Turned into an Object

All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 11


It was sundown around seven-thirty and the impromptu crowd formed on the outside of what would have been a Toys R Us. The store had been used as a vagabond village but even they cleared out due to the stench that would fill the air. It was the same that night when we arrived ahead of Tony, Matt and Riley, with foul odor which would require me to take a hot shower for hours in order to get it off. I wore Chris’ long jacket as we got out of his car.

All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 9


I had a dream I was locked in a room with four sets of hands grabbing at me. No bodies, just the hands as they traced around my body, I wanted to kick and scream but couldn’t. I could only feel eerie sensations all over. I thrashed about and found myself on the floor of my room wrapped in my comforter and my hair all in my face.

Diva Dismayed 19

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 19 – In the swim

When I awoke it was late evening. I could see that the sky was dark outside. I sat up on the bed to see my hostess across the room. She had a jacket on and was about to exit by the apartment door.

“You’re awake, sleepy. Sorry I disturbed you. How do you feel now?”

“Okay, I guess.”

Diva Dismayed 18

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 18 – Troubled water
The following day I spent perplexedly trying to understand what was going wrong in my relationship with my best friend. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I picked up a bottle of hair colour instead of shampoo when about to wash the hair of one of my customers. Fortunately I realised what I was about to do before the woman did, prompted by the disapproving look on the face of Claire. Otherwise the resulting pink rinse would have been interesting at the very least!

The Transformation Inspector

Thomas Rider parked his car in the driveway and approached the front door. He straightened his collar before ringing the doorbell. After a moment, a tall, older gentleman opened the door. He was dressed in a formal suit. Given the size of the home, he gave off butler vibes.

“May I help you?” the butler said.

Diva Dismayed 14

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 14 – When is a date…
Sure enough, the following morning, after a somewhat restless night for me, we set off for my ex-fiancé’s house. On the well-tried principle that knowing I was well-dressed would bolster my confidence, I took longer than usual to get ready. It also served to delay the evil hour of an encounter which I didn’t relish in the least. I’d brought with me the dress I’d worn to my last medical appointment. It was my current favourite so I felt it was a good choice for today’s visit.

The Breeding Chamber Chapter 1

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter One – Down You Go Ladies

This is a tale of hope and redemption as three women struggle to live in a dystopian war-ravaged future where the world’s female population has been decimated by a pandemic. The precious few remaining females are rounded up and made to serve in ‘breeding chambers’ to produce children. With very few females available to meet the desires of men a breed of transgender women known as Comfort Girls takes their place. But all is not as it seems. The ‘breeding program’ which was created to proliferate the female population appears not to be working. The leader of the new-order city-state is complicit and an anti-establishment revolutionary force suspect they know why and they intend to do something about it.

Assimilate This! (2 of 3: Borg)

The moment that tractor beam hit our little ship we knew our fate was sealed. My moms and I had been abducted by the most feared beings in the galaxy, merciless creatures who saw us as nothing more than raw materials for their quest to turn everybody, everywhere into what they were. The drones ignored my screams as they replaced my left eye with a more efficient visual apparatus, then replaced other parts of me with tools suited to the tasks I had been assigned to perform. Wires snaked into my brain, and when my mind was linked to the collective I wasn't me anymore. I was no longer anyone.

But I'll say one thing for being turned into a Borg, it did eliminate my gender dysphoria for more than years. When you're nothing but a component with the designation 13-of-13 gender identity is irrelevant...


A story in the STAR TREK universe
Laika Pupkino ~ 2023


Shroom Dungeon - First Delve (7/9)

Slowly, Tiberius is getting the hang of things.
One year ago he joined the adventurers Conway, Debtar, and Sinea as a freshly baked mage.
His new friends had been generous with their advice and friendship.
But when the topic of Shroom Dungeon is brought up, they are unusually mum about any details.
They agree on one thing quickly. It was time for Tiberius to delve into Shroom Dungeon.
A dungeon yet undefeated. A place to lose yourself.

Stories set in Shroom Dungeon deal with sexual themes.
Sometimes explicit. Reader discretion is advised.

Plastic Makes Perfect


After the superhero Curador and his more experienced partner are captured by the evil Dr. Quasi, the demented genius subjects them to bizarre and horrifying experiments to satisfy his thirst for knowledge—as well as his own lascivious desires. Helpless to defend themselves from his depravity, the humiliated heroes soon discover that there are some fates far more outlandish than the merely life-and-limb dangers to which they had become accustomed. (A tale of Faraday City.)

[FW] Hugs To Be You

It was supposed to be a dull day for Robert.
Attending a convention for accountants always is.
But the surprise guest speaker turns out to be a fashion witch and she has other plans.
For Robert and other attendees that means being involved in a rather devious get-rich-quick scheme.
Hard days lay ahead of Robert. But it might turn out okay.
He just needs a hug or two.

