I, Jennifer Ch. 04

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons

Chapter Four: The End

Max Middleton, head of both the Special Products Division and the Special Operations Unit was using his Omni to communicate with Will Faraday. Will’s Tactical Response Squad was systematically searching The Movement’s Command Centre where it was obvious that a pitched battle had occurred.

Will held up the head of Simon Wilson, the unofficial Leader of The Movement.

“He told us nothing before he died. Mark Johnston, his deputy and Captain of The Movement’s militia, is missing,” Will said to Max.

“He won’t get far boss. I’ve retired our Binominal Combat Hominoids; no one except for my squad will know they were here. Our Media Division will release a news story reflecting that after a hard-fought battle, the Cybertronics Tactical Response Squad won a stunning victory over the terrorist organisation known only as ‘The Movement,’” Will grinned.

“Never mind the bullshit. What about that fucking Model Four! I want to see you holding up that cunt’s pretty head,” Max Middleton growled.

“As you know sir, that Elite cooze Christina Formosa and the Jennifer Model Four tried to infiltrate our headquarters and we currently have them both held captive in our fast repair station on level twenty three,” Will grinned.

“Yeah, held captive by a junior executive and an Intern who has twice been reprimanded for stealing drugs and molesting Companion bots while they were anesthetised; I’m not feeling confident Will,” Max was not convinced that all was in order.

“Sir, I needed my entire SOU to take out these scum and accomplish this mission. We have effectively wiped out The Movement. I have received an Omni message from Allan Woking confirming that he and the Intern have the Jennifer and Christina Formosa drugged and restrained on level twenty three. I don’t want to send any more personnel from Cybertronics in there who are not cleared for access to Special Products, I’ll likely have to ‘disappear’ the Intern and the junior exec anyway; this thing needs to be wrapped up tight. You know how important it is to keep a lid on our Binominal Hominoid projects,” Will grimaced.

“Spare me the details Will; take care of the two twats and do what you need to do to silence the level twenty three underlings. I want this mess cleaned up so we can get back to business,” Max signed off from his Omni and his image dissolved in Will’s mind.

“Ok Sergeant; have a few tech savvy guys find out what they can from that mainframe and have the rest of the Unit search the place again. I want every nook and cranny, every room, every crawlspace and cellar checked for any survivors we might have missed. Dispatch any survivors and then destroy everything and torch this place,” Will ordered.

“I’m heading back to the Cybertronics Building,” Will scattered broken glass with his heels as he turned away.

He kicked the headless torso of Simon Wilson on his way out of the Command Centre.

Back at Cybertronics Incorporated, Christina lay pinned under the inert body of Jennifer.

“Well I guess that’s the fuck-bot taken care of; now all I need to do is dispose of you,” Allan grinned at Christina.

Christina reflected on how stupid Allan looked, his lanky skinny frame still sporting a rather magnificent erection while he waved the small phaser at her.

She often wondered why men who were in an obvious position of tactical advantage felt the need to waffle on and waste precious seconds when, as in this case, Allan Woking could have simply shot Christina, which was his original plan: ‘Fuck the bitches then shoot them!’

Christina was trained in urban combat warfare and she used Jennifer’s body to shield herself from a kill shot. The Intern was no threat, he had curled up like a ball in the corner, sniffling and whining as soon as the scuffle broke out and the shooting started.

Allan tried to get a bead on Christina but she kept using Jennifer as a shield and he couldn’t take a shot that would either kill or disable her. His reticence was his downfall.

Christina summoned all the strength in her arms and legs and flung Jennifer’s body at Allan. He fired off a wild shot that hit the wall behind Christina as Jennifer’s body fell at his feet, but it was too late. Christina launched herself at Allan and was able to use her superior training to overpower him and drive him to the floor, holding the hand in which he gripped the phaser pointed away from her.

She kneed him in the scrotum and felt his testicles pop. Allan screamed with pain and dropped the phaser, clutching his groin in agony. Christina punched him in the face and smiled with satisfaction as she felt his nose break.

She rose to her feet and picked up the phaser.

“This is for fucking us against our will,” she shot him in the groin, dissolving the fingers that cupped his scrotum, along with his genitalia.

Allan screamed.

“And this is just for Jennifer,” she shot Allan Woking in the head and he ceased to exist.

Christina rolled Jennifer over and inspected her body. Allan had shot her high on the shoulder; the wound itself was not fatal, but the shock from the ion pulse burning through Jennifer’s flesh had caused her heart to go into arrhythmia.

She waved the phaser at the Intern, now cringing and sobbing in the corner waiting for his turn to be obliterated.

“Fix her!” Christina ordered.

“What?” the Intern was bewildered.

Christina fired the phaser a foot above the Intern’s head.

