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Title Code Author(s)
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 18 Fri Bronwen Welsh
Alex & Chris Chapter 25 Fri Sharp
Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 34b Fri Sharp
The Omega Unicorn Chronicles Book 5 New Beginnings Ch. 30 Thu Rachel76m
The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 41 - Angels and Animosity Thu Snowfall
Quoth the Raven Chapter 4 That Does Compute Thu Jennifer Sue
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2796 Thu Angharad
Freya's Gift Chapter 2 Thu Mopar
Summer of Love - Part 11 Thu Kat Walker
Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 34a Thu Sharp
Alex & Chris Chapter 24 Thu Sharp
Changes in Paradise Chapter 12 Thu Raine Monday
Secondhand Life - Part 37 Thu Kat Walker
Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 17 Thu Freyja Celeste
Jenny’s Story – 3 Wed Jessica C
Shadow of the Heart Chapter 6 Wed GypsyWoman
Mana Fire - Chapter 5 Wed Ryker
Making of a Family Part 7- Finale Wed efindumb
Nikki, part 19 Wed Debbie V
Babes in Toyland Solo Drea DiMaggio
Amie and Jamie - Chapter 12 - Strange Conversations in the... Wed Jamie Simms
Little Girl-Boy 5 Trouble at School 2 & Ashley’s First Guy... Wed Mario Cawhern
Patriot Games - Chapter 42 - The Trial and Its Consequences Wed Marina Kelly
Julina of Blackstone - 057 - Ground and Paper Works Wed Julia Phillips
William Priest Grand Thane Solo Sharp
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 4 Wed Fayanora
A Love So Bold - Chapter 43 - 46 Tue Anon Allsop
The Metamorphosis of Tiffany Solo Marina Kelly, Monica Rose
The Vicar of Dibbley Solo Lindale
DD Rides Again - chapter 4 Tue Penny Reed Cardon
Just Another Day. Mon Angharad
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *22* Home Again, Clippetty Clop Sun Maddy Bell
Momma, momma what am i doing in a hospital? Part 3 Sun Princess Panty-boy
Somewhere Else Entirely -136- Sat Penny Lane
Soubrette: Chapter 12 Sat Ceri
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: A TG Mixed Tape Solo Anon Allsop, efindumb, Ellie Dauber, Hikaro, PersnicketyBitch, Shauna, Trismegistus Shandy
Homo Sapiens version 2.0 Solo Foxxe Wilder
MAU: Infinite Crisis, part 2 Fri Set3
Frills-chapter 30 Fri Snowfall
Jack & Jean visit the Amish in America Chapter 1 Fri Sharp
And Never Brought to Mind ... Solo Adonna
Mr. Jordan Can Wait - Part 3 Thu Melanie Brown
What Comes Next Solo Bailey Summers
wishful thinking Solo mitt
T-Girl Perfume Solo Ellie Dauber
Alone Solo Bru
Blue Moon DP Adonna
Get Your Own! Solo Angharad

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Alex & Chris Chapter 25

Alex & Chris
By Sharphawlad

Chapter 25 The Battons family return to the clinic.

In Leeds the young couple who had the daughters with Battons disease had just had their second visit to the clinic. They got a surprise when the doctor said, “Apparently the gene therapy has worked on you and the girls. However there may be a problem with the husband.”

The husband. “We know this was experimental so what is the problem?”

Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 34b

Drew & the Half Term Break
by Sharphawlad
A Gabyverse fanfiction

Chapter 34b Umbongo & Sydel.

Sydel, “They can perform magic but it is at a very low level. I tried to persuade them that it was wrong. They said they will only stop casting this way when at least two of their statues walk again. I certainly had not the power to do that so it continued.”

Gaby. “Aunt & cousin shortly you will both revert to the state you where in previously. Ursula we are going to visit the Umbongo.”

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 41 - Angels and Animosity

Quoth the Raven Chapter 4 That Does Compute

Chapter 4: That Does Compute


If the toddler found a word in the internet research he didn’t understand, he looked it up on online dictionaries. What was even more amazing was that he remembered what he read, understood what he read and most impressively was able to integrate what he learned. In front of his family he dropped the baby talk and spoke as well as an honors highschool student.

