TransVixen Chapter 06

Michele Nylons

Chapter Six: Bliss

Michelle Murphy studied Tony Carlotta carefully as she sipped her Chateau Lafleur 1982. Only the best for Tony.

He was a big man for sure but he carried his weight well distributed on his large frame. In his dark Italian-cut, hand-crafted suit he looked distinguished and projected an aura of wealth and power. To put it crudely; he looked like someone you didn’t fuck with both physically and professionally.

His head was large but proportional to his body and his face was handsome in that dark Mediterranean way; wavy thick black hair, dark eyes, thick sensuous lips and a smile that could set your heart racing or invoke fear, depending on which version of the smile was beamed your way.

This evening Tony had only his most gracious smile for Michelle as she sat across from him at the Bocca di Lupo restaurant.

Cherri, who now only used that name when she was performing with Transvixen, had moved into a modest little apartment in the middle of Chelmsford. She had donated all of her male clothes to charity prior to moving in, determined to live full time as a trans woman. She had no intention of rubbing her trans-sexuality in peoples faces and in the main she passed as female but on the rare occasion she was asked, she made no secret that she was trans.

She had had a heart-wrenching scene with her mother. Michelle’s mother knew that her son was crossdressing as Cherri Pops to play with Transvixen and she knew he’d been crossdressing with that other tranny, Panti, long before they fronted the band. She’d found panties and nylons in Mike’s room since he’d entered puberty and put it down to a fetish. But when he started coming home smelling of perfume, with little crescents of nailpolish on his nails, and the remains of eyeliner on his eyelids she strongly suspected he’d been crossdressing.

But this! This was just beyond her reason! Her son Michael stood before her dressed as a woman; a very well-dressed, feminine and attractive woman she had to admit, but a woman all the same. And announced he was going to live his life as a full time transvestite or transsexual or whatever the word was; she couldn’t comprehend it.

They agreed to give it time and see how things worked out but Michelle’s mother made it quite clear that Michelle would not be welcomed home.

“If you want to visit me in my house you will dress like a man and act like a man should,” she’d said.

“And if you want to visit me you’re more than welcome,” Michelle smiled.

She reached for her mother to kiss her cheek but her mother pulled back and closed the door in her face.

“Ah well. Let’s just see what happens,” Michelle smiled wanly.

She’d expected nothing more from her mother but at least Wendy was supportive. Panti was still angry with Michelle for not bringing her in on her decision to go full time trans. And Panti? Well…

Panti had become an enigma. She spent all of her time dressed as Panti Pops whether she was performing or not. Wendy wasn’t sure if she also was considering living full time as a trans or was just revelling in the fame and exhilaration of Panti’s persona.

She was still behaving wild on stage almost to the point of lewdness but the crowd loved it. As Panti had predicted she had become the face of Transvixen.

But most disturbingly for Wendy was that Panti had become promiscuous. She was staying out late and catting around. Panti and Cherri’s sexual relationship was over; that was obvious. Now that Cherri was full time trans as Michelle, an afternoon of frottage and fellatio with Panti was no longer appealing.

Wendy almost wished that Panti would go full-time trans like Michelle but cease being the immoral, spoilt cow she had become.

Of course Wendy blamed herself. She had forced Panti and Cherri to front Transvixen and now she felt responsible for the consequences.

Which brings us back to why Michelle Murphy was sipping Chateau Lafleur 1982 in one of London’s fanciest restaurants with one of London’s biggest racketeers.

Transvixen had sold out the Chelmsford Dance Hall for seven nights in succession and had only two more nights left to play there. Tony had explained to Wendy that he was already in contract with another act and couldn’t extend Transvixen’s contract on the venue any further.

Michelle knew all this because she had started taking an interest in the band’s management and had made a deal with Wendy that she could work with her in the mornings before rehearsing with Transvixen in the afternoon and performing at night. Michelle knew that rock bands came and went and she was thinking of what she might do for employment if and when the band folded.

“So what are we doing about finding another venue for Transvixen?” Michelle asked.

“The problem is finding a suitable venue around this area. Transvixen is huge around the greater Chelmsford area and is getting well known in London but finding a venue we can afford is difficult,” Wendy explained.

