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Title Code Author(s)
Fate Sucks Chapter 14 Tue Domoviye
As Beauty Does Tue E. E. Nalley
Melanie's Story -- Chapter 41 -- My Plate is Full Tue Asche
Just Roll With It Part-8 Tue Enemyoffun
Tink: A Strange Fairy Tale 5 Mon Domoviye
Julina of Blackstone - 054 - Think, Think Again and Think Ahead Mon Julia Phillips
The Actress Solo Melanie Brown
Nails Mon Lauran
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2757 Sun Angharad
Patriot Games - Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission Sun Marina Kelly
Little Boy-Girl 23 the Search for the Missing Five Sun Mario Cawhern
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *15* Swiss Cheese Sun Maddy Bell
Horse Talk & The Girl Who Loved Them Chapter 11 Sun Barbie Lee
Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 7 Sun Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Glimpses 11 Sun Brooke Erickson
How Far Sat Domoviye
Vanessa's Secret part 3 the conclusion Sat Jason Morgan
Birthday Blues ~ Part 6 Sat Shauna
Coming Home 2 Sat Sydney Moya
Laura, part 12 Sat Debbie V
A painful morning.. Solo New Author, Aurora
Frills-chapter 23 Fri Snowfall
Traps Are Delicious But They're Not Edible Fri Shin Eris
For Master Chapter 2 Fri Domoviye
the Amazons :The future has changed mow Earth is ruled by... Fri Lethaldaza
The Loves of Julie Pearson - 18 Fri Katherine Day
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 10 Fri Bronwen Welsh
Lindsay's Cosmic Outing Solo Mona Lisa
Travel Abroad Thu SinComics
The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 36 - Transitions Thu Snowfall
Jamie's Story: Chapter 25 Thu Natasa Jessica
Sky DP Angela Rasch
Stephanie, part 4 Thu Debbie V
Summertime for Kelly O'Meara - 1 Thu Drea DiMaggio
A Love So Bold - Chapter 16 Wed Anon Allsop
My Prisoner Wed Jenny_W83
Horizons of the Heart - 26 Wed Melange
The Last Priestess -01- The New Game Wed Sasha Nexus
Whispering Death Wed Emma Finn
Once upon a time... Solo Brooke Erickson
Lady in Waiting Part 11 Wed Christina H
A Girl for Halloween Part 4: A Date with a Boy Tue Mysterious Stranger
Peaches DP Amelia R., Angela Rasch
My name is Miranda Solo Anistasia Allread
The Door at the End of the Room Solo Rasufelle
She Swallowed the Spider to Swallow the Fly Solo Trismegistus Shandy
I Love my dresses Solo Alys Prince
Perfume works for boys Solo Alys Prince
Pig Male Ian Solo Alys Prince
The Best Diet Ever Solo K.T. Leone

Contests and Other Features

S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Fate Sucks Chapter 14

I spent a week in the hospital and lying in bed at home before they let me go to school. My time was spent doing homework, reading the lectures from class, going over class notes sent to me by friends, and studying magic with Mo Shu Shi. I had to go back on Wednesday for the doctors to check my hand, remove some more bone splinters, and see if they had to take off any more of my hand, but it was healing so nicely thanks to my continual charge that they decided to leave it alone.

As Beauty Does

A Whateley Academy Vignette
As Beauty Does
by E. E. Nalley

If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down
If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me
Gonna do my very best and it ain't no lie
If you put me to the test, if you let me try
ABBA Take a chance on me

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 41 -- My Plate is Full

My life was getting really complicated. What with school, romancing Doris, and trying to do something for Ursula, not to mention finding ways for Teresa and Jeff to have time together, and seeing our friends, well, it's like I had to have an appointment book to keep track of what was when.

Just Roll With It Part-8

Just Roll With It
Part Eight


After losing a bet, young Chris finds his life thrust into an interesting and unexpected direction. Instead of fighting the changes, he decides to Just Roll With It.


Tink: A Strange Fairy Tale 5

“So did you get into trouble for this morning?” Thad asked, as they sat beside a big window in the library enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, his eyes looked almost exactly like the brilliant sun shining on them.

“Nah,” Teri answered, waving away the thought. “They mostly wanted to know what happened, and that I was alright. India on the other hand is in big trouble.”

He looked at her incredulously. “Her name is India?”

Julina of Blackstone - 054 - Think, Think Again and Think Ahead

Plans appear and require much consideration, as well as a sudden journey

Julina of Blackstone
Her Chronicles, Book 2

by Julia Phillips

054 – Think, Think Again and Think Ahead


Paul could not believe what he had done, he had made a booking before and bottled out before opening the door, this time he had managed to go through the door of the nail bar. Once inside the petite woman smiled and spoke so nicely to him he melted ‘this will be ok’ he reassured himself’. 'Going somewhere nice tonight?’ she asked. He hadn’t thought of a back story, he just wanted his nails done, a real manicure.
'Oh just out with a friend.’

Patriot Games - Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

There was a rapid knocking on knocking at the door and Linda opened it to see a distraught and disheveled Daisy. Throwing the door open, she pulled Daisy into the apartment and looked quickly around the corridor outside to make sure that Daisy was alone.

