The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 2

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Victoria and Madeline

The four Revolutionaries and their two captives made their way under Durden City following the sewers, a river of filth flowing inches from their feet. The smell was horrendous and rats scurried out of their way as they made their way through the gloom, the only light coming from the headlamps worn by the men and the flashlights they carried.

After what seemed like an eternity the Revolutionaries removed the gags from the women’s mouths and then put black nylon hoods over their heads at the bottom of a ladder and directed Victoria and Madeline to climb it. The two leading Revolutionaries had opened the manhole above it, checked that all was clear and stood guard while the little troop exited the sewer. It was still dark but a sliver of light on the horizon indicated and dawn was fast approaching.

“Those fucking idiots in Durden City can’t figure out how we are able to attack them without openly breaching their defences. They put so much effort into guarding that fucking wall but they completely forgot about the river of shit that flows out of the city. We broached the grates and bars that were erected across the sewers long ago and they have never been down there to check on them,” one of the Revolutionaries explained.

“But there is no way you are going to see the entrance and exit we use,” the leader, a rugged looking but handsome Major, grunted as he tightened the hoods around the women’s necks.

“I don’t think either of these two humps will be seeing Durden City again,” one of the troopers commented, causing the Major to scowl at him and shake his head.

The two Revolutionaries assisted Victoria and Madeline as they climbed the ladder and took the opportunity to paw at their tits and asses which the two women put up with gratefully just to get away from the reeking dark tunnel.

Victoria and Madeline stumbled blindly across broken ground, their purses dangling from their necks while their captors dragged them along by their elbows; two men behind them pushing them in the back to keep them moving.

"Come on you bitches, we don't have all day," one of them growled.

The group stopped in a copse of stunted trees and the men pulled broken branches off a lightly armoured troop carrier. The driver and navigator sat up front, a hatch was fitted above the rear seat so that the occupant could operate the roof mounted machine gun. Behind the rear seat two benches were fitted along the sides of the vehicle for embarked troops.

Victoria and Madeline were loaded into the back of the troop carrier, their captors copping a feel again as they manhandled the two ladies onto one of the benches.

Once the rear doors were closed one of the men ripped off their hoods and their bindings and they both blinked until their eyes adjusted to the light bleeding through the armoured glass windows. The man guarding them in the rear of the vehicle grimaced at them menacingly, soundlessly reminding them to keep their mouths closed and to behave themselves.

The vehicle lurched forward and sped across the Badlands at a speed that terrified the two women. The driver obviously knew every obstacle, curve, pothole and obstruction along their route because he dodged them all without slowing down.

Neither Victoria or Madeline had been outside the walls of Durden City but they had seen news footage and heard stories of the devastation but nothing could prepare them for what they were about to see. A two mile corridor around the city had been cleared of all debris and vegetation so that the defenders on the walls had clear sightlines but once out of the 'kill zone' the evidence of destruction, carnage and suffering was everywhere.

The roads were choked with vehicles abandoned long ago as people tried to flee the bloodbath of the civil wars that erupted after world order collapsed. Most vehicles were riddled with gunfire and the corpses inside were desiccated or decayed to the point where only crumbling bleached skeletons remained. All the buildings were in various states of demolition; edifices of exposed rusted steel, rotted wood and brickle concrete.

Occasionally there was movement as packs of rangy dogs fossicked for scraps in the rubble and birds feasted on the rotting corpses of animals and sometimes men. They saw two emaciated, filthy, scraggy-haired, grey-bearded men dressed in rags squabbling over the remains of a dead dog.

Victoria tried to look away but couldn't.

"Outcasts from Durden City," one of the revolutionaries stated emotionlessly.

"Kicked out of the city by your beloved Commissioner for some minor infraction. Maybe they were too vocal about their dissatisfaction about the way Pope Durden rules the city like a despot. Maybe they complained because they were denied access to the Breeding Chambers or they didn't have enough credit to pay for a Comfort Girl. Maybe Pope Durden just didn’t like them. It doesn't take much to piss off your lord and master," their captor sneered.

The vehicle bounced over small obstructions and careered around the larger ones, never slowing. Without slowing, it approached what appeared to be a huge wall of rusting steel shipping containers stacked four high and both women screamed and braced for impact.

The men laughed uproariously at the women's terror when at the last second two of the containers opened inwards, powered by hydraulic rams, and then closed immediately as the vehicle passed through the wall.

Viewed from the outside, the wall of abandoned rusting containers fitted perfectly into the devastated landscape of the Badlands; a reminder of global commerce, long since forsaken and obsolete. It melded unobtrusively into the scarred devastation.

But inside the walls of the stacked containers there was order. A thriving community of men, an army almost, went about their work as if beyond the walls the dystopia and cataclysm did not exist. It was much like Durden City but nowhere near as sophisticated. The roads were unpaved, there were no billboards purveying propaganda; everything was utilitarian and drab but neat and serviceable.

Flanks of lightweight fighting vehicles and ranks of Humvees were corralled next to a repair shop and fuelling station. Men were servicing weapons outside of a large armoury while others stacked stores and provisions into open ISO containers. The roads were dirt and gravel, the sidewalks roughly hewn timber. The place looked like a futuristic post- apocalyptic frontier outpost.

Most of the men were dressed in paramilitary style fatigues and they all carried sidearms. The uniforms were mismatched; mostly leftovers from the civil war, but many men also wore components of Durden City Guard uniforms, many with patches and repairs over bullet holes. But that couldn’t be right! Colonel Michael Durden made numerous public service appearances where he regaled the populous with tales about how his mighty Guard repeatedly repelled ‘the Revolutionary rabble’ whenever they skirmished. According to him his Guard annihilated the Revolutionaries and sustained very few casualties themselves, if any.

Victoria and Madeline were hauled out of the back of the troop carrier and silence descended on the compound as all work stopped and the men stared at the two women almost with disbelief.

“This way,” the Major pushed Victoria and Madeline ahead of him, the other three soldiers formed a phalanx around the two girls.

They were led to an open ISO container where the sergeant opened a steel door that lead to a flight of metal stairs that descended below the compound. The underground complex was brightly lit, the corridors wide enough for electric carts to transverse the hard packed ground. It appeared like a whole other town had been constructed underground.

The two women were bundled onto the bench seat of a golf cart-like vehicle, their escorts sitting before and behind them, and whisked away into the bowels of the underground complex. The vehicle stopped outside a door marked Op Centre. Victoria and Madeline rightly expected to confront the person who had ordered they be kidnapped and brought here.

They were pushed through the door into the operations room where large scale maps were pinned to walls, men manned computer consoles whilst talking into headsets; banks of radio equipment stacked in racks behind them. They were led down a corridor past doors which opened onto a mess, ablutions and a small barrack room and finally to another door marked Commander. As they walked through the Op Centre once again all talk ceased and the men glared at the women with wonder and lust.

The Major knocked and waited. An aide came to the door and opened it and waved them inside and then left; the other three soldiers stood guard outside.

“About fucking time,” the Commander glared at the Major.

Victoria and Madeline just stood there open-mouthed staring at the Commander in disbelief.

