already assumed you'd say yes simply to expedite this process," Aby said.

"And what if I said no," Mark asked.

"Then I'll be talking with someone else," Aby noted.

"So I'd be visiting her," Mark asked.

"Yes and no. Actually, for the time being, you'd be staying with her. Safer that way," Aby said.

"And she's got Internet access or this web space," Mark asked.

"Yes but you won't be using it. You'll be using a new account, again set up by my people. Not sure how it works, but you'll be connected through a proxy on links that go through a dozen countries when you actually go on the Internet," Aby noted and added, "it's another level of complexity that translates to even more security."

"Oh man, that's wild. So I guess I'd have to work out a schedule. You know, for classes," Mark said by way of hinting he was going to say yes definitely.

He could not say no at this point. Those pictures that this magazine was interested in were exactly why Mark had once bought a copy. He didn't know the images were often stolen, not then, but they published layouts of some of the best sissy, little girl and adult girl baby pictures to be found.

Mark, thinking about it, was suddenly scared again. What he'd just heard was that there was another stranger, this woman, out there that would know of him, and if he understood this she would be dressing him up and taking pictures. He was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard spot but it thrilled him nonetheless.

Ms. Baker cleared her throat and said, "If I may step in here for a second. Mark, as for school, that is not going to be an issue. I'm going to be taking care of that personally. I will, on your behalf, secure you a leave of absence for this semester."

"Leave of absence," Mark asked.

"Yes, but you'll be earning credits as well. You'll have that leave showing you actually working for someone who works for Mrs. Van Braun under our internship program and her company is one of several. Mark, you will be getting extra credit for this, believe it or not, which should take care of your electives for this semester," Ms. Baker added.

"Seriously," Mark asked shaken slightly. It was becoming too good to be true.

"Seriously. Not only that, but you will also maintain the credits you've earned for this semester. Moreover, and if need be, I will make sure you have any slots in any classes you chose for your next semester when this is over," Helen noted with her own smile.

"Ms. Baker? Aby... I... I don't know what to say," Mark said.

"Say yes," Aby added quickly with a sense of hope in her voice as she added, "please Mark, I really do need your help."

"Then yes," Mark said and then sheepishly asked, "when would this start?"

"Actually, right now? As soon as I can get you to this woman. That woman, the woman you'll be staying with that is, is waiting for my secretary's call as we speak," Aby said.

"I'd need to stop at my dorm room first, for some personal effects," Mark said blushing slightly.

"Mark, if you don't mind, I'd like this to start within the hour. Please don't be embarrassed by this, but I'm sure this woman can take care of anything you might need," Aby noted and added, "and I have someone already set to go to your room to secure any of your perishables and personal effects."

"Oh, right. I guess I also need to ask if she has seen the information I've downloaded? I mean does she know what sort of stuff there is," Mark asked shading a deep red as he posed the question. What he meant was did that woman know what he might like.

"Neither she nor I have even seen your particular information, let alone anything to do with you in particular, if that is what worries you," Aby noted.

It wasn't what Mark meant but he decided to let it go.

"I guess it's definitely a yes then," Mark said almost ready to hug this stranger that seemed to know him and yet not. He had questions but wasn't even sure what to ask.

Then suddenly the most obvious question came to him as he realized that his face would be shown in whatever pictures were taken. He'd seen those faces of others as he said, "my face."

"Mark, I'm told that is not going to be an issue. From what I've gathered on this woman, the one you're about to meet, is that she really is that good. As I mentioned, I've been assured that even your own mother, if she was standing right across from you, wouldn't recognize you," Aby said.

"That's comforting," Mark said excitedly as he added, "I think."

"And on that topic, I'm also going to need you to agree to leave here in disguise," Aby said.

"Disguised," Mark asked in a renewed panic.

"To help with my own cover. Mark, I'm too well known not to have been noticed coming here. I'm worried that someone seeing you might, however remotely, connect you with me. It's not much, just a wig, a girl's coat and a pair of flats to wear with what you already have on," Aby noted making it all sound so casual as she moved to a small bag.

"Why," Mark asked suddenly fearful of this new bit of information and the sudden risk of public exposure in something so feminine.

"Mark, in my position, there is always the risk of a camera. The possibility, however slight, that a camera is waiting for me always exist. They might also take pictures of those leaving the library as well," Aby noted.

"Why," Mark asked.

"Curiosity. Fishing mostly. Most know I'm a contributor to the college but you never know. When we leave here I want you looking more like a girl than a boy so there is no connection with you and me from this moment on. There simply cannot be a connection, however remote, between us," Aby noted.

"Why a girl," Mark asked.

"Just another level of complexity," Aby said.

"But how am I getting to this woman's place," Mark asked.

"I've got a car waiting as we speak. He's out front. He's going to be dropping you off at a distant friend's house that has a daughter your age that is also a student here. Anyone checking, if they even go that far, will think it's simply that daughter going home," Aby said.

"And that daughter," Mark asked nervously.

"She's not home, or here, if you're wondering. It's really just a safe drop off point. Your hostess, or a representative of your hostess that is, will be picking you up there the moment I reach home. Honestly, it's just another precaution," Aby noted as she moved to open that small bag sitting on the couch.

Mark hadn't noticed it until now.

The wig was jet black and long with bangs when he was put into it. Mark also now wore a nearly perfectly sized pink coat and pink flats with ankle length opaque white socks that he traded for his own tennis shoes and socks. His own jacket, socks and shoes went into the bag.

Mrs. Van Braun added lipstick, blush and a touch of color to his eyes before handing him a pair of girl's sun glasses. The bow, pink to match his long coat, came out of her hand bag last. She clipped that onto the back of Mark's wig.

Mark, flushed, felt oddly wonderful. A much different story when his aunt sometimes did this to him.

"Ready," Mrs. Van Braun said and Mark almost answered yes till he realized that she was announcing him set and not asking if he was actually ready.

"I guess so," Mark said.

"And Helen, thank you," Aby said as she held the door open for Mark.

"You're welcome Aby. Oh and Aby, say hello to the Senator for me when you see him," Ms. Baker said.

"I will Helen and Helen, again, thank you," Aby said gratefully as she took Mark's hand.

'Senator Van Braun,' Mark mused, as he walked out of the office and past an empty desk. No wonder this woman was so worried about her son's picture getting any kind of publicity.

It was nearly five thirty. Not more than a half hour till sunset. He had been in that office almost an hour now and the receptionist was gone. It also meant, thankfully, that the library would have less people given it was dinner time.

"Are you OK," Aby asked of Mark as they reached the steps down to the library floor.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said almost wanting to skip.

"Can you make it to the car on your own," Aby asked sounding slightly sympathetic.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said finding no reason to hide the fact that he was enjoying himself all of a sudden.

"Mark, I can't express how much this means to me," Aby noted as she squeezed Mark's hand.

Mark wasn't sure what to say to that, but he felt giddy at the prospects of what was ahead of him, and more so because of what he was wearing. While he still wore a tee-shirt and jeans under his pink coat it didn't matter because his coat and those shoes he kept glancing at were pink. Pink to match his small purse, and that bow, he mused, behind a smile.

"Oh, I nearly forgot. Mark, what bank do you use," Mrs. Van Braun asked as they reached the door.

"I don't have a bank actually. I use the Student Unions Voucher system. It's mostly for my books and stuff and I have a charge account at the cafeteria," Mark said slightly embarrassed that he didn't have enough money to actually need a bank.

"Well, never mind, Just let me take care of that as well then. I'll let you pick out your own checks later," Mrs. Van Braun noted.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said as Aby and he reached the landing that led to the outside doors. Mark went first, Aby waiting.

Off to the left, as he stepped out into a setting sun, was the car. That was his car. Aby was going to wait till he drove off before leaving the building for her own car.

Mark looked like a young girl and suddenly felt like it. Mark, a few minutes later was in the back seat looking at the world in silence. The driver had been told the girl was horse from a cold and was given the address. Mark didn't have to say a word nor pay a fair.

It was a thirty minute ride before they entered into an area clearly richer than most parts of the city. The house was stately as they pulled into a long private driveway. A woman was waiting in front of a very beautiful home as the car drove up to it.

Mark, blushing as he got out of the car, introduced himself to the woman who invited him in leaving the car to go as planned. It was another half hour over tea before there was another knock on the door.

"Mark Adams," the woman asked when the women he was staying with invited her into the kitchen to where Mark sat.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said taking her hand and shaking it. He was still in his disguise and feeling slightly embarrassed standing there being identified as a boy between the two women while decidedly looking female himself.

"Let me call Aby Van Braun's assistant first, and then we can go," the woman said flipping her cell phone open. She waited a moment before saying, "I'm here, I've got Cinderella and we're leaving now."

Cinderella, Mark mused.

The woman closed her cell, smiled at Mark and said, "I'm a friend of Hilga's. You'll be staying with her."

Hilga too was a formidable presence, towering over Mark as she invited him into her house. Mark left the first house with a wave and thank you to the woman that had entertained him for that last half hour. It was another hour by the time they crossed town and remarkably into an area that was very old and even more stately than the area they left.

Hilga's home, if it was her home, was set back from the street a couple of hundred feet, at least, and circled by trees and shrubs that had to date back to the turn of the century. Those trees were as old as the old Victorian, Mark mused. Without the car in front you could imagine a carriage sitting there.

"This is it," that assistant noted as she put the car in park.

"Beautiful," Mark said as he undid his belt to step out onto the driveway. There was another woman opening the door. She was dressed in a uniform suggesting a housekeeper. Obviously a housekeeper. Behind her clearly the woman of the house.

"I'm Hilga," Hilga said taking Mark's hand. The woman that had brought him here, drove off. Hilga introduced that woman wearing the uniform as Barbara, the housekeeper, as the woman warmly greeted Mark and took his coat. He would miss that coat and felt slightly exposed without it but only for a moment.

Mark was looking at elegance with touches of modern, although classy as he stood in the middle of the foyer. To his right a library or sitting room and to his left a large, very large living room. There were other women sitting in that living room, and all looking at him as Hilga guided Mark in their direction.

"Ladies, our guest has arrived. Mark Adams, from left to right is Stacy, Brigitte, Tracy and Susan. Stacy will be doing your makeup after we get you into a bath and dressed. We'll be shooting your pictures in the basement. I have a studio set up there. Tracy is our photographer. Susan, our web-mistress, will be putting a few of your pictures up on our web site this evening," Hilga said.

There was an animated and very warm greeting from each and a hand shake from Tracy who walked over to Mark. She smiled and said, "Hello Mark, and if you don't mind me saying so, you're going to make a very pretty little girl."

Mark blushed crimson as he took her hand and those words in silence.

"We'll take care of his bath first, after some questions," Hilga said as she took Mark's hand before adding, "Barbara will you fix something for Mark to eat. It's getting late and I'm guessing he hasn't eaten since lunch time."

"Yes ma'am," Barbara said walking off with Mark's coat.

"Are there other people... I mean, you know, guys here," Mark asked in a quiet voice. He knew or was guessing what this place was.

"Actually there would be Mark, but even then you'd never see them. We keep our clients separate for the sake of our clients. However, in this case and for however long Mrs.Van Braun wishes, you are currently my only client and guest," Hilga noted.

"Really," Mark said in astonishment over the planning that must have gone into this, not to mention the cost.

"She has secured my services and my home for the duration of her legal proceedings. You are safe here Mark, and under my care." Hilga said and added, "and let me first show you to your room, ask a few questions and then we'll take care of your bath."

"I didn't bring anything with me," Mark said.

"I know," Hilga said as she walked Mark up the steps.

Mark gasped slightly although he tried not to. Mark was looking at the inside of a fantasy as the door opened. A girl's room and to the smallest of details. Extremely feminine and childish beyond words.

The whole notion of the room was striking Mark fully as he gazed from right to left. It could have been taken from the best catalogs of children's designs and those designs put the age of a girl that might live in such a room, well before puberty.

The bed, canopied delicately, commanded most of his attention at first and was covered in sheers that cascaded down pillars held back by wide pink ribbons tied into very large floppy bows. The bed looked extremely luxurious and delightfully soft and feminine.

To the left dolls in various forms, sizes and wearing very fancy dresses with a few sitting around a white wicker table on matching wicker chairs. On the table in front of three sitting dolls was a delicate childish tea set.

A large dresser next to those sitting dolls, a night stand with a feminine lamp, then the bed. To the right of the bed another night stand and matching lamp and a few feet from that a vanity. A complete vanity Mark noted as he looked over the makeup that sat neatly displayed.

The vanity edged to a doorway that led into a brightly lit but soft pink bathroom and another door next to that Mark guessed to be a closet. If it was a closet it would be as big as the bathroom he mused as he stood there in awe of his surroundings. A free standing mirror caught his smile as he quickly tried looking serious.

"Will this suit you," Hilga asked.

"I'm not sure I should answer that," Mark said feeling slightly vulnerable again. He didn't know this woman.

"No need precious," Hilga said as she gently nudged Mark to the bed and added, "now why don't you sit with me so we can chat a bit. There are some things I'd like to know about you."

"OK," Mark said moving to the predominately white satin bed spread.

"Mark, the questions I'm going to ask you are for your sake. I ask these questions of all of my clients and what I'd like are very honest answers or as honest as you can. I should also say that nothing you're going to tell me is going to be shocking so please, again, be as honest as you can be. OK," Hilga asked.

"I'll try," Mark promised.

"So do you favor the little girl look," Hilga asked.

"Yes ma'am. I mean sort of," Mark said blushing.

"And how old is this little girl you keep inside," Hilga asked.

"I'm not sure. Maybe two or three, there about," Mark said softly.

"Two or three. And is this little girl, then, still in diapers," Hilga asked.

"Kind of. I mean she doesn't always wear diapers, but sometimes she has accidents and when she does her aunt puts her back into diapers. Oh, and she sleeps in diapers," Mark said feeling more comfortable talking about the girl as if she was someone else.

"So it's this little girl's aunt that is doing this, when this is done," Hilga asked.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said.

"Why is her aunt doing this and not her mother," Hilga asked.

"She wasn't a little girl when she was with her mother," Mark said trying to sort his answer out as he added, "I mean she was a boy when he first went into diapers."

"Can you tell me about that boy then," Hilga asked.

"He started wetting his bed when his sister was born and after awhile is mother suggested he wear diapers at night," Mark said remembering that conversation he had with his mother as he added, "he was eight then."

"She didn't make this boy wear diapers, she just asked," Hilga said.

"Yes. She thought it would be better than waking in a wet cold bed all the time," Mark noted.

"So she began diapering him," Hilga said.

"Yes," Mark said remembering that first night his mother pinned him into his diapers.

"Did she use cloth diapers and plastic pants or disposables," Hilga asked.

"Cloth and plastic pants," Mark answered.

"Baby oil and baby powder," Hilga asked.

"Just baby powder," Mark answered and added, "and she just sprinkled it over him."

"And those cloth diapers went on with diaper pins," Hilga asked.

"Yes ma'am," Mark answered.