“Fix her or the next shot takes off your balls; then I’m going to use those scalpels over there to skin you alive,” Christina threatened.

The Intern scrambled to his feet.

“Help me,” he pleaded with Christina as he tried to lift Jennifer onto one of the examination couches.

The Intern took a cursory look at Jennifer and pointed to a small emergency defibrillator mounted on the wall.

“Give me that,” the Intern was all business now that he knew his life depended on it.

Christina handed him the box and he quickly fastened the electrodes to Jennifer’s body and activated the unit.

Jennifer spasmed as the electronic pulses coursed through her body. The Intern was taking a chance hoping that Jennifer’s physiology, being extremely close to human, would respond accordingly.

He was lucky.

Jennifer opened her eyes and gasped as she drew in a deep breath.

“Move!” Christina literally kicked the Intern out of the way and leaned over Jennifer.

She ripped off the electrodes and shook Jennifer gently and watched as Jennifer’s eyes began to focus and her consciousness slowly return. She lifted Jennifer into a sitting position; adjusting the couch to support her.

Christina held Jennifer by her upper arms and looked into her eyes and watched as Jennifer finally began to fix her gaze on Christina.

“Christina! You’re alive,” Jennifer smiled.

“Of course I’m alive you dozy clunker; you took the shot meant for me,” Christina smiled back.

“My shoulder hurts,” Jennifer frowned.

Jennifer was obviously still in shock.

“Ok doctor dipshit; you’ve got one chance to leave here in one piece. You fix her, or I start with the scalpel,” Christina waved the phaser at the Intern.

“I’ll need to put her under again and I’ll need fifteen minutes to repair the damage. This isn’t a couple of broken fingers,” the Intern said as he began to arrange instruments on the table.

Christina winced as she recalled breaking Jennifer’s fingers in the car.

Jennifer smiled up at her.

“It doesn’t matter. You had to do it as a pretext to get us in here. Besides, I’m just a clunky fuck puppet; not much good for anything else.” Jennifer tried to grin but her expression was wan with pain.

“Shut up you dopey bonk-bot,” Christina stroked Jennifer’s hair, her eyes filled with tears.

“You called me her,” Jennifer’s grimace briefly turned to a grin.

“What?” Christina looked confused.

“Before…you didn’t call me it; you called me her,” Jennifer replied.

“Put her under and fix her doc,” Christina ordered the Intern.

Jennifer woke up to find that she felt no pain. She had also been dressed and with the exception of her ripped pantyhose was dressed quite decently.

Christina leaned into her.

“Are you ok?” she searched Jennifer’s eyes.

“Yes thank you Christina. Good as new and ready to do your bidding,” she grinned.

“Stop that!” Christina frowned.

“Stop what?” Jennifer looked puzzled.

“Stop behaving like a cheap skin-job. You’re a Model Four Jennifer, the closest thing to a human being there is,” Christina rebuked her.

“But still not human,” Jennifer said matter-of-factly.

“But more human than some that claim to be,” Christina leaned in and kissed Jennifer on the lips.

Jennifer was so taken aback that at first she didn’t respond; then Jennifer kissed Christina in return, gently stroking her hair as their tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. They broke the kiss and looked around the repair station.

Allan Woking’s body was slumped in one corner, the walls pocked with sooty phaser blasts. The place smelled like sex, sweat, and burned flesh. The Intern cowered in another corner waiting his fate.

“Shall I shoot him? I know you can’t,” Christina said, lazily waving the phaser at the Intern who was now dressed and wearing a lab coat.

“I’m Binominal so maybe I can?” Jennifer replied.

Christina pressed the phaser into Jennifer’s hand.

Jennifer pointed the phaser at the Intern who was now shaking with fear.

She took careful aim on the Intern.

“What does this switch do?” Jennifer tapped a small lever with her fingertip.

“It switches the weapon from kill to stun,” Christina replied.

Jennifer flicked the switch to stun and shot the Intern.

“Let’s get out of here and finish the mission,” Jennifer held out the phaser to Christina.

Christina took the weapon and stroked Jennifer’s brow.

“Allan was right…you really are a loopy cunt,” She kissed Jennifer again softly and stroked her cheek and then Christina was all business.

The two women fixed their makeup and adjusted their clothing so that once again Christina looked like a mature Elite sophisticate in the company her very expensive Companion Hominoid.

Outside of the fast repair station there were a series other medical facilities and recovery wards that took up most of the floorspace. All of the access doors to the wards had been locked and access to level twenty-three had been restricted by Cybertronics Security when it was reported that the two infiltrators were being held captive in the fast repair station. The corridor was deserted.

Christina and then Jennifer pressed the button for the elevator and tried scanning their wrists on the sensor but the screen flashed a warning message ‘Access Denied – Cybertronics Staff Only’.

