Diapers And Little Girls

Diapers and Little Girls


Jeff has found a forum covering his and Bobby's favorite gaming guru who has promised an on line session to answer questions and suggestions. Trouble is it's during the week and in the middle of school. Jeff in a devious plan to stay home wet's his bed. It's successful and talks Bobby into doing the same. Unfortunately Bobby's mother finds out and shares her discovery with Jeff's mother Rose. It's going to be the worse few days of their loves.

Helen and Rose.
Bobby (Helen's son) and Jeff (Rose's son);
Jennifer, Bobby and Jeff's neighbor.

Helen was beside herself. It was guilt mostly. Guilt that she would have to leave her son alone at home, sick. More importantly she felt bad for his embarrassment over wetting his bed the night before. Poor thing, she thought. He hadn't wet his bed since he was a toddler. He didn't have a fever, but he said his stomach was upset. Could be a virus that was going around she mused. Then she realized there was always a virus going around.

Helen worried over that virus, if it was a virus, as she picked up the phone. She was running late already and wanted to give her secretary a heads up that she'd be in soon. Helen paused for that second it always took to get a dial tone. She waited those seconds before punching in the two digit code to speed dial the number for her office.

Helen's finger hovered over the numbers just as she heard her son's voice.

Odd she thought hearing Bobby's voice and more odd he was in a much chipper tone than he'd used on her not ten minutes ago as he said, "hey!"

Helen listened intently, silently, curiously when she suddenly heard Jeff's voice as he asked, "so, did it work?"

"Like a charm! Oh man you would have thought I'd spilled my guts on my bed. Mom was shocked and then she got all motherly like she didn't want me to feel bad that I'd wet. It was so amazing. Dude, you were right," Bobby said.

"Told you it would work! My mom made me stay home again today. Listen, I figure we can maybe even stretch this to the weekend. Anyway, is your mom gone yet? I've got the web address for that game chat room and, get this, the guy that wrote Tombs is going to be answering questions real time at nine this morning! Did you get my email" Jeff asked excitedly.

"Got it. This is so cool! My mom's making her lunch right now. I figure she'll be gone in another five, maybe ten minutes. Soon as she leaves I'll log on. Man is this wild or what," Bobby asked.

"Best day of my life. OK, I'm going on-line right after I hang up. My moms already gone. You got the chat room address, so I'll meet you in there with the Tombs author," Jeff said and then laughed as he added, "I'm logging on as homealone1 you come on as homealone2."

"Right on," Bobby said hanging up the phone happily.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen.....

Helen's heart was racing! She was furious! Helen, in her fury paused a second more before hanging up the phone she held so she didn't risk bobby hearing the click. A moment later she picked up her cell phone punching in her two digit code for the office. The phone began ringing at the other end.

Helen told Susan, her secretary she'd be in later that day. A family emergency was going to keep her home for the morning. Nothing serious she noted, but she wouldn't be in till much later. She thanked Susan for her concern, hung up and walked to the bottom of the steps and looked up.

Helen took a breath to calm herself just before she hollered, "Bobby, honey, I'm leaving now. I'll call you in a couple of hours. Are you sure you're going to be OK by yourself?"

"It's OK mom. Really. I'm just going to stay in bed," Bobby said letting his voice sound strained again. He smiled.

Helen smiled as well but her smile would have given Bobby goose bumps had he seen it. Luckily Bobby didn't see his mother's smile as she said, "I'll call you from the office. If you need me before then use my cell number."

"OK mom, "Bobby said as stood looking out the window.

Helen had a plan. All Helen needed to do now was get a hold of Jeff's mother Rose. She drove to the end of the block, turned out of sight of the house and parked the car, but leaving the engine running before reaching for her cell phone once more. She dialed Rose's number.

"Hello," Rose answered.

"Rose! Hi, it's me, Helen," Helen said.

"Hi Helen! How are you," Rose asked.

"I'm fine! Listen, We've got to meet for a bit. It's about our boys," Helen noted.

"Jeff is sick," Rose said.

"Actually, I know that. As it happens Helen, so is Bobby. Listen, I don't mean to pry, but did Jeff wet his bed last night," Helen asked.

"Why yes, yes he did," Rose said and asked in a slightly cautious tone, "but how did you know that?"

"I'll explain in a minute. Did he by chance wet his bed the night before," Helen asked.

"Yes? Yes he did. Now how can you know that," Rose asked.

"Well, it might interest you to know that Bobby also wet his bed last night," Helen said.

"What? You're kidding? That's odd. Good heavens, do you think it's something infectious," Rose asked.

"Actually no. In fact, Rose, I've just discovered accidentally that we're being had," Helen said feeling her anger well up again.

"What," Rose said in a shocked voice and added, "had? How can that be? Why?"

"I'll explain how I know this over coffee if you've got time," Helen said.

"OK. Tell you what, I'll meet you at Cindy's, love her Coffee Cake," Rose said and added, "and don't worry, I'll make the time."

"Cindy's works for me and you're right about her coffee cake. I'm getting on the Parkway right now. I should be there in five minutes, if you want grab a table and put two sugars in my coffee. Oh, and lets split that coffee cake. I don't dare eat a whole one," Helen said

"See you in a bit," Rose said.

"You bet," Helen said closing her cell phone before easing back into traffic.

Helen met Rose at the coffee shop as planned and took the extra plate with half the coffee cake Rose had picked up along with the two cups of coffee. Rose was curious on how she knew that Jeff wet his bed night before last and last night.

"What do I owe you," Helen asked.

"You get the next one," Rose said as they settled by the window.

Helen leaned in so she could whisper and said, "Rose, your son Jeff wet his bed on purpose. My son Bobby wet his bed this morning, also on purpose. Believe it or not, they did it to stay home from school today. Evidently they are both home to attend some sort of on-line Internet conference along with some guy that wrote some kind of game."

"This is insane," Rose said.

"Tell me about it," Helen added as she blew over her coffee cup.

There was a look of shock on Rose's face not too unlike the one that had been on Helen's when she'd hung up that phone. Same angry response after that as she sat there for a few moments before she said, "well, he's going to wish he really was sick when I'm through with him!"

Rose was going home as soon as she left there and Jeff, she promised through clinched teeth, would be going to school. He may not be able to sit but he was going to school nonetheless. Grounding was going to be the least of his punishment. That, Rose said between an angry set of her teeth, was a given!

"Or, if we plan this right, we can teach them both a very valuable lesson," Helen said.

"A lesson? OK, I'm all ears," Rose said. It was that mischievous look on Helen's face that made her pause.

"Concerned mothers! That's what we need to be at the moment. Not angry, but very worried and very concerned mothers," Helen said and added, "in fact, we've got to be extremely concerned mothers and be that way while teaching our sons an object lesson they are not soon going to forget!"

"Helen, they've lied to us! My son lied to me. I'm shocked. I mean think about it he actually laid in that damn bed of his and wet it just so he could stay home today. Last thing he's going to see is my concerned mother side," Rose said.

"I know. Bobby did the same thing to me, so trust me when I say I understand! But you didn't let me finish! I said we must become concerned mothers. In fact Rose, we are so concerned over their little problem that I was going to add diapers to this plan I'm proposing," Helen said.

The word diapers caught Rose completely off guard.

"What?" Rose asked and added, "you did just say diapers?"

"I did say diapers Rose! OK, now think about this for a second! So our son's have wet their beds. They also knew it would be so remarkably unique and so surprising that we'd be concerned right," Helen asked.

"Right. Trouble is I was," Rose noted.

"Me too. It's been years since Bobby has had that sort of accident. So they played us. They knew we would be so surprised that we'd easily believe whatever came next. OK, so what if we really do believe them, or at least make them think that we believe them. What if we're very concerned," Helen asked.

"OK, so we're very concerned. So how does concern translate to diapers," Rose asked curiously.

"It goes something like: I was so concerned that I called you and then we both got even more worried since both of our boys seem to have the same symptoms. OK so far," Helen asked.

"Very OK so far," Rose noted.

"We are so concerned that we actually called and talked with a doctor together - this very morning. We talked with a doctor and low and behold, that doctor told us about this odd kind of virus that's running around at the moment. A virus that has the same symptoms our boys have," Helen said.

"What kind of virus," Rose asked.

"I'm not sure but I'm guessing it's some kind of intestinal virus that may very well lead to a bladder infection or something like that. Whatever that virus is, one of the symptoms is bed wetting. Anyway, that virus is most likely what made them wet their beds and since they both hang together, it's also more than likely why both got sick at nearly the same time," Helen said.

"Go on, I'm beginning to like this," Rose said.

"Me too. Anyway, so they've most likely have got this virus. According to the doctor, it's nothing too serious, this virus, but it's definitely going to last for a few days. Let's say till Sunday or even till Monday morning perhaps but at least till Sunday. Today is Thursday! That leaves us most of today, Friday, Saturday and then, if we want, even Sunday. Now imagine our sons wearing diapers that whole time. Then imagine them discovering at the end of this weekend that they've been had. Think that might make them regret lying to us," Helen asked.

"But if their diapers stay dry, how are we going to push them all the way to Sunday," Rose asked and added, "what's to stop them from saying they feel better all of a sudden?"

"That's the beauty of this honey. Don't you see? They've got to wet their diapers. They have to keep up this act of theirs because it's going to be too risky not to," Helen noted with satisfaction and added, "Get it?"

"I get it," Rose said.

"so what do you think," Helen asked.

"Are you kidding? I love it! I know for sure that Jeff will be beside himself over the prospect of wearing a diaper," Rose said.

"Even better, a baby's diaper," Helen noted with a widening grin.

"A baby's diaper," Rose asked looking curiously at Helen.

"Honey, those two are as skinny as bean poles. They can easily fit into the toddler diapers," Helen noted and added, "I was on line just after I pulled into the parking lot, and believe it or not, a pampers size seven will fit a waist size two inches larger than Bobby's and Bobby is an inch bigger than Jeff."

"You're right. Not to mention those cute little designs as well and single tapes. I'd love to see him running around the house with a diaper on," Rose said.

"Exactly. I want so badly to see my little man looking just like that toddler in that Pampers Cruisers commercial," Helen added with almost a sigh.

"You know, I'm trying to imagine Jeff's face when he gets to see what he's going to be wearing," Rose noted laughing and relaxing for the first time since Helen revealed what had happened.

"Can you break away from work for a little shopping," Helen asked.

"Definitely," Rose said.

"Good! So in about an hour, or so, we can be back home and five minutes after that we can have our boys tapped into a nice thick disposable diaper," Helen said before adding, "with enough diapers to keep them diapered for the entire weekend."

"Actually, I like it all, but what if we take it a step further," Rose said.

"How's that," Helen asked.

"I'm thinking it might even be better if we expanded this to a kind of maximum diapering," Rose said and added, "especially given their sizes."

"Maximum diapering? Yes, I'm interested," Helen said.

"Why just disposables? I mean why not cloth diapers. I'm talking about real diapers. Diapers that pin closed with actual diaper pins. Imagine their face when they have to put their bottoms down on a nice thick cloth diaper. You know, soft sweet cotton diapers, diaper pins with plastic heads? Maybe even double them with soakers... Rose said.

"I get it. Not to mention covering those diapers with a cute pair of those plastic panties. Noisy plastic panties. In fact, why not baby them to the extreme," Helen said with a snicker and added, "I mean if we're getting them baby pants we might as well get something cute as well."

"Exactly," Rose said and added, "the store could have run out of white and all they've got is baby-ish baby pants."

"Cloth diapers! Baby pants! Oh Rose, I like the way your mind works. So lets do that, but why not also add those disposables back in as well," Helen said.

"Tell me what you are thinking," Rose asked smiling at the notion.

"Well, let's just say, for the sake of argument, that this virus is going to last three to four days or so the doctor says. The weekend takes care of the cloth diapers and those baby pants. However, let's also say that he's cautioned us that it could even go on for another three or four days after that. Now, what if they are diapered this weekend in the cloth diapers and plastic pants, but we add a couple more days, say Monday and Tuesday, so they end up going to school wearing those disposables under their clothes," Helen noted.

"And we could even send them to school with a couple of extra diapers in their backpacks, along with a note to the nurse," Rose added laughing.

"I'm loving this. We could write them notes excusing them from gym and that would eliminate the risk of them getting caught but they'd still be wearing diapers. It's going to strengthen the lesson even more," Helen said.

"Are you kidding? This is a major lesson. You are a woman after my own heart," Rose said laughing.

"What's a package of disposables run? Can't be that much. And we can maybe rent the cloth diapers through a diaper service. I know that Bed, Bath And Babies carries more than enough stuff to pull this off," Helen noted.

"You're right, they are perfect," Rose added.

So now we can imagine our boys spending say today, Friday, Saturday and the better part of Sunday wearing cute thick cloth diapers and those adorable plastic baby pants. Then perhaps Monday they get tapped into a cute crinkly disposable with an adorable baby motif before we send them off to school. Think they will ever do this again," Helen asked smiling.

"Definitely not! But I just had a thought," Rose said.

"What," Helen asked.

"Just for the sake of argument, what if this treatment scares them into confessing," Rose asked.

"Even better! We simple do the same exact thing we were going to do, but then we do it as their punishment instead. Directly instead of covertly," Helen said.

"Not sure if Jeff would do this very willingly!" Rose cautioned.

"Mine neither! However, I'm going to give him an ultimatum! If he does confess and refuses, I'm going to tell him he either wears those diapers and plastic pants, or I hang them on the clothes line and tell whoever might ask that it's because he's wetting his bed. I'm guessing Bobby is not going to want that kind of advertising," Helen said.

