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The Model Sister by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Kirk let a little issue of being mistaken for a girl go a bit too far. Sure, he looked like his sister. A lot! And he could make money as a girl model. Bunches! But there were other problems.... Boys!


The Model Sister
by Melanie Brown
Sisters Book 2
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Change of Fate 4 (Entertainment)

Rule two: Always keep your guests entertained during gatherings.

The dance studio at Sterling Academy for Young Ladies was a realm of artistic refinement, meticulously designed to facilitate the cultivation of grace and poise among its students.

The studio boasts an expansive layout, allowing ample room for students to move freely and practice various dance forms. Mirrored walls on one side created the illusion of even greater space, reflecting the grace and precision of every movement.

Mix-up at summer camp Parts 26-30

26. A surprise tea party

The penultimate day of camp arrived with a buzz of excitement in the air. The campgrounds were adorned with colorful decorations, and a sense of anticipation filled the hearts of the campers. Colorful streamers and balloons adorned the trees, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Alex, dressed in a pretty pink dress adorned with frills and bows, giggled as he wobbled around in his diaper, feeling both nervous and exhilarated about the day's events.

Pandemic Truth or Dare, Part 2 - Settling In

Jonah was wearing a pink tank top and black miniskirt as he cooked dinner for him and Kelly. The pandemic still raged on, and the couple continued to do their dares from the Truth or Dare game a few weeks back. It took a while for Jonah to get used to his new wardrobe, especially the bras, but he was feeling more comfortable in it with every day that passed.

Mix-up at summer camp


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Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, however, his life took an unexpected turn when at his summer camp he appears to be grouped with the toddler girls. As he embraces this new role, Alex goes through an amazing journey of self-discovery, finding out who he truly is.

The Reluctant Housewife Part 2

The shower felt so good. I could not remember the last time I had showered or washed my hair. I was not dirty. Dr. Tom must have cleaned me while I was in the medical coma. Still, the warm water felt sensual on my now smooth skin. It's funny how you don't realise how you miss the everyday trappings of civilization.

The shower gel and shampoo were all heavily scented with jasmine and other flowery scents. I wrapped the towel around my waist and started to dry my hair. I walked back into the bedroom.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

The Reluctant Housewife

If only I had listened to the warnings about drugs. In my defense though, I have had a rotten life up until this present moment. A moment that finds me staring down the barrel of a shotgun in a private hospital in the middle of the night.

The first few years of my life were like many other people's. I was the only child of loving but poor parents. I was always on the small side which led to bullying at school, but that was normal. Schools say they hate bullying, but most of them turn a blind eye to it.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 1: A Promise Kept

As the new year approaches, our heroine faces her new reality. Once in control, but now turned into someone whose purpose is to serve and please her mistress. Dressed up, ready to be paraded and stared at, her body, no longer her own but a symbol of her promise to her mistress. Be warned, This story is dark. I have added all the appropriate tags

Binding Resolutions Chapter 1: A Promise Kept

Michele Nylons True Stories - Chapter 6


Chapter Six – The Laneway Cruise Lounge

This is a glimpse into a day in my life as a fetishistic transvestite/crossdresser when I visit the local cruise lounge prowling for company. To some extent the story explains how I do what I do and why I do it. It is a snapshot in time of a day in my life. Please heed the warnings regarding explicit content. This story contains non-explicit images of me.

My Time As A Wife 3

After we both cleaned up, we went to bed. Phil held me gently all through the night. My mind was in turmoil. Was he serious about wanting me to be a wife? If he was, could I do it? This was a life-changing decision. As I lay awake I could hear him breathing closely behind me.

I was acutely aware of the silky white baby doll I was wearing. The knickers had three rows of thick lace on the back. I couldn't resist brushing my hand over them as I turned onto my left side.

I kept thinking about what he said. "You're mine now Sarah. I am never letting you go."

Pandemic Truth or Dare, Part 1 - A New Game

Due to the global pandemic, everyone is forced to stay at home until things have died down. This was great news for Jonah and Kelly, because their jobs continued to pay them, even though they can’t work from home. The couple decided to spend more time together, and they were loving it.