[FW] Fae Touched

Ivan is doomed.
The draft has come and the largest war the world has ever seen looms in his future.

But not all hope is lost.
On his last night in town, he meets Norene. One of an ancient folk called the Fae Touched.
She offers him an escape, but with severe consequences.
He might lose himself.
For decades, if not centuries.

The Captured Crossdresser Chapter 1

captured ver2.jpg

Chapter One – The Rules

Chapter One – The Rules

A man becomes infatuated with a beautiful crossdresser who captures his imagination and his soul. He can't live without her but he's terrified of rejection so he kidnaps her and keeps for himself, like a beautiful butterfly in a jar. He doesn't want to despoil her but she beguiles him and tries to reverse the power imbalance using her wiles and her beauty.


Roomies - Part 23

We shattered a hole small enough to fit an arm through, Tina felt her way around and undid the deadbolt, and finally we got the door opened.

And rushed into the room with the fire extinguisher - only to stop cold.

[FW] How To Trick A Fashion Witch

Fitz would never have thought it would end this way.
Trapped in a corner, by someone he dismissed as harmless.
The very girl he admires relies upon him for protection.
And now, it was time for a bad ending.
But what if he refuses to give up?

Stories in the "Fashionable Witches" verse


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A world like ours is plagued by "fashion witches". These witches transform victims into sentient clothes in order to bolster their own defense against other witches. The main focus of this world lies not on gender-bending, but on gender-bending being a more favorable outcome than to end up as a sentient piece of clothing.

Consent - Chapter 1


Chapter One – Short Skirt and a Long Jacket

What constitutes consent? If you force her and she likes it; is that consent? If she agrees but only because she's scared; is that consent? If you make her do things she doesn't want to and then pay her for her services; is that consent? Does no always mean no or more importantly does yes always mean yes? Transgendered Lawyer Adele Edwards will take on a case where a jury will have to decide on all these matters; the fate of a young woman is in their hands..

Pretending to Be A Girl

Phoenix browses through the new selection of sundresses, camisoles, shorts, and skirts that had just arrived at his favorite female clothing store. No one knew he wasn’t really a girl underneath the short skirt and a nice pink camisole and low wedge heels.

The fake breasts and hips and ass pads he was wearing, gave him a nice figure. He styled his shoulder-length red hair, like the way his mother kept hers. He just had his fingernails, and his toenails done. He was looking for a couple of new outfits to wear, while on vacation. He enjoyed pretending that he was a girl.

[FW] Confessions Of A Fashion Witch

A reporter for the "Midside Courier" has an unusual interview with an inside source.
What she will learn will not only change the lives of her readers but also her own.
Provided she still can write that exposing article ...

A Sissy For Christmas -Part 4

Well, promises were meant to be broken, thought Tiffany. And witches didn’t exactly have the best reputation for being trustworthy. For the rest of the day, Melissa wouldn’t let Tiffany out of her sight, and so Tiffany had to wait until early the next day to sneak out to the mall. It was really a silly argument but Tiffany was determined to prove to Melissa that nothing bad would happen if she went to that store.

Trust Machines: Show and Tell

Kimberly got up and walked up in front of the class, holding what seemed like an off-brand Barbie of some sort. The doll was about ten inches high, with red hair and a more realistic figure than a Barbie, but still clearly an adult, and dressed in a yellow sundress and strappy sandals.

“The Best Damn Thing” Section 2: “Innocence”


The kindergarten teacher looked at me with a slight bit of concern but then her eyes sparkled as she introduced herself to my mother and myself. I didn’t think about it too much at the time as she invited me to go over to the play area in the middle of the room: model houses and kitchen play sets with small metal bowls and plastic foods; the classroom has more fake food in the refrigerator than we ever had in ours at home.

Arabian Nights Chapter 03

Arabian Nights
Michele Nylons

Chapter Three – Deflowered

Transvestite captive is led to her fate by the beautiful black woman, Sarina. Michele is deflowered by her captors but cannot hide her own enjoyment of being taken like a woman for the first time.

The Lokian Way - Part 15 - Truths And Consequences

Last time on "The Lokian Way":

Mercy grew desperate to find a way to become a boy again. The reason was something most girls dread: her period. Mercy dealt with it in one of the worst ways possible. By using magic in an attempt to suppress it.

Cornered by Victoria Mercy had leashed out against her. But, in the end, Victoria's determination broke through to Mercy and managed to pull her off from a path of self-destruction.

But not all was well in the end. Mercy might have ruined her mentoring deal with Mavis, who just had shared a story of her past with Mercy.


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