“You’re too big now to play in local halls and nightclubs but not big enough for stadiums, if you know what I mean. And the overheads at the bigger venues would kill us. We need venues that hold about five hundred punters where we can get you a fortnight’s run.”

“And there aren’t any?” Michelle asked.

“Well there are and they’ve all shown interest initially but then they’ve gone cold,” Wendy frowned.

“And I can guess why,” Michelle grimaced.

“Fucking Tony!”

“Yep babe. Tony realises Transvixen’s potential and for that reason I’ve only approached venues he doesn’t own or control. But the fucker’s got his sticky fingers into everything; and anyone who shows an interest quickly bows out so I presume he’s pressuring them,” Wendy sighed.

“How about our popularity Wendy. That must count for something all the publicity we’ve done,” Michelle asked.

Wendy had teed up a radio appearance for Panti and Cherri with the morning DJs at Chelmsford FM. They both turned up in their performance attire, mini-dresses, high-heels, sheer nylons, lots of makeup and their hair coiffured.

“Well Chelmsford we have the most raunchiest, outrageous rock chicks ever to come out of our little burg; Panti and Cherri Pops,” the middle aged bloke with the ponytail spruiked into the microphone.

“I have to tell you listeners these chicks are hot, hot, hot! But their secret of course is well out of the bag now. The lead up to your opening night was: are they or aren’t they?”

“How did it feel being on stage that first night knowing that most of the punters had only turned up to see if you were really trannies?” the twat asked inanely.

“Well we would like to think they also came to listen to one of the greatest cover bands in the UK,” Cherri replied.

She and Panti had been groomed by Wendy to use the ‘star sentence’ ‘the greatest cover band in the UK’ as often as possible.

Of course Panti was still half in the tank from the previous night and leapt right in.

“I’m also the hottest trannie in Chelmsford so I’m sure they came especially to see me too. To see how fucking spunky I really am,” Panti grinned.

The girls knew that the broadcast had a time delay so the sound engineer could beep out any obscenities and the Morning Crew quite liked it when that occurred. They thought it gave their show an ‘edge’.

The dowdy overweight woman who comprised the second half of the ‘Crew’ was obviously jealous of the two gorgeous young transvestites and leapt in with what she hoped was a ‘zinger’.

“And now isn’t that a trademark of Transvixen? Your antics on stage, being, shall we say suggestive, and your proclivity to display your underwear?” she took a dig at Panti.

“Well I guess that’s true to some extent. But if you looked as hot and sexy as I do; with my pretty face, great figure, long legs and cute derriere why wouldn’t you want to show off to the audience,” Panti replied.

“Of course that’s not ‘you’ personally. I suspect your granny knickers and thunder thighs would turn the punters away in droves,” Panti sniped back.

“I mean when you’ve got ‘this’ why not show it off!” Panti stood up and lifted her skirt to show off her thighs and pirouetted.

“Punters I’m glad this is radio and not TV because what our girl Panti has just shown us would undoubtedly be censored,” the male DJ grinned.

This was exactly what he wanted; controversy. His fellow DJ’s jealousy was the perfect fuel for the fire.

“Now Cherri, I believe you live full time as a trans woman is that right?” he asked.

“Yes I do but I’m not giving out any more details than that because I value my privacy,” Cherri answered.

“And what about you Panti? Are you full time trans?” he asked hoping for some more conflict.

“Well, yeah pretty much full time you know. Always when I’m with the band anyway,” Panti answered evasively.

“So your not a transsexual then? You’re a crossdresser. A man who likes to dress like a woman,” the female host had another dig.

“Well like I said; I dress like this pretty much all of the time. I like to look feminine, attractive and sexy. You should try it yourself instead of looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backward you fat cow!” Panti retorted.

And that was it. The interview turned into a brawl between the female DJ and Panti. A lurking reporter for the Chelmsford Gazette managed to get his camera up and snap a picture taken through studio’s glass window of Panti climbing across the studio deck taking a swing at the fat female DJ. Panti’s dress was up around her cute little bottom and her little pink satin panties were on display for the world to see. It was a ‘News Of The World classic shot’.

It made the afternoon edition of the Chelmsford Gazette with the headline ‘Panti Pops the Morning Crew!’