The Commander was a woman!

This was unheard of! Women were kept securely locked away and brought out for breeding purposes or to pleasure men. Even Comfort Girls, who had some freedom, were kept under continual observation and only existed to provide sexual services. Women in Durden City were chattels, they had no standing, no rights and certainly they had no power.

This woman was in charge!

“What is that thing doing here?” the Commander pointed a red fingernail at Madeline and scowled at her contemptuously.

“With all respect ma’am, you gave us a description of the woman you wanted us to capture and that’s all we had to go on. We were in combat mode and in a hurry. Look at them… they could be sisters. We didn’t have time for idle chat so we took them both. Besides, fucked if we could tell the difference,” the Major said defensively.

“You coulda just lifted their skirts and shot the one with the dick!” the Commander replied sarcastically.

The Major just shook his head and the Commander broke into a smile.

“You did just fine Billy. You got me what I wanted and you didn’t lose any of my men,” the Commander said in a consolatory tone.

“Take that thing away and dispose of it. I’ll keep her here,” the Commander pointed at Victoria.

“With all respect again ma’am; it’s been a while since my guys have had a little, you know, companionship. Shit, two of them have never even seen a woman except for yourself. Can they have a little fun with her before we dispose of her?” the Major asked civilly, nodding his head at Madeline who was still in shock.

“Do what you want with it. Just get it out of my sight,” the Commander waved her hand dismissively at Madeline.

“Leave me alone with her Billy,” she pointed at Victoria.

“Are you sure ma’am?” Billy asked.

“I think I can handle her on my own,” the Commander grinned and patted her sidearm.

Major Billy Brody took Madeline by the elbow and led her to the door.

“One thing Major,” the Commander called out as they got to the door.

“If you touch that thing Billy, the door to my quarters will be closed to you forever,” the Commander growled.

Billy saluted his superior and dragged Madeline outside the office and closed the door to the Commander’s Office.

“Come with me bitch,” he pushed Madeline ahead of him until they got to the small barrack room where he shoved her inside.

The other three Revolutionaries had followed their Major and they stood at the door glaring at Madeline with unfettered lust.

“Have at her boys. When you’ve finished, take her out into the Badlands and dispose of her,” the Major walked away and the three soldiers crowded into the tiny barrack room and locked the door behind them.

Susan Solister

“Welcome to Freetown. I'm Commander Susan Solister and you're Victoria Eglin the Brood Matron of the Durden City Breeding Facility and Pope Durden’s bitch. Have I got that right?” Susan pointed to a chair.

Victoria fell into the chair, still stunned at being addressed by a woman with power; a woman who appeared to be in charge of this place and the men who lived there. This woman seemed to know more about Victoria than anyone else except for Pope Durden.

Susan Solister was an imposing woman and beautiful. She stood nearly six feet tall in her combat boots and tight fitting camouflage uniform. She had a trim waist, long legs and small but perfectly proportioned breasts that pressed against the buttons of her shirt. Her makeup was perfectly applied: not too heavy but dark around her blue eyes and her ruby-red lipstick seemed incongruous to the military uniform. Her flaming-red hair hung to her shoulders in ringlets.

“Once you retired as a breeder, like the other women over forty, you became a brood mother. Except you are special Victoria. You're not only Michael Durden’s whore, you are also in charge of the Breeding Facility, making sure the female children are nurtured and cared for, selecting pretty boys to become pretty girls to keep the sheep who call themselves citizens sated sexually,” Susan sat down behind a large desk and opened a drawer and put her sidearm inside it and took out a pack of cigarettes and lighter.

Victoria was shocked but she slowly gained her composure and sat up straight in the chair.

“You know more about me than I know about myself,” She whispered.

“You don’t recognise me do you?” Susan lit her cigarette.

Victoria shook her head.

“No reason why you should. We used to be acquaintances long ago but then I was just another female who look her turn in the breeding chambers, my legs sticking out of the sanctity holes while men spent themselves inside me,” Susan took a long drag on her cigarette.

“But I was different,” Susan studied the tip of her cigarette.

Madeline Smith

Madeline wasn’t stupid. She knew what was about to happen. She was going to be used by these three men and then disposed of which she guessed meant being taken into the Badlands and killed. She knew too much about the Revolutionaries now, even though she had been blindfolded for most of the journey.

Her only hope was to ingratiate herself with her captors and somehow convince them that she was more useful to them alive than dead. Trying to fight off these men would be hopeless and serve no purpose.

The two young troopers and the older sergeant made their intentions clear, stripping off their body armour, kicking off their boots and hurriedly shedding their uniforms. Their bodies were pale and muscled and rippled with battle scars. All three sported healthy erections. The room reeked of male sweat and testosterone comingled with Madeline’s perfume. The raw sexuality in the tiny barracks was palpable.

“You ever been with one Virgil?” one of them asked the oldest of the three, his eyes filled with lust as he stared at Madeline.

“Before I got kicked out of Durden City I used up all my credits at the Comfort Palaces but I never got into the Chambers. I applied but was rejected. Comfort Girl pussy is the only pussy I ever had,” the man named Virgil replied, eyeing Madeline lasciviously.

“But she ain’t got a pussy Sergeant; she’s got a dick,” the youngest of the three whined.

“I don’t think Susan Solister is going to let you borrow hers Leon, so it’s Comfort Girl pussy or no pussy. Besides you're a fuckin’ virgin, what the fuck do you know about any kinda pussy,” Virgil chuckled and Leon blushed.

“I ain’t never had me a piece of pussy neither but I seen plenty in them old porn shows. I’m just going to leave the panties on her and pretend she’s a breeder; she’s pretty and I’m hornier than hound dog on heat,” the other young trooper nicknamed Spliff chimed in.

“Dogs don’t get on heat; only bitches do,” Virgil commented.

“They train em good. Raise them as girls and comfortin’ is all they know. They are goddam fucking machines,” Virgil added.

“You boys gonna stand there talking and gawking or are you goin’ to come over here and fuck me?” Madeline mimicked their tone and accent, as much to excite them as to mock them.

She lifted the hem of her black micro minidress and flashed her red panties at the men and stuck out her tongue.

It was all part of the plan. She saw her reflection in a stained shaving mirror mounted on the wall and saw that her raven mane was tousled and her makeup smeared after all the manhandling and jostling she had endured getting here. That said she still looked damn sexy.

“You fucking haughty bitch!” Virgil reached for Madeline but she stepped aside.

“Let me take care of the young uns’ first Virgil. They're virgins so it won’t take long, then you and I can get acquainted properly,” Madeline stepped into Virgil and put her hands around his neck and pressed her breasts into his chest, hooking a nylon-sheathed calf around his leg.

She rubbed herself against him as she kissed him passionately.

“Hot damn, that bitch is in heat!” Leon squawked.

Virgil pushed Madeline away and she was scooped up by Leon who put his mouth on hers and pawed at her tits. She could feel his dick poking into her belly and she reached for it. Leon’s kisses were fervid and slobbery and Madeline pressed her lips on his and used her tongue expertly so that Leon could learn from her how to kiss properly. She squeezed his cock which felt like a hot poker in her hand.