"Did it make him feel like a baby," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark answered with a renewed blush.

"Did it excite him," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark answered.

"Can you tell me about the little girl and how she came to be," Hilga asked.

"Mom took ill a couple of years later and his sister and he went to live with his aunt. His aunt was very upset that he was still wetting his bed and still wearing diapers," Mark said.

"So you, I mean he was around ten then. And what did she do about that," Hilga asked.

"She told him that he was wetting his bed to get attention because he was no longer the baby of the family and that what he really wanted was to be treated like his sister," Mark said.

"So she wanted to treat him like his sister," Hilga asked.

"She said that as long as he was still wetting his bed for attention and since he was wetting his bed to be like his sister she was going to dress him like his sister," Mark said remembering that day as well.

"Did she buy you... I mean him girl's clothes," Hilga asked.

"No, she was going to use his cousin Sandy's clothes. He was already wearing Sandy's diapers and plastic pants," Mark said.

"Was this Sandy a baby," Hilga asked.

"No. I mean she was younger but only by a couple of years then," Mark said.

"Was she wearing diapers," Hilga asked.

"No. She had worn diapers but had outgrown them although his aunt still had them," Mark said.

"Was he very small then," Hilga asked.

"He was small, but not that small," Mark said realizing he was now talking about himself and not in the abstract as he added, "Sandy was actually big, very big. Obese actually because of a glandular problem."

"So her diapers, as a baby, already fit you and that meant that her dresses from those days would most likely fit you. Right," Hilga asked not having a problem changing with Mark's changes.

"Yes," Mark said.

"So it was more like dressing as a baby girl or toddler girl then," Hilga asked.

"Yes ma'am," Mark said.

"And did that scare you, the thought of being dressed as a baby girl," Hilga asked.

"Yes and no. I mean yes, it scared me, but it also got me kind of excited," Mark said.

"Because you would be dressing just like your sister," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said.

"So did she dress you right away or later on," Hilga said.

"She wanted to dress me right away but the dress she put me into was too big. Sandy was seven then but even bigger than I was by now," Mark said and added, "So we went down to the basement and my aunt found some of Sandy's clothes when she was younger."

"How old was Sandy clothes, roughly," Hilga asked.

"About two or three I think," Mark said, paused and added, "maybe four?"

"The same clothes she wore when she was still wearing diapers then," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said.

"So she put you into Sandy's clothes from when she was a toddler," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said.

"And this excited you," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said remembering what had happened when his aunt put him into one of Sandy's dresses that first time, "I'd gotten excited and that made my aunt even madder."

"You were in your own underpants then," Hilga asked.

"No," Mark said blushing and added, "she made me wear my cousin's panties."

"And you soiled them," Hilga asked.

"Yes, so she marched me back upstairs and back into Sandy's room and put me into my diapers and plastic pants," Mark said as his heart began racing. He paused a moment, remembering and added, "she doubled the diapers that day."

"Two diapers," Hilga asked.

"Yes. She said that during the day I'd wear two diapers so I knew I was wearing diapers," Mark said.

"Did she use baby oil and powder on you," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said.

"And that excited you even more didn't it," Hilga said.

"Yes," Mark said wistfully.

"And then you were wearing diapers and baby pants," Hilga asked and added, "plain baby pants?"

"No, then she put me into my cousin's baby pants. It was the kind that had a plastic lining with a panty over that and ruffles," Mark said.

"Rhumba panties," Hilga asked.

"Yes, those," Mark said.

"Then the dress," Hilga asked.

"A slip first, then the dress," Mark said.

"What sort of dress was it," Hilga asked and added, "was it straight with no waist or did the skirt fluff out say just below the arms?"

"At first the dress was straight but she wanted me all dressed up fancy for my cousin's and sister to see, so she switched that straight dress for one that had a puffy skirt," Mark said and added, "and a slip that went with that dress. The skirts started just under the arms like you said."

"And there you were, heavily diapered like a baby with a pretty pair of rhumba panties on then a girlish little slip and dress. She had dressed you like a toddler girl didn't she," Hilga said.

"Yes," Mark said feeling faint.

"Did she make you take a bottle or pacifier," Hilga asked.

"A pacifier then but later a baby's bottle," Mark said.

"And she made you nurse it in front of the girls," Hilga said.

"She did," Mark said trying to compose himself. His erection, almost painful now, was obvious and that's when Hilga stopped asking question.

Hilga patted his leg, smiled and said, "I think that's enough for now."

"Does any of this make sense," Mark asked.

"It does precious, but we won't know if it's what you like till we try some of those very same things," Hilga noted.

"Like? I mean I thought I was just going to try some of those things," Mark asked and added, "I thought I was just going to be dressing up?"

"You will honey but I see no reason why we can't experiment with some of your fantasies," Hilga said and added, "it's going to be a while so we might just as well try and define who you are and what you really like, right?"

"I guess so," Mark said.

"Then so be it," Hilga said.

"So when does that happen," Mark asked.

"Bath first then we can find you something suitable to wear. I've had a few days to put things together so you have more than a few choices. Mrs. Van Braun has been very generous with your clothing budget," Hilga said as she stood, took Mark's hand and moved behind him towards the bathroom.

"Sizes? What about sizes," Mark asked.

"Most of what I have is sized from a small to extra large. Some of the newer things are one size fits all. A few other things we'll get as we need them," Hilga said and added, "and I have had those few days."

"A few days," Mark asked slightly surprised. It was only today that he'd found out about this.

"My services were secured on Friday of last week. I've been preparing for you visit since then," Hilga said as if Mark might have known that.

"She didn't know I'd say yes," Mark said.

"Actually Mark she didn't, but, given the information I had, I did and advised her of that," Hilga said.

"You knew? How could you know," Mark asked slightly shaken by the fact that she might have seen the disk. She couldn't know this side of him otherwise.

"Mark, I've been in this business for quite some time now and while I don't really know you, and please don't be offended by this, I do know of you," Hilga said as she moved to the large ornate tub in the bathroom to turn on the water as she added in a reassuring tone, "if you'll trust me Mark, it will be to your advantage."

"I'll try," Mark said.

The tub sat in a large space on golden brass claws lifting it a few inches from the pink and white tiled floor and it was huge. Mark watched Hilga unstop a glass vase filled with lavender crystals that instantly changed the water into foaming bubbles. Immediately there was the smell of lavender and baby powder as those bubbles foamed.

"Now then young lady, let's get you out of those clothes and into your bath," Hilga said as she removed Mark's hair bow and wig first.

"Excuse me," Mark said to her reference as a young lady as he allowed his tee-shirt to be lifted up and over his head.

"Would you prefer sissy or something else? Actually, I should have asked if you have a girl's name that you use," Hilga said as she disappeared behind the tee-shirt now covering Mark's eyes.

"I don't know? I mean this is... this is all kind of new to me," Mark said as his tee-shirt came off.

"Well Mark, I mostly take care of little girls, little sissy boys and baby girls here so I'm not actually use to using masculine pronouns. I'm afraid it's young lady until you can come up with a name more suitable for yourself," Hilga said moving to Mark's jeans.

"A girl's name," Mark said not daring to tell her he had one. He didn't want to say the word Sissy at that moment.

"Of course. Calling you Mark from here on out simply won't work for me or you," Hilga said as she bent slightly for the button on his jeans as she added, "I've always favored Mary or perhaps Mary Beth as in Mary Elisabeth and frankly, it suits you."

"It suits me," Mark asked as his jeans came lose. It took him back a few years to his aunt again but not nearly as harsh. Hilga tugged his zipper down making him slightly uncomfortable standing there.

"Actually, it will suit you just as soon as I've put you into something more suitable. Suitable for a pretty little girl Hilga said as she tugged his jeans down past his shorts.

Mark's face went deep red as his shorts came into view. Just wearing shorts in front of this woman and nothing else, as she removed his jeans, left him nearly speechless. More so with his erection so obvious and of course that growing wetness.

"I can see why your aunt decided not to keep you in panties! Clearly you're going to need those diapers," Hilga said and added, "but perhaps, after a time, we can try putting you into panties once in a while. Would you like that?"

Mark, trying hard not to be so obvious had to give it up with the mention of diapers and then panties. He almost lost it when she drew closer to begin removing the very last of his boy clothes.

And then that smile...

The bath water foaming with bubbles was filling the huge tub and a second later Mark, with Hilga guiding him, stepped into the water - naked. It was almost hot as he eased himself into the froth and foam. The tub was huge in comparison to more modern versions leaving lots of room still for his feet.

Mark fully expected to be left alone then, but Hilga stepped to a long side cabinet, opened it and was putting on a functional long white plastic apron. She knelt down next to the tub and took up a light pink bar of soap and pink wash cloth. Mark blushed at the notion of being bathed.

"If you have something else to do, I can do this," Mark said with a touch of uncertainty in his voice.

He was actually glad to be in the water and bubbles since it hid his nakedness and eased his embarrassment, but that sense of relief didn't last. It was clear she was intent on bathing him.

"Honey, this is the 'something else' I'll be doing while you are here," Hilga said as she rubbed the washcloth over the soap bar as she added, "As I mentioned, you are my one and only client."

"Oh," Mark said resigning himself to the pleasure and small amount of personal pain he felt. The pleasure of a woman intent on taking care of him contrasted greatly with the pain that often came when his aunt did this to him.

Hilga began with his neck and ears before working her way around his face. It was all done in a gentle way. The wash cloth was soft and smelling of baby powder as it passed his nose. It was intoxicating, soothing and so very erotic, he mused.

It was exciting and frightening as well with this stranger now washing him. Those emotions intensified as she worked her way down his body front to back. She was silent the water warm and silken. His aunt rarely was kind and never this caring.

Mark fought the excitement he felt and he was losing that battle as the wash cloth moved between his thighs. Fortunately it was there for only a short time as she moved on to wash his legs and finally his feet.

That pink wash cloth was replaced by baby shampoo for his hair that she spread in her palms first. Johnson's No More Tears, he mused sarcastically, remembering those days at his aunt's. Back then his cousin's and sister would be eagerly waiting for his bath to end.

That shampoo and rinse was the last thing to be done before pushing the center brass lever that emptied the tub. The water began draining slowly, circling above the drain as Hilga took up a very large pink towel.

"Do you dress now, at home," Hilga asked as she let the towel fall loose.

"I'm in a dorm room. I mean no. Actually I don't really dress at all I guess. I mean I sort of did a while back but that stopped when I left for college," Mark noted.

"That wasn't too long ago then, was it," Hilga asked.

"No," Mark answered as he thought about it. His last time was just a few months ago. Just before he left for college. His panties, rather his cousin's panties had gotten wet that last time. They always got wet, and his aunt had been furious. She was always finding something, some reason to diaper him, Mark mused.

On that occation he was put back into diapers. Diapers and plastic pants before wearing one of his cousin's dresses - again. It had been years since that dress was worn by his cousin, even longer for the diapers. On that occation he was being potty trained, his aunt had said. A fib, Mark knew because that wetness wasn't from his need to go potty.

"Well, we're going to take care of that aren't we," Hilga said in a very soothing voice.

"You haven't asked me what sorts of things I like wearing," Mark said blushing. He wanted desperately to know what sorts of things, clothes, she had.

"I'm guessing it's mostly frilly, right," Hilga asked.

"I guess so," Mark said shyly. Although frilly could mean anything.

"What sort of stuff will I be wearing," Mark asked nervously as he stood. Hilga wrapped the towel around him from the back forward and picked up another, smaller, to use on his hair.

"Well, I could describe most of it easily but I think it's going to be better that you see what I've got first. It's not a lot of things yet because there was only a few days to get ready for your visit. What do you wear now," Hilga asked.

"Wear? Like what," Mark asked.

"As far as little girl or your baby clothes honey," Hilga asked.

"I don't have any girl's clothes. No baby clothes either. Just the diapers sometimes. Disposables though. Too risky for cloth and plastic pants. Mark said blushing as Hilga moved back to his thighs again but with the towel. The tub had nearly drained completely when he stepped out and onto the fluffy pink throw rug.

"What sorts of things have you fantasized over then," Hilga asked working her way down Mark's legs.

"I guess... I mean I sometimes imagine that..." Mark started to describe his best fantasy but hesitated. He wasn't sure he wanted to talk about that sort of thing. He had never talked with anyone about such things. He was a lurker on the Internet and wasn't sure he could talk at all as he added, "it's kind of difficult to talk about."

"Then perhaps you'll feel better just answering more of my questions," Hilga said smiling as she stood to pat his torso dry with the large towel around him.

"OK," Mark said.

"Do you imagine wearing dresses all of the time," Hilga asked in a new voice, it was soothing and the question instantly increased Mark's heartbeat.

"Sometimes," Mark said.

"Just sometimes," Hilga asked softer still and smiling as she stopped drying him.

"I guess it's all the time. I mean, you know, sort of," Mark said blushing.

"When you imagine these dresses, what color are they," Hilga asked.

"Kind of like the color of the towels," Mark said.

"Pink then," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said wishing the large towel covered him more.

"Tell you what, why don't we get you into a diaper so we can work on your makeup and then I'll show you what I've chosen so far. A few of the dresses are pink so I may have something in that closet you like," Hilga said with a mischievous smile. It wasn't so much his answers she was after as his reaction to the questions. That reaction already told her more than he could tell her.

"OK," Mark said thankful she had stopped asking those questions. He wasn't in control of himself at the moment and those brief questions were becoming an embarrassment.

Hilga removed the large towel adding it to the other one she used to dry Mark with before opening a large lavender colored container of frosted glass. On top of the powder was a large powder puff and Hilga started at Mark's back. The scent of lavender and baby powder again and it grew stronger to matched the scent of his bubble bath.

Hilga moved her hand down the small of his back patting as she went before he felt the soft pats on his bottom. She stopped at the folds where his bottom met the top of his legs then moved around to the front. Mark was dusted nearly white to the neck before Hilga returned the soft powder puff to the glass.

"What is that, smells nice," Mark asked.

"Loves Baby Soft precious. It's kind of a nice mix for a baby and little girl," Hilga said.

"Oh," Mark answered as Hilga took Mark's hand. They walked out of the bathroom and into the room and Mark, naked, stopped. That girl Brigitte was by the bed and the bed now had a large quilted pink pad resting on the spread. On top of that a diaper. A very thick diaper and in Brigitte's hand baby powder.

"It's OK honey, Brigitte is our resident Nanny for our baby guest. She's very good with diapers," Hilga said.

"I thought you... I mean that we would be... Oh," Mark said giving up what he had expected. He was just starting to get use to Hilga.

"I know honey but it's very important that you get use to being around girls while you are here so the more exposure to different girls or women the more comfortable you'll feel. Each of the girls is going to be changing your diapers so you don't have to stay wet if one of us is busy," Hilga said as she released Mark's hand.

"Changing me," Mark asked.

"Of course. Sweetheart, you'll be treated exactly the same as a young girl, a very young girl," Hilga said and added, "except when the boy needs attention and Brigitte is an expert at that as well."

