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Dark Matters -4-

Secret shopper blues


by Donna Lamb

I was going to have to buy something no guy would want to buy. Something a person wouldn’t buy as a gift.

“What are you doing to me, Jon?” I muttered

The Beginning - part 2

I loved watching the beautiful trees go by in the fall when I ride in the car. I felt dreamy and a bit overwhelmed but happy on multiple levels. I was just caught looking at a pair of pantyhose in Macy’s by this girl who is in my math class. She never talked to me before and when she saw me looking at the pantyhose package, I thought my life was over. However, she treated me with kindness. She is very pretty and I think I like her a lot. Now that I have her phone number, I will call her and hopefully we can become friends.

We Never Break A Promise Chapter 2

We Never Break A Promise Part 2
"The New Beginning"

Warm Hearted
Edited and Proofed by Catherine Linda Michel

Synopsis: Eric Jones was an orphan that grew up friendless, abused, humiliated, and unloved in the foster system. In this chapter Eric awakens from being magically healed from an almost deadly, undeserved beating and begins an evolutionary journey of personal truth. All the copyright stuff applies.

The Dead Pirate Sketch

And now for something completely derivative...

by Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

In a shop call PIRATES PLUS a bored looking shopkeeper is polishing a cutlass. The bell over the front door jingles and a man wearing a long mack enters, awkwardly, trying to open and close the door while wheeling in what appears to be a pirate tied to a dolly.

“I wish to register a complaint! It's about this pirate, that I purchased not a half hour ago for our INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY celebration tonight, at this very boo-tique."

“Ah yes, the Nassau Bluebeard, what's wrong with him?”

“What's wrong with him?! He's DEAD! You sold me a dead pirate!”

A day out with Sammy

A day out with Sammy

“Did you buy it?” Samantha asked me. Her face beamed with curiosity. “Yes, I did” I replied proudly.
“Can I see?” she asked me. “Sure.” I answered. I felt a little hesitant. Samantha was my best friend and I shared everything with her. However, this was a big purchase for me and I also felt a little embarrassed.

My dreams coming true

I'm finally getting my own place. I've been waiting for this moment it feels like forever. Since i made the decision to finally live my life as a woman. I will be taking my hormones and getting my huge breast implants what is gonna take a while longer is getting srs. I'm tired of looking at my small cock., i want a beautiful tight wet pussy i can play with all day and night. I cant wait to have my first cock fuck my pussy, everywhere i go im gonna fuck everyone. Always wearing short dresses and skirts with no panties for easy access.

Xdresser to transexual

I've been crossdressing since i was 12 yrs old. Im 46 now, so it's been a crazy journey. But now I'm ready to take it to the next level. I have no family left no tires to where I'm at now. I'm just waiting on a big settlement check, this is going to change my life forever. Once i get paid, im gonna get laser hair removal, see my doctor for hrt, get huge beat implants and a little minor surgery. I'm gonna buy all brand new panties and lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, makeup,jewelery, wigs, once i start to look good in gonna turn into the biggest slut.

So You Want To Be A Nurse - Chapter One

In 1957 Michael Nyland was one of the few male nurses working at Chelmsford Memorial Hospital where he suffered from workplace discrimination from some of the other hospital staff, particularly the doctors and even from the female nurses. But little did he realise that blackmail and humiliation was soon to follow due to the discovery of his secret fetish of wearing female undergarments under his male nurse's uniform.

Jenny’s Story – 1

Brian's tried as long as he can remember to to suppress his liking to be a girl, because of what others say. He's still reluctant to acknowledge things. But he likes his time as Jenny and is leaning to going back. Amber University has the draw of an Oasis in a desert.

Teacher's Pet

I was just like any other boy my age. Somehow, I was the worst though.

I was 16 when it happened. I went to a normal high school of about 1000 kids. I didn't really stand out amongst anyone, but I guess to her i did.

Of all my classes that year, art was my favorite. It wasn't that it was entertaining or good, it's that I liked Ms. O'Malley.

Ms. O'Malley was young, about 26. She was thin, with nice boobs and big hips. She was 5'11". She was very attractive. Best of all, she was a very nice teacher, you could just chill with her in the back of the class.

New Teacher

I was never a very good student. I would always slack off in class. Despite this, I maintained relatively good grades. Excepts for one class. Math with Mrs. Lakesides.

I had gotten off on the wrong foot with Mrs. Lakesides pretty quickly. She had to move me on the first day of school. I was constantly being rude, and it was obvious that I was her least favorite.

One day, I was in her class. I was talking to my friend when suddenly, she snapped.

"Lucas, see me after class, in conference room six."

Sissy Girl Forever part 2 and 3

Sissy Girl Forever Part two.

No going back now.

Mistress was going to be certain that there would be no turning back for me. Over the next few weeks she made certain that I used my hormone cream daily. No my breasts haven't started to grow yet but I could notice some slow down in hair growth. My male wardrobe seemed to be dwindling, with more camis, blouses, soft pullovers and ladies pants taking their place. Of course I have only had pretty panties and tight girdles for underwear for many years already.

Car ride

It was about a quarter past one in the morning, and he was just driving around. And like most times he had dressed up in what he liked best.
From the bottom up that was a pair of pumps with a moderate heel, black nylons, the kind that stays up by itself. Then a greay skirt which fell
just to his knees, and a black blouse. Under it he wore black satin panties and an also black bra, with silicone inserts, a firm D-cup. He could
not wear this at home, his wife knew about his dressing preferences, but did not want to be confronted with it. So he only wore this at night,

Drunken Mistakes

I'll admit it. I shouldn't have treated her badly. But what did I do to deserve this?