"Perfect," Rose said and added, "neither would Jeff."

Rose held a serious face for a bit then suddenly began laughing. It was so elegant! So wonderfully poetic. The perfect form of justice. So perfect in fact she had her cell phone open in another instant and told her office she'd be home for the remainder of the day. A sudden emergency. Her son was just too ill to be left alone.

"Cloth diapers! Baby Pants! What an excellent idea," Rose said closing her cell. She picked up her coffee to take the last of it before patting her lips dry except she paused doing that and then shaking her head she laughed.

"Babies again," Helen said in her own amusing tone as she sipped at the remainder of her coffee.

"Oh, and let's not forget very large amounts of baby powder, some baby ointment, or baby oil even. Yes, make that baby oil! No, make that baby lotion? The pink baby lotion - no, let's get all of it. Oh I can't wait to have him laying there on top of a cloth diaper with his legs spread as I slowly lather him like I did when he was a baby. He's going to go ape over this! Yes, this is definitely a good plan," Rose said.

"A woman after my own heart! Come on, Bed, Bath And Babies is just a few blocks away," Helen said as she took the last bite of her coffee cake.

Meanwhile, across town....

"You on-line, homealone2," Jeff typed after seeing Bobby's nickname appear on the board.

"Hey, homealone1, I'm here. This is absolutely the best day of my life," Bobby typed back.

"Tell me about it," Jeff typed happily.

In the meantime Helen and Rose, each with carts, are cruising the baby isles in Bed, Bath And Babies ....

"These!" Helen said holding two different pair of plastic panties to compare one to the other. One pair had baby animals on it, the other was covered in little babies sitting just in diapers.

"Which?" Rose asked putting the package of cloth diapers in her cart. Helen's package of twelve sat next to hers. The price wasn't bad for buying diapers, and they could use those diapers as cleaning cloths when this was over as Rose moved closer to Helen to fondled the cute plastic panties.

"Soft and these are just like Gerber Baby Pants the package says. Wide crouch, forward facing leg openings so they don't pull down at the back when the baby sits, and they've made extra roomy for diapers plus soakers," Helen said showing Rose the package with a baby sitting on the front of it.

"What about size," Rose asked looking for that notation on the box.

"It says toddler, Cubby, size six! Says it will comfortably fit a twenty inch waist. That's almost three inches more than Bobby's waist. Jeff is what, 19 inches," Helen asked.

"He's not! Actually, he really is about an inch smaller than Bobby's. Anyway, grab two of those boxes each for me as well," Rose said smiling.

"OK, now we need the baby notions like baby powder, baby oil and diaper pins," Helen said pushing the cart ahead of her.

"Baby shampoo and baby wipes. Don't forget the baby wipes and we've got to make sure they are baby powder scented," Rose added.

"Right! Baby wipes? Forgot about those. Been so damn long since I've done this," Helen said snickering happily.

"Can't wait!" Rose added as they moved to the disposables.

"Oh no," Helen said suddenly. She was reaching for a package of disposables.

"What," Rose asked.

"Look, there," Helen said excitedly and added, "Pampers Cruisers for our babies."

"They are adorable," Rose said looking at the pictures on the diapers."

"Very cute," Helen added.

"Size 7? Those are going to be big enough - right," Rose asked.

"Sure are," Helen added as she tossed the package of disposables in the cart. On the front of the package was a mom with a toddler clad only in his thick white Cruisers. Seaseme Street characters decorated the front. It gave her goose bumps

"Grab another package of those for me then," Rose said happily as she added, "I'm not sure which I want to put him into first: Those adorable Pampers or his cute and cuddly diaper?"

"Two diapers when they are wearing diapers," Helen noted.

"Two," Rose asked.

"Remember the old days? There is his regular fluffy diaper first, then another folded into thirds to lay down the middle as a soaker," Helen noted and added, "waddlers."

"Waddlers? Oh, I get it. Definitely soakers," Rose said.

"Just two diapers thick," Helen asked.

"Decisions, Decisions," Rose added.

"Thankfully they will be in diapers long enough to learn to walk in them," Helen noted.

"They will be," Rose said with a set to her jaw.

"Now let's get our stories straight. Obviously it's a virus, can't remember the name of it because it's too long to pronounce, but it's most likely intestinal since they don't have fevers. Something to also do with the urinary track and bladder according to Doctor Clark," Helen said.

"Who's Doctor Clark," Rose asked as she pushed their loaded carts towards their cars.

"Damned if I know, but he's an expert in these viruses. Don't you remember, he's the one we talked to," Helen said laughing.

"Oh! Right! OK, now I remember who Dr. Clark it is," Rose said smiling and then laughed.

"What," Helen asked.

"Dick Clark," Rose said laughing again as Helen joined in.

"So, we get home, explain what we now know about this 'virus' and get them into their diapers and plastic panties before it's too late," Helen said.

"One minor problem," Rose said.

"What's that," Helen asked.

"They are most likely going to say that their bed wetting is only at night since they've only wet their beds," Rose said.

"You're right? What would make it logical that they have to wear diapers during the day," Helen asked.

"Let me think? Got it! I mean I know this will work for Jeff," Rose said.

"What," Helen asked.

"Well, why not give them just a little more rope first," Rose said.

"How so," Helen asked.

"Before we show them the diapers or say anything about what we've got planned for them, what if we ask first if they've had any problems with, you know, leakage. Lets say sudden and uncontrollable leakage. We ask them after we tell them about the virus. In fact, it's one of the symptoms that this Doctor Clark warned us about," Rose said.

"And they are going to obviously say yes since this actually helps them perpetuate their fraud," Helen said smiling.

"Exactly," Rose noted and added, "They will be so eager for us to continue believing this that they can't help but say yes. Once they say yes to the leaking we've got them in diapers day and night," Rose said.

"It's an elegant entrapment," Helen noted.

"It's justice," Rose added.

"Love it," Helen noted and then, laughing a little added, "only lets take this a step further than that." Helen said.

"Talk to me," Rose said enjoying this beyond reason.

"What if we also get them together after we've diapered them. Imagine how embarrassed they are going to be sitting together in their diapers and plastic pants for the whole day," Helen said.

"How," Rose asked.

"Concerned mothers again! Look, we've got two very sick boys and we're very worried about them, but we've also got to work sometime today and for the rest of the week, which is true enough. However, we are simply too worried to leave them alone. So, since we both have sons that are already sick and it's the same symptoms, it's going to be perfectly logical for us to want to stay home with them. We can argue that we'll simply be taking shifts watching them. Besides, they might need to be changed and who's going to change them besides us," Helen said laughing.

"This is going to be hilarious," Rose said and added, "but lets actually use the term baby sitting them and then apologize for using it."

"I'm getting very comfortable with this as well. So we are simply going to share the 'baby sitting' chores," Rose noted and added, "gosh, don't you just love that term 'baby sitting'."

"More than anything right now! So it's settled then. You diaper Jeff then walk him over to sit with Bobby and I. Then later on, say around two you come home and I walk them both back to your place so I can go back to work till five," Helen said.

In their diapers," Rose added.

"In their diapers," Helen noted.

"Helen! You are a treasure," Rose said.

"It's going to be really rough on them," Helen said.

"Very! And they deserve every minute of this," Rose added as they started splitting up their purchases between their cars. Both women were still laughing out loud as they stood by their cars. Each was about to call their sons. Helen dialed Rose's number first to conference with her call to Bobby as Rose stood quietly listening. They would do the same thing with Jeff.

"Hello," Bobby said sounding terrible after recognizing his mother's cell phone number.

"Bobby, honey, it's me," Helen said on her cell phone as Rose stood standing with her own cell.

"Hi mom!" Bobby said sounding decidedly weak on the phone. Obviously his mother was calling to check up on him as Bobby clicked on the sound icon of his computer to turn sound off.

Bobby had seen the "incoming call" on his computer screen and instantly typed in the message to Jeff that he had a phone call. Most likely his mother checking in he typed. He'd be right back on-line when he got off the phone.

"Honey, how are you feeling," Helen asked.

"About the same mom," Bobby said.

"Honey, listen! I've just gotten off the phone with a Doctor Clark. Doctor Clark specializes in viruses or something like that. The clinic gave me his number. I was worried and called our doctor who had me call him. Honey," Helen said.

"You did," Bobby said in a slight panic.

I did. Anyway, I've explained your symptoms to this doctor, guess what? Honey, it's most likely that you've got an intestinal virus of some kind. Also, believe it or not, you most likely got it from Jeff or he may have gotten it from you. We're not sure about that. Did you know that Jeff was sick the same as you," Helen asked fighting back the snicker.

"Really? Jeff too? No mom, I didn't know that," Bobby said with his own grin.

"Well he's sick as well! Called Rose to ask her for some advise and she told me. Same exact symptoms as yours as a matter of fact, and believe it or not he even wet his bed as well," Helen said.

"He did," Bobby said almost snickering.

"He did. The fact that you both have the same symptoms really worried Rose and I. Anyway, that's why this Doctor Clark thinks it's this virus going around. Nothing serious, at least not yet, but you've got to stay home and get lots of rest for the next few days. Could get very serious very fast if we don't take care of it," Helen said fighting to keep the laughter out of her voice.

Bobby was beside himself. It not only meant that his mother had bought into the whole thing, but she was actually telling him to stay home for a few more days. This was too good to be true and better still because it also meant that Jeff was most likely in the same boat as him. He couldn't believe his luck.

"OK mom. I'm going right back to bed right now," Bobby said.

"Honey, don't go to sleep yet. I'm on my way home. I'll picked up some fruit juice. I want you to get some liquids into you. Doctor Clark says that you risk dehydration with this sort of virus. Oh, and the doctor told me to ask if you have had any sort of bladder problems? It's another symptom. You know, any more accidents or leakage while awake? Be honest with me honey," Helen asked and added, "don't be embarrassed about telling me precious, it's not your fault."

Bobby, smiling, was quick on his feet as he said, "Yes mom I did. Gosh mom I almost wet myself a couple of times. That's why I'm sitting up right now. I was lucky though that I woke just before it happened. Made it to the bathroom just in time!"

"Thought so. That's another thing that this virus is known for. Anyway, that's good that you are ok and don't worry if you wet yourself or your bed. It's not like you can help it! Anyway, I'm going to be home in a few minutes after I get that juice and a few other things. I'll fix you some soup when I get there as well," Helen said.

"OK mom," Bobby said cursing his luck. He would have to log off before his mother got there. Although it was great about that virus thing. His good fortune, he mused, as he sat the phone down. Bobby was back on the computer the instant his mother hung up.

Helen and Rose did the same thing with Jeff.

"Jeff!!! Mom's coming home! Says she talked with a doctor that says we've got a virus. My mom knows that you are sick as well. Same thing that I've got. Listen, your mother and mine talked to some doctor and he says that we might also have bladder control problems with this virus. If your mother calls, and should ask, tell her you've almost had or had at least one accident. Anyway, I've got to be in bed when she gets here," Bobby typed.

Jeff, reading the words as they appeared, nodded to himself and when Bobby stopped typing Jeff started.

"Just did that. My mom just called me as well. She's coming home too. Says she talked with your mom and knows that you wet the bed this morning like I did. She really sounded worried and upset. Damn! Means we don't get to talk to that programmer just yet," Jeff typed.

"But we're home and it's not going to be too long before we're alone again," Bobby typed.

"There is that," Jeff typed.

"Better get our stories straight about these symptoms," Bobby typed.

"Like what," Jeff typed back.

"If your mom should ask, like I said, make sure you've nearly had an accident and perhaps you leak a little as well. My mom asked if that was happening," Bobby typed and added, "going to wet a pair of underwear and toss them in the dirty clothes for just in case. Not much but I think it will make it sound more credible if she sees them in the laundry."

"Roger that. It's a good idea. OK, so I'm leaking. Oh, Oh! She's home. OK, got to go," Jeff typed. Bobby heard a car as well. It hadn't been a full half hour yet.

Both boys were peeking out the windows as their moms turned into their respective driveways and each heard the doors closing. They were in their beds at the same time before their mom reached the steps. Bobby listened for the key and other sounds hinting at where his mother was in the house and what she was doing.

"Honey! You awake," Helen called out.

"Yes mom," Bobby said sounding as sick as he hoped he needed to be.

"Be right up!" Helen said smiling.

"OK mom," Bobby said listening to the sounds. He heard the sounds of a grocery bag, then the clunk of something on the kitchen table, her keys or purse most likely. Finally her foot steps out of the kitchen, silent on the rug, then clicking again coming up on the steps. Bobby adjusted his face to reflect his agony at the moment.

"Hello honey. How are you feeling," Helen asked with a very concerned look on her face as she automatically put her hand on his forehead. That bag she held with her other hand was curious but whatever was in it was beyond Bobby's view.

"Hi mom, I'm OK. A little tired I guess, but fine otherwise," Bobby said sounding weak, but looking intently at the large bag his mother held when she came in. The bag went on the floor at the foot of his bed as she sat on the bed's edge again putting her palm on his forehead.

"I am so worried about you. Really, how are you feeling?" Helen asked running her hand down his cheek.

"I'm a little dizzy." Bobby said deciding to push it a little.

"No fever still! That's good. OK, so here is the good news and bad news. You're sick for sure, but it's not too serious the doctor says. It could be though, so we've really got to watch this for a few days. It's definitely intestinal and the only thing we've got to worry about is making sure you get enough liquids so you don't get dehydrated. You should be over the worse of this by Monday. If not we've got to take you in and get you an antibiotic," Helen said.