"Hello precious. Want to come over and lay on top of your diaper for me," Brigitte asked.

This was getting a tiny bit weird, Mark mused as he moved from Hilga to Brigitte. The fact that he was naked and clearly excited didn't help his ego as he reached the edge of the bed. He sat, scooted a little and positioned himself over the diaper before laying back.

Brigitte was wearing a very pretty white apron ruffled around the edges and from a pocket she produced a baby's pacifier and that too was pink. Brigitte made an attempt to tease it against Mark's lips but he turned his head slightly as he said, "I'm not sure that is necessary."

"Of course it is," Hilga said moving to the bed and taking the pacifier from Brigitte. Hilga teased it against Mark's lips as she added, "here, I'll hold it for you till you get use to it."

Mark, not willing to fight this, accepted the soft rubber nipple moving gently against his lips and opened his mouth. The pacifier eased in till the soft rubber was touching his tongue and the plastic ring was resting against his lips. Brigitte meanwhile had twisted the baby powder open and was shaking the silky textured powder over him.

Mark felt Brigitte's hand, her fingers actually, moving around him as she rubbed the powder over his skin. Mark also swallowed as the pacifier made him salivate and he more or less had to nurse the soft nipple as he was powdered. Hilga had let loose of the pacifier and was now stroking Mark's forehead as Brigitte turned Mark's loins a nearly pure white.

"Ruffles," another voice said startling Mark since both Brigitte and Hilga were with him. It was the one called Susan and she was standing by the large dresser opening a drawer.

"Of course. She's going to be little miss sugar and spice and absolutely everything nice," Hilga said in a motherly voice while looking directly into Mark's eyes.

"Ruffles it is," Susan said as Brigitte brought Mark's diaper up between his legs. There were now three women in the room as he was being diapered. Three when one would have been enough. This was getting very weird, Mark mused as the diaper was tugged a bit from side to side.

"Hilga," Another voice said making Mark twist his head to see it's source.

"What," Hilga said softly.

"Her Salon is ready. Are we doing her toes this time or do you want to wait and just do her hands," Stacy asked.

"Definitely her toes. I want her very pretty top to bottom," Hilga said.

"And are we starting with the baby pictures or little girl. I'm just finishing her wig and I'll hold on the bow if we are going to be using the bonnet first," Stacy noted.

"Do that. We'll shoot her in her baby dress then change her for the little girl look," Hilga said.

"OK, then I'm ready for her in the salon whenever you are," Stacy noted.

"Perfect," Hilga said as Brigitte tugged the left side of Mark's diaper together to be pinned. All of the girls were now witnessing Mark's diapering with Stacy lingering by the door.

"She is perfect isn't she," Stacy said as Mark's diaper closed with a pink tipped diaper pin. Mark was feeling slightly faint as the soft cotton, warming from his skin, moved over him.

He wasn't sure now what it was that left him so giddy. The pacifier or Hilga's hand stroking his forehead, or Brigitte pinning his diaper closed. He smiled slightly realizing it was all of the above and the diaper.

There was Susan as well now and she was holding a pair of baby pants that Mark had only seen in pictures till now. White satiny fabric ruffled across the backside facing him with a tiny pink bow set in the middle. That white satiny fabric was attached to what he supposed was a plastic lining. Mark avoided Susan's eyes when she caught him looking.

"Which baby dress do you want her in first," Another voice said. Mark had forgotten about Tracy as she stood off by the closet. She had come in at some point and was now holding two dresses for him and Hilga to see.

Brigitte was pinning the second side of Mark's diaper closed and his attention had gone back to that when Brigitte tugged it snug. The two dresses made him close his eyes for a second. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not suddenly or if he could hold himself from the explosion welling up inside of him.

One was pink, a very light pink and reminded Mark of an old fashion baby doll top women wore in the 50's but clearly a dress. A Bishop or float style dress that was designed with no waist flowing outwardly with gathers of material near the puffy sleeves. A wide edging of white lace trimmed it at the bottom with a small bit of white lace around those puffy sleeves. There had to be at least two layers, maybe three he decided.

That second dress, less full, but very babyish was also in pink. A bubble gum pink satin under a layer of organdy in a blush pink. The organdy was trimmed in lace and to either side at the bottom two tiny pink bows centered with rosettes decorating it. All of the women were there now as he realized that he'd forgotten about Tracy.

"Let's start her with the satin first, then switch her to the nylon. No, other way around. Darn it, I can't decide but she's going to be adorable in either," Hilga said.

They all were referring him as a her and that was unnerving and then Hilga said, "Mary Beth, do you like your dresses?"

Mark looked up at Hilga as he felt the soft cotton diaper form around him, then back again to the dresses. She'd called him Mary Beth and he had responded and now he was looking at both dresses. He couldn't decide even if he wanted to and was thrilled that Hilga had said both. Hilga slipped the pacifier from his mouth.

Mark nodded a slightly tentative and embarrassed yes as Susan handed Brigitte his rhumba panties before saying, "lift your feet precious."

The panties, rustling slightly from the plastic lining went over Mark's feet and his pacifier was replaced by Hilga as Brigitte worked his panties to his diaper. The diaper was actually far too thick and mounded quite a lot over him making him wonder if those panties would fit. Rhumba panties he mused to himself now thankful to be covered.

"Lift your bottom for mommy precious," Brigitte said softly as those delicate baby pants reached his thighs. 'Mommy', Mark mused, as he lifted himself. He was nursing the pacifier easily but didn't realize it. Hilga did as she watched intently Mark's every expression and movement.

This process was purposeful and orchestrated to maximize Mark's transformation and transition. Their words, actions, interactions all geared to heighten Mark's fantasies or identify his fears.

Hilga didn't need to know those fantasies because she was flooding Mark with input through all of his senses. Dressing him from his bath to his makeup was as important as those next steps when he would be photographed.

He was moving far faster than most, Hilga mused. He was going to be a delightful addition she also noted as she continued stroking his forehead. Mark, meanwhile, was in a daze, his eyes glazing suggesting a deep meditative state that told Hilga his endorphins were gripping him now.

Hilga, smiling, eased off the bed, nodding the signal for the girls to ease away as Brigitte finished putting Mark's ruffled panties in place.

Tracy and Stacy were first to leave, followed by Susan and then Brigitte when she finished fussing with Mark's panties. Mark hardly noticed as Hilga whispered the name 'Mary Beth'. She was standing by the bed and that was odd since Mark last remembered her sitting and stroking his forehead. The girls were gone as well. Had he dozed, he wondered.

"Mary Beth, we've got to do your makeup and hair sweetie," Hilga said holding her hand out to Mark.

"I must have dozed," Mark said sheepishly.

"Happens when we are relaxed. The bath helped as well," Hilga said and added, "it won't be that long before bed. We're going to dress you up in a couple of outfits, take your pictures, eat something and then we can turn in. I suspect it's been a long emotional day for you."

"It has," Mark agreed stretching when he sat up. He felt the large amount of material covering his bottom and filling the space between his thighs the instant he sat. Couldn't help but also notice that the front of his baby panties were inches in front of him as they gathered. His diaper was very thick he mused bringing a slight smile to his face.

"Nice day as well I'm hoping," Hilga added.

"Very nice," Mark said not sure if he should be as enthusiastic as he just sounded.

"It's going to get much nicer for you," Hilga said smiling as Mark stood. Mark took that remark as part of the context to this brief exchange although there was another meaning, more relative to Hilga.

The key to transforming boys, willingly, into sweet little girls was in threading them through a multitude of feminine layers and genteel processes. Hilga, in that regard, was a master at all of it as she took Mark's hand to walk him downstairs.

We are three dimensional creatures both figuratively and literally, with our senses giving us a physical and metaphorical depth Hilga once said. A depth that can take us out of our reality easily, and put us nearly anywhere we want. That, Hilga once also noted, is why fantasies can be so delightful when props are added and fantasies fulfilled.

To imagine something is one thing, to imagine something and feel it as well is far more than the sum of the parts. Mark's first few hours with her were going to be relative only to his fantasies and that would be to the extremes... Like his diaper she mused as she caught a glimpse of it moving in an exaggerated way as he walked.

The girls meanwhile were preparing for Mark's next phase. He was nurtured so far and would now be pampered as Tracy shook a small bottle of nail polish while Stacy worked out of her make-up kit. Their salon, a single chair, was once a sitting room off the patio. It was a delightfully girlish place, and designed to be for a boy's first feminine steps.

"Hi again," Tracy said as Mark padded into the salon in just his ruffled panties and diaper. He was very self conscious of how he might look, but the feelings sweeping over him, when he stood upstairs and then began to walk, clouded over those other emotions. Tracy held and slipped him into a silky pink cape that wasn't long enough to hide his ruffled panties or the fact he was diapered.

"Hi," Mark said sheepishly as Hilga guided him further into the room. Susan was now fussing with a blond, curled wig as Mark was moved right to the pink salon chair to sit. He did and instantly the girls swooped in from their various positions to take new spots.

Tracy sat on a rolling stool and lifted Mark's foot to the stools edge as Stacy started picking at bottles of foundation. She looked at several, sat one down on the chairs tray but opened another. She dabbed lightly on the inside of his forearm as she said, "this part of your body gets the least sun and is close to your normal skin tones."

Mark nodded and watched Tracy dab, then took a glance at the pink bottle Stacy was opening. She gathered tissue in rolls putting one each between his toes for spacing. His toes were going to be painted pink, he mused, as Stacy opened the bottle of nail enamel. A soft pink and his big toe suddenly glistened wetly as she expertly drew the loaded brush from his cuticle to the toes edge. There was a whiff of ether that reached his nose.

"This one," Tracy said when she dappled the second bottle of foundation on Mark's forearm.

Mark's attention turned back to Tracy as she moved closer with a small flat sponge she wet first. She began patting Mark's face as Mark caught more whiffs of the ethers from the nail polish. That smell always connected to a girl was now connecting to him. Mark didn't know that but Hilga did as she watched her young man intently and a little covertly.

Mark's toes shined brightly when Stacy finished painting them. She had gone back to his first foot after painting the second and added another layer. Both feet had two layers when she moved her stool to begin with his left hand. Tracy meanwhile was finishing Mark's foundation and adding another she said would blend his face, build up his cheeks and soften his nose.

Blush, in two colors followed his foundation and several pencils were used around his eyes and mouth. There were no mirrors in front of that chair. There were mirrors behind it. That was intentional so Mark wouldn't see the girl till the girl was ready to be seen. When they had time, Mark's nails would be made longer with silk wraps but for now they were girlish enough colored.

Mark's face too was girlish enough when Tracy sat the small tube of lipstick down. Mark had pursed his lips for her and a moment later he felt the waxy light pink glide over them. A tissue left a pink lip print on it, amusing him to no end given it was his lips leaving that mark. Susan was there with the wig when Tracy closed her make-up case.

Brigitte meanwhile was lifting Mark's first dress from it's hanger. Hilga, once Mark's transformation was underway, left for his white baby shoes and lacy socks. She was there at Mark's feet as Susan fussed with his wig. The bonnet and slip that went with Mark's baby dress was on the hanger and Brigitte fused with both as Stacy took up Mark's dress.

Mark stood but with his back to the mirrors after Hilga slipped his lacy socks and baby shoes on his feet. His shoes were rounded and strapped closed giving him a delightfully cute baby look as Brigitte came over with the short slip.

It was a baby's slip but the taffeta that would move against Mark's skin was covered in a layer of organdy. Hilga had her dresses designed for the senses and one of the senses was hearing so that layer of organdy moved noisily over the taffeta. It would make a soft rustling sound with every move Mark made.

Mark felt the taffeta layer touch him then play against his nipples in a delightful way as Brigitte moved the slip to and fro. She took far longer than necessary but the time was necessary for this all to work. Each a layer to be isolated, identified and then assimilated in Mark's mind. Each layer a literal step into their world. His mind already played in that world through his fantasies, now he was walking figuratively into it.

"How does that feel," Brigitte asked softly near his ear.

"Nice," Mark said matching her whisper. Hilga was listening and heard.

"Feel girlish," Brigitte asked.

Mark, with a blush, nodded his yes.

"You really are a very pretty little girl," Brigitte said as she finished fussing with his slip. The slip stopped right at Mark's finger tips. Another design element that Hilga introduced. Mark could feel the edge of his lace and, once in front of a mirror see the small "V" of his diaper as well. Feedback for a sissy baby and Mark's little dress came next.

Organdy and nylon gathered in soft rolls surrounded him and another layer of lace fell again just to his finger tips as the dress settled. The color of the dress matched the ruffles on his baby pants perfectly as did that small bit of ribbon decorating his ruffled socks. His bonnet was being held by Brigitte in front of him so he could see it as Stacy finished putting Mark into his dress.

Three tiny white buttons at the back closed it as Brigitte fixed the bonnet so she could put it on Mark from the front. Mark was looking at it as Tracy moved to Mark's side and said in a soft voice, "I'm going to pierce your ears. It won't hurt at all."

Mark was about to turn but didn't when Tracy asked him to hold still. A small instant pin prick caught Mark but his reaction was slight. It happened again as Tracy moved to his other ear. Tiny diamonds on gold post were fitted in instantly after she wiped the holes with alcohol.

"Just turn each one a full circle every once in a while." Tracy said.

"OK, Mark responded as Brigitte brought the bonnet over his gold brads. There was a long ribbon of satin attached to either side of the bonnet and the bonnet itself circled his face with white delicate lace gathering closer as Brigitte tied the ribbons into a bow. Small curls of blond hair peeked from beneath the lace and Brigitte sighed.

Mark was a beautiful baby girl she mused. She had drawn the lucky short straw that had been used to chose the woman who would breast feed Mark for his baby pictures. She was wearing a nursing bra for the occation and felt giddy over the prospects of cuddling Mark against her as he nursed.

"Ready," Hilga asked when she stepped in front of Mark. There were two full length mirrors on either side of the cabinet that were on hinges. Each was cantered so Mark would have three views of himself. A forth would be added from the mirror moving in on wheels from behind.

"I think so," Mark said and when he said it he had to close his eyes as Hilga turned him 180 degrees. Mark was positioned for a full view as the mirror from behind was pushed into place.

Hilga encouraged him then to open his eyes and say hello to the pretty girl looking back.

"So what do you think," Hilga asked.

Mark hadn't seen himself yet. He had seen his toes, his fingernails, a tuff of blond hair and the ruffles of his bonnet from the corner of his eyes. He'd seen the slip he wore, the ruffles of his panties when he was put into them and his dress. He could feel everything and imagine his face with makeup but until this moment he hadn't seen himself.

When Mark turned he'd turned with his eyes closed, opening them at Hilga's question 'so what do you think'. That question hung there as Mark opened them to look. The girls watched on, in knowing anticipation, having done this to countless young men. There was a giggle of excitement from one of them and all were smiling as Mark took his first look.

