Morning Angel Chap. 3

Falco Special Effects, New York:
Emily examines the artificial wings she helped create. She managed to retrieve them after Teela was taken to the hospital. The ER doctor couldn’t cut through the harness that Teela wore when she used the wings. She was also relieved her best friend and business partner was okay.
The custom-designed stunt suit had protected Teela when she took a grenade to her chest.

The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 3

Rick lets Officer Wolfhart led her to a special worker from the city. The woman that Robyn took Rick too, was part of a new department. The department was setup to help people who have been exposed to the Blue Lace Drug and its derivative a new street drug called Venus.

Sasha watches as her daughter walks away with Rick. She now needed to find out who the magician was that changed Rick Jones and what that cabinet was. She waves goodbye to the people she knew and leave SWAT headquarters.

Devin (A Smart Tech Story)

Author's notes: I created the idea for this technology a while ago. This story idea came to me this morning. I just kept the idea flowing and maybe later I will come up with other short story ideas like this.

My name is Devin. I've been touted as a painting prodigy. The turning point in my career, a moment that would shape my future, came when I had my first gallery show at the tender age of sixteen. Since then, my work has been in high demand, keeping me busy and allowing me to live a comfortable life.

Battle Scars Part 1

'When will this ever end?' she thought, staring at her reflection in the mirror. Years of fighting had taken a toll on her body, leaving it adorned with countless scars from previous battles. Her bandaged arm now boasted a new one, but she chuckled to herself, knowing it would be a proud scar for any warrior. As she brushed her shoulder-length hair, she noticed wrinkles beginning to form under her eyes. 'I am getting old,' she thought as she looked at the wedding photo on her table. The young woman in the picture had a radiant smile and sparkling eyes full of life. "Nathan," she sighed, wiping away a tear from the corner of her eye. It had been eighteen years since he left, and not a day went by that she didn't miss him. But she vowed to never give up until she avenged his death or died trying.

The Wolf, The Owl, And The Cheshire Part 4

Cheshire runs as fast as she can with two hunters on her heels. She wasn’t as fast as she used to be ducking and dodging the tree limbs and roots. “Come on, just a little further.”

The two hunters chasing Cheshire fire at her and barely miss her. The bullet hit the tree limb right above her head. He goes to fire again and suddenly is hanging upside down by his feet. The other hunter that had been chasing Cheshire runs right by him. A grin appears on his face.

The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 2

SWAT Headquarters, Los Angeles, California:
It didn’t take Sasha long to drive from hers and Susan’s place in Beverly Hills. She was wearing a nice pair of dress slacks, a matching pair of four-inch heels, and a nice blouse. Her red hair was loose and held by a silver hairpin in the middle. She had a plain black purse with her, that had several of her concealed weapons in it.

The Wolf, The Owl, And The Cheshire Part 3

London, England:
“Mom, come quickly!” Mouse was holding onto Zoey as the younger girl fought her to get loose.

Mouse had scratch marks on her forearms where Zoey had dug her fingernails into her forearm and drew blood. They were having breakfast together in the kitchen when out of the blue Zoey started acting weird. Zoey upended the kitchen table like it was nothing and then started attacking Mouse.

Of Topshelf and Personal Things...

Hey everyone,
Sorry, I've been so quiet lately. Things have been happening.

Today, we started an aggressive process to fix what I've been calling the "phantom logout issues." No one is logged out; just some part of the system serves you a "stale" logged-out page from the cache in a few small places.

We have disabled much of the caching setup to try to figure out what's going wrong, and things seem to be better, but I need more data before I can start rebuilding.


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The Wolf, The Owl, And The Cheshire Part 2

Clair’s Ranch
Clair and Gina were doing everything they could to locate Jack and Nick. Clair had called Robert to inform him that his father had disappeared right out of her house. She tried to explain to him, that she had no idea how his father had just vanished out of her office.

The Wolf, The Owl, And The Cheshire Part 1

“Oh, what the hell happened.” Jack slowly wakes up and sits up.

As he starts sitting up, a bunch of long black hair blocks his view. He also notices that there is something weird about his voice. He looks at his hands and arm.

“What the hell?” as he hears a high-pitched female voice.

He looks around and notices two other younger girls lying near him. All of them are dressed in neon-colored full bodysuits. One of the teenage girls looked oriental and the other one had silver hair that covered her back.

Project Wolf Den Part 19 (Final Chapter)

Clair’s Ranch House:
“Go ahead and contact everyone so we can see what they think. I’ll go ahead and start on the background search on each lady.” Gina had pulled out her cell phone and was making notes on it.

Nick was impressed with how Gina took charge. His oldest son, Robert could take lessons from her. He couldn’t believe how far she had come since Jack adopted her.

