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the history of Solomon's Test

I hope you guys don't mind, but I'd like to give a little background on my story, Solomon's test.

See, the story is actually the 2nd oldest story I have published here.

(The first, if you're curious is called "Six Forty-Five")

See, way back in my teens, I started fiddling with the idea of becoming a writer, and wrote down some story titles I felt I could expand into full stories. And, as I had recently become a fan of super hero comics, one of those ideas involved creating a hero of my own.

Solomon's Test part 5 - the conclusion

Solomon’s test part 5 - the conclusion

Chapter 9: Solomon’s Trial

Long afterward, when Lorraine tried to describe what had happened next, she found herself struggling to find words.

The place she found herself in at first seemed like a green grassy grove, with a range of mountains to the east. A bright and clear river flowed through, and flowers grew everywhere.

Solomon's Test part 4

Solomon’s test part 4

Chapter 7: Talia’s transformation and Renee’s renaissance

Talia’s changes were both subtle and dramatic.

She was still wearing her EMT uniform, but she filled it out in a much more feminine manner. But to Lorraine, the biggest change was to her stance and demeanor. When Lorraine had seen her at the support group, the girl had seemed shrunk, drawn into herself as if permanently waiting for some blow to strike, or as if the psychological burden of being trans was physically crushing her.

Solomon's Test part 3

Solomon’s Test Part 3

Chapter 5: Transformation

Michael cried out, breaking the silence, and ending the hug Lorraine had been sharing with him.

“What’s happening?” Lorraine cried out.

“My arms ...the hair, look at them” Michael responded.

Lorraine looked, and she would later describe what she saw as like watching a timelapse film of a plant sprouting from the ground, but in reverse.

Because the hairs on Michael’s arms were shrinking.

Solomon's Test part 1

Solomon’s Test


In a place that is not quite of our world two figures meet, and one begins to speak.

“Well, where have you been and what have you been up to?”

“Been here and there, poking around.”

“So what is it this time?”

“Been thinking. Once we did a wager that if you took everything away from a man, he’d be useless.”

“You lost that wager.”

Pink Boys

Pink boys

“Grandpa? Mom said ... mom said I need to hear the story about that picture of grandma and her baseball team.”

I looked at my grandson, and then said, “All right. Do you see that person standing beside her? That’s me.”

“You? You wore a pink dress to play baseball?”

“I did indeed, Alan. Let me tell you all about it ...:

Years ago ...

“Hey coach, why is there a girl trying out for the team?”

“Because she’s the best pitcher I’ve ever seen.”

“Come on, really?”

bad case of the nasties today

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I fight a lot of nasties.

Today's nasty is called "Dorothy, you're a burden - when you aren't an outright hazard - to those who care about you. Best thing you could do for them would be go away or lock yourself up"

So if you got anything nice to say to me, today might be a good day to say it.

I need some volunteers

I have a rather unusual request. In my next story I have a character who will be offering trans people the opportunity to re-write their personal history, so they always were the girl (or boy) their heart says they are. And what I would like is to use a couple of real-life people as getting the offer. Talia has already given the go-ahead for me to use her, but I would very much like to get a couple more if I can. So if this sounds interesting to you, please PM me.

a profound moment at the pool?

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I went to a local pool today, and they have a "lazy river". It was really nice and kind of fun to let the current take me along, but there was always the security in knowing that if I wasnt happy with where I was going all I had to do was stand up. Gee, there might be something profound in that, dont you think?

writing update

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wanted to give you guys an update. Now that my new computer is up and running, I am hoping to get back to writing as my spoons allow. unfortunately, as the two projects I have on the go are longer than my usual, including one I hope to make into my entry in the next contest, it will be a while before I have something to share with you all.

But I'll still be my usual comment-happy self, so no worries there ....

"Can we have your liver then?"

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The quote is of course, courtesy Monty Python, and fortunately, I'm luckier than the fellow in the sketch. See, I dodged a bullet in terms of my liver. CT scan showed the same level of fatty tissue as before, so for now, its exercise, diet, and keep an eye on things. Also good news, despite the pain I have been feeling in my hip the last while, no signs of further arthritic damage, so my doctor said its most likely a pulled muscle or strained tendon, and again, losing weight would be the best thing I can do for it.

Big Closet on social media

I dont know how many of you guys know, but I am the admin of a facebook page dedicated to fans of this site ( ). I and some others often post content there related to or linked to stuff posted here, and it occurred to me that perhaps if some of you have social media accounts on sites such as Twitter or others and are willing to do so, you could give this place the occasional push on those sites.

How can I help?

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It is safe to say that without Big Closet. "Dorothy" would not exist. In fact its debatable whether I would even be alive now had I not found this site. Which is why the constant struggles to keep the site financially afloat has me worried, and more than a little frustrated.

See, I am on disability, and once I take care of my rent, car, and food, I might have maybe 20 bucks a month left over, and that's on a good month. Not to mention my mom is covering for me in terms of giving money to my ex and my daughter and that's far from fair.

it feels like I am apologizing a lot lately

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While it feels like I've had to apologize pretty often in this space, I feel like I owe something to the people who have faithfully read my stories, and apologize for the fact that it might be a while before I have anything for you all.

Serious lack of spoons lately, with a lot of things on my plate that I havent been handling as well as i would like. But dont give up on me yet, I'm gonna get through this - I hope ...

some good news about Sam's future.

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Okay so I got some good news about Sam's future.

Apparently there is a program offered at NAIT that will allow her to take cooking arts there even if she doesnt have a GED. Not only that, it is specifically set up for people with mental disabilities like Sam, and they will also help her find a job in the field when she's done.

It all sounds fantastic ...

Silver John

I wanted to talk a bit more about this idea floating around in my head, the one I mentioned yesterday in regards to swamp legends.

You guys may or may not be familiar with a character called Silver John, who was featured in a number of stories by Manly Wade Wellman. I found him in a collection of short stories called "Who fears the Devil". Silver John is a travelling musician, who goes around the southern United States, often encountering legendary monsters, and he carries a guitar with silver strings - which comes in handy occasionally.

swamp legends


I have the beginnings of an idea about a story connected to my M.Y.T.H. universe, but I am going to need help. Does anybody know about creatures of the Louisiana swamps? Specifically, I'm thinking any thinking monsters or were-creatures ? If you do, or know any resources related to that mythos, please let me know.

Hell's Belle

Hell’s Belle

Author's note: This was gonna be my submission for the Halloween mix tape, but it didnt work there, so I am letting it go free as a solo.

The last “normal” day of my life started out like most of them had since I flunked out of college a year ago - looking for another meaningless dead-end job.

Not that it seemed to matter if I found one, my record so far at one place was just over a month.

But my morning’s search online was interrupted by an explosion in my kitchen.

any moment now ...

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I am in a weird place at the moment. Its kinda like this: (part of my brain): "Any moment now, my facade of happiness will crack, and I'll tumble into a depression ..... any moment now .... I'm braced, I'm ready, bring on the sad .... any time now ... (taps a foot ) ... yeah, it will sure will be awful .... when that big downer hits .... any time now ..."

and on and on like that ...


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