For a few seconds he didn't connect. He saw the girl looking back awestruck at him as if she realized something was wrong. She was so very pretty Mark mused. Not a little girl's face but a young girl's face and that made it even better.

A young girl dressed as a baby girl and that was so cute he decided. Mark, in another moment, became envious of her deciding she was lucky as well. He had always been envious of pretty girls and the things they could wear.

It was so easy for a girl to chose something pretty to wear, impossible for a boy so there was real envy, longing, a desire he couldn't understand nor satisfy. He wanted to tell this girl how lucky she was to be able to wear what she wore.

All of this in a few short seconds after opening his eyes and suddenly the reality of what was happening hit home. Mark was looking at himself! That was him looking back at him.

Mark took a shocked step back bumping into Hilga lightly. The bump shook him awake from this dream, as he also realized it wasn't a dream. Hilga placed her hands lightly on Mark's shoulder to whisper, "say hello to Mary Beth precious. Isn't she the most adorable little girl you've ever seen?"

Mark couldn't talk, he wasn't sure if his mouth would even work. He had tried lipstick once. Frightening that little experiment, because he wasn't positive it would come off at first.

There was a pair of panties taken from a cousin and a half slip of his mother's tossed after losing it's lace. There had been moments, fleeting moments, some only minutes long, to fill the void he had. Nothing ever coming close to what he had now.

How ironic it was when he was with his aunt. She had never known how much he loved his little girl clothes and her treatment. He could have hugged her countless times but didn't dare fearing if she knew he liked it, it would stop. Now this.

That couldn't be him. It was impossible for a boy to look as pretty as the prettiest girl and there she was almost smiling, almost out, but scared still.

Mark wanted to retreat, to move away for some seconds just to catch his breath. He wanted to or thought he did but he knew he couldn't, nor would. He was frozen in that spot.

She was a magnet holding him and Mark experimented covertly with a fingertip sliding slowly over the panties from the side. Mark twisted at the waist, again just a tiny bit to move the dress. A foot moved next, then blinking to see if she matched everything he did and she did, move for move.

Mark was Cinderella when the good fairy had waved her wand over her, that sparkling magic transforming her for the ball. He was Dorothy when she stepped from the beauty parlor in the Wizard of Oz and he was every girl in school that he watched since he could remember.

"Here," Hilga said softly near his ear. She slid her hands from his shoulders to his wrist and pulled his arms out from his side a little. She took each hand and gently bent them up a little so they paralleled the ground. A girlish pose as she whispered, "straighten your back and turn a little. You are so pretty."

Mark smiled then and Mary Beth smiled back. He wasn't connecting himself to her yet, not fully, but some as his smile grew broader. Everything else around him had vanished as Hilga said, "we're going to be in the living room. Take a moment and make sure we didn't forget anything, then join us. We've still got another baby dress and a very pretty party dress to put you into for your pictures."

Mark nodded only just hearing her and not noticing the girls leaving till Hilga stepped away. Mark turned to watch them, then back again. He saw the slightly puffy "V" of his silken panties covering the diaper then and the moment Hilga left was the moment Mark realized fully it was him looking back. He twisted right, then left. Slowly at first, then quickly.

Mark kept his hands posed girlishly for a second longer before taking up the edge of lace on his dress. A single layer came up and he tried again this time holding two layers and the slip appeared. He did the same thing again, but now with the slips and his diaper appeared. A half turn gave him a view of his ruffled lace bottom and then the tiny pink bow.

"Never ceases to amaze me those first moments," Hilga said walking behind the girls who were settling onto chairs and two couches.

"He's got to be one of the cutest we've had in a long time," Tracy said smiling.

"Adorable," Stacy noted.

"Nearly perfect. Give me another day with him and he could step outside easily," Susan added.

"I may keep him," Hilga said. The girls went quiet. It had been a long time since Hilga had said something like that and her face hinted she was serious. Of course that was impractical since Hilga had already taken Mrs. Aby Van Braun's money.

"At least he's going to be visiting," Susan said in a comforting tone.

"True, very true. We never really lose them do we," Hilga said shaking herself from her own fantasies.

There was still a lot of days ahead for Mark's schooling and Hilga always wanted to keep most of the boys they transformed, although Mark was special. The girls knew Mark was special the moment they met him and now more than ever. And there was Mrs. Aby Van Braun to think about. Aby was Mark's sponsor and Hilga knew Mark would be going to a good home.

Meanwhile, Ms. Baker, the Head Librarian, was beside herself with joy as she reviewed the logs with Carol. It took an hour most times to go through the sessions they trapped from the computers in the library. The search software looked for key words and it had found a dozen this time.

"Bring up the video from 2:00 o'clock showing station 14." Ms. Baker said.

"What have you got," Carol asked as she typed a series of commands on her key board. The center monitor ran backwards and stopped exactly at two as Carol added, "here we go."

Ms. Baker looked at the young man typing commands on his key board as she looked at both those commands in a separate screen along with his image

Ms. Baker paused a bit then said, "hold on a second and let me move ahead a bit on my side. Ah, here we go. Lovely."

"What," Carol asked excitedly.

"A maid I think. Yes, he's ordering a French Maid's outfit," Ms. Baker said.

"Costume," Carol asked cautiously.

"Perhaps, but definitely upscale. He's ordering it from 'Yes Ma'am'. Costume or not, he's... Hold on again," Ms. Baker noted as she typed in more commands. She continued for a few minutes in silence then slapped her palm on her table top happily as she added, "he's been to a forum that talks about being a maid. Definitely a maid."

"Excellent, I'll start his profile," Carol said.

"Do that and get me Julie. She might still be in," Ms. Baker said smiling. This was amazing luck so soon after finding that boy Mark.

"I've got Julie's phone ringing on line one," Carol said.

"Tomorrows Temps! How may I direct your call," Sharon said in a polite, business like voice.

"Hi Sharon, it's me, Helen, is Julie still there," Ms. Baker asked.

"Yes ma'am, hold please," Sharon said just before soft music started to play.

"Helen, how are you," Julie asked.

"I'm wonderful thank you very much and you," Helen asked.

"Excellent. Wonderful find on that young man. Mrs. Aby Van Braun is beside herself. She's already designing a play room if you can believe that," Julie said.

"I knew it the moment I saw his log and when he left that disk it was icing on the cake. Very pleased with that one. So, can you use another maid," Ms. Baker asked.

"Are you kidding, I can use all the maids you can get me. Next to babies and little girls, maids are a big item. Seriously, I really can use her. So how far along are you or you just discovering," Julie asked.

"Just caught him. I'm doing his logs now and Carols starting a background check. I'll know in a couple of days but he's ordered a dress... no, make that an outfit and he's visiting a couple of forums for men as maids," Ms. Baker said.

"Cute," Julie asked.

"Very. And passable," Ms. Baker said.

"Wonderful and yes, I want him. Just let me know when we can start his interview," Julie said.

"I will. See you when I see you," Ms. Baker said.

"Bye and thank you for the heads up," Julie said. She hung up the phone and yelled into the reception area to Sharon, "Allen, you go ahead and get changed honey, we're through for the day my sweets."

Allen, as Sharon, smiled as he took his ear mike off for the phone system. It had been a long day and his new heels were starting to hurt. He'd been brought into the fold a year ago and Julie had kept him on as her personal secretary after he flew through the typing test.

Ms. Baker had caught him almost a year ago doing the same sorts of things the other boys did. Things a boy would do only when they thought no one was watching. Unfortunately someone was watching. Fortunately it was Ms. Baker doing the watching.

"Thank you Julie," Allen said as he stood and straightened his skirt.

Mark, meanwhile, had slipped into a happy kind of daze as he walked, jumped slightly, twisted and turned in front of the mirror. He was beside himself as the moments passed allowing the reality of what was happening to set in.

He couldn't believe he was doing this and it was even more difficult to accept his outfit. His outfit, he mused. Part of the deal for helping that woman Aby and if only this could go on forever he thought.

"Should I go get him," Tracy asked after a long number of minutes ticked by. She was standing in the doorway of Hilga's office.

"In a bit. Let him enjoy himself a while," Hilga said watching the monitor as Mark played. She had three hours of video now, beginning with his bath and first diapering.

"Adorable," Hilga whispered as Mark twisted again to show the ruffles on his panties.

And across town was Aby.

"This color," Aby told the decorator as she looked over the fabrics she was comparing. Wall paper coordinated to the fabrics was her goal but there were a lot of choices. She was, with the help of the designer, creating the most adorable little girls room she could imagine. She was also wondering what her young man was doing at this moment.

"Mary Beth, it's time for your pictures sweetheart," Hilga said coming in just as Mark straightened. Mark had turned and bent over lifting his dress to see all of the ruffles across his baby pants. He had almost gotten caught bending over and blushed a little over that. Oddly enough he felt slightly more comfortable being dressed.

"Mary Beth," Mark said smiling.

"Would you prefer another name," Hilga asked.

"Oh no, I like that name. It just seems so odd connected with me," Mark said.

"Only to you. I see you as Mary Beth. So do the girls sweetie. They see you as a girl," Hilga said.

"Really? How come," Mark asked curious.

"Mark, when you were growing up did you ever see yourself as a girl or imagine such a thing," Hilga asked and added, "outside of what your aunt did."

"Yes," Mark said now willing to answer.

"Well, there are women out there, and here, that can also see or imagine some boys as girls. In fact, there are women that actually enjoy turning boys into girls. Babies even. Little girls as well. We like it and for the most part the boys we do this to like it. The difficulty is in finding boys like you," Hilga said.

"Boys like me," Mark said with a touch of confusion in his voice. He wasn't sure what he was or why he did what he did so he wasn't sure he was a boy like any other boy. He had only just discovered some of this on the Internet. Those disposables had given him goose bumps when he found a forum that talked about adults and diapers. Diapers as fetishes and life styles was still very new to him.

"Do you like what is happening to you," Hilga said.

"Yes," Mark said as he chanced a moment to touch the edge of his dress.

"Well, there are a lot of boys that like the same sorts of things," Hilga said and added, "others like dressing as maids, big girls, even school girls. Some want to be girls, some just want to dress as girls. Which one are you honey," Hilga asked.

"I'm not sure," Mark said honestly.

"Then isn't this a wonderful coincidence? Wonderful because here you are with time and opportunity to discover what it is that makes you the most happy," Hilga said.

"Can't run around like this though," Mark said sounding disappointed.

"You never know honey. I know some women who would love to see you running around just like that," Hilga said and added, "and you were already experimenting when you wore that girl's coat outside. That is fun isn't it," Hilga said.

"It is," Mark agreed and added, "and there are women that like this sort of thing?"

"Lots," Hilga said and added, " Me for one, the other girls here and I think Aby, Mrs. Van Braun, is also one of them. You should have seen her face when we were talking about your little dresses. She was beside herself a couple of times."

"Really," Mark asked as they reached the living room where the other girls were as Mark added, "so she let her son dress up?"

"Something like that," Hilga said and added, "wanted to see you as soon as you were dolled up."

"Really," Mark said.

"Really," Hilga answered.

"Hi Mary," Tracy said as Mark reached the doorway.

"Hi," Mark said shyly. That name again.

"Ready to pose for us," Tracy asked.

"Yes," Mark said.

"Well baby girl, then let's go do this," Tracy said taking Mark's hand. The girls began standing to follow as Tracy turned Mark to the hall and off towards the kitchen. They reached a door and steps leading to the basement.

It was a basement but finished like the rest of the rooms in the house. Carpeted and brightly lit but what caught Mark's attention was the props and walls. Not walls he realized but partitions that could move and several had been set up as a room. A baby's room. There was a changing table, crib, highchair and playpen and a very large camera.

"Milk or juice Mark," Stacy said as she headed for a small kitchen with a bar sink.

"What," Mark asked. He was preoccupied when Stacy had talked.

"For your baby bottle honey. Milk or juice," Stacy repeated.

"Juice," Mark said smiling. 'For your bottle,' Stacy had said.

"OK Mark, lets get you into the play pen first," Tracy said as she began turning portable lights on for the camera. There was a couple of aluminized umbrellas that lit the place brightly as Mark moved to the large adult size play pen. It was wood fashioned after the older versions that folded, but bigger as Mark stepped over the side.

The girls, those not occupied with his baby bottle or pictures began filling the play pen with dolls, toys and stuffed animals. Hilga watching from the side flipped a switch and another set of videos were started. These would star Mary Beth. Their videos were very popular on their web site and Mark was going to be liked a lot, Hilga mused, as she watched the goings on.

Tracy stepped to the play pen and told Mark to ignore the camera and just play. Mark did picking up a soft doll to cuddle before taking up another. They gave him his bottle and he nursed it a few times for Tracy.

A couple of dozen shots were taken before they brought Mark out and had him sit on a baby blanket. More poses, another few minutes nursing his bottle again, this time on his back, and another doll.

They had him crawl to the crib before he climbed into the crib to once again nurse his bottle. Stacy had refilled it as Mark laid back within the security of the adult size confines. It made him feel babyish and he wet a second time as he laid there secure and happy. Hilga knew Mark would be wet as she directed Susan to change him first then get him into his second baby dress.

Brigitte, meanwhile, was getting set up in the partitioned area just beyond where Mark was. She was sitting on a soft couch and had brought the shoulder of her dress down. Down just enough exposing the white nursing bra she wore as Susan went through the process of changing Mark's diaper. The changing table scaled up the same as the crib and play pen.

Marks change left him amazingly happy as Susan used several baby wipes first before his ointment and baby powder. He was nursing his pacifier and holding the soft doll he now favored as the fresh diaper came up between his legs. His second dress took another slip but this one fuller with layers of petticoats as Stacy helped Susan 'dress the baby'.

Mark wasn't sure what was next when they had him stand. They had changed him and now he followed Stacy to the edge of the area made to look like a baby's nursery. Mark saw Brigitte first then noticed her breast as Stacy took Mark's pacifier. Tracy directed him again and this time to Brigitte's lap. Mark could hardly draw a breath as he positioned himself to be nursed.

Mark, happily dry and now nursing on Brigitte's warm breast could have fallen asleep right then and there. He was slightly disappointed when Tracy ended the picture taking. Of course it had only ended for a time since Brigitte would nurse him again in her room later. Brigitte too hated to end this as the warm glow of pleasure began to spread through her body from Mark's lips.

The only good thing about this was more pictures and there was still one more dress to wear. The girls were getting his little girl outfit ready as Mark was put into the highchair. Brigitte, with her nursing bra closed and dress fixed, would also have the honors of feeding Mark from a Gerber baby jar of pudding. His bib, a pink plastic designed with pastel teddy bears protected his dress as Brigitte fed him using a baby's spoon. The pictures of Mark as a baby ended when the Gerber jar was empty.

Mark hadn't seen the dress till now, and as happy as he had been with the other two, this one left him delirious. A blush pink organdy under a lighter layer trimmed in lace gave it a double skirt and single layer top. The puffy sleeves were two layers like the skirt. A very light dress that needed a slip since you could see through it.