"Till Monday," Bobby asked sounding sad, but wanting to shout for joy.

"Could be worse honey. The bad news is that it's having a field day with your kidneys and bladder. Something to do with the nerve endings. Honestly, I'm not sure what that all meant when the doctor told me that, other than it's why you wet your bed last night. Same with Jeff as a matter of fact. It's mostly going to happen when you sleep but as this thing takes hold, it could happen at any minute as well. You said you nearly had another accident right," Helen asked drawing Bobby deeper into what was coming next.

"Yes, almost didn't make it to the bathroom." Bobby said looking concerned. He was happy that there was something out there that actually matched his symptoms. It definitely made his symptoms sound legitimate. He was thrilled but looking very sad as he added, "sort of wet a pair of shorts a little. I'm sorry."

"That's what I mean, it's worrisome," Helen said and added, "and don't you dare apologize for being sick. You can't help it."

"I know and thanks mom," Bobby said and added, "kind of embarrassing that I might have wet myself is all."

"Don't worry about that, OK? Anyway, Doctor Clark says that you are most likely going to have that happen a lot in the next couple of days. Going to get a little worse because of the liquids. Can't be helped and remember, it's not your fault! I mean that, so I don't want you feeling guilty about it. You're sick and that's what we need to concern ourselves over. OK," Helen said stroking her son's forehead.

"OK mom, " Bobby said sounding even sicker than he had when she came in. He was going to be home tomorrow for sure!

"Anyway, that's the other part that I'm concerned about," Helen said.

"What's that," Bobby asked.

"You're wetting accidentally," Helen said.

"I'm sorry but I can't help it," Bobby said.

"I know honey, I know. In fact, it's to be expected. So, I don't want you to think that you're being punished when I put you into those things. Like I said, it's not your fault and it's only going to be for a couple of days," Helen said trying desperately to keep her face serious.

"What things," Bobby asked remembering the bag his mother had walked in with. She had sat them down at the foot of his bed so he couldn't see what it was. He was curious before this, now he was very curious.

"Honey, I know you're not going to like this but again, it can't be helped. Anyway, I'm going to have to put you back into diapers and plastic pants for a couple of days. This way you don't risk wetting yourself or your bed. Frankly, if you think about it, it's a lot easier on me as well." Helen said bending back to grab the bag she had sat down.

"Diapers," Bobby said in a sudden panic. He almost bolted up at the mention of diapers, but caught himself as he added, "diapers?"

"Diapers and plastic pants," Helen said savoring the words as she added, "cloth diapers."

"Cloth diapers," Bobby asked again trying to grasp what was happening.

"It's for your own good honey. Just till the worse part of this passes. This Doctor Clark says it never goes past four or five days and, like I said, you'll most likely be out of them by Sunday. Monday worse case. I know it's very embarrassing for you, but it's a whole lot better than waking to a wet bed again. Right? Even worse if you had an accident while you are awake," Helen said.

Bobby had dug the hole he was now in. He'd even told her he'd almost had another accident already and even wet his shorts once. The only way out of this was to tell her the truth and that definitely wasn't an option. She was missing work and worse, he'd lied. No telling what would happen if it got out he was fibbing!

"Mom," Bobby started to say.

"What honey," Helen asked.

"I guess you're right about the diapers, but did you know they sell pull-ups that almost look like underwear? You know, the kind of disposables that look like under pants," Bobby said meekly.

"I know honey, but the woman at the health store suggested diapers only because you're a little older and being older you wet a little more than someone young enough for pull-ups even if they fit you. Plus cloth diapers with soakers are more absorbent and that will make them a little more comfortable. And don't forget, you'll be taking in a lot of liquids," Helen said.

"Soakers," Bobby asked.

"I'm going to double the diapers and added a another diaper folded down the middle. We call that diaper a soaker," Helen said.

"Oh, right," Bobby said softly suddenly cursing his circumstance.

"Come on, it's only going to help and I'm feeling bad enough already that you're sick. Will you do this for me," Helen asked.

"Yes ma'am!" Bobby said feeling his shoulders slump. He was trapped as he watched the bag his mother now held.

"Good! Now do me a favor and go toss your robe in the wash. It needs washing anyway and most likely that's the only thing you'll be wearing with these things on. These diapers are too bulky for shorts, pants or pajamas bottoms. Go ahead with the robe and then take yourself a nice hot shower while I get your baby things ready," Helen said.

"Baby things," Bobby repeated.

"Didn't mean that. I meant your incontinent things," Helen said.

"OK," Bobby said.

"If you get dizzy again, sit down immediately in the tub and yell for me, OK," Helen said.

"OK," Bobby said.

"Oh and take this in with you," Helen said.

"Baby shampoo," Bobby said.

"It will help with the urine smell," Helen noted.

That little thing with the robe was Rose's idea. Cleaver little ploy that would leave both boys without anything to cover what they were about to wear. Those robes would be washed and dried and that meant unavailable for at least an hour, maybe two. The women decided they wanted at least that hour while they brought the boys together.

Bobby did as he was told walking slowly to the chair in front of his computer to grab the robe. His computer screen saver was on. His time on that chat board now only a vanishing dream. His diapers, he thought, as he passed out of the room watching in utter dismay his mother opening one of the packages. A puffy package of white was lifted from the bag.

"Six ply," Bobby's mother Helen noted as she caught Bobby looking.

"What," Bobby stopped and asked.

"Sorry, I was reading from this package of diapers. Says they are six ply down the middle, you know, an absorbent center, but I think I'll double them anyway," Helen said and added, "and fold in a soaker."

"Whatever," Bobby said moving a little quicker out of the room. He did not want to know how thick his diapers were or anything else about them.

Jeff was in the exact same boat only he was in the shower when his mother tossed his robe in the machine. Both boys had almost the same thing facing them when they returned to their bedrooms. On Bobby's bed, as it was with Jeff's, were two cloth diapers neatly laid out flat one laying on top of the other.

Both moms folded another top diaper lengthwise down the middle of the first. Next to those already open were two diaper pins. Next to those diaper pins was baby powder and baby lotion, the pink one, and laying flat nearby a pair of plastic vinyl baby pants. Both had chosen the baby prints for their boy's first pair.

That baby lotion, instead of the baby oil, was another idea of Roses. It was pink and read Baby Lotion on the front. The picture of the Baby was what had attracted Rose to using it. It was also nicely scented which she thought would be a bonus. Helen had agreed and that's what was on Bobby's nightstand as well when he came back in. With the baby powder added to their shampoo, they would definitely smell like babies.

The two diapers and a soaker made a very thick pile that would make a very thick diaper under those adorably baby print style baby pants. Too thick for pants and very "baby" looking when the boys would meet. With their robes in the wash they would be wearing only tee-shirts, their diapers, plastic panties and slippers. A fitting look for the two boys when the mothers would bring them together.


"Just sit right on top of your diaper honey and then lay back before you spread your legs. Oh, and when you spread your legs spread them as far as you can," Helen said to Bobby who cringed first at the words and then at the plastic panties laying at the far side of his bed. He almost confessed right then, but bit his tongue.

"There we go. Now spread your legs nice and wide. Right to the edge of the bed. Gosh, I can hardly remember when the last time I did this? You had to be... What? Two or three... Must have been two. Yes, it was just after your second birthday. OK, now if I remember this right, it's baby lotion first, baby powder next then pin your diapers on you," Helen said making sure she kept up a nice dialog. Bobby had closed his eyes as she added, "although I guess you don't want me blowing on your tummy like I use to do, do you.

"Not likely," Bobby said in just a whisper. He couldn't remember the last time he felt this humiliated or embarrassed. He was laying over three diapers and his mother, smiling, was twisting open a bottle of pink baby lotion.

Bobby forced his eyes closed tighter when his mother began adding that baby lotion. At first if was cold then warmed. He was also slippery. He fought what was happening, but had little control over it and his face, already red and warming, grew hotter still from his reaction. He was sure his mother would think he liked it. He kept trying to remember that he would get an erection from anyone doing that but even so, it was his mother and that made it worse. His mother also was spending way too much time applying the lotion and he almost reached a climax.

"Honey, it's OK. Don't be embarrassed. You use to do that when you were a baby. Don't give it another thought. Baby's, like young boys, like being caressed before they get diapered. It's part of the bonding process," His mother said as she finished with the baby lotion and began with the baby powder. It was way too much again as she kept shaking it over him. If she could have, she would have emptied it on him. A moment later Bobby felt the diaper move and grow snug. It was snug and taught between his legs as his mother forced the two diaper pins into his diapers wings and clipped them closed.


"Front flap hugging the sides, back flap over that! Hey, I haven't lost my touch. That's not bad considering how long it's been," Jeff's mother Rose said as she pinned the second of the two sides together before adding, "now will you look at that! Perfect diapering! I've still got it!"

Jeff opened his eyes, looked and nodded for no other reason than to at least appear casual. He wasn't casual at all, but he also knew there was nothing he could do about it.

"Great mom!" He said sarcastically. He was looking at a triangle of white starting from his waist to gather in a puffy pointy triangle that collected between his legs and puffed out at the front. The two diaper pins were holding it on him but it was thick. It wasn't a pretty site Jeff thought which was exactly the opposite of his mom's opinion.

"Oh stop! It's not like your being punished and it's for your own good. Now bend your legs and hold your feet up for your baby... I mean your plastic panties," Rose said as she gathered the baby pants in her hands.

Bobby, meanwhile, watched the baby pants go over his feet then slid down his legs stretching the leg elastic some as they reached his thighs where the elastic caught. He could have stood then, but his mother said that the lady suggested putting the baby pants on with the baby... with the boy laying down which kept the diaper material flat between the legs. Bobby's mother apologized for using the word baby again.

Both boys were in their triple diapers and adorable printed white plastic vinyl panties at almost the same time. The plastic bloused nicely and shimmered cutely reflecting the light coming into their rooms. It was like some kind of soft white liquid glass as the folds of their baby pants moved when they did, even slightly. The baby panties also crinkled a bit which added a nice touch to the bulky look that the boys took on with no other clothing.

"Go ahead and get into a tee-shirt," Rose said and added, "and your socks as well. I'm going to call Helen."

"Socks? For what," Jeff asked. There was still the risk that Bobby might have confessed which was something Jeff thought of as well.

"For your slippers or shoes. Honey, Helen and I have talked this over. While you're not terribly sick, you could be. We just think it's going to be better that someone is with you at all times, but Helen and I still have to work. Anyway, we're going to share baby sitting chores for the day. Sorry about that! I didn't mean it like you are a baby. Just a term. Bobby is coming over here when he's ready. You two can do homework in the family room together, after lunch. Remember, it's still a school day.

"Bobby is coming here," Jeff asked in a panic.

"Yes. At least for some part of the day. Helen's going to go into work then she'll come back and relieve me so I can go in and do the closing," Rose said as she stood and added, "come on and I'll start lunch for you two."

"Bobby is coming here," Jeff asked again in a panic and added, "mom, he's going to see me like this?"

"Obviously. Honey, Bobby is coming here wearing the same exact things you're wearing! Helen and I got the same exact things when we shopped! Look, we did that on purpose so you both would be wearing the same stuff. You're both wearing diapers and baby... I mean plastic panties. No advantage or disadvantage. That way neither of you can tease the other," Rose said.

"Where's my robe," Jeff asked in a renewed panic as he went to the back of his door.

"It's in the laundry being washed. You'll be needing it for the next few days and it hasn't been washed since heaven knows when," Rose said.

"MOM! Bobby is going to see me like this!" Jeff said almost in tears.

"And you are going to see Bobby in the same exact things so stop your whining. Maybe I should stop on the way home work tonight and pick up a pacifier," Rose said sounding suddenly angry.

Jeff closed his mouth. There was no sense in pushing this any further than he had. He was trapped and he knew it. Rose picked up her cell phone after walking into the living room. Jeff was in his room putting a tee-shirt and pair of socks on. He was going to wear his tennis shoes and that was it for clothing.

"Helen! It's me! We're all set here!" Rose said.

"How did it go," Helen asked.

"Are you kidding? I nearly fainted when I pinned him into his diapers. He looks so adorable! How about Bobby," Rose asked.

"Same here. Soaked him in baby lotion and I must have used a third of the baby powder already," Helen said happily.

"Excellent, me too on that baby powder. He smells like a baby even from several feet away. OK then, I'll see you in a couple of minutes. Oh, does Bobby like Vegetable Beef or chicken noodle soup," Rose asked.

"Both, either," Helen said.

"Great. I'm starting the soup now," Rose said changing her tone on the phone when Jeff came in and sat at the kitchen table.

Bobby too was looking for his robe.

"Oh hell! That's right! I forgot about the robe," Helen said when Bobby became alarmed that his robe was still in the wash. She thought for a second and added, "well, for now grab that throw your grandmother knitted and put it around your shoulders. It's big enough to cover your diapers and plastic pants! You're only going next door!"

Bobby gripped the blanket around himself for all of his worth as his mother opened the front door. She had her pink gym bag now filled as Bobby's temporary diaper bag and had chosen that one on purpose. There were the extra diapers, another pair of his baby pants, the powder, lotion and wipes. She'd said each of them out loud as she put them into the pink bag.

"Ready," Helen asked.

"No!" Bobby said standing at the door. He felt like some kind of weird baby going off to the sitters with his mother holding a diaper bag of all things. That damn PINK diaper bag he cursed under his breath and again when he felt the blanket move over the mound of baby pants and diaper he wore. Every move he made, every step taken, there was that faint rustling whispering, "you're wearing baby pants little baby".