“Oh shit!” Leon blurted and Madeline felt his scalding issue splash on her wrist and forearm.

She kept kissing him while she masturbated his throbbing root, knowing that he was spattering her dress with his semen and not caring. This was do or die and a bit of spunk on her clothes was nothing. She could feel Leon’s cock quivering in her hand and he muttered incomprehensively as he experienced his first orgasm that wasn’t self-induced. The feel of Madeline’s body against his, the smell of her perfume, her lips and tongue working his mouth, her downright femininity had triggered his orgasm as soon as her fingers began to stroke his cock.

“Don’t worry baby, you're young and you’ll recover quick. No time limit in this Comfort Room,” Madeline drained the last of Leon’s semen and then she felt another cock prodding her ass.

Spliff had lifted Madeline’s dress and was rubbing his cock on her panties. Madeline obligingly bent over and lifted her skirt out of the way to give him unfettered access to her buttocks. She felt him poking her in the panties; his eagerness and inexperience quite evident. Madeline eased aside the gusset of her panties and used a fingernail to poke a cock-sized hole in the gusset of her pantyhose, remembering the boy’s statement about ‘leaving the panties on her and pretending’. He wouldn’t be the first man to have done that; pretend that she was a real female.

She still had some of Bob Ringwald’s semen inside her from their session in the Pleasure Room and she was thankful that she did when Spliff drove his cock all the way past her tight puckered bud deep inside her anus.

“Hot damn!” he yelped and gripped Madeline’s hips and began to bugger her.

Leon had recovered and because Madeline was bent over, her face was level with his groin and he poked his cock in Madeline's face and she dutifully took it in her mouth and began to suckle it. Watching his pal fuck the attractive, mature Comfort Girl was exciting and he wanted more of her.

Madeline was able to catch a quick glance of Virgil sitting on the bunk watching; his cock at full attention. He was watching her with both lust and envy and she though possibly jealousy as well, which was all part of her plan.

Spliff, standing behind her, was doing a good job despite his inexperience and his cock was pounding her prostate, the girth of his member stretching and stimulating her sphincter and his pubis pounding into her pantyhosed buttocks, which was a particular fancy she had developed over her years of whoring.

Spliff moved his hands to her thighs and held Madeline tight and she felt his cock bloat and shudder deep inside her rectum and flood her with his spend. The stink of musky semen pervaded the room as he kept jackhammering his cock in and out of Madeline’s tight channel, his cum running down her thighs, soaking into her nylons.

Spliff remained hard and kept fucking her and Madeline was grateful that he’d filled her with so much semen to keep her lubricated. Her cock was rock-hard and pushing against the front of her panties and she knew that a single stroke would make it erupt. The feel of the Spliff’s big phallus sliding in and out of her ass was quite stimulating and sucking the precum out of Leon’s hard rod added to the excitement.

Leon and the Spliff smirked at each other over Madeline’s hunched body; then Leon’s face screwed up as he felt Madeline tickle his fraenulum with the tip of her tongue while her lips suckled his shaft. He knotted his fingers in her hair and wrenched her face into his groin and shot his second load of semen into her mouth. Madeline slavered at his pulsing penis and greedily swallowed his issue.

This triggered Spliff’s second orgasm and he pulled Madeline’s soft, panty-clad ass into his groin and he voided himself inside her anus. It took all of Madeline’s concentration to try not to come as she pushed pack against the cock in her ass and ground her buttocks into the young fucker’s groin. Spliff could feel Madeline’s sphincter tighten around his shaft and her anus spasm as she expressed all of his issue.

Leon let go of Madeline’s hair and pulled his cock from her mouth with an audible plop and she slipped her tongue out and lapped up the last of his seed from her lips. Spliff pulled out of her anus and a river of spunk dribbled from her stretched sphincter which slowly closed shut, trapping most of his creamy spend in her ass.

“Ok you young uns’. You’ve had your fun now let a man get to her,” Virgil growled.

He pushed the young men, still naked, out into the corridor and threw their clothes and boots out after them and slammed the door shut and locked it.

“Now let’s see what you do when a real man fucks you,” Virgil growled and Madeline looked at him very meekly.

Susan Solister and Victoria Eglin

“Did you study any history Victoria? What do know about the SARS-X Pandemic?” Susan perched her bottom on the edge of her desk, her face only a two feet from Victoria’s.

“All I know about SARS-X is that it is almost always lethal in women; something to do with women having two X chromosomes. A very small percentage of women have a chromosome abnormality that doesn’t affect them but makes them immune to SARS-X. They pass this abnormality onto their offspring, so their daughters are also immune,” Victoria offered.

“Check out the big brain on Brad,” Susan scoffed.

Victoria looked puzzled.

“It comes from a very, very old movie. Other than being repeatedly raped in the breeding chambers, there wasn’t much else to do in the Pussy Palace except watch old movies,” Susan shook the package of cigarettes at Victoria who took one.

“Then I realised that I was wasting what little life I had so I started doing some research to educate myself. I read about the previous pandemic which they called Covid-19,” Susan lit Victoria’s cigarette and began her dissertation.

“Way back in June 2020, as the first reports of long Covid began to filter through the medical community, doctors attempting to grapple with this mysterious malaise began to notice an unusual trend. While acute cases of Covid-19 tended to be mostly male and over 50, long Covid sufferers were, by contrast, both relatively young and overwhelmingly female,” Susan lit her own cigarette and continued.

“Once a Covid vaccine was developed and the world returned to normal no further research was conducted into why women were more susceptible to the virus. Mostly because men were in charge and it was women who had suffered.”

“Viruses rely on a host to survive and replicate. They invade the body of a human or an animal and bind with the host’s cells to allow their own genetic material or RNA to enter the cells. The host’s own cells read the genetic code and replicate it, making more of the virus. That new virus then leaves the cell in search of another host to infect.”

“Sometimes when that genetic code is being translated into proteins, a piece of the code gets changed. This is called a mutation, and they happen frequently. This is how SARS-X actually came into being but the spin doctors put out their own theories to hide their ineptitude.”

“When the SARS-X pandemic hit the initial reaction was: ‘here-we-go-again it’s Covid mark two’ and people were lackadaisical and complacent; they’d been through it before and were over the lock-downs, isolation and mask wearing. Then women started dying in their millions and it was too late to do anything about it,” but enough with the science lesson.

“With the female population decimated the whole world went crazy and looked for someone to blame. The Chinese were accused of being the root cause of SARS-X because Covid-19 had started in China. Then there were counter allegations blaming the US or Russia for developing the virus for military purposes and letting it escape.”

“Sabre rattling eventually gave way to a full-blown world war. Men died in their millions on the battlefields while their women died at home from SARS-X. Fingers hovered over buttons that would release strategic nuclear weapons but thankfully they were never pressed. Battlefield tactical nukes were employed however with devastating results.”

“With almost no women left in the world, there suddenly became no reason for nations to fight each other but governments toppled, society disintegrated and law and order ceased to exist. The world was left with only bitter, angry, lonely men who squabbled over the few remaining women and girls,” Susan’s eyes flashed with intensity as she told her story.