After she closed and bolted the door securely, she turned to Daisy and asked, "Did you get what we need?"

Little Boy-Girl 23 the Search for the Missing Five

This Chapter has memories of forced incest and Memories

After Madison told me the story of how Carol told her and the other kids in the Smith’s house that they ran a kidnapping ring. Telling parents that if they have unwanted kids that they will take them in just for the money. Then not even using the money on us kids but on them.

Horse Talk & The Girl Who Loved Them Chapter 11

Out of money and not understanding the language in the nation she was in. Katrina called Leonard hoping for assistance in finding a place to wait while her future was cleared up. Supposedly he had made contact in her part of the world with some people who owned a ranch and she was to stay there.

But the best laid plans of mice and men and the rest of the moral is Murphy's Law.

Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 7

Lights, Camera, Action!
A Magic of the Kingdom Tale
©2015 Dark Kitten & Zoe Taylor

12 year old Mark O’Malley had been practically typecast as the dopey sidekick because of his role in the runaway hit Disney production, “My Brother Mark”. But while on the set of his older sister Krissy’s much darker sci-fi movie production, a misheard comment leads to a whole new branch in his career, and in his life.

Glimpses 11

A bonus post.

For some reason, a lot of folks have a problem with Peeper & Greasy. And some of them do something about it.

Alice vs Peeper & Greasy

"Peeper! Peeper!"

"What is it Greasy?"

"I finally got a camera into Poe!"

How Far

This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but it's fan fiction so I hope it's forgivable.

This is a story I wrote recently in a dark place. I'm not really happy with it, but I like it enough that I think with some changes it could really work, and I love the character idea. My problem is do I make it darker, or ease up? Suggestions would be appreciated.

June, 2000
Near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Vanessa's Secret part 3 the conclusion

Vanessa’s Secret

By Jason Morgan

Vanessa plans for her freedom and some revenge against her her family.
This is the final conclusion of this tale as she plans for her future with Michael and his powerful family while making plans to take down her own family who sold her into slavery.
But, will she really be free?

Part three the conclusion

Birthday Blues ~ Part 6

Gerry’s eighteenth birthday celebration starts out on a decidedly sour note. A chance encounter changes that—and the course of his life. This is the story of that encounter and its repercussions.

Part Six: The Fork in the Tunnel

Coming Home 2

Coming Home

Sydney Moya

© 2015


A man left his home town years ago as a teenager. Now he returns but is very different from the person who left years ago.

Laura, part 12

“As this is the final day of the school year,” Mrs. Hall announces, “you have a choice of whatever sport you want to do for the next hour- athletics, netball, tennis or gymnastics.” I grin as I glance sideway at Nicole, Suriya and Harriet- they’ve clearly had the same idea as me.

“Two years down, three to go,” Nicole giggles as she, Suriya and I pull on our stretchy purple leotards, whilst Harriet changes into her shorts & t-shirt.

A painful morning..

It was 3 AM in the morning where she lived and she couldn't fall asleep. So she put on one of her sister's bra and panties, followed by black tights, then a pink shirt with white shorts. She checked her handbag and put her diary, a pen,and set of keys. After checking that her parents were still sleeping, she quietly opened the door after wearing a pair of flats and left the flat.

Frills-chapter 23

Traps Are Delicious But They're Not Edible


Hi, I'm Rin. When the school I went to went bankrupt, I had to find another school to go to. The only choice left was a school that is so full and crowded, there's hardly any room to breathe. So with only one week left to change schools, I had to do something drastic. I picked the only other choice left, which is an all-girl's school. By the way, I'm a boy.

'Trap' definition in Urban Dictionary:
"A pre-op transwoman who is both passable and hot. The kind that, when you find she's packing heat, you just don't care. "

Wait what?

Traps Are Delicious But They're Not Edible
A story of a boy's life in an all-girls school.

By Shinieris

For Master Chapter 2

Toronto Sick Children's Hospital,
June 5, 2007

A groan ripped through my throat. A drum beat incessantly within me. Something rushed through my body, surging and pulsing, roaring in my ears. Bugs and pins covered my body poking me, making me itch and my skin crawl. Every breath brought pain into the core of my being. Even with my eyes closed the bright lights made them water and burn. My body growled, I felt hollow and something in me twisted itself into a knot. A door opened, the creaking of the hinge was like nails on a chalkboard.

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 18

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 18
By Katherine Day
(A transgendered woman deserves to be loved, doesn't she? Julie begins to wonder about her future with men. Edited by Eric. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

Lindsay's Cosmic Outing

Lindsay’s Cosmic Outing

Chapter 1 – Saturday, October 4, 1986

How am I going to do this? Chris wondered as he glanced around the party full of thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds. A dozen tables stood along one side of an enormous, brick driveway and balloons hung from the stately, brick Edwardian house on one side. The remainder of the driveway served as a dance floor. His eyes roamed amongst the girls, admiring their clothes as much or more than anything else.

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 36 - Transitions


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