The reality is there no such thing as bad publicity; especially if you’re a rock and roll band. But Wendy was still worried about Panti’s antics both on and off stage.

“Yes honey the publicity is great but that doesn’t guarantee a venue,” Wendy sighed.

“I have to tell you something Wendy, and I don’t want you to get mad,” Michelle looked solemnly at Wendy.

“No! That’s not fair Michelle. You can’t make me promise not to get mad if there is something to be genuinely mad about,” Wendy replied.

“Ok, well ever since I moved into my flat Tony has been sending me flowers every day.”

Wendy’s anger surfaced and Michelle held up her hand to stop her interjecting.

“The first bunch was a nice selection of garden flowers with a note explaining they were a house warming gift.”

“But the last three nights in succession I have received a single red rose with a card inviting me to dinner,” Michelle concluded.

“That fucking snake!” Wendy hissed.

“Wendy lets not bullshit each other. Panti, you, and I have all had sex with Tony to further the band’s success,” Michelle stated.

“Yes but we were all blackmailed, coerced, forced!”

“Before you run out of adjectives lets be a little more honest; we all kinda liked it to a varying degree,” Michelle countered and Wendy blushed.

“That doesn’t make it right!” Wendy slammed her fist on the table.

“Well anyway I’m going to dinner with him tonight after the concert,” Michelle said.

“You bloody-well are not!” Wendy shrilled.

“Don’t get angry with me. I’m a grown woman and I have to tell you that I find Tony somewhat attractive in a handsome, boofheaded, thug sort of way,” Michelle giggled like a girl.

“Besides he’s taking me to Bocca di Lupo in London and sending a limo to pick me up,” Michelle grinned wickedly.

“Shut the front door!” Wendy exclaimed and punched Michelle playfully in the shoulder.

“I’d pop him and leave him my knickers as a souvenir just to have dinner there!” Wendy laughed.

“But seriously pet; I want you to be careful. I don’t want you to prostitute yourself just to get us a venue; that’s my job.”

Wendy stood and held out her arms and Michelle fell into them and hugged her. She felt so safe and secure snuggled up to Wendy. Wendy was so attractive and her full breasts pressed against Michelle; she breathed in Wendy’s perfume and sighed.

Michelle looked into Wendy’s eyes and softly kissed her. Wendy kissed her back; chastely, just lips on lips.

Wendy stroked Michelle’s forehead, flicking her fringe out of her eyes.

“I’ve told you before that I love you Michelle but I’ll say it again,” Wendy cuddled Michelle.

“I love you too Wendy. I’ve loved you since the day you made me brush past you the first time I went up to Panti’s room,” Michelle sighed.

They kissed for a long minute and at some stage they both realised that if the kiss continued it would no longer be a chaste, friendly kiss. They both felt their hunger stirring. Just before the point of no return, Michelle broke the kiss.

She looked searchingly into Wendy’s eyes and saw the same questioning gaze. Michelle was about to ease out of Wendy’s embrace when she saw a spark; a glimmer of desire.

What followed was inevitable.

Michelle lowered her face to Wendy’s and kissed her passionately; sliding her tongue into Wendy’s willing mouth. She tasted like lipstick, lollypops and cigarettes and Michelle wanted to taste it all.

Wendy had a scintilla of guilt; there was sixteen years between them but Michelle was going on a date with Tony who had to be at least forty. Besides it was too late. Her affection and desire for Michelle overcame any self doubt.

Wendy had had a couple of lesbian encounters in her formative years but this was going to be different. This time her girlfriend had a cock and she could feel it pressing against her so the girl obviously intended to use it.

Michelle’s tender soft lips were so different to the men she had kissed. Michelle’s kisses were soft and sensual; the need restrained. Here was no necessity to rush and they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues and caressed each other, taking their time.

Wendy was dressed in her usual business suit but she had taken off her jacket and her mauve silk blouse pressed against Michelle’s white satin blouse which she wore with a simple navy blue pencil skirt.

Michelle bought her hand up to Wendy’s bosom and stroked her breasts though the silky material. Wendy gasped in her mouth and Michelle felt Wendy’s nipples harden through her blouses and bra. She undid a button and snaked her hand inside Wendy’s blouse and found her ample breasts cupped in a lace bra, warm, soft and inviting.