“In the US, the Federal Government fell and the individual states used their National Guards to try to instil law and order and quell the anarchy but the states began to feud and civil wars erupted. Then individual cities broke away from the states. With the world war over and the total breakdown of society and civilisation imminent, Justin Durden was astute enough to see how the future was going to pan out and he had his own vision for the future,” The sarcasm in Susan’s voice was evident.

“Because of his legacy we live in a safe place and we thrive. We trade with other cities and we have our breeding program. Michael Durden and his father before him have continued to nurture Justin Durden’s vision of hope,” Victoria Eglin choked on the propaganda that she espoused, but Victoria was not yet ready to reveal what she really knew.

“Your lover Pope Durden and his father and his grandfather before him ruled over a city using force and propaganda to repress and patronise the masses. The citizens of Durden City are content to be housed, clothed, fed and contribute to society so long as they are entertained and their carnal desires are met in the Breeding Chambers and Comfort Rooms,” Susan’s face flushed with disdain and turned ugly as she spat out her words.

Her dissertation continued.

“Justin Durden was a Colonel in the Texas Army National Guard whose men worshipped him and would do anything for him,” Susan’s eyes burned with hatred.

“At first with the Governor’s permission and then by his own volition he and his emphatically loyal National Guard regiment rounded up all the surviving women and girls both near and far, taking them by force if necessary. He justified this by stating that it was for their own safety during this period of anarchy where it was not unknown for organised gangs of men to snatch up women and girls, killing their husbands and fathers; keeping the women and girls to feed their own carnal desires as they roamed a country where law and order had disintegrated,” Susan butted out her cigarette and lit another.

“The way Michael Durden tells it, his grandfather was the saviour of the few remaining women that he collected. He and his men protected them when their husbands and fathers couldn’t,” Veronica countered.

“Huh!” Susan sneered.

“Three generations of Durden men have ruled what used to be Midland City with the help of their puppet Commission and the City Guard. Justin Durden changed the name of his regiment to the Durden City Guard and secured Midland City’s infrastructure and utilities whilst either removing, or in most cases, executing the roaming bands of brigands and scavengers. His men expelled anyone from the city who did not acquiesce to his bidding. They put a temporary wall around the city which was soon followed by a substantial concrete battlement,” Susan continued

“The citizenry were happy to toil on public works and live in a place where law and order and a modicum of sanity prevailed. Justin's militia forces roamed far and wide commandeering essentials for what was to become Durden City and of course any women and girls were rounded up and placed in ‘protective custody’. Then he and his cronies came up with idea of the Breeding Chambers,” Susan’s bitterness was emblazoned on her face.

“Then after a while Justin implemented the Comfort Girl program as soon as it became evident that his pool of women could not satisfy the appetites of the male population. At first some of the men were reluctant use the Comfort Girls but they soon became not just a necessity, they became an affordable luxury,” the sneer on Susan’s face displayed her disgust for Comfort Girls.

“Over a period of time other City States cropped up across the United States; Justin Durden was not the only man with a vision. When the time was right he resurrected the railway line in and out of Durden City and began to trade oil and petroleum for essential commodities with other cities,” Susan sighed.

The history lesson was over.

“It’s evident that you don’t like Michael Durden and you hate the way that Durden City is governed and administered. But why do you have an army of Revolutionaries who are trying to bring it down and why are you telling me all this?” Victoria asked, genuinely inquisitive.

“Because people need to know the truth!” Susan’s melancholy turned anger.

“I told you that I was different. Do you know what happens to breeders who are barren?” Susan glared at Victoria.

Victoria stiffened. She knew exactly what happened to the females who were incapable of breeding.

They still served in the breeding chambers. They were useless for breeding purposes but they can still pleasure men and the men who paid their credits to visit the breeding chambers didn’t know the difference and likely didn’t care. But the barren women had no respite. Breeders were given a year off once they became pregnant. They are pampered during their pregnancy and while they wean their babies and when they return to the chambers they were given contraceptives for the following year to allow them time to fully recover before they became pregnant again.

Infertile women are given no such respite and spend every day of their adult lives lying on the breeding platforms with their legs open; their only hiatus is when they are menstruating. It is a heartless, relentless existence because they were shunned by the fertile breeders and seen as inferior.

“But of course you know. You run the facility,” Susan tapped ash into an ashtray.

“Colonel Durden has sole authority over the Breeding Facility,” Victoria bristled.

“Of course he does. But you're his bitch. You run the facility on his behalf. You have oversight of the day to day operation. You know as much as he does. Hell; you probably know more,” Susan sneered.

“You know all his dirty little secrets. You know that fucker is selling girls for gold and that there will never be enough women to bring normality back to Durden City… whatever normality is,” Susan ground out her cigarette and rose from behind her desk and stood imposingly tall and straightened her blouse.

“My grandmother was one of infinitesimal few women who survived SARS-X. My grandfather kept my grandmother safe, hidden away from the militias and the packs of marauders who were looking for women but Justin Durden’s men found them. They killed my father and took my grandmother,” a single tear rolled down Susan’s face and she let it fall on the floor.

“They handed her over to the Commission who were in the process of setting up the breeding chambers and she was one of the very first Breeders,” Susan sighed.

“I never knew her of course, or my mother. You know how it works; children are taken away from their mothers as soon as they are weaned. No family bonds. As soon as I was found to be barren I was shunned by the females; even some of the Comfort Girls snubbed me. Those freaks had the cheek to shun me!” Susan shrieked.

“Is that why you hate Comfort Girls? Is that why you told your Major to kill Madeline?” Victoria asked delicately.

“It knows about this place. It knows about me; which means it knows too much! You are useful to me. It is not,” Victoria said dismissively, refusing to gender Madeline.

“That makes you just like the people in Durden City that you despise. You’ve ordered Madeline killed simply because you don’t like her kind. She has no control over who she is; she is as much a victim of her upbringing as you were,” Victoria tried to get Susan to see reason.

Harlan Cooter

The three City Guards entered the Comfort Palace, pushing their way past security and the long line of men awaiting their turn in the Comfort Rooms.

They broke into the waiting room and found Bethany and Brian who were chatting; Bethany behind her desk at the Trade table and Brian leaning over it flirting with her.

“Fuck off!” the guards pushed Brian away and leaned over the desk menacingly.

“What room is Harlan Cooter in?” the Sergeant growled.

Bethany tapped her keyboard.

“He’s in room six,” she replied demurely.

The guards stomped down the passageway to Comfort Room six and kicked open the door.

Harlan Cooter was buggering a Comfort Girl who had only just come of age. He was her first and he enjoying the look of shame and discomfort on her face. The girl was pretty and was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform: white blouse, little navy-blue pleated skirt, black holdup stockings and Mary Jane's, her hair in ponytails, her little titties on display because Harlan had ripped open her blouse.

His cock was buried in her tight rectum, a tube of lubricant lying on the bed beside her. Harlan lay on top of her, humping away. The girl might be feeling a little pain but her cock was hard and Harlan had been stroking it through her transparent pink nylon panties while he defiled her.

