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What is happening? Tension and anxiety seep into my existence as I think about the political insanity coming in 2024. Thoughts of suicide have been absent for a few years now. Those relatives I most valued don't speak to me because they have allowed their imaginationings about my morality to run amok though lately I wonder what it would be like to have a man rod me out with vigor. That neovagina that I paid so much for in 2007 has remained unused. How stupid I was to believe the fantasy that I could ever be seen as anything but a female pretender.

Daisy and the Phantom Nurse (4)

Once I entered the cafeteria I paused and looked around. I  then closed my eyes and slowly opened them. I was ready for a nap, but food had to come first. So shrugging my shoulders I walked over and joined the line for the hot food. The other doctors and nurses in line only peered at me, none of them said a signal word. I guess most of them wanted to eat and go home. Which suited me just fine. Or on the other side of the coin they wanted to get a quick bite of breakfast before starting their day.

My Mom, My Cousin, and Me: Part 2

*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** Hello, I'm Hibari and thank you for all the wonderful reception on my first story! I saw a lot of comments to continue the story, and that's exactly what I've done here. I have a lot of great ideas where I can take this story in future installments, but in order to explore a more interesting narrative I will have to delve into some more mature topics. For this particular entry I wanted to give a CONTENT WARNING in regards to some of the topics that you will read. Please let me know what you girls think, I hope to continue this soon!

Daisy and the Phantom Nurse (2)

Daisy And the Phantom Nurse
Act II

Night has now fallen, the hallway outside my door is as quiet as the grave. The harsh white light from the light bulbs above that somehow filters through the crack of the doorway into my room is the only  hint of any sign of life. Outside my window, I can hear the wind starting to howl, big, fat raindrops the size of pennies are falling down by the trillions. I can hear those fat, drops of rain splashing upon the window.

Driftwood #11 - Valkyrie.

By Alyssa Plant

Life and Love are far more complicated than we can possibly understand. For one young cop, a journey of self-discovery will teach them that true strength was inside them all along.

Love Story - Chapter 9.6

I was overwhelmed with sensations all over my body.

There was a pull on my scalp where my wife's hands were pulling my braids. My lips felt buttery and smooth and velvety from the lipstick. I could feel my wife's soft lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply, smearing my lipstick.

Most of all, my body was contracting pleasantly, an after effect of the waves of pleasure that had washed all over me, centered in my groin.

I had leaked - that's right, leaked cum, which was pooled beneath us, on the floor.

"Wow, honey", she smirked at me, "You really are a woman"

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 1

To Save the Worlds
By Monica Rose

Have you ever considered that there is a fine line between Yes and No, Black and White? When you are cold, how low can you raise the temperature before warm becomes hot? Major Micheal Davis is going to discover that you cannot have one without other.

Chapter 1

Thirteen Ghost Stories and Urban Legends of Benton (7)

When I tell people that the Sunflower Grocery Store is haunted, people around Benton tend to give me something of a sideways look. But honest to goodness the store is really, bloody haunted. In fact I would go as far as to say it's crawling with ghosts. My name is James Donald Bell, and I'm a part time Courtesy Clerk at Sunflower Grocery store. Before I move on with my story, I should tell you a little about what a Courtesy Clerk is and what they do.

Driftwood #8 - Facing Her Family

By Alyssa Plant

Life and Love are far more complicated than we can possibly understand. For one young cop, a journey of self-discovery will teach them that true strength was inside them all along.

What’s It’s Like for A Girl Book 2 Chapter One

When Max attended her scheduled weekly meeting with her counselor. She had an emotional breakdown as the weight of what happened to her came crashing down on her. Her mother had informed her that the police were trying to locate Shawn Grubbs since he was the one responsible for attacking her.

Halloween Romance (5)

Halloween Romance
Sequel to
Mischief Night Magic
Part Five: A Cup Of Poison

I felt my hips starting to sway this way and that, all in tune with the music the dj was playing as I waited for my vampire to return with my requested cup of spiked punch. As I waited, I felt small beads of sweat starting to roll down my body, making my costume sticking to me. And I could feel the effects of the alcohol taking hold of me. I was sure I was starting to catch the first rising curls of a buzz.


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