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 3

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Five

Detectives Julie Sanderson and Tommy Lomax disagree when Julie proposes using a honey-trap to catch Stephanie Carter's killer. Final Chapter and resolution.

Toni With An i - Part 1

Tony is reserved, calm and unflappable. Every Friday night he goes to Lads’ Night, his main social outlet, drinks beers and plays games. He doesn’t even particularly like games, or the challenges or bets that go along with them, despite being very good at them. But something will happen to Tony this Friday night. Something that will change him and reveal a part of him he didn’t even know existed.

In a perfect storm of coincidences, friends, and new friends, with depths he didn’t even begin to understand, Tony could be starting a journey to a very new life. The question is what will it take for Tony to realise the Toni in him isn’t just a strange indulgence for a single night? And what will the people around him do to push him towards accepting this?

The first part of a new and ongoing serial.

Bobby's Knickers

I've got a problem today, I hope that mom understands. I need to get some new underwear.

"Mom, I need some new underwear."

"I don't understand, how can you need new underwear, I bought you new underwear at the beginning of the school year, and it is only November. What have you been doing with them, taking them off and giving them away to boys at your school like in Sixteen Candles?"


"Well, then, explain it to me how you can need new underwear already."

The Wrong Turn

Long Walk Home.jpg

A wife dresses her husband up in drag to win a fancy dress competition but at the party they fall out and the husband dressed as 'Bonnie' decides to walk home. She makes a wrong turn into a deserted park where she is confronted by two men whose intentions are not honorable.

My Time As A Wife 2

Sarah is invited to stay the night with Phil. She is asked to spend more time as Sarah and must decide if Sarah is more than just a pleasant distraction. Part of this is based on some recent experience of mine.

I was still breathing hard from the climax I had just experienced. My legs were like jelly. Stay the night? Despite my exhaustion, I felt myself shiver at the thought. Spend the night with a man as a woman. Not just sex, but actually sleeping with him.

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends PT 2

After losing a bet and being forced to dress as a girl, Trevor (Tiffany) has more fun than they would like to admit. They even have a new girlfriend! But surely he's a manly man who won't lose another bet and have to crossdress again, right? Right?
Be sure to read part 1 first -

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Precision driver Simon McKenzie’s work week started reasonably normal with a job in Queenstown, New Zealand, driving a vehicle for a new TV ad being filmed there.

After only a few days, and a series of events that seemed to quickly snowball, the 23 year old found himself standing in a bar waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive… But, what wasn’t normal, is that it's him wearing who's little black cocktail dress…

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

If It Was Your Husband 1 & 2 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

Authors Note: This story is complete and sitting on my hard drive. The novel is 49,188 words long in twenty chapters. I will be posting two chapters per week, roughly 5,000 words per post, on Fridays.


Alex comes home one day and his wife, Carrie, tells him of a problem in Mike and Lisa's marriage. Mike is his best friend since middle school. It seems that Lisa caught Mike cross-dressing and came unglued. She had come to Carrie looking for solace and support for divorcing Mike. But Carrie told her about a Phil Donahue show she'd seen as a teenager featuring married cross-dressers and said that cross-dressing really was no big deal.

Lisa was offended that Carrie wouldn't back her up and said, "If it was your husband, you wouldn’t think it was so cool," and left in a snit; part of her anger now directed at Carrie.

Carrie, on the fly, hatches a plan to help Lisa see that if it was her husband, she'd still think it was no big deal. Alex somewhat reluctantly goes along with it and discovers things about himself that he never knew existed.

Love Story - Chapter 9.6

I was overwhelmed with sensations all over my body.

There was a pull on my scalp where my wife's hands were pulling my braids. My lips felt buttery and smooth and velvety from the lipstick. I could feel my wife's soft lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply, smearing my lipstick.

Most of all, my body was contracting pleasantly, an after effect of the waves of pleasure that had washed all over me, centered in my groin.

I had leaked - that's right, leaked cum, which was pooled beneath us, on the floor.