As a Commissioner, Harlan had unfettered access to the Breeding Chambers but he preferred the company of Comfort Girls and the younger the better. He liked to deflower them. It was a passion of his and as a senior member of the Commission, he made it his business to be informed when the latest batch of Comfort Girls had turned eighteen and were about to be released into the Comfort Rooms so he could take his pick.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Do you know who I am?” Harlan sneered at the three City Guards, his cock still buried in the young girl’s ass.

The Sergeant said nothing. He drew a blade and whipped it across Harlan’s throat. Blood sprayed from Harlan’s severed jugular, turning the Comfort Girl’s white blouse red. Her throat was cut before she could scream and the two of them lay together on the bed with their limbs entangled, soaking in their own blood.

On the way out the three City Guards took Brian and Bethany into her office and closed the door.

“Three Revolutionaries came in through the rear entrance and burst into the Comfort Palace and killed Commissioner Cooter and the girl he was banging. They made their escape the same way they came in. You hardly saw them; just the carnage they wreaked on the Commissioner and his girl. That’s all you know,” the Sergeant hissed.

The other two Guards had drawn their pistols and held them to Brian and Bethany’s head.

Brian and Bethany nodded their heads emphatically.

The three Guards left the way they had come in and drove away in their Humvee. The Sergeant pulled out his phone and called Pope Durden.

“It’s done,” he said and broke the connection.

“Who was that?” Silvia Cornish asked.

She was on her knees fellating Pope who was sitting on a couch in Victoria Eglin’s room.

“That fucking Harlan Cooter won’t be asking any more questions about my breeding program and complaining about the shortage of females any longer. Watch the news tonight and you’ll see. Now go back to doing what you do so well and when you’ve finished you can tell me more about Victoria and what she was up to before the Revolutionaries took her away,” Harlan leaned back on the sofa and guided Silvia’s pretty face back to his groin.

She took his manhood in her mouth and went back to suckling him. It wasn’t as good as eating pussy but she didn’t mind it. If she could make Pope cum he wouldn’t want to fuck her. Silvia’s pussy was still sore from her latest session in the Breeding Chambers.

Madeline Smith and Virgil Benning

Virgil pulled Madeline into his arms and gazed into her pretty face. Even with her makeup ruined and her hair dishevelled she was a true beauty. Her dress was splashed with drying semen, her lipstick was smeared around her lips because she had been sucking cock and she smelled of warm jism, a faint waft of the sewer and an undercurrent of the perfume she had worn to the studio, but it all served to excite Virgil rather than repel him.

He’d been with Comfort Girls many times when he was a City Guard before he had deserted and he was used to having to wait his turn but this was different. He’d let Leon and Spliff take their turn with Madeline first because the Major had given her to all three of them but Virgil knew that the two young uns’ were virgins and would slake their desires quickly. Virgil wanted to take his time with her.

He pulled Madeline into his arms and kissed her softly surprising her with his tenderness.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered into her ear and nuzzled the lobe.

Madeline felt dirty and detested herself for what she had done. In the Comfort Rooms it was different. The Trade paid their credit and she provided them with pleasure; it was her job, her purpose in being. But she had behaved like a slattern with the two young Revolutionaries in the faint hope that they might spare her and now she was going to do it again. She had sacrificed her dignity.

“I don’t feel beautiful in this cum-stained dress; I feel like a whore,” she tried to break free but Virgil held her close.

“I know what you’re doing and you don’t have to. There is no way I’m putting a bullet in you,” he whispered.

“The Commander ordered it,” Madeline stopped struggling but refused to look Virgil in the eye.

“She is a good woman. She will see reason,” Virgil lifted her chin and gazed into Madeline’s emerald-green eyes.

“And if she doesn’t?” Madeline whispered.

“I will save you,” Virgil smiled at her and Madeline couldn’t help but return his smile.

This time when he kissed her there was some passion in it and Madeline parted her bruised lips so that Virgil could use his tongue. The kiss was fervid but affectionate; there was a genuine spark between Madeline and Virgil and they both felt it.

“Let me take off this filthy dress,” Madeline wriggled free of Virgil and gripped the hem of her dress ready to pull it over her head.

“No. Let me. I like to unwrap my own presents,” Virgil smiled down at her and Madeline’s heart raced.

He was tall, lean, muscled and his skin was pale except for his tanned face and hands. His face was handsome in that craggy way that some men have and his face lit up when he smiled. Madeline found herself becoming attracted to him.

Virgil unzipped Madeline’s black mini cocktail dress and let it fall to the floor of the barrack room. She stood in her spiked high heels, dressed only in her shimmering taupe pantyhose with the flimsy red nylon panties worn over them, her generous breasts cupped by the matching brassiere.

Madeline had never been embarrassed by nudity or ashamed of her body before, in fact she was proud of the enhancements that had been done to it and the way she kept herself toned by regular exercise but for some reason she felt vulnerable in front of Virgil and she crossed her arms in front of her breasts and turned her knees inward and lowered her face.

Rather than taunting Madeline, it would be easy to tease a woman who was really nothing more than a whore, about being embarrassed by her nudity, Virgil thought she looked cute.

He stepped into her and kissed her softly, holding her by her shoulders, making no attempt to draw her to him. She let him kiss her and she felt the tenderness of it. Virgil could easily just throw Madeline on the bed and defile her if he chose to do so but he seemed to be genuinely captivated with her and she had to admit that she felt the same about him, even though she had only just met him.

She smiled a little when he kissed the tip of her nose and told her once again that she was beautiful.

She unfolded her arms and draped them around Virgil’s neck and kissed him, her body pressing into him ever so lightly. His cock brushed against her flimsy nylon panties and she felt the heat of it but Virgil made no attempt to press it into her. He was deliberately teasing himself, making himself wait until Madeline was ready for him.

Madeline opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into Virgil’s mouth and softly pressed her body against his toned flesh. Her nipples hardened as did her cock. She was thankful that it was tucked between her legs because she didn’t want to ruin the moment. Virgil placed his hands gently on Madeline’s hips and returned the kiss. She felt his cock bloat to full tumescence and press into her pubis, the head of it rubbing on her silky panties. She felt him groan in the back of his throat and he pulled her closer.

Madeline stepped into him and took his hand in hers and guided it to her breasts. He cupped her bosom, feeling the heft of one breast, then the other. Virgil knew that Madeline’s breasts and buttocks had been enhanced but it made no difference to him, he was enamoured by her perky bosom, her flat belly and trim waist, her pert buttocks and those long sexy legs. He guessed that Madeline was close to forty, very near his own age, but she had kept her body in very good condition and she was genuinely beautiful.

Virgil lowered his face to her bosom and suckled on her teats, allowing her flimsy brassiere to fall to the floor next to her dress. Madeline moaned when he suckled her nipples, gently nipping them with his teeth, then lapping at them with his tongue and finally taking them into his mouth and sucking on the engorged ripe red berries.