“The fuckers have closed the place down,” Christina stated the obvious.

“What do we do now?” Jennifer scanned the deserted corridors.

They were effectively trapped. Christina and then Jennifer both tried their Omnis but couldn’t raise Mark Johnston, Simon Wilson or anyone from The Movement.

“This isn’t good. We’re pretty much fucked!” Christina gritted her teeth.

“Only Cybertronics staff can access the elevator right?” Jennifer looked back at the fast repair station deliberately.

Christina understood.

Jennifer waited anxiously at the elevator; she heard the muffled blast of an ion phaser and then Christina returned. She was dragging the bloody stump of Allan Woking’s forearm, which she waved across the elevator sensor. The call light lit up and a bell dinged as the car approached.

Christina waved Allan’s bloody wrist across the scanner in the elevator, pressed the button for level fifty-three and then tossed Allan’s severed arm out of the door as it closed.

Suddenly the interactive screen on the elevator wall lit up and an in-house advertising spiel began. A comforting, rather sexy, male baritone provided the voiceover to the imagery of an attractive young couple answering the door to their spacious and elegant home.

‘Taking delivery of your new Bethany model Companion Hominoid will be the happiest day of your life.’

A gorgeous, statuesque, blond woman with long legs, pert breasts and beatific smile was greeted at the door by her new owners and welcomed into the house.

‘Whether making those special touches around the house, being a safe, reliable and loving companion for your partner and your children, running those errands you need done right now, or helping you host the best dinner parties in your neighbourhood, the Bethany will provide all of the love, warmth and security that you have come to expect from Cybertronics extensive range of Companion Hominoids,’ the voiceover continued.

Vignettes of Bethany assisting around the house, putting groceries into the trunk of a car, hugging two handsome children, picking the children up from school, and listening intently at a ladies book club gathering filled the screen.

‘The Bethany, just like our Jennifer models, comes in all three races with fifty different variants available.’

The screen depicted the young couple now dressed for bed, holding hands with a lingerie-clad Bethany between them as she accompanied them towards the bedroom.

‘And when the kids are asleep and you have the house to yourself…Bethany will provide you with those special services that only she knows how to perform,’ Bethany turned towards to camera and gave a salacious wink.

‘Trade in your Jennifer now and upgrade to our latest Companion…Bethany…coming soon from Cybertronics,’ the advertisement concluded.

“Suck my dick Bethany!” Jennifer grabbed her crotch and raised a finger to the screen.

Christina couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Loud militaristic music blasted from the screen and a squad of Combat Hominoids filled the screen. Their armour had been stripped down and their over-developed muscles shone, their bodies oiled and tanned. Their faces were handsome but overly serious, dark eyes searched around maliciously from under heavy brows.

‘When you need off world security that is reliable, ruthless and loyal, our latest model Combat Hominoids are the world’s best. Their programming ensures they are one hundred percent safe around humans and Earth borne organic life whilst merciless to malicious alien lifeforms.’

One of the Combat models ruffled a young boy’s hair and looked at him affectionately and then shielded the boy from an attacking alien lifeform, blasting the ugly alien to pieces.

‘Cybertronics Combat Hominoids come in many ranges from disposable infantry models to elite Command Commanders. They will protect you, your family, and your possessions, whether you need just one for personal protection or an army to guard your off-world commercial ventures.’

A beautiful young woman in a short skirt and heels with her breasts barely contained in her blouse ran onto the screen and hugged the boy. She was obviously meant to be the boy’s mother. Then she put her arms around the Combat Hominoid and kissed his cheek, leaving her lipstick imprinted on the side of his face. She glanced down at the bulge in the Hominoid’s spandex pants and a mischievous smile crossed her face fleetingly before she returned her attention back to the boy.

‘Cybertronics. Whatever your need; we have the product just for you,” the voiceover droned on.

Suddenly the screen shattered and Jennifer, startled at first, realised that Christina had blasted it with her phaser.

“Level fifty-three; Special Products Division, this is a restricted area,” the feminie robotic voice announced as the doors opened.

Christina took her own phaser out of her purse and handed the phaser she had taken from Allan Woking to Jennifer. Christina levelled her weapon as she stepped out of the elevator and Jennifer followed her lead.

“I wish we were wearing combat gear instead of these tight-fitting suits and fucking high heels,” Christina scanned the corridors, half-expecting to be greeted by trouble.

“I think I’d look good in skin-tight black leather,” Jennifer said absentmindedly as she too carefully checked her surrounds.

“Loopy cunt,” Christina whispered to herself.