Wendy reciprocated and slid her hand inside Michelle’s blouse and found her meagre bosom encased in a satin and lace brassiere; the cups were small, A or B size but Wendy was not concerned with heft. Michelle’s small breasts were smooth and her nipples hard.

They kissed and caressed each other, slowly unbuttoning each other’s blouses and then discarding the garments so that they were both left dressed only in their skirts and bras. Their warm flesh pressed against each other and they both gasped with lust.

Next to go were their brassieres; dropped on the floor. Wendy’s ample bosom pressed against Michelle’s meagre breasts and they pulled each other close and opened their mouths wider as they kissed and flicked their tongues together. This was so gentle. So feminine; so far removed than the frantic almost violent lovemaking they had both recently experienced.

Wendy led Michelle over to the leather sofa and instinctively Wendy lay down with Michelle astride her. She raised her head and suckled Michelle’s small breast and Michelle gasped with pleasure. Michelle held Wendy’s face to her breast and then lowered her face to Wendy and lifted her from her breast so she could kiss her.

They kissed for a long time; Michelle pushing her groin into Wendy’s and Wendy pushed back. Michelle engulfed Wendy’s aureole, flicking her tongue across the bulbous hard nipples. Wendy held her there and gasped.

They tenderly attended to each other’s breasts and alternatively and passionately kissed each other. They were in no hurry although their sexual arousal was building.

Wendy slid her hand under Michelle’s skirt and was not surprised to find that she was wearing pantyhose to help hold her penis in place. She played with Michelle’s thighs until her groans goaded her to seek what she had kept in her panties.

Wendy thrust her hand inside the waistband of Michelle’s pantyhose, Michelle was wearing her full-cut satin panties over the top of her nylons and Wendy struggled for a little until she found Michelle’s penis tucked between her legs. She gently freed it and Michelle’s erect penis fell into her palm.

She squeezed the turgid organ; already erect and leaking.

Michelle gasped and slid her hand under Wendy’s skirt and found that she was wearing thigh-high holdup sheer stockings. She played with the welts of Wendy’s stockings, teasing her and making her mew with lust. She gently scraped her fingernails across the tender flesh of Wendy’s thighs above her stocking tops and then grazed the front of her nylon panties and felt Wendy shudder.

Wendy’s knickers were soaked and Michelle put a finger inside Wendy’s panties and explored her labia and found her clitoral hood. Wendy wailed with delight and her heels rattled on the leather couch.

“Oh you bitch!” Wendy sobbed with wantonness.

Wendy squeezed Michelle’s penis through the layers of panty and pantyhose but she wanted to feel the hard flesh in her hand again. She released Michelle’s tumescent member from the silken trap and softly grasped it.

Michelle lay between Wendy’s legs and kissed and fondled her as Wendy reciprocated.

Intuitively Michelle knew it was time and she eased the gusset of Wendy’s panties aside and slid her engorged member into Wendy’s slick channel. They took their time tenderly kissing and caressing each other as they slowly fucked. Wendy rising to meet Michelle’s thrusts and Michelle grinding her pubis into Wendy’s crotch to ensure she stimulated her clitoris.

When they orgasmed it wasn’t frantic. There was no frenetic thrusting of penis in vagina. Instead, as they sensed their orgasms approaching, Michelle pushed herself deep inside Wendy and ground against her, ensuring clitoral stimulation. Wendy raised her legs and pulled Michelle’s body hard against hers and rose up and scoured her sopping sex against Michelle; her vaginal sheath pulsed, milking Michelle of her ejaculate.

The two gorgeous creatures caressed, kissed, fondled, and canoodled; exacting every scintilla of pleasure from their union.

Michelle lay still with her head on Wendy’s shoulder, nuzzling her neck and Wendy cradled her head. In the afterglow of their lovemaking they both fell asleep.

Michelle awoke to Wendy’s soft kisses on her cheek. She smiled and kissed Wendy on the lips.

“We gotta get up babe. You have rehearsal and I still have work to do,” Wendy said.

They extracted themselves from each other and dressed. They both sat through a minute of awkward silence.

“Well my knickers are saturated and sticky but lucky for me I have a change of clothes here in the office,” Wendy broke their reticence.