That slip shimmered in the light. A little girl's style bouffant with petticoats starting just below Mark's chest. This one would hide his ruffled panties but only if he stood perfectly still and Tracy was already shooting pictures as Stacy and Susan fussed with Mark's little girl dress. Mark's bonnet was replaced with a large pink chiffon bow at the back and his baby shoes were now black patent Mary Jane shoes with lightly laced socks to match his dress.

Mark moved across from the baby area to a mockup of a little girl's room to start by serving tea to a giant white teddy bear and two Patti Play Pal dolls in dresses like his. Tea time lasted long enough for pictures, then Mark changed one of the Patti Play Pal dolls before being positioned on the floor to color in a Disney Princess Coloring Book.

Tracy posed him on his stomach after fixing his dress then had him bend his legs up at the knees. A little girl pose as Mark continued coloring happily. The camera clicking constantly as Tracy circled Mark at least twice. Mark could have spent most of the night coloring all of those Disney dresses he had so envied growing up.

There were a hundred pictures snapped and on the computer with another hour and a half worth of video to add to Mark's file as the girls started moving things to their original positions. Mark had grown fond of his 'My First Doll' doll and Hilga suggested he bring her with him for dinner. Tracy stood back at the small office area to start choosing the best pictures of Mark. It would take a couple of days to actually edit the videos.

The girls, Hilga and Mark went about the task of fixing dinner. A crock pot had been simmering a stew and Mark sat the table wearing a little girl's pinafore Hilga had put him into right after they entered the kitchen. Mark felt like one of the girls but slightly off given he was the only one dressed as a little girl. It felt nice at least looking like the youngest in an odd sort of way.

"The pictures are up," Tracy said coming upstairs to a set table and Dinner being served. Mark was surprised it had gone so fast as he sat there like a little lady eating small bites of stew with the warm bread Hilga had fixed. It had only been a few hours since his conversation with Ms. Baker and that woman Aby.

Aby, meanwhile, was sitting in the rocker looking at the color swatches of Mark's room wondering if he would like it as much as she did. The wall paper would go up tomorrow and the rest of Mark's furniture would be delivered on Monday. Aby was paying a premium to have the room painted on a Saturday but she felt Mark was worth it.

"So what happens now," Mark asked of Hilga with Tracy's announcement on those pictures.

"There is a young man encrypting the images with a code to go with the system cookies. As soon as we have confirmation that the man, in question, has downloaded the images, Aby is gong to get the ball rolling," Hilga offered but realizing Mark didn't much care about that part.

"It won't be long after that then," Mark said feeling the anxiety of what that meant, and changing his mood. Hilga could sense that meaning behind the words easily and smiled inwardly. So afraid to do this, then so afraid to see it stop Hilga mused happily. Hilga also allowed that anxiety to climb a bit.

"Could be days, even a few weeks. Mostly depends on when he downloads those images. We do know he's a member of this particular site and that he stops at our website about once a week. With the information we have we'll know the moment he downloads the images. Meanwhile, I'm afraid you'll have to hang with us till then. Can you handle that," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said, feeling exicted that he at least had more time with Hilga and the girls.

"Unfortunately, we can only host you for a couple of weeks," Hilga noted and then added, "we had a lot of clients that we're putting off for the sake of this lawsuit of Mrs. Van Braun."

"Oh, I didn't realize... So two weeks then," Mark said with those feelings returning.

"Two weeks is a long time honey," Hilga said.

"It is," Mark noted, but not believing it as much as he thought Hilga did. Of course Mark didn't know about Aby's efforts at her place. Mark's room would take a couple of days more to finish and there was still some shopping to do for the knickknacks. Unfortunately, for Aby, two weeks before she had an opportunity to greet her little sissy baby was nearly an eternity.

"Meanwhile, lets get this kitchen cleared up and get you ready for bed. You've had a long day precious," Hilga said.

Mark believing the costumes had more or less ended nodded as he said, "I don't have much in the way of clothes. I mean at least not here."

Mark had meant his clothes, boy clothes although Hilga also understood what Mark really meant.

"Mark, remember when we talked about this coincidence and how wonderful it was? I mean this chance to begin to understand and discover what sorts of things make you happy," Hilga asked.

"Yes," Mark said as the girls went about cleaning the kitchen.

"Well, I meant that. What I'm trying to say is why not continue like this. I most certainly don't mind, the girls adore you as well and there is definitely enough things to get you past a few days at least. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd really like you to remain Mary Beth while you are here. If that doesn't sound too strange." Hilga said.

"So you're saying more or less dress like this still and not just for the pictures," Mark said not sure if he should sound as disappointed as he meant to. He was still a guy after all and an adult guy at that and dressing as a little girl around women was nagging at him a little.

"Of course! We've got the outfits and you've got the time so why not use it," Hilga said and then added as additional inducement, "the thing is Tracy could take a few more pictures just in case," Hilga noted.

"I could do that," Mark said feeling relieved that he had a reason to dress.

"Then what say you get ready for bed. We've all had a long day," Hilga said as she gently pinched Mark's cheek.

Mark was going to say yes when Brigitte walked in wearing a light lavender baby doll set with a separate robe of the same material. Her baby doll was almost as short as his dress and while it hid Brigitte nicely it left enough for the imagination and Mark's imagination was running wild.

"I get to play mommy tonight Mary Beth," Brigitte said coming over to Mark to take his hand. Susan had closed the refrigerator and in her hand another baby's bottle of milk. She handed that to Brigitte who took it in her free hand. Her other hand held Mark's.

Brigitte looked at the baby's bottle, then at Mark before she started to hand it back to Susan as she added, "I think I'll breast feed my baby tonight. If that's OK with the baby?"

"Mark's knees felt weak as Brigitte tugged lightly on his hand to guide him for the steps.

Mark was an adult, did adult things, thought adult thoughts, as everyone did, but there were also his fantasies like everyone else. Only some of what Mark had already done was well beyond what he had ever imagined. Like those dresses and now this woman walking him up the steps. Mark thought of girls as most boys do, but occasionally not, and he was daring those other thoughts now.

Mark's room was the second door on the right of the large upstairs area but he was walked past that to the forth door on the right. There were eight doors along that corridor and one at the end Mark suspected was Hilga's room. The room he entered he suspected was Brigitte's.

"I thought I'd let you chose your nightgown," Brigitte said as if it was something he did all the time. Mark hadn't thought about actually dressing as a girl beyond the necessity of doing so for the pictures.

"For more pictures," Mark asked blushing slightly over the prospects of what he was wearing and that it might continue. However, he was nervous that wearing these clothes without having to do so or looking as if he was volunteering left him a little unnerved.

"No more pictures tonight. I just thought... Mark, forgive me for saying this but you make a very pretty looking girl. I can probably speak for the others since a couple of them are somewhat jealous of my position right now. The thing is I like men that can look pretty... crazy, I know but I do and... well, I'd just like to play some more," Brigitte said moving close enough to Mark to kiss him and did.

Their kiss ended and Mark, flustered said, "Hilga mentioned that part."

"Which part honey," Brigitte said as she moved behind Mark to untie the large satin bow of his sash.

"That there were women who liked dressing me as girls," Mark said.

"You've got a whole house full of those kinds of women. Two of us love the little girl look and one of us loves being a mommy," Brigitte said.

"Which one likes being a mommy," Mark asked.

"Me silly. Why do you think I was so happy when I found out you would be mine for the night," Brigitte said leaning in to slip her hands around Mark's waist. A delightful feeling as she moved the dress over the slip that moved over his skin.

"I thought it was for more pictures or something," Mark said.

"Or something," Brigitte said as she softly bit Mark's left ear.

"Oh," Mark said as her meaning and actions made it perfectly clear where this was going.

"Mark, if you would rather this not happen, I'd understand," Brigitte said softly but still circling his waist with her arms.

"I'd like this to happen," Mark said giving into the emotions.

"Me too," Brigitte said moving to the back buttons of his dress as she added, "and quickly if you don't mind."

Mark stood in the middle of Brigitte's room allowing himself to be undressed as his dress was gently pushed to the floor after Brigitte slipped the slips shoulder straps off each shoulder. He was back to his diaper, ruffled panties, socks and Mary Jane shoes as Brigitte took up his dress and slip she draped over a chair.

"Barbie, Disney Princesses or something more babyish," Brigitte asked.

"What," Mark asked back not sure of the references she had just made.

"Your nightgown," Brigitte said.

"Oh," Mark answered slightly taken back by having to chose. He was enjoying his diaper and ruffled panties and wondered what babyish meant as he added, "what does babyish mean."

"I'll show you," Brigitte said moving to her dresser. She pulled the third drawer open and out came a delightfully feminine baby doll top in a light lavender. Two layers of nylon with the first opaque and the second sheer enough to see the first. The top layer was laced. It was very short.

"That one," Mark said of his choices, and then wondered if he should take his diaper and ruffled panties off alone with his shoes as he added, "want me to finish undressing?"

"Just your shoes and socks sweetheart and I'll get those. Mommy's going to have the pleasure of getting into your diaper in just a bit," Brigitte said as she kissed Mark when she neared. Brigitte removed the large hair bow, sitting that on her dresser before gathering the nightgown over Mark's hair.

It was short and felt wonderful as it fell over his diaper and ruffled panties. Brigitte eased Mark to her bed and had him sit as she removed his Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks. He was beside himself with the thoughts of what was coming but instead of laying him back she took his hand and guided him to her vanity.

"Makeup first," Brigitte said taking up a cold cream jar that she opened. She moved to Mark's face after slipping her fingers into the white cream and a half dozen tissues later Mark's face was clean.

"All set," Brigitte said after she did her own face. Mark felt as if he'd entered a new world as Brigitte took his hand once again. A girl's world with mysteries still and exciting because of it. This time she tugged the bed covers down before easing Mark to the beds edge.

With Mark in bed Brigitte took a moment to slip out of her own dress and then her slip before returning to the drawer for a nightgown of her own. She had left her panties on, Mark mused, until she tugged those off. She was beautiful, Mark also mused, as Brigitte gathered the nightgown, slipping it over her head.

He was going to have sex he knew and how odd that was given what he was wearing. Brigitte had the same thought as she looked at the young man she was about to transform. Brigitte was bi-sexual and found feminine men the best of both worlds and one in a diaper left her breathless as she moved to the bed.

The pounding on a door caught them both by surprise. It was off in the distance but it was loud, forceful and carried past the closed door of Brigitte's room startling her then Mark because of it. It was too late at night for anything normal then that voice, "Police, vice! Open the door."

Brigitte reacted instantly, grabbing a robe for herself then one for Mark. Mark instantly was up and putting the robe on as Brigitte did her own. A new knock this time at Brigitte's door came before the door opened.

"Vice," Hilga said standing there in a nightgown and robe as she added, "Mark, come with me quickly."

Mark moved towards Hilga but hesitated as he realized what it was he was wearing and how that would look. His nails were painted pink as were his toes and he was dressed as a girl. He was still wearing the wig they had put on him.

"I've got to change," Mark said in a panic.

"No, it's going to be better if you don't. Come on and I'll explain this while Joyce takes care of the cops," Hilga said. There was a sense of urgency in her voice that suggested she was scared but a undercurrent of authority that suggested she knew what she was doing. Mark had no choice either way as he followed her out of the room. The other girls were spilling into the hall as another forceful knock came.

"Hold on a second, "Joyce's voice said from below.

Mark was ushered into Hilga's room and when the door closed she turned and said, "your name is Nadia. You're from Russia on a work visa and I'm your sponsor. You've got laryngitis and can't talk, understood?"

"Yes? No? I mean what's going on," Mark said in a panic.

"It's a raid. We've gotten them before. We're targets occasionally for the vice squad because of what we do here but they are not going to find any clients. You're going to be one of the girls. Listen to me, they are going to search the place and find just us. They can't do anything if they don't find anything so just act frightened and I'll do the talking," Hilga said.

"That's going to be easy enough," Mark said as fright took hold as he added, "they are never going to believe I'm a girl."

"Yes they are, trust me on this, they will," Joyce said as she turned Mark after opening the door.

"But I'm not wearing makeup," Mark said.

"Honey, that has nothing whatsoever to do with how you look," Hilga said.

"Everyone downstairs," the man's voice said as Mark walked with Joyce to the head of those steps leading downstairs.

"What's going on," Hilga said as she reached the landing before Mark. She turned, looked at Mark and said, "go sit with the other girls honey."

"Hi Hilga. Come on, you know the routine," the man said moving into the house with another man as he added, "who's the new girl?"

"Who," Hilga said as Mark made it to the coach and sat between Brigitte and Tracy.

"Never mind that! You know the routine as well as I do. Where is your warrant," Hilga said defiantly.

"Right here," the man said handing Hilga a folded paper that Hilga opened to read.

"Says you can search for clients only," Hilga said.

"That's right, so why don't you make this easier and get whoever is here down here," the man said.

"No one here but us girls," Hilga said.

"OK, we can do this the hard way," the man said before adding, "Jack, want to run the rooms upstairs while I keep the girls occupied."

"Got it," the other man said taking the steps two at a time.

"So does this new girl got papers," the man said moving into the room behind Joyce and Hilga.

"Her name is Nadia and I've got her papers right here," Hilga said taking papers from the pocket of her robe.

"That's convenient," the man said.

"Isn't it! Figured you'd harass her first since you're not going to find anyone else here," Hilga said as she handed the man papers.

"Don't see a passport," the man said.

"You'll find an affidavit of application to the Russian Embassy dated a week ago. We're waiting for a duplicate. You've got her health card, temporary visa. You can call the embassy and verify that application. Till then you'll have to make do," Hilga said as the man looked at the papers.

"You speak English honey," the man asked looking right at Mark. Mark was forcing himself not to wet but did so anyway. Mark looked at Hilga in a panic.

She's got laryngitis and a cold. Her English isn't all that good anyway. Now stop scaring her and be civil," Hilga said as the man he'd called Jack reached the bottom of the steps.

"No one else in the house," Jack said.

"So how's business," the man standing in the living room said after Jack spoke.

"Business is excellent and as you well know, and legitimate as you also know. We don't have sex here," Hilga said.

"Right, and I'm not a vice cop either," the man said looking at the girls and then Hilga.

"So, what else can I do for you Mike," Hilga said.

"Just keep your nose clean," Mike said as he handed Hilga the papers back.

"Always do," Hilga said.

"Right," the man said turning to his partner before nodding for the door. His partner Jack turned and started for that door as Mike fell in behind him.

"Sorry to bother you ladies. Hilga, as always a pleasure," Mike said as his partner Jack opened the door.

"Will I see you again, Mike," Hilga asked sarcastically.

"Count on it," Mike said turning to smile at Hilga.

"Have a nice evening officers," Hilga said closing the door as Mike and his partner Jack stepped through it.

"What was that all about," Mark said as he began to shake.

"Believe it or not, that was routine. They do this once in a while just to keep us on our toes," Hilga said as the others began to stand. Hilga smiled at Mark as she added, "scary for the uninitiated but you did just fine honey."