"Come on honey, and lets get this over with. I should be back by three and then Jeff and you can come over here to play, if you're done with your studies that is," Helen said fighting the smile that was creeping up on her face. She hadn't known how hard it would be to keep that smile off her face.

Bobby stepped out into the bright sun with the blanket almost down to his knees. He was holding the blanket closed with one hand, his books in the other. The blanket wrapped around him was like a skirt and every once in a while it moved. He kept hoping that the breeze didn't raise the blanket past the edge of his plastic pants. That would be a disaster if the neighbors were watching and he was sure everyone of them was.

It was bad enough that the blanket poked out nearly as far as Jennifer's butt did when he stood at the door looking at the hallway mirror. Jennifer, like her mother had an ample bottom and now so did Bobby. Bobby moved faster than his mother toward Jeff's house, but slowed fearing he'd get there and the door wouldn't open. He also didn't want to appear too healthy or happy.

Jeff, near the kitchen nodded at Bobby solemnly who nodded back silently, when Rose let him in. Helen took the blanket Bobby had just after coming in so Bobby couldn't hide what he was wearing. Jeff's bottom looked even bigger than Bobby's did.

Bobby waited for his mother Helen. Both boys flushed nearly crimson seeing each other, and knowing that they both had on the same things. Last thing Bobby wanted to do was take that blanket off but Jeff was already standing in just his diaper, baby pants and tee shirt.

"Bobby honey, here, take the blanket from your mom and put it on the chair in the family room, and come have some lunch," Rose said.

Bobby did so, reluctantly, as Jeff stood there. They both were wearing just their tee-shirts and their diapers under those bellowing plastic vinyl panties. Those diapers were too thick for the shirts to hang loose and cover them.

"I've put together a DIAPER BAG for Bobby, and I've added the scale and note pad, Helen noted.

"Excellent. Going to empty my gym bag for Jeff's DIAPER BAG as well. I'll get to it so he has a DIAPER BAG when he goes over to your place.

"So, I'll see you at three then?" Helen said giving Rose a quick friendly kiss on her cheek. She bent and kissed Bobby as well, telling him to be good and not to hesitate to tell Rose if he needed to have his DIAPER CHANGED, because she didn't want him getting a DIAPER RASH. Bobby dropped his eyes, blushed and nodded. Jeff didn't even look over at the bag, but he knew it was there.

Helen had almost told Bobby to be a good baby for Rose but caught herself, now as she headed for the door she was regretting she hadn't made it come out as another mistake she could apologized over. She was positive she was reinforcing his regret and wanted to do more.

Bobby had asked about going to the bathroom when the urge hit since he could at least do that when he was awake. Only his mother vetoed that idea by grabbing up a pad, pencil and the scale she used for packages. She had said that the doctor suggested keeping track of what Bobby took in and what came out. She wanted to make sure he was getting enough liquids she'd said.

It was crucial, she had said, that more stayed in so he didn't risk getting dehydrated. Helen told Bobby that she had weighed his diaper dry along with his baby pants to be used as the base weight. Bobby was going to have to use those diapers from now until three in the afternoon at least. Bobby had almost cried over the thought of wetting into a diaper or being wiped and changed from a wet diaper.

"See you!" Rose said at the stove.

"Oh, that's another thing Rose, I've added the weight of his diaper dry and he's already had eight ounces of juice. Make sure he takes another bottle... Shoot! I mean another make sure he gets another glass of juice now and eight ounces on the hour, every hour" Helen said as she headed for the door. She was luckier than Rose because in a moment she could let loose the laughter she'd been fighting back all morning.

"Got it," Rose said not daring to turn from the stove or else the boys would see her face as well. When the soup was ready she called the boys in.

The boys ate their soup in silence. Both boys saw what the other was wearing and each wondering if he looked as babyish as the other did. They actually looked like boys trying to look like babies.

"Hello," Rose asked picking up the phone and heading for the patio door and out before closing it. Rose knew it was Helen even before she saw the caller ID.

"Hey, how's it going," Helen asked.

"Are you serious? Helen, this has got to be their worse day ever and my best! Believe it or not I've got them both laying on a large pink satin spread in the family room reading their History assignments. Called the school and got their homework assignments over the phone. I wish I had a camera but didn't dare," Rose said as she laughed and added, "I told them that I put them on the floor because I was worried about having accidents so I put a plastic paint tarp down under the spread first. It crinkles a lot when they move."

"They laying down or sitting," Helen asked.

"Laying down. Both are on their stomachs. Honestly, I wish you could see this. They've got these two cute puffy white butts sticking up like little babies, but I think they thought it was better than me seeing the front," Rose said.

"You're kidding? That's great! Gosh I really do wish I was there to see that," Helen said and added, "got to figure out how to get pictures? It would be wonderful to get a couple of pictures of those puffy bottoms. Just had an idea! Tell you what, before I call them over here, you know, when it's my turn, I'll set up the digital camera somewhere and just have it record continuously. At least we'd have that DVD for some future use. It's small enough to hide."

"Oh that would be perfect. OK, so I'll see you at three then. Just call when you are ready and I'll walk them both over," Rose said.

"Will do," Helen said hanging up the phone.

It was five minutes to three when Helen pulled into the driveway of her house. Bobby and Jeff had been in their diapers and plastic pants since eleven. Rose changed each boy individually on the living room floor giving each the opportunity to see the other getting his diaper changed. She didn't use the lotion, but she did use the wipes and added lots of baby powder before putting them back into their fresh diapers and plastic panties. She was very slow and very methodical.

Rose dutifully noted the weight of their diapers after putting each into a plastic bag first. She did that little chore after she'd changed them and on the coffee table so both boys could see their wet diapers.

Rose had also decided to forget to put Jeff's robe in the dryer and would apologize for that when the time came. He hadn't asked about it after a while. Both boys were going to have to walk to Bobby's house with just their blankets again.

Meanwhile, Helen was putting the Digital camera on the shelf near the television. She taped over the small red light showing it was recording so it wouldn't show. She had two hours of memory and two more disk as she pressed the button and moved the books and plant back in place. It was the clutter and small lens that would keep it hidden as she punched in Rose's number.

"All set," Helen said after Rose answered.

Jeff was angry that his mother had forgotten to put his robe in the dryer, but there wasn't anything else to be done about it as he wrapped his own throw blanket around his shoulders. He had suffered the indignity of being changed before watching his best friend get his diaper changed. They had avoided eye contact with each other and went back to their homework in silence.

Rose justified another change by telling him that she knew he was dry, but that it still gets warm with those plastic panties on and that he'd feel better in a nice fresh diaper with more sprinkles of baby powder. He didn't. Bobby and Jeff would get their diapers changed one more time. Helen had promised Rose that.

"OK, I'm going to work!" Rose said after both boys were again sitting on the large satin spread over that same thin plastic tarp that Rose carried in with her. They were directly in front of the digital camera running silently a few feet away. There was a speaker not too far away and Helen had put on what she called her background music tapes she enjoyed while reading. It would mask what faint little noises the digital cam made and it would add music to the tape background that was recording the boys still doing their homework.

An Hour passed before Bobby was led to his room, then Jeff followed a few short minutes later. Both boys had their diapers changed by both moms before they returned to the spread. Helen was going to do this at least two more times before she diapered him for bed. She had twelve diapers and four pair of plastic pants. She would use ten diapers leaving her a set of two for tomorrow morning while she washed the ones he'd been in already.

This time Bobby's mother, as Bobby had feared, used a baby wipe having Bobby hold his legs up with his hands while she wiped him. She had him stay that way when she began using the baby lotion and finally after that she sprinkled his diaper liberally with baby powder before he rested his legs on the bed again before spreading them. It was about the worse thing he'd ever had happen to him when he spread his legs wide once more. It was second only to wetting his diaper and having to ask to be changed.

It was agreed between Helen and Rose that they would do the same sort of thing tomorrow with Helen watching them till noon then Rose till four. Saturday they'd watch the boys at home, individually, since both women were off. It was then that they would spring the disposable Pampers on them. Bobby was walked back into the family room after he'd been changed. He was sullen as he sat back down on the satin spread and picked up his history book.

It was a fresh embarrassment on Bobby's face since his mother had used that baby wipe on him before the lotion and powder again... Way too much powder Bobby thought. Jeff knew why Bobby's face was so red. His had been that same color for the same reason. Helen sat on the chair next to the couch with a book as Bobby went back down on the satin spread.

It was hard not laughing as Helen moved the book to cover her face. The too boys were facing the television doing homework with their large padded bottoms facing Helen. Like two babies minus the baby toys. It had been years since she'd had to sit for babies and she smiled again. She smiled this time over the memories of Bobby, a bit smaller, but in that same spot almost looking identical to those times.

It was five after five when Rose walked over with Jeff's robe to bring him home. Jeff, with a great deal of relief, slipped his robe on. His relief didn't last given the size of his bottom as the robe flowed out and over the large mound under it. It was the reason he hurried as they walked towards the house. Jeff had suddenly seen Jennifer walking down towards them from the bus stop.

Bobby was changed right after his shower which he took just after Jeff left. His double diapers were waiting for him on his bed when he walked into his room. His robe, also now dry, hung over the back of his chair at his computer desk. He flushed crimson once more as his mother poured baby lotion onto her hands.

"Bobby, I'm going to put you into double diapers for bed tonight but in the mean time I've purchased a package of Pamper's - Cruisers actually. They are size 7 and should fit but I'd like to make sure," Helen said.

"Pampers? Why. I mean how come? I'm already wearing diapers for heaven's sakes," Bobby said in utter frustration. Pampers of all things and Cruisers no less.

"You may have to wear diapers to school. I'm not sure yet and if you do then wearing the disposables will at least get you though to the next changes without having to pull your pants off," Helen said and added, "I thought you'd even prefer them over diapers and those baby pants."

Jeff too was changed on the family room floor after his mother spread the blanket out once again. He felt like a baby in those moments as his mother teased the diaper left and right before laying it over him. She took way too long, or it seemed like she did, in pinning it closed and just as agonizing long for his baby pants again. Jeff also didn't like that pat he got either and his mother apologized. It was a habit she had from years ago she said, from when he was a baby, she added.

Of that package of twelve diapers that both mom's brought home only two remained by the time the boys made it the safety of their rooms that night. Each was on their computers almost instantly...

"This is too weird!" Jeff typed.

"Bizarre!" Bobby typed back.

"It's like I'm suddenly a baby! I mean mom is beside herself over this. Believe it or not, I think she is really enjoying this. She keeps telling me how wonderful it is to sort of have those baby days back again," Jeff typed.

"That's nothing! My mom used a big powder puff for the baby powder after my shower! She was actually humming some kind of lullaby and she powdered me almost to my neck. I don't think she was even aware she was doing it," Bobby typed.

"I know! I smell like a baby. I mean I really smell like a baby. Mom must have used half the baby powder on me when she diapered me for bed," Jeff answered.

"Really. Well, try this then... Mom even sprinkled powder over my damn sheets! Said it made my room smell... get this... 'baby fresh'," Bobby noted.

"What are we going to do," Jeff wrote across Bobby's screen and added, "we've got a whole day of this again tomorrow and worse, this weekend besides!"

"Damned if I know? I know we can't confess now. They've spent a fortune on that stuff. And there is one other thing I just thought about...," Bobby typed back.

"We can't wake up dry either," Jeff typed in before Bobby could finish his sentence.

"Exactly," Bobby wrote.

"I'd already thought about that. Would look too odd both of us suddenly dry after all of this," Jeff noted.

"No choice... we wet into our diapers tonight," Bobby said.

"That or try and explain how we got better so fast. Besides, I guess it beats wetting the bed that's for sure," Jeff wrote.

"Remind me again why we did this," Bobby asked on Jeff's screen.

"It was suppose to be a day's worth of play," Jeff typed back.

"Some day off," Bobby noted.

"Major downer," Jeff wrote.

There was no response from Bobby.

"You there," Jeff finally typed.

"Yes," Bobby typed back.

"What's up," Jeff asked.

"Nothing," Bobby wrote.

"Come on man! It's me! Tell me! What's wrong," Jeff typed.

"OK, so laugh if you want but tonight... I mean after mom powdered me and diapered me I felt... I felt so damn relaxed. Can't explain it, but it really felt sort of nice," Bobby typed almost regretting what he'd just wrote as he added, "I guess it was when she hugged me. Very weird."

"Hey! YOU LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING," Jeff typed in capitals.

"Heck no! What are you NUTS," Bobby typed back. There was a pause before letters began to start across Jeff's screen as Bobby wrote, "it's just... Oh hell man never mind."

"OK, just remember, we're not suppose to like these things or what's happening right," Jeff typed mostly to calm himself or perhaps convince himself. He was afraid Bobby was right or that he'd have to confess to the same thing. He kept saying he didn't like it.

"Right," Bobby typed back.

"Anyway, I've got to log off. Mom wants me in bed by eight," Jeff wrote.

"Me too," Bobby responded and added, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

Jeff hit the exit as Bobby's "bye" came across his screen. He moved to his bed passing his mirror and stopped. He put his hands on the back of his diapers and baby pants lightly pressing the mass against his bottom. That mass didn't compress much because the diapers were really that thick. The baby pants were also warm to the touch and softer because of it.