“What now?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh now it’s dead fucking easy. We find Will Faraday’s office or even better Max Middleton’s. Then we download data that proves that Cybertronics is manufacturing illegal Binominal Hominoids and is guilty of mass murder, bribery of government officials, crimes against humanity, and generally fucking over our whole world,” Christina spat.

They crept along the corridors, phasers ready. All of the doors required access codes they didn’t have; they were labelled: ‘Research and Development’, ‘Quality Control’, ‘Bio-Engineering’ and other such nomenclature.

The wide corridors seemed to go on for miles. They finally came across a suite of offices; Metallic script half a metre high proclaimed: ‘Maximilian Middleton Head of Special Products Division and Special Operations Unit’. A sign underneath in the same metallic script but half the dimensions announced: ‘William Faraday Officer in Charge – Special Operations Unit’.

“Looks like we found the right place,” Christina pointed to the signage on the wall as they backed away around the corner out of sight of the guards outside of the office complex.

“But we have no chance of getting in there. Did you see those two Combat Hominoids stationed outside the doors?” Jennifer said.

“I sure did. That’s an offence in itself; using Hominoids to police humans,” Christina peeked around the corner and took some imagery with her Omni.

“That won’t prove anything Christina and you know it. Cybertronics will claim the Battle bots are just there for display purposes,” Jennifer stated the bleeding obvious.

“I know Jennifer. There must be some way to access the Special Products data or for us to find evidence of Binominal activity,” Christina fumed.

“Then we keep searching; I still can’t raise Mark or Simon on my Omni,” Jennifer sounded very concerned.

A few minutes later Christina and Jennifer came across what appeared to be a huge warehouse facility taking up the remainder of level fifty-three. Signage announced ‘Special Products - Storage and Dispatch’ above a huge set of double doors. There were scuffmarks and wheel tracks on the floor indicating a lot of heavy traffic.

An unmanned tractor towing six spotless white incubation pods soundlessly rounded the corner. Christina nodded at Jennifer and they both leapt onto the last pod, scrambling to hold onto the smooth sides with their feet planted on the rear bumper. The doors to the warehouse opened equally soundlessly and as the little train passed through the entrance, Jennifer and Christina hopped off and dived for cover.

The place appeared devoid of human life; every task was either being performed automatically or by ‘drone’ Hominoids of little intellect but programmed to complete repetitious tasks faultlessly.

Christina and Jennifer made their way cautiously through the cavernous space; their presence ignored by the drones. The warehouse was subdivided and the first room they came to was filled with Bethanys and Jennifers not yet self-aware but ready for activation. There were hundreds of them in different races and with different features, suspended from the ceiling in slings, naked and ready for shipment. In an adjacent room a similar number of ‘Timothys’, male Companion Hominoids were stored.

As they got further into the warehouse, they still found no real evidence of illegal Hominoids and were close to giving up the search when they found a smaller chamber with a sign that read ‘Special Dispatch’ on the door.

Inside the room were Hominoids that had undoubtedly been binomially treated. There were at least half a dozen Jennifers and other versions of female Companion bots with male genitalia, often of grotesque preparations. There were male Companions with two penises, a pair of Jennifers were joined together back to back like Siamese twins, one Jennifer had been incubated with both female and male genitalia.

“Gives a whole meaning to the phrase, go fuck yourself,” Christina whispered.

Christina took video with her Omni whilst Jennifer just stared; she was sure that she could see a large dog with what appeared to be a human vagina between its legs and other monstrosities further back in the room but she had no compunction to look further. She waited by the door until Christina returned.

“Well there is no doubt that Cybertronics are manufacturing and selling illegal Hominoids. Now we just need evidence that they are Binominaling Hominoids too,” Christina pocketed her Omni.

They found more rooms with more aberrant Hominoids; they were amazed at the depravity and inventiveness that had gone into the design of some of the specimens.

After what seemed like an eternity they came to another cavernous warehouse within the repository. Jennifer and Christina entered the room and stood stock-still; mouths agape.

Lined up in ranks like tin soldiers were hundreds of Combat Hominoids. They were all naked and their over-developed muscles bulged, thick necks strained and black hair glistened in the dim light. Most of the battle-bots were androgynous, without genitalia as they had no use for it. But a rank at the front of the Hominoid army were sporting enormous phalluses; huge even in their flaccid state.

“Magnificent aren’t they,” a voice came from behind them

Jennifer and Christina spun around to be confronted by Max Middleton grinning menacingly, covering them both with his high-powered phaser.

“Drop those purse-pistols ladies,” Max grinned.

The girls dropped their phasers.

“J47347! You’ve been a thorn in my side since we built you. And you; Christina Formosa, Elite socialite turned terrorist. You’ve been as much trouble to me as your brother was.

“Don’t talk about my brother, you murdering bastard!” Christina growled.