Rings of pleasure radiated from her breasts and Madeline purred and softly ran her fingers through Virgil’s hair and guided his lips from teat to teat. His cock was pressed against her belly and she could feel it pulsing and detect the little dribble of pre-ejaculate seeping from the eye.

She lifted Virgil’s face away from her breasts so that she could kiss him and this time the kiss was ferociously passionate, tongues intertwining, lips crushing, teeth gnashing as they held each other tight and kissed fervidly. Madeline snaked a hand between their bodies and brushed it against Virgil’s cock. The sleekness and heat of it excited her and she trapped it between her legs.

Virgil humped Madeline’s nylon-sheathed thighs; the feel of her glossy pantyhose on his sensitive cock was unbelievable. He gripped her panty-clad buttocks, digging his fingers into the flimsy red nylon panties and worked his penis against her legs.

Madeline delighted in the feel of Virgil’s engorged manhood pressing against her legs and she kissed him harder and shimmied her body against him. She adored the feel of his hard muscles pressed against her soft feminine flesh.

Virgil slipped his hand between their bodies and pushed his fingers inside her pantyhose where he found her cock, semi-erect, coiled between her legs. He freed it so that it lay flat against her belly inside her silky pantyhose and nylon panties.

Madeline was immediately embarrassed. She knew that some men, most men if she was honest, preferred not to acknowledge that she had a penis and preferred to think that they were making love to a real female.

Comfort Girls could be called by any feminine pronoun but never female. That privilege was bestowed only on cis women: the Breeders.

During the early days when the Breeding and Comfort Girl programs were in their infancy it was proposed that Comfort Girls be given ‘designer vaginas’ as well as breast and buttock enhancements but the Commission had baulked when the doctors told them that while breast and buttock augmentation surgery was reasonably simple to perform and cheap, vaginoplasty was very expensive, involving complicated surgery with a significant recovery period before the new vagina was useable and they bemoaned the drain on an already overloaded healthcare system.

“Why bother giving them cunts? So long as they look pretty you can just roll em over and fuck em up the ass while you diddle their titties,” was Justin Durden’s final say in the matter.

Vigil positioned her cock between their bodies so that it was pressing against Madeline’s penis through her pantyhose and began to grind as he kissed her. Ripples of intense pleasure emanated through their hard phalluses, stimulated by the warmth of their bodies and the silky, sensuous nylon. They both began to exude pre-seminal fluid and the front of Madeline's pantyhose became saturated with their viscous emissions.

Virgil eased Madeline down onto the bottom bunk and lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him, rubbing her nylon-sheathed claves on his flanks; feeling him shudder with the sensuality of it, gasping into her mouth around their fervent kisses. She clung to him; her arms around his neck, feeling his body melded to hers. Madeline had been with hundreds, possibly thousands of men in her lifetime but she had never felt this: she had never felt an emotional connection that she thought might even possibly be love.

She felt Virgil arch his back and realised that he was searching for her anus and she placed her hand down there and guided him to her puckered bud and mewled when he slowly entered her. Despite being recently fucked her anus was tight, but lubricated by the semen from those who had recently used her but Virgil gave that not a single thought.

He looked into Madeline’s face and saw the genuine emotion there, the grace, the dignity and more importantly he saw the adoration in her eyes and he smiled at her as he slowly began to fuck her, holding her tight so that he could feel her body against his as his engorged manhood slipped slowly in and out of her tight rectum.

She languidly scratched his back and grazed his flanks with her high heels, not to spur him on, but to enhance the pleasure he was feeling as he fucked her.

Virgil slipped his hand between their bodies and gripped Madeline's hard penis and squeezed it through her pantyhose and then he freed it from the nylon trap and began to stroke it.

“You don’t have to do that,” Madeline whispered, thinking that Virgil was doing something he didn’t really want to but thought he had to.

“Shut up my sweet,” Virgil whispered and kissed Madeline softly and then harder and then with all his passion as he began to thrust harder and faster in and out of her, stroking her cock in time with his thrusts.

Madeline was in sensory overload, feeling Virgil's lips on hers, his tongue on her tongue, his flesh on her flesh, his manhood in her anus, his fingers on her penis and finally his cock exploding deep inside her rectum. Her own cock erupted, her hot glutinous semen spattering Virgil's belly, then pooling in her belly button.

The lovers clung to each and shuddered, Madeline’s heels twitching and quavering in the air, her arms wrapped around Virgil’s body, crushing him to her as an incredible orgasm washed over her, feeling his iron-hard rod quiver deep inside her as his issue fill her rectum.

Virgil breathed in the scent of Madeline’s perfume and tasted her sweet breath as they kissed, he felt her breasts pressed against his muscled chest, her gossamer-clad legs scissoring against his tender flesh, her sphincter contracting around his bloated phallus as he pushed himself all the way inside her and exploded. It was bliss. It was heaven.

They lay in each other’s arms, not wanting the moment to pass; savouring it, denying the reality of the situation until Major Billy Brody began to pound on the barrack room door.

“Ok Benning; times up. You have your orders,” Billy shouted through the door.

“Yes sir, give me a little while please,” Virgil shouted back.

“Get it done sergeant!” Billy growled and stomped away.

“What now?” Madeline whispered; her fear evident.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to fix it or I’m going to leave Freetown and take you with me,” Virgil grunted as he dismounted and pulled on his pants.

“They’ll never let me go. I’ve seen too much and Susan hates me,” Madeline was crying; she had pulled the thin sheet up around her nearly naked body.

“Well first things first. You can’t wear those,” Virgil had put on his boots and he kicked out at Madeline's crumpled, semen-stained dress.

“Stay here. Keep the door locked until I return,” Virgil kissed Madeline quickly and made for the door.

Madeline leapt from the bunk and wrapped the sheet around her and locked the door behind him.

“Can we go again Sarge, we won’t take long,” Leon and Spliff were only partially dressed.

“You heard the Major. He told me to get it done, now you two stand guard outside here until I return and don’t let anybody go in there,” Virgil ordered.

“But she’s locked it from the inside,” Spliff whined.

“Yeah. Go figure that. Maybe she doesn't want to get raped again by your skinny ass,” Virgil retorted.

“It was hardly rape Sarge. She kinda liked it; you saw it,” Leon whined.

“She’s a fuckin’ Comfort Girl you moron. She’s programmed to pleasure men and she’s trying to save herself. You really think she enjoyed taking on you two peckerwoods?” Virgil tried to make light of it.

“Well either way I sure enjoyed it. It was my first and I want more,” Leon replied.

“Next raid into Durden City Leon; you can stop by the Comfort Palace. Now stand guard until I get back,” Virgil slapped Leon on the shoulder and strode quickly away.

Leon tried the door as soon as Virgil was out of sight but it was locked.

“Shit!” Leon kicked the wall but didn’t try to break down the door.

Virgil returned in little while carrying a knapsack, he knocked on the door and identified himself and Madeline let him in. She sat on the bunk with the sheet wrapped around her. He set down the knapsack and down looked at Madeline sitting forlornly on the bunk unsure of her fate.

“Nothing bad is going to happen to you,” Virgil said and leaned down and kissed her.

