January 2019 Reader Retention Contest is Officially Over!

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At least assuming we're not gonna see any entries from Japan/China.

As a reminder, everyone has until the end of February to do their reading and voting (these were a bit longer than your average contest entry story after all!) I'll announce contest winners at the end of the first week or so of March!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. It's been really special to me seeing how enthusiastic everyone, both readers and authors, have been about this one, and I'm really glad we all did this together.

Depending on how my financial future is looking come mid-February I will either announce a contest for March or not. I've already given hints about what I'd like to make the theme, but it will depend on whether I still have a job at the end of the month (by choice, not by loss. It's complicated.)

For now, I'll thank everyone one last time. From the bottom of my heart: you're all the best.

Melanie E.


There's a Lot Here...

14 stories, as far as I can tell, totaling 106 parts, not counting Casey's Author's Notes.

Here's the list, as I show it, in chronological order of the first part posted:

Solomon’s Test - Dorothy Colleen - 5 parts
Bloomsday - Aylesea - 12
A lifetime of reflections, Janie’s final purge - Donna T - 6
Eureka: The Day’s Not Over, Yet - Roberta J Cabot - 12
Flip - Maeryn Lamont - 12 (including afterword)
Doorway to Amaru Meru - Casey Brooke - 8
The Womb of the Unknown Cheerleader - Angela Rasch - 4
The Texas Belles - Melanie Brown - 13
How I Became Crossgender - Cheryl Bishop - 6
Morningstar - Nuuan - 6 (including prologue)
Were to Start - My5InchFMHeels - 4
Alone Together; A Tuneful Tale - Jennifer Sue - 4
Just Friends? - Sigh - 7
Faerie Justice and the Snowball Thrower - Jessica C - 7

A few of the stories shown on the contest pages were pulled from the contest (not yet completed) but still have the contest tag on them. That's why they're not listed above.

I think I got them all. I should mention, however, that I made this list for my own use and posted it here for people's convenience. Neither it nor I have any official status, and people are welcome to post corrections if they discover any, or PM me so that I can edit the list.

Best to all, Eric

KUDOS authors

How in the world do you pick a favorite from so many great stories ? This is going to be so very hard, loved each story and want to thank all authors for writing.
Hugs to all

Huge Huge HUGE

erin's picture

Just wow!

This was a huge and hugely successful contest.

Congratulations to Melanie and all the authors for an excellent job done.

Hugs and thanks to all,

= Give everyone the benefit of the doubt because certainty is a fragile thing that can be shattered by one overlooked fact.

Very humbling

Donna T's picture

As stated: Wow! -- so many fine stories... so glad that this site exists. Congrats to everyone!