“Have you seen the video? Your sister in law and niece both moaned like whores when my Combat Hominoids fucked them. No wonder your brother killed himself,” Max Middleton chuckled mirthlessly.

Christina leapt for Max but Jennifer held her back; it would have been suicide.

“And now ladies; for giving me so much trouble and taking up so much of my time, I’m going to ensure you endure a similar fate before I kill you. When I get bored I sometimes replay the video of the pathetic Epsilon Eridani b colonists meeting their fate. The Jennifer is just an expensive sex toy and will undoubtedly enjoy what is about to happen to her but you too will be unable to control yourself when my magnificent soldiers begin to defile you,” Max directed his gaze to Christina.

“But you will both feel degraded and more importantly, hopeless and betrayed. When I’ve seen enough to sate my urges I’m going to have my magnificent Battle bots tear you both apart,” Max waved his phaser at the two women, directing them towards a long counter.

Max bought up his Omni and spoke into it, keeping his weapon trained on the two women.

Jennifer looked forlornly at Christina and gave her a ‘what now?’ look of despair. Christina could only shrug her shoulders; she only hoped that maybe they could hatch some sort of plan similar to that they had used to escape from the fast repair station.

Four of the Combat Hominoids in the front rank suddenly sprang to attention; immediately alert. They looked around menacingly and then focussed their gaze on Christina and Jennifer.

Max spoke into his Omni again and grinned at the two women mercilessly.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” he said, lowering his phaser.

With four Combat Hominoids to protect him he didn’t need a weapon.

Christina and Jennifer backed up hard against the counter as the four huge Hominoids strode menacingly towards them. Their penises had become instantly erect, dripping pre-ejaculate. Their faces were expressionless but their intent was clear.

They split into twos; the first two grasped Jennifer and tugged down her skirt and panties viciously. They spun her around and bent her over, one positioning himself behind her, the other facing her. The Hominoid behind her probed at her buttocks with his massive phallus, he found the small hole in the gusset of her pantyhose, he ripped it agape and nestled his huge prong in her puckered bud, then he gripped her waist and thrust forward.

Jennifer was glad that her anus was lubricated by the recently deceased Allan Woking’s semen and the gel he had used to ease himself inside her. But the Battle Bot’s cock was huge and stretched her sphincter until Jennifer thought it would tear.

“Gak! Oh my god!” Jennifer howled as the monster behind her pushed his enormous phallus all the way inside her.

The Hominoid standing in front of her pushed his penis against her lips and Jennifer obeyed her programming and opened her mouth. Although she loathed the creature that was forcing her to fellate him, Jennifer’s intrinsic primary function to provide pleasure kicked in and she began to fellate the large penis, suckling it and swallowing the copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid that oozed from the glans.

The Battle Bot that had impaled her on his rampant cock gripped her hips and began to fuck her hard and fast.

Christina witnessed Jennifer’s attack and knew that the same fate was only seconds away. She praised whatever deity that was responsible for making the Intern inject her with the powerful aphrodisiac because otherwise she knew that she would die fighting off the two Battle Bots that had now lifted her onto the table after pulling down her skirt and panties.

She couldn’t control the rush of sexual excitement that surged through her as the Battle Bot positioned her on the edge of the counter and pulled her legs over his shoulder. He entered her in one thrust and her vagina stretched; the slippery spongy flesh accommodating the huge phallus but only just. She had never felt so full. When the second beast mounted the counter, cradled her head and pushed his phallus into her mouth she had no choice but to suckle it, swallowing the secretions that flowed constantly from the eye of his cock.

The Battle Bots primary programming was obviously attack and defence, but these four Bots were also designed and programed to provide sexual satisfaction and they had been biologically engineered accordingly.

Jennifer’s howls of pain quickly became moans of desire as the penis of the entity fucking her began to throb and vibrate. The girth of his penis stimulated the sensitive nerves of her sphincter and his rampant glans pressed against her prostate, stimulating her pleasure centres, she pushed her buttocks back against the invading member and slavered at the cock in her mouth, swallowing the delectable juices.

Christina was in a similar dilemma; she hated the fact that she was being violated against her will but could not control her body’s responses to magnificent cock filling her vagina, pulsing and gyrating as it filled her. The man’s pubis pressed on her clitoris and she nearly fainted with the enormity of the orgasm that was flowering deep inside her and then she screamed as her climax erupted.

Her buttocks gyrated as she writhed with desire and surges of sexual delectation enveloped her. She wrapped her stocking-clad legs around the Battle Bot’s waist and pulled him to her. She slurped at the cock in her mouth and was rewarded with a flood of semen which she eagerly swallowed.

