Stuck in a Rut - Part 2

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd
Casey Church was a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hadn’t been a girl born in over a century, what was normal?

Chapter 2.

After lunch I headed off to my next class. Upon entering the biology lab, I was struck by an odd realization. Everyone in the classroom was a boy. Up until this point I hadn’t had a class that didn’t have any girls in it. History had four. English? Six. I had one in math. But the classroom was completely male. I know that yeah, because of the nature of the change there would be far fewer girls than boys at my age, but still… what are the odds? I wasn’t the only one to notice. I saw the other boys all looking around too. It hit me, there were only 17 of us in the class. The reason hit me all at once.

“Damn.”, I said with a resigned sigh.

The boy next to me looked over. “What?”

I replied. “Notice that there aren’t very many of us in class, and that we are all boys?”

He looked at me perplexed. “Yeah, so?”

I shook my head and clarified for him. “The reason there are so few of us is that there are girls in this class, they just have all been taken elsewhere. We’re getting the birds and the um other birds talk”.

“Crap”, he responded.

The bell rang and in stepped a wet dream. She was tall and shapely, the very image you think of when you say ‘naughty teacher’ She was well-endowed and her blazer did little to conceal her hourglass figure. She had on a skirt that accentuated those long, long legs. Setting down her coffee, she shook her head, allowing that long auburn hair to cascade down her back. Licking her luscious lips, she then pushed her glasses up from the tip of her button nose. She looked over the class with those large blue eyes, before turning to the whiteboard behind her. Rewarding us with that view of that gorgeous round butt, she picked up the marker and began writing her name on the board.

“Now that you boys have had your eyeful, it’s time to get down to business”. She said in a smoldering voice, having turned to face us again. Many voices cracked uncomfortably during roll call, and when she purred out my name, I’m not ashamed to say that I was one of them.

Damn, if I were the only one thinking about baseball statistics and old ladies in swimwear, then the rest of my classmates would never look at any woman ever.

“My name is Miss Petri… yes, I get the ‘Petri is a dish’ joke all the time, get it out of your system. You may have noticed that there are no girls in class. That will change tomorrow. Right now they are off getting a special lecture. The reason I get you horn-balls to myself today is purely because of sex.”, She cooed in that impossible voice.

Pencils dropped almost in unison in the classroom, as all the boys gaped at her in silence.

“To clarify, today all incoming students either have gotten, or will be getting the prerequisite talk about the occurrence, from a historic and social stand point. You lucky devils get me for the nitty-grity, down and dirty stuff. I’m talking about biology and sexual education. Your female classmates are with one of the school nurses, getting to learn all about their new bodies in full detail. Now I know that some of you boys surely are responsible for some of your classmates being in that lecture, but since we don’t air our dirty laundry here, We are going to assume you are innocent babes, pure as the fresh winter’s snow”, she said in that voice that would make frozen butter melt.

Bending over, to pick up a paper from her desk, she scored several fatal hits to the teens gathered. Her low v-neck shirt sagged in just the most wrong way, allowing everyone a view of the mystical valley that lay between the majestic mountains.

“Now boys, back in olden days of yore, human beings were like most other mammals. The male would produce sperm containing the chromosomes that contribute to which gender the fetus would become. Thus it was determinate on whether the sperm passed an X or Y to determine the gender. After the change, that was no longer the case. All human sperm now carry only male genes.”, Pausing to look up, she saw she clearly had our attention.

“In 1953, scientists in France discovered that a previously undiscovered enzyme exists in the semen of puberty-age boys that interacts with the DNA of other receptive male cells. The enzyme triggers the Y chromosome to mutate and change into an X chromosome. Fortunately for you all, you are immune to your own enzymes. If that weren’t the case every boy entering puberty would have become a girl, and with no males to impregnate them, we wouldn’t be here.”

I swallowed and took a deep breath. The topic of discussion, and the person doing it was almost too much. I quickly glanced around, and saw that I wasn’t the only one fidgeting and shifting in my seat. Surely she couldn’t intentionally be torturing us, could she?

She took a moment to blow on her coffee and take a sip. Nnnngh.. She’s killing us. Man down! Man down! (or up, as the case might be).

Returning to the lecture, she spoke up. “Everyone following along? Good! As I was saying, the enzyme penetrates the cells and targets the genes responsible for sexual characteristics.”

Did she have to say ‘penetrate’ in that voice?

“It’s interesting to note”, she said licking those ruby lips, “that saliva readily breaks down the enzyme, so oral sex does not exist as a viable method of introducing the crucial sexual transformation required to propagate the species. What’s that mean for you, you might ask? What? In the butt, of course!”

After the choking and sputtering and coughing fits died down, she elaborated. “When you think about it, anal sex is a perfect method for introduction of the enzyme into the blood stream. It often can cause tearing of the mucosa, the tissue that lines the rectum. A perfect way for something to enter the bloodstream.”

I was having cold sweats and my mouth was dry. All this nightmare fuel, the causes of my anxieties and fears, and it’s being delivered by a woman so sexy that she could talk people in the hottest jungles of Brazil to buy fireplaces. It wasn’t fair.

“Pain and blood and looking at the uncertainty of your future as an entirely different person than you were. ‘Why would you want to do that?’, you may ask. The biological drive to reproduce isn’t something to be laughed at. Male cats have sharp spines on their penis, but they mate because the female’s reproductive cycle sends them into heat. It is very similar for humans. When you reach puberty, your body produces strong pheromones. Everyone’s pheromones differ, and when your body senses a desirable scent, it responds to that scent by altering it’s own to become desirable to the one that it first detects. Of course, these scents are most often too faint to be consciously recognized, though not always.”, She continued, taking off her blazer and fanning herself with the roll book.

