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So I posted a few stories and ...

So a couple of months ago I finished my first story in a long while - Dani's Turn - and posted it to my usual place, FM.

Hardly a ripple in the comments. Very distressing to realize I didn't need to spend weekends writing if that's the reaction I get. I don't write for myself, I am an utterly untrained amateur who appreciated positive feedback even when it came in emails with unsolicited panty photos.

So, I was directed over to this site, that people here would be more appreciative of my skills and stories which I was assured are considerably more creative than most.

Before & After Chapter 3

In this final chapter, Daniel is confronted by his wife Jamie after using the Topical Solution for Hormonal Imbalance. Can their marriage survive this revelation of his long term transsexual desires?

The author welcomes feedback at [email protected]

"Where the fuck is my husband?"

My wife repeated. I stayed silent and despite my predicament, my hand still slid over the raging erection next to me.

"Where is Daniel? How did you get in here? If I don't get some answers right now I'm calling the police!"

One a Day For Girls

One a Day for Girls
By Mel Huntington

The author welcomes feedback at [email protected]

This is the story of a mother and her child. She gave birth 18 years ago and was sure she was having a girl. But there were complications and this is the story of how that cosmic mistake got rectified.

I was studying my notes for my Chemistry final when I heard my Mother's voice as she came down the stairs.

"Happy birthday my darling boy! How does it feel to be 18 and only three days from graduation?"

Dani's Turn

This is the story of Daniel, who was encouraged by his dying wife Jamie to find his happiness as Dani, his stillborn twin sister.

This is my first submission to Big Closet, I'm told this type of story may find a more appreciative audience here. Obviously comments are greatly appreciated.

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