"Do you think he believed you? About me that is," Mark said not sure if he could stand or not.

"Of course. Honey, you look adorable and just exactly what the name Nadia suggest. You're fine," Hilga noted.

"Fine," Mark said not meaning it. He had wet himself and had nearly passed out with fear and he was fine.

"Really, it's OK for now. He didn't even copy the information I gave him so he's not going to be running any checks on it. The only thing is I might have to move you for a couple of days till I'm sure everything really is OK," Hilga said.

"Move me? Move me where," Mark said in a renewed panic.

"I'm thinking we might slip you out of here and the best place, for now at least, is to Mrs. Aby Van Braun's place," Hilga said.

"For what," Mark said as he thought over what Hilga was saying. He was staying here so there was no connection to Aby or at least that was the plan and now that had changed. He looked at Hilga nervously.

Meanwhile, the man Mike took up his cell phone, flipped it open and pressed in the number on the paper as he climbed into the plain sedan with his partner.

"Hello," A woman's voice said.

"Ms. Van Braun please," Mike said.

"Speaking," Aby answered.

"Mrs. Van Braun, this is Mike from Guys and Dolls Theatrical. We're just leaving the house this minuet and I was told to give you call you when we were finished," Mike said.

"Thank you," Aby said and added, "did it go OK."

"It did ma'am. "Ma'am, although I should note that we didn't see anyone else even close to being male. No boy, just girls. There was no young man there," Mike said.

"Good enough. Thank you," Aby said smiling. She was hoping that was the case. It meant Mark was dressed and definitely passable.

"You're welcome," Mike said shrugging. He and his partner Jack were suppose to be playing vice cops and supposedly they would find a young man there with one of the girls. This woman's nephew they'd been told. Only they hadn't seen that woman's nephew as Mike added to his partner Jack, "I guess we're done here. Let's stop and get a burger before we go drop this rental and stuff off."

"Hello," Aby said when her phone rang again. This one was from Hilga who had held her finger up so she could hold on Mark's question. Mark sat there in silence as Hilga dialed and waited a moment. Obviously someone answered, Mark mused.

Hi Mrs. Van Braun, it's me, Hilga...
Mrs. Van Braun there has been a slight snag....
No, he's fine. Listen, the vice cops were here rousting us....
Didn't plan on that either...
No, they didn't....
He was dressed actually...
No, they never checked....
Actually, I used a set of papers that said he's a Russian girl here on a visa,"

Mark sat listening with Brigitte who was consoling him as Hilga talked. Mark was trying to piece the conversation Hilga was having with Mrs. Van Braun as she talked. Brigitte was holding his hand.

"That's what I was thinking.
We've got the pictures up and we're monitoring them as we speak...
No, those went fine, but for the next few days things should be pretty quiet....
That's a great idea and I was hoping you'd say that...
Thank you. I can have him ready and there in an hour..."
Great, we'll see you then."

Mark sat trying to figure out what was happening as Hilga turned while closing her cell phone and said, "Mark, we're going to get you dressed and have you stay with Mrs. Van Braun for a few days. At least till we're sure that the cops have lost interest in us. No sense adding any more complications than necessary."

"Should I go change," Mark said happy to get out of the wet diaper he was wearing.

"Brigitte will help you. We're going to move you to Aby's place the same way we did bringing you here. You'll have to leave here as a girl if that's OK," Hilga said and added, "just in case those cops might still be watching."

"Are you wet precious," Brigitte asked walking Mark back to her room.

"A little. I think it happened when I heard the policeman," Mark said blushing. He wondered if he was wearing shorts, boys shorts or underwear if this would have happened, deciding for the sake of his ego, no.

"Well, lets get you into a disposable just in case and a nice comfortable dress to travel in," Brigitte said as she moved to her closet. Mark didn't think of why Brigitte might have a package of disposables in her closet or dresses that would fit him but he was too nervous at the moment for rational thought.

Mark's nightgown came off and Mark stood there in just his ruffled baby pants and diaper now noticeably wet.

"Lay on the bed precious and I'll get you changed," Brigitte said as she moved to the bed with the disposable and a package of baby wipes.

Mark, thinking he should suggest underpants, for guys, saw the disposable in Brigitte's hand. Try as he might he couldn't imagine anything else as he laid back on the bed he'd been in before that knock. As scared as he was he decided a diaper would be justified.

Brigitte removed Mark's baby pants, then his diaper and with the expertise of a mother wiped, powdered and taped Mark into a girl's disposable diaper.

"Would you like to wear panties over your diaper Mark," Brigitte asked.

"For what," Mark asked. He did want to wear panties but didn't dare say yes.

"Just so you can know you're wearing panties under your dress," Brigitte asked and added, "seriously though, they are not really necessary but with the slip it will keep your dress from moving the diaper when you sit."

"I guess so," Mark said trying not to smile.

That made sense to Mark thankfully and let him off the hook as Brigitte went back to that large dresser. The panties, like the rhumba panties lined in plastic were ruffled. Those ruffles a delightful look, Mark mused silently, as Brigitte walked over. Mark stood in his disposable and stepped into the panties Brigitte held open and lowered.

His slip, and that made Mark smile slightly thinking that, went over his head. A girl's slip and trimmed lightly in lace but simple as little girl slips went. A nice feel to it Mark mused as it fell over him. Brigitte went back to the closet and returned with a girl's jumper. It reminded him of a school girl's jumper, in a deep purple, that went with a blouse and that came out after the jumper did.

Brigitte helped him with the blouse then the jumper and finally the shoes. Mary Jane shoes again with white socks that came just above the ankle. A very narrow bit of lace went around the fold of the sock. Girlish but not as dressy as the ruffled socks he'd worn earlier.

With his clothes on Mark's hair was brushed and brought back to just behind his ears and held on either side by two pink barrettes. Once again he sat at Brigitte's vanity and watched as his girlish face grew even more feminine. He looked twelve, if that, he mused happily. As scared as he was still, this part was wonderful.

"Is that woman Aby going to be OK with this," Mark asked as Brigitte finished with his lipstick. A light shade of pink so it appeared almost as if he wasn't wearing lipstick but clearly feminine. He wondered in those seconds what Aby might really think.

"Is Aby going to be OK with this? Definitely! Honey, she already thinks you are adorable or at least that's the impression I got. If I had any doubts, those went away when I saw the dresses she had made," Brigitte said.

"Dresses," Mark asked.

"Those dresses you were posed in... the ones for the pictures... Those were strictly made for you and who ever made them clearly knows what sugar and spice means," Brigitte said as she lightly blotted Mark's lips for the last time as she added, "there we go."

That didn't make sense suddenly. Those dresses were already here when Mark arrived. There was something wrong with the time line, Mark mused, trying to consider when he first met Aby and then the time in-between then and when he arrived.

Mark wasn't sure how long it took to make one dress let alone several but he was almost sure it was longer than the time allowed for. It would mean that Aby had those dresses made before he met her and that left him curious on how long she'd known. More curious as he realized she'd had those dresses made before he'd even had a chance to say yes.

"All set honey," Brigitte said as she stood and extended her hand.

"I'm a little nervous," Mark said.

"Don't be! Even your own mother wouldn't recognize you and I'm guessing those policemen are long gone by now," Brigitte said and added, "just going for a little ride is all."

Aby, meanwhile, was looking at the room she was working on. It wasn't finished, but furnished and the only thing still needed was the Ballerina paper trim below the soft pink molding separating the ceiling from the walls.

Aby wanted more time, another couple of days at least, but there was another young man about to be brought into the fold she was told. A maid of all things and she smiled. It was amazing this process when she was first told of it. Out of a dozen young men who went on-line at the library on any given day, at least three to four had some sort of fetish or desire for the feminine.

Three in four liked to be dominated, a few liked dressing as girls and every once in a while there were boys like Mark. Mark was an adult baby that liked dressing as a little girl. Very rare she was told when she expressed an interest in such things to Julie in a candid conversation.

Aby had known Julie since their college days and her company Tomorrows Temps was growing fairly well. Aby had called for a house keeper then decided to have lunch for the sake of old times and did. They talked of school and those first few boys before Julie mentioned she could send a male maid over if Aby wanted. A joke at first.

Aby had laughed herself almost sick over that bit of humor, remembering the line-backer they caught taking panties. He ended up spending four of his Saturdays getting himself made over to clean their sorority house. They teased him relentlessly and it seemed the more they did so the more he enjoyed it. He had a fetish for such things Julie noted, as did a number of young men.

That comment, made in passing, was what caught Aby's attention. When Aby pressed Julie on her comment she laughed and went on to explain how part of her business had spun off in a way. She was till a Temporary service but she was also providing men, dressed as women, for women.

That part of her business, Julie noted, had started when she got a call from a well to do woman that wanted two men who could pass as female maids. Maids in those racy little ruffled outfits for a luncheon she was having. It was an activist group and the woman wanted the two men to serve lunch and cater to those attending. A spoof for the humor it would provide.

Julie, at that time, had only met Hilga once and Hilga was a dominatrix. They met at a small business meeting and Julie was fascinated by Hilga's occupation once she was told what it was. Julie called Hilga and asked if she knew of two men that might want to fill those two temporary slots she needed. It was a shot in the dark for Julie but to Julie's amazement there were several willing to do that.

A few weeks later, Julie noted to Aby, she had another request, then another soon after as word of mouth spread about Julie's new temps. Before long Julie was providing a number of well off women with males dressed as females. She had even hired one that went by the name Sharon when he was working as Julie's secretary. The thing is Allen, as Sharon, was a great secretary Julie noted.

One thing led to another and Julie had a fairly long list of clients and young men to serve them in a variety of positions. Aby, of course, was fascinated by this revelation and before long was asking, discreetly, if there were young men that liked dressing as little girls. Julie didn't know about Aby's taste in such things till then.

Aby didn't know there were so many when Julie showed her the portfolio she used when finding someone qualified. How Julie came by such variety and in such numbers was the second conversation they had and that's when Julie mentioned Helen Baker. Helen was a friend of Hilga and in a off the wall conversation was explaining how she came to know of such men.

Seems that Helen, the Head Librarian for a local college had dozens of young men surfing the world wide web for their fetishes. Helen, under the new Home Land Security Initiative, took advantage of a few new laws that allowed her to use software traps for key words that then allowed her to monitor the fifty computers she was in charge of.

Helen, of course, was looking for terrorist and profiles that would point to those kinds of people, but for the sake of entertainment she began looking for the fetishes young men had. A fascinating look that grew even more fascinating as the numbers of young men grew. Helen was talking with Hilga about those numbers, who was then sharing that information with Julie.

Before long Julie, deciding she might have what could be considered a recruitment facility of sorts, talked with Helen and Hilga about that very thing. There were laws and moral issues concerning the personal nature of this, but the rational of doing this only with men who might enjoy doing this got them past a lot of those issues.

A lot of those men were desperate to take their life styles and fetishes to another level or so Helen noted and Hilga agreed. Finding a way to breach the subject with those young men was the most difficult part and took some time, but before long Helen had a workable approach - several actually. Between Helen, Hilga and now Julie they had a workable plan and not too long after that an almost endless supply of young men willing to not be for any number of reasons.

Of those there were definitely young men that liked dressing as little girls and within that group a few that might consider being or were adult babies. Aby was interested in "that sort" of young man she said one day with cheeks glowing nearly red. Julie, no longer surprised at the demands of her clients, promised she would talk with Helen and Helen promised both that the first young man that liked diapers and ruffled baby pants would be hers.

Not hers per se but the opportunity would be hers, Helen had noted. The young men she recruited for Julie, like all the rest, had to volunteer to do whatever it was they were going to be into. To breach their confidence was risky so to ensure their confidence, it had to be secure, Helen noted.

Helen always made sure first that the young man said yes. If he said no, he was allowed to walk away from that conversation with no repercussions. A few walked back after discovering that what Helen promised was accurate and only on rare occasions did a young man walk away forever. It took several months before Helen discovered Mark and his propensity for the little girl look and diapers under that.

Mark was profiled and when it was clear he was exactly what Aby might be interested in Julie was contacted. When Julie was satisfied with Mark she brought in Aby and of course Aby was thrilled. Mark was adorable and the thought of him dressed as a little girl and diapered besides left Aby having difficulty speaking.

Aby agreed to Julie's, Hilga's and Helen's fees and sat listening to the plot to introduce Mark to her. One of the most effective scenarios was using the ploy of a young man as bait in a legal entrapment for the sake of another young man, and that seemed to be what was needed here for Mark. Aby was beside herself over the prospects of what was coming and as nervous as a mother about to adopt when the go ahead was given.

Aby of course went overboard when Hilga talked about a few outfits for the pictures. She did the same with the room she stood in now as she realized all of their efforts was about to come to a head. Aby had expected a few more days to get everything ready, but Julie had called and said there was another young man, a prospective maid, that she wanted to bring into the program and badly needed Hilga's facilities.

Julie didn't want to really push Aby, but if she could take Mark in earlier it would be greatly appreciated. To Aby's credit and the reason she'd said yes was simply because she couldn't wait any longer for Mark. She couldn't really wait the hour it was going to take between that mock raid and Mark's arrival either.

Aby smiled at the room, at the additional dresses hanging in the closet and more over the cute diaper stacker filled and hanging on the knob of the bedroom door. There was everything she could think of and things she hadn't thought of when this started coming together. Mark's likes and dislikes were profiled and discussed and with the help of Helen and Hilga, Aby had a fairly good idea on what might make Mark happy with most of it in that room.

Mark, meanwhile was standing in the living room taking in the hugs, kisses and complements on how adorable he looked and that everything was going to be OK. Hilga promised Mark that very thing with her hug and Mark smiled. Mark smiled not so much over what she said but that pat over his diaper she was giving him when she said it.

He was nervous but excited as well. This woman that had helped recruit him actually liked guys that liked dressing as little girls. Moreover, as Brigitte had noted, candidly, that she understood this woman even liked them diapered. If only that was true, Mark mused as Susan took up her car keys.

"It's time to go precious," Susan said as Hilga released him with one more firm pat on his bottom. Mark was going to miss those dresses and the opportunity to wear them again as he took up the empty little black patent purse Hilga handed him that matched his shoes.

It felt odd but wonderful stepping outside again and this time knowing he looked every but the little girl he was dressed as. Had it only been only a day since his last outside visit. There was still a nagging fear of being caught and the possibility of being seen by those men, those detectives, but he trusted Hilga's confidence. Mark was also excited to meet Aby again since he was told that she liked this sort of thing.

Mark wasn't exactly sure what Aby actually liked or if it was even the same things Mark might like but imagining it felt nice. So too the diaper moving gently between his legs teasing him as he walked. The panties, against his thighs, actually felt silken. So too the slip that would move across his chest and stomach lightly with his movements.

Nothing he wore felt like anything he had worn before this as the hem of his jumper gently rubbed itself just above his knees. With the exception of dressing for those photos, Mark had never really dressed before. We could, he imagined, stay this way for the rest of his days.