Cadmus looks up and starts growling. Gina looks down at her wolf and wonders what has him on alert.

“What’s wrong boy?” Gina has learned to listen to Cadmus.

Quantum Leap in Life.

Sadly, every interaction I have recently had with those on BCTS and elsewhere shows that most or all of those who use any sort of computer technology are simply unaware of the shake out we have recently experienced. It has been a huge education for me. Some of those I have talked to have been quite blunt and tactless, treating me like I am an idiot.


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Flow C. 1


“Discipline, discipline, discipline.” Valin repeated this mantra in his head, over and over as he prepared himself for the practical exam. He was sure that he had gotten a perfect grade on the written portion, not that he expected otherwise, as he had been training himself for it almost his whole life. Not that he hadn’t done the same for the practical, it’s just that the practical required certain innate qualities that Valin didn’t have.

Project Wolf Den Part 18

Clair’s Ranch:
“What are you guys going to do about Nickolas Kuznetsov?” Clair looks at Jack and Nick when she asks that question.

“The matter is being taken care of as we speak.” Jack sent one of his special agents. One that was quick and deadly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t go yourself to handle the problem.” Clair knew the old Jack would have gone to handle the problem.

“You don’t use a nuclear device to kill a fly.” Nick knew what would happen if he or Jack went.

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Dixie sits quietly and pretends to read an article on her tablet. What she is doing, is watching how teenage girls and women walk and behave. Ever since she decided to become a girl full time, after spending a week with her friend pretending to be his girlfriend.

Raising the Bar

The Bar

Just another night at The Bar. The cities change. Copenhagen, London, San Francisco, Omaha, Tokyo. But somehow, The Bar stays the same. The same sights, smells, sounds. The same faces, or close enough. Different languages, but the same lines.

Project Wolf Den Part 17

Ada and Alya left to go back to Alexandria. They had work on Tuesday and had to show up. Jasmine helped with the cleanup along with the others still at the farm.

Jack and Gina show up later in the day with Cadmus in tow. Nick pulls up behind them in the Lincoln Town car he arrived in on Monday. A smile appears on his face when he sees his old friend and Jack’s daughter. He didn’t recognize the wolf with them, but he knew it wasn’t Chaos.

He remembered Chaos being a lot bigger and meaner. He walks closer to his friend and Gina. He saw the wolf watching him.

Belinda Was Mine


The only plane I had ever been on was a Tiger Moth, on a twenty- minute joyride out of Shoreham, which was only an airfield, not a proper airport.

It didn’t make me feel like Phineas Fogg, more like a descendant of Biggles or the Red Baron. Besides, I was just a kid when I had that first flight.

Project Wolf Den Part 16

Nick was the first to show up at Clair’s ranch. He arrived in one of the newer Lincoln Town cars, driven by a teenage woman. When she got out of the car to open the back door for Nick, she was wearing a custom-made chauffeur suit. She looked no older than a teenager.

She was shorter than Nick by at least a foot or so. Her short dirty blonde hair fell to the middle of her neck.
Clair was standing on the porch with Jasmine beside her. The other women were busy feeding their visitors. Becky had left to explain things to her uncle.

Kemeia Ascends Part 6 - Finale

This is part 6 of my first work, a fan continuation of the unfinished Kemeia Ascending. It is entirely inspired by Armond's magical world of Argentia and its Goddess Selene.

Link to the book here Kemeia Ascends - A Fan Continuity

You can read the prior parts by Armond from the links below

The Demon and I Chapter 7

As we ventured through the bustling streets of New York City, the towering Empire State Building and the iconic Chrysler Building rose above us like giants of glass and steel, their mirrored surfaces reflecting the city's chaotic energy below. The air was filled with a symphony of honking horns, bustling crowds, and distant sirens, bouncing off the towering buildings and creating a cacophony of sounds.

Project Wolf Den Part 15

Alya, Ada, Jasmine, Becky, and Clair step out of the house as the dust settles from the reinforcements arriving. She watches as they gather up everyone. Jasmine was using Ada for support as they stood on the damaged porch.

“I can’t believe this porch is still intact.” Becky was standing near Alya.

“It’s made of titanium/steel alloy. The whole frame of the house has been reinforced with it.” Clair remembered when Jack and Nick had the
house reinforced after moving it to this spot.

Explicit TG Stories

Not sure where this is going

Lately my rough drafts are XXX, and I am unsure that do do with them. It used to work to edit the porn out of them but somehow that seems to rip their heart out.

I am going to take a look at publishing some stories at Literotica as "Missykateti" to see what happens. This is not me throwing a fit, breaking all the dishes and throwing pots and pans.

I'll see what happens; maybe nothing.



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