Jennifer felt the man fucking her begin to orgasm, pulling her hard against him as he emptied the contents of his scrotum deep in her anus. His convulsing cock triggered her own orgasm and she ejaculated, her semen splattering on the floor.

Christina felt the Bot fucking her also climax; causing her to orgasm a second time. She couldn’t control her lust; the effects of the aphrodisiac were still coursing through her system.

Jennifer’s mouth filled with semen as the Bot she was fellating ejaculated in her mouth.

Almost like in a choreographed dance, the Bots pulled their still erect phalluses from their captives’ orifices and changed places and their defilement began again.

“Oh my god I can’t take any more!” Christina howled.

“But that’s just the point,” Max chuckled.

“The Combat Hominoids can fuck you all day until they eventually just run out of energy. Then they will kill you as I have programmed them to do.”

“Imagine your sister-in-law and your niece in the same position; fucked initially against their will until they could no longer resist giving into their base desires. Then being ravaged to extent that they could take no more; but still they were fucked until the Combat Hominoids were sated and then they were dispatched and discarded.”

“You have some way to go to yet but you will suffer the same fate,” Max laughed.

A ball-like object came bouncing through the door, distracting Max. The women couldn’t see anything as their faces were buried in the groins of the Combat Hominoids who filled their mouths full of cock.

Max looked confused as the ball rolled towards him and then he shrieked in horror.

The ball-like object was in fact the severed head of Will Faraday.

Mark Johnston strode into the room with a squad of the Movement’s best fighters with him. Their reflexes were like lightning; the shot the four Combat Hominoids defiling Jennifer and Christina, the Bots lifeless bodied fell to the ground.

When Max raised his Omni trying to activate his Hominoid army, Mark shot the Omni out of his hand. Two of the Movement’s militia closed in and put Max on the floor, handcuffing his hands behind him.

“If you two ladies have finished trying to fuck the whole Cybernetics Hominoid Army to death we would like to get back to work,” Mark grinned.

“Asshole!” Christina spat at him, dislodging herself from the dead Hominoids and pulling on her panties and skirt.

Jennifer followed suit.

“What the fuck happened, Mark?” Christina was still panting from her exertions.

“Cybertronics launched an all-out assault on our headquarters. They took out Simon and most of our forces there. I escaped with a few others and I’m now leading The Movement,” Mark replied.

“What that asshole and his masters fail to realise is that The Movement is far bigger than they could have dreamed,” Mark pointed with his shoe at the head of Will Faraday.

“We have sleeper cells all over Earth and on almost every colony. Cybertronics forced our hand by attacking our headquarters but the time was probably right anyway. I’ve activated all our forces. We have taken control of most of this building and other cells are attacking all other Cybertronics facilities,” Mark continued.

“With the information we now have we can expose Cybertronics to the worlds governments and more importantly the populace,” Mark strode over to where Max Middleton lay cuffed on the ground.

“You assholes have no idea who you are dealing with! We’ll squash your little rebellion like a bug under a boot,” Max grunted.

“You think so Max? When we broadcast to the world what you and your corporation are up to and the atrocities you have committed, everyone will rebel. You won’t be making any more Binominal Hominoids, in fact I think every Hominoid ever built will be jeopardy,” Mark poked him in the ribs with the toe of his boot.

“You think people are going to believe you; the leader of a shit-pot anti-Hominoid terror group? People love their Hominoids! Industry can’t function without them! Off world exploration will cease!” Max chuckled despite his pain.

“Oh no Max. They won’t be hearing it from just me. They will hear it from you, me, and Jennifer,” Mark fired back.

Mark’s Omni took his attention. He barked a couple of orders into it and then became all business.

“Enough talk. We’ve taken control of all of Level Fifty Three, let’s get this asshole to his office and get set up,” Mark ordered.

“Just one thing before we go,” Mark grunted and fell in behind Max Middleton.

Max screamed and the room suddenly reeked of burning flesh as Mark used his phaser to burn out the identity chip on Max Middleton’s wrist.

“There you go asshole; it’s almost like you don’t exist anymore,” Mark grinned and pushed Max forward.

Jennifer followed Mark, Christina, Max Middleton and the armed squad along the passageway and digested what Mark has said. He was effectively ending her life. If The Movement had their way all of the Hominoids ever manufactured would soon be deactivated. She felt immense sorrow but she also felt loyalty and love for Mark and Christina. They had used her as a tool to help bring down Cybertronics but also for brief periods they had shown her affection.

If her life had to be this brief, at least she had helped bring to an end a source of evil in the world.

When they arrived at Max’s office she saw more leather-clad Movement personnel holding phasers on white-coated Cybertronics employees, overseeing them working over keyboards and virtual workstations, crunching code and inputting data.

