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Casey Jones

Egypt, Eight Years Ago, Newly Discovered Archaeological Dig:
“Bart, tell me again why we are out here checking this site out?” Casey couldn’t see how this had anything to do with the CIA or National Security.

“The boys at Langley intercepted a message saying that an unusual artifact of unknown origin had been found.” Bart Hardy hated being out in the desert at night.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 7

An evil smile appears on Kelly’s face as she watches the video of what was happening to one of her brothers. Shelly and Dolly had filmed everything that had been done to her brother Thomas. Everything that had been done to her by her brothers, was done to him. Except, they glued the biggest set of fake breasts on him and made him look like a hooker.

Shelly and Dolly didn’t stop there either. They found several well-hung heavy-set gay men to make love to him. They ripped his sphincter wide open. They also made sure he got the full treatment.

Cross Country Disconnect - 10 Caryn Continues in Gary’s Life

Cross Country Disconnect - 10
Caryn Continues in Gary’s Life

By Jessica C

Gary opened his big mouth and was challenged...
He saw no way of losing, but did...
Homecoming over, Caryn goes on…

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

A teen boy struggles with a feminine side that he is trying to understand is befriended by a sympathetic Avon Lady that may have had the same struggles when she was younger. Marci wants David to have an easier time getting answers to embarrassing questions; answers about gender identity issues, answers that could make his life easier.


A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 6

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Kelly moves slowly as she follows behind Victoria.

They just came back from the doctor’s office that Kelly had an appointment with. Since she was playing a lot of female parts and passing herself off as a woman. She decided to have some sort of surgery to make it easier for her to tuck and pass as a woman.

Gerald and Joan

Not one to risk upsetting his wife Joan, Gerald agrees to her desire for him to be pretty when they go out in public together. One thing leads to another and Gerald decides to become a woman and accept the fact that Joan and he have switched marital roles.

The Flaming Girls - Chapter 5

Flaming Girls.jpg
Chapter Five – Everything’s Coming Up Charlie

Charlies relationship with Robin becomes serious and she takes up an offer of more gainful employment. At a dinner party at Glenda's Charlie meets a journalist who wants to write Charlie's story and publish it. Meanwhile the Essex Slasher is still looking for Flaming Girls to quench his desires.

The Flaming Girls - Chapter 3

Flaming Girls.jpg
Chapter Three – Blue Star

Robin, Glenda, Ruffe and Charlie form their Special Crime Investigation Team and go about tracking down the Essex Slasher. Robin has second thoughts about Charlie and finally sees her as a woman not a freak. Despite the danger Charlie goes back to work and is picked up by one of her regular punters.

What Goes Unseen - Part 2

- What Goes Unseen - Part 2 -

"What do you mean?" I played dumb, but it was a bluff.

"We're matching Chris. Look, we both have white tops, blue jeans, and converse!" Jenny said enthusiastically.

How could I not have noticed that earlier! The weight lifted and I relaxed. She didn't know my secret, how could she!

Then she leaned in close and whispered in my ear with a large smile.
"And we've both got the cutest lacy pair of aqua underwear."

My heart skipped. She called my bluff and raised me 20.

- Earlier that day -

What Goes Unseen

(Hello! I am a first time poster so I'm a little nervous and excited! This first short story of mine is actually somewhat true. I hope you enjoy!)

- What Goes Unseen - Part 1 -

"You look a little nervous back there, are you alright Chris?" My mother asked while driving me to high school.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied while avoiding eye contact.

A confession

This is a small confession from a guy. He trusted me because of my unusual sexual orientation, as a sfenist. I decided to post here his confession because it can help other people experiencing similar feelings regarding crossing strict rules. I will use for him a fictional name, Ivan.

This is what he said:


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

by Lulu Martine

They came for me during sixth-period Geometry and led me out of class in handcuffs. It was so embarrassing, but it could have been worse.

Mrs Beale asked what I was being charged with, but the officers refused to say. So there was that. I didn't know what the charge would be, but I did know what crime I had committed.

Laid Bare - Chapter 5

Chapter Five – Can We Fuck Her?

Adele and Kimberley are on their way to the Missionville courthouse to file their case when they are abducted by two rednecks whose job it is to keep them from doing so. The rednecks decide that Adele is a dish just too delicious not to taste.