The family was more than a bit unnerved by Jenken’s sudden explosion of knowledge and understanding. The lad let them be concerned but greatly tamped down their worry.

Jenken spent his computer time researching brain anatomy to fill in the gaps he discovered in Dr. Green’s knowledge. After all, as a pediatrician she had knowledge and understanding of the brain, but that was far from what a neurologist knew. But what Jenken gleaned from her knowledge guided his research to fill in the gaps and expand on what he’d learned.

Summer of Love - Part 11

While I enjoyed seeing a lot more of my new housemate, I also began to worry.

“Shouldn't you be out ...I dunno.... busking or something?" I asked while I cut up some fruit for breakfast.

He just grinned. “What are you, the house mother or something? It's cool. Rent's covered.”

“I didn't mean it like that. Just.... you're a musician.... shouldn't you be... I don't know.... off making music or something?” I smiled.

Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 34a

Drew & the Half Term Break
by Sharphawlad
A Gabyverse fanfiction

Chapter 34a White Bear.

“He is saying mistress please send help urgently.”

“Mary can you and your sisters investigate? If I am needed I will be there with additional help.” The four angels soon found the village. They found a man & a woman both praying.

The woman. “I am sure the Queen of the seas can help.”

The man, “No the Queen of the Heavens will send help.”

Mary, “Sorry to intrude but can we help?”

Alex & Chris Chapter 24

Alex & Chris
By Sharphawlad

Chapter 24 The Birthday Party.

Back at the hall it was the Eve of Astrid’s Birthday party. Rose & Alice both had their surgery and where now complete. Tanya entered “Hello everybody I thought I would come and give you all a hand getting ready for the party.”

“Tanya when did you get here?” Exclaimed Helen.

Changes in Paradise Chapter 12


Changes in Paradise
by Raine Monday

Chapter 12

Cyrus Kincaid chuckled softly. “So, John, I know you must have a lot of questions.”

My mouth was still hanging agape at who I saw on the screen.

“But you…I…” stammering, I shook my head. “Why the hell would you involve me in this?”

Secondhand Life - Part 37

I was in the lobby of the spa 'waiting for my ride'.

In truth, my ride was discreetly nearby, waiting for ME. And I was waiting for Matt. I had given him the address and he had assured me that he would be here shortly.

While I was thumbing through an old issue of Conde Nast Traveler, my phone chirped.

It was Matt. He was outside. Apparently once he saw that the address I had given him was a beauty spa, he decided that he could not step inside. I shook my head and chuckled at the thought. I texted for our car and then texted Matt.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 17

On Monday, I planned to tell Lauren my feelings about James but the swimming class prevented me from doing so and Joe held the session a couple of minutes longer than usual. As I got out of the pool and towelled off, Frances' mother, approached me.

"Hi...Catherine right? I know this is awkward but my husband and I have a suddenly pressing meeting at a club nearby. I know this is awkward but I'm wondering if you could look after Frances for an hour or so while I attend the meeting?"

Jenny’s Story – 3

Brian, wanted to get in touch with his feminine side, and hopefully get some help in doing so. Most of all he wanted to see himself look like a convincing girl in his own way of thinking. He never imagined or planned what happened.

Mana Fire - Chapter 5


Mana Fire

Mana Fire
by Ken Ryker


Chapter 5:
First Blood

Eternal darkness waits on the edge of reality, threatening to devour everything it touches. Unbridled wrath burns in the heart of an untested immortal with a tortured past. An army of acolytes rises to reshape the world in the vision of its fanatical mistress.

The only hope for salvation lies in the soul of a young girl who is only beginning to learn the truth of herself. Can she unravel the mystery within before these forces clash in a titanic struggle that will burn the world?

Making of a Family Part 7- Finale

Chapter 15- Tanya
I was released a week later. I was still weak but well enough to start taking care of the children again. James did most of the work, not wanting me to push myself too much. He treated me like a queen, caring for my every need while the kids helped with the housework.

Nikki, part 19

“Three cheers for the college girls!” Charlotte announces. “Hip hip-“

“Hooray!” The modest number of partygoers cheer.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte repeats.

“Hooray!” The partygoers again reply.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte yells at the top of her voice.

“Hooray!” The party goers again cheer as Sarah, Katie and Lauren stand at the front of the room, their cheeks burning with embarrassment.


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