"I'll drop you at the halfway house and Aby, about ten minutes later will pick you up and take you to her place," Susan said as she pushed the key into the ignition. Mark was fixing his seat belt and nodded. It was the same drive as before but in reverse Mark noted as they exited the driveway.

Aby, waiting a few blocks from the halfway house, sat quietly pondering the ramifications of this next step and what it really meant. Taking someone into your life was part of it... She knew of Mark but she didn't really know Mark. She knew what his fetishes might be, what he dreamed of, but not much on the reality side of Mark's life.

Aby also knew that it didn't much matter to her. Aby was in a state of blissful contemplation over making Mark happy and in turn her own happiness over doing so. It was like getting a baby, little girl and lover all in the same package. One of those odd irrational thoughts Julie planted in her head early on.

The fact that most of the men Julie inducted were happy was a testament to her system. Satisfying dreams was not a bad way to start a relationship, Julie had also noted. If that were true, Aby mused, then Mark was about to fall happily down the rabbit hole and snickered over that as she imagined Mark now dressed as Alice.

Mark blushed slightly as the woman at the halfway house greeted him once again as she said, "I see there have been changes and I like those changes."

"Thank you," Mark said accepting the complement.

Susan, meanwhile, punched two digits on her cell phone as she put the car into drive to move off and away from the halfway house.

"Hello," Aby said.

"He's there," Susan noted before she closed her cell.

Aby started her car and eased it into gear. She was a few minutes from the halfway house and as nervous as she had ever been in her life. If this didn't work she would be heart broken. It simply had to work.

"Mark, Aby is here," The woman said after excusing herself from the kitchen table. Mark was sure the knock was Aby but it could have also still been the police. Hearing that it was Aby gave him a moment of relief but only for a moment. What if she didn't like him this way. What if this was too odd for her, Mark mused as he stood.

Aby had seen the boy and a hint of him as a girl on that first trip to Hilga's place but it still unnerved her seeing him actually passable as a girl. A young girl at that and his nervousness matched hers, she mused, as she tried remaining as calm as she could be.

"Hi, and look at you," Aby said extending her hands out in a gesture of surprise. It was genuine that surprise. Mark was adorable looking and the conflicts within her grew steadily as she stood trying to figure out what to say next.

Mark heard the words and wondered if Aby actually felt as excited as she seemed. Mark decided she couldn't be anywhere near as excited as he was but it felt nice trying to imagine such a thing. His blush was genuine and that was for sure as he accepted her hug when he grew close enough for Aby to embrace him.

"Quite an adventure we're on isn't it," Aby said talking his hand before thanking the woman that still stood by the door.

"Getting complicated," Mark said with a tentative hug back.

"It is I suppose," Aby said as she and Mark walked towards her car as she added, "or less so perhaps."

"How's that," Mark asked.

"What? Oh, I was just thinking that it's not as complicated as it might seem. At least not to me but I'm not the one stuck wearing those things," Aby said as she climbed in on the driver's side.

"What do you mean," Mark asked. He was stuck wearing these things, she said, but he liked very much wearing these things and didn't feel stuck at all.

"Not sure I'm going to make any sense of this but I was just thinking how uncomplicated it would be if you really liked what you were wearing and that we'd met under those circumstances," Aby said feeling her mouth go dry. She was leading him out of the reasons he believed he was dressing and this was new ground.

"If I really liked wearing these things," Mark said just above a whisper. He wanted to tell her that he did like these things. That he loved wearing these things as they began weaving through traffic at a casual pace. Mark was fascinated by the trip and how he looked, knowing suddenly that people seeing him, if they did see him, saw something else.

"Penny for those thoughts," Aby said when Mark went silent.

"Nervous," Mark said as he played over a half dozen ways to tell her that he liked what he wore.

"Me too," Aby said.

"You are," Mark asked surprised. Aby, to Mark's way of thinking, was a take charge kind of person. She didn't give the impression that she was ever nervous and definitely not over the way he was dressed if that was what was making her nervous.

"Very much so," Aby said breaking her concentration from the road to give Mark a smile.

"What about this, that is making you nervous," Mark asked.

"That you might not want it to... you know, continue... mostly," Aby said softly, almost to herself it seemed.

Mark sat there trying to realize what she'd just said. She was nervous that he might not want this to continue she'd noted. On the flip side of that thought was another suggesting she wanted this to continue. She wanted this to continue? Mark was sure that was what she meant.

"I... I guess... I mean... I wouldn't mind this continuing if you want it to," Mark said trying to push the words out. He was about to admit that he liked it and feared saying so even under these circumstances. Admitting he really liked this was risky at best as he added, "for the sake of the lawsuit, absolutely."

"That's wonderful, and thank you for that, but it's not exactly what I was wondering Mark. I mean what I mean is what if there wasn't a lawsuit driving this. What if I simply said that I really like you this way," Aby said with as much difficulty as she had ever had saying something.

"You mean just dress this way for the fun of it," Mark said feeling his heart skipping between a very rapid heart rate.

"Definitely for the fun of it," Aby said.

"It would be fun for you," Mark asked in a voice mixed with hope and fear.

"It would.. No, not would... it is fun for me," Aby said.

"Why," Mark asked.

"Now that's a good question and I'm afraid too difficult to answer with anything other than a 'because'. Why do you like dressing up, if you do like dressing up? You do like dressing up don't you? A little," Aby asked.

"I suppose I do," Mark said trying to find a way to explain this in a way that made sense. He couldn't and he knew that. He had yet to explain it to himself as he said, "not sure why either."

"So neither of us can explain what it is about this that makes it so wonderful but we can both agree that it's wonderful! Is that what we are saying," Aby asked.

"I suppose the answer is yes," Mark said.

"Then what if we ignored those reasons and simply agreed that it's something we both want," Aby said as she added, "at least it's something I want. Something I want badly."

"Me too," Mark said giving up trying to hide what he was feeling as they pulled into a very well to do neighborhood.

"So am I safe in asking that you'd be willing to do this without that lawsuit as a reason," Aby asked as she turned onto a driveway that clearly led to a very large house.

"Yes," Mark said giving in completely to this woman's questions. He no longer cared that his answer might be too risky.

"I think you just made my day Mark. Now the only thing left is to make yours," Aby said.

"How's that," Mark asked.

"Might be easier to show you than try and explain it," Aby said as she pulled in front of a beautiful house.

"Show me what," Mark asked.

"You'll see," Aby said being mysterious suddenly.

"See what," Mark asked nervously.

"Not going to be a surprise if I tell you," Aby said as she stepped from the car.

"OK," Mark said trying to imagine what this part was about and what it was she wanted him to see. He was imagining all sorts of things then wondered if it was a dress or something. Given the dresses she'd already had created another would simply be icing on the cake.

"It's all upstairs," Aby said dropping her keys and purse on a table set against the hall wall. Mark felt self conscious holding the little black patent purse so he too sat it on the table with Aby's.

Mark looked up at the second floor and the steps to get there hesitating till Aby nodded. Mark began his accent tentatively wondering what it was that he had to see, what he would see and getting nervous over the answers flowing across his question.

"Shall I start dinner," A woman said from the base of the steps as Mark and Aby reached the landing.

"Thank you Maria, yes please," Aby said and added, "We should be ready inside of an hour."

"Yes ma'am," the woman she'd called Maria answered. 'Inside of an hour,' Mark mused as Aby took his hand to walk him down the hall. It was a large hall as they made their way to the last door on Mark's right. On the door a small wooden sign painted white but trimmed in a delicate bead of pink around the ornate edge and lettered in that same pink the words "Mary Beth".

Mark's heart felt as if it wanted to leap out of his chest as Aby reached for the knob and turned it. The door opened silently. A hint of fresh paint mixed with the definite scent of baby powder greeted Mark. In front of him, while still standing at the threshold, a girl's room. Mark couldn't move.

"Can't see it all from here honey," Aby said as she nudge Mark into the room.

Mark's senses were overloading as he took in the bed first. A double size bed covered with a canopy of sheer fabric that swept down along the four post holding the top up. The sheers were carried into pink ribbons that had been tied into large pink bows. The bed itself enough reason to faint but there was more.

Mark swept his gaze around the room from left to right and caught the vanity next after the nightstand and opposite that a large dresser. The furniture was bright white and trimmed lightly in pinks taking up the bed spreads and those ribbons in the same color. Girlish figurines decorated that dresser and ballerina lamps decorated the nightstands.

There were dolls and one in particular sitting on the bed wore a dress not too unlike the one Mark wore for his pictures. It gave him goose bumps seeing that doll looking back and a few more in dresses just as pretty sat around a cute ornate table with an equally cute tea set ready for use.

Gold frames carried posters of Cinderella, Bell, Snow white and Sleeping Beauty on the wall above the play table. Another set of pictures held a set of woodland fairies in pastels and a unicorn. Both were on either side of the vanity. A partially opened door hinted at a bathroom and next to that a closet.

Mark was struck silent standing there wondering who's room this was and imagining it his. So much of it matching his fantasies or the ones he had written down and that thought brought another. So much of it what he had written down, he mused.

"So, what do you think," Aby asked after a long pause.

"I don't know what to think," Mark said.

"Like it," Aby asked.

"It's beautiful," Mark said.

"The prefect little girl's room," Aby asked.

"The perfect little girl's room," Mark answered.

"Do you think you could see yourself spending a little time in here," Aby asked.

"Definitely," Mark answered.

"As that little girl," Aby asked as she slipped her arm around Mark's shoulders.

"Definitely," Mark answered but not as loudly. That name 'Mary Beth' on the door already answered some of his questions, the importantly ones at least.

"No boys are allowed in here," Aby said squeezing Mark's shoulders slightly as she added, "nor any adults. Expect for mommies that is."

"Oh," Mark said unable to say much else.

"We dress for dinner here," Aby said.

"This is all I have. I mean the other things are still with Hilga," Mark said wishing now that he'd taken the dresses left at Hilga's place.

"This is all you have, but Mary Beth has a closet full of things," Aby said as she slipped her arm from his shoulders to take his hand. She eased him towards the closet and pulled the large door open. Mark wanted to lean against something as the pastels took hold of him.

"Dresses on the left are for dress up, the ones on the right for play," Aby noted and added, "why don't we pick something from the left and then get your bath started. Maria hates serving dinner cold."

Mark was struck silent and reeling from what he saw. The soft pastels first, the puffy sleeves and exaggerated skirts puffed greatly kept his focus. At the end, on a cross bar between the dresses, were slips and at least a half dozen. None of them simple. Below the clothes, shoes and like his black patent Mary Jane pair they all had straps.

"I don't know what to say," Mark finally said.

"Say this makes you happy seeing these things," Aby said.

"They do," Mark said wistfully as his voice lowered slightly before adding, "very happy."

"Happy enough to perhaps stay with me and wear these things and be Mary Beth," Aby asked.

"Oh yes," Mark said.

"Happy enough to wear special diapers when mommy wants to play mommy," Aby asked as she moved her hand over Mark's bottom.

"Special diapers," Mark asked with difficulty.

"Diapers made for a few of these dresses," Aby said excitedly as she turned for the room. Mark stood in the closet still sharing his attention between the dresses and Aby who had stopped at the large dresser.

"Diapers for when mommy wants to play," Aby noted after opening a drawer. Mark saw clearly that it was a diaper but not like any diaper he had ever seen. It shimmered in the light as she neared.

"Wow," Mark said looking at the diaper Aby was holding. It was thick, like a diaper and contoured nicely like a diaper but that is where the comparison ended. Instead of cotton Mark was looking at satin and not just satin but satin with a layer of nylon covering that. Mark felt the blood draining from his head making him giddy over just looking at them.

"That's what I said when the woman showed me a sample," Aby said happily and then added as she continued running her hand over the fabrics, "dressy diapers she called them."

Mark was in agony standing there with the dresses on one side of him and Aby now holding a 'dressy diaper' on the other side. Mark's senses were being flooded beyond his capacity to comprehend all of it. Aby not only wanted him in those frilly dresses but she was actually excited over a very sissy looking diaper that she clearly wanted him in.

"I need to sit," Mark said.

"Yes. That's good idea because if I spend another second with this diaper I'm libel to do something I might regret," Aby said shaking her head clear as she added, "I want our first time to be very special."

"Special," Mark asked.

"You know, special. Honey, dressing you up is going to be foreplay and I like a lot of foreplay before sex," Aby said bending in to kiss Mark as she added, "now lets start your bath before Maria comes up and spanks us both."

Mark looked at Aby with a longing that he'd carried since this began. Fear and joy with the fear slowly ebbing and the joy growing. He'd written stories, copied down dreams, downloaded images of things that caught his fancy and it was a little girl's fancy. Yet he was an adult with adult desires and trying to reconcile such things seemed impossible, till now.

"Come on and let's pick a dress to match your diaper," Aby said moving him further into the closet and that sea of dresses. Like a bride picking a gown for her wedding out of hundreds. One dress to wear from a dozen and any one of them easily the one.

"How do I chose," Mark asked.

"We could start with something decidedly girlish," Aby said smiling at that since she had commissioned all of them to be decidedly girlish.

"Like pink," Mark said looking at those in pink. There were four and Aby immediately arrayed them together in front of Mark.

"Ruffles, you said you liked ruffles," Aby noted as a soft question.

"I do or at least I like how they look," Mark said.

Two of the dresses were gathered in large ruffles. One ruffled in a white lace over a pink skirt, the other satin gathered in pink ruffles on a pink dress.

"Lacy," Mark said finally choosing the one circled in lace.

"Lace it is and this one, like the rest has panties to match. Of course they are lined in plastic if that's OK? For the diaper part of this that is," Aby noted happily as she lifted the diaper again and ran her hand over the satin.

"I suppose that diaper side is OK," Mark answered wishing as hard as he could to just touch the diaper once.

"Can you imagine wearing this," Aby asked as she moved the diaper close enough for Mark's touch. He lifted a hand but almost feared resting it on the thick diaper. Aby with her right hand free moved to Mark's wrist and guided his hand to the diapers center. That layer of nylon organdy slid over the shimmering satin easily.

Those two layers would be touching him and he suddenly had to focus on standing. There was something soft between the layers making the diaper thick and that satiny layer on the other side just as silky but without the organdy. It would gather between his legs he mused nearly in a dream state as Aby gave Mark the diaper to lift the dress from it's hanger.

"Lovely choice," Aby said but knew Mark was beyond most anything but what he was holding as she said, "let's get the slip, your panties and then get you into your bath."

"Slip," Mark said trying to concentrate on what it was Aby had just said. He'd missed most of it but remembered her saying slip.

"Slip," Aby said moving further into the closet to where the slips hung. Each slip was on a padded satin hanger with tiny pink bows decorating them. Each slip almost a dress unto itself with as much attention to detail as the dresses. Aby picked one and a good choice Mark decided as she laid the dress over one arm so the other could hold the slip.

Layers of girlish fabrics designed in girlish forms was what Mark saw. Not simply satins and nylons and taffeta. He'd seen those materials in fabric stores more than once. Fabrics on bolts or on racks and how miraculous that was seeing those wide strips of fabric transformed into these things.

