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Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

A little bit after I watched that documentary about detransitioners, I started to really notice more and more things about trans people in media. Specifically of an intersex trans woman telling her story. I was, again, fairly enthralled. My mom took great note at this. Of course about this time I was the exact same size as her, well, minus the breasts. So I fit in a majority of her clothes. I marveled just how much I looked like a girl when I dressed as one. Not that I didn't mind stuffing bras, but I did notice I had a little bit of growth back then. Enough that other people would comment or unfortunately bully me for it. After seeing the news story about the aforementioned intersex trans woman, I was curious if I was intersex at all too. It seemed like I was developing as a woman before male puberty came in and spoiled all my fun. Eventually I did figure everything out, after a bit of time and struggle.


Panel 1:

TV: "Then it all just kind of made sense, figuring out I was intersex. Why I was always so girly, and why I preferred to spend time with my sisters."

Panel 2:

Lari: She really is pretty. Hard to believe she was ever a boy.

Mom: I guess so.

Lari: How would you figure out something like that?

Mom: Some people just are happier like that.

Lari: Oh...

Mom: You're really interested in this? Something you want to tell me? You know I'll love you no matter what.

Lari: What? N-no? It's just interesting is all, Mom.

Panel 3:

TV: "Has your son taken this ADHD medication and developed FEMALE BREASTS!? You may be entitled to a settlement affecting hundreds of parents."

SFX: [BA-BUMP!] x 3

Lari: {heh... I wonder if..?}

Panel 4:

Infobox 1: The very next night, while everyone was out.

Infobox 2: "Borrowed" Stuffed Bra

Infobox 3: "Borrowed" Jeans.

SFX: [BA-BUMP!] x 4

Lari: Oh...

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Emma Anne Tate's picture

Even with the open and warm invitation your mom extended, it was still too scary to make the leap . . . to discuss your feelings. Damn, this stuff is hard!


RE: Invitation

LariUmbreon's picture

Honestly, yeah. It's terrifying, especially when I was so young!

How would you figure it out?

Oh yeah! Good one. This is a reason why parents have to work hard to stay IN their children's lives. I really worry about some people we know whose kids seem to be growing up without parental oversight. Who goes to their kid's school for meet the teacher night just to get the papers and not ask questions and interact; then immediately goes home to dump the papers on wife's desk to focus on tv sports? Scary but true.

>>> Kay