Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.3

Raven wipes the sweat out of her eyes, as she tightens up the last ball joint. The heat inside the garage was causing her to sweat more than she normally did. The big floor fans Jordan put out in the garage to help cool it down, weren’t doing much.

She finishes the job and slowly lowers the car down. Once it was touching the floor. Raven makes the notes on the repair order and drives the car out to the parking lot to be picked up.

She sighs when she goes back into the building. The waiting area was nice and cold.


Ethan couldn’t believe how he looked in the full-size mirror he was standing in front of. He was wearing a custom-made spandex leotard suit that had holographic flames on it. A matching tailcoat and three-inch heel court shoes and fishnet stockings.

He couldn’t believe how the prosthetic breast and padding gave him a nice female figure. His short hair had been replaced with a wig that was long and orange. The hair of the wig was full and came four inches past his shoulder. The make-up on his face was tasteful and artfully done.

Someone To Just Hold Me


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Read Angela's story about the big juicy Football player and the effeminate boy. Gosh, I hope they get themselves sorted.

Somehow the story hooked me into one of those teary mindsets, you know, the ones you could break out of if you wanted to. It's only about 1:30 AM here and I think I just want to wallow in my misery for a while. Yeah, just be a sloppy, weepy, pathetic old tranny that most just wish you would just shut up or die.

As a new year begins, I'm lost in memories. Please read.

I'm sitting here now, lost in memories of a life changing week at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta Georgia in 2009. Having reached the ripe old age of 72, I find myself remembering times and people and events there and in my life.

Voyage Chapter 1: Fog at Sea

This story is my second story taking place in the Forgotten universe. I thought it would be fun to explore a time where the religion and superhumans were interconnected in a time not well explored in the superhero genre. Thus, while they are still superhumans, they are called Blessed during this time period and their abilities (superpowers) are called Blessings. However, I also decided to introduce a rather unknown aspect of Forgotten's history in this story. I had planned to introduce it Forgotten around the chapter 20 mark, but decided, why not here. Also, I'm aware that a large portion of the story is not written in the 18th-century style, nor do I actually take the time to write a British accent out. This is because I don't know how to. if I plan to rewrite it in the future, I will try to address these issues then, but for now, enjoy the story as is.

Dealing with the dark side

A discussion inside Wildcats 4 has touched on a topic that I thought others might want to weigh in and share their opinion.

The topic of whether a young adult novel should deal with a harsh or a gentle reality. The thought that dealing with sex, drugs, and violence should be dealt with or avoided so as not to become an influencer (love that word, BTW).

How do you approach these topics knowing full well that kids read coming of age stories and use them as bibliotherapy (look that one up)?

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.2

Raven stops and wipes the sweat from her forehead. She felt uncomfortable wearing a bikini top while she was washing Mrs. Mercer’s car.
Originally, she had started washing the car in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but after the shirt got wet and her bra underneath got wet, it became uncomfortable. Mrs. Mercer suggested that she might be more comfortable just wearing a bikini top while she washed the car.

Learning To Be A Mother Part 4 Final Chapter

Arabella was enjoying herself as they sailed down to Florida. Once her mom and dad explained what happened up on deck. She felt scared to sleep by herself the following night. So, she slept with Gina and Arnold.

The trip down to Florida was nice and Arabella loved it a lot. When they arrived in Florida, Gina and Arnold took Arabella sightseeing and to Disney World. Arabella had never been to somewhere so big before and stayed next to Gina and Arnold.

Madeline's Saturday Detention (2)

I took a deep breath as I was lead into the nurses office. The minute I entered into the room, I felt the tiny hairs on my arm stand up as the smell of antiseptic filled my nose. It was nauseating to say the least as memories of my stint in the IC of UMC came flooding back. My palms starting sweating and chill passed over my shoulder. Slowly I closed my eye and shivered again.

Madeline's Saturday Detention (1)


The weekend before thanksgiving, found me trotting down the sidewalk through the predawn darkness. Benton was undergoing something of a Indian summer, along with the rest of central Mississippi. The hard killing frost of late October, had been replaced with warm, almost early spring weather.

Its Halloween Madeline!

The leafs on the trees had turned from green to orange and brown. The last of the soybeans and cotton was being harvest and the air was starting to become cooler. Pumpkins where starting to appear in the produce department of Sunflower, and sweaters, long skirts and leggings where starting to replace tank tops, sundresses and bikini bottoms.

Who I Am Chapters 6 & 7


It had been a few weeks since Prom and for some reason KA was still with Michael or maybe that was the other way around. They spent a lot of time talking about things. They even included me in some of their discussions and--as much as I wanted to feel great for my friend, I felt like I was slowly getting cut off.
I mean, I felt less like a friend and more like the girl in the movies that was a little crazy but also had an unrequited love to the guy who saw her as a friend.
“Maybe we should double date sometime.”

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question: Chapter 5: Finding the Me to Be

"To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question" If given the power of a comic book superhero, is that person obligated to play the part for the greater good?

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question

Chapter 5: Finding the Me to Be

Last Time:

I said, "No, I felt great afterwards. Whatever happened when I changed, left me stronger than before. How much will need to figure out still. Always good to know your limits."

Forgotten: Chapter 14

Galen was sitting in his office, going over preparations to take Bug into custody. He felt like a wannabe inventor trying to become an actual inventor. It was one idea after another. He just couldn’t figure out a way militarily that would even work out successfully for them. It was getting to the point that he would be forced to enlist the help of military strategists and historians to aid in this endeavor. But Bug might simply be too powerful for Galen, the Agency, and the best the military had to offer.


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