Laid Bare - Chapter 4

Chapter Four – Try Not To Accidentally Fuck Him

Adele takes a closer look at Bear Mountain and is rudely surprised and rear ended. Meanwhile Michelle DeLong represents the law firm with Adele's old flame and finds out that her feet are of very much interest to him for reasons that have nothing to do with walking.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie's first Monday

I’m waking up and wondering if my nightmare has turned into a wonderful dream and now I’ll be waking up in my old bed and hear Bud yelling at Mom again.

But, no, I’m in Judy’s bed in her dressing room and I’m dressed up in a pink baby doll nightie with bloomers. My nails are still shimmering with two coats of fuchsia nail polish. Of course I still have the perm from Hell but even that feels just a tad bit softer. Now all I have to do is to look in the mirror.

Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter 8

hostest with the mostest.jpg
Chapter Eight -- Caputo Kaput

The man who assaulted Candi in the pool reveals his identity and blackmails Candi, threatening to reveal he knows her documents are forgeries. The only person who can help is Tony Carlotta and of course, with him everything has a price.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Chp. 11

“Thanks, Jerry.” Cassidy loads the bags of corn into the back of her uncle’s old pick-up truck.

She already had a few bags of sugar and some brand-new containers. She picked-up to fill with the moonshine she was planning to make. She pulls her panties from her butt crack. Arthur had made love to her before he left for work.

Undercover Angel - Chapter 2

Chapter Two - Hell Motel

Tranny on the run with a suitcase full of cash is a dish two young robbers can't resist. Rachel has to escape the Motel unharmed and is still unaware that she is being tracked by Tony Leotardo's henchman Steve Marshall. She also is slowly becoming aware of her sexuality as a trans woman.

The Deal - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Mistake

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.


7 AM on a Monday is probably the worst time of a week. Waking up early for school after a comfortable weekend is the last thing I want to do. My eyelids refuse to follow my brain’s instructions as they slowly shut. I begin to drift into slee……

“Aaron! Are you awake? I don’t want you to be late for school.”

I jump out of bed in a shock. There goes my dream. Ugh.

“I’m up!”

The Wolf Takes Care of Its Own

Sabrina looks towards the lake from the swing she was sitting in. The cool night breeze causes some loose strands of her golden bronze color hair to flutter. Tears stream down from her eyes as she wonders what she is going to do. She had 30 days to leave the apartment she had because she couldn’t afford to pay the rent.

Home Run, Part 1: At Bat

Shy and precocious, Martin, enrolls in graduate school in mathematics, never having had a girlfriend. With the encouragement of his parents, he stays with his mom's good friend Miriam, who provides a safe environment within which Martin explores his sexuality. Along the way he finds love and makes a major mathematical advance that assures his fame and fortune.

Tiffany's Deal - Chapter 3

Tiffanys Game.jpg
Chapter Three - The Turn

Tiffany is made an offer she can't really refuse which reunites her with some shady people from her past. She is intrinsic to their plan to defraud some rich gamblers but of course there is no honor amongst thieves..

Tiffany's Deal


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Tiffanys Game.jpg

Tiffany is a high class call girl who moonlights as a poker dealer. After being caught rigging a game of Texas holdem she is fired but another opportunity comes her way. This four part story is the tale of a young transsexual girl who overcomes adversity and goes from being used to a position of power.

Tiffany's Deal - Chapter 1

Tiffanys Game.jpg
Chapter One - The Deal

Tiffany is a high class call girl who moonlights as a poker dealer. After being caught rigging a game of Texas holdem she is fired but another opportunity comes her way. This four part story is the tale of a young transsexual girl who overcomes adversity and goes from being used to a position of power.

Cop Town - Chapter 5

cop town cartoon edited.jpg
Chapter Five - Endgame

Penelope and Randy's relationship becomes more complicated as Penelope exposes corruption at the highest levels. The police chief is forced to take drastic action which brings the story to a climax.

Cop Town - Chapter 4

cop town cartoon edited.jpg
Chapter Four - Jesus Bishop

Penelope finally gets to go out on the beat with surly Sargent Randy Cody who she suspects is a corrupt cop. He treats her poorly until she stands up for herself and then he lets her do some real police work. An incident where they take down an arms dealer and Randy is wounded brings them closer and helps her find more evidence regarding her father's murder but their relationship is rocky to say the least.


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