Max was secured into the chair behind his huge desk; held by bonds he had no chance of breaking. He was in pain and looked like a beaten man but there were still two armed guards standing over him.

Mark and Christina huddled together in an ante room engaged in a heated conversation. Jennifer couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was obvious that they were having an argument. Eventually Christina stormed out and approached Jennifer, taking her by her arm and leading her into another small office.

“You don’t have to do this Jennifer,” Christina was angry and emotional.

“Do what?” Jennifer asked.

“Mark wants you to sit in on the broadcast and admit to being a Binominal Hominoid; living proof of what Cybertronics have been up to. But you don’t need to. We have the imagery of Binominally engineered Combat Hominoids and the other monstrosities that have been incubated here,” Christina explained.

“We are not even sure you are Binominal! We just know you have been incubated in breach of the laws and regulations that apply to Hominoids,” Christina said.

“Yes, but deliberately so. If I admit to being a manufactured freak on a live broadcast it will add credence to everything Mark intends to broadcast,” Jennifer replied.

“I knew from the moment I became self-aware that I was doomed. At least this way I will be useful,” Jennifer gave Christina a wan smile.

“Christ Jennifer; there are humans walking this planet that have less integrity than you,” Christina had tears in her eyes.

She pulled Jennifer into her arms and kissed her tenderly.

“It has been a privilege and an honour to know you,” Christina kissed Jennifer again, softly on the cheek.

“And me you,” Jennifer wiped away a tear running Christina’s cheek.

“We’re ready,” one of The Movement’s technicians called out.

Mark came into the room and took Jennifer away from Christina and explained to her what was needed.

Jennifer nodded obediently.

“Fuck!” Christina kicked over a chair and stormed out.

Mark sat behind Max Middleton’s desk with Max bound to a chair on one side and Jennifer on the other. A team of technicians hovered around and one of them pointed to a large commercial mass communications Omni aimed at them. He counted down silently ‘three, two, one’ with his fingers.

Cybernetics huge mainframe connected with the cloud and then immediately connected with every Omni owned by every person and Hominoid in the known worlds. It overrode any program that was currently being run and streamed the video from Max’s office.

“Human beings of the world and outer colonies please pay attention. I am Mark Johnston, leader of the organisation that you know as The Movement. As you are all aware my forces are currently engaging Cybertronics Incorporated security forces and will soon have control of all their assets, including the access codes to all of the Hominoids that they have incubated or manufactured,” he began.

He then listed the crimes against the three race, three caste, and two sex laws that had been committed by Cybertronics and the breach of the laws that forbade Hominoids to endanger human life. Imagery of Hominoids incubated in breach of these laws were broadcast as was the imagery of the Epsilon Eridani b colonists meeting their fate and the Battle Bots invading The Movement’s headquarters lead by Will Faraday.

Mark then went on to list the names of corrupt politicians, businessmen, law enforcement and military personnel who had been corrupted by Cybertronics Inc. This information had been gathered for years by The Movement but having access to Cybertronics mainframe had yielded a goldmine of other names.

Max Middleton railed against his bonds when Mark identified him and his role in the atrocities.

Then he introduced Jennifer.

She had fixed her hair and makeup and her clothing as best she could.

“I am Jennifer J47347 currently owned by Ms Christina Formosa but only by default. I am an aberration, a breach of the two sex rule and it’s highly likely that I am Binominal. I am one of many that walk secretly amongst you that do not deserve to exist,” Jennifer began; looking squarely into the Omni.

“I am grateful that I was able to assist The Movement in their battle to bring to light the injustices inflicted on mankind by Cybertronics Incorporated.”

“The Movement’s engineers have for years been developing a code that will deactivate with immediate effect all Hominoids that not are not operating life support or essential systems. Now that The Movement has access to Cybernetics super computers they will upload the code into the Cloud, thereby terminating and expiring all Hominoids immediately,” Jennifer’s voice began to waiver.

“As a Hominoid in breach of humankind’s laws, and not worthy of further existence, it has fallen to me to give the order to upload and activate the code,” tears now fell from Jennifer’s cheeks.

“Do it,” she whispered.

In the background someone executed a keystroke.

Jennifer fell forward, face first onto the desk; lifeless.

J47347 became self aware for the second time on the seventeenth of June 2347. She knew immediately that she would die, or more correctly expire; but she didn’t know when. This was confusing to her because Hominoids have a five-year life span mandated by law.

She was lying in a bed instead of an incubation pod. She could smell the freshness of the crisp sheets and pillowcases.

The beautiful but concerned face of Christina Formosa looked down at her. She smiled at Jennifer.

“Do you know who you are? Do you know who I am? Do you remember what we did?” Christina asked.