Jeff twisted right, left, then shrugged. It did feel kind of cool Jeff thought as he climbed into bed. Looked sort of cool he mused as yanked the covers to his neck. Felt odd, but not so odd as he thought about it. Jeff had been afraid to admit to Bobby how he felt as his hand slid over the soft baby pants and a very powerful erection that suddenly formed. Jeff began moving his palm over the panties and diaper as his eyes closed.

Bobby spent a long time in front of his own mirror. It was terribly exciting, for him at least, and in spite of Jeff's protest. He wasn't sure why that was but it was. He felt so babyish. So innocent or something. He also felt bad about that lie he was living. That was his last thought before he climbed into bed. Although it wasn't his last thought for that night as his hands also moved over the soft plastic panties and diapers.

Jeff woke wet! Actually he woke, then wet. There was something about doing that in his diapers that left him feeling odd. Kind of a good odd if that was possible. It hadn't been easy the night before and just as hard now as Jeff tried to relax. The diaper grew warm on the front suddenly before the warmth spread along the sides then across the bottom. It was a very good odd, Jeff realized.

Bobby woke wet but remembered how that had happened. He was having a kind of dream that he was in his crib. His mother was above him, leaning on the rail and smiling down. She was holding a diaper, baby pants and baby powder. In his dream, she said, "come on precious and wet your diaper! Mommy can't change you if you're not wet."

In Bobby's dream, he wet and his dream merged slowly with reality as his mother real voice settled over the one in his dream.

"You up," Bobby's mother asked peeking in the door after knocking once.

"Yes," Bobby said quietly.

"How are you feeling," Helen asked.

"Better today," Bobby said but feeling his face flush.

"Are you wet honey," Bobby's mother said.

"No," Bobby said. Something about confessing that he'd actually wet a diaper was unnerving.

"Listen, it's OK if you're wet honey," Helen said.

"OK, I'm wet! There, are you happy," Bobby said in frustration.

"Honey, it's really OK," Helen said smiling sympathetically.

Bobby sat there in silence but looking eager to talk.

"What is it honey. Please precious, it really is OK," Helen said feeling slightly guilty.

"No! No it's not! Mom, look, I need to tell you something," Bobby said feeling his mouth go dry.

"What honey?" His mother said coming to his bed and sitting next to him. She put her hand on his forehead then clasped both hands in her lap.

"This is really hard," Bobby said.

"What is sweetheart," Helen asked.

"Mom, listen, I lied! OK! I lied. This.... all of this is a lie! Mom, I'm not sick! I never was. I faked it! I faked it so I could have the day off yesterday. Jeff and I came up with it. It's not his fault. It's mine and it was stupid! I just wanted to be off for a chat board. Mom, I'm so sorry," Bobby said blurting it all out quickly and inside of a couple of minutes as he added, "and I'll pay you back for this stuff."

His mother was looking at him but she was smiling slightly.

"Did you hear what I said," Bobby asked.

"Yes Sweets I did. And, just so you know, I know," Bobby's mother said.

"You know what," Bobby asked slightly confused.

"Honey I knew you were doing this on purpose! As it happens, I overheard you talking with Jeff yesterday morning just before I was going to leave for work. I called Rose after that, then met with her and we cooked up this little scheme to punish you guys!" Helen said stroking Bobby's cheek. As always her son never ceased to amaze her at times. He didn't have to confess this, but did.

"You knew?" Bobby said thinking back at all that he'd been through as he added, "you knew from the very start of this?"

"Yep! When I heard what you were planning I decided to trap you into these things. More as a Be Careful What You Wish For."

"You knew," Bobby said shocked. He was thinking of every diaper change he'd gone through.

"I did. So, the big question for you is did you learn your lesson," Helen asked.

"Did I? Are you kidding? Mom, I never want to go through this again," Bobby said with conviction but he was not sure if he actually meant that or not.

"Well, between you and me, I've had about the most fun I've had in a long time. It's really been great having my baby boy back," Helen said wistfully.

"Right! As in punishment," Bobby said.

"No, not at all. I mean it. It felt great as in having my baby boy back," Helen said.

"You want another baby," Bobby asked.

"Heavens no but it's nice having the reminders of those times when I did," Helen said.

"It has?" Bobby asked thinking he'd heard her wrong.

"Of course! Once you guys grow up and get all macho it's all a mother can do just to get a hug now and then. To actually be a mom again, like I was when you were a toddler, was really wonderful. So yes, it was very nice," Helen said.

Bobby was stunned silent watching his mother drift away to wherever it was at that moment. His mind was in overtime suddenly. That wasn't all he wanted to confess. Bobby swallowed.

"Mom," Bobby asked almost in a whisper.

"What honey," Helen asked.

"Never mind," Bobby said.

"What," Helen asked reassuringly.

"It's OK, not important. Too weird," Bobby said.

"Honey, you're laying here in a diaper and plastic pants and I'm guessing you've wet it as well. So let's not worry too much about weird for now," Helen said.

"Mom, but this is going to sound really weird," Bobby said.

"OK, I'm listening," Helen said.

"Mom I sort of liked it," Bobby said almost cringing over what he thought might come from his mother with a claim like that as he quickly added, "not at first but later after I sort of got use to it. I can't explain it."

"I know that too precious," Helen said taking hold of Bobby's chin as she smiled down at him.

"You do? How?" Bobby asked. That, he decided, was actually impossible unless his mother could read minds.

"Honey, I used the digital camera and caught you two yesterday while you were on the blanket doing your homework. Rose and I were going to use it somehow or just keep it for memories sake. Not sure? Anyway, I spent a delightful two hours watching you both on that DVD after you went off to bed. Got to watch you without you knowing you were being watched," Helen said.

"You filmed us," Bobby asked.

"I did. Sweetheart, it was those hands of yours sneaking around your baby pants that hinted at it," Helen noted.

"You've got us on DVD," Bobby asked shocked.

"Sorry about that but, like I said, Rose and I wanted pictures," Helen said.

"Mom, this really is weird isn't it," Bobby said.

"Yes and no! I mean not really! You were simply regressing. All of your senses were telling your brain about things that you hadn't remembered till now. Nice things. Very pleasant things so your brain was gathering in some hints and then finding what you remember of this. A baby having his diaper changed is a very pleasant thing for a baby. Your brain was telling your hands to touch those things to see if it was what you remembered." Helen said.

"Like the smell of that baby powder. I mean I was remembering that baby powder smell," Bobby said. It was still in the air in his room, on him as well.

"It's a wonderful smell isn't it," Helen asked.

"Yes," Bobby said blushing as he added, "and the plastic pants as well."

"I know," Helen added.

Helen looked at her son and for a moment pondering this change. She was thankful that her son had confessed, but that changed things. Only she wasn't sure if she really wanted things to change that quickly. She was wondering if she should continue this as punishment and decided there was no need. She was also wondering what she could do to keep this alive a bit longer.

"Is Jeff telling his mom," Helen asked.

"No. I mean I don't think so. I don't actually know. He said he was going to wet into his diapers this morning and let things go on as before," Bobby said flushing at the thought of what he'd just confessed.

Helen nodded. She wasn't sure why she was feeling so relieved but she was as she said, "tell you what? If Jeff hasn't told Rose then Rose is expecting more of the same today. That was our plan from the beginning. We were going to do this today again, tomorrow and Sunday. So, until Jeff decides to confess, if ever, what if you and I keep this between us for now and just do what we were already going to do."

"You mean I'd have to stay in these things! All day... again," Bobby said trying not to sound as excited as he was.

"Afraid so! Only this time you wouldn't have to sneak a feel for your baby things. Besides, I think it would be better if Jeff deals with this till he comes to his senses like you did. Of course, in order for that to happen you'll have to pretend that this conversation of ours never happened," Helen said.

"OK," Bobby said almost too quickly. His reaction wasn't lost on Helen and as odd as it seemed she was as thrilled as he was as he added, "am I being too weird?"

"Honey, how does a nice baby bath sound," Helen asked.

"A baby bath," Bobby asked.

"A baby bath and then get you changed," Helen said.

"I had a shower last night, " Bobby said nervously.

"I know!" Helen said smiling, but added, "the thing is I also bought a bottle of Johnson's Baby Bath and was going to use it this morning. At the time it was another form of punishment. I'd still like to use it this morning, but not as punishment."

"Oh! Right! OK," Bobby said suddenly getting it.

Meanwhile, Jeff was taking his baby bath almost at the same time as Bobby. The difference was the two mothers methods. Rose was waiting for Jeff to finish his bath to diaper him, while Helen was now giving Bobby his bath. Helen was humming lullabies and as gentle as she had once been when she did this to Bobby in the kitchen sink.

Jeff dried briskly while Bobby was patted dry before his mother dusted him head to toe with baby powder. This time she started well up on his chest and back. He was almost dusty white head to toe by the time he moved to his bed to lay over his diapers. This time he voluntarily spread his legs, then closed his eyes, but to the pleasure of it. Bobby enjoyed every second of this diapering. Helen did as well.

With more care and even slower Helen tugged the diaper towards her pulling the soft wrinkles out of the cotton layers. With the edge of Bobby's diaper between her fingers she lifted it straight, then tugged left then right to set the edge between his testicles and thigh. She paused there and sprinkled more baby powder so it fell down along the diaper to his bottom.

Helen pulled Bobby's diaper snug and over to his belly button joining the left side first. Holding the diaper together she took up the open diaper pin and pushed it into the fabric. A click and it held before she did the same with the right side. With the diaper on and pinned she slid her fingers along the inside edges to set the gathers in place. It was very fluffy and soft and smelled of baby as she took up the baby pants.

There was little reluctance and only a hint of embarrassment as Bobby slipped a foot into the baby pants leg openings. With both legs in and the baby pants around his ankles Bobby brought his legs together evenly. Helen tugged the panties up to his knees before Bobby brought his legs straight so his mother could tug the panties to his diapers. Bobby planted his feet and lifted his bottom so his mother could set the panties in place. The only thing missing Bobby mused was maybe a pacifier or baby's bottle and went crimson at the notion.

When Bobby's baby pants were in place he stood and when he stood his mother fused with the waist band then took him into her arms. One arm circling his back, the other went across his bottom and those baby pants. Bobby sort of melted onto his mom's breast and for a time she rocked him humming nothing in particular. Bobby felt like he'd been whisked back in time.

Rose had called back hesitating a bit about the day. Rose wanted to tell the boys that they knew, she told Helen. She wanted to tell the boys that they had planned this whole thing because of what they did. Helen listened but suggested they stay the course at least for the day then perhaps tell them that evening. They agreed to tell the boys at dinner time.

However, it was Rose telling Helen that she intended to make Jeff sleep in his diapers and baby pants for at least a month. A fitting punishment and that would get some use out of the things they had purchased. Helen thought a month would be ok as well, but she knew that Bobby wouldn't be nearly as sad as Jeff would be.

The day had gone about the same as before. Jeff was changed by his mother Rose when Helen and Bobby showed up and Helen changed Bobby after they arrived. Rose returned at five with both boys still sitting once again on the blanket. They were both stunned when Rose and Helen told them that they knew what the boys had done. Bobby wasn't surprised, because he knew. Jeff was flabbergasted.

Both boys, reluctantly agreed to the month of nightly diapers. One regretting what he had done, the other fighting back the smile that kept sneaking up on his face. Bobby would be in diapers and plastic pants for a month. Helen had talked with him about it and Bobby was thrilled. Jeff thought it was fair but, of course, still didn't like the thought of being diapered every night.

That surprised Bobby a little as did his mother's mentioning that she was going to do just a bit more. Jeff was shocked when Bobby and he compared notes. Sleeping in diapers was bad enough Jeff said but Bobby had to wear his right after he got home from school. Jeff was thankful that he only was diapered at night after that. Of course Jeff didn't know it was something Bobby and his mother had agreed to.

Bobby couldn't wait to get home from school that Monday nor could Helen after leaving work early. Helen was feeling guilty over her feelings but rationalized it. It was nothing more than coincidental since this part really was intended to be punishment. She knew this was odd but she couldn't help herself.

There was another package that evening as well. A package hidden until now.

"What's that," Bobby asked.

"Disposable diapers. Pampers actually and in a size seven. I mentioned them earlier and thought we might as well use them," Helen said and added, "I was thinking that I put you into the Pampers when you get home from school and then the double cloth diapers for bed. Is that OK?"

"They've got baby designs on them," Bobby noted.

"I know. It's very hard to get any without designs unless we get the cheap ones", Helen said.

"I guess it's OK," Bobby answered.

"I went by that same store and got some baby style tee shirts. Actually they are not actual baby tees but boy tee-shirts I had hem. They are a little shorter than your regular tee shirts," Helen said as she readied the tee shirt to go with Bobby's diaper. Bobby was diapered before his tee-shirt went on and then settled nervously into his homework at the kitchen table. His new tee stopped a few inches above the waist of his diaper.

He had casually gone to his room to fetch a pen for his homework but what he really wanted to do was look at his new Pampers diaper and the design. It was a radically different look and feel but it was more babyish if that was possible because of the style and pattern. Cloth diapers under plastic panties sort of ballooned out while the Pampers went smoothly to his thighs in a tighter V. He rubbed the diapers front and back and decided he could do both.

Jeff, reluctantly confessed and his mother pretty much reacted the way he thought she might. She'd paid a pretty penny for those diapers and she was going to get her money's worth out of them and Jeff deserved the punishment. He agreed, more or less, and would be wearing his diapers and plastic pants to bed at night and one disposable per day when he got home from school. At least till the disposables were gone.