"Wow, honey", she smirked at me, "You really are a woman"

All Girls School

Today is my first day of high school. This will be my first time presenting as a girl at school, as I’m transgender. To make matters even more extreme, this is an all girl’s school. If I’m not accepted, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Dare Poker - Part 4: The Fight for Freedom

Miles had to be up early again to get ready for classes. He showered as normal and got dressed, again putting on one of the pairs of panties. He went downstairs to get breakfast and talked a little with the girls, who were of course ready at this time of day. After he had finished eating, he headed off to class.

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Honey

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Edited.jpg

Alex lives with his mother Julie and refuses to get a job or to help Julie pay the rent and household bills. When Julie sees pictures of Alex dressed as a girl she sees that Alex has potential for meaningful employment, even though Alex might not want the job.

My Time as a Wife

This is a continuation of "Life's Lottery". Steve is delving deeper into his Sarah persona.
This story contains sexual scenes.

I bit the bullet and took some pictures of myself as Sarah. Nothing
outrageous, mainly just myself in various wigs and underwear. Then I
posted them on a few contact sites. I really did not know what to expect,
and to be honest I really don't know why I did it. I think I was seeking
affirmation that I was acceptable as a woman by men.

Love Story - Chapter 9.5

Love Story - Chapter 9.4

The next morning, I woke up earlier than my wife. I had freshened up, put my hair in a messy high ponytail and then made us a pot of coffee. I sat on the couch, sipping from a cup. Waiting.

She eventually woke up and sauntered over to where I was sitting, "Last night was something magical. I didn't know we could do that"

"Mm-mmm, yes, it was great", I said, giving her a side ways glance. She was in her night wear, with bed head, hair tousled this way and that. She gave a yawn.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 3

Breeding Chamber New.jpg

Chapter Three – Welcome Home

Madeline becomes a trooper in the Revolutionary army determined to overthrow the evil regime of Pope Durden whilst Victoria returns to Durden City to spy for the Revolutionaries. Both of these women undertake important but dangerous missions in order to free the cis and trans women being persecuted by Pope Durden and his evil Commission.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 2

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter Two – She Ain’t Got a Pussy; She’s Got a Dick!

Madeline and Victoria have been Kidnapped by the Revolutionaries and brought to the secret stronghold of Freetown where they are introduced to the Revolutionaries' charismatic leader. Trans Comfort Girl Madeline is placed in a perilous position whilst cis woman Victoria is welcomed.

Love Story - Chapter 9.3

It was the weekend after our agreed on week was over. Every day of the next seven days and more, the cage on on me.

It was easy to clean, while still on. It wasn't visible from my trousers. It helped me tuck and get a smooth front. Best of all, it wasn't uncomfortable or painful during normal wear. It actually felt very secure.

But, every morning, it felt like my dick was in a very tight tube. I never could sleep in with the cage on. Every morning, I took a cold shower.

Winning Life's Lottery

Recently I have been fighting my feelings and needs to be Leeanna. I have not had the opportunity for months now. It's been hard.
I have had requests to write some more of my usual "forced" sex stuff. They are popular on some sites I just can't It just won't come to me. This is what came out when I tried. Definitely not a sex story. Sorry.


Love Story - Chapter 9.2

I was woken the next day, by the most excruciating erection I ever had. Or tried to have. I was still locked in the damn cage.

I looked around the room for the key. I searched the flat, but I couldn't find the key.

Finally, I went to wake my wife, to find her woken up, due to all the noise I may or may not have made. She smiled and it looked like she knew exactly what was going on with me.

She came to me and gave me a slow kiss, which made me curl my toes, "Frustrated much?"

Love Story - Chapter 9.1

The next day she teased me relentlessly.

I did not dignify her teasing my a reply, but the memory of last night bought an unexpected feeling of acceptance. It felt like for the first time I was in my body.

"Look at you squirm. Your face is all red. Looks like your face enjoyed it more than you did!", she teased.

I kept my focus on the coffee cup. It was an interesting cup. Plain, but interesting.

"You looked really feminine in pigtails. They suit you. You should wear pigtails more often than that boring ponytail"


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