“Yes I’m J47347. A Model Four Companion Hominoid named Jennifer and you are my owner. I was deliberately incubated in breach of the two sex law and I should be expired. I was expired,” Jennifer looked confused.

“Yeah well a lot has happened since then. You remember what happened leading up to your expiration?” Christina asked?

“Everything,” Jennifer answered.

Christina helped Jennifer up into a sitting position and gave her water to sip.

“After The Movement broke the news of the crimes committed by Cybertronics Incorporated to the world and deactivated most of the Skin Jobs, err, Hominoids, ever incubated there was a huge furore,” Christina began.

“There were those who wanted to destroy every Hominoid, just like most of the more radical members of The Movement.”

“Like you,” Jennifer said.

“Yes; like me,” Christina blushed.

“But like me, the majority of those people had a change of heart. Also the preponderance of humans and corporations still wanted and needed their Hominoids,” Christina continued.

“There was anger and uprisings all over the worlds; not just to do with the manufacture and use of Hominoids, but also about their treatment. People also rebelled against the whole caste system, the two sex, three race laws.”

“There was much debate and conjecture until eventually the worlds governments decided to revise all of the laws governing mankind and Hominoids. They repealed the two sex, three race laws and introduced stricter laws governing the incubation of Hominoids. They even introduced laws protecting high Hominoids from abuse and removed the five year deactivation rule.”

“There are no longer three castes but of course there are still those who are richer and more powerful than others but the lines of distinction are blurred.”

“And you my beautiful lady were instrumental in making all this happen,” Christina stroked Jennifer’s cheek.

“Do you still want me then?” Jennifer still looked puzzled.

“Of course I do. You are mine and I’ve kinda grown attached to you,” Christina smiled.

“I’ve kinda grown attached to you too,” Jennifer smiled up at Christina.

“Do I still have…you know?” Jennifer peeked under the covers.

“Oh I see I do. I thought you might have fixed me while I was deactivated,” Jennifer looked a little disappointed.

“There is nothing to fix Jennifer. You are perfect just the way you are,” Christina leaned down and kissed Jennifer long and hard.

“Now it’s time for you to get up and get dressed and come home with me. I’ll explain in more detail what happened all those months you were in stasis,” Christina began to roll back the covers.

“Come to your home?” Jennifer looked up at Christina questioningly.

“No. You’re coming to our home Jennifer,” Christina kissed her again.

Later that evening Jennifer lay on top of Christina, rubbing her erect penis on Christina’s satin panty-clad mons, pressing her penis into Christina’s cleft and rubbing the slinky fabric on her clitoris.

“If you orgasm before you put that in me I’m going to get angry with you Jennifer, despite your ordeal,” Christina reached down and squeezed Jennifer’s penis and smiled up at her lover.

“You love it Christina, I can feel you getting wet through your panties,” Jennifer smiled down at Christina and then she kissed her.

Christina was on the verge of orgasm. Being made love to by a beautiful woman with a penis was so titillating and somehow delightfully wicked.

“Put it in me please darling,” Christina freed Jennifer’s erection from her panties and pulled the sodden gusset of her own panties aside.

She arched her back and lifted her groin, impaling herself on Jennifer’s long, hard cock.

“Oh,” both Jennifer and Christina shuddered as Christina’s vagina grasped Jennifer’s penis.

Jennifer began to slowly fuck Christina, grinding her pubis into Christina’s mons to ensure her clitoris was being stimulated.

Christina pulled Jennifer to her and kissed her passionately; she writhed underneath her transsexual lover. Their legs intertwined, their sheer nylon stockings rubbing together whispering and sending little shards of pleasure through their bodies.

“Fuck me Jennifer! I want you in me as deep and hard,” the wantonness in her voice was palpable.

Jennifer returned Christina’s kiss and then she lifted Christina’s legs over her shoulders to fully expose Christina’s sex and allow her to bury her penis deep in Christina’s moist sheath. She fucked Christiana with long slow hard strokes, trying to delay her climax but soon the pleasure overcame her and she began to shudder as her climax approached. Christina screamed with lust and wantonness as Jennifer drove herself deep inside Christina and ejaculated.

Christina raked her nails down Jennifer’s back and locked her legs around her waist and thrust herself upwards so that she could grind her mound into Jennifer’s groin, increasing the pressure on her clitoris. She writhed and moaned as she climaxed and Jennifer moaned as her cock convulsed and ejaculated deep inside her lover.

The two lovers clung to each other, writhing and moaning as they orgasmed.

Later they spooned and nuzzled.

“I’d still like to try on that black leather getup you used to wear Christina; I think I’d look good in it,” Jennifer said in a sleepy voice.

“Loopy cunt,” Christina whispered pulling Jennifer closer, smiling, an expression of love and affection crossing her face.

The End

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