“Fuck I’m going to be late,” Michelle lamented.

“Take my car. But first use my ensuite and fix yourself up,” Wendy said.

Michelle made to get up and Wendy pulled her back down on the lounge and kissed her tenderly.

“Our secret babe. We need to talk about what we just did, but not now,” Wendy pointed to her little ensuite bathroom.

Michelle fixed herself up as best she could and then came out.

“Come here!” Wendy wiggled a finger at her.

Wendy put her hands on Michelle’s shoulders and looked solemnly into her eyes.

“You be careful. I told you that man is dangerous and I know you’re no fool but please, for my sake, be careful,” she kissed Michelle gently on lips and then rubbed away the smudged lipstick.

“Now get your arse to band practise Cherri. I don’t pay you to fuck around,” she chuckled and tossed Michelle her keys.

As it turned out Michelle arrived the Chelmsford Dance Hall to find it quiet except for the stage hands, sound technicians, and the bar staff setting the place up.

Ron Vogle the sound tech came over.

“Hey Michelle. You didn’t get the message? The band decided not to rehearse today; they reckon they’ve got the show down pat,” he said.

“I tend to agree but it would have been nice to know. I’m going to get a coffee and I’ll back in about two hours to change into Cherri,” Michelle sighed.

Ron looked around guiltily.

“Ahem… Phil and Panti are already here. They went out back to practice their vocals,” he looked down at his shoes sheepishly.

“And how long has this been going on?” Michelle asked.

“Well they’ve both been getting here early for at least the last four days,” Ron answered.

“Ok Ron. Can you turn down my reverb during my Emerald solo and crank up the sustain; it sounds better,” Michelle replied.

“Sure Cherri sorry I mean Michelle,” he shook his head looking confused.

“That’s ok Ron. I’m going to wander out back and practice on my own.”

Michelle had no intention of practising; she wanted to see what Panti Pops and Phil Benson were up to.

Phil had already told her that he had a ‘thing’ for Panti and Michelle was eager to see what they had going on.

The groans and gasps coming from Panti and Cherri’s dressing room gave away what was going on before Michelle even cracked the door.

Panti and Cherri Pops had their own dressing room, more for a sense of decorum than anything else and they both liked it because they could hang up their clothes and do their makeup in front of the big mirror with the vanity lights.

Michelle opened the door carefully, only just a crack, so she could peek inside their dressing room.

Panti was perched on the edge of the vanity table with her legs over Phil Benson’s shoulders; her head thrown back in rapture as Phil stood between her legs, holding her thighs as he fucked her.

Panti leaned forward and kissed him and he kissed her back, dropping her legs so that her heels crossed behind his back.

Michelle felt guilty but continued to watch until they came; their ecstasy evident as they orgasmed. They clung to each other kissing and caressing each other.

After they had came and adjusted their clothing Panti sat in Phil’s lap and they kissed and caressed each other. They were tender with each other like lovers, not just a couple engaged in a casual encounter.

“So you going full throttle tonight again babe?” Phil nuzzled Panti’s ear.

“Yep. I’ll drink a gin and tonic before I go on and then throw one or two over me so I reek of it. You know it’s just part of the act,” Panti kissed him affectionately.

“Yeah I know. Drunk rock and roll trannie guitarist goes apeshit on stage! I know the crowd loves it but I still get jealous when you show off your knickers and flash the punters,” Phil whined.

“Babe; the best thing that ever happened to me was when you forced me to see what I was becoming and told me how you felt about me. I know Wendy loves me like a mother should and Cherri or Michelle or whoever the fuck she is now cares for me. But when you accepted me for what I am and said that you loved me, even if I was determined to be some sort of rock and roll slut; well that just blew my mind,” Panti replied.

She hooked her arms around Phil’s neck and drew his face to hers.

“I know it’s only been five days but I really dig you babe. I love that you love me and I’m falling for you but I’ve got so much to work through,” Panti sighed.

“I’m here for you Panti. Whenever and whatever you need,” Phil kissed her on the nose affectionately.

“Anyway let’s work on that part of Cat Scratch Fever where you play over my vocals and see if we can get it tighter,” Phil picked up his mike and Panti picked up her guitar and flicked on the practice amp and the PA.

