It was the hummingbirds fault - (The night watchman’s lament)

LazArt had just invented the first color henna tattoo machine. Jack was a college senior working as a night watchman at LazArt Incorporated. He was a Physical Education major with hopes of teaching PE for awhile and eventually moving in to a job with a professional sports team. His favorite collegiate sports were volleyball and swimming. His slim, lithe body helped him excel in these sports. It also helped him with his other secret ‘hobby’: cross-dressing. Jack had an extensive feminine wardrobe stashed in his condo but he was very discreet about letting anyone know.

Virtually Feminine - Part 5 - Passing time

I'm not quite sure how best to continue telling this story. There were so many parallel streams of my life set in motion after my birthday, each of them so separate from each other that they almost felt like they were happening to different people at the same time like some weird version of synchronicity.

Caution added for references to rape and suicide - there's nothing graphic here but they are part of the story.

ATTN! All our sisters and brothers along the east coast! Free hotspot info from comcast and spectrum.

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Anyone living on the east coast of the U.S., from D.C. down to the Carolinas.

PLEASE EVACUATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!! Go for higher ground and take every precaution you possibly can!!


I've been watching the coverage on The Weather Channel and it looks absolutely horrible. ALSO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OVER 11,000 FREE HOTSPOTS BEING SET UP by comcast and spectrum AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU ALL ARE OKAY.


This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Going To Leave Her Town Because She's Transgender


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Maddison Kleeman Rose is a pretty normal Oklahoma 12-year-old. She enjoys school, she dances at the drop of a hat and she loves church. She also happens to be trans, which is why Maddie's life is anything but pretty normal.

Omaha Vice Part 3

Omaha Vice Part 2

This is a work of fiction set in a future world wracked by a pandemic. While, on the surface, society seems to function, a good many social mores are dropping like flies. Our detectives remain undeterred in their pursuit of the scandal of the century.

To the Matt Part 8


The family celebrated, with Richard reluctantly showering and changing to look more "presentable" to the visiting Mickayla. He couldn't help but feel a reaction sitting near her, but kept his hormones at bay as the family talked about the upcoming plans. Richard was in awe of the whole situation, it was going to be something that he could gloat about to his friends especially if Matt beat Impossible.

Why do seemingly reasonable, logical...


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Why do seemingly reasonable and logical people choose to worship a sadistic egotistical narcissistic psychopath as their g-d?

And by extension, I have to wonder why it is that so many of the people in the TG world somehow choose to cling to this ridiculous notion that the Abrahamic g-d Yahwe(and by extension Jesus) is something to be worshipped? When if you read his biography in the book called bible, only show that it is the most diabolical egotistical sadistic psychopathic being in all of fiction…

Meagan's Tail ch3 ...A Beauty or a Beast?

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Tuesday, July 12 2016 6:50AM
Palos Verdes, California

Transgender students asked Betsy DeVos for help. Here's what happened


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Transgender students asked Betsy DeVos for help. Here's what happened.
The Trump administration 'has absolutely no clue' what families go through, one mother said.

By CAITLIN EMMA 08/18/2018 06:40 AM EDT

I Like Dressing Up

Rachael looks at her collection of women clothing she has. Most of them she designed herself and have worn at one time or another. She has never confined herself to one gender. If she felt like dressing as a girl, she dresses as a girl. If she felt like dressing gender neutral, she dressed gender neutral. She loved designing and modeling clothes.

What A Girl Enjoys

Serena pushes the lawnmower up and down the lawn. She was listening to music from her iPhone as she was cutting the lawn. Her purple color phony tail was bouncing with each step she took. Occasionally, she would start singing. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a white sports bra.

Her fair skin was already starting to burn. She’s been outside since seven in the morning working in the yard. Her aunts were at work and she had the house to herself. She couldn’t wait for her friend to come over, so she could have some fun with him.


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