“That door leads into the ablutions. You can clean yourself up and I have some clean clothes that might fit you. They won’t be flattering but they are the best I could rustle up and in the smallest size I could find,” Virgil helped Madeline to her feet and led her through the door into the ablutions.

She clutched her purse and her clothing to her.

The ablutions comprised two porcelain urinals, two heads without doors on the stalls and two showers. Virgil produced a dopp kit and a clean bath towel from the knapsack. He locked the external door to the ablutions and left the door adjoining the small barrack room open but left Madeline to her own devices.

“The barrack room, ablutions and mess are provided for those standing watch in the operations room,” he explained to Madeline who on the other side of the wall stripping out of her panties and pantyhose.

Madeline realised that Virgil was making small talk to try to keep her mind off the reality of the situation and she smiled at his endeavours to do so as she sat on the head and relieved herself. She turned on the water in one of the shower stalls and ran it until it was as hot as she could stand it and used the soap in the dopp kit to lather herself up and wash her body and her face, trying to keep her hair as dry as possible without a shower cap.

She used the deodorant provided in the dopp kit and then looked at the clothing that Virgil had provided. It was a set of combat fatigues, well used but clean. The underpants were cotton briefs and she smiled to herself as she stepped into them. She had to use her own brassiere of course but it was still reasonably clean. She opened her purse and she took out the eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation powder and lipstick that she had taken to the television station to touch up her makeup.

Madeline fixed her face and then doused herself in perfume. She struggled into the tight-fitting camouflage pants and shirt. They were cut for a man of course but they actually looked quite flattering on her because they were so tight. She had to leave the top two buttons of the shirt undone and her tuck was tight in the cotton briefs and polyester-cotton blend slacks.

She sat on the wooden bench adjacent to the showers and put on the thick woollen socks which helped her feet fit into the combat boots which she laced tightly. She brushed her hair and checked herself in the mirror. She was dressed similarly to how Susan Solister looked in the Commander’s office but she didn’t have the same bearing.

Madeline put on the combat jacket over her shirt and self-consciously crept back into barrack room carrying the knapsack into which she had stuffed her own clothes and her high heels.

Virgil couldn’t suppress a smile.

“You are one goddamned sexy trooper,” he smirked.

“Fuck off Sergeant Benning,” Madeline read Virgil’s last name off the linen name bar on his combat jacket.

“You only have to call me sergeant in front of the men. When we are alone you can call me Virgil,” Virgil joked and Madeline smiled.

“Now what?” Madeline's fear began to creep back.

She knew what the Commander had ordered her men to do: ‘take it into the Badlands and dispose of it’.

“Now comes the difficult part,” Madeline shouldered her purse while Virgil shouldered the knapsack.

He led her to door that opened onto the corridor.

“You two can take a hike,” Virgil said to Leon and Spliff.

“The Major told us to take her out into the Badlands and dispose of her,” Leon looked surprised to see Madeline dressed in combat fatigues.

“Take a hike I said,” Virgil barked.

“Hey, sure Sergeant, you can take out the trash. We already had our go,” Leon smirked and grasped his compadre by the shoulder and they sauntered away to the mess.

Virgil resisted the impulse to punch Leon in the face and instead led Madeline down the corridor to the Major's office.

Susan Solister and Victoria Eglin

“You got a mouth on you I’ll give you that. Why are you defending that tranny fuck toy?” Susan baited Victoria.

“She’s done nothing wrong. She was raised the way she was and she knows no different. Madeline was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when your men came to get me,” Victoria countered.

Susan Solister waited a beat and just looked Victoria Eglin up and down approvingly. Dressed in her red sheath dress with the side split to show off her legs, matching pumps and black fully-fashioned hold-up stockings Victoria looked attractive despite the manhandling she had endured. Her shoulder-length glossy black mane was tousled from being roughed-up and her makeup was messy but her brilliant green eyes still flashed sexily, enhanced by her smudged black eyeliner and mascara.

It was not unusual for the breeding women to form intimate relationships with each other; after all there was no intimacy, tenderness, attachment or affection in the breeding rooms. The practice was condoned by the overseers of the Breeding Facility providing the relationships did not affect the women’s willingness to breed. Victoria herself was in a lesbian relationship with Silvia Cornish and she could sense Susan Solister’s hunger and desire for her and she bristled.

“I haven’t eaten a pussy since I escaped Durden City; I’m surrounded by men who are loyal but I see how they look at me. Brody shares my bed because I like him and I trust him and he provides me with added security. No one is going to try to enter my bedroom with Brody lying beside me,” Susan said giving Victoria appreciative look.

“I reek! I’ve walked miles through underground sewers beside a river of shit, been dragged through the Badlands and my cunt is full of spunk from some stranger from The Mating Game but if you want to play scissor sisters or eat my pussy you are welcome,” Victoria said snarkily.

“I like it when Billy comes to me straight from battle, reeking of sweat, cordite and the blood of my enemies. I won’t let him wash until he’s made me come at least twice with that horse cock of his. A sweaty clunge full of a stranger’s jism sounds like an appetiser that I’m up for,” Susan spat back at her.

Victoria backed into the desk as Susan leaned into her and sniffed the hollow of her clavicle. Susan’s body was only inches from Victoria and their breathing suddenly became heavy. Susan raised her hand and Victoria flinched, expecting a blow but Susan caressed her cheek, softly drawing her fingertips and manicured red fingernails down Victoria’s cheek.

“You smell wonderful,” Susan took a deep breath and then she pressed her lips to Victoria’s.

Victoria stiffened and kept her mouth closed but she made no attempt to push Susan away and Susan took the gesture as tacit approval to continue. She would have liked to get Victoria out of that dress but this wasn’t the place or the time to do so, so instead she pressed her lips harder against Victoria’s and slipped her tongue into Victoria’s mouth while at the same time she slid her hand inside the slit of Victoria’s gown and caressed her thigh.

Victoria gasped as Susan’s sweet tongue invaded her mouth and Susan’s fingers caressed her thighs. Susan wasted no time, running her fingers up Victoria’s thigh like a spider climbing its orbed web, featherlight and deliberate. Victoria gasped again and Susan began to explore Victoria’s mouth with her tongue as her fingers drifted across her pudenda, tracing the outline of Victoria’s genitalia through her whispy almost transparent panties.

“You’re getting wet,” Susan broke the kiss and breathed heavily.

“You’re stoking my cunt; I’m only human,” Victoria looked up into Susan's deep blue eyes as Susan’s index finger split her open and found her vulva.

Victoria shuddered as a warm beatific sensation began to spread through her abdomen.

“This isn’t your first rodeo with a woman is it?” Susan smiled wickedly and pressed Susan’s panties deeper into her cleft and circled her finger.

The stench of vaginal secretions and stale semen wafted from Victoria's crotch.

Victoria thought of Silvia Cornish briefly and then looked Susan Solister right in the eyes, showing no fear. Instead she reached out and unbuckled Susan’s belt then unzipped her fly and tugged her fatigue pants down her thighs. Instead of the expected cotton briefs that she expected to find, her fingers found a pair of black satin panties. Victoria slipped her fingers inside Susan’s panties and pressed them against Susan’s loins. She smiled when Susan hissed.