Geez, this woman… a woman that could make Aphrodite lose to her in a beauty contest was talking about heat and scents and she was fanning herself. How has nobody in here passed out from lack of blood to the brain? I crossed my legs, then thought better of it, and uncrossed them.

“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”, she asked as she walked to the window. Well, walked isn’t so much accurate, as perhaps sauntered. She let out a little groan as she tried to open the window, but it didn’t budge. She bent down, showcasing that ass to everyone, then tried again, lifting with those sexy legs.

“Could one of you big, strong boys possibly open this for little ol’ me?” she asked, with that pouty mouth.

When nobody stood up, she let out a cute little “Hmph!”, and walked back to the front of the class.

“Now, does anyone have any questions… about the lesson, I mean”, she asked.

One brave soul raised his hand. “So basically, you mean that if someone smells right to you, you suddenly fall for them?”, he asked rather skeptically.

“Well”, she said, “It’s a little more complicated than that. Your body puts out these chemicals that are designed to trigger responses in a receptive person’s scent receptors. Right now you are all probably emitting various different scents. Now it seems that your individual receptors haven’t picked up a compatible scent, because I haven’t seen anyone’s eves straying from myself”.

We all probably blushed when she said this, but most of us were probably good enough to hide it.

Walking up to the whiteboard, she drew two stick figures on the board, and over them the traditional symbol for male, the shield and spear of Mars.

“Now let’s say this first boy is named ‘Jon’, and his counterpart here… is named “Dick”, she said with a smirk.

Waiting for the obvious laughter to stop, she went on, “Now Jon here has entered puberty, and is emitting his pheromones.”

She took a marker and drew wavy lines between them in blue, signifying the scent.

“Dick, here,”, she continued, “inhales these chemical markers, and his olfactory system analyzes their chemical constitution. Recognizing it as a preferred chemical compound, it sends a signal to the glands that produce his own pheromones. This signal directs them to modify their chemical compound to match. Simultaneously, the body starts to flood his system with hormones. The result is a heightened state of sexual attraction and arousal.”

She moved in front of her desk, leaning against it, showing off those magnificent legs, covered in those smokey dark luxurious hose.

If there is a God, please don’t let them find my dead body with a stiffy.

Seemingly oblivious to the consternation she was causing, Miss Petri began again. “In turn Jon’s system responds in kind to the altered musk that Dick is producing. This in turn also sends him into the mating drive, or as it’s often called, ‘the rut’. With both of them in their mating drive, they will seek to copulate.. such a stale word, I know… but better than say, ‘do the deed’, or any one of a number of slang terms.”

I swear this woman is trying to get her jollies by seeing if she can kill us all with blue balls.

“If Dick were the one to penetrate Jon and introduce his semen into Jon’s body, his enzymes would likely enter Jon’s bloodstream, where they would replicate, passing from cell to cell as they make their alterations.”

She sauntered over to the ‘Jon’ stick figure, and erased the male symbol, replacing it with the familiar Venus’ hand mirror symbol that symbolizes femininity.

“At the same time as Jon’s transformation has initiated, chemicals produced in Jon’s anal glands would cover Dick’s penis, and be absorbed through the skin into his bloodstream. These chemicals would then cause the malleability of the DNA to become locked from gender change. The result would be that Dick will be a Dick for the rest of his life, but Jon will never just be any old ordinary Jane.” With that said, she laughed and put the marker on the desk.

There was awkward silence, and then a timid hand shot up.

“Yes?”, she said. Peering seductively over her glasses. “You have a question, Rod?” The way she said ‘Rod’, made everyone squirm in their seats, not the least of all was Rodney, himself.

Rodney Reed, a gangly boy I knew casually, squeaked out his question in the most uncomfortable high pitched voice imaginable. “Is… is it true what they say, that sometimes guys don’t change, and they become chicks with dicks?”

Miss Petri looked down over the top of her glasses, in that stern school marm way. If it were allowed, you would think that Rodney would get the ruler.

In an exasperated way, she responded. “While it is true that there have been occasions where a boy has undergone an incomplete transformation, and has retained his male genitals, despite otherwise becoming a fully genetic female, those cases are so incredibly rare that only a small handful have ever been reported in all the time since the first advent of rutting behavior began.”

In that moment I almost felt sorry for Rodney… almost.

After looking up at the clock, she spoke once again. “Now if you strapping young lads are finished, that’s about all the time we have for today. The girls will be joining us tomorrow, and we will begin on the study of biology in earnest.”

After the bell rang, Miss Petri lingered in the hallway, smiling as the boys left, almost to a man, they were all walking slowly and stiffly, with their books and backpacks awkwardly carried in front of their groins.

From her neighboring chemistry classroom doorway, Miss Adelaine, stood watching.

“Honestly Sonja”, the tall slender blonde woman said, “You are a sexual harassment lawsuit just waiting to happen. The way you tease and torment these boys is just too much”.

Miss Petri glanced over at her, associate. She was taller than herself, quite nearly 6’ tall. She had a slender whispy build, very much in stark contrast to her own. Looking right at her, she spoke, her usual sexualized mannerisms quite restrained. “In all seriousness, these boys have a lot of hardship and trouble ahead of them. I remember how I was at that age. Sure they might see me as a fantasy now, but for many of them, perhaps even most of them, that will change as they grow and mature and change. In any event, there is no need for any concern. I have the most loving, most wonderful girlfriend in the world, and most of the time, I wonder how I got so lucky to get her.”

At the end of her statement, the air of sexuality returned, and a smile peeked at the corner of her lips.

Miss Adelaine, smirked back and simply said, “Yes, I suppose you do, at that.”


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