The New Recruits Part 2

0500hrs, Glenborrodale, Scotland
Drill Sergeant Winter had a gleam in his eyes as he goes into the barracks and starts banging on the trash can. All the new recruits that had signed up for training had finally arrived late last night. Some of them had only had four hours of sleep. He keeps banging on the trash cans until everyone was awake.

“Alright you maggots, I want you out in formation in five minutes.” Sergeant Winter makes sure everyone is up before he heads outside to wait for them.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.7

Rebecca shivers as she hides in a group of bushes and watched one of the men she had been hired to investigate. The perp she had under surveillance was inside some woman’s house having sex. She glances at her watch to see what time it was and couldn’t believe he’s been in there for at least two hours now.

Stuck in a Rut - part 5

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hasn’t been a girl born in over a century, what is normal?

Chapter 5.

Mom opened the door and came in, sitting beside me. She gently rubbed my back and then softly spoke. “You need to get up, we have an appointment to go see Dr. Foster soon.”

Stuck in a Rut - Part 4

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hasn’t been a girl born in over a century, what is normal?

Chapter 4.

Stuck in a Rut - Part 3

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hasn’t been a girl born in over a century, what is normal?

Chapter 3.

The New Recruits

Gina looks over the application that was handed to her. It was from a group called the Golden Eagle Squad. Their symbol looked like the SHIELD symbol, but the Eagle was black, and the background was gold. The team consisted of eight members. The leader of the group was named Stanley Underwood, Age: 25, Hair: Dark Brown, Eye Color: Brown, Height: 5’ 11”, Weight: 180 lbs. He had a full-time job working for an investment company. Mother was a nurse and his father own the investment company he worked for. His father was a former Marine and was highly decorated.

Pushing the Limits- Part 4

Chapter 4: Punishment…and a Reward
Evan sighed, glancing at the time on his phone, when he awoke the next day. 10:13am. He had managed to fall asleep last night, which was better than he had expected…since he didn’t think he would be able to sleep at all. That didn’t change the fact that he now felt like he had been run over by a bus.

Disturbed and disturbing

As the drabble I posted for last week's contest entry shows I'm experimenting with the short story. I've been attempting to write a flash of some sort every day for the next thirty days. So far I haven't missed though I did get pretty shy with House Hunting.
Be that as it may, I'm posting some utterly disturbing pieces over at SOL for anyone who wants to take a look. Be warned they feature violence, forced Feminization, and rape.
Still if you wish to look the site is:

Stuck in a Rut - Part 2

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd
Casey Church was a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hadn’t been a girl born in over a century, what was normal?

Chapter 2.

The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter (7)

Once I reached the alter, a acolyte wearing a black cassock and white surplice approached me and offered me a hug. I was shocked at first, till I noticed the acolyte had shoulder length brown hair and baby blue eyes and a soft heart shaped face, I could place the face but not the name, then when she spoke I knew who it was.

Pushing the Limits- Part 2

Chapter 2: The Struggle is Real

Two hours into his first day, and Evan found himself in heaven. Well…almost. He couldn’t help it. He was surrounded by all of his favorite things. The sexiest, and laciest bra’s and corsets. The cutest fishnets in colors and designs he hadn’t even seen before. Not to mention the panties…. It wasn’t as if Evan was exactly a stranger to dressing up in women’s undergarments…quite the opposite actually. But God if only he could be the woman he wished he was sometimes….

A Sissy For Christmas -Part 4

Well, promises were meant to be broken, thought Tiffany. And witches didn’t exactly have the best reputation for being trustworthy. For the rest of the day, Melissa wouldn’t let Tiffany out of her sight, and so Tiffany had to wait until early the next day to sneak out to the mall. It was really a silly argument but Tiffany was determined to prove to Melissa that nothing bad would happen if she went to that store.

Pushing the Limits- Part 1

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It all started with a simple job application at the local mall. At 21, Evan was a college student who still had no clue what he wanted to do in life. At some point during the first two years of college, he had decided on a major in communications, with a minor in business, since he figure it might be helpful to have in the long run. Presently, however, Evan was gainfully unemployed and currently living on the money from student loans.

Mistaken For Law Enforcement

“Come on Tammy, you need to improve on your fighting skills.” Greg swings his Bo staff at Tammy.

Tammy brings her Bo staff up in time to block and strike back at Greg. She twirls it and manages to whack him behind his head. She put some power behind it because they were wearing protective gear.

“Good, your doing better.” Greg attacks some more and is blocked each time.

Tammy keeps attacking and finally sweeps Greg’s legs out from under him. She spins her Bo staff and put the end under his chin.

“I surrender.” He was impressed with Tammy’s weapon handling.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.6

Raven stops a few blocks away from the garage to gather herself. She was still pissed after seeing one of the men responsible for sending her to jail. She tries the breathing exercises she recently learned from Barbara.

Barbara had found her crying and upset about a memory that resurface from her time in prison. She instructed Raven on how to center herself and let the emotion flow out of her, instead of letting it have power over her. She needed to get her emotions under control before she got back to the shop.

CMC 09: Best Performer Competition

Cindy at Music Camp

By Teek
© 2019

Chapter 09
Best Performer Competition

Summary: The Best Performer Competition is started. Ariel is not happy that Cindy is on the list, but when she finds out the connection between Frank and Cindy, safety is threatened. Ariel is out for blood.

********** CAUTION: No actual physical assault, but Ariel tries. Cindy is bullied and threatened in this chapter.**********

The Grandchildren of Jack Bounty

“Come on slow poke.” Haylee turns around in her saddle to watch her cousin Arabella.

“Hey, I’m still recovering from being sick.” Arabella was bundled up in her warmest winter clothes.

Arabella knew her mother wasn’t sure about her going out in the cold. She just recovered from having bronchiolitis. She catches up to her cousin Haylee.

She was two years older than her cousin, Haylee. Haylee was ten years old and she was twelve years old. They were out horseback riding on the property that belonged to their family.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 2

Tizzy and Keith head back to the station to see what they could dig up on Daniel Covern. While Tizzy runs his name through DMV, Keith was looking for any past convictions.

“Well, this is interesting.” Keith had found out he had been arrested for raping a ten-year-old girl in California.

Which turned out to be his own daughter. He was arrested again for four counts of statutory rape and kidnapping in Washington state.

“Man, this guy is a piece of work. He’s a sexual predator.” Keith couldn’t believe he was out of jail and walking around.


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