Suzanne was a liberal feminist. We got along quite well for a while. Until, I complemented her. I simply stated that she had a cute butt. Since then, we hadn't talked much.

One night while my parents were away, I got wasted. I went onto Instagram and began to comment on Suzanne's pictures.

"I want to fuck you in the ass and shove my shit covered cock into your mouth, you whore!"

She replied, " WTF, Ryan!!?!?!? I thought we were friends!"

All American Bailey - Part 2

Bailey's first day back at school
sees her navigating the halls,
as well as past friendships and rivalries.
Will it be too much for her to handle this year?
Or will she break through barriers,
while moving on toward brighter days?

All American Bailey

Part 2

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright© 2015 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.

Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 12


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter XII
The Third Week
Sunday - Back home.
Monday - Back to . . . normal?
And the Epilog

The wedding is over. I’d met a wonderful guy, and even if I did like guys, which I don’t, my heart belongs only to Sara. But, I hurt him, which really upset me. Other than that, it was a fun time. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. And, the guys never did figure out which bride’s maid was a boy. If there really was one. Well, it’s time to go back home and back to being Peter. Sigh.

Caught in the Act - 5 More to It

Caught in the Act – 5
More to It

You do realize Tami and April might be looking for some signs of Jessie… Suzie was complimentary, “Jeff, I can even see your resemblance to your Mom who is very attractive. “would you kiss me with lipstick on, I’m wanting to be your best girlfriend.” I take half a step back to ponder what she’s saying, and I smile as Tami holds up a stick of lip gloss. It is way too tempting… Max noticed, “That’s kind of embarrassing when it happened, but I lived.”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 2

“All good things must come to an end.” I guess that’s a cliché, but it fit my situation. Summer vacation was soon to be ending. With that, I assumed that my life as a girl was also drawing to a close. The happy days and cozy nights became almost overshadowed by the dread of what was to follow at home.

One morning, Amie was up early and waiting for me. “Jamie, I have something to tell you.”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 1 - I make a new friend

I met Amie in 10th grade. She was beautiful. She was tall with brown hair and big brown eyes…and smart. She was in all advanced classes, like me. I was short, skinny and my looks were only average. Also, I was still prepubescent. So I had no reason to think she would have much to do with me. But, thanks to detention one Thursday, we became friends.

She was there ahead of me, so I walked in and sat across the table from her. I couldn’t help but notice her earrings.
So, I spoke up. “Nice earrings”.

“Yeah,” She said, “want to borrow them sometime.

James and Diane

Diane and James



They say that tall people have a competitive edge. I can't confirm that, but I do know that short men, such as myself, are at a disadvantage unexplainable by grades or accomplishments. In my last year of law school I got as many interviews as anyone else in the upper 10% of my class, but however smoothly they went, no job offers materialized. Thus, I graduated with no job and no prospect for one.

The Model - Part 1

Aunt Caroline's Girdle

Aunt Caroline's Girdle


Pamela ([email protected])

"Where did you get that?"

"Get what?" I said to my wife Linda. The tone of her voice caused me to become instantly anxious.

"This girdle."

I looked up at her and she was holding a white panty girdle.

"Oh, shit," I said to myself with an awful nervous flash running down my spine and into my stomach.

"I found this in your suitcase Blake, wrapped up inside your dirty laundry."

John's Living Nightmare

John's Living Nightmare
By Daphne Xu
Copyright 1999

Bruce and other bullies who follow him pick on John by calling him Alice and calling him a girl. Eventually, everyone follows Bruce's lead, driving John crazy. I first wrote and posted this story elsewhere in 1999. Bruce and Alice in this story have nothing to do with Bruce and Alice in "A Bikini Beach Summer."

Cami and the Cameo Appearance - 2

Cami and the Cameo Appearance - 2

By Jessica C

The summer of 1964 I make a cameo appearance as a girl cousin to help my sister...
Who knew that I'd like it and it was to be a one time event... My sister's friends
get into helping me with the makeover. And this boy Sal from Chicago,
takes a liking to me and I might need to be Cami one more time.

Jack and Jill by Trudy - 16 - Marti’s Time

Jack and Jill, by Trudy
– 16 – Marti’s Time

Dressing up as Jill while Trudy dresses Jack, led to it's own set of tricks and treats... Melvin becomes Melanie as events spiral with Melanie and her Aunt Marti... Marti is having her third daughter with the help of her new niece.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 3

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 3

Chapter 3


She steps away from her rig and over to me and she takes my hand. “I’m Nicole McKinnon squire to Lady Tatiana, Knight Marshal of The West and I swear to you Lady Lyonnes I will see you safely to Serenity.”
It’s a handshake and my mouth’s dry again and she said it with utter seriousness and real conviction.
It’s time…I guess, time for me to face this.
“Christian, Christian Lyonnes last son of the house of Lions.”
Hawk does this stop-look-stare mid packing and she huffs out a chuckle that kind of makes me angry and Nicole looks at me and she holds my eyes. There’s a look in her eyes that actually seems compassionate.
“We had better then get you to Lady Tatiana and The Fortress.”
I nod and swallow… “Can I help?”
Hawk’s the one that responds first. “Aye Ladyship, get to the fire and snuff it well before we leave.”

*And Now…


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