Susan was wet too and her vaginal scent joined Victoria’s and both women inhaled each other’s essence.

“Not my first rodeo by any means,” Victoria whispered; her voice sultry and filled with lust.

Susan kissed Victoria with fully-fledged passion and their tongues intertwined as both women slid fingers inside each other’s labia searching for clitoral hoods. Locked together, their bodies shuddered as each of them found the other’s clitorises and began to circle the sensitive nubbins.

The women held each other in a passionate embrace, their lips locked together, tongues entwined as they explored each other’s genitalia, both being experienced in the joys of lesbian sex they knew exactly how to pleasure each other. When they were both sufficiently wet they each slipped a finger inside their vaginas and found that special place a little inside and at the top of their vaginal walls and pressed and stroked it whilst simultaneously circling their clitorises.

They would have taken their time in different circumstances but time and circumstance were not on their side and they began to work on each other’s delicate parts frenetically, moans of passion stifled by their locked lips and slithering tongues. Their nipples were erect and by some telepathic agreement they broke their kiss and Victoria frantically unbuttoned Susan’s shirt and found the black satin bra that matched her panties. She scooped Susan’s ripe beasts from the cups and lowered her mouth to the creamy lustrous flesh and the pink engorged nipple encircled by her brown areola.

Susan entangled her fingers in Victoria’s hair and pressed Victoria’s face to her bosom as Victoria suckled on Susan's engorged teat. At the same time Victoria circled Susan’s clitoris and pressed her finger on Susan’s g-spot until Susan threw back her head and cried out in shameless lust as her orgasm erupted. She shook all the way down to her boots as Victoria slavered at her breast and fluttered a finger on Susan's clit whilst two of her fingers stabbed at Susan’s clunge.

Whilst her orgasm was still raging Susan pushed Victoria’s head out of her bosom and she pulled open the V-neck of Vitoria’s gown, scooped her breasts from her bra and mashed her mouth on the creamy mounds, nibbling a nipple whilst sucking on it with her lips. She drove her fingers into Victoria’s cunt and pressed her thumb on Victoria’s clitoris, circling it until Victoria also cried out as her legs failed her and she fell back against the desk as an explosive climax shook her body.

The two women kissed again, fingers less frenetic, softly caressing the warm wet folds of each other’s sexes as their orgasms plateaued and then began to slowly fade to a soft pleasurable warmth.

When they were done Susan pushed herself away from Victoria and stuffed her breasts back into her bra, wrestled it back into place and buttoned her blouse. She pulled up her pants, zipped up her fly and buckled her belt. Victoria eased the gusset of her panties back into place and eased her breasts back into the cups of bra and adjusted the neckline of her gown.

Susan walked over to a small wall-mounted mirror and fixed her lipstick and brushed her hair. She tossed the lipstick to Victoria.

“Here, fix your face,” she said curtly.

“I have my own,” Victoria tossed the lipstick back at Susan and rummaged in her purse for own lipstick and travel brush.

Victoria did the best she could with the cosmetics in her purse and the small hair brush. She figured she looked presentable but a woman who knew about such things would tell that she just been well and truly banged. Her face was still flushed; her breathing still a little heavy and her bosom was rubicund and heaving.

“What now?” Victoria asked, still a little breathless.

There was a loud rapping at the door and Susan held up a finger.

“Hold that thought,” she said and opened the door to her office.

Major William ‘Billy’ Brody stood there with Sergeant Virgil Benning and Madeline Smith. Billy looked bemused and Susan guessed that there was trouble brewing.

“Why is that still in Freetown and why is she wearing that uniform?” Susan pointed at Madeline.

“May we enter ma'am? Sergeant Benning has something to say,” Billy had a shit-eating grin on his face.

“By all means come in. Sergeant Benning can explain to me why that isn’t a corpse being picked over by dogs in the Badlands,” Susan turned her back on the assembly and reached for her cigarettes.

She lit one and tossed the package to Victoria and gave Virgil a ‘please explain’ stare.

“Well?” Susan put her hands on her hips demanding an answer.

“I’ve dressed Miss Smith in a spare uniform because the clothing she was wearing is not suitable to wear ma'am,” Virgil said reverently.

“Ok, but you and your men have had your fun with her so why is she still here?” Susan glared at Virgil.

It was not lost on Virgil, Madeline and Victoria that Susan had referred to Madeline as her for the first time.

“I can’t do it ma'am. She’s done nothing wrong and as far as I can tell she’s a good person,” Virgil said.

“And you found this out while she was sucking your cock or while you were buggering her,” Susan said acidly and both Madeline and Virgil squirmed.

“Madeline can be useful. She knows things about Durden City that can assist our intelligence team. She’s fit and healthy so she won’t be a burden,” Virgil continued.

“What do I do if I keep you? Do I put you in your own little Comfort Palace so my men can squabble over you,” Susan addressed Madeline directly for the first time.

“No Susan. Those days are over for me but I’ll do whatever else is needed. Virgil has told me that everyone has to pull their weight in Freetown and I’m willing to do so,” Madeline replied defiantly.

“Doing what? Doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning? You want to be Sergeant Benning's housewife?” Susan chuckled.

“I’ll find suitable employment for her ma'am. If you disagree with my proposal I’m happy to leave Freetown with Madeline and take my chances in the Badlands,” Virgil interjected.

“You won’t last a week out there in the Badlands. The scum out there will kill you and take everything you possess, including her and you know what they’ll do to her,” Billy Brody objected.

“Or I could just have you both taken out there and executed, save you both from a terrible fate,” Susan scoffed.

“If I may offer something?” Victoria interposed.

All eyes were suddenly on Victoria Eglin.

“You brought me here for a reason. You took considerable risk to have me kidnapped so you must have a purpose for me. Whatever that may be. I will cooperate if you grant Madeline sanctuary,” Victoria said resolutely.

“Jesus!” Susan put her head in her hands but she was smiling.

She looked up and studied Madeline closely.

“If you're going to wear that uniform you better earn it. Sergeant Benning, she’s all yours but you better make sure she’s useful and I don’t want any problems with the rest of the men,” Susan sighed resignedly.

“With all due respect ma'am, you are the only woman in Freetown but the men respect you and have never behaved inappropriately in your presence,” Virgil replied, standing at respectful attention.

Susan looked knowingly at Billy Brody who gave her a wan smile.

“Just make sure she earns her keep and keep her out of my way,” Susan dismissed Virgil and Madeline and closed the door behind them.

“What a fucking conundrum that is. I hope I don’t live to regret my decision. Keep an eye on them both Major and make sure discipline is maintained, I don’t want the men fighting over her,” Susan dropped down into the seat behind her desk.

“Sergeant Benning is my best NCO Susan. I’m sure he’ll make a good fist of it,” Billy reverted to using Commander Solister's first name now that the door was closed.

“Ok, Victoria take a seat and I’ll tell you why I had Major Brody bring you here,” Susan pushed a button on the intercom and ordered coffee for everyone.

To be continued

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