The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 2

SWAT Headquarters, Los Angeles, California:
It didn’t take Sasha long to drive from hers and Susan’s place in Beverly Hills. She was wearing a nice pair of dress slacks, a matching pair of four-inch heels, and a nice blouse. Her red hair was loose and held by a silver hairpin in the middle. She had a plain black purse with her, that had several of her concealed weapons in it.

Flow C. 4

Valin was doing his morning routine. It had been an uneventful week since his first appointment with Electra, and now he was getting ready for the next one.

He looked at his face in the mirror to see if he needed to shave. He’d only had to do it once since the incident, and judging by his smooth face, he wouldn’t be doing it today either.

Flow C. 1


“Discipline, discipline, discipline.” Valin repeated this mantra in his head, over and over as he prepared himself for the practical exam. He was sure that he had gotten a perfect grade on the written portion, not that he expected otherwise, as he had been training himself for it almost his whole life. Not that he hadn’t done the same for the practical, it’s just that the practical required certain innate qualities that Valin didn’t have.

Buyer’s Remorse - Chapters 21 - 22

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 21 - 22

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

Still a little bad language, otherwise one more pothole in the road to happiness. Enjoy.
Slight hiccup in the formatting forst time round. fixed now.

Vampire Hunter Turned (Into a Girl)

For years, a vampire hunter has been chasing the vampire queen Lilith, but when he finally catches her, she turns the tables on him, and turns him into her little sister!


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Himazon. It sounds like a joke. I was laughing. Guys living as women but still acting like men. It seemed comical.

“There is more than one story here,” said Ed Farlow, the editor. “But you have to get close to get either.”

Buyer's Remorse - Chapters 5 - 6

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 5 - 6

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

This is an unpleasant couple of chapters. Please be cautious.

They involve a rebellious child who thinks he can get away with anything

An abusive husband who has similar self-centred views regarding his marital entitlements

The loss of pretty much the only friend in this lonely life

The former occupant of the life and her views on what she'd left behind

And the protagonist and her response to all of the above.

By the end, there are signs that the tide may be on the turn.

I should also mention that the manner in which the police respond in these chapters is purely fictitious and does not reflect actual practice in any way.

Buyer's Remorse - Chapters 3 - 4

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 3 - 4

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

The new life isn't quite what he anticipated. He'd asked to be similar age, similar intelligence, same culture, not unattractive, and he'd been given all those things, after a fashion. What he hadn't counted on was being married to a fat, lazy and abusive husband with a couple of troubled pre-teen sons.

It wasn't the life she'd wanted, but was better than nothing?

A New Life ~ 6

I awoke suddenly from a light sleep.

It was very dark, but I had heard a strange noise, a sort of scraping and tearing sound and I could feel a sort of vibration.

I yawned, wondering what the strange sound was.

I was soon to find out…


A New Life

By Susan Brown

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4.5 Interlude 1: Casting Call

**Trigger Warning: Explicit Content**

Dear reader, if you've followed us through the journey of this series, please be aware that just like its previous parts, this vignette unfolds with vivid and explicit storytelling. Your boundaries are valued and respected. Therefore I warmly encourage you to listen to your feelings and prioritize your well-being when choosing to engage with this content.

For those who find solace and excitement within my work, you are all invited to this casting call.

Girl Park New Years


Girl Park New Years
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2024 Melanie Brown

My friend Steve and I were getting bored watching TV on New Years Eve. We thought it'd be a fun joke to play one of my sister's Girl Park game modules on my new Brainbox 4500, the most sophisticated and immersive gaming system on the planet.

It was just a game. What could go wrong?

Venus in Furs

Venuses in Furs
A Vignette
By Maryanne Peters

00 Venus.jpg

We always get the invitations. It was that way when we started doing it just for fun, but now it has become a lifestyle. You might say that it has gone way too far, but I have learned lately that too far isn’t far enough for me.

We decided to throw our own “Fur Party” because that is how it started, for me anyway.

Wishes (Edited)


Ammi stood there in the steamy bathroom, defogging the mirror with her blow dryer as she dried and fluffed her Hip length hair. When she finished, her locks were shoulder width; barely covering her modest breasts. Her completely nude slit peeking out below it. Her sex seemed to buzz with arousal.

Space Queen Chapter 7

We entered the throne room, and I had Spire show me what was going on outside the station. We saw Queen’s Rage firing on three ships that had come into the system. “Spire, get me in contact with Admiral Stook.” A separate screen flashed up showing Admiral Stook in the command chair.

“Admiral, what is going on out there?” I asked.

Do not complain

Buyer's Remorse - Chapters 1 - 2

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 1 - 2

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

Imagine you met someone who said he could make your fondest dream come true. All he needed was your consent and a list of things you wanted in your dream life. With that he would look for someone who wanted your life and who met your own criteria and he would arrange for you to swap.

Only one thing. The more requirements you make and the more specific the requirements, the less likely he would be able to find a match. What would you limit your wishes to, and what might be the consequences?

Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl Part 21

“Yes. It was all Troy’s fault.” Molly’s glee was very evident. A sick smile had been on her face for a little while now. Her parents were helping with the story to the deputy, while the boys were huddled in a room together.

“You know, just a couple of boys fighting won’t be enough to arrest and jail him for long, if he has a clean record.” The deputy said. “You need something bigger.”

“Like what?” Louis Horton asked. In his mind this was open and shut. If the courts were God fearing. “Isn’t this bad enough?”

“Not really. With their ages...boys fight all the time. But sexual assault could work, like you’re doing with Amy. But what about another kid?”

“Like Robbie?” Molly Inquired. “We’ve beat both boys.” She said so nonchalantly.

The deputy shook his head. “I was thinking about a girl. You attack a little girl and people lose their minds.”

“We already have Amy. Why do we need another?” Molly’s mother asked.

Tracy has some dark times a-coming. But she is also going to have a fun time at the Happiest place on Earth.

Dare to live 1(5)

Dare to live 1(5)



If I had a rupture, I wouldn't be able to work in the weight room for months and not be allowed to play in the basketball game. With it being now the middle of October, it meant I'll be back in New Year if I was lucky.

Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl Part 20

“Yes. Well, first of all, when the doctor got the results of Tracy’s blood test back, there was an issue. And her ultrasound thing.” Maggie said as she passed Shelly a baked potato, and took one for herself. She pushed the plate to her son. Tracy was serving Shelly a slice of meatloaf.

“The results from like two weeks ago?” William asked.

“Yes.” Maggie nodded.

“What issue? And does it pertain to Tracy’s....emotional problems?”

“It does. In fact, it was a big cause.” Maggie said. Tracy had passed her father the potatoes and Vance was getting a slice of meatloaf. Tracy had made enough for a second one, in case someone wanted seconds.

“The report they sent about Tracy’s hormone level that first time was wrong. They sent a copy of a boy with a similar name, he goes to Doc Addams too. They mixed up the results. Doc Addams found it and realized that on the eighteenth, Tracy got a second dose. Now it isn’t enough to start puberty, or so he thinks. But they are stopping the hormone shots.

“A second dose? Where did the first one come from?”

“Tracy.” Maggie stated.

Here's another Tracy. This one is a bit longer and we got some trouble brewing, hence the cautions.


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