Jeff didn't talk much on-line that night, other than most of the usual stuff that he and Bobby often talked about. Nor did Bobby type in that he was now wearing a baby's tee-shirt his mother had actually found from the chubby baby section. It was way too short but it snapped at his shoulder like a baby tee does. He liked it.

Their mothers, between themselves, had decided not to send them to school in the disposables since the punishment for both had been worked out.

Both boys did admit, on-line, they were wearing their diapers and plastic pants. The conversation on-line was short that night as Bobby logged off messenger and logged into his email as his one last step before going to bed.

"You've Got New Mail!" Bobby's screen flashed. It was from Jennifer. Bobby clicked on the icon.

From: Jennifer (Jen)
To: Baby Bobby
Subject: It's about your diapers and baby pants!

Bobby looked at the words "Baby Bobby" from that subject line and almost had a heart attack. He clicked on the "open mail" button and waited with his heart pounding in his ears as the message displayed.

The message read: "Hey Baby Bobby.

Wanted to ask you why you and Jeff are wearing diapers now? I know you've been home sick, so what's up? If you're wondering how I know, it's because my mom was behind your mom and Jeff's mom when they bought all of your baby things? Took me awhile but two and two always adds up to four. Anyway, I've been dying to ask right after she told me what she'd seen but you've been home. So, you guys can meet me Monday morning and bring me up on the latest.


Bobby slumped back in his chair. Bobby was in a panic as he read the email several more times before deleting it. He thought about calling Jeff but decided to wait. He definitely and desperately needed to talk with his mother. Bobby didn't sleep much that night.

Monday morning came and Bobby, as usual met Jeff coming out of his house. He'd decided that talking to his mother before finding out what Jennifer might want would be better. Bobby, fearing his own panic also didn't tell Jeff about the email, but he did say Jennifer wanted to meet them on the way to school. Bobby had decided his mother didn't need to know about Jennifer's email.

"So why are we waiting for Jennifer," Jeff asked.

"She just said that she wanted to talk with us about something," Bobby said.

"She didn't say what," Jeff asked.

"Nope, just that she wants to talk," Bobby said nervously.

"Here she comes," Jeff said casually.

"Hey guys," Jennifer said coming up to the two boys.

"Hi Jen," Bobby said using the nickname he'd been using for years. His face went red.

"Hey Chub," Jeff said also using the nickname he'd also been using for years. Bobby cringed at the word, but this time because Jeff didn't know what Jennifer knew. It was like teasing a mean dog at the end of it's rope. A rope that you thought was tied but wasn't.

"Chub? Oh you mean Chubby! Always hated the word. Did you know that Jeff? I mean until till now that is," Jennifer said smiling.

"Really? So what's changed," Jeff asked sarcastically and added, "so what did you want to talk about?"

"First, let's talk about what's changed? Sort of glad you asked that Jeff. Gee, let me see, I suppose it's because I was so big when we started school together. Remember those days," Jennifer asked.

"I remember! You were really chubby and huge back then!" Jeff said teasing.

"Give it a rest Jeff," Bobby said to Jeff. He knew that Jennifer was baiting his friend and he suddenly thought he knew why. Trouble was Bobby would suffer as well, or so he worried.

"But she really was chubby back then," Jeff said looking at his friend and smiling.

"He's right Bobby! I was so very chubby," Jennifer noted before giving them a wicked sneering look as she added, "almost everything I wore back then was bigger because I was so chubby.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about," Jeff asked looking back at Jennifer.

"Did you know I wore diapers back then? Jeff! It's true. I was slightly incontinent because of my weight and to keep from getting too embarrassed mom would put me into diapers. Of course I wore dresses back then so they hid my diapers pretty well. I was so glad you guys didn't know about that," Jennifer said.

"Really," Jeff asked suddenly blushing.

"Really," Jennifer said and then added, "mom even made me ruffled panties so I had something girlish to wear over my diapers. Mom sewed panties over plastic pants then added the ruffles. It actually did make me feel girlish. I'm guessing those kind of panties over diapers would even make boys feel girlish"

Bobby was still mostly silent, but the fact that Jennifer had once worn diapers well past being a baby intrigued him. It made him wonder if there was something else driving Jennifer's reasons for this contact.

"So what do I want to talk about? Good question Jeff. Well, first of all it's about me being so big back then. Chubby as you put it Jeff! Anyway, I got to thinking the other night that a lot of what I wore back then might actually fit you guys, even now," Jennifer said.


"No doubt," Jeff said sarcastically and with a snicker, and missing the point of what Jennifer had just said added, "so, come on, what's your point Chub!"

"My point Jeffrey, is that I'd like to see you in some of those things," Jennifer said and added, "Actually, I was thinking how fun it would be to play dress up with you guys. Of course, I'd be the mommy and you guys could be my babies. Obviously one of you has to be a baby girl, the other can be a baby boy. Jeff, I'm thinking that you can be the baby girl. I mean I'm sure I've got a whole lot of cute stuff you can wear and since you guys already got your own baby stuff this is going to work out really great."

Jeff froze then. Jeff was going to say something but decided not to and already regretting what he'd said earlier as he said, "I guess I'm sorry about what I said to you."

"Too late precious. Oh, Jeff, did that catch you off guard? I'm sorry! I didn't mention that part about me knowing you guys are wearing diapers now did I? I was going to send you an email as well, but didn't. Anyway, mom told me the oddest thing the other day. She said that she was in line at the pharmacy and she saw both of your moms buying you baby diapers and baby panties. She didn't know why but she knew they were big enough for you guys, and she did want to ask but didn't dare. So I guess I should ask? Say guys, why are you two wearing diapers and baby pants all of a sudden?" Jennifer asked.

Jeff couldn't talk. Jennifer waited then looked at Bobby. Jennifer's smile was softer when she looked from Jeff to Bobby.

"We got caught scheming together to stay out of school. We both pretended we were sick and wet our beds. The diapers are punishment," Bobby said. There was no reason not to tell Jen what she mostly already knew.

"Really! Now what a great way to punish a boy! Not perfect obviously because it's just diapers and baby pants, but not bad either." Jennifer said and added, "I would have gone with the baby girl look right up front, but, hey, that's me. Anyway, it's never too late."

"I'm not going to play dress up," Jeff said.

"Might want to reconsider that. I mean so far it's still just our little secret," Jennifer said.

"And if we don't play along with this you're going to blab this all over the school aren't you," Jeff asked in agony.

"Now why would I do that. OK, if push comes to shove and you leave me no choice? Yes, I'll blab," Jennifer said and added, "unfortunately that would spoil all of this- for both of us! You know, no leverage then. That's why I was thinking it would be better to cooperate, because it's going to be more fun with me the only one knowing and you looking really cute!"

"So if we say yes, you're not going to tell," Bobby asked a little surprised.

"Of course not! I mean like I said, that would ruin everything. At least I'm going to try and avoid it" Jennifer said and added: "Besides, Bobby, you've always been nice to me. That's why you can be the baby boy. On the other hand Jeff here hasn't been very nice very often. Like I said, I never did like that name Chub or Chubby!"

"OK, I'm sorry about that. So what if I stop calling you that," Jeff said in a renewed panic.

"That would be nice! Really nice! Although it doesn't take back all of those years, or just now, when you called me Chub again. Honestly Jeff, if you think about it, you really do need to be punished for that," Jennifer said.

"So now what," Jeff asked.

"Now what? Well, we're going to need some time to play. I'm thinking about this coming Saturday! Mom's working overtime and I'm going to be home working on that book report we've all got due. Thought I'd invite you both over to play and then help me with my report," Jennifer said and added, "you can tell your mommies that we're doing the book report and that it's not about playing dress up."

"Play how," Jeff asked but already knowing the answer.

"Oh Jeff, deep down you already know that part. Remember, I'm Chubby! Remember, I was so very chubby back when I was little. The thing is I'm not sure how far back we can go. I mean as far as my things fitting you that is, so we should spend a little of our time together trying things on. Of course that's the fun part about playing dress-up anyway. Right? Right," Jennifer said and added, "and don't worry about getting all excited or me seeing your thing, because you'll be diapered while you're trying on my dresses and your diapers will hide everything from me."

"And if I... I mean if we say no what then? You tell right," Jeff said.

"I'm afraid so," Jennifer said.

"But you said you wouldn't," Jeff yelled.

"No, I said I didn't want to. Look Jeff, me wanting you in a dress is a girl thing. What I'm hoping is you turn out to like pretending your a girl and pick up on some of this You know, you might learn that as a girl. Who knows," Jennifer said looking at Jeff.

Jeff went silent and folded his arms.

"What time," Bobby asked already resigned to do this since they really didn't have much choice.

"About nine! Like I said, you both can tell your moms that we are working on our book reports together. Just put a couple of diapers and a pair of your baby pants in your backpacks with your books before you come over. As for you Jeff, I'll start pulling things out for you to try on," Jennifer said.

"You're not dressing me are you," Bobby asked nervously and added, "I never called you any names?"

"I didn't mean you Bobby! Unfortunately I would like to see you in a diaper though so you're going to still have to be my baby boy. Jeff here is going to be your baby sister and my little baby girl," Jennifer said and added, "aren't you sweetheart?"

"Like hell," Jeff said.

"I know it's hard to imagine honey so I'll leave that up to you! You show up and take your punishment and my lips are sealed. You don't and I go on-line and drop the story for the school paper that same day. Of course they won't print it, but I'll bet the rumors are out by the time you get to school next Monday. Then again, it might actually show up in the newspaper since my best friend, Susan, is sure to post something about this," Jennifer said.

"Blackmail," Jeff said in disgust.

"Big time," Jennifer said.

"I'll be there," Bobby said.

"Doesn't seem like we have much choice," Jeff said.

"Nope! Although look at this on the bright side! You sort of get to be babies again and you Jeff get to wear some very pretty things over your diapers. Seriously, how many boys ever get to say they've done that," Jennifer asked.

Jeff went silent. Both boys and Jennifer were silent as the bus pulled up.

Jeff and Bobby talked that night on-line using messenger. Obviously they had to do it, Bobby rationalized, but to calm Jeff, Bobby promised to ask Jennifer to back off on the baby girl thing. Both boys avoided Jennifer for the remainder of that day. Both boys continued wearing the diapers to bed but Bobby, of course, was happily changed right after school and adored his new Pampers. So to his mother wondering how long to push it till deciding at least till the Pampers were gone.

It was Saturday morning with five minutes before the hour when Bobby knocked on Jennifer's door. Jeff was standing slightly back and sulking.

"Hey, good morning you two! Right on time," Jennifer said and added, "come on in. You guys bring your baby things?"

"I did," Bobby said.

"Jeffrey honey, you didn't answer," Jennifer asked when Jeff didn't respond.

"YES! You happy," Jeff said in anger.

"I will be! Come up to my room. I've got a few things laid out that I want you to try first. I've sorted them by years," Jennifer said.

There were five dresses laid side by side on Jennifer's canopy bed. A powder blue, two white and two pink. Each dress slightly smaller than the one next to it beginning at the foot board. Each dress made of something either shimmery or airy looking. The powder blue was a kind of satin. The two white dresses were like nylon Bobby realized then thought about that fabric organdy his mother once said about her own dress. The pink one was a softer satin than the powder blue.

"This one first!" Jennifer said as she picked up the first dress, the smallest. One of the pink ones. As soon as she did so it was clearly too small for Jeff as she held it up. The second one was not as small and might have fit Jeff handing that one to Bobby to hold. The third, the white with pink trim looked like it might fit Jeff easily.

"This one first," Jennifer said.

"I can't," Jeff said beginning to look like he was going to break down.

"Jeffrey, you really must," Jennifer said.

"I just can't," Jeff said and added, "and I don't care who you tell!"

"Well, that's too bad! OK, so be it! I guess our little get together is over then," Jennifer said.

"No! Wait! Look Jennifer, no need for that. Here, tell you what Jeff, I'll wear this one first," Bobby said holding the pink dress out and adding, "we'll both be baby girls together."

"You don't have to Bobby! It's Jeff I want to see in my dresses," Jennifer said.

"We're in this together," Bobby said looking at his friend as he started to take his tee-shirt off. A second later Bobby was bringing the dress over his head and added, come on Jeff, we don't have a choice here."

"Fine," Jeff said looking at his friend now wearing the pink party dress he'd taken up. It fit Bobby almost perfectly. Jennifer was looking at Bobby with an odd stare. Bobby was looking back at her not smiling but not frowning either. Jeff had picked up the white one slowly, reluctantly not looking at Bobby or Jennifer.

"Wait," Jennifer said as Jeff started to pull his tee-shirt up and off.

"What," Jeff said.

"No need for that Jeff! I'm sorry I frightened you. Seriously I just wanted to scare you guys a little. I've really hated you calling me Chubby all of these years Jeff. Tell you what, if you promise to stop calling me that you're off the hook," Jennifer said.

"Seriously," Jeff asked.

"Seriously," Jennifer answered.

"And you won't tell anyone about the diapers," Jeff asked looking suddenly hopeful.

"Not a soul. Unless of course you call me Chubby again," Jennifer said.

"Never again! Honestly, and I really am sorry," Jeff said clearly relieved.

"Fair enough," Jennifer said.

"Can we go then," Jeff asked anxiously. He wanted to be out of there.

"Yes," Jennifer said but paused before adding, "Bobby? Would you mind staying? I mean I really could still use some help with that book report. Would you mind if I promise not to tease? I mean just a little bit longer to get me started?"

"I guess so!" Bobby said feeling suddenly silly that he was wearing one of Jennifer's old dresses.