"Magical," Mark said without realizing he's said it out loud.

"They are," Aby noted understanding exactly what Mark meant. Those clothes, so simple really, transformed a young man into a very pretty little girl and that had to be magical. That diaper, hardly all that unique given how old the design really was, regressed that same young man into something closer to a baby.

He wasn't a baby nor a girl but those clothes were like tendrils slipping through the mind. Tendrils of something that snaked through all the layers of complications life added till they touched him, and that touch, again, truly magical. More importantly another touch back to Aby and Aby was learning where those tendrils connected with her at her end.

This was almost like a symbiotic relationship without these things Mark and she were about to share. A relationship between two completely different lives coming together in that closet, but still separate standing there. Two remarkably unique lives and seemingly incompatible to any casual observer.

Neither necessarily willing themselves into a relationship that would be beneficial to each other and yet both could feel themselves changing. Mark, masculine, about to give that up for a time to the benefit of Aby and Aby, feminine, about to give that over to the benefit of Mark. Opposites before this, now nearly a perfect match once the keys matched the locks and Aby was gathering up those keys for Mark's locks.

Mark's fantasies were changing to realities right before his eyes and that reality more fantasy than any he'd ever had holding that soft puffy satin diaper in his hand. He was watching those elements, those abstract parts, forming into a compound far greater together than the sum of them separately. A mixture of things to spark a relationship they both wanted but from different directions.

Mark looked at Aby and Aby at Mark and nothing separated them suddenly. She wanted him as badly as he her as she smiled only a second before his. One a dominate, the other submissive and their roles instantly defined in detail without a single word uttered. Mark followed, Aby led. Pleasurable expectations driving them as those tendrils weave magically between them.

Aby started Mark's bath and as bubbles formed he was undressed. Mark's layers of masculinity, the remnants of it at least went with his dress and lingerie and finally those panties with the diaper. A delicate perfume rose with the steam to echo around his senses as the act of his transformation began. He was trapped happily in this growing enlightenment that was freeing him from all of the bonds holding him before this.

Only a few rational thoughts left when Mark stepped into the warm water. Almost a womb of sorts in Aby's mind as she knelt to start the process of Mark's rebirth. Regression wasn't a defense mechanism in which one flees to as some believe, but a state of existence one molds into then assumes gladly. A purposeful way to escape one reality slightly harsher for another much softer, kinder.

Mark was not a baby but he could easily understand a baby's state of being. To have that state meant giving up his ability to control his life to Aby. Along with that control the worries he carried. They would still be there when he came out of this, but for a time his new world, the only world that mattered now, was looking at him and smiling.

That was the state Mark sought and found as Aby moved over him with the baby soap. Aby wasn't seizing control as much as gathering it up layer by layer. Mark's sense of self was changing and deeply within the fibers of his existence as this simple act of nurturing began.

Baby soap for a time then that ended and another began when she started to shampoo his hair with Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo. Mark's capacity to hold onto his former self was draining with the bath water as he stood to be dried. Another act of nurturing as she dried him, and yet another when the baby powder began.

Hypnosis, some say, is a trance like state that allows us to focus sharply on one thing while ignoring all other things. Mark's regression was key to Aby's capability to bore carefully through his conscious mind into his subconscious mind. Each step a solvent to melt through all of the adult noises that logic forces us to hold onto till we can no longer hold onto it.

Mark was almost there when Aby shifted her focus from him to his diaper. Mark's direction shifted with hers and the diaper, no longer an object, it became a tool. It sat on the bed higher, thicker than anything Mark wore and too feminine looking for any guy. For any guy except Mark now. Mark didn't know he was in a trance or that the diaper was now a new reason for it.

The act of diapering simply steps but each taken took Mark deeper as Aby powdered him more and in excess. Mark wasn't aware that he had spread his legs till the diaper filled the space between them. Satin under organdy moved over him as Aby brought the front half to meet with the back. This diaper was beyond Mark's capacity to describe as Aby pinned him in pink with tiny plastic bunnies.

A mound of material formed around him crushing softly between his legs when Aby urged his feet into the girlish rhumba panties. Lace circled the back and edged the legs as Mark regressed to another level. This level took on the first hints of a transformation. He was male but no longer aware of any necessity to be as those plastic lined panties moved to cover his diaper.

Mark could not describe what it was like to be a girl nor for that matter a baby but that inability to rationalize this, was part of his rational. Mark knew instinctively what felt nice and felt it. Mark knew also what smelled nice and could smell it. That was all he knew and that was all he needed know when Aby worked his rhumba panties over his satin diaper.

When he sat up his diaper moved differently and Mark felt it differently. That was Mark's focus before the slip, but the slip then became his focus. A single layer of taffeta above layers of nylon chiffon that was clearly meant for a girl. Petticoats of a sort but delicate and now covering Mark. The dress, far too girlish for even most girls, followed. Another layer of satin with the skirts doubled by organdy.

Satin over taffeta, petticoats under layers of skirt and none of it fully hiding his panties or that diaper pushing them into exaggeration. Aby could have stopped right then and there as she bent to cover his feet in lace socks. She could have spent hours, happy hours, just peeking at that puffy pink pair of baby pants exposed under Mark's slips and dress, only she wanted all of it within her grasp when the time came.

There were black patent Mary Jane shoes not too unlike the pair Aby wore as a little girl to Church on Sunday or to special places any other time. Sissy on a boy and how wonderful that sounded as she buckled each closed. There was a moment's pause to gather in what she had done to him allowing Mark his own moments to savor what had been done.

Aby guided Mark to stand. Nothing of the male or adult remained yet the instant Aby chose she'd have both and how delightful that was, she mused. Abby moved a short distance to the nightstand and lifted a large hair bow to the back of Mark's head. Before long he would wear curls to foster the notions Aby had of him. There were so many days ahead of them and each would add more moments to this one.

Mark, now lost in a world only dreamed of, wanted to skip, dance, twist, hug and be hugged as Aby drew him closer. They kissed or rather Aby kissed Mark and the act of hugging him crushed his dresses skirts to the slips that pushed against the panties that caused his diaper to move. Mark moaned to himself, he hoped, but hadn't as Aby pressed against Mark.

He was so far away from what he was he might have become lost were Aby to slip away. There was no way back without her and no desire to go back because of her and Mark returned her kiss. They faced the inevitable slowly but with a clarity that a focus like this brings. Mark's intensive sensitivity fostered another level almost causing him to plead with Aby.

Aby sensing that moment pushed Mark gently back to the beds edge before guiding him far enough to lay comfortably. Layer by layer Aby slowly peeled Mark's clothes back allowing him as much time as she too needed. That layer of organdy skirt first, the satin skirt next, and one layer at a time for his petticoats. Six layers to get to those cute panties that covered Mark's diaper.

Those panties, Mark thought were briefs, had snaps and surprised Mark when Aby began to undo each. That took a second, as did each pinked tipped diaper pin. Aby gathered her gown and the long slip under it before she straddled Mark's hips. A pacifier hidden in a soft pocket was teased against Mark's lips and Mark took it. His diaper and panties, laying open now, left him exposed to this and their union came easily.

Everything came easily after that.

Mark's entire body had participated to exhaust itself when his moment arrived. Aby, already reaching her own climax allowed herself another before bringing Mark to his. Not a great deal of time given their state before this but enough time given the outcome. They remained that way till there was no longer a need and Aby moved.

A baby wipe, another, more baby powder and Mark was slowly returned to his sissy baby state and that pacifier he still had moved rhythmically. Aby repined Mark's diaper and snapped his panties closed before layering Mark again in those levels of femininity. She guided him to stand and fused over his dress and bow before taking his hand.

Mark wouldn't remember the walk to the dining room, just a warm glow that lingered within him to join the feel of his petticoats bouncing around him as he descended the steps. Maria, an understanding woman over what a man's fate should be was happily satisfied with Mark's look as she took up the pinafore to cover Mark's dress.

Mark noticed the chair then and the tray Maria slid off for Mark to sit. Aby, showing him how to gather his skirts was holding a baby's bib in pink terry over plastic and did that honor as Maria slid the tray back along it's tracks. Aby served Mark as Maria served her and a partitioned dish separated his food instead of the porcelain plate holding hers.

Disney Princess spoon and fork matching a Disney Princess sippy cup was added by Aby while Maria filled Aby's glass with wine. It was a meal fit for a king but the king was absent from the table. Mark was not a king, but a princess as Maria sat close enough to feed him. Maria was more than satisfied with Mark's state as she teased the spoon against his lips.

Meanwhile a very confused young man made his way to the library's office wondering why he had been asked to come so late to meet with Ms. Baker. He knocked once prompting a voice to say, "come in, it's open."

Chuck twisted the ornate door knob and pushed his way in. He was understandably nervous as he entered having never met the formidable woman sitting behind the large oak desk as he asked, "you wanted to see me?"

"Chuck! Please, please, come in, and thank you for responding so quickly to my summons," Ms. Baker says pleasantly.

"You're welcome," Chuck said with a touch of nervousness. Ms. Helen Baker was the Head Librarian and truly a formidable woman in Chuck's eyes. Chuck was in awe of women like Helen and his fantasies, his hidden desires took hold with her hand gripping his. Chuck didn't know the other woman that was sitting when he entered.

"Chuck, allow me first to introduce you to one of our benefactors Ms. Julie Richards. Ms. Richards, this is Chuck, one of our freshman this year and the young man I told you about," Ms. Baker said.

Another domineering woman, Chuck noted, as she took Chuck's hand. As nervous as Chuck was he was in comfortable environment now that he sat between both women. Chuck was small in stature and build and these women were not. He was at one end of the spectrum, these woman at the other. It was a wonderful set of conditions for Chuck's fantasies to take flight.

"Very nice to finally get to meet you Chuck," Julie Richards said Her voice authoritarian, commanding, almost imperious as if she was a queen. Traits that delighted Chuck since early childhood. He was on the verge of having an accident and knew it.

"Chuck, allow me to explain why I've asked you here," Ms. Baker said.

Chuck nodded giving her his attention instantly, nervously since there was no context to him being there. Why Ms. Baker wanted to see him had been frightening enough and that second woman, perceptively as powerful as Ms. Baker, only compounded Chuck's curiosity.

"Chuck, a few days ago, three to be exact, you left information in one of the libraries computers. A kind of trail actually and while, both your session and that trail are private, I did chance upon the contents. As you know, it's become a different world of late and we are always concerned that a student may not actually be a student. Because of that we have had to take measures and those measures caused me to come into possession of that information," Ms. Baker said.

Chuck's heart rate soared instantly matching his blood pressure and mounting levels of adrenaline. Chuck had known fear before this, but nothing on this level as his world, this new world of his, was about to come crashing in on him. He could hardly take a breath. This woman knew about his fetish.

"Chuck, please, relax a moment and breath. I assure you that the material I chanced upon is being held in my trust and nothing of those contents is anyones business but yours. As I said, it was an innocent discovery and up until now of no concern to me. In fact, I would have destroyed it by now if I hadn't talked with Ms. Richards here, just a week ago. We rarely hold on to such material," Ms. Baker said as she sat back.

"Would you like a glass of water," Julie asked.

Chuck, still petrified and nearly on the verge of fainting was almost past the point of comprehension as his mind reeled. He was afraid to talk but did, "no thank you."

"Chuck I know this is scaring you almost beyond your capacity to manage but the fact is, your particular desires are of interest to me," Julie said.

"I... I... I don't think I understand," Chuck said as his world was crashing down around him. He could imagine his father, mother, sister and most of his friends reaction after reading about the sissy maid discovered by his school.

"I know and allow me a moment more. Chuck, I own a company called Tomorrows Temps and we provide all manner of resources to all manner of clients. Among those clients are women who find it more, how should I put this, more satisfying to have a young man serving them as their maid. Suitable dressed obviously, and trained in the art of being a domestic," Julie noted.

"You... you want me to be a maid," Chuck asked.

"I want you to be what you are comfortable with and yes, I have a position coming open for a person of your qualifications. Chuck, this is a paid position and, as it happens, this client is a very generous person when she's pleased. Obviously we'll have to require a short time to observe you as that maid and qualify your skills but if you are half as good as you look in those pictures I could start you within a week of today," Julie noted.

Chuck, still confused and still very scared, was digesting this odd set of circumstances. He had only just purchased his newest maid's outfit and this woman wanted him to actually wear it and be someone's maid. He had to be dreaming this, he mused, in a kind of controlled terror.

"Chuck... Chuck, is that something you might consider," Julie asked.

"You want me to be a maid. I mean to dress as a maid and clean for someone," Chuck asked wanting to pinch himself.

"I do," Julie said.

"What about that information you found. I mean if I didn't what happens then," Chuck said gathering the last of his strength to ask.

"Chuck, if this isn't something you'd be interested in, I will understand, albeit sadly, and go my own way. As to that information, it's private and of no interest to anyone but you. However, I would very much like you to consider this and I can assure you it's very legitimate," Julie said.

"If I agree to this, and I'm not saying I will, but if I agree to this what happens next," Chuck asked feeling faint at the prospects.

"If you agree to this and I very much hope you do, then we complete the necessary paperwork to add you to my companies roster. After that I introduce you to a woman named Hilga who would provide me with that evaluation and assessment of your skills. Once that is done I will introduce you to my client. I should note that my client is very eager for your yes," Julie noted.

"Eager for me to be her maid," Chuck asked.

"Very eager and I apologize but I took the liberty of showing your picture to her... the one of you dressed as a maid. Can you actually walk in those heels," Julie asked.

"Yes," Chuck said reeling with this information and the images being fostered.

"Is this something you might want to consider," Julie asked.

Chuck, blushing crimson to beet red nodded a yes. He didn't look at either woman.

"Excellent. Would you be willing to start, say tonight since it is imperative I give this woman her answer. Starting tonight would allow you to at least meet Hilga and provide us that beginning evaluation so we can define a schedule," Julie noted and added, "we would have to have you bring your uniform."

"What sort of evaluation," Chuck asked with a dry mouth.

"Obviously that look of yours and how well you can duplicate it plus your domestic skills. Hilga will most likely have you dress and clean for her. At least that would be my guess without first talking with her," Julie said.

Chuck had to be dreaming this as he nodded another yes.

"Excellent. Can you find the time now to meet with Hilga," Julie asked.

"Yes," Chuck said.

"Then why don't you go to your dorm, gather up the things you will be wearing and I'll make arraignments with my secretary Sharon on your paper work and Hilga for your evaluation. Is that OK," Julie asked.

"Yes," Chuck said trying to gather himself past this so he could stand.

Chuck stood, took Julie's hand then Ms. Bakers who said, "congratulations and good luck. I will be deleting your information momentarily."

Meanwhile, as Chuck left the librarian's office still stunned, Mark was being fed vanilla pudding from a Gerber Baby Food jar by Aby while Maria prepared his baby bottle at the sink. The two men, if you could stand them side by side, shared the same look.


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