January 2019 Reader Retention Contest is Officially Over!

A word from our sponsor:

At least assuming we're not gonna see any entries from Japan/China.

As a reminder, everyone has until the end of February to do their reading and voting (these were a bit longer than your average contest entry story after all!) I'll announce contest winners at the end of the first week or so of March!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. It's been really special to me seeing how enthusiastic everyone, both readers and authors, have been about this one, and I'm really glad we all did this together.

Depending on how my financial future is looking come mid-February I will either announce a contest for March or not. I've already given hints about what I'd like to make the theme, but it will depend on whether I still have a job at the end of the month (by choice, not by loss. It's complicated.)

For now, I'll thank everyone one last time. From the bottom of my heart: you're all the best.

Melanie E.

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