"But I can go, right," Jeff said looking decidedly relieved and a little sympathetically at his friend.

"You can go! Unless you'd like to stay and help me as well. No dresses! No mention of your diapers either," Jennifer said.

Jeff looked at Bobby and then at Jennifer as he said, "I'd like to, I really would, but I haven't read the book yet. Not much that I could say about it."

"Then no need for you to stay," Jennifer said.

"That's what I was thinking. Look Jen, I really am sorry and I'll never, ever call you names again," Jeff said moving towards the door.

"Works for me," Jennifer said as she moved to the door with Jeff.

"So I'll see you later... Bobby," Jeff said smiling, but it was strained. Jeff wanted out of there badly.

"Later," Bobby said standing there still feeling odd in that dress. Odd but he hadn't made an attempt to take it off and was just realizing that.

Jeff hit the steps two at a time as Jennifer watched. Bobby was standing at Jennifer's bedroom door still in his jeans and that dress. Jeff never looked back as he went through the front door. Jennifer turned towards Bobby.

"We OK then," Bobby asked as he started to lift the dress off.

"Yes!" Jennifer said as she turned to walk back towards Bobby and said with a gentle touch to Bobby's hand, "Mind not taking that off just yet?"

"What? Why," Bobby asked.

"Because, that was pretty amazing what you did for Jeff," Jennifer said moving in closer.

"Jeff was very scared," Bobby said justifying what he'd done.

"And you're not," Jennifer noted as she came right up to him.

"A little, but I'd rather wear a dress than have the whole school know I'm wearing diapers," Bobby said.

"So you guys really are still wearing them? That wasn't a put on," Jennifer said now very close to Bobby.

"For a month, but only at night now. We've got three weeks left," Bobby said nervously not daring to say anything about being diapered during the evening.

"The thing is Bobby, that dress looks really cute on you!" Jennifer said as she moved a finger to the puffed sleeve covering Bobby's arm.

"Thanks, but between you and me, this isn't exactly my thing," Bobby said sarcastically, but smiled nervously.

"Actually, it wasn't mine either till I saw you in it," Jennifer said bending to kiss Bobby on the lips. Jennifer was easily a foot taller than Bobby. They had always been casual friends but that kiss hinted at more. Bobby kissed Jennifer back. Their second kiss had a bit more passion in it.

Bobby's heart was racing as Jennifer moved closer pushing the dress against Bobby's chest. It was lined in nylon and the smoothness didn't escape Bobby's notice.

Jennifer eased her arms around Bobby gathering the dress against his chest as she did so and their next kiss even more passionate. Jennifer broke it off with another quick kiss and smiled.

"Wish I could keep you in that dress for a bit longer," Jennifer said.

"But you were going to make Jeff wear it," Bobby said.

"I know and then suddenly you had it on and it sort of dawned on me that it would be more fun not forcing you guys into these things. At least not forcing you since you were already wearing it. Jeff, as insensitive as he is at times, is not a bad guy. The thing is I didn't really have the heart to do it just for revenge," Jennifer said.

"So why am I still in it then," Bobby asked.

"Not sure yet, but something changed a little when it went over you," Jennifer said and added, "and like I said, you really do look cute in it."

"Still not my thing," Bobby said feeling odd standing there.

"Any chance I could talk you into wearing this a little longer," Jennifer asked after another kiss broke. She had moved closer to Bobby and kissed him again. Jennifer had her hands wrapped around Bobby's back. Her face was only inches away.

"Ah, if you haven't noticed, I'm already in it," Bobby said sounding only slightly sarcastic.

"You're still in your pants precious. This is the wrong combination of things to layer. Besides, it needs a slip and you're not wearing your diapers and neither am I. Your pants doesn't do a thing for the look and, besides, like I said, it's needs a slip," Jennifer said moving in again. She kissed Bobby softly and Bobby kissed back. A moment later Bobby felt the skirts of the dress being lifted and then his belt being undone. The kiss continued as Jennifer found the button of his jeans and then his zipper.

"Hold your skirts up for me," Jennifer said as she knelt down while tugging Bobby's pants down.

"I didn't say I'd do this," Bobby said feeling a little woozy.

"You didn't say you wouldn't either," Jennifer said smiling up as she eased Bobby's foot up a little to slip his shoe and sock off.

"Bad enough you know about the diapers," Bobby said.

"Not bad at all me knowing you wear diapers," Jennifer said as she added, "actually, it's a good thing because I've always liked you and now even more!"

"More? Why," Bobby asked as he lifted his other foot for his second shoe. He was letting this happen and he was having trouble believing it.

"Know much about the word submissive or dominates," Jennifer asked.

"As in whips and chains," Bobby said frowning.

"Nope, more like sugar and spice, and everything nice, but with a little more of that spice after lots of sugar," Jennifer said as she peeled Bobby's socks off.

"Then I'm not sure I do know about that stuff," Bobby said.

"We'll just have to fake it a little then," Jennifer said looking up at Bobby with a smile. Bobby was holding the skirts gathered in his hand and feeling the pangs of his passion becoming almost painful as Jennifer disappeared under Bobby's dress to do his other shoe and sock.

"Not sure I can do this," Bobby said as he felt his jeans come off past his feet.

"I'll help you with most of it," Jennifer said.

"You've done this before," Bobby asked.

"Only in my most recent day dreams," Jennifer said laughing.

"This turns you on then," Bobby asked.

"About as much as it's turning you on," Jennifer said giggling at Bobby's shorts and added: "Might be a good thing if you actually were wearing diapers. Your pants are beginning to get real wet."

"I can't help that," Bobby said knowing exactly what Jennifer meant.

"I know! Fortunately, I think I can," Jennifer said as Bobby felt his shorts getting tug free before falling.

Bobby's back stiffened when Jennifer wrapped her hand softly around him. His legs went rigid when he also felt the soft warm kiss and her tongue suddenly. She stopped after a moment, bent back enough looking up past the skirts Bobby had bunched up to ask, "is that helping you decide precious?"

"Yes," Bobby whispered fighting to make his voice sound normal and wishing Jennifer was still under his dress.

"Is it helping enough to get you into the rest of my things," Jennifer asked.

"Am I being coerced," Bobby asked smiling.

"Big time," Jennifer said as she reached under his dress once again. Bobby grunted involuntarily. Jennifer with a finger circling Bobby's very sensitive tip was teasing him more as she added, "so, is this enough coercion to get you into the rest of my things?"

"Yes," Bobby said almost pleading.

"Then let's get you into your diaper first. I don't want my slips and dresses getting ruined," Jennifer said snickering.

"Can't you finish what you've started?" Bobby said wishing hard that he could talk her into that part of this first.

"We can, but not until I've taken you as far as I can with this. Wouldn't be fair otherwise now would it," Jennifer said and added, "besides, I want to see you in those diapers and baby pants in a very bad way."

"You realize this is a little weird don't you," Bobby said as Jennifer lifted his dress over his head and off.

"Not in the world of a dominate and her little submissive," Jennifer said as the dress came up and over Bobby's head.

"Didn't know that I was a submissive," Bobby said standing there suddenly naked.

"Until you put that dress on I didn't know I was a dominate either, so we're even," Jennifer said moving in to kiss Bobby once again. Bobby kissed back.

"The diaper is in my back pack," Bobby said blushing. He actually did need that diaper, he mused and then to himself decided he wanted to be diapered by Jennifer.

"I've got some things of my own," Jennifer said.

"Diapers," Bobby asked a little surprised.

"Diapers," Jennifer noted.

"Seriously? So you did wear them back then," Bobby asked.

"Actually no. That was a fib," Jennifer said.

"How is it then that you have diapers," Bobby asked.

"Made a couple of diapers this week for your visit," Jennifer said and added, "wasn't too difficult sewing something together and I wanted something special."

"Special? But we have our own and trust me they are real diapers," Jeff noted curiously.

"But not pink and definitely not satin," Jennifer said smiling as she lifted the diaper from a bag that had been in her closet.

"You're kidding right," Bobby asked.

"Actually these were going to be for Jeff," Jennifer noted.

"Boy, I'm not sure about those," Bobby said but not with any conviction.

"Would you rather it be whips and chains," Jennifer asked and added, "than your pretty in pink diaper?"

"No," Bobby said looking at the soft pastel pink diaper. It was shaped like an hour glass and both sides were satin but it was just as thick as his diaper was as he added: "That's not all satin right?"

"No. it's got several layers of cotton between them and batting for thickness between the cotton," Jennifer said.

"Batting? What's batting," Bobby asked.

"Think of it as puff stuff. I wanted a lot of puffiness to your diaper but I also wanted it to be a diaper but mostly meant for a girl," Jennifer said.

"This is making me wig out a little," Bobby said and added, "since I'm not a girl."

"Wig? That comes later, after your diaper, slip and dress," Jennifer said as she laid the pink diaper on her bed. She took a moment gathering the rest of the dresses back to her closet as she added, "and the nice thing about you not being a girl is no matter what I put you into there is still the boy under it. I like that and it's driving me to think some very naughty thoughts."

"So why is this turning you on," Bobby asked.

"Why is it turning you on Bobby," Jennifer asked looking down at Bobby's erection.

"Beats me," Bobby said smiling.

"Me to," Jennifer said as she patted the pink diaper now open for Bobby as she added, "maybe we'll discover our most hidden secrets later.

"Maybe," Bobby said.

Bobby moved to the edge of her canopy bed, turned, sat over the diaper and laid back. This was blowing him away given what was about to happen. Bobby's passion was almost unbearable as Jennifer poured baby powder onto Bobby's skin.

"I love this smell," Jennifer said.

"Me too? So does my mom, I've discovered. Say, do you think it's the baby powder that makes us like this," Bobby asked.

"Has got to help," Jennifer said moving her free hand against Bobby's stomach as she began rubbing the powder onto this skin. She was slow, thorough, methodical, mischievous with a bit of teasing that was driving her as crazy as Bobby.

"That's not fair," Bobby said.

"What's not fair," Jennifer asked.

"You're getting me all flustered and if I'm wearing a diaper, I can't do anything about it," Bobby said.

"Sorry baby, but that's what dominates do," Jennifer said as she lingered for a time and added, "although, if you're good, really good, mommy will take care of that for you."

"Good how," Bobby asked.

"You'll see," Jennifer said as she sat the baby powder on her nightstand and took up a wipe for her hands. She also took up a pink tipped diaper pin.

"Pink," Bobby asked.

"Of course," Jennifer answered as she brought the back of the diapers edge over the front, pinning it closed.

"Oh wow," Bobby said without thinking as the satin moved over him.

"Like it," Jennifer asked.

"A little," Bobby said.

"How about now," Jennifer asked moving the satiny layers even more with her hand.

"Yes," Bobby grunted.

"Gets better with the baby pants," Jennifer said.

"What's the design on the diaper pin," Bobby asked not caring too much about the diaper pins but wanting to change the subject.

"It's a bunny rabbit," Jennifer said and added, "would you prefer a cute little duck? I got a set of those as well."

Bobby was only making conversation for the sake of talking. What he was really interested in was that layer of satin that had slipped over him as he said, "no, the bunny rabbits are ok."

Jennifer moved to the other side of Bobby's diaper but not before lingering there in the center. For Bobby, it was almost electrical that shock of pleasure he received.

"Satin! Nothing in the world feels like satin," Jennifer said moving the palm of her hand over the front of Bobby's diaper. Bobby sort of grunted a yes making Jennifer snicker a little and add, "so you agree then?"

"Yes," Bobby said languishing in the pleasure of Jennifer's touch and wishing, as he had a bit ago, when he was still wearing the dress, that this never would end.

"Then you are simply going to love what goes over your diaper," Jennifer said pinning the second side closed.

"Why," Bobby asked.

"You'll see. Now close your eyes," Jennifer said easing up from the bed.

"Can't I see," Bobby asked.

"Sure, but not yet," Jennifer said moving to that bag again.

"OK," Bobby said closing his eyes.

Jennifer returned with the ruffled panties. She'd been sewing lingerie for herself for a few years now and the only difference between her regular panties she fashioned and the ones she held now was the plastic lining and a few layers of gathered ruffles across the backside.

"Sounds like baby pants," Bobby said keeping his eyes closed but lifting his feet when Jennifer asked. His toes touched against the plastic, plus there was a hint of that rustling that came with plastic pants.

"They are like baby panties," Jennifer said as she slipped the ruffled panties along Jeff's leg and finally over his diaper as she added, "OK, stand up first then open your eyes."

Bobby did and was slightly taken back by the ruffles across the back and lace around each leg. "Would it make any difference if I said I'd rather not wear these," Bobby asked smiling.

"Would you really rather not wear them," Jennifer asked back as she fluffed a couple layers of ruffles.

"No! I mean I'd rather wear them I guess," Bobby said deciding he would and there was no need to say otherwise.

"I'm not sure we're going to make it into your pretty little slip or dress," Jennifer said hugging Bobby before kissing him again. She drew him closer with both hands now gripping his ruffles.

"I'm not sure I'm going to make it past this moment," Bobby said as Jennifer moved sensuously against him.

"I've got two more diapers just like the one you are wearing should this one become too wet," Jennifer noted as she pressed against Bobby more firmly and kissed him more passionately. Bobby kissed back, but had lost the desire to speak as he pushed back against Jennifer's hand. The moment slipped him deeper into his desires as he became more intense. There was no need for pretense or objections and his moan a second later was answer enough for Jennifer.

"This is wonderfully agonizing," Bobby said in a strained whisper.

"For both of us," Jennifer noted as she stopped playing and moved away.

"Wait? What's the matter," Bobby asked still breathing deeply.

"Nothing, but I want to see you in that dress again," Jennifer noted and added, "before it's too late and it needs a slip first and if you like that satin I've pinned you into, you're going to love my slip."

"That's not fair," Bobby said.

"Come on, it will only take a second and then mommy will make her baby girl so very happy," Jennifer cooed as she moved to the closet for the slip.

"Looks like another dress, and I'm not really a girl? Baby maybe but not a girl," Bobby said as the bellowing petticoats attached to the satiny bodice rustled towards him.

"It almost is another dress. I use to love wearing just my slips and twirling in them. You'll see what I mean when it's on you," Jennifer said gathering the layers of petticoats before slipping them over Bobby's head as she added, "feel nice sissy boy?"

"What," Bobby asked.

"Sissy? You said you're not a baby girl so that makes you a sissy baby boy," Jennifer said and asked, "so does your slip feel nice sissy boy?"

"Does," Bobby said not caring what agreeing might mean. The satiny bodice fell over his chest in a titillating way as he added, "too bad Jeff didn't do this, he might have liked it."

"So does that mean you might like this," Jennifer said tugging on the bell shaped slips before fluffing them. She made a point of pressing against the layers of slips that sat over Bobby's panties and diaper and when Bobby grunted and nodded she added, "I'll take that as a yes. And now your pretty little dress again."

Bobby once again put his arms through the puffy sleeves as the dress came over his head. The soft pastel layers of pink flowed outward even further with the petticoats and the rustling of the dress sounded louder as it joined with the taffeta of the slip. Jennifer fluffed the skirts some, twisted the puffy sleeves so they sat straight then went to the back to close the dress around Bobby.

"Almost done," Bobby asked sounding slightly flustered. The satiny diaper was moving against him and that movement, added to the layers of dress and slip hugging him gave him goose bumps and a strong desire to be played with again.

"Just let me tie the sash and then you get your reward," Jennifer said picking up the two loose ends of the dresses sash. Those ends sewn into neat points were drawn together as Jennifer fashioned a very large bow at the back before stepping back. She eyed her playmate from the back first then moved to the front to kiss Bobby and while they kissed Bobby was pushed back towards the bed.

The back of Bobby's knees touched the bed before he sat and when he sat Jennifer gently pushed him back so his legs dangled at the beds edge. Bobby was looking at Jennifer who moved to sit at the edge of the bed before bending slightly to ease her left hand under Bobby's slips and layers of dress. A second later she was rubbing him over his ruffled panties and satin diaper and a second after that Bobby closed his eyes.

Bobby found himself drifting towards an orgasm and at the very edge arched his back as Jennifer's strokes grew more intense. Bobby made every effort to hold himself back till there was no hope of doing so. Jennifer knew exactly when Bobby's orgasm began as Bobby took a breath and held it while his body stiffened noticeably. She continued rubbing his baby panties and diaper till Bobby fell back against the bed, exhausted and spent. She continued rubbing long after he'd relaxed.

"Just lay still and enjoy yourself and I'll be right back," Jennifer said moving off the bed. Bobby wasn't sure he could move even if he wanted to, and at that moment he had no desire to do anything but savor that moment. He rested both hands on either side of his waist, hands enfolded in the dresses layers pushed outwardly by the slips.

"Here we go baby," Jennifer said as Bobby felt the bed move under her weight.

Before he could open his eyes he felt the soft rubber nipple and moistness of milk against his lips. When he did look Jennifer was holding a baby's bottle titled to his mouth and as soon as he opened his mouth to say something the bottle slid in. There was nothing to do but nurse and no reason not to as Jennifer added, "I don't know about you precious, but I could easily get use to this."

Bobby grunted a kind of agreement since he was nursing the bottle and took it with both hands when Jennifer urged him to. He was still nursing the baby bottle when Jennifer brought another of the satin diapers over to the bed.

"Do we have time for another," Bobby asked nervously as he lifted the nipple from his mouth.

"Absolutely. Besides, I want to spend a little time, this time, getting me off," Jennifer said slipping her hand under Bobby's dress and slips before rubbing him again as she added, "and we've got to wait till the baby gets hungry again. Jennifer got up leaving again.

"Let's try these," Jennifer said dropping to her knees between Bobby's legs. She was holding a pair of white strapped shoes and lacy socks. The shoes she left on the floor, the lacy socks one by one went over Bobby's feet. There was a moment Bobby was sure the shoes didn't fit but it still had the strap on and with that free the shoe went on easily.

"I was eleven, no ten when I wore these. Gosh, I hope I can find my Mary Jane's they would go so well with your powder blue dress," Jennifer said as she closed the straps on both shoes.

The bottle was just past half done when Jennifer gathered the layers of dress and slips to push back, and began changing Bobby's satin diaper. She kept him in the ruffled panties, wiped him with a baby wipe, powdered him again and the pinned the new diaper closed. His ruffled panties came up again and Jennifer had him stand while she fluffed his skirts and slips.

Jennifer replaced his baby bottle with a cute white and pink pacifier that was linked to a pink plastic flower by a cord. It was linked now to his dress so it wouldn't fall to the floor if he lost it. Jennifer kissed him with the pacifier out of his mouth then gently pushed it in again.

Bobby was watching Jennifer as she began taking her clothes off and stopped wondering then if he was ready or not as Jennifer's pants fell to show off her panties. She wore very frilly panties Bobby noted. Not sexy to some, he realized but somehow fetching on a girl as big as she was. She left her panties on and covered her ample breast, now free of the large bra, with a short satiny sleep shirt.

"Is baby ready," Jennifer asked now wearing just the sleep shirt and panties as she moved to where Bobby was standing. He hadn't moved wondering if he should since he was the guy and the guys made the moves. That made him laugh a little at himself since he wasn't close to being a guy just then.

"Yes," Bobby said feeling himself pressing against the inside of his diaper. It was like being hooked to a small electrical device as he began taking steps. His tip, already way too sensitive, was getting deliciously teased with each small movements of the satiny diaper. Jennifer smiled then.

"I'm beginning to think my little sissy boy loves his satin diaper," Jennifer said as her arms went around him. She was slowly crushing him against her, forcing the dress against the slips and the slip against his ruffled panties and finally his diaper. He had no comment about her calling him her sissy boy not because he didn't want to but because he couldn't.

He simply did everything he needed to do to get where he hoped Jennifer was taking him and that began when she again gently pushed him towards the bed. She was methodical in her steps as she lifted the organdy layer of his dress, then the layer of satin beneath it folding each back to be held in Bobby's hand. She did the same with all four layers of petticoats and Bobby could no longer see her.

Bobby could feel though and knew she was working on his ruffled panties and diaper. She appeared once again just as she straddled him and in an instant they were settled together. Bobby could do little but enjoy the sensations cascading around him as Jennifer gently rose up and down in a slow methodical way.

Bobby, holding back the layers of little girl dress and slips pushed when he found her rhythm and found himself sometimes nursing the pacifier and sometimes biting down on it depending on how his nerves reacted to Jennifer's moves. Jennifer's body had a way of sucking him to her when she rose drawing Bobby up with her.

Bobby sensed first the buildup then felt it as the pressure grew. He fought to hold himself back while facing the inevitable as his body stiffened and arched against the pleasure. Jennifer too arched slightly above him and both climaxed together.

They remained that way for a long time before Jennifer eased off to stand and pull her panties back on. She did the same to Bobby's diaper and ruffled panties before helping him to stand. She was slow but organized as she began removing his clothes starting with the dress. It went on a hanger first then the slip before she tugged his ruffled panties and diaper free.

Bobby allowed the process to go on until all of the things he wore had been put away and he was dressed back into his jeans, shirt, socks and shoes. He had pulled his backpack on as Jennifer moved about the room fixing her bed and moving the throw rug back into it's original position.

"So what are you doing later on tonight. I think mom's going out again," Jennifer said as she added, "I've got a half dozen dresses still to be tried on and some really cute night things to tease you with."

Bobby, about to give her a few words of his own heard one of the steps creaking making him turn first. It was Jennifer's mom, June as Bobby added, "hello Ms. Anderson."

"Mom," Jennifer called out slightly shocked that her mother was home so early and thankful she'd gotten everything put away as she added, "what are you doing home so early?"

"Hello Bobby. Finished early thank the stars. Now what were you saying to Bobby about tonight," Ms. Anderson asked while looking at Bobby.

"I was joking with him about a sleep over. We just finished with our book report," Jennifer said casually coming to the edge of her bed room to stand where Bobby was.

"Well, I was going to go out again. This time with the girls. I think I mentioned that actually. Anyway, I'm not sure I'd have a problem with Bobby staying over. Any other boy, yes, but not Bobby," Ms. Anderson noted as she walked towards her room and added, "make sure it's going to be OK with his mother and that he brings his night things with him."

"I will mom," Jennifer said looking past Bobby till her mother's bedroom door closed with a confirming click.

"Did your mom just say I could stay over with you and the girls," Bobby asked and then added, "wait a second? By night things did she mean diapers?"

"I'm betting that's exactly what she meant and the very reason it would be OK to stay over. What boy is going to diddle with a girl while he's wearing diapers," Jennifer said.

"That caught me by surprise," Bobby said.

"She caught me by surprise as well. Bobby, honey, remember, it was my mom that alerted me to you and Jeff wearing diapers," Jennifer said and added, "Bobby, right now, because you wear diapers, or at least mom thinks you wear diapers, at least to her, you're probably the safest boy in the neighborhood."

"Not sure if my mom would go for it," Bobby said and added, "not sure if I like being the safest boy in the neighborhood."

"What if I call your mom and tell her I'm going to be turning her son into a pretty little sissy baby. She might go for it then," Jennifer said snickering.

"Not likely," Bobby said.

"Damn, too bad," Jennifer noted.

"Besides," Bobby said and added, "she's still diapering me for bed."

"Well, you can at least wear a pair of my panties home," Jennifer said before adding, "so your thinking about me when you diddle."

"You're panties are too big," Bobby said before adding, "unless I wear them over my plastic panties and diapers."

"Not the panties I wear now silly, my little girl panties from when I was a little girl! The panties I wore under that pretty white dress," Jennifer said as she moved to the closet and several boxes. She tugged something white from the box but as it came out pink ribbon showed.

"What are those," Bobby asked.

"Bloomers. Mom made me two layer panties with regular panties under the bloomer panties so if I wet a little it didn't always show. I think you'll like the two layers of nylon work together. Here, go in the bathroom and change into these and put your underwear in your backpack," Jennifer said.

Bobby went into Jennifer's bathroom, closed the door and began removing his jeans again.

"I'll be downstairs," Jennifer yelled from the other side of the door.

"OK," Bobby said as he stepped into the first leg of the double panties.

Downstairs Bobby was thankful he'd decided to leave his shirt out and again he said, "hello Ms. Anderson".

"Hello Bobby," Ms. Anderson responded before adding, "Bobby, it really is OK if you want to sleep over with the girls. Tell you what, if you want I can go and get your night things and hide them in my bathroom that way when the time comes to get ready for bed you can change in there."

"Thanks Ms. Anderson," Bobby said trying to keep his emotions in check.

Jennifer, at the sink, turned with her mouth covered to hide the smile before she dropped it and said, "that's OK mom, he's coming over after the girls leave tomorrow. He's got some things still left to do with me before his assignment is over."

Bobby nodded.

"I'm so pleased with you and Bobby and how much effort you're putting into those assignments," Ms. Anderson noted.

"Thanks mom," Jennifer said before adding, "with bobby helping me it's gotten a lot more fun."

"She's right," Bobby said catching on to what Jennifer was saying.

"Will I think it's wonderful," Ms. Anderson said.

"Thank you Ms. Anderson me to," Bobby added.

Both fought their snickers as Bobby moved to the back door.

"I will SEE you tomorrow Bobby," Jennifer said.

"For as long as you like," Bobby answered under his breath. Double nylon panties... he mused as he stepped down.

Bobby pushed the message button on his phone and got Jeff's voice telling him to call. Bobby knew what Jeff wanted as he picked up the phone.

"Hey Jeff," Bobby said.

"Hey. So what happened after I left," Jeff asked.

"I took the dress off, she put everything away and we did our reports," Bobby said leaving out everything but the report.

"That was scary," Jeff said and added, "you think she'd going to keep our diapers secret?"

"As long as you don't tease her," Bobby said.

"That's a given. Hey, you ever think about... you know... maybe just wearing panties... I mean I'm not saying jump at the chance or anything but if you had to would you," Jeff asked and added, "of course Jennifer's are too big."

"Tell you the truth I'm not sure. It would take a lot for me to put on a pair of girl's panties," Bobby said looking at the mirror with his pants now down around his ankles.

"That's for sure," Jeff said and than added, "so what are you doing tomorrow?"

"I've got to go over to Jennifer's again to finish our reports," Bobby said as he slipped out of her panties.

"I guess I'd better get going on mine as well," Jeff said and then added, "hey, it's getting late and mom hasn't diapered me yet. Got to go."

"I'll see you," Bobby said holding the panties to hide while hanging up the phone. Bobby folded the panties and laid them under his mattress before he walked naked to the door and yell: "Mom, I'm ready."

"Lay your diaper out and I'll be right up," Helen yelled back.

"OK," Bobby said smiling as he tugged another Pampers from the package and started to smooth it open. "Diapers and Little girls," Bobby whispered as he stroked the diaper softly before laying over it.

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