Michelle quietly closed the door.

“Well fuck me! Who would have thunk that!” she beamed with delight.

“I know Phil told me he fancied her but who would have thought he could fall in love with her in seven days.”

“Anyway if the whole drunken tranny slut thing is just an act then Wendy is going to be so relieved,” she smiled.

As Michelle had Wendy’s car at her disposal and no need to rehearse she drove home to select an appropriate gown for her dinner with Tony after the show.

Michelle played close attention to her fellow lead guitarist during the evening’s performance.

Panti skipped along the stage, her skirt flicking around her thighs as she played the opening aria of Paradise City and of course the crowd was captivated. But Michelle watched Phil Benson, the lead singer of Transvixen, it was obvious that he was not only captivated by Panti but devoted to her. Michelle smiled to herself and then hit the hard chords of the intro.

It was also during their Americana set whilst playing Welcome To The Jungle that Michelle noticed Phil wink at Panti as he sang “And you're a very special girl who’s very hard to please. You can taste the bright lights but you won't get them for free.”

To a casual observer it looked like Panti was up to her usual on stage drunken highjinks but Michelle realised now that it was an act. Her moves were actually carefully choreographed and she never missed a note. Was Panti finally becoming professional?

Michelle and Tony deliberately did not discuss business over dinner.

Michelle wore an ankle-length red satin gown worn low on her shoulders, with long sleeves; split to her thigh and a red satin strapless bra that pushed up her small breasts; and matching red panties. She had slipped into black stockings; thigh-high holdups because the fabric of dress clung to her body and she didn’t want a suspender belt to ruin the sleek lines. She accessorised with red kitten-heels, silver jewellery and her long blonde hair was combed out straight and worn down to her waist. It glistened in the subdued lighting of the restaurant. Her makeup was dark and striking; her lipstick bright red.

When she arrived at Bocca di Lupo in Tony’s limousine he was waiting for her at the curb and opened the door for her. She smiled when she alighted from the limo and her dress split open to reveal her long legs all the way up to her thigh. Tony couldn’t help but stare.

“Miss Murphy, delighted you could join me,” Tony offered Michelle his hand as she stepped out of limo.

He kissed her fingers and handed her a red rose.

“So many roses Tony,” Michelle smiled and crooked her arm through his.

As they entered the restaurant all the heads turned.

“They're all looking at you because you are so beautiful,” Tony said graciously.

“Or because you are so handsome,” Michelle squeezed his hand.

“Or because they all owe you money and they are worried you might take to them with a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild ,” she scoffed.

“You are a very audacious young lady. But you should know that if I ever subjugate a debtor in a restaurant I use a bottle of cheap Australian Shiraz,” he chuckled.

Michelle was impressed with the splendour of the place but was determined to remain unaffected.

Tony pulled back her seat and pushed it in behind her when she sat. He dismissed the drinks waiter with an order and gallantly flicked her napkin and placed in her lap.

“How did you know what I wanted to drink?” Michelle engaged him mischievously.

“We are having the best dry martini you have ever had,” he replied.

“Well it better be; as I have never had one before,” Michelle blushed.

“It’s simple really. One part Noilly Prat original dry vermouth to two parts Bombay Sapphire gin with a dash of orange bitters. Stir for twenty seconds, strain into a classic cocktail glass. The zest of a lemon twisted and wafted over the glass. And a single olive,” Tony grinned.

“I hate olives,” Michelle smirked.

“Being of Italian heritage, I beg you to try the olive,” Tony reached across the table and gently took her hand.

The drinks arrived and Michelle was delighted with it once she took a sip. She couldn’t help but tease Tony and she licked the olive seductively on the cocktail skewer and then crushed it between her teeth.

Tony gulped and waved to the waiter and ordered dinner for them both and the accompanying wines.

Over the entrée Tony started to engage Michele in serious conversation.

“So you are now living full time as a woman. I approve. You are an elegant, beautiful and vivacious young lady,” he said, swallowing a morsel of prawn.

“I don’t need your approval Tony. I’m doing it for me and for no one else,” Michelle countered.

“I apologise; I just meant that you are a beautiful woman and your magnificence should not be wasted,” Tony countered.

“Is the what you told Theo and Christopher Balzono when you shared me with them,” Michelle took a long draught of her wine.

“I apologise again and lay myself at your feet. I didn’t realise what a beautiful creature you were at the time. The Balzono’s have been told that if they even hint at what happened that day they will be sorry they were born,” Tony lowered his head and gesticulated.

“Can we please talk of other things?” Tony gestured for the waiters to clear the table.

And they did. Tony turned out to be a man of the world and quite the philanthropist, despite the fact that he was an organised crime kingpin.

Towards the end of the evening as they sipped port and coffee Tony became serious.

“I understand that you are ‘travestito’, and I know that I treated you with disrespect when you came to my office.”

“But ever since then I can’t help thinking about you. You are so beautiful, feminine, and delectable. I’m so sorry I disgraced you.”

Tony’s hand was resting on her knee and he lazily stoked her gossamer-clad thigh. He made no effort to slide his hand any higher up her leg and Michelle found it comforting

“I see you are sitting here in front of me so graciously; and I thank you so much for coming for dinner, I am enraptured by you,” Tony took Michelle’s hand and kissed it.

“Thank you Tony but I really must go. I have to be at Wendy’s office at nine and it must be nearly one o’clock in the morning now,” Michelle smiled back at him.

“Ah! Wendy and yourself have been unsuccessful trying to find a venue for Transvixen’s next concert,” Tony raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“I’m not here to talk business Tony,” Michelle countered.

“Yes and neither am I but I’m goin to. Just briefly,” Tony continued.

“You can have Wolford Hall,” Tony said.

“What do you mean?” Michelle replied perplexed.

“Transvixen can play at Wolford Hall as soon as you finish up at the Chelmsford Dance Hall. It holds seven hundred people, has better acoustics and a bigger bar.”

“Same terms for the concert tickets and bar sales,” Tony grinned.

“I am not here to prostitute myself for a venue for Transvixen!” Michelle looked insulted.

“I am offended that you look upon my offer that way!”

“This is business because I know you are working for Wendy in that capacity. My offer should be held only in that context. I thought it might help you with your internship with her,” Tony looked upset and apologetic.

“I will call my car for you,” Tony clapped his hands and the Maitre'D and a bevy of waiters arrived to clear the table and acquit the bill.

Tony tended to Michelle’s chair as she arose.

Michelle turned to Tony.

“On behalf of Wendy Grayson, I accept your offer for Wolford Hall. Please have your delightful secretary fax the contract over tomorrow,” Michelle offered her hand for Tony to shake.

Tony turned her hand and lifted it to his face and kissed it gently.

“That particular secretary no longer works for me. In fact I now have a man; a nephew of mine; less distracting and no bad temper to pander to,” Tony smiled and made a causal hand gesture.

“But if I have offended you I am mortified. I so wanted us to have a pleasant evening and be friends,” Tony bowed his head.

He led Michelle outside to the kerb where his limousine waited.

The chauffeur held the door open ready for Michelle to alight.

Tony held Michelle at arms distance and kissed her gently on the cheek. Michelle leaned into him and he inhaled her perfume.

She did not resit when Tony pulled her to him and held her tightly and kissed her passionately. They kissed and caressed for a long time and eventually they broke their embrace and Tony held Michelle at arms length.

“You are the most beautiful creature. Te amo mi amor Mon chéri,” he whispered and opened the door to the limo.

“Good night good lady. I will call you again; but not too soon. I sense that I have inadvertently made a fool of my personage and dishonoured myself,” Tony looked genuinely sad.

Michelle slid into the car and Tony closed the door and looked at her wistfully as the limo drove away.

Michelle’s head was spinning. Tony had behaved like such a gentleman all night and had given her a business opportunity, knowing that she wanted to progress a career in entertainment management.

Admittedly he had treated her harshly when they first met in his office; but had he redeemed himself tonight?

This was all playing in Michelle’s head, not helped by two martinis, copious amounts of wine and an aperitif with coffee.

She lit a cigarette and pondered her predicament.


“Chauffeur; do you know where Tony Carlotta lives?” Michelle leaned over the front seat.

“Of course ma’am,” he replied.

“Take me